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Tum Se Hi: Thread One: Chapters 1 - 71 (Page 33)

kinshukkipyaari Senior Member

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
 it really nice dont stop written

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adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 9:17pm | IP Logged
great  updates love it!

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salekh1 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
Awesomeee chapters..
Please contniue.
Thanks for pm :)

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luvsKinha Groupbie

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 4:02am | IP Logged
wow... nice updates...

so NIVREN alone in home...

waiting for next update..

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daffodils06 Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 10:28am | IP Logged
superb as always...cant wait to read ur next chapter...

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anjaani07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 12:40pm | IP Logged
Chapter 18
Viren skidded the bike to a stop outside Nivi's house and breathed a sigh of relief that they'd made it home in one piece; the rain was still falling heavily and the winds had picked up as they drove and at times it had been so strong it felt like it might knock them over. He took his helmet off and shook his hair and water out of his eyes as he turned in his seat to look at Nivi, moving her arms from around him. She'd been holding onto him tightly and it had felt almost too comfortable for him; now there seemed to be an empty space behind him as he got off the bike and tugged on her hands. It looked like she was in a daze and her hands were freezing. 'Nivi? We're home!' He pulled on her hands lightly again and watched as she blinked and looked around.
Nivi heard Viren say they were home and realised they were outside her house. She shook herself and got off the bike unsteadily with Viren's help. As she moved she started to shiver again but her hands were warmer somehow and she looked down to see Viren was rubbing them in his as he said 'Come on Nivi, we have to get inside, you're frozen!' It felt like her body wasn't answering her but Viren pulled her up the stairs and into the house and then pushed closed the heavy doors against the rain and wind and suddenly it was too silent after the sounds of the storm.
There was an odd silence for a few moments as they both stood there dripping water, looking at each other and catching their breaths but then Viren started shivering as well and Nivi suddenly remembered she had his jacket so he must be even colder than she was. This thought pushed Nivi into action and as Viren leaned back against the doors with his eyes closed, she hurried to get some towels, pulling off his wet jacket as she went. She came back a few minutes later to see Viren in the living room drying his phone. 'I don't know if we'll have reception to call anyone' he said as she came in. Nivi took the phone off him and gave him a towel, 'First get dry and warm Viren, aur sab kuch baad mein ho jayega!'
He took the towel and dried his face half-heartedly telling her to get changed and then looked down at his own wet clothes which were stuck to him. 'I'll have to go home and change Nivi...' They both looked towards the door thinking about him going back out in that and Nivi told him to wait there before bringing him a huge umbrella that looked like it could cover 3 people. Viren looked down at his wet clothes again; he was already soaked to the skin so he didn't see why he needed an umbrella now... 'Don't bother arguing Viren; just take it for my sake!' Viren felt a smile crack his face at her tone and the way she shoved the umbrella at him, feeling some normalcy returning after the crazy day they'd had so far.
Nivi suddenly wanted to ask if he was coming back or not but she felt a little awkward; she didn't want to be alone in this storm but it felt like he'd already done so much, she couldn't ask... So she was relieved when he saved her from asking by saying, 'Teek hai Moti; I'll take your giant umbrella; but I want to come back and find you dry and warm, agreed?!' Nivi could feel a big relieved smile on her face as she nodded and he left, pulling the doors shut behind him.  
After Viren left Nivi took a quick shower and then changed into a soft pale green churidar suit, finally feeling warm as she dried her hair in her room. The shower had helped and now that she was fully dry she almost felt as good as new apart from feeling tired; if it wasn't for the sound of the storm raging outside, she would have thought it was a normal every day evening. Except it wasn't; she had to really think to remember her interview now after everything that had happened and it was hard to believe it was only that morning she'd had it. The storm had pretty much turned everything into chaos. Viren had been amazing through it all whereas she'd just been a mess. She didn't know what she would have done without him; she felt her face go red as she suddenly remembered holding on to him while he drove them home.
She'd been so scared she hadn't had time to think about it but now it felt like she could remember every second of it somehow; it seemed like she could still hear his heartbeat if she just closed her eyes...she shook her head, what was she thinking? This was Viren who still called her Moti whenever he could get away with it! She was just thinking she was mad to be thinking these things when really she should be worried about contacting their families, when she heard someone talking outside in the living room.
Nivi hurried out of the room and saw Viren sitting on the arm of one of the sofa's talking on his phone with one hand and towel-drying his hair with the other. He was wearing a yellow full sleeved tee and dark blue jeans and when he saw Nivi he jumped up and gave her a twirl while still on the phone. When she frowned at him looking confused, he rolled his eyes and pointed at the massive umbrella drying in the corner of the room and then back at his dry clothes and gave her a thumbs up, indicating it had kept him dry. Nivi raised her eyebrows in an 'I told you so' look and Viren gave her a cheeky smile while at the same time he nodded said 'Ji Dadaji, bilkul' into the phone in a completely serious voice. He nodded a couple more times and said 'ji' a few more times before holding out the phone to Nivi saying 'Dadi.'
Viren handed the phone to Nivi and then gave his hair one last rub and chucked the towel onto a chair. He sat back down on the arm of the sofa before sliding back onto the sofa itself and leaning back on some cushions as he watched Nivi through half closed eyes. He felt exhausted but at the same time wide awake; he couldn't believe it was still only early evening, it felt like ages since they'd headed out for Nivi's interview.
As he watched Nivi tell Dadi they were both fine, Viren was happy to see she finally looked dry and seemed ok. He'd been worried about her; she'd seemed numb up until when they'd come inside and he'd never seen her like that. He realised she'd started speaking to Divya when she said 'Dii stop it! Koi aur hai waha pe?!' Her face went a cute shade of bright pink and Viren wondered what Divya had said to her. After a few minutes Dadi came back on the phone and he smiled as he heard her say 'Haan Dadi, Viren ne meri bohth madath ki...yahaan hai...teek hai Dadi' and then she came over to him with the phone held out. 'Dadi.' Viren sat up with a start, thinking what did Dadi want to say to him? He took the phone and listened.
Nivi watched and wondered what Dadi was saying to Viren, he seemed so serious, so when he hung up she asked him. 'Kuch nahi, she just..' before Viren could finish his stomach growled loudly and Nivi started laughing as Viren put his hand on his stomach and said, 'I just realised I haven't eaten ALL day!!' He seemed so shocked, Nivi shook her head, 'Hai bagwaan! It's a miracle you're still alive...' Viren was always eating and she felt a little bad he hadn't eaten anything all day because of her. 'I'm actually hungry too, tum yahaan beto, I'll go and sort some food out' She went into the kitchen leaving Viren sitting in the living room.

