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Tum Se Hi: Thread One: Chapters 1 - 71 (Page 70)

moniluvskinshuk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 6:48am | IP Logged
wowww lovelyyy scenes jaan . Lovedd it . Viren is always there whenever Nivi needs him . Total Care Taker :)

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kinshukkipyaari Senior Member

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 5:18pm | IP Logged
thanks asma dii
keep it up!!!!!

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surur Goldie

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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 12:03am | IP Logged

very goos chapter ...

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Honey_berries Senior Member

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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 7:27am | IP Logged
You are an amazing writer. Wish Rajan Sahi had someone like you whose sensitive, intelligent and knows how to portray characters and situation, the fate of CCBM would have been completely different. Anywho I love your FFs and can't imagine missing any chapters. While reading your chapters gives me goose bumps I can't imagine what would happen if I see this on screen. Awesome work and please do keep writing coz this is the only thing that leaves a smile on our face after the long hectic work day :)

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anjaani07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 June 2011 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Chapter 37
'Dadi, aap ko araam ki zaroorat hai!' Viren stood up as Dadi looked around the hospital room and then down at her bandaged arm; she looked at Viren as he spoke in surprise, 'Viren...tu yahaan? Nivi kaha hai?' She sounded a little groggy and Viren told her Nivi was outside and that she needed to sleep because of what the doctors had given her. 'Mujhe yahaan nahi rehna beta, ghar chalte hai' She tried to get up again but Viren pushed her back down lightly and told her she could go home in a few hours if she just slept off the medicines and she seemed to understand.
She lay back down and then called his name quietly so Viren leaned forward to listen, 'Viren, tu Nivi ko ghar le jaa... uski koi baat mat sun naa, teek hai? Tu sun raha hai naa?' Viren was wondering how he would manage that but nodded and said he would and then Dadi patted his cheek with her free hand muttering 'Mera accha baccha...' before she fell back asleep.
Nivi walked in just then and asked if everything was ok. 'Haan bilkul, except Dadi gave me an order' Viren smiled as Nivi frowned. He nodded, 'Yep, she gave strict instructions that I had to take you home right now' He held up a hand as Nivi opened her mouth to argue, 'Kuch nahi chalega Moti, she said I had to carry you out if I had to!' He raised his eyebrows and Nivi rolled her eyes, 'No she didn't!' Viren took a step forward and Nivi's eyes widened, 'Viren! I can wait here, it's fine...' He took another step and pretended to roll up his sleeves and Nivi started laughing.
'Accha teek hai! Fine...but only because Papa said he'd come here in a couple of hours and bring her home with him!' She hugged Dadi lightly as she slept and covered her up properly before they left the room. After they'd handed in the hospital forms, they walked to the entrance and Nivi turned to Viren and shook her head, 'Who were you kidding Viren; there's no way you could have carried me out!' Viren just shrugged, 'I'm sure I could have...try kar ke dekhte hai?' He put his arm around her lightly while he spoke and Nivi laughed and elbowed him, moving away as they got to the bike.
Nivi felt happier than she had in a long time now that she knew Dadi would be ok and it felt good to tease Viren. She remembered her decision to not waste any time and she suddenly realised she wasn't scared anymore. After what had happened in the kitchen the other evening, it had scared her for some reason to think that maybe Viren felt the same way about her; now although it still made her nervous, she was beginning to feel hopeful too. She smiled at Viren, wondering what would happen and where they would end up as they reached his bike.
As they got on the bike, Nivi realised something; 'Viren, where's your helmet?!' Viren started the bike and shrugged, 'Bhool gaya...I was in a bit of a rush remember?!' She felt guilty, he'd put himself in danger for her...and he didn't even seem bothered about it...? 'Viren! Tumhe kuch ho jaa tha toh?!' He just laughed, 'Well at least I was going in the right direction...' He seemed so flippant about it, Nivi couldn't help it; she smacked him on the back of his head.
'Oww!' Viren rubbed his head and turned around. 'Why did you do that Moti?!' He expected some sort of apology but Nivi just smiled and said sweetly, 'See what happens when you don't wear a helmet Viren?!' He rolled his eyes and tried not to laugh, he was glad she was in a better mood but his helmet had been the last thing on his mind when he'd run out of the house thinking she was hurt. 'I'm fine Nivi, mujhe kuch bhi nahi hua, and I'll go carefully now too, ok?' Before she could argue any further, he drove off.
When they got home Viren walked Nivi to her door and asked if she needed anything else but she shook her head. 'Thanks for today Viren...' Nivi didn't know how to put into words how much he'd done for her by just being there. 'There's no need to say thanks Nivi, I'll always be here if you need me.' He smiled and Nivi felt her heart skip as she smiled back. She turned to go into the house when Viren said, 'Nivi wait! Woh...mujhe kuch kehna tha tumse...' Nivi turned back to him and Viren stepped closer to her and she felt her heart stop as she waited.
But after a few minutes he still hadn't said anything. 'Umm what did you want to say Viren...?' She held her breath, wondering if this was it... 'Nivi, I uh...I still have your note!' Nivi let out a breath, 'Kya?! That's what you wanted to say?' Viren watched Nivi's disappointed face and felt like jumping up and down but instead he smiled innocently and said 'Haan...I took it home in my pocket by mistake the other night...wait here, don't move; I'll be back in 2 minutes!' And he left, leaving Nivi looking a little stunned.

