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|KW Lovers ka Adda #39|[IO]- Gum Shuda (Page 66)

indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 9:17pm | IP Logged

Riddhima got up and sat on the bed with a splitting headache. She rubbed her temple as she scanned the room. 'Where are you Sid...?' Her eyes stopped on the side table where a red rose, a glass of juice a tablet and a note was kept' She smiled and took the note.

"Good morning sweetheart. I will be back in an hour. Have your juice and aspirin. If you feel better get up and get packing. We are going away for two days. Or sleep till i get back. We will do the packing together. Love you, Sid"

Riddhima slipped in the tablet, gulped the juice and crashed on to the bed with a smile. "I love you too Sid" Within minutes she started snoozing. A little later she blinked open her eyes when she felt a cold finger tracing her forehead. She saw Sid was lying next to her, facing her, gazing at her with a striking smile. "How are you...?" He whispered. She smiled and snuggled to him. "Now i am perfect" 
He kissed her forehead and almost screamed "GREAT!! Then GET UP GET UP GET UP" He shook her. "Go fresh up! We have to be there in 2 hours!" His sudden reaction startled her. Before she could throw tantrum, he scooped her in his arms and proceeded to the bath. He let her off and pushed her in. "Sorry baby i would have given you company but we will be late." The bathroom door was slightly opened and a hand popped out. She threw her nightdress that she was wearing right on his face. She snickered when she saw she didn't miss her target. Sid grinned and turned back to get going with the packing. While in shower Riddhima called out to him "Sid...?"

Sid : "yeah Riddhima...?"
Riddhima : " come i am in my PJs"?
Sid snorted : "hmm... baby... may be we should talk about last night when you come out of shower you know..." He grinned when he heard nothing from her end. 
Riddhima : "Okay as much as i want to think that's what really happened last night, my husband is too sherif to be doing all that when i am zonked you know..." she hit back giggling.
Sid : "Your husband being sherif is your misconception you know" he grinned
Riddhima : "Sid!"
Sid : "okay okay well you changed by yourself dont ask me how, by the time i was back you were already snoozing. Now you better come out before i crash in there! We are getting late!" 


"Sid where are we going!?" She asked for the umpteenth time. "If i tell you it won't be surprise" He chanted the same thing. 
"At least tell me what should i pack" she asked.
Sid : "okay since this is our trial honeymoon i suggest you don't pack much." he smirked. 
"Sid!" Riddhima flushed. 
Sid: "alright alright well you may need something to keep yourself warm." 
Now it was her turn to be cheeky "hmm you are there no to keep myself warm" She punched his arm playfully. This time Sid was completely taken aback. 'God she is full of surprises! You never know what's coming next. From kissing him in the beach in full public, to demanding for kiss in party and now this! This was all-together a different side of Riddhima, a side of Riddhima which only he has seen, and he loved this Riddhima'
"ehm ehm i thought we are getting late" She knocked him out of his thoughts. 


He drove to Taj Wellington Mews a luxury apartment hotel in Colaba. 

Riddhima : "Sid... why are we here..?" She questioned him again looking around the place. 
Sid ignored her and parked the car. He took their bag, held her hand and walked to the elevator. In the elevator he took out a red scarf and began to blindfold. She was again gonna ask him  something when he quickly kissed her lips taking her by surprise. When he broke from the kiss her eyes were still closed and she looked as though she had stopped breathing. Ever so slowly she opened her eye lids and gazed at him dreamily. She had lost the ability of speech. Sid grinned and blindfolded her.  

*Ting* The elevator door opened to the terrace of the building. He guided her out, few steps ahead they stopped. Sid stood behind her and untied her blindfold. The sight in front of her stunned her. "S..Si..Sid...!? What's all this...?" She stammered. Sid wrapped her hands around her waist and kissed her cheeks. "I want these two days to be the most memorable two days of our lives and i promise i wont let anything go wrong this time"

In front of them was a helipad and a helicopter waiting for them. There was a red carpet stuck to the floor from where they were standing, to the copter. On Sid's signal, the pilot started the engine and the moment the wings moved, rose petals were flying all around  them. "Shall we..?" Sid extended his arm and the couple walked their way to the copter hand in hand. Even after boarding the copter Sid refused to tell her where they were going . "I am kidnapping my wife!" He grinned.  The copter finally landed on a pad of a tall structure. The building seemed to be in the middle of no where. It was surrounded by trees, trees and more trees. On a closer look she realized it's a beautiful resort. There was greenery everywhere and building was like a beautiful centerpiece of a garden. They stepped out of the copter and walked towards the entrance of the terrace. Two young girls and guys in formals were waiting for them. Sid and Riddhima watched as the copter disappeared from their sight.  "Wanna see around..?" He asked. "Ye-ah!" She said excited. Sid handed over their luggage to the ushers and took Riddhima to a stroll down the resort. It was breathtakingly beautiful. She walked around the place clinging on Sid's arm in awe and admiration. "Sid... where are we! God this place is sooo beautiful!! Is this the only way to come here...? I mean by air...? It sure looks like it though. It's like we are trapped in an isolated place with a verry beautiful house and garden and my god forests!? We are in the middle of a jungle..?" Riddhima went on and on and on. Sid watched her in amusement. Her expressions are priceless! This surprise is just nothing in front of it!' He thought!

"Don't you wanna go to our honeymoon suite!" He asked her when she took a breather. "Of course!!" she exclaimed. They walked towards another building which was further up from the building that had the helipad. The second building which was higher up the hill was comparatively simple. As they climbed up the stairs Riddhima's excitement knew no bounds. And when they finally reached a glass room on top of the building she shrieked. "SIDD!!" She tugged his arm like a kid. "You see that cottage over there...?" He pointed towards a lone cottage which looked as if it was on an entirely different hill. We will be staying there." 
"And we will be reaching there on a ropeway!?" Riddhima completed the sentence. The ropeway took them to their honeymoon cottage which was beautifully decorated. It was HUGE! and actually on the topmost of the hill! They where around 6000 ft above sea level, ever so closer to the sky. The ropeway was made just for this cottage. It directly connected to one of the three huge balconies of the top floor. The top floor of the cottage was an absolute marvel. It had one huge bedroom and a bath. There were three big balcony's on three sides of the room. The roof was completely glass! And so you feel you are walking in air. Especially the night view from the bed is a spectacle! You feel you are actually sleeping on the cloud and can reach the stars within the stretch of a hand. Just like a 3d movie. Ground floor had a huge indoor pool. And there were less wall and more windows. It looked as though the pool was in a glass house. The outside was another spectacle with huge garden and gazebo. All in all the place actually looked like a heaven, like god's paradise!

"So how is it...?" Sid asked Riddhima nervously. She turned to him, as she failed to come up with the right words to describe the place, all she did was walk up straight to him and plant a kiss on his lips. "It's beautiful...!" Riddhima said dreamily. Sid sighed in relief, obviously glad she loved his surprise and for a change nothing went wrong! It was all perfect! 


