Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Mahaepi-love, respect, admire and worship MAANEET

sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 5:53pm | IP Logged


After Maha Episode, I saw many posts where many were unhappy and disappointed with maha episode...honestly speaking initially even i felt the same i too felt that in maha episode, v got few MAANEET scenes and that MAANEET's milan ki raat was not as v all had expected but then i just relived our MAANEET's most heart-touching and soul-touching evergreen journey which has taken all MAANEETIANS to MAANEET paradise since the first time MAANEET have come into our i was reliving our MAANEET's journey, i felt that today is a very divine special and beautiful day in our MAANEET's life...MAANEET took their relationship to the next level...


Let me make u all relive our MAANEET's journey and their special divine sacred and beautiful bond...and then i have written my analysis on Maha episode as well...i know my post is very long sorry about that but i cannot help it lol... MAANEETIANS esp. CRAZIES who read my analysis everyday know that my posts r always long but i can't help it bcuz when it comes to our MAANEET i can go on and on forever...Thank u very much for reading such a long post...


 GHSP is an amazing, awesome, fantabulous, breathtaking, rocking (i can go on and on forever praising this show) show can ever take its place in my life in my heart because it is not just a show has become such an integral part of my life and i'm sure even of my dear fellow MAANEETIANS' life...GHSP gave new lives new meanings and reasons to so many people including me...On 5TH APRIL 2010, GHSP came like an angel sunshine and rainbow and touched our lives hearts and soul and changed our lives forever...When GHSP was aired on 5th April 2010, nobody knew neither the makers nor the viewers that one day v all wud fall head over heels in love with our GHSP and our MAANEET... When  GHSP was aired on 5th April 2010, neither the makers nor the viewers knew that GHSP would touch our lives hearts and souls to such an extent that now v can't even imagine a single day without GHSP and MAANEET...


I have no words to express to how grateful i'm to the show and how much i love, admire, respect and worship GHSP and MAANEET...

GHSP's story is so beautifully woven over the past one year...

 MAANEET-'woh dono jo te saari duniya aur sabse paraye, woh mile aur ban gaye ek dusare ke sabse apne'

MAANEET-'woh do murjaaye hue phool te jo phir se khil gaye ek dusare ki baahon ki darmiyan mein'


GHSP has given us MAANEET-the most divine sacred dreamy magical adorable sweet beautiful lovely musical fairytale romantic passionate breathtaking couple...MAANEET r indeed a couple made in heaven... MAANEET r an epitome of divine sacred true and pure emotions and thoughts of unconditional, selfless and immense care and love; mutual respect trust understanding, transparency, faith, admiration, pride, worship, prayer; and also they r epitome of truth, justice, honesty and transparency... MAANEET r the best couple ever and forever for me...and i have always felt and even now i feel that MAANEET's journey is an eternal saga and is special and unique that no one can find anywhere else...there was never and never will be an eternal and evergreen journey like our MAANEET's journey...


GHSP and MAANEET changed my outlook towards life and made me believe in all those feelings and things which i might have not believed in earlier...the show gave out such a strong social message and showed us how Geet and Maan both placed truth and justice above their family ties...the show made me believe that even when everyone would betray u and give u tears and immense pain worst than any nightmare there will be someone or some people atleast who would accept u, teach u to how live, smile, love, care, trust, understand and dream once again just like how MAANEET have taught each showed me that there will be atleast someone to wipe your tears and erase all painful memories just like how MAANEET have done in each others' showed us how Geet and Maan gave each other new lives, new meanings and reasons to live...


Geet, a girl so lonely, betrayed by everyone including her family, a girl whose life was filled with so much pain, tears, nightmares that she had forgotten whether she was living or whether she was in a deathdungeon in the name of life...a girl who had stopped dreaming or hoping for anything even small...destiny had closed all doors of happiness, love, care and dreams to her but the same destiny once which was so cruel to her blessed her with a Prince Charming who would enter her life to give her a new give her all the happiness, love, care and fulfil all her wishes which belonged to her and which she truly this way Maan Singh Khurana was sent as her saviour, parent, caretaker, teacher, friend, father of 'her' child to father of 'their' child (from Geet's baby it became MAANEET's baby) and last but not the least as her lover, husband and soulmate...Maan drove away all darkness from her life and replaced  it with sunshine, smiles, roses, flowers and colours...


