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Tum Se Hi: Thread One: Chapters 1 - 71 (Page 50)

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wonderful chapters just lik u my dearTongueSmile

i just cant wait for your updatesEmbarrassed

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Chapter 25
Nivi saw Viren drive up on his bike and couldn't help smiling. She'd woken up this morning and saw a text message from him saying 'Good luck on your first day' and realised she'd missed even little messages from him these past few days. He stopped the bike in front of her and took off his helmet quickly and then just stared at her for a few seconds before blinking a couple of times and saying, 'Need a ride ma'am?' in a light voice, with a cheeky smile. He was wearing a dark blue jacket with a white tee shirt and she saw he had purple Converse on today. It felt good to see him; sort of like she'd been restless without even knowing it till she'd seen him...She gripped her file to her chest and wondered where that thought had come from as she answered him.
'No actually I'm waiting for my friend...don't know if you've seen him, yahi kahi hoga shayad...' Nivi looked either side of Viren and as he watched her he had to stop himself from reaching over and pulling her into his arms. He was so happy to see her; she looked so good standing there dressed simply in sky blue, with her hair flying everywhere in the wind and he felt like he could stare at her for hours. He held onto the handlebars of his bike to stop himself from touching her face and tried to focus as he said, 'Lag tha hai tumhara dost nahi aane wala...will I do instead?'
Viren gave Nivi such a sweet smile as he spoke that she had to think for a moment to remember what he'd said. 'Umm kya kare...' She realised she'd missed teasing him too so she sighed and said in a slow, suffering voice, 'I suppose I'll just have to make do with you...' She shrugged and then laughed as Viren sighed and rolled his eyes, 'Please just get on the bike Moti, I'm getting old here!' Nivi laughed again and got on behind him asking where they were going. Viren put his helmet on and started the bike; he turned round a little and said 'It's a surprise...hold on!' and then set off.
As they drove, Viren tried to focus on where he was going instead of on Nivi sitting behind him but it was hard not to. She had her hands on his shoulders and he couldn't help remembering the other day when she'd held onto him so tightly in the rain...He shook his head a little to get rid of the thought and told himself to get a grip as they reached their destination.
Nivi recognised the park as they got to it, remembering playing there with Viren, Sid and Divya when they were kids. She hadn't been here in ages and was surprised Viren remembered it. Viren switched the bike off and took off his helmet slowly as Nivi got off and looked around. 'I haven't been here in so long Viren!' They walked through open grass and under some trees and Nivi saw Viren was looking around too. 'I haven't either, just wondered what it looked like but it's just the same!' He held his face up to the sun and smiled and Nivi thought he looked like he belonged there.
As Nivi walked through the trees and out into a small clearing Viren watched her and again was struck by her simple beauty; she had a sweet smile on her face and her hair shone in the sun and if she'd turned and looked at him right then, she would have known how he felt because it was written on his face. She didn't turn though; she looked around the clearing and said suddenly, 'Hey, this was where we used to play hide and seek!' He blinked and looked around and realised she was right. 'Haan, I think you're right...hey look, that's the tree you fell out of!!'
He looked at the tree again and felt a smile grow on his face. He couldn't resist pointing at a big ditch at the foot of it saying, 'And look, that must be the crater you made when you fell...!' He couldn't help laughing as Nivi glared at him. 'Arre, I was just joking Moti...I think it was that smaller crater over there actually!' He quickly hid behind a tree as Nivi made an annoyed sound and looked for something to throw at him. 'I'm sorry Nivi, I couldn't help it!' He peeked out and saw she'd sat down under a massive old tree with her file on the grass by her and her arms folded, so he went and sat next to her and smiled when he saw she was ignoring him; she'd always been cute when she was angry but now more so.
'I'm sorry Nivi..' There were wildflowers growing in the grass where they were sitting so Viren picked a little white one and held it out as a peace offering. She took it but gave him an annoyed look and he couldn't help himself from turning towards her saying quietly, 'Tum bilkul moti nahi ho're beautiful and...' He hadn't meant to say it like that and Nivi looked at him in surprise; Viren felt his breath catch in his throat as he tried to read her expression. She was blushing and her anger seemed to have vanished. It felt like he was sitting way too close to her and he was falling into her eyes; he couldn't think straight. He managed to look away somehow, 'I mean...what I meant was..' He didn't know what he would have said but Nivi cut him off.
'Thanks Viren.' Nivi felt like hiding her face at Viren's very sweet compliment but she couldn't so she just looked away and they sat there for a few minutes, both trying to think of something to say till Nivi remembered why she'd come. 'Umm, didn't you want me to look through your job application?' They were both still leaning against the tree and Nivi turned a little to see Viren pull out some papers from an inside pocket and hold them out.
As Nivi looked at the application form, she tried and failed not to think about how it had felt looking into Viren's eyes. She didn't know what was wrong with her; when he'd looked at her it was like she'd stopped breathing. If he hadn't looked away from her, she might still have been staring at him like an idiot. She swallowed and tried to focus on the words on the paper as Viren sat quietly next to her.

