Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Mannmeet~Epilogue 1

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Hi guys, 

i felt very disappointed with maneet's sr tonight. i wasn't expecting a lip lock but i wasn't thinking that they will give us 1988 SROuch. so, i wrote about maneet myself. Smile

Warning:only 18 above should read this.

Prologue Part 1

Flowers were showering from every direction on the couple taking the seven sacred circles around the fire. Every face was smiling. Nothing was traditional about the wedding,the whole mandap was drabbed in white flowers and silk, the bride was in white gown with veil and train while the guy was in the tuxedo but the ritual were religious.

Geet caught sameera's eye as she moved past her. Sam winked at her, geet laughed, only sam would be so relax in a wedding where 100's of eyes were trailed on her.

Geet looked at maan who was throwing flowers at the couple. On feeling her eyes, he looked at her, his smile deepened became more private, as it happened with most couples. Each look signifying something private. Geet controlled her blush and smiled back.

Maan threw the rest of petals in his hand on her. Geet laughed at his silly antics, she moved closer to him and held his hand, feeling contended, she looked back at the bride and groom who had completed the circles.

Shuriya moved sam's sheer veil and put on the mangulsutar, which was in white gold with diamonds on it, geet remembered her own wedding, the most beautiful day of her life. The moment maan became hers.

Her hand closed around her own mangulsutar. Shuriya tied the mangulsutar and then, looked at sindoor offered by pandit. His eyes were on sam's veil which covered her whole head. Sameera's eyes were lit with amusement. She had agreed to shuriya's demand for a traditional wedding but had n't let go of her own dream to get married in a white gown and veil.

Shuriya looked into sam's big eye, the happiness and mischievousness in them were a balm on aching wound in his heart. He would never forgive himself for what he had did to this women who was most precious to him but he would still try to do whatever was possible to atone for the crime he committed. Unknowingly, but still inexcusable. She was waiting for him to find a way to put on sindoor on her forehead. He moved the veil a tiny bit and finally had the space he needed, he put on the sindoor as his friends and family cheered. Then, he bent and took her lips in a deep kiss that claimed her his in front of everyone. Camera lights exploded from every direction but he ignored them. Photographer caught this unique combination of east meeting west and tried to get more pictures but the couple drew apart, their gazed glued to each other.

Maan muttered,''show off.''

geet laughed,''come on, that's so romantic, she wanted a christian marriage and he wanted a hindu, so they both compromised but still he is trying to do what she wanted.''

maan who personally thought this was a possessive male claiming of shuriya, mentally snorted at geet's gullibility, female they could never understand men and his geet, he looked at her lovely face, she was so innocent, suddenly he wanted to do some sort of ''possessive claiming'' as well.

Geet noted the sudden deepening of his gaze, she knew what it meant. Her eyes caught in his spell. He put his arm around her and brought her more closer.

Geet slowly whispered, ''we are in public''.


geet looked away from his sizzling eyes to gather her thoughts,'' maan please.''

maan still moved closer, his lips trailing her jaw, geet saw one of the camera men look at them interestingly, trying to recognize them.

Geet,'' maan leave me.'' she pushed him a little. Maan who was lost in her, felt her shove him and moved away bit angrily. He straightened and fixed a smile on his face. He looked at the happy couple who was taking everyone's congratulations.

Maan caught sameera's smile and moved toward the couple. He hugged sam and shook hand with shuriya who seem very content and happy.

Geet eyed maan's stiff back while she wished sam and shurriya. The couple was going for honeymoon and so, was in a hurry. Sam hugged geet and whispered in her ear,''thank you for helping us, I am so happy, I can't even put it in words. Thank you.''

geet replied ''you are welcome.''

Maan and geet went with them to the car and geet helped sam get into the car. They waved after them. Then, maan moved toward their car, geet slowly trailed after him, he seemed very angry.

Maan got into the driver seat and opened front door for geet, she sat inside and closed the door, maan turned the key in ignition and drove toward the home.


maan stopped the car in the garage. The moment geet got out, he reversed the car and drove away. Geet watched him go and slowly went inside. ''how did this happened?'' she asked herself. They were so happy just a hour ago and now, he was angry. She plopped on a sofa, her mind racing for solution.