In the same way, Maan was in his dark world who had built very strong walls around him so that no feelings or people would enter his inner world...he was lonely as well...he had forgotten himself that he is a human being with a heart...infact it wouldn't be wrong if I said that a stone would have some life and feelings but not Maan Singh Khurana...just like how Maan was sent in Geet life, an angel was sent in Maan's life as sunshine and hope to turn Maan- lifeless and emotionless Maan to someone who would feel and express all kinds of emotions and this angel was Geet...Geet is also Maan's saviour, teacher, parent, caretaker, friend, sunshine and angel in Maan's life because she brought life in his lifeless so-called life and last but not the least Geet mother of MAANEET's baby (from Geet's baby it became MAANEET's baby), Maan's lover, wife and soulmate...


MAANEET r indeed a fairytale couple and also MAANEET r true soulmates in every sense...MAANEET's eternal union of lives, hearts, minds and soul is like coming together of two halves and two equals...both were incomplete without each other and now having found each other they both r case of MAANEET, each others' strengths makes it up for each others' weaknesses... MAANEET r true soulmates in every sense...MAANEET wud share everything in their new life...they will share be it happiness or sorrow, dreams or nightmares, roses or thorns in their life...After having found each other both feel that they r the luckiest and blessed people on this planet as both feel that now the destiny which was so cruel and unfair to them in the past has gifted them with each other and thus, blessed them with more than they ever wished for or dreamt of...Geet and Maan were like two precious gems and now both have become one anmol ratna... ... for both their life starts and ends with each they r one heart and heartbeat, one breath and one soul...


MAANEET have shown us that people don't fall in love but people rise in love and that to rise in love to such an extent that v all feel like admiring, respecting and worshipping MAANEET and their eternal pure and true feelings and thoughts for each other... this is MAANEET's eternal and special bond...


MAANEET might fight argue hurt each other humiliate each other be angry and naaraz with other other but they cannot live without each other...MAANEET r meant to be together and so they will be together forever... and finally their love will overcome all their pain, misunderstadings, guilt, helplessless, dooriyan, naaragzi...v all see and feel MAANEET's love, care, sweetness, understanding even in their hatred, anger, bitterness, pain, fights and arguments, misunderstandings but all these r small things when compared to their love...and that is y MAANEET's love has always won... MAANEET's feelings and thoughts for each other r at such a high level that v all feel like admiring and worshipping them...


MAANEET's divine and sacred feelings r unconditional, selfless, true and pure from both sides...Geet's love for Maan and Maan's love for Geet r of the same degree, depth and intensity...and this makes MAANEET's love story an evergreen and an eternal love eternal saga...


MAANEET have taught us how to find positivity even in the worst negative dreadful and painful situation, how to find concern and love even in hatred, sweetness even in bitterness, closeness even in distance, a single rose in a bed of thorns, find some happiness even in the most painful and dreadful situation, find hope and faith even in fear...MAANEET have showed us how to find a single dream when they r only nightmares in life... MAANEET have  made us believe in ourselves, and to have faith, hope and strength to dream and also made us believe that dreams do come true...MAANEET have showed us that after every sunset there is sunrise, after every dark night there will be a bright day, after every nightmare there will be a dream... MAANEET have showed us that no matter how heartbreaking and soulbreaking painful dreadful and horrifying one' past is, one day such a person' present and future' reality wud be more beautiful, blissful and colourful than any dream...


GHSP has given us perfect scenes be it emotional touchy scenes or romantic and passionate or nok-jhok scenes...v can watch  old MAANEET scenes again and again but still never get tired of watching them...infact everytime i watch old episodes i fall in love with them evenmore...