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Chapter 26
Viren leaned his head back against the tree and closed his eyes, trying to calm his breathing as Nivi read through his application form. He opened his eyes and turned his head a little to look at her. She was reading with so much concentration, suddenly he remembered her watering those flowers when he'd first gone over to find out who she was; she gave equal concentration to everything she did and he added that to the list of things he loved about her. He sighed and closed his eyes again, wondering why it was so easy to love her and what he was going to do about it when he heard Nivi say, 'There's nothing wrong with this Viren, it's really good! You haven't even got any spelling mistakes!'
He kept his eyes closed and smiled at her slightly accusing tone, he knew there was nothing wrong with it; he'd just needed an excuse to see her. He opened his eyes and looked at her innocently and shrugged, 'I thought there might be some mistakes Nivi...' Nivi blinked and seemed to believe him as she gave it back saying he could hand it in like that and probably expect an interview soon.
As he took the papers, Nivi picked up her file and said, 'Do you mind if I draw for a bit? The light is perfect and I have to design some art pieces for a client as my first assignment.' He said it was fine and then watched as she unzipped the file and took out a pencil and a sketchpad. He watched her draw for a while and ran his fingers along the grass next to him as he thought how peaceful it felt just to sit with her; he didn't have this peace when he was alone anymore.
He suddenly remembered Siddarth and wondered what it'd be like, marrying without love; he'd never really thought about it before either way but now he felt a little bad for his brother, even if Nivi never loved him back, he couldn't imagine not loving her and Sid might never have that. As he thought about it he said, 'Nivi, there was something I wanted to get your opinion on actually,' Nivi didn't look up as she asked what it was and he took a moment to think before he spoke.
When Viren didn't reply, Nivi looked up from the drawing she was making of leaves catching the sunlight and saw he was looking down, deep in thought and playing with some flowers that were growing on the ground next to him. He seemed lost somewhere and she couldn't help herself from abandoning the picture she was working on and starting a new one.
Viren looked lost in thought as she drew him quickly; there was a bit of sun in his hair and his usual stubble was lighter and as he looked down, she thought he looked younger. She finished her sketch and looked down at the Viren in her picture and was wondering what he was thinking when suddenly the real Viren snatched her sketchpad off her lap. He'd moved to sit opposite her with his legs crossed and he looked annoyed.
'Nivedita! I was talking to you but you were miles away...' Viren's voice faded and his eyes widened as he glanced at the sketchpad in his hand. 'Did you just draw this?! It's...' He looked down at the picture of himself and was stunned by her talent again. He looked lost in his own world and it was a little unnerving how perfectly she'd caught his mood.
