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Tum Se Hi: Thread One: Chapters 1 - 71 (Page 107)

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omg my heart was beating like hell what a hell rabchik romantic chap lol ofcurs u'd be nervous twas breathtaking,mindblowing,legs shivering,lungs shattering!

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so romantic...*blush*...i had goosebumps while reading these chapters...thanx a lot for the pm...*hugs*

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Chapter 52
'Nahi Nivedita, tu yahaan bet, main Divya ko le jaa thi hoon.' Hemlata smiled at Nivi and helped Divya up before taking her to freshen up. Nivi watched them go with a smile, feeling happy and content with the way everything was going so far. They were at the Sood house; it was Divya and Sid's engagement and they'd exchanged rings earlier but Sid had gotten an important phone call so Vandana had suggested they take Divya to have a break for a few minutes.
As Nivi watched Divya leave, she thought she looked radiant in a heavily embroidered pale pink lehnga. Sid was wearing a similar shade sherwani and Nivi thought they'd looked good together as they exchanged rings and they both seemed to be glowing with happiness. As she thought about it, she suddenly remembered Viren standing just behind Sid; instead of watching the couple he'd been watching her and the look on his face had made her forget where they were for a minute till the clapping broke through her thoughts.
She looked over now to the other side of the room where people were dancing and Viren was trying to teach Yash some moves. Nivi laughed to herself as Yash tried to copy Viren but he just looked awkward whereas Viren made it look effortless. He was wearing a deep blue sherwani and maybe Nivi was biased but she thought he was the best looking person in the room and she'd had to remind herself to breathe when she'd first seen him at the entrance. She'd missed him anyway and seeing him dressed like that had left her a little speechless.
She hadn't seen Viren at all since he'd climbed through her window, only spoken to him over the phone. He was so busy lately because Siddarth had asked if he would help out at the office while the wedding was happening and Viren hadn't been able to say no, so for now he was working both at the Ad agency and at Sood Industries. Despite that, he still stayed up late to speak to Nivi even though she kept telling him he needed to rest too. As she watched him dancing with Yash, she wondered where he got the energy from.
'Aise nahi Yash! Haath aise rak ke..' Viren tried to show Yash an easy dance move but Yash gave up and just started doing his own thing as Viren laughed and looked around. His eyes fell on Nivi sitting on the slightly raised chaise where Divya and Sid had been sitting earlier. Everyone was rushing around her busy or catching up but she was sitting there quietly with a smile on her face and Viren wished he could steal her away from everyone and ask her what she was thinking.
As he watched her, he thought again how beautiful she looked; when he'd first seen her in the doorway standing next to Divya he'd been speechless and Divya had teasingly whispered for him to close his mouth as they walked in. She was dressed in pale purple lehnga with her hair all curled to one side with the curls falling over her right shoulder. For once she was wearing heavy jewellery and Viren had noticed her touching her earrings more than once throughout the evening as though she was uncomfortable with them.
'Mere baare mein soch rahi thi?!' Nivi jumped as she heard Viren's voice whisper in her ear. She'd been day dreaming and hadn't heard him come up and sit behind her; she turned a little to look at him, he had his back to her and their shoulders were almost touching as he turned and leaned in to whisper. Viren looked like he was in a mischievous mood and Nivi didn't want to encourage him so she said a little sternly, 'Kyu? Mere paas koi aur kaam nahi hai kya?!' and she put a cushion between them. 'Accha?!!' Viren looked around quickly before grabbing her left hand which was still on the cushion.
'Viren!' Before Nivi knew what was happening, Viren pulled out the cushion from under their hands and covered their hands with it before arranging Nivi's scarf over it. 'Accha, so you weren't thinking about all?' He asked with a cheeky smile as Nivi looked around and tried to pull her hand away but he gripped on tightly, still smiling and Nivi frowned, feeling worried, 'Nahi toh! I don't spend ALL my time thinking about you, you know,' her voice was a little panicky as she lied and kept looking around, thinking someone would come there any minute.
' tell me; how many sketches have you made of me since the other night?!' He winked and Nivi went red at his words and at the memory of the other night; she hadn't slept at all after he'd gone... She looked down, not saying anything and Viren stroked the back of her hand with his thumb as he leaned forward and said softly, 'Pata hai Nivi, when you blush, even your ears go red!' He reached up with his free hand and ran his fingers over the tip of her pink ear as she shivered and jumped a little, 'Stop it Viren! Please...'
Viren laughed softly but moved away a little, still keeping hold of her hand. Nivi felt a little relieved till she heard him say quietly, 'I haven't even started yet Moti...' She was about to ask what he meant when they heard someone say, 'Divya nahi aayi ab tak?' It was Vandana, holding a glass of juice for Divya. Nivi went pale and tried to take her hand back but Viren carried on smiling innocently as he held on and twisted his fingers around hers, causing her hand to tingle. 'Umm nahi Chachiji...bas aa thi hi hogi..' She sounded nervous and Vandana frowned and then noticed Viren. 'Viren, tu yahaan kya kar raha hai?!'
'Kuch nahi Tayiji, bas aap hi ka intezaar kar raha tha!' When Vandana gave him a questioning look, Viren smiled cheekily, 'Ek dance... please?!' Vandana started to laugh, 'Badmaash, mein iss umar mein tere saath dance karoongi?!' She looked at Nivi, 'Tu Nivi ko kyu nahi le jaa tha?!' Viren's hand tightened on hers just as Nivi jumped and said nervously, 'Nahi Chachiji, main kaise...?!' She looked at Viren pleadingly but he shook his head still smiling; he was about to argue when Divya and Hemlata came back and so did Sid.
'Maa. Mujhe kuch dher ke liye bahar jaana mein kuch problems ho gayi hai.' Siddarth looked worried and when Vandana asked if it couldn't wait till the morning Sid explained there was some mix up with the deliveries and it had to be dealt with tonight. Vandana looked at Divya worriedly but she put a hand on Vandana's arm and stood up. 'It's ok Siddarth, go if you have to, don't worry about me ok?' They smiled at each other and Viren felt Nivi squeeze his hand and he understood because he'd been thinking the same thing.
He stroked her palm one last time before letting go and standing up. 'Bhai tum bhi naa! Agar tumhe har chotti chotti cheez ke liye pareshaan hona tha toh mujhe kyu kaam pe raka?!' Viren rolled his eyes, 'It's your engagement, you stay here and I'll go ok? Just tell me what I need to do and then I'll get changed and head out.' Nivi smiled at Viren and he smiled back before getting some instructions off Sid and heading up to get changed. Nivi watched Viren go, feeling happy but also a little sad that he had to go.