Riddhima was in one of the balcony watching the sunset when Sid came out of the shower in his jeans and unbuttoned shirt, still wiping his head vigorously with the towel.  He hugged her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder. They stood their without exchanging any words, just watching the natures wonder, the beautiful sunset. The sky looked as if it was covered in a reddish orange blanket. As the sun disappeared the temperature started dropping and a cold breeze  patted them. Riddhima shuddered and he held her closer.  "Why don't you go take a shower. We'll go for dinner after that..." He said "okay" she kissed his cheek and made her way to the shower grabbing a bath rob. A while later, as she walked out of the shower, her eyes fell on a beautiful green gown on the bed with a note and a red rose on it. "wear this and come to the gazebo". As she made her way to the gazebo she realized the place looked twice more beautiful at night than it ever looked in day! 'Sid didn't tell me where we are yet!' she thought. Her thoughts were disturbed when she saw her ever so handsome husband waiting for her at the gazebo. It was a beautiful dinner arrangement with candles and fresh flowers all around. But her eyes were fixed on a certain Siddhant Modi. Admiring his shabby but cute hair, his chocolate brown eyes inviting her, his hands tucked in his pant pocket and the perfectly knitted suite clinging on to his perfectly fit bod. God she was going crazy.  As she stood infront of him, almost staring at him, he extended his hand and she placed hers in his. He, like a perfect gentleman kissed the back of her palm and guided her to her seat. Once he made sure she was comfortable he sat opposite to her. As Sid poured her favorite red wine in two glasses, she wondered from where the beautiful violin music came. It was heavenly. They had a really great dinner, talking and laughing about anything and everything. The dinner was followed by a dance in the garden. The garden was surrounded by tall lamps and it looked amazing with the dim lights and the starry sky above. 

"Sid... now will you please tell me where are we..?"
He grinned and said "Dehradoon"
"Ohhh..." she exclaimed. 
Riddhima : "you know.. you didn;t have to do all these.. i mean... it's indeed a huge huge surprise but Sid. 
Sid : "Surprise!!" 
Riddhima : "What..?"
Sid : "another surprise for you, wait" He ran to the gazebo to grab  something and in hurry he spilled sause on to his shirt. "Owww damn!! I knew something would go wrong! Something had to...! damn!!" He cursed himself as he walked to Riddhima. 
Riddhima : "Sid relax.. we will get it cleaned.."
The two left to their room. 


Sid finally came out of the bath holding his shirt in his hand "Riddhima see naa.." He was about to complain something when he was his gorgeous wife enjoying the beautiful scenery outside. He dropped his shirt and walked towards her. It was cold but he could actually feel his bare chest heating up as he moved closer to her. She gasped when his cold hands grabbed her by her waist. He pulled her closer to him and inhaled the scent of her hair.  Their eyes were fixed on the sky. Never have they seen so many stars so close to them. 

And the song "ye haseen wadiyan" begins. 

It was getting colder each passing minute. The light breeze made her shudder and she snuggled closer to him. 

Ye Hasiin Vaadiyaan, Ye Khulaa Aasamaan 
Aa Gaye Ham Kahaan
Ai Mere Saajanaa
In Bahaaron Mein Dil Kii Kali Khil Gayii
Mujhko Tum Jo Mile Har Khushii Mil Gayii

She realized he was shirtless and all of a sudden her body felt hot. She took a step away from him but he grabbed her hands and pulled her back in his arms burring his head to her locks. He moved a lock of hair from her neck and kissed. 

Tere Hothon Pe Hain Husn Kii Bijliyaan
Tere Gaalon Pe Hain Zulf Kii Badaliyaan
Tere Daaman Kii Khushabu Se Mahake Chaman
Sang-E-Marmar Ke Jaisaa Hai Teraa Badan

She shuddered, not because of the cold but because of his touch. He placed his hands on her shoulders and rolled down her dress a little. He rested his quivering lips on her bare shoulder.  As his lips touched her bare skin she shuddered more. Somewhere something impending exploded within her.  

Meri Jaanejaan Ye Hai Teri Chaandni
Chhed Do Tum Aaj Koi Pyaar Ki Raagini
Ye Haseen Waadiyaan Ye Khula Aasmaan
Aa Gaye Hum Kahan Ay Mere Saajna

Then there was another kiss, this time on the left shoulder. She turned around and gave him a slight push. He took few quick backward steps in order to balance himself. He stood still watching her pacing back to the room. She was breathing heavily, her eyes were still closed as she ever so slowly turned towards him. And when she opened her eyes again, they were inviting him. There was longing and burning passion in her eyes that matched his. 

Yeh Bandhan Hai Pyaar Ka Dekho Toote Na Sajni
Yeh Janmon Ka Saath Hai Dekho Chhoote Na Sajna
Tere Aanchal Ki Chhaaon Ke Tale
Meri Manzil Mujhe Mil Gayi
Teri Palkhon Ki Chaaon Ke Tale
Mohabaat Mujhe Mil Gayi

He, breathing faster and with steps heavy of passion, advanced towards her, and she looked at him lovingly, waiting patiently for him to be closer to her.  He stood just a breath away from her, gazing at her. Her hands strolled from his bare chest to the back of his neck. She pressed herself on to him and then they kissed. Their lips locked, their bodies touched and their souls mingled. 

Jee Karta Hai Saajna Dil Mein Tumko Bitha Loon
Aa Masti Ki Raat Mein Apna Tumko Bana Loon
Uthne Lage Hain Toofan Kyon Mere Seene Mein Ay Sanam
Tumhein Chaahoonga Dilon Jaan Se
Meri Jaanejaan Teri Kasam

His hands rested on her back, unzipping her dress. As his cold hands traced her bare back, she shuddered again. He spooned her in his arms without breaking from the kiss and walked towards the bed. He placed her on the bed gently as his bare body blanketed hers. 

Yeh Haseen Waadiyaan Yeh Khula Aasmaan
Aa Gaye Hum Kahan Aye Mere Saajna
In Bahaaron Mein Dil Ki Kali Khil Gayi
Mujhko Tum Jo Mile Har Khushi Mil Gayi

He broke away from the liplock but his lips refused to leave her smooth skin. He kissed every inch of her face sending her to a world undiscovered. As he thirst for her love, his lips traced her neck, her shoulders, her arms exploring every part of her body. Her nails scorched his back, at times almost piercing it. This was new to them, a new unseen but beautiful world and they were exploring together. The warmth of love evaporated from within him and condensing into every inch of her frame. Each touch made, each kiss implanted and each moan squeezed out was one complete season of eternal happiness. 

