Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

"They"are a threat to "Maaneet's romantic Image."

Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:09am | IP Logged
Is it a reaction after watching the most disgusting,halfhearted and sub standard suhaagraat of the most romantic pair onscreen in the history of Indian Television?

,becoz Drashti and Gurmeet's personal choice and decisions are respected and there was,there is and there will never ever be a question mark on their professionalism and add to it the fact we fans know they are far more comfortable than what they were made look in Mahaepisode.

Add to it the past track record of the present creative team which only showed promise in the last week ,always left a doubt in hearts of fans with many actually hoping null.

Is it a reaction becoz the track is not loved and lacks appeal and scope?

No,this track is the best thing which has happened to series Geet after the outhouse track when Geet unknowingly came to stay with Maan in the outhouse,add to it this track will be missed a lot and characters specially "Jugnu Mama" will be missed far more than expected.

This track also provides vast scope for "Maaneet Pasionate Romantic Moments".

Then why are "They" the "most" worst thing which has happened to series "Geet" and "Maaneet" and who are "They"?

"They" are the three writers and the director,who are the worst thing which has happened to series "Geet"and "Maaneet" till date.

Just before Maaneet reunion scene I had written an entire scene for "Maaneet Suhaagraat" about two or three weeks ago

Here is the link:

Which was easy to show irrespective of time zone restrictions,but one feels sorry neither the moderator nor the creatives bother to even read what fans have to say.

Irrespective of what and what so ever is the scenario behind the scene as long as Drashti and Gurmeet are associated with the series "Geet" will never fall apart and fans wud certainly not make that happen.

But the question is does the present creative team actually deserve to work with them or rather work for them,when now it is proved they have zero vision for Maaneet indeed and yesterday's insulting and exploiting blunder where fans were fooled for trp's proves it ,forget about what was shown in "Maaneet SR".

Before you bash me and point out for making personal remarks,please note this is not an angst or frustation taken out by a die hard "Maaneet Fan" but are the valid points given as feedback to the makers of series Geet and the channel, if they have the mentality to accept it as a feedback in a positive manner to work upon it atleast now before it is too late.

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Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:11am | IP Logged
Ever since one of the present three writers took over as the story and screenplay writer, logic,character consistency and more importantly "Maaneet Image" got badly postmortemed.

How,note the points:

1) To start with yesterday's show and the theme of it:


What hurts and has left many disappointed is the manner in which the build up to "Maaneet Suhaagraat" or "Consummation" was presented.

"Disappointment is more becoz of what cud have been shown and not over what was shown."

They cud have simply shown:

1) Teji,pammi beeji and nandini out for wedding.

2) Teji asking Balwant aka Maan to be at home and keep an eye on Maan aka Dev.

3) lucky and mama go out for the goat or dog...

4) dev makes sure lacchi is busy with her boyfriend...

5) Maan and Geet alone in the entire house and a romantic suhaagraat where Maan and Geet are alone in the entire house,shoose any song sequence.

6) Maaneet at home in Geet's room gave more scope for passionate scenes and specially alone in the room where no one is around..

7) It wud have raised the heart beats of fans and more importantly all jungle scenes were possible to show where teji and others get attacked and later Maan saves them.

8) Why make Drashmeet slog in Sun when there was a better option availablle where they cud stay back,but to show this vision and passion is needed and desire to show Maaneet alone and explore their romance in the best possible manner is needed,which the present team lacks badly.

9) "Jungle track and to show "consummation " in prime time zone was next to impossible,atleast if in "geet's' room then sequences like bath under the shower with bare shoulders of both Drashti and Gurmeet shown or some sequence on the bed with close shots of expressions of Drashti and Gurmeet while wrapped in a blanket was still possible to show.

10) Pathetic and unvisionary writing and planning by writing team and even more worse execution by the director made sure,

"The most desired and awaited moment in the history of series "Geet" and characters "Maaneet" was going to be ruined like "Maaneet Wedding" earlier on and wud be shown as mere formality for sure."

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:12am | IP Logged
Yesterday not not only insulted and abused sentiments of fans but it also made many feel "Geet" has lost its credibility and fans have certainly lost confidence and the result of the "disgusting and most incompetant creative work" ever done and visualised for "Maaneet" and on "Drashmeet" has resulted in series "Geet" as on whole loosing "Trust" of fans if not "all" then atleast "Many" who despite all the blunders still trusted,still beleived and still hoped that past glorious days wud revive.

"Knowing" how comfortable Drashti and Gurmeet are and their past record and the kind of scenes they have delivered in the past,what was shown yesterday was probably the most disappointing "track" or "episode" of Geet till date.

"Maaneet Suhaagraat" was the most awaited moment not becoz fans wanted to see intimating and sensous scenes between Drashti and Gurmeet out of strong desires and wish to see them as real life pair.

"But" becoz of the connectivity and relation fans have managed to develop with characters Maan and Geet in the past one year and "Maaneet Suhaagraat" was considered to be the highest point in their relationship after having gone through many emotional setbacks.

Based on a real life social issue,the show touched the sentiments deep only becoz of shere chemistry of Drashti and Gurmeet and their expressive talent bringing to life the fictional characters in face of Maan and Geet.

"Who is to blaim?

Offcourse the three writers,director and the creative head of Starone for Geet who must be taking the final call for,wasting time in bringing the jungle track,lacking determination to justify "Characters of Maaneet" and their romantic image and most importantly "Sensitivity of Maaneet Suhaagraat" and its importance in eyes of loyal,new and old viewers of Geet.