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edwardcullen19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
dear Asma it's good that you updated another chapter ...
love your ff very much...your update was awesome...
please continue soon dear...
love the NivRen of your ff

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anjaani07 IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 19
Viren was feeling conflicted as he waited a little while and then went after Nivi to see if he could help with anything; he actually felt happy to be able to spend some time with Nivi but at the same time now he felt a little bad for thinking it because Dadi had been so worried about her and had told him so seriously to take care of her, not that he'd let anything happen to her anyway. She'd told him Nivi always got really frightened during storms so would he be ok to wait with her for a bit, which again had made him happier than he probably should be.
Even Dadaji had told him to be responsible...Viren shrugged to himself as he stood just outside the kitchen; he decided to not think about anything else and just take each moment as it came until the storm died down. It wasn't meant to last all night according to weather reports so he'd go home later and the family were back tomorrow too. He was just thinking that when suddenly all the lights went out and he heard Nivi give a little shriek somewhere in the kitchen in front of him.  
Viren ran forward thinking maybe she was hurt and ran straight into Nivi who had been running out. 'Oww...Viren?!' Nivi put out her hands tentatively and quickly pulled them back as if her fingers had been burned when they brushed against his chest. 'Oww, aur kaun hoga Moti?! We're alone remember?' He rubbed his jaw where she'd knocked into him and then put his hands where he thought her shoulders were and breathed a small sigh of relief when he got it right. 'Are you ok Nivi? Why did you scream?' Nivi tried to focus; it felt weird being this close to Viren in the dark. 'I...just got scared when the lights went out that's all, I'm fine.'
With the lights out, the storm outside seemed even louder and whenever there was a flash of lightning the kitchen lit up a little as they caught some of it through the window. Viren still had his hands on her shoulders and Nivi was just about to step away when she heard a loud roll of thunder and jumped feeling scared again. Viren stepped forward and pulled her into his arms without thinking and Nivi forgot herself as she hid her face in his chest, shaking.
'Shh it's ok Nivi...main hoon naa?' Viren didn't actually know what he was saying; he just knew it was hurting him to see her upset and scared. He brushed her hair with his hand and tried to reassure her saying quietly, 'Before you came out Sid said weather reports were saying the storm won't last all night and I'll stay until it's over ok?' He felt Nivi nod against him and they stood that way for a few minutes before the lights came back on again.
Viren blinked as they came back on and realised he was still holding Nivi close to him and his hand was tangled in her hair. He looked down at her and suddenly wondered why it didn't feel strange to be holding Nivi like this; he stroked her hair again experimentally and realised it felt right somehow and he tried to think what was different now than it had been but there was nothing he could think of...
Nivi had both hands on his chest and one of her hands was gripping a bit of his tee tightly; for some reason looking at it was doing funny things to him and he couldn't think clearly. He was still trying to think when Nivi pulled away looking embarrassed. Her cheeks were a soft pink and she was looking down shyly and Viren realised he felt something different as he watched her and it scared him a little as he waited for her to look at him.
'I'm so sorry Viren, I...I guess I freaked out when I heard the thunder in the dark...' Nivi felt embarrassed that she'd just grabbed him like that but as she spoke, her voice faded a little as she looked up and saw the look on Viren's face, he seemed slightly stunned and she forgot her embarrassment for a second, 'Kya hua Viren? Tum teek toh ho?' She tried not to think of the way it had felt to be in his arms as she stepped forward and asked again if he was ok. He looked worried now and she was surprised when he took a step back and shook his head, 'I'm fine Nivi, kuch nahi hua, I'm fine..' He repeated the last part almost as if to himself and Nivi wondered if he really was ok.
Viren shook himself and looked around the kitchen; he had to distract himself so he could think clearly and he couldn't think clearly standing this close to Nivi for some reason. He saw some plates and glasses on the counter and grabbed them, 'I'll take these while you get the food!' He didn't look at her as he went to set out the table and as he worked he asked himself why he was being such an idiot; this was Nivi he was thinking about. They were friends, he was just being silly, there was nothing more; this whole day had just been crazy. Nivi herself had seemed fine too, just embarrassed but that was understandable. He shook his head and decided not to think about it again as Nivi brought the food out and they sat down to eat.

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