Meri Jaanejaan Yeh Hai Teri Chaandni
Chhed Do Tum Aaj Koi Pyaar Ki Raagini
Ye Haseen Waadiyaan Ye Khula Aasmaan
Aa Gaye Hum Kahan Aye Mere Saajna
Yeh Haseen Waadiyaan Yeh Khula Aasmaan
Aa Gaye Hum Kahan Aye Mere Saajna

The light fades as Sid pulls the blanket on them. It was a new beginning, a re-union of souls, undying love of lovers which made them reach to each other life after life. She belonged to him and he belonged to her, and even before they realized it their souls knew it. Yes, they are soulmates! 

To be continued...! 

P.s So there you go... SR c-nite! Frankly i dint like it.. i mean i dint have time and i had promised i would update today... so u know.. its a hurry burry update.. but i promise to make it up to u in my next update...! Sorry again!! Confused

P.p.s You gotta listen to this out of the world composition of AR Rahman the musical genius! Every time i listen to this song in high volume i get goosebumps and i see myself in a different world! I dunno how but it ALWAYS happen!! Day Dreaming

P.p.p.s tried to make SR vm on that song. Do check it out Embarrassed

indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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It was a long day in the  hospital. Much longer than they expected. A pilgrimage van was involved in an ugly crash and the doctors had to stay up all night making sure everyone's stable. Except two who were in ICCU the others were shifted to the GW. Hence the romantic night out the Modi's were planning had hit a roadblock. Finally when they got time to breathe Sid & Riddhima headed to her cabin. Sid crashed on to the long couch sighing. His eyes were immediately shut. Riddhima snuggled to him resting her head on his shoulder. His lips twitched to a smile. The two dozed off in no time. Two hours later continuous knock on the door woke them up. It was one of the nurse who got them the report of their patients in ICCU. 
"Good... they are out of danger" Riddhima said. 
"Thank god! So i guess tonight will be the big night" Sid winked
"You mean Armaan's party?" Riddhima asked him quizzically
"Well that too..." He kept his arms on her shoulders and looked intently in her eyes "and also our official first night at heaven as 'the happily married and in love Mr & Mrs Siddhant Modi" He grinned. 
His grin widened when he saw how his words affected his beautiful wife. Her flushed cheeks and downcast said it all. He couldn't help but feel the warmth of her flushed cheeks with his lips. He slide his hands on hers, moving to her hips and to her back only to pull her closer to him. In his huskiest voice he whispered "i love you so much" in her ear and planted a kiss on her cheek sending a shiver down her spine.
Riddhima slightly pushed him away and walked out from the cabin blushing. 
Since the mention of their 'first night' every time Riddhima crossed Sid's path she would deliberately try to hide from his gaze. She knew one look in his eyes would melt her and make her go weak on her knees. She didn't want her husband to know how much his proximity affected her. Sid was aware of what was going on in his wifey's mind. When no one is around he would intentionally go beside her and whisper sweet nothings to her in his husky voice. He loved how she tried to hide her blush and fought the passion within her. But Riddhima made sure she didn't directly look into his eyes as she knew one look in it and all her defense would melt down from the blaze emitting from those chocolate brown eyes. The cat and mouse game was the only interesting thing that happened in the otherwise smooth day. 
Though they pulled each others leg, both were looking forward to the night. To melt in the arms of the love of their life. It's a knew beginning. They knew it and they couldn't wait for it. 
Their shift was over in the evening. Throughout their journey to their lil heaven both were quite. Both had a smile playing on their lips. Riddhima walked to the door and Sid followed her, his eyes analyzing every move of her with great interest. Riddhima left open the door for Sid. Sid closed the door and leaned on it, still looking at her. She had halted few steps away from him. Though her back was against him, she could feel his presence closing in on her. She expectantly stood there to feel his arms around her any moment. And when she finally felt his hands encircling her waist after few micro seconds, she completely surrendered in his arms leaning against his chest. Sid who had Riddhima blanketed in his arms started walking forward. She was still leaning on to him and so he pushed both of them to their room upstairs. Half way through the stairs Sid swept her off her feet and walked to the room. Riddhima had her hands around his neck firmly. Her eyes capturing his sexy face. 
As they reached the room Sid placed her on the bed ever so gently and sat next to her gazing at her. In a flash he jumped on to the other side of the bed lying next to her vertically and resting his head on her belly. Riddhima's fingers were immediately lost in his thick locks. Neither of them had spoken anything since they left the hospital. Yet they seem to speak more than they have ever spoken. Sid stared at the roof with a smile refusing to leave his lips whereas Riddhima continued to caress his hair. 
A little later Sid turned around, now rested his chin on her belly and spoke "i was wondering may be we can skip the party you know..." He kissed her belly and winked. "Siddhant...!" she grinned. "hmmmphh" Sid sighed as he got up and sat next to her. Riddhima watched the slight pout that formed on his face. She couldn't help but smile at him. Sid responded by lying next to her horizontally. He supported his weight on his elbows so he could see her close and clear. Riddhima pinched the tip pf his nose play fully. "you are so cute!" she said  He beamed at her and said "i know". After gazing her for few more minutes Sid gave Riddhima a peck on her cheek and got up from the bed.
"Okay lover girl, you take rest till i go freshen up. We will go early and come back soon" he said with a wink while grabbing his towel and rushing to the shower. 
Riddhima meanwhile kept Sid's dress on the bed. A black Armaani tux. Riddhima had picked a black designer saree for herself to match with Sid's. She freshened up in the guest room. 
Sid looked dashing in his tux. He was in the living room scanning through the channels when Riddhima walked down the stairs. Sid gaped at her as he got up from the couch. He walked towards the stair. She looked breathtakingly beautiful and he just couldn't take his eyes off her. Riddhima on the other hand was a teeny weeny bit nervous to see  this ravishing sexy guy staring at her intently. "wait a  minute that's my husband!" she thought. She stood next to him smiling, waiting for him to say something. 
"Riddhima... i think i am falling in love with you all over again... will you please marry me for the third time...?" Sid said dreamily
Riddhima giggled at him and he bent forward to kiss her luscious lips but to his surprise she moved away from him. He looked at her questioningly. "My gloss..." she said blushing. Sid grinned and gave her a light peck on her cheek instead. "Shall we"? Sid gave his arm and she gladly locked her hand in his as the two left for the party. 

At The Party. 