Nivi looked embarrassed as she took it back and said 'Sorry I didn't ask before I drew it Viren, woh main...' she shrugged. 'Actually I have no excuse!' She smiled guiltily at him and Viren started laughing. 'It's ok Nivi, it's only me, you don't need to ask...' He would happily sit in front of her for hours if she wanted, he thought. Nivi seemed relieved and took back her book and looked at the picture for a while before turning to a new page and asking what it was he'd said and she hadn't heard.
'The family are thinking of getting Siddarth married...' Viren watched as Nivi's pencil stopped moving and she looked off into the distance for a few seconds suddenly. He frowned and lost his train of thought, wondering why she had such a worried look on her face till she looked at him and said, 'I suppose it's to be expected Viren...have they found someone yet?' She said the words lightly but she still looked worried and Viren felt his own forehead crease as he tried to figure out why.
'I don't think so...' Viren was still thinking about Nivi's reaction as he told her how Sid didn't seem to mind but he felt worried for some reason and Nivi sighed and finally carried on drawing as she said, 'Not everyone marries for love Viren, some people are happy with whoever their parents choose for them...sometimes love comes later.' Viren was still sitting cross legged in front of Nivi and now he rested his chin on his hands and thought about her words as he asked quietly, 'Would you be happy if it was you Nivi?' He watched as Nivi's pencil stopped again and she looked up at him, looking a little shocked and he wondered if he shouldn't have asked but he hadn't been able to stop himself.
Nivi looked away from Viren quickly and suddenly she realised how much the thought scared her. 'I...I don't know Viren...I never really thought about it before...' She wasn't being completely honest; she'd always known she'd marry someone of her father and Dadi's choosing, she'd never thought anything else and had faith that whoever their choice was would be right for her but now she was scared to find that she didn't feel the same way anymore... The thought of marrying a complete stranger made her feel ill and panicky. She shook her head and looked up at Viren, 'I thought we were talking about Sid?!'
Viren tried to read the emotions moving across Nivi's face but was jolted out of his thoughts by her question, 'Umm, yep we were...I guess I just got carried away sorry.' Nivi still looked a little shaken but she was calmer as she carried on drawing again and said thoughtfully, 'If you think Sid will be unhappy with your family's choice, maybe you should find him someone yourself...' Viren was confused by Nivi's travel of thought but she carried on, not looking at him, 'He's your brother, you know him better than anyone right?' Viren was still confused, 'Yeah...but how will that help? And anyway, I don't really know any girls Nivi...'
Nivi looked up at Viren and he realised what he'd said, 'I meant I don't know any actual girls who could...' He was making it worse and Nivi raised an eyebrow. 'I mean, obviously you're a girl Nivi, don't count in this situation about Siddarth right?!' He felt panicked all of a sudden, he remembered her reaction when he'd told her about Sid; why was she acting like that...was she trying to tell him something?! It was scaring him; he had a sudden crazy thought that if Nivi loved Sid, he'd have to leave the country because he couldn't bear it and he tried hard not to let the panic show on his face. She was still looking at him and hadn't said anything so he gave up trying to pretend he didn't care and burst out, 'Nivi, tum kuch bol thi kyu nahi...were you talking about yourself?!' 