" What was more disapointing and hurting was the clear attitude of ignoring the very basic desire of fans to watch an optimum and best possible Maaneet Suhaagraat and Consummation which was acceptable to actors while performing and viewers to feel it complimented "Maaneet Image" and the best they cud have got to see under the circumstances.

What was shown yesterday was not even the least "Maaneet Fans" expected and considering the hype and the scenes of "karvachaut" expectations were raised sky high and then fallen in an more insulting and abusing manner.

"Maaneet Suhaagraat and Connsummation" cud have been certainly far,far.far more better had it happened in "Geet's room" add to it the timing and build up.

The ideal time was when Geet runs back after the letter reading scene and misunderstandings got cleared and she hugs Maan after realising she cannot live without him,natural human tendency and highest possible chance to show "Connsummation"

It was clear that "Maaneet Suhaagraat" was used as bait to attract viewers to watch "one of the funniest looking episode made look worse" becoz "Maaneet Suhaagraat was compromised and rather forced in and add to it the hype and the cheap stunts the entire creative team of Geet used to get TRP's.

" How cheap and silly" from the makers of the "most loved series on television" that they had to use such stunts and even forgetting the future results of such an act of letting down fans so badly like they did yesterday.

"Was it really required? do they really need to convince fans to watch "Maaneet'?

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:14am | IP Logged
The director asked to watch "Geet" on Television ?

My reply is,does he really thinks and beleives fans wud still watch it on TV if desires and trust of fans is crushed in a manner like he along with others did yesterday.

There was a time when fans watched Geet atleast thrice,makers never had to ask fans to watch Geet on TV at 9.30 pm...

Viewers were rather forced to watch "geet" on internet and other sources becoz craps like what was shown yesterday where many felt their support and trust was abused and insulted and it was a waste of time to stick to tv and watch the "Maaneet Image" getting faded,like the previous creatives did when they showed "Arjun and Annie" nonsense forcing many to download the episodes later and watch Maaneet scenes only forwarding the other scenes.

"Fans willingly gave their unconditional love and support to makers of Geet which they like they always did and yesterday crossed the limits,exploited the unconditional and loyal support,forcing many to actually reconsider their decision and with only one question running in minds"

"Does Geet under the present creatives,has promise,scope and vision for Maaneet and does it deserve the kind of support it has got and was getting till date"

Till date Drashti and Gurmeet and the love and high regards fans had for them and still have survived the series but under the wrong perception that the creative work of the creatives is loved,well no it is the "connectivity" and "sense of supporting your favourite superstar unconditionally" which has survived the series Geet till date and managed to hold on a large chunk of viewers.

"Present writers and the director is only weakening and destroying this very strong and the only emotion which fans have for Drashti and Gurmeet and which has kept many still watch the show for their beloved stars and stick to it."

My dadi use to say,dont let anyone take you for granted and specially your love and support, becoz by doing that you are giving a chance to the other person to abuse,mishandle and insult your feelings and sentiments which wud only "ruin and destroy your relationship with the person you love."

"At times you have to take the hard and harsh decision,for betterment of future and long term relationship which grows and not weakens your feelings for the person you love."


"Duniya ko laat maaro,duniya salaam karti hai"

Whether fans decide to "kick" and "Kick harder this time" or whether they decide to "lick" and "lick despite disliking the taste".

It wud be interesting to see if fans for the sake of mere proving their unconditional support and love for "Drashmeet" ignore the fact that they are indirectly motivating those who are actually fading,killing and destroying the spirit of "Maaneet" whom fans literally idolise.

"Maaneet really dont need a reason to celebrate suhaagraat and in future certainly there can be a more passionate scene which fans desired and which completely complements image of "Maaneet".


"Million Dollar question is ,can fans expect what they desire till the present writers are there and the director holding charge?

The amount of scope the present track offers is immense and vast and what the present foursome have done we all have seen and what could have been done we all understand,relate to and also agree."

Why the present creative team cannot be trusted anymore comes next in examples which is a mirror report of work done by the present creatives in the past and who have proved that they have zero vision for Maaneet,despite their track having immense scope for them.

Present scenario of "Geet Series and Maaneet" reminds me of Draupadi's vastraharan scene in mahabharat even more where Series Geet and Maaneet are representing Draupadi and it is easy to guess who are playing the roles of Dusshshanas and kauravaas.

If ever present team geet and fans want to understand what "Maaneet image" and "Drashmeet Chemistry is all about and how build up to scenes and how "Maaneet Scenes" shud be written and executed,read this blog with more than 220 episode for Geet season 2 with a scene of "Maaneet" in the latest episode where Geet celebrates Maan's birthday.
India forum:

Vikrant Khatri will return with examples and irrespective of if anyone reads it or not and if reads it comments it or not,will atleast take the effort of not sparing those who are not sparing "Maaneet" from their "Incompetant Creative Vision and Work".

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:17am | IP Logged
monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 8:46am | IP Logged
well said ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

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Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
I did write and highlighted the difference between a vision of a passionate fan and vision of present writers and creatives.

but i also agree to the fact that "Maaneet" indirectly get affected by harsh words of fans.

we as fans just want them to look better and better everyday, if drashti and gurmeet are not happy with such articles and harsh criticism,I sincerely apologise,henceforth wont write anything,just wrote it to make the creatives aware.

They know better and they are the best,we as viewers have to accept the harsh fact of being "just an admirer".

Take care folks and have a rocking career Drashti and Gurmeet and may God bless you with even more comfort and understanding with each other.

Vikrant Khatri is and will be an die hard drashti dhami admirer who loves to see her more and more with Gurmeet.

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i guess what ur saying is true, there is more fire on a normal episode, maan wasn't even shirtless...

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