The moment Sid & Riddhima stepped inside everyone's eyes naturally fell on them. They looked like a masterpiece couple hand crafted by god himself. They looked so perfect for each other it was unreal. And the one's who believed in vampires for a second thought these two could actually be the cold ones as it's humanly impossible to look so good and so perfect for each other.  Sid & Riddhima were quick to spot people staring at them and felt a bit awkward. Just the Shilpa trotted towards them her eyes widened than usual. "OH MY GOD YOU BOTH LOOK SO HAWT TOGETHER!!" She exclaimed! They smiled at her nervously. Riddhima managed to whisper to her "why is everyone staring...? Is something wrong with me...?" 
Shilpa giggled and said " Di...! Didn't you both see the mirror before coming here! You both seriously look breathtaking! i mean literally...!" Sid and Riddhima grinned looking at each other. Their fingers entwined possessively. Their eyelock was broken when a familiar voice greeted them. 
"Hey guys! I am glad you made it..." Armaan beamed. He enviously looked at the way Sid & Riddhima held on to each other. As though their life depended on it. His eyes fell on the girl next to them in red gown and for some reason he find it really difficult take his eyes off her. He was stunned. "Shilpa... she looks gorgeous in that red outfit... wow..." he thought. He quickly shook his head clearing his mind and shifted his focus back on Riddhima. "So  b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l" he thought.  Soon their other Sanjeevani friends joined them and they laughed and chatted along. 

"Ladies & Gentlemen i request everyone to move to the dance floor" DJ announced. 
Sid pulled Riddhima in his embrace and together they stepped to the dance floor. 
Shilpa peeped at the entrance every now and then. "Will you dance with me...?" Shilpa looked at Armaan who had his arm stretched. Shilpa smiled at him and  placed her hand in his. 
'Sid is right... i don't have to run away from anything or anyone for no reason.' she thought. Armaan observed covetously  the way Sid & Riddhima were so into each other, dancing and laughing all the time. It bothered him that Riddhima not even once looked at his direction. 
Armaan might have failed to notice but Riddhima in fact did peeked at him once when she saw him dancing with Shilpa. Sid immediately saw the change in her expression and he thought it was time she knew what was happening with Shilpa. And so he narrated about Shilpa & Nick's fondness for each other. Riddhima felt at ease immediately. She was worried if Shilpa would fall for Armaan and Riddhima knew he was not the right guy for her. Soon all her tension flew away and she was back in her dreamland where only she and her cute hubby existed.  

It pricked Armaan that his plan of making Riddhima jealous bombed. He was saddened he couldn't affect her a teeny weeny bit. His focus shifted back to Shilpa who though was physically present with him her mind was wandering. He felt an unexplainable pain seeing Shilpa not giving him any importance. With Riddhima he knew he was fighting an almost lost battle but Shilpa... She was always the one who showed interest in him right from the beginning but now...

The song was over and the couple swapped for the next dance. Armaan thanked Shilpa and went to Sid & Riddhima. "Riddhima... would you dance with me...? Only if you don't mind..." he turned to Sid. Seeing Sid nod his head Riddhima agreed to dance with Armaan. Armaan smirked. 'Alright... now lets see how i still affect you Riddhima...!' He thought. Meanwhile Sid & Shilpa were already moving to the beat of the song. Throughout the dance Riddhima was so casual with Armaan that it surprised him. There was no tension, no nervousness... he did not affect her in any sense. But it hardly bothered him. Because without even his knowledge his focus had shifted to Shilpa. The way Shilpa reacted with him has unsettled him. He is not used to this kind of behavior from her. "You alright Armaan...?" Riddhima enquird. "Yeah... i am fine" He smiled at her assuringly. Soon the song was over and Riddhima was back in Sid's arms. Armaan saw the two and sighed... "i guess it's over..." he said. 

Armaan did not affect Riddhima anymore. She was not nervous in his proximity nor did she flinch seeing him with other girls. It was truly over. He let out a deep sigh. His eyes fell on the beautiful girl in the red gown. 'Shilpa...' he smiled. His eyes followed her when she trotted to the entrance. Now it was Armaan who flinched seeing Shilpa in another man's arm. He haven't seen him around. And it definitely looked as though she has known him for ages. Armaan's eyes narrowed. He fisted his palm when the tall fair guy put his arm around Shilpa's waist. Armaan felt a pull in his heart. He had always seen the spark in her eyes and glow in her face whenever she looked at him. But today, while dancing with her, the spark was missing... She didn't look at him the same way anymore. What pained him more was that the spark and glow was back in her, the moment she greeted this man at the entrance.  Armaan looked at Riddhima who was nuzzling her nose against Sid's , and he looked at Shilpa who seemed to be all over this new lad. Armaan was numb.

To be continued...! Embarrassed

"There are only two times when i want to be with you...Now, and forever" - SIDDHIMA / JERAN 
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Shilpa and Nick walked hand-in-hand to Siddhima who seemed to have lost in a world of their own. 

"ehm-ehm" Shilpa cleared her throat to grab their attention. No response. Shilpa glanced at Nick embarrassed and coughed again. Sid and Riddhima were into each other. They were just staring into each others eyes and giggling like 10 year olds who got their favorite candy. 

"Di!" To avoid further embarrassment Shilpa raised her voice a bit loudly and finally Sid and Riddhima snapped out of their eye-lock. Sid withdrew his hands from Riddhima's waist and Riddhima's hands slid down to his chest from the back of his neck. They looked at Shilpa quizzically. A bit annoyed for disturbing while romancing. Riddhima raised her brows at her questioningly and Shilpa turned to Nick grabbing his arm. 

Shilpa : "Nick.." she said. 

Sid was the first one to greet him with a warm hug. "Hey Nick! Good to see you man!" He retracted and put his arm around Riddhima's shoulder pulling her closer to him. "Meet my beautiful wife Ri.." Before Sid could complete, Nick spoke "Riddhima.. of course..! By the way you are quite famous in Goa now" Nick grinned. Riddhima flushed and hid her now redden face in Sid's chest. The four were reminiscing their Goan adventure when Armaan intruded them.

Ever since Nick walked in Armaan was feeling insecure. In a short span of time his focus shifted from Sid & Riddhma to Nick & Shilpa. He loved Riddhima then why would he clutch his fist when Nick puts his arm around Shilpa. He had this urge to know who this new guy was and how he is related to Shilpa. Every time his focus seems to trail off from Riddhima to Shilpa he would shudder and compose himself. FOCUS! He would say.

"Hi guys" Armaan greeted everyone, his eyes scanning the new entry. Shilpa introduced Nick to Armaan. "Nikhil.. This is Armaan.. Armaan.. Nikhil..." The guys shared an uncomfortable smile and a firm handshake. To avoid the awkward silence Armaan excused himself and said he would get drinks for everyone. He leaned on to the counter and ordered the drinks. "3 scotch on the rocks and lime punch for the ladies." While the bartender made the drink Armaan smirked as his eyes fell on the white rum. He ordered the bartender to mix rum in one of the lime punch and hand it over to the lady in black.  Armaan joined he gang after giving the bartender all instructions. 

Armaan would peek at Riddhima every now and then 'That's it Riddhima... If you are drunk and if i am near you there is no way you can even think of anyone else... You will confess your love for me tonight... in front of all these people here... Tonight i'll rip off the blindfold from your eyes... Tonight for once and for all you will let Sid know that you are bound to him because of the society and the matrimonial chain and nothing else! You don't love him you love me and you know it...! I'll make you say it!' Armaan smirked.