 Now coming to Maha episode,

MAANEET ki milan ki raat


MAANEET wud never leave each other in danger...Maan asks Geet to go frm the place of danger giving his kasam but how cud Geet leave behind her life her her everything Maan and go...akhir MAANEET ki saans, dhadkan aur zindagi ek dusare mein basthi hai...and let me tell something abt 'kasam and promise' in MAANEET's life...for instance in the recent Karwachauth when MAANEET have made a promise to each other that they wud feed each other and break each others' fast in front of everyone, they both fulfilled their promise accordingly bcuz MAANEET can do anything and everything to fulfill their promises made to each other...but on the other hand if the same promise made to each other if it wud harm the other person then they can even break the promise they have made to each other...for instance, today Geet broke the kasam given by Maan and similarly if u all recall Maan just before marriage bcuz of Geet's nok-jhok dining table scene, Maan takes kasam that he wud not touch her until they r married but ultimately when Geet's life was in danger bcuz Brij was planning to attack Geet in outhouse, when Maan sees Geet in so much fear worry and her life in danger he hugs her to give her the comfort the assurance that he is always with her and as long as he is with her no one can harm her...always MAANEET's hugs r divine beautiful and that point Geet smiles and tells Maan aapka muje shaadi se pehle na chune ka kasam toh toot that point not even for a second Maan was remembering abt his kasam bcuz he was only concerned about his heart Geet and his heartbeat baby's safety at that that point Maan tells Geet agar muje tumhari jaan khatre mein daalkar koi kasam nibhana pade toh mein zindagi bhar koi kasam nahi lunga...and also similarly, when Geet hears that Maan's life is in danger during strike, Geet breaks her promise made to Maan that she wud take complete care of herself and their baby (Baby and Maan being two eyes of Geet whom she loved and cared for equally) and she runs downstairs but unfortunately she slips and that led to the most heartbreaking and soulbreaking phase in our MAANEET's life when both lost their baby their most beautiful colourful and dream and reality but evennow the baby is alive in MAANEET's life and even in our lives bcuz 'this baby' was very special blessed and lucky baby and so will be an eternal baby who will be always alive in MAANEET's and Our lives, hearts and soul...oh sorry i was talking abt kasam...all i want to say is MAANEET can keep or break promises made to each other depending on situations i mean they will keep or break watever they do will be for each others' happiness, love, care and safety...

 Also in today's Maha episode, when Geet gets tired and Maan gets water in his shirt and on her face and then Geet wipes Maan's face with the same shirt, it was a lovely moment...this showed how both always care and love each other more than themselves and that they understand each other so well and they wud share everything in their lives...


Also, loved how Maan tells Geet yeha aaram karne ke liye koi jagah nahi hai and Geet hugs Maan...aww it was a very beautiful and divine moment...MAANEET's baahon ki darmiyan r the happiest and safest paradise for each other...MAANEET's baahon ki darmiya r their 'aashiyana their home their paradise'..."MAANEET woh do murjaaye hue phool te jo phir se khil gaye ek dusare ki baahon ki darmiya mein"...


Also loved the scene where MAANEET r hiding underground and their eyes spoke volumes...MAANEET have always showed us that eyes windows to their heart and soul can express all feelings and thoughts which words can never convey and MAANEET  have also showed us that eyes r the most divine sacred dreamy magical beautiful true and pure mode of communication...


Jungle, lake, water, moonlit and startlit sky,  Maan carrying his Geet in his arms and jungle mein hut and MAANEET's life was in's scenario was so similar to first time honour killing night...jungle has always been special in MAANEET's life be it first time when Maan saves Geet for the first time and v got eternal lake scene and then next the dreadful night of honour killing where Maan saves Geet frm Brij and others and next MAANEET's first confession the most divine and beautiful confession ever and now today MAANEET's ki milan ki seems like Taveez was destiny's decision, wish and dream that Geet and Maan two strangers both who had a dreadful horrifying and painful past and who were both lonely and sabse paraye, deprived of love, care, sweetness, colours and flowers's fragrance in their respective lives shud meet, and become sabse apne, and give each other the care, love, happiness and fulfill all their wishes and dreams which they truly deserved and which belonged to only them, and also it was destiny's decision that MAANEET shud act as the medicines with miraculous healing power on each other and who wud wipe away every bit of pain, anger, bitterness, loneliness, nightmares from each others' lives, heart, soul and mind forever... MAANEET's rishta of care and love, mutual respect, admiration, trust, understanding faith, pride and prayer for each other is atooth was destiny's decision that Geet and Maan who were incomplete without each other were meant to become MAANEET and complete each other and hence create an eternal saga MAANEET's eternal and evergreen journey the most heart-touching and soul-touching divine sacred and magical journey that has taken all MAANEETIANS to MAANEET paradise since the first time MAANEET have come into our lives...