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Chapter 53
A little later, Viren had finished getting changed into his regular clothes and was heading down the hallway towards the stairs when he heard a crash and the sound of glass shattering. He frowned and hurried to where it had come from and realised it was coming from one of the bathrooms. He knocked on the closed door, 'Hello? Is everything ok in there?' He waited for a few moments before he was surprised to hear Nivi's voice.
'Viren, is that you?! Oh thank god! It's me Nivi...' Her voice sounded shaky and Viren remembered the crashing sound and felt a flutter of fear; he put his hands on the door, 'Are you ok? Can I come in?' He tried the door and it was open but he waited till she said, 'Haan lekin dyaan se...' before opening the door cautiously, his eyes searching for her as he stood in the doorway.
He'd half expected to find her on the floor, hurt but Nivi was standing at the other end of the big bathroom by the sink looking a little shaken but otherwise fine. He sighed in relief and then looked down to see what had made the crashing sound. There were flowers and crystal and glass all over the white floor between Nivi and the doorway where he was standing. 'Umm, my scarf caught the vase when I was turning to leave...sorry...'
Nivi looked embarrassed and Viren tried not to laugh at the guilty expression on her face; she didn't like being reminded how clumsy she was at the best of times... 'It's ok Moti, it happens...mainly to you but still...' He laughed then as Nivi made a face at him; he held out his hand shaking his head. 'Come on Nivi, someone else will clean it up, let's go.' Viren waited and then looked puzzled as Nivi didn't move. 'That's not why I'm standing here Viren...'
When Viren looked confused, she sighed and lifted her ghagra to her ankles and he saw her bare feet peeking out underneath. She had matching silver and purple anklets on and Viren was distracted for a couple of seconds before he blinked and said, 'Where are your shoes?!' and Nivi replied 'They're outside by the door, can you pass them to me please?' Viren went back out saying, 'Why did you take them off in the first place...' but his voice faded off as he came back to the doorway and looked at the shoes he was holding.
'THESE are your shoes Moti?! You actually wore these all evening?!' Viren looked at the delicate, strappy, at least 5 inch, pale purple stiletto heels in his hand and then blinked at Nivi in disbelief. Nivi rolled her eyes, 'Why do you think I took them off?! And why do you think I've been sitting down all evening...' Viren started laughing, 'That's why you didn't want to dance isn't it?!' Nivi shook her head as he laughed more, 'It's not funny Viren, they're awful! Di picked them out...and my feet hurt!' She looked so upset that Viren made himself stop laughing. 'Just toss me them please...' she felt silly enough as it was as she waited with her hand held out.
Viren looked at the shoes in his hand again and tried to figure out why anyone would torture themselves by wearing them and frowned as he noticed all the straps and wondered how someone would even fasten them! He looked down at all the glass on the floor and realised there was no way she was going to walk out in those shoes; he had a sudden idea and smiled.
Nivi had been relieved to see it was Viren who'd found her there; she'd only come up here for a break from all the noise and from the painful shoes when she'd broken the vase and panicked. Viren's expression at her shoes had been hilarious; he'd changed into blue jeans and a black jacket with a white tee and Nivi felt a little jealous that he could walk around in trainers while she had to wear those awful shoes!
As she watched Viren, suddenly she noticed the slow smile crossing his face and wondered what exactly he was thinking. He had that look of mischief on his face again and she'd just said 'Viren...?' in a slow, questioning voice when he suddenly threw the shoes over his shoulder not caring where they ended up and walked towards her purposefully, his purple Converse easily crunching over the glass.

