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Tum Se Hi: Thread One: Chapters 1 - 71 (Page 46)

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Wowww my swweetiepieee , It's gd update . KS is such a suspicious person . Poor Viren was so scared hehee . n Thank God daadi , Divya saved them . Update soon .lovedd it

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Originally posted by anjubala

Waiting for your next update.. Need it badly after what is currently going on in CCBM
Hey Anju, i havent watched the epi yet and i feel like i dont want to after reading about it!! But i cant keep away either so will see it in a bit.
Will post an update tomoro dont worry, have almost finished the next couple of chaptersHug

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asma dear
thanx a lot for this wonderful chapter as it just refreshes my mood
i need this badly after watching this bhaiji track for the last few days
i m waiting for more frm your side

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
awesome update dear.. oh how i wish u were the CT of CCBM and we could actually see all this rather than the track that we get to see..
thanks for the pm dear and sorry for late comments

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anjaani07 IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 23
Viren stared at the job application in front of him blindly; he'd been sitting at the dining table for almost an hour and had barely filled any of it out apart from his basic details. He just wanted to see Nivi; whatever he did, the thought was always in the back of his mind and it was driving him crazy! It had been exactly 4 days since he'd last seen her as he'd walked out of the Sharma house but it felt like weeks to him and time seemed to have slowed down; how did people in love concentrate on anything?!
He sighed and looked at the questions on the form in front of him, trying to focus; he'd already decided that he would keep his feelings to himself for now till he figured out how Nivi felt about him so there was no point in keep thinking about it. He'd thought about it long and hard these past few days and he realised whatever happened, he didn't want to lose Nivi's friendship and he didn't want to ruin it by telling her how he felt and then making things awkward between them if she didn't feel the same way. It killed him but the more he thought about it, the more he doubted that Nivi felt anything other than friendship for him but he had to find out for sure somehow.
Till then he needed to act as normal as he could so he was trying to keep some distance...although he was sure he would have gone to see her or called her by now if it was normal..?! He felt like he didn't know anything anymore, he reached for his phone thinking he could just call her and say hi at least but then put it back down on the table; she hadn't called him either so maybe he should leave it... He sighed again and rested his head on his arms; he closed his eyes and tried to ignore Nivi's smiling face in his head.
Nivi hung up the phone and stood in shock for a few minutes; the first thought that came into her mind was to find Viren and tell him that she'd just been offered the job. Then she realised it was evening; she couldn't just rush over to his house...she'd call him! She was just dialling when Dadi called her so she stopped half way and decided she would tell Viren the good news a little later. As she went to see what Dadi wanted she wondered if everything was ok with Viren; she hadn't seen or heard from him in a few days and it felt strange and she missed him.
She'd thought a lot about that night and had spoken to Divya about some of it too. Viren hadn't seemed himself and he hadn't looked at her properly in the morning and she hadn't heard from him since. She wondered if he was upset with her; normally she would have had a call or text message from him by now asking if she was still alive or something equally random... She sighed and tried not to think about it as she got to the Dadi's room.
'Spying Viren?!' Viren jumped at the sound of Sid's voice close to his ear. 'Siddarth you scared me to half to death!' Viren whispered as he turned around. He was standing just outside Dadaji's room; he'd done as much of the application as he could and then given up and had come to see if Dadaji had any words of wisdom for him when he'd heard the family talking inside and stopped to listen, unable to help himself.
'Kya ho raha hai? What's so interesting?!' Sid was looking at Viren curiously and Viren shook his head 'If I was you bhai, I'd run now; they're talking about your marriage in there!!' Sid smiled at the look on Viren's face and said 'Toh kya hua Viren? It's not that odd. Pata hai...I've even heard them talking about your marriage...!' He burst out laughing at the look of horror on Viren's face, 'Kya?!!' Viren had actually gone white at the thought; Sid rolled his eyes, 'Calm down, I was just kidding; nice to see how you feel about it though!' He put an arm around Viren's shoulders, 'Soch lo, if this is your reaction...imagine that poor girl's face who lands up with you?!'
Viren gave a relieved laughed but then looked serious again, 'You're really not bothered? They can't just pick any girl for you...what about love?!' Sid looked at Viren and wondered if he was feeling ok, 'Yeh tum keh rahe ho Viren?! Since when did you become so concerned about love?' Sid raised an eyebrow and watched, feeling even more curious now as Viren avoided the question. 'This isn't about me Siddarth; you're really ok with marrying someone you don't really know?!' Sid thought about it for a second and shrugged; he hadn't given it much thought till now if he was honest, he was too busy to meet anyone outside of work so it had never been an issue.
He told Viren this but he still looked worried and Sid felt a rush of love for his little brother and at his concern for him. 'They're just talking Viren, ladki bhi nahi dhoonda hoga. It's not like I'm getting married tomorrow!' Viren still looked unconvinced and Sid patted him on the shoulder. 'Don't worry yourself about it; do you want some help with your job app?' He looked at the papers in Viren's hand but Viren shook his head and said, 'Nahi bhai, I'll be fine with it' so Sid said goodnight and left, still smiling thinking about Viren's worried face.
Viren watched Sid go and then walked to his room slowly, thinking about something other than Nivi fully for the first time since he'd last seen her. He didn't know how Sid was so calm about the whole thing; if it was him, he'd be in there right now telling them that there was no way he'd marry someone without even getting to know them first. Not that that was really an option for him now anyway...he pushed that thought away as he got to his room; he'd rather focus on Sid's problems than his own right now. He left the application papers on the table and got ready for bed, still thinking. As he got into bed, his phone rang and with a shock he saw it was Nivi. His heart started pounding and he stared at her name flashing on the screen for a few seconds before answering it. 