…...1 a.m...

geet paced in front of the main door in the hall. Where was maan? Why wasn't he picking up his phone? She hoped he was okay. At that moment, maan came inside, their eyes met and they both looked at each other. Finally, geet spoke. ''where were you?''

maan silently went up the stairs, geet followed him. They reached their suite and maan went toward his study, but geet blocked his way, her eyes angry and confused.

Geet,''why are you behaving like this?''

maan still remained silent.

Geet moved closer to him and tried to hug him but he backed away. Geet was hurt by his attitude.

Geet,''why are you doing this?''

maan took off his bow and threw it at the floor,''you started it.''

geet,''maan please, try to understand, so many people were there.''

maan.''i am your husband.''


maan,'' but what geet? I was just going to kiss you on your head and what if I wanted to kiss you on lips? So what?''

geet,'' its wrong.''

maan,''how? When sam and shuriya did it, you said it was romantic but when I touched you, you shove me away.''

geet tried to make him understand,'' its different for them, they are both comfortable with it, they grew up in ….''geet trailed off realizing that maan had spent most of his youth in england i.e. same environment as sameera and shuriya.

Geet,'' I am sorry. Please.''

maan,''no first tell me why?''

geet,'' I am not comfortable with it.''

maan,''you rarily touch me anyway when we are in private, I took it as shyness but guess what geet, I can't tolerate it any longer, I want a partner in every sense.'' with those angry words maan stormed off into his study and shut the door.

Geet slowly went to their room and sat on bed. What he said was mostly true, she was bold till he took off his clothes, after that geet had trouble lifting her lashes away from her eyes. When he was sleeping, geet satisfied her curiosity with touching his broad shoulders, his face and even sometime, when he was awake but the moment, it was something sexual, she became shy.

But he was right, husband and wife should be equal partners. He was no stranger, she could do this.

Geet got off the bed and paced. But how to tell maan about it. Geet paced faster thinking. Suddenly her eyes lit on heavy anklet on her dresser, she had taken it out to wear it but then, decided against it

because it produced loud sound.

She remembered maan looking at it, he had a thing about her anklets. Suddenly she remembered one of maan's erotic dream which he had told her on their wedding night. Geet went to the dresser and picked the anklet. Then, put it back. Geet started to take off her saree and other accessories, then, she put her leg on dresser and tied the anklet. The moment her foot moved, a heavy chan chan melody produced.

Geet thanked the god that they lived in a separate portion from rest of family and then, moved toward the study. The cold air nipped at her skin. Geet's resolve nearly broke on reaching the study door and she had the urge to run back and cover herself but she mentally braced herself once more and opened the study door.

Maan was angrily staring at an office file when he heard the door open, he looked up and forgot to breath at the vision that met his eyes. Geet move inside, her anklet's sound filled up the room and maan was shocked. It was like his fantasy had taken life. Geet's face became red but she still didn't look away from him. She slowly moved toward him, moved around his desk. Maan's eyes moved over her hungrily. Geet's breathing got shallow but still she went to him until she was standing next to his chair. Maan's eyes were running all over her but he wasn't touching her.

Geet bent and kissed him on lips, her lips moulding to his and then, her lips were licking his just the way he usually did to her.

Maan was still for a moment, then his arms encircled her bare waist and put her on his lap while his lips kissed her hungrily. Geet grabbed his hairs and tried to kiss him more intimately, trying to do what he usually did.

Maan's control broke, he broke the kiss and with one hand threw everything on the table on the floor and placed geet on it. Geet felt the hard and smooth surface at her back and looked at maan. Maan took off his clothes and geet looked away and then, remembering her resolve looked at him again. Maan's desire became uncontrollable, he laid himself on top of her and geet felt his hard body, then, maan took her in his arms and turned so that his back was on the desk and then, he was in her...geet shook at each movement, their breathing became more heavy with every second, geet put her hands on his shoulders and looked deep into his eyes forgetting her shyness, forgetting everything and both exploded at the same moment.

both gasped and somehow there lips were glued to each other, this time in deep understanding.

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luved it

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awesome ... amazing .. mind blowing Thumbs Up

am all   Blushing

thanks alot ash ...  cant wait for the next part 

continue soon


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Thanks for PM..

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uff hot hot...finally sameera and shauriya got married and maan telling geet his desire and geet trying to live upto it...wat to than the cold SR we were shown...

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WOW...amazing...just luved it...Thumbs Up
I was wishin for a passionate SR today but was left disappointed...although GC & DD were just FAB ...

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thank u for the pm

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