Maha Episode: In the real sense of the word

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 3:58am | IP Logged
This is the third Maha Episode of Dor including the marriage one. I must say that out of all the maha episodes of all various shows dor lives upto the expectation of what a mahaepisode should be. it doesnt linger on to the same thing like the daily episodes n always ends with something new. 
First it was avni trying to know bhaskar ...thinking tat he isnt the corect guy but it was her ayi who intervened.. then it was about the marriage...n now this new mahaepisode ...Dor really justifies the meaning of mahaepisode. it doesnt beats around the bush.

Here is the Update for u all...

avni comes home. bhaskar has already been instigated by his mother n sisters tat avni has sold her bangles for her ayi's treatment so already he is in a rough mood. he immediately asks avni to show her bangles...avni acts street smart. she says, "kause kangan"...bhasku says, "tumahare sone ke kangan"...( no matter what role or what character Rohit is playing it wont be any wrong in saying that he looks damn good n acts equally great in all the scenes...Clap, after all positive char can be played by anyone but it takes something extra to be negative on screen).

bhaskar then tells avni to show her bangles. she puts forward her hand n there u go...the bangles are there intact...LOL bhaskar is so frustrated with his mother n dear sisters. he looks at them in disgust...Bhaskooo u were too good with this look...Rohit...Clap 

bangles are there in both the hands...superb!!
simply loved the way Rohit gave those angry looks to his "detective" clan...

avni then gets street smart. she tells bhaskar why did he have to check her bangles? was he thinking that she has sold them or something?? she even says that if all bhaskar wanted to question her he should have done it in private n not infront of everyone as this is not expected from him...Clap
bhaskar is quite...bhaskooo beware now ur avni can speak sweetheart...mere herooo aaab savdhaaan ho jao dear!!!!!!!

avni then tells everyone that she too wants love the way she gives everyone. she wants to be acepted n loved like other family members...n this is not something very big that she is asking for. she then tells bhaskar to leave whatever happened n eat the "laddoos" that her ayi has made for him...

avni says that as u (bhaskar) made her eats fruits so swetly she too made some ladoos for him .
bhaskar looks at her without having any words to was clear from Rohit's expressions that bhaskar is a bbit guilty of what he did at the hospital...

although nobody eats including bhaskar...
avni then remembers how baba came to her ofice n returned the bangles without leting her say anything. she remembers how baba saved her from further insult...

baba n avni then sit together cherishing their "small" win over lata mai n her daughters...Big smile
avni like an inocent gal is too happy. baba however, tells her that this is just the begining n now it has to continue til the time lata mai learns a lesson. he tels avni that now she l hav to make them all realise about their each n every mistake...!!
he also says that their next target should be anju as he wants her to go back to her sasural n live their happily

@lata mai n her disciples:
lata n her daughters are in the room all frustrated n angry as they were paid in the same coin. anju yells at neeta for giving incorect information...LOL lata mai is now intension as she thinks that she is bee proven wrong in front of her son which is not good for her...

they call prabhu home so that they can plan something wild for avni...

avni is preparing dinner. baba sneaks in. avni asks him why is he coming sneaking like this? he says that inorder to fight the enemy u need to be cautious at each step...LOL avni says, "kaun dushman?" baba says, " tumahari chandalika saaas " LOL
he then informs avni that a new enemy is coming to make her life hell...avni laughs n says
"iss naye dushman ki koi lamzori hogi na?" baba says, " khanna (food) hai uski kamzori"

@prabhu ...Angry
prabhu comes up with some plan to trouble avni...gooosh 

@drawing room:
lata comes n calls for avni. she tells that today prabhu will have dinner with all of them. baba says, " iss mein kaunsi nayee baat hai"...LOL...ayi says, " special yeh hai ke aaj prabhu ke liye aaj spl banega"...!!

@kitchen champion 2:
anju orders for "pav bhajji" neeta orders for "matar paneer", lata orders for " moong daal kichdi" n prabhu orders for "briyani n chicken...n for my baskoo ayi tells to cook "puran pholli...(a maharashtrian dish...just tooo tasty)
ayi also orders avni to cook all this one 1 hour...Confused 

avni tells baba that its imposible to cook so much in an hour. baba tells her something...(which wasnt shown to us)...avni says that all this would be wrong. baba says, "yeh llog bhi galat kar rhe hai, aur gandagi saaf karne ke liye kabhi kabhi kiichad mein utarna paddta hai"...

@prabhu, lata n her daughters
all of them are playing cards n waiting to humiliate avni as they are sure avni wont b able to cook so much in an hour. anju calls avni asks if the food is ready? she says yes. all of them are surprised...n shocked. lata says that if at all she has prepared the food then they all criticize it for the sake of it Confused

@Dining table:
prabhu is the first one to appreciate avni "ke haathon ka sawaaad"...LOL he appreciates avni a lot. lata makes a big face so does anju...
my herooo bhasku comes.(ohhh i was waiting for his entry )...this time in Blueee...looked damn hot in blue t shirt !! Embarrassed

he looks at the display n says, " arey wah itni sari dishes aaj kuch khaas hai kya?" avni says, " aaj kuch khaas nahin hai par ayi ne bola anju tai aur prabhu bahu ji ke liye kuch spl banane ke liye to maine yeh sab bnaya..."

bhaskar understands that this is yet another plan by his mother to trouble avni. he looks at the table n then at was clear that he could sense the pain n trouble avni must have undertaken in preparing all this...Rohit's expressions were so expresive n clear ( like always)...Clap

prabhu then again says that avni has really made delicious food n that too in 1 hr. bhasku again looks at avni n then at his ayi...he tells ayi that she should not have asked for such elaborate dinner ...its unfair on avni n moreover prabhu isnt a guest he is a family member...Clap

love uuu bhaskooo for this...EmbarrassedClap

avni tels bhaskar not to get angry at ayi n also says that she is glad that she got to serve her family so well. bhasko looks at her but inside he knows the "reason" for which she has to make all this...