Trance was on and everyone moved to the dance floor. Bartender did what Armaan said and while dancing Riddhima just gulped her drink. Nick and Shilpa was having a gala time since they were partying after quite a while. Shilpa was skeptical about bringing Nick along for the party  but soon was glad she did that. Nick on the other hand was not too comfortable being in the same place as Armaan. Only thing that cheered him was Shilpa was not at all affected by Armaan's presence. There was no sadness or regret on her face. She was with him and she looked happy which made him happy. 
Armaan who was shaking his leg with other girls had an eye on Riddhima. Every time she gulped her drink he would smirk. In no time Riddhima was full on. Sid didn't realize she was drunk. He thought she was just having fun dancing. He gave her a peck on her cheek and excused himself to use the washroom. 
Nick was the first one to observe 'thalli Ridz' He has seen her in this state once in Goa and he just knew it. He whispered something in Shilpa's ear and they both moved towards Riddhima who was having a superb time dancing and screaming. 
"Di... DI..!?" Shilpa grabbed Riddhima's arm. Riddhima stopped dancing and looked at her. "Shilpuuu my lil sis!" Riddhima hugged her. Riddhima retrieved and her eyes fell on Nick. She scrutinized him and snapped her finger at him. "You...! You better take good care of my sister! Else i'll murder you."  Nick raised both his hands as to surrender. "I promise Riddhima... I'll never hurt her.. She is very special.." He looked at Shilpa. Shilpa was so overwhelmed. Riddhima giggled and said "Good boy!" She turned to her sides pouting her lips. "Where is he...?" 
Shilpa : "Who di..?" 
Riddhima : "That idiot...!"?
Before Shilpa could answer her, Riddhima spotted Armaan with another girl and wobbled towards him.  "Armaan!" Riddhima said. Shilpa clutched Nick's arm in horror when she saw Riddhima walking towards Armaan.  

Meanwhile Armaan was observing Riddhima's every movement. He felt Sid leaving to the washroom was a blessing in disguise. He saw her walking towards him and his heart somersaulted. Every step she took towards him widened his grin and raised his hope. With each step he felt she was leaving Sid and walking right back into his heart. Her pout was the cherry on top of icing. Of course she couldn't see him getting close to any other girl but her. He thought. Riddhima now stood right in front of Armaan. She shooed away the girl beside Armaan. Riddhima clutched his shoulder and leaned on to him. Armaan was about to grab her waist and pull her closer when she screamed right into his ear. "WHERE IS THAT IDIOT SID!?" Armaan was stumped. He thought she was going to kiss him instead now he felt as though someone gave him a tight slap. He had filled his hopes in a giant balloon and someone just pricked it with a needle. Armaan was lost for words not out of sheer joy but out of sheer disappointment. 
Riddhima shook him again "Oye are you deaf!? Where is SID!" she yelled again. As though he heard her heart's call Sid came and stood right next to her looking at her intently. "Hey love..." He whispered into her ear. Riddhima turned to him *phattaaacck*  "you idiot! How dare you leave me and go!" She snarled at him. "Riddhima... i told you i was going to the washroom..." He said rubbing his cheek. 
"So..? You have to leave me and go...? You cant take me there with you...!?" 
"What...?" Sid grinned. 
Riddhima turned her back to him in anger. Sid shook his head grinning and hugged her from behind resting his chin on her shoulder. 
Armaan meanwhile took couple of steps back and watched the husband & wife romancing. But his expression were as though he was watching a horror movie. 
Shilpa who feared something terrible was going to happen when she saw her sister walking towards Armaan, finally let a sigh of relief and leaned on to Nick. 

Sid nuzzled her neck and planted a kiss on her nape and spoke in his huskiest voice... "I am sorry baby... tell me how can i make it up to you...?" Hearing that Riddhima turned to him like a whirlwind. She smiled at him mischievously. Sid raised his brow skeptically. "Kiss me!" she said. Sid's jaw dropped. "What!"? 
She traced her finger on his face, drawing a straight line from his forehead and stopping at his soft lips. She tapped his lips with her index finger and whispered again 'i said kiss me...!' 
Shilpa and Nick were close enough to hear them. Shilpa spat out the juice she was having when she heard her sister's demand. She looked at Nick nervous and embarrassed and stammered 'Nick.. eh.. can  we go have dinner..?' Nick grinned and nodded. Armaan who was on the other side watching the two felt his body crumbling. He wobbled and held on to a pole for support.

"Kiss me Siddhant Modi" Riddhima clutched Sid's collar and pulled him closer. Sid was taken aback by his wife's antics. His lips twitched to a smile as his hands encircled her waist pulling her closer to him. Sid kissed her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, her chin and looked at her grinning. Riddhima opened her eyes and saw her cute doc grinning at her. She smiled and kissed his cheek and whispered into his ear. "I love you Karan Wahi!Embarrassed I mean Siddhant ModiTongue(after effect of Kushal's birthday bash pics!LOL) ..." He pulled her to a tight hug and lifted her off the floor. "I love you too my beautiful dream" He said. He swirled her and the sound of their laughter matched the music that was being played. 

To be continued...! Embarrassed

Y'ello my fellow siddhimaholic and jeranfanaticsEmbarrassed!! Confession timeLOL! I never intended to update before the first leg of my exam gets over which will be on 9th May.Confused. but i was tooo over joyed seeing JERAN pics from Kushal's birthday party that my hands started itching to write about my adorable couple! Day DreamingSo there you go another update!! Remember something is better than nothing isn't it.. so don't complain about the length of the update! Tongue Btw i think i'll wrap up this FF in another two updates ONLY TO start a new one! Embarrassed Seriously my mind is buzzling with jeran & siddhima stories!!Blushing But i can start em only once i am done with all my papers. ie by the end of may!! Confused Love you alll mwaaahhh Hug

P.s apologies to all who were expecting SR c-nite! LOL remember that sabr ka phal dialogue n all! Tongue so have PATIENCE!Wink

P.p.s guys!! ur comments really mean a lot to me!! I cant respond to them individually at the moment cos u know... exams... Confused 

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Aashiq Banaya Aapne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aashiq Banaya Aapne Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
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Part 76


The same silence had enveloped the room once again. Both sat there nervously wondering what the other was thinking. The light from the candle was the only light that was illuminating the room. Every now and then each stole a glance at the other.


There was a time when he could keep looking at her the whole day long yet never felt his heart contented


'She was the most beautiful girl in my life. Her beautiful hair whose locks I could never resist tucking away just to see her blushing, that soft, radiant complexion, those mesmerizing eyes which bewichted my dreams. Her lips which would curl up in a sweetest smile ever seen on earth.


It seemed as if he had captured every detail and had engraved it on his heart, engrained into his soul.


Now also he found himself gazing at her. She seemed so different. It surprised him how he missed all this. Maybe he never gave her a second look or did he even look at her. 