 V have seen different kinds of relationships and feelings between MAANEET in their eternal journey...from strangers to saviours to caretakers to boss-secretary to fake mangetar to friends to real mangetar to parents and last but not the least lovers, husband and wife and true soulmates...MAANEET both have been angels, sunshine and 'Deepak' and Jyothi' in each others' lives who wud burn themselves just to lighten up each others' lives by driving away all darkness frm each others' lives... MAANEET r like phoenix birds who always know how to come out of ashes how to have a rebirth even after having a dreadful and deathdungeon like life in the past...


  Also today once again water, jungle, hut, moonlit and starlit sky, maahi maahi- special chosen and lucky cupids and connecting dors in MAANEET's eternal journey were blessed to witness and experience MAANEET's ETERNAL UNION...


 MAANEET ki ab har saans har dhadkan har soch har ehsaas har yaad har sapna har haqeeqat unki chahat, zindagi, astitva, taakat, ummed aur sab kuch sirf ek dusare se hai aur ek dusare ke liye hai...this is MAANEET  paradise where v all MAANEETIANS live, smile thru tears, and cherish each and every moment...


MAANEET's milan ki raat was very beautiful passionate full of love and reflected MAANEET's divine sacred true pure and deep feelings for each other...
The song chosen for MAANEET's milan ki raat was lovely and beautiful...


So all i want to say is today our MAANEET took their relationship to the next level and so it is a very special divine and beautiful moment in their lives...and so let us all be happy for our MAANEET who r going to enter a new phase in their eternal and evergreen journey...


In today's maha episode, once again DD and GC both were awesome fantabulous out of this world with their expressions...everytime they surpass their previous performances and leave us speechless everytime...DD and GC r Queen and King of expressions...nobody else can do full justice to MAANEET's characters as DD and GC...
actually they have made MAANEET so real for us that now MAANEET r no more fictional characters...DD and GC as MAANEET r the best...DD and GC r the best actress and best actor i have ever seen in my life... MAANEET r truly the most divine sacred dreamy magical charming beautiful lovely musical adorable sweet fairytale romantic passionate breathtaking couple...MAANEET r a perfect couple...MAANEET r the best couple ever and forever...MAANEET r truly a couple made in, respect, admire and worship MAANEET truly and deeply to infinity and even beyond...

DD was unwell and GC had mishap on the sets but still they gave us such a beautiful and emotional episode...Hats off to them...Take care DD and GC...Get well soon...
Hats off to the entire team of GHSP for giving us our GHSP and MAANEET who r no more fictional characters but who r real infact more real than real life people i mean i spend more time thinking dreaming and watching MAANEET or on Geet forum with my dear MAANEETIANS than the time i spend with real life day starts and ends with our MAANEET and MAANEETIANS...This is all due to our MAANEET's divinity, charm, magic and beauty... 
Due to GHSP, I have made many great friends and v all will be friends forever...infact now V all have become like a family family of MAANEETIANS who live in MAANEET paradise...

Hope GHSP maintains its charm and hope this shows goes on forever and touches more lives and hearts with every passing second!!!...All the best GHSP and MAANEET!!!




sorry for the long post and thanks a lot once again for reading it

and also i'm extremely sorry if any of my comments hurt anyone in anyway

and also sorry for not-in-order kind of write-up


Lots of love,


(A true GHSP and MAANEET' lover admirer and worshipper)

(Proud to be a MAANEETIAN)

(it's already 6 am so i better go and sleep now lol and i guess this is the reason for many mistakes in my post please bear with my mistakes dearies)

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 8:23pm | IP Logged

wow..truly amazing .

love it

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Dilsay IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 9:04pm | IP Logged

Very touching...

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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well written

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prst Senior Member

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
luvd ur post...thanks

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sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 3:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shah10

wow..truly amazing .

love it
thank u so much dear
sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Dilsay

Very touching...

thank u so much dear
meravigiliso IF-Rockerz

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truly amazing post and very touchy . told ghsp journey with such subtle emotions . loved it .

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