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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

My Lovely MaanEetians, GHSPians & Lovely Mod Jyoti (Page 8)

Serenity_me IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 3:14am | IP Logged
munni,,i hv watched last scene again n again n agree it wasn;t too bad,,maneet/gurti expression was flawless as always,,,,but we all had built up too high expectation from this SR,,,(n why not we h waited a lot for this moment)...n it ended quite abruptly,,,Confused,, so all d restlessness in d forum due to so much hyped sr,, n it was bound to happen n moreover it  didn;t look like  SR.....hope cv wil continue this on Monday n show a proper sr,,,(only maneet scenes without any interruption)....DD wasn't well but still she gave her best in expression,,,so hats off to her n gc too...

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tazeen_29 Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 3:43am | IP Logged
 Thanks for such a lovely post munni darling...janta udas nahi hai bas dissappointed hai...and that is justify as you know us maaneetains are very emotionally attached with these character maaneet not only to the characters but to gurti as well...and
as the cv's themselves as raised their bars for our expectations by showing too hot sequences like RTM...PEE LOON...and thats before wedding so the hopes were very high that we would definitely get a liplock on SR as those seq were very passionately shot...
they could atleast shown a peck on neck or shouldres maaneetains usse bhi khush ho jaate when he was putting jewelleries on for her...but i would not say it had gone waste as their tightly hold and hug was so sensous that it  completely fill the desired to some extent...
like u said i m too still carrying hope that the romance will continue next week and we will get some more hot moments of maaneet as pic indeed bakhi hai mere dost...
here i would praise our most beloved couple Drashti and Gurmeet for giving us the best jori of telly world and whose eyes speaks in volumes... in that secne each and every expressions of their eyes conveyed  the desire for eachother...the geet's hug when maan was looking for a shade she just fell on his chest tiredly was so natural and how maan held her and caressed was so touchy...this couple has an ability to set screen on fire by their looks and just by sitting next to eachother ...this is an unbelievable charisma of this most romantic couple... thanks again munni for a fantastic and positive post... 

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meravigiliso IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 4:15am | IP Logged
great post indeed a great mahaepisode . you explained so beautifully and i totally agree with anamika about the barn hut . their journey started from haunted night where geet hugged  maan first time out of fear and today we witnessed geet totally surrendering hersef to the same maan who was stranger at that time . loved her analysis.
coming to the sr part, i loved  the way cv had shown .their is no need to be aggressive scenes ,yah woh kehte toot  padna. the subtlness of passion is beautifully shown by gc and dd . no words are their to describe their expression . .the longiness by gc and dd surrendering herself to maan was beautifully and aesthically surpassed all the expression by them . these couple are uncomparable and commendable . they are too  hot to resist . i say 'hotness personfied"

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:11am | IP Logged
Haila, Munni ! Clap

Very well said ! I hope this cheers the sad people over here ! Smile

And, what are you saying ? Everyone sad ? But, SONG was TOO GOOD yr ! Clap Cheers ! Big smile

And, bad to bad, but there was SR at least ! Wink

In the history of Maaneet world GF, yesterday was the day when everyone was sad, depressed, highly disappointed, frustrated and mad at CVs, and for a change, I WAS NOT ! Embarrassed

So, my dear lovely munni, i'm with you and i will join you to cheer them up, last night i tried though ! But, its okay ! It takes time ! LOL 

Hey, BTW don't you know one thing ? They were looking good at least, Maan was damn seductive ! LOL! LOL Thank god, i did not watched, my parents were at home ! Me gandi bachhi nahi hun ! LOL

Love you for this, Munni ! Hum dono to acchhe bhale he, inn logo bhi hasta kar denge ! LOL


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chaves Groupbie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by muniza75

Originally posted by Maaneet-is-best

Thank you my DQ for another positive postClap  I jump up & down when I see a positive postDancing 

I loved the episode as it was flawless for meDay Dreaming  It brought back the memories of their HP days, both of their 1st meeting as well as when they went back for the Rasika case - loved it. Maaneet took me back a year as I saw the same glow in their face - both were looking angelic when under the hay or when Maan was squeezing the water from the shirt as well as when Geet wiped his sweatDay Dreaming

The icing on the cake for me was when Maan was worried about what to do and without saying a word, the way Geet hugged him - so natural and just proving she doesn't care about anything else apart from being with her soulmateClap  Maan reciprocated well too. 

Call me nuts, but I watched this hug over 50 timesBlushing If that was the icing on the cake, then you can imagine what happened when I saw O Saathi Re - it was perfect and I am over-contentParty 

Irrespective of whether the lantern at the end symbolized that this was just the warm-up and that there was more to come does not make a difference to me, either way, just seeing Maaneet in one frame flies me to cloud 9Heart 

In y'day's episode, Maan asked Geet so beautifully that he wanted to take their relationship to the next level and Geet found the opportunity to reciprocate today - loved the way she said yes with such sweet expressions and Maan's expressions tooEmbarrassed

What is SR? - Simple Romance, Sensous Romance, Suhaag Raat, Serious Ripping, etc.  Hey Babaji, they are married, it can happen everyday, so I don't want one episode with all the intensity and case-closedROFL  I want Maaneet to be normal like us, we can romance everyday and it can be during the day too, as long as there are no kabab-me-hadis around usSilly

I hope no chappals in this post for me, but if anybody wants to, then please throw tomatoes, so I can continue to blushBlushing as I keep watching the episode to the power of infinityLOL

Please comment  on DD & GC's fan-pages 2 times everyday, their new on-location video & cons article up to 4 times and all pictures/videos up to 3 times - let us appreciate their hard work, professionalism & talentStar

Mishty you are seriously a mishtyHug...Lovely take, and i am totally agree with you, it was beautiful scene, and i am totally agree with you, we don't wanna see SR once and then over, we wanna see MaanEet love everyday...They can romance everyday, they can have SR everyday their love is like that...