'Yes ofcourse that because every thing has changed. I have changed ... and so has she ... but so much ???'


He was taking in every detail of her face.


Time had weathered her ever so soft creamy complexion It now seemed a little rough and translucent covered with fine lines. Her eyes which were captivating and attractive which once spoke volumes were now filled with despair and sorrow and a sense of guilt. Sid was amazed with himself as to how he is still able to read her eyes.


Riddhima's eyes were prancing all over the room nervously studiously trying to avoid meeting Sid gaze but the moment she used to catch him looking away lost in his thoughts she would steal a glance at him. That pain in his eyes seemed to have momentary given way today to the soft look which adorned his eyes in their happier days

She had waited for so long to see that in him. It somehow gave her courage to attempt talking to him, to know more of him. Today was her only chance.

Determined she started racking her brains on how to get him talking about himself.

It amazed him how he still rememberd every detail about her still. She loved bright colors ...her favorite color ...yes...Red !!!...' He searched him memory but could not recollect.

'Itne dino mein ek baar bhi nahi dekha…… ajeeb hai …… pehle kitne bright colors pehenti thi …… aur ab sirf yeh boring se pastel colors pehenti hai He looked up to find her wearing a cream colored salwar kameez'


'Always so traditional she was his eyes travelled to her forehead only to not find the hint of sindoor which she always want to adorn in her husband's name... armaan !!!'



Riddhima finally broke the silence 'Are you comfortable?' A deliberate question for steering the conversation towards what she wanted to know.


The question caught Sid unaware.

'Hmmm' affirmed Sid looking completely the opposite


Hassled by his false answer Riddhima quickly lashed out 'Kyu jhoot bol rahe ho jab?... Tumhe theek se jhoot bolna bhi nahi atta aaj bhi toh kyu?'


That taunt stung him ... 'Right!!!  Jhoot bolna tumhari specificalty hai'


Riddhima: Siddhant!!!


Sid: Hamesha jhoot hi toh bolti ayi ho mujhe


Riddhima: Kaun sa jhoot bola hai maine?


Sid: armaan


Riddhima was scared what Sid was referring to 'Kya bola maine?



'Woh tumhe lene aane wala tha na?' Probed Sid. He did not want to disclose the fact that he knew the truth or moreso wanted to see her capacity to lie.


Not realising what Sid was trying to do she retorted 'He is not back home he called to say he is going to come in the morning. He is stuck in some emergency'


Sid: Kab tak Jhoot bolti rahogi. Tumhe to jhoot se nafrat thi na, toh ab kya hua...


She felt a lump form in throat as fear built up in her. 'What did Sid know' She could run away now she had to know 'Kiski baath kar rahe ho?


'Sab kuch jo tumhe aaj tak kaha ... armaan


Riddhima face flushed with embarrassment. She could not hold up the facade any longer which she had built in front of Sid. It was time to come clear. She recounted the truth behind every lie she had said to Sid about armaan.


Tum khud bhi jaante the armaan kaisa tha ……….. uspe depend karna yaane ………. He never seemed serious enough towards work ...ek theek thak doctor tha ... but constantly preoccupied with something or the other... Delhi se aane ke baad Dr Kirti ne bhi usse warning di thi but no use uske bachkane harkate chalti rahi ……… aur phir jab ……… Dr. Kirti ke jaane ke baad saara kaam mujhe pe aa gaya …….. wapis wohi responsibilities was never my problem par armaan


Riddhima: Tension kaise na lu... armaan tumhe tumhare kaam mein dhyaan dena padega ... Jab Dr Kirti thi toh sab kuch different tha... but now that I am the disciplariain the management will monitor both of us closely ...


'Sab theek hai armaan theek hai who hota hai toh sab kuch kitne aasani se handle kar leta hai ki mujhe tension lene ki zaroorat nahi hoti hai '




'uske demands ko handle karna bahoot muskhil hota jaa raha tha…….. how much ever attention i gave him it was always less... '


armaan: Kaam karo kaam pe dyaan do kaam kaam kaam ... uske alava kuch bhi nahi sochti tum ... mere liye toh bilkul waqt nahi hai ... you just don't care


Riddhima: karti hoon armaan ... i do care ... isiliye main keh rahi hoon dhyaan do kaam pe ... armaan we are doctors


armaan: i know I know we are doctors hamara pehli responsibility unke taraf banti hai ...aur phir tumhare liye tumhare career tumhare padhayi ... Harvard right ... phir tumhare family aur main toh hoon hi yaha pe ... jab bhi maan kiya toh aa jaoigi ...I seriously feel you don't love me anymore ... I was just an option for you ...



'woh hamesha kuch na kuch karta mera attention seek karne ke liye ...uska charming attitude ya phir kuch shararat ya phir kuch aur ...aur agar usse roko toh ………'


armaan: Mere saare plan pe paani pher diya tumne bahoot khush ho na ……..


Riddhima: armaan!!! kuch bhi bole jaa rahe ho ... tumhe kya lagta hai ...


armaan: mujhe kya lagta hai ... uski fikar nahi hai ... kal maine itne pyaar se kitni mehenat se tumhare liye party arrange ki thi ...


Riddhima: armaan you were doing that during your duty hours...


armaan: woh toh main pehle bhi karta tha ...


Riddhima: Tab tum sirf ek intern the ...aaj tum senior doctor ho ...  interns tumhe dekhe ke hi sikhenge ...


armaan: Now all the problems are because of me ... uss din jab woh banda basket ball court pe duty hours mein khel raha tha woh bhi meri galati hai ...


Riddhima: Mere kehne ka yeh matlab nahi tha ... you need to set a good example...


armaan: Indirectly you are saying that I am setting a bad example ...thank you Dr Riddhima Gupta ... for showing me my place...



'Usse lagta tha ki I always wanted to prove to him that he was not good enough Due to his amnesia kafi miss out kiya tha career wise...and now even more due to his attitude ……… par usse hamesha laga ki hum sab usse nicha dekhana chahate the……… jhagde badte gaye ……… ghar hospital sab kuch complicate hota gaya ………. Har jhagde ke baad……… either usse manana padta ya phir …… woh manvane pe majboor kar deta …….. usse maloom tha ki main uski poorani aadato se darti thi...


Riddhima: Anji di aapne armaan ko kahi dekha


Anjali: Haan woh ……… abhi abhi apna helmet leke yaha se gaya ……….


Riddhima: Ohhh no!!!


Anjali: Ab kya hua ……… wapis tumne usse kuch keh diya hoga ………. Doopair ko toh usne khana khaya ya nahi is pe chinta kar rahi thi aur ab wapis jhagda ………. God you are the pits …….. you can really never keep anyone happy ………….Pehle ……..