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anjaani07 IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 38
Nivi watched Viren go and shook her head; he was totally crazy and so random, she was in love with a crazy random person...she sighed thinking he was actually amazing and if she told him how amazing it'd go to his head! She was just thinking that she was driving herself crazy when she realised it had been almost 10 minutes and he still wasn't back. She felt silly standing there so she went into the house feeling annoyed, it wasn't like Viren didn't know where to find her.
Almost an hour later, she'd finished preparations for dinner and was just leaving the kitchen when she almost bumped into Viren. He was smiling at her sweetly and hopefully but she narrowed her eyes and walked around him carefully into the living room saying, '2 minutes...?!' in a disappointed voice. She started picking up Yash's books and papers off the coffee table, ignoring Viren who walked behind her.
Viren watched Nivi pick up books angrily and tried not to laugh. He did feel bad that he'd said 2 minutes and it had been ages but it wasn't his fault. It turned out his mum and the others had seen the ambulance leaving so they'd known something was wrong when Viren had left and as soon as he'd got home he had to explain everything to them in great detail and then go and tell Dadaji too. He'd got back as fast as he could but it wasn't fast enough by the looks of it.
' least let me explain? Woh, kya hai naa..' Before he could finish Nivi turned around sharply but she forgot what she'd been about to say because he'd been standing right behind her and now he was too close. They stood there for a few seconds till Nivi stepped back and folded her arms. 'Ok Viren, explain...' so Viren did and Nivi seemed to fold a little. She cleared some more papers away and then turned to Viren and sighed, 'Fine, what was it you wanted me to wait there for?'
Viren reached into his back pocket and pulled out a bright pink flower he'd picked on his way in. Nivi took it but then looked at him questioningly so he explained 'I thought you'd be angrier...' and Nivi started to laugh thinking Viren probably knew her too well. She held the flower to her nose and breathed in its sweet scent as Viren reached into his pocket again and pulled out his childhood note.
She took the folded note from him, feeling a little puzzled by Viren's behaviour. 'Umm thanks Viren.' She smiled and then remembered she still had work to do; the flower had reminded her she needed to water the plants. She put the note and flower down on the table and told Viren she had some chores to do and turned and walked towards the back door when she realised Viren was following her.
'Wait Moti, aren't you going to read it?!' As she walked out into the back garden to look for the watering can, Nivi saw Viren had the note and the flower in his hands. 'Read it? Viren, I've read it already...are you feeling ok?' It was evening and the sun was starting to set; she turned to look at Viren and she saw he looked a little nervous. He sighed and held out the note saying 'Just read it again please?' in a worn out voice. Nivi opened the note and read it mainly to humour him because it seemed important; but as read it, she saw he'd added a paragraph at the bottom and she felt the world slow down as she read it.
'Sorry it took so long for me to say this Moti but everything kept getting in the way! Ever since I came back to Shimla, the only person I've wanted to see is you, the only person I've wanted to talk to is you and the only person I've wanted to be with is you! I guess what I'm trying to say is...I love you Moti, Nivi, Nivedita Sharma. I love everything about you; your eyes, your smile, your laugh. You're so stubborn, even when you annoy me I love you, maybe more then... I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else but you... Always yours, Viren.'
Viren watched Nivi open up the note slowly and he felt the sudden urge to run but he knew he was being silly. He wanted this and was ready to accept whatever the outcome was. He fixed his red tee nervously and tried not to crush the flower he was still holding as Nivi read the note; he ran a hand over his face, how slow was she going?! He watched her face closely and saw her eyes get wider and wider as she got to the bottom. She didn't say anything; she was just frozen and he started to get worried.