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Chapter 27
Nivi looked up at the sky and rolled her eyes wondering what she was going to do with Viren; first he said she didn't count as a girl and now he was asking such a crazy question and acting like she was the one behaving oddly! 'Viren, tumhe ho kya gaya hai? Main apni baare mein thodi na baat kar rahi thi, pagal?!' She chucked a piece of paper she'd crumpled up earlier at him lightly and it hit his shoulder before it fell to the ground without him noticing; how could he even think that?! She rolled her eyes again at his confused expression, 'I was talking about Divya Di!'
Viren felt relief wash over him in waves at Nivi's words; for a minute there he'd been scared out of his mind but now he thought about it, Nivi had barely even seen Sid since he'd been back. His mind registered what Nivi had said and he was surprised. 'Divya?!' He thought about it for a few minutes. Divya was thoughtful and kind and was patient too; she'd be able to handle Sid's crazy office hours...he cut off his thoughts there; he was getting way ahead of himself as usual, 'But Nivi, we'd have to find out what Divya wants..'
Nivi smiled suddenly and raised her eyebrows, 'I think Di will be ok with it...' She thought about the conversation she'd had with Divya the other night, she'd told Nivi how she'd always loved Sid and Nivi had been surprised but happy for her. When Viren had said the family were thinking of getting Sid married she'd been worried but if they hadn't found anyone yet, then why not Divya who already loved him? They were already good friends and Nivi thought they would make a perfect couple. She told Viren all this slowly, hoping he would help her do something about it and that Divya wouldn't mind her telling him.
She watched as Viren looked surprised at her words but seemed happy too, 'Wow, I never knew...that's actually great!!' He thought about it a little more and said, 'Lekin sab ko mana na parega...' As Viren spoke, he stopped and wondered if they should get involved or not. Then he thought of Divya; she was his friend too and she was probably in the same situation he was in, how could he not try at least to help her out? Maybe Sid just didn't realise how he felt about her wouldn't hurt to find out. He told Nivi he would see what they could do and asked if she would have told him had he not brought up the topic.
Nivi considered his question; she felt relieved she'd told Viren because all she'd been able to do when Divya had told her had been listen but now, maybe with Viren's help they could make something happen. 'Pata nahi Viren, I think I would have told you but not so soon...I'm glad I did though.' She smiled at him and he smiled back and time seemed to slow down again. After a few seconds, Viren suddenly looked away for a moment before giving her a determined look, 'Nivi, I...' Before Viren could finish, Nivi's phone rang and they both jumped a little. Nivi wondered what Viren had been about to say; he looked disappointed as she answered the phone.
Viren closed his eyes as Nivi answered the phone; he'd been about to tell her he loved her but it had cut him off! Maybe it wasn't the right time but he'd just decided it at that moment while looking at her; he didn't want to leave it till it was too late and he was never one to wait, he didn't know how he'd waited even this long!
At worst she'd say she only saw him as a friend and then it'd be awkward for a bit but he would make it better somehow and not give up on his love so easily. Hearing about Divya had helped make his mind up; he didn't want to be in the same position where they started planning Nivi's wedding and he ended up watching on! He shuddered at the thought as Nivi hung up and started putting away her sketchpad as she spoke.
'We should go Viren, that was Yash; I didn't tell Dadi I'd be late and I was supposed to help her prepare this evening's meal...tum aaj aa rahe ho na?' She stood up with her file and looked at Viren after brushing leaves off her suit. He'd stood up too but was just staring at her, 'Viren? You're coming this evening right? Dadi invited you all' She waved a hand in front of his face and Viren blinked. 'Umm yeah, I'm coming Moti...' he seemed distracted and Nivi frowned as they walked out of the park and got to Viren's bike, 'What were you going to say before the phone rang?'
'Kuch nahi...I'll tell you soon' Viren smiled at Nivi and she wondered what it was he'd been about to say; he'd looked so serious and intense and it'd made her heart skip a beat but then the phone had rang. She blinked as he suddenly reached up and touched her hair lightly, she looked at him questioningly and he showed her a leaf that had been in her hair and then pulled out 2 more slowly. He shook his head and said, 'Dadi kya sochengi?' in a soft voice and Nivi felt the words stick in her throat as he fixed her hair carefully; he was making her feel nervous and strange.
'Umm, probably that I fell out of a tree again?!' Viren started laughing and Nivi felt relieved but also oddly disappointed that the weird mood was broken. 'Aur phir se mujhe daat par thi right?' Viren shook his head as he remembered their childhood antics; they'd always got into so much trouble but it had been fun. He looked at Nivi now and smiled, thinking things had changed and they'd change again when he told her how he felt but he was ready for it now. He turned and started the bike as Nivi got on behind him and they drove home, both thinking about the day's events.

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Asma januuu its been so long since i read ur FF i had been busy in Exams n household chores then. But then u just took me away with ur totally EPIC chapters LOl i too got carried away . THey were just awsumm n loved the way Viren n Nivi's chemistry is working out
THnks alot for the PM n for this wonderful FF its like a Gift for the NIvreniacs!!!
LOve u Asma u made my day!!!

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thank you for 3 chapters... Very nice chapters,, eager to know how viren will conffess his love... Continue soon ashma di...

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Awsome chapters dear...continue writing...Smile

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Hi asmu.. Sorry i didnt comment for a long time.. Par kya karu, ur chapters r sending me to icu every time dat i'm stuck there..Wink
Each chapter is sooo cute n swt.. N i cant wait to know wat comes next..Smile
A big thanx for avoiding any love triangle..Hug

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