Riddhima: Di ………. Enough …….. mujhe iss baat pe baat nahi karni …….. sirf itna baata dijiye kya woh keh ke gaya hai ……..


armaan: Tumhe kya karna hai ……. Tumhe toh bahoot kaam hoga na ………… waise main sirf apni chabiyaan lene aaya tha………


Riddhima: armaan kaha jaa rahe hoo ...ruko armaan ... please ...




Hamesh apne wild adventures ke silsile main bahar raha hai armaan ... uske in harkato ke saath sab kuch handle karna kitna muskhil hota jaa raha tha yeh mujhe hi maloom tha...  ek ke baad yeh cheez haath se chuth thi gayi ... pehle mera Harvard jaane ka sapna ... aur phir meri disciplarianship ... aur uske baad mere career ne aise ghanda mod liya ki sab kuch khatam sa ho gaya tha... 


armaan: Why are you making such a big deal out of it? Waise bhi ultimately we have to take care of Sanjeevani that is enough work anyways?


Riddhima: Do you realise that I am barred from doing surgery. That means before resuming I will have be certified all over again by the panel. And do you realise how shameful it is to be barred?


armaan: Its no big deal ……… galtiyaan hoti hai ………


Riddhima: Haan galtiyaan hoti hai but aisi galti maafi ke layaak nahi hoti ………. I am not upset for being barred as much I am for the reason …………


armaan: Oh yes !!! and the reason is me ……… I must be stressing you out etc etc etc……….




aur phir ... papa ki bimari ...aur uske bheech armaan ... galati pe galati karta gaya ... aur har galati ko ek naye idea se chupane ki koshish karta raha ... after all he was the charming armaan ...


Uska mann kaam mein nahi tha and ultimately he decided he wanted to do something in the creative field and I also just let go ...i knew it was no point...


'ab woh nahi hai toh pura kaam ka bhoj mujhe pe aa gaya hai ''. uper papa ki health '''. Sab kuch toh wahi dekhta tha '


Sid: Aur phir uss time se tum alag reh rahe hoo ………


Riddhima: Papa ke bimaari ke time aur baad bhi main Papa aur armaan ke ghar ke bheech shuffle karti rahi …….. armaan ko achaa offer mila aur woh London shift ho gaya ……. who chahata ki main bhi wahi jaa ke rahoo par Mumma Papa ko meri zaroorat thi ………… 


Sid: aur phir uske ghar ko chod ke yaha ………..


Riddhima: 7 saalo se Papa aur armaan ke ghar ke bheech shuffle karti rahi hoon aur shayaad aise hi karti rehti ……………


Sid: Phir kyu ??? heavily suspicious about the reasoning Riddhima was going to put forth ………..


Riddhima: meri izzat ya mere rishtoh ke saath kya hoga uski usse kabhi parvah nahi ki ……… Kuch saach aise hote hai jo hum khud se bhi chupana chahate hai ……… par jab wohi saach ko koyi apne jeet ka medal bana ke numayish kaare toh ……………..


Sid read Riddhima's silence He could understand what must have transpired due to which Riddhima took such an extreme step after years of separation.


Sid could not understand whether to offer her his sympathies or to reprimand her Somewhere he knew she had not acknowledged that armaan was different and hence had unknowingly wronged him But again Riddhima's expectations from her life partner were not entirely wrong Maybe they should have spent more time together Over the nine months away from armaan Riddhima had indeed changed and so had armaan To adapt to each other and let the new relationship evolve maybe they should have given more time to each other


Sid: Shayaad tumhe usse aur waqt dena chahiye tha


Riddhima: Waqt Sid Waqt dena chahiye tha ...maine usse mera poora waqt diya ... Jo galtiyaan maine tumhara saath ki woh main ...


A dark look immediately crept on Sid's face which made Riddhima conscious of what she was going to say


Riddhima bit back her words while Sid hurried got up He just wanted to get out of there 'paani ...bahoot pyaas lagi hai ...'


Riddhima quickly got up to get Sid some water 'Kitchen mein hai….. main latti hoon'


Sid: Nahi main leta hoon Tumhe chahiye ... paani, coffee? He wondered what he meant by that? He just blurted out anything that came to his mind


Coffee? Wondered why Sid asked her for coffee


'Cool main banata' completely misunderstanding Riddhima's response


'Nahi tum Baito main banati hoon'


Nahi ……. Tumhare knee abhi bhi hurt kar raha hoga ……. Nahi main banata hoon' without waiting for Riddhima's response he headed towards the kitchen to make some coffee


Riddhima slumped back into the sofa. Sid's sudden change in behavior was natural reaction of a person who did not want to think of his dark past. She had ignored him; his expectations, crushed all his efforts to make the relationship work. She felt disgusted with herself for having tried to compare how she did make an effort in her relationship with armaan which she had not done with Sid's.


'Par maine seriously sab kuch sahi karne ki koshish ki …….. armaan kitna bhi jhutlaye par maine woh sab kiya jo ek insaan karega apne rishtey ko kamyaab banana ke liye'


armaan: Riddhima tumhari problem kya hai ... ? I know you love me to death tumhare dilo dimaag mein sirf main hoon isliye toh uss raat bhi tumne mujhe pass aane se roka nahi ... aur ab ... seriously problem kya hai ...


Riddhima: main tumhe pehle bhi keh chuki hoon please uss raat ka zikar hum kabhi nahi karenge ... please ... i just want to forget everything that happened...


armaan: Theek hai lekin nahi karoonga ...promise!!!... but seriously what are you so hesitant so nervous when we are together or when I come close to you Ab sab theek hai ... I am here basket and I will never go away. We are meant to be. Hum ek doosre ko paane ke liye bane hai toh kyu yeh duriyaan bana rakhi hain?


'See I will never force you to do anything but you are forcing yourself to stay away from celebrating from enjoying the glory of our love our reunion. Why are you doing this? See if you want we can go and see a counsellor ... Anji suggested we should meet one? Your issues which we are seeing for a long time now


Riddhima: Long time... we have been married for like 2 weeks now only ...


armaan: We have been in love for more than 3 years now...


Riddhima: 3???


armaan: We courted for 2 years and even when you were ... i mean married to Sid you were still only in love with me ... and we have been intimate before.


Riddhima: armaan !!! ... you are doing it again ...


armaan: I am not ... we were quite intimate before also ... that is why Anji and I were thinking that maybe your ... with ...


Riddhima: Sid ko beech mein laane ki koi zaroorat nahi hai ...


armaan: Sid ko bheech mein mat lao ... you don't have to feel guilty for him ... he was living in a fool's paradise and so you did not betray him ...  cause he should have known there is nothing that can come inbetween our love.


Riddhima: armaan enough ... seriously enough ...


armaan: seriously Riddhima main tumhara pyaar mehsoos hi nahi kar paa raha hoon in dino ...


Riddhima: actually armaan ... you know what I really don't know ... things have changed I have changed ... and our love ...


armaan: that will never change ... we will always be the same ... armaan aur Riddhima ka naam hamesha ek saath liya jayega...