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anjaani07 IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 39
'Uh Nivi? Are you ok?' Viren asked the words hesitantly and Nivi honestly didn't know if she was ok or not. She felt like she wasn't really standing there but watching herself from a distance. She thought she'd been ready for it earlier but now she realised she hadn't even been close. It slowly started to sink in and Nivi desperately tried to think of something to say but her heart was beating too loudly for her to think straight. She couldn't seem to look at Viren as he stepped closer to her. He took both her hands in his as he spoke, 'Nivi...?'
Nivi looked up slowly and although the sun had set, there was still enough light for Viren to see that she was blushing and it took her a few tries before she could meet his eyes. 'Nivi, main tumse bohth pyaar kar tha hoon...I love you. I think I've always loved you...' Viren looked straight into her eyes as he said the words softly, trying to make her see all the love he felt for her.
He saw Nivi try to smile as her eyes filled with tears and he could see the answering love in them; he'd always been able to read her face easily and now he felt his heart was about to burst with happiness at the love he saw there. He tried to keep his voice steady as he laughed quietly and said, 'Phir se rone lagi Moti..?!'
He wiped her tears slowly and kept his hand on her cheek, 'Nivi, tumhe kuch nahi kehna?' Nivi hadn't said a word since she'd read the note, she didn't know if she could without bursting out into tears. She didn't know why she was crying, she was happier than she'd ever been in her life but his words had done something to her. She shook her head and swallowed, 'Viren...main...' She felt more tears roll down her cheeks, over Viren's hand. She smiled through them trying to show him she loved him too.
Seeing the smile on Nivi's face made his heart sing and he slowly leaned forward and kissed her on her forehead softly. He wiped her tears again and then pulled her into his arms, feeling like his whole life had been moving towards this moment. Nivi's head was resting on his shoulder and after a few seconds she whispered 'I love you Viren' and he hugged her even tighter and felt tears in his own eyes as he smiled into her hair.
Nivi hid her face in Viren's shoulder after she spoke and felt like she was floating as he held her. She couldn't believe she was standing here with him, it felt like a dream, like she'd wake up any second. In the back of her mind she knew she would have to think about this all calmly at some point but right now she just wanted to enjoy the pleasure of being with Viren and not worry about anything else for a change.
They stood that way for a while, neither of them saying anything till they heard a car door slamming shut at the front of the house. Nivi jumped as a second door slammed and pulled away from Viren quickly, ' late is it?! That must be Papa with Dadi!' How could she have forgotten them?! She looked around in panic and Viren put his hands on her shoulders. 'Shh it's ok Nivi, you go inside and I'll go round the side of the house, ok?' Nivi blinked at him for a second before nodding; she felt nervous even though that would be easy enough for Viren to do. 'Ok Viren, bye!' She tried to walk past him into the house but he laughed and grabbed her wrist.
'Wait a sec Moti, that's it: bye?!!' Viren tilted his head and shook it in disappointment, as if she'd let him down but Nivi's eyes widened in disbelief; it was fully night time now, what would they say if her father found them? She tried to stay calm, 'Viren! If Papa sees you, you won't have time to say bye to anyone!' She tried to pull her hand back but Viren held on stubbornly and Nivi felt her heart melting at his expression; despite everything, she just wanted to hug him... but she had to make him go so she closed her eyes for a second before going to stand closer to him, trying not to let her breathing go crazy.
Viren was so surprised by Nivi's turnaround he let go of her wrist and she put her hand on his cheek shyly, 'Please go Viren, I'll see you soon ok?' Viren couldn't help but nod and as Nivi took her hand back he quickly turned his face and kissed her palm, watching as she gasped and then blushed. She pulled her hand back and whispered 'Bye!' before running back into the house.
He stood there for a few minutes feeling stunned and almost giddy with happiness and he felt like he'd never be able to get rid of the silly smile on his face. He looked down and realised he still had Nivi's flower in his hand so he left it on the railing by the back door, hoping she'd find it  and carefully made his way round the house, almost feeling as though he was in a dream.

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Asma... this is for the lovely chapters and triple treat.

i am happy and loved the way how viren expressed his love to nivi by adding some lines in his old note...Embarrassed and nivi also confessed her feeling for him... hope coming chapters will be romantic ... and am sure now they both will try to bring sid and divya close... Wink

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