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Chapter 24
'Hello... Nivedita?' Viren thought his voice sounded too loud. 'Hi Viren!' Nivi sounded chirpy and Viren smiled feeling a little relieved. His first thought after seeing Nivi's name and reminding himself to breathe had been whether she was ok because she was calling so late but she sounded fine. He tried to sound as relaxed as he could, 'What's up Nivi? Itni raat ko kyu phone kiya?' He suddenly remembered something, 'And you're not even whispering? Hai bagwaan, Dadi ne sun liya toh?!' It felt good to tease her, easier than being serious and he'd missed just talking to her so much. He could almost see Nivi roll her eyes as she said 'I don't always whisper on the phone you know...and anyway, Dadi's asleep so there!' Viren leaned back on his bed and closed his eyes imagining Nivi glaring at him.
Nivi was so relieved to hear Viren speaking normally to her on the phone; she hadn't realised how worried she'd been about it till she'd actually called him and was waiting for him to answer. She felt glad that he wasn't upset with her; she figured he must just have been busy all these days... She smiled as he tried to annoy her; today she was in such a good mood even he couldn't make her angry. 'Woh sab chodo Viren; guess what?!!' Before Viren could come up with another smart alec response she burst out, 'I got the job!!'
After a few seconds, Nivi heard Viren say, 'Sach?! Wow congrats Nivi, I knew you'd get it!' He sounded so happy and Nivi sat down on her bed and smiled imagining Viren's face all lit up. 'Did you really think I'd get it? I thought I talked too much in the interview...' She heard Viren laugh, 'I'm sure you did talk too much Nivi, you always start babbling when you're nervous!' Before Nivi could say anything he quickly said, 'I knew you'd get it because of me...with my pictures in your file, how could you not get it?!'
Nivi started laughing, 'Excuse me, I drew those pictures so full credit goes to me...actually you can have 10% but only for the flute playing!' She smiled as Viren said in a soft voice, 'Teek hai Moti, have ALL the credit, but just don't forget me when you become a famous designer...or I know lots of stories I could tell people!'
Viren listened as Nivi laughed again, he'd missed her laugh like crazy, he wished he could see her; he felt like kicking himself for not calling her all these days. 'I've only just got the job Viren, and it's part time to start with...tumhe bhool na toh door ki baat hai!' Viren sighed extra loudly and said 'Shukar hai, at least I have some time to make a good impression...' Nivi laughed and then asked him what he'd been up to all these days.
'I was home working on some job applications..' Viren wasn't totally lying; he had tried to work on them. 'Kyu? Meri fikar ho rahi thi?!' He said it as a joke but he wished he could see her face because she was always so bad at hiding how she felt. 'Nahi toh! I was just asking...people do that you know, when they talk after a while?' She sounded like she was avoiding and that made Viren smile, 'Accha?! Ok, so what have you been up to then?' Viren asked the question lightly but really, he felt like he wanted to know exactly what she'd done every minute since he'd last seen her. He shook his head at his own madness as Nivi said, 'Kuch bhi nahi, usual boring stuff... Oh Dadi said she was going to invite you all for dinner tomorrow evening! She'll call in the morning I think.'
Viren felt an insane amount of happiness at the thought of seeing her tomorrow and he sat up on the bed, wishing he could go over there now. He didn't want to seem too eager though, so he said he would try and make it and then Nivi asked him if he'd finished the job apps or needed any help. Viren opened his mouth to say no but then heard himself say, 'Actually, I could use your help on one...what are you doing tomorrow morning?' He desperately wanted to see her and the evening felt like too long a wait.
He waited as Nivi took her time answering and every second felt like a lifetime. 'Umm I have to go in to get my first assignment but it's only for a few hours so I'll be free after lunch?' Viren felt a huge smile spread across his face at her answer; he forgot all his reservations about seeing her, it didn't seem to matter now he'd heard her voice, he was sure he'd be fine and he could try and figure out how she felt too. 'Teek hai Nivi, I'll pick you up at the office after lunch?' Nivi said ok and they spoke a little longer and Nivi told him she was feeling nervous about her first day.
'You'll be fine Moti...and if you're stuck with anything, just call me.' Nivi was surprised, 'Why? Can you draw too?!!' Without missing a beat Viren said, 'Nope, but I can make you laugh...!' which made Nivi laugh, 'Viren! How will that help?!' She shook her head even though he couldn't see her. 'Pata nahi but it'll help make you feel better, I'm sure!' Viren did sound sure and Nivi felt better at just the thought. 'Thanks Viren; ok, it's really late, I should get to sleep.'
Viren wanted to talk to her all night but she was right, it was really late so he closed his eyes and said softly, 'Goodnight Nivi, see you tomorrow.' She said goodnight and hung up, leaving Viren looking at his phone with big smile on his face; he'd get to see Nivi tomorrow! He lay back down on the bed feeling happier but also restless and a little nervous too. He turned onto his side and closed his eyes, thinking of all the things he'd say to her; maybe he'd tell her about Sid's possible marriage too, she was bound to have some thoughts on it. It was a long time before he fell asleep...

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super mindblowing

both part
love it core
thanks double treat
thanks 4 pm

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Asma I loved both scenes. I really can't wait for your next update. I want to know how viren will react after seeing nivi.
Thanks for the update.

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