@after dinner:
avni offers jaljeera to everyone. prabhu drinks it n is full of praise for avni. he says "avni tere haathon mein jaddoo hai...maza aa gya tere haath ka khaana khane mein"...he genuinely appreciates avni...n also tells her to teach anju how to cook so well. 

avni says...she l do that but on one condition...

@anju out of the house...LOL

avni says that she l teach anju how to cook but that can take 6 months or 1 yr so till that time prabhu wil not allowed to come n meet her. anju gets disturbed in hearing this...prabhu asks for the reason. avni says that if he comes then anju wil gets distracted n wil not take interest in learning thats why. prabhu agrees he says , theek hai...yeh mujse door rahegi to jhagda kam hoga aur jhagda kam hoga to pyaar badega...theek hai..." anju gets up n tells prabhu to take her home. she says she doesnt wnat to learn anything from anyone...LOL

@bhaskooo n his denial to go for work
in the morning avni tries wake up bhaskoo...but he is still fast asleep... he says he wont go for work today. avni is bit tensed, she asks him why?
bhasko says, " saalon se kaam kar rha hun, na promotion , na salary increase, na overtime kuch bhi nahi upar se boss ki chikchik...aaj mera maann nahin hai jane ka..."

soo my hero bhaskoo is a bit angry with his job...hota hai hota hai... avni tries to change his mind... but he remains adamant n says that he has left the job...Confused

avni looks really pretty in this scene...i wish they show such small sweet scenes more often...n yesss ofcourse our  herro Rohit acted too goood... not even one glance looked unreal or made up...another lovely execution by Rohit...hatts off...

@abha n kartik:
abha is geting ready for work. n kartik comes with a basket of fruits. mama gets really happy on seeing kartik. abha is a bit hesitant. kartik says he has come to meet abha's mother. however she is sleeping. 

mama n kartik sit together while abha goes to get some tea.
mama tells kartik that he should not have bought all much informality. kartik says that it is his a son...

mama says that as a son he has a lot more duties to fulfil...n looks at abha... kartik tells mama to ask for anything, he says that he l ask at the right time.

they both leave for office...Wink

@avni's office:
avni tells usha about what bhaskar said in the morning about his job n that he is planning to quit it. usha tells avni to dril some sense in his head n force him to go for work or if he is unhappy then to force him to find another job..

maskare comes to avni says that he has a reference for a job as an acountant. since bhaskar has an M.Com degree he is suitable for it. he also tells avni not to get upset at such menial issues... avni thanks him for everything...

@kartik meets with an accident:
kartik n abha are on a bike. he drops her at a client's house. both of them share romantic glances n wave each other while kartik is atil driving...he is driving n just watching abha ...
his bikes gets hit by a auto n he falls ..." pyaar ka nauksaan"..."Wink

@neeta n her love story:
avni leaves ofice before time so that she can ask bhasko to fill an application for the new job.

neeta is chating with her "pehlwan" boyfriend. she tells him to but some gifts for her or at least give a rose...he rushes inside to get a rose...
neeta sees avni coming n rushes back to her house. her boyfriend comes out n says, "neeta meri jaaan kahan hai"...avni hears this...he gets scared n goes inside. then avni gets hold of a "payaal" on the road n says that its neeta's paayaal...

she goes inside, neeta is reading something...

@neeta n avni: Clap
avni enters n tells neeta that she needs to talk something imp. neeta says she is readin n wil talk later. avni says, "maine bola na abhi to matlab abhi" she gets hold of her hand takes her to the terrace...n asks her why did she go to meet Ramesh. neeta denies...avni tells her not to act smart with her. neeta tells avni that she l complain to ayi n then ayi wil set her right. 

a bold avni comes into picture...avni says she is fine with neeta complaining to ayi but then she too wil tel ayi about the payal that she found near ramesh's house.

neeta is now scared n says sory. avni very sweetly like an elder sister tells neeta not to meet ramesh...

loved this scene a looot...Clap

@bhasko n his qualifications: ConfusedCry
avni writes a job application on bhaskar's behalf...n now she is on "certificate finding mission" she looks for bhasko's educational certificates but isnt able to find them.
then she asks neeta about them. neeta tells her that all the certificates are in baba's room in a box near the bed.
avni goes n searches for them...n is all shocked..

precap: avni is holding the certificates n bhaskar is with her. she says why did he lied to her n if she knew about it before then...bhaskar stops her n says, " to kya avni ..? ab tum rishta tooth dogi...? Confused

baba n avni jodi was a refreshing change. a bold avni was a pleasure to watch. n ofcourse rohit gave another lovely pc of work for us all...loved the episode

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Thanks Neha.
Wow Baba and Avni's jodi is so sweetSmile. Avni got her lost father back in the form of her FIL.

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Love Baba and Avni.. I wish she stays this strong always!!!

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well it was a lovely episode. so many events took place. definitely a maha episode which showed us something really new than the daily episodes of the show.
avni n baba's team against lata n her team was a change to watch. bhaskar is realy caught between his love for his ayi n avni. it was great watching Rohit n his lovely peformance. whatever he does is simply the best.
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thanx for d update dear... :)
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Neha, supper Dupper written update... thanks :-)

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Originally posted by upadhya_rk

Neha, supper Dupper written update... thanks :-)
thank u so much dear. it took me 3 hrs to write it. thanks for the appreciation

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Thanks Neha its getting interesting now

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