Riddhima: armaan actually ... I really don't think I love you just like I used to ...


armaan: I know Riddhima ... today it's ten million zillion times more ... and that is why I feel you are restraining yourself ... So its decided we will meet a counsellor soon ... and if you don't want to then ... I can counsel you myself also methods will be more practical then just talking ... .. waise I will be a very good and charming counsellor ... Should we start our first session right now? I think we should ...


'armaan ke har khwaish puri ki uss raat maine ... aur ...'

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~Tum Mile~





Sid finaly gets ready but he still wasn't in mood to go out. He was dragging himself towards the door hoping she will drop the idea. But nothing as such happened infact riddhima grabed his arm and pulled him out.

Despite being with riddhima Sid was busy the whole day talking with someone on phone.

First riddhima didn't mind but it started to annoy her soon as Sid wasn't helping her to find gifts.

She was in a shop looking for a gift for Sue while Sid was waiting near the car. All he wanted was to go back to the resort. So loosing his patience he enters the shop and heads towards riddhima.


Sid: riddhima ab bas bhi karo naa...poora Goa kharid ke le jaogi kya

Ridz: Sid agar tum meri madat karte naa tho abhi hum wapis gaaye hote! lekin nahin tum tho pata nahin poora din apne phone ke saath busy the

Sid: lekin hum sab ke liye gifts kyun kharid rahe hain? Infact main tho kehta hoon sab ko humare liye kharidni chahiye (ridz smiles)

Ridz: c'mon Sid don't be silly aur meri madat karo


They spend another hour in the shop to finaly find something for sue.

After that riddhima was ready to go back to the resort and Sid was very happy that this day came to its end.

Riddhima reached the car but Sid was left behind as he was talking again to someone.


Sid: yes...heuu and white...ok thanks Miss Mehra. (when he turns he was taken aback to find riddhima right in front of him with a stern look on her face and her arms crossed. He managed a nervous smile) chalein?

Ridz: kiss se baat kar rahe the?

Sid: heuu koi bhi nahin

Ridz: Sid tum phone pe baat kar rahe the! Yeh Miss Mehra kaun hai??

Sid: la..ladki hai..

Ridz: voh mujhe bhi pata hai par tum kyun baat kar rahe the uss se?

Sid: riddhima...voh tho bas..aise hi...(ridz starts getting furious)

Ridz: what??! Tum ek ladki se aise hi baat kar rahe the! Aur voh bhi koi Miss Mehra! Voh single kyun hai? (her furious eyes were alerting sid and he panicked)

Sid: mujhe kya pata main usse todi janta hoon (ridz mouth formed an O)

Ridz: kya?! matlab...matlab tum anjaan ladkiyion ke saath baat karte rehte ho!

Sid: haan...(realising what he was saying he looks at her with his big eyes) NAHIN!...mere kehne ka matlab hai ki voh...

Ridz: main jaa rahi hoon! Tum rukho yahin aur baat karo apni uss Mehra ke saath! (she angrily turns to leave but sid grabs her arm and pulls her close) Sid main bohut gusse mein hoon so just leave me! (sid smiles and brushes the strand of her hair with his finger which calm her)

Sid: riddhima...jab meri biwi duniya ki sab se khubsoorat ladki hai tho mujhe kisi aur pe kaise interest ho sakta hai?...aur pata hai...jab tum aise gusse mein hoti ho naa...tho bohut sexy bhi lagti ho Mrs possessive Modi...(a slight smile draws her lips and she blushes)



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As soon as they reach the resort, Sid first helps riddhima with the shopping bags and then giving her an excuse he leaves the resort saying he'll be back soon.

Hours past but he wasn't back. Riddhima first was getting worried but it soon changes into impatience and then to anger. She tried to call him as it was getting very late and quite dark outside but his phone was unreachable. She tried again and again but everytime she would get the same result so she throws her phone on the bed getting furious.


Ridz: ek baar aane do usse! Aisi halat banaoungi ki dobara aisi galati kabhi nahin karega! (just then someone knocks at the door she she gets relieved that sid was back. She heads towards the door and opens it angrilly) Sid tum kahan...(she was surprised to find a worker from the resort)

Worker: sorry to disturb you m'am lekin yeh apke liye hai (she takes the box from his hand)

Ridz: yeh…? par yeh diya kisne?

Worker: I don't know m'am mujhe bas aap tak poonchne ke liye kaha gaaya


Saying this he leaves and riddhima confusedly closed the door. She sists on her bed checking if there was any card or not on the box but didn't find anything. She then slowly opens it and there finds a note



Meri possessive wife,

I know tum mujh pe bohut ziada gusse mein ho aur

agar iss waqt main vahan hota tho meri life ko khatra thi..

Lekin kuch hi der mein tumhe sab pata chal jaayega ki

main hoon kahan aur yeh sab kya hai…(ridz looks confused)

Tumhare liye ek gift hai I hope tumhe pasand aaye

aur tumhe iss mein dekh kar tum mujhe sahi sabit karo..

Ki main duniya ka voh lucky insaan hoon jiski biwi sab se khubsoorat hai…

Niche ek car tumhara wait kar raha hai






Riddhima smiles at the end of the note realising that Sid was actually planning a surprise for her and forgets all her anger. Her eyes fell on the cream color dress. She indeed find it beautiful but the problem was that she never wore these kinds of dresses so wasn't sure if Sid will be satisfied seeing her in it.

After a long thought and despite of feeling nervous, she decides to get ready.

She goes down and a black car with a driver was waiting for her.











Her dress


















After about 20 mins of driving the car finaly stops. Riddhima from inside the car looks around and feels nervous as it was quite dark. The door of her side opens and she sees someone extending his hand. She hesitantly rests her hand on his palm. Suddenly she feels calm and secure with his touch and realised that it was him. A smile draws her face as she steps out of the car which grows by finaly seeing Sid's face. He was wearing a black suit admiring her with his angelic smile.

Sid was totally amazed as riddhima was looking extremely gorgeous in that dress. He takes a step closer and bends slightly.


Sid: you're looking very beautiful...(ridz blushes but kept looking in his eyes.)

Ridz: sid..yeh sab kya hai? Hum yahan kyun hai?..aur yahan itna adhera kyun?...(sid rests his finger on her lips)

Sid: tum bohut sawaal poochti ho riddhima...aankhein band karo aur mujhe apna haath do


She looks at him confused. He offers her his hand again and this time without any hesitation she accepts it and closed her eyes. Sid tightens his grip and stands behind her and with his free hand covers her eyes in case she is tempted to cheat.

He guides her for a moment until they reach the place where the surprise was.

He removes his hand from her eyes still standing behind her and bends till he reaches her ear to whisper.


Sid: ab aankhein kholo...


Riddhima slowly opens her eyes which widend the next moment if front of what she found.



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