I respect other people's POV as well, but what i felt i shared, and i think they had did pretty good job...


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Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:33am | IP Logged
hi dear loved ur post and agree with it..
acyually what they showed was sensouus n perfect.we were just bowled over n our heartbeats were increasing...and suddenly "wham!!" ended to soon...which was unexpected...
as a loyal GHSP viewer...who manages to watch at least 2 repeats..i was a little shocked to find that the whole hype was for such a little scne...
we are not saying that SR was was just incomplete..that was the feeling i got.
lets hope for the best on onday...
thats all i can say..
even tho me not hoping for much...

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Serendipity.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:45am | IP Logged

I can only say, Jyothi has echoed the thoughts of all the people who arent happy with what was shown yesterday...!!!!Smile

Muni, Lovely post...Thumbs Up
 Lets wait till monday and see if "All who are disaapointed" get  answers Smile
jasw Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 5:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jyoti06

Munni awww lovely post dearHugHug...I will not deny that I m disappointed with what I saw yesterday because after the 1 hour episode ,my first and instant reaction was "THATS IT"Confused
I mean we hv been waiting for this moment since whole 1 year...I wanted Maaneet Suhaagraat to b out of this world and an episode which is fully dedicated to their SuhaagraatEmbarrassed...but instead we get hardly a 3 min short scene without a proper build-up as wellCryCry..and thats what left me disappointedCry
I hv no issues with GC-DD...they were brilliant in whatever they didClap...Yes they were suppose to look tired after running whole day in the jungleOuch...
Geet was exhaused and frightened when she holds MSK's hands and asks her not to leave her alone ...that moment MSK should hv grabbed her in his arms and gave her some comfort Embarrassed...but instead MSK becomes a robot and asks her r u ready for waiting for the answerConfused...Geet too says yes I m ready..and then they start..bang bangConfusedLOL...The whole build up itself I felt was messed up badly as CON looked like a formality here for the sake of producing babies maybOuch

The build up to the grt Maaneet CON made no sense to me...both were running in the jungle ...completely exhausted and tired...had no energy to do any CON...right ?
They come to a tabela for shelter...where MSK asks her the same papa question indirectly and she gives the green signal this time...
Right after that they start the whole process as if its just a formality to produce BabyOuch...there was no passion or desire involved in the scene which made them do the CONOuch...
Instead I would hv preferred them to just share few intimate moments and hv a good matured conversation between them regarding their future and mayb MSK could hv told Geet that he would take their relationship to next level when they reach Delhi..since he wants to see her again as his dulhanEmbarrassed...
But instead they went to do the whole CON that moment itself in a hurry making it look like a formality to become parents...thats itOuch
And another issue was that it was too short...yes it was sensuous...since GC-DD r good actorsClapEmbarrassed..but it could hv gone to much higher level with some more duration given to the scene and also proper execution .which was lackingOuch...If it continues on monday like u r saying Munni then I might change my viewsLOLEmbarrassed..or else it will remain disappointingOuch
it was a hurried and forced effort in the endSmile
Hving said that I did like whatever little was shown there like MSK taking the pin out of her dupatta...untieing her dori...then Geet resting her back on his chest...good momentsEmbarrassed...all I wanted was to continue it further rather than showing a blurred screen and lights offCryCry...
I hope it continues on monday and I m able to see some desire in thier eyes thus proving me wrong that both r doing CON just as a formality hereConfused

Clap Fantastic take, Jyoti! Could not have agreed more! The highlighted part was turn-off for me too. I mean when they have waited for so long, why so hurried at the end! What was the rush? The whole scene was not spontaneous, more like mission to be accomplished!Confused

It should have been love and just love with no agenda. There was practically no initiative from Geet's side apart from the fact she said yes to his papa proposal! She was quite passive in the lovemaking, if I can call that as lovemaking!Confused 

Muniza, I appreciate your initiative to uplift the mood of the sad and disappointed folks but comments like "People just need excuse to bash actor or characters... " doesn't help the cause. I think all the folks who have replied to your thread love the actors/characters, and not looking for excuses to bash!

Personally I loved the scene where Geet, totally exhausted put her head on Maan'shoulder. The scene was very natural and had a warmth in it! But the other scenes were ok..
1) Maan's untying of Geet's hair ..good.. but I liked his hesitation in touching her lock of hair off her face on the first day of the office much better!
2) His half baked kiss on shoulder needs lots of imagination to think he's unzipping ..wish the CVs had actually shown the scene like that to help WYSIWYG people like me!

Anyways I'm a optimist person like you so hoping for Monday and consoling myself that this is not an one off time and we will have many such scenes, although it robs off the magic of the first time!Smile

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