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Chapter 54
'Viren, what are you...?' Nivi's voice trailed off and she gave a little shriek as Viren reached her and put his arms under her, lifting her up into his arms in one smooth move as though she weighed nothing! She swallowed nervously and tried to speak but Viren cut her off and she blinked at his words, 'Chup Moti! Can't you see I'm saving you?!' He winked at her and Nivi blinked again, feeling breathless. He shifted a little on his feet and Nivi put her arms around his neck quickly and held on as Viren smiled into her eyes. 
'Did I tell you how beautiful you look today Nivi?' He asked softly and Nivi shook her head, feeling her mouth go dry at his expression. Her fingers curled themselves into Viren's hair almost of their own will and she couldn't help smiling as Viren closed his eyes and shivered a little. 'You didn't look too bad yourself actually...' Nivi looked down as she spoke shyly and Viren laughed softly, 'Sach?! I knew you were thinking about me! Are you going to draw me again Moti?' He stared into her eyes, and continued in a serious voice, 'I wish I could draw you when you look at me right now.'
He brought his face down close to hers and this time Nivi knew he was going to kiss her but she still wasn't prepared for the rush of feelings she got when he did. It was a different kiss than the last one, sweeter but Nivi still felt it down to her fingertips and she tightened her fingers in Viren's hair as she pulled him closer. They broke apart after long seconds and Viren buried his face in her hair trying to catch his breath as Nivi rested her head on his shoulder, holding onto him tightly and feeling like her heart was about to jump out of her chest. After a few minutes she said, 'Viren?'
'Hmm?' His face was still in her hair and Nivi touched the back of his neck, 'Aren't you supposed to be saving me?!' she asked in a slightly unsteady voice and Viren lifted his head, blinking. 'Right...' Nivi met his dazed eyes for a second before looking down and Viren smiled and said softly, 'You're kinda pushy for someone who's being saved aren't you?!' He laughed a little shakily and kissed her on the forehead quickly before taking a deep breath and saying, 'Chal Moti...tu bhi kya yaad karegi!' with a sigh and Nivi suddenly giggled at his dramatic tone of voice as he carried her out easily and set her down gently in the hallway.
Nivi bent down to pick up her shoes but she didn't have the guts to put them on again. 'You can have my trainers if you want...they're purple at least?!' Nivi looked up as Viren smiled at her half seriously and shook her head, laughing at the image his words created in her head, 'I wish I could...' She shrugged, 'It's fine Viren; we'll be going home soon anyway.' She smiled and then turned to go, feeling shy again but Viren grabbed her hand. 'Wait Nivi, we're still meeting up for lunch tomorrow right? I'll pick you up at 12...?'
Nivi made an unsure face and Viren pulled her close, 'Noo can't back out, it's my first day off in 2 weeks!' He frowned at her, 'Besides, I just saved your life!' He gave her a pleading look and Nivi sighed, 'Lekin Viren...Dadi?' Viren rolled his eyes, 'Leave Dadi to me ok?' Nivi thought about it and then nodded a little reluctantly. In reality, she just wanted Viren to get some rest; he'd been working non-stop for the past couple of weeks and she didn't think going out tomorrow would help him.
These thoughts flew through her head in a flash but then she couldn't help smiling when she saw Viren's face light up as she nodded. He hugged her and she laughed, 'Ok Viren, I have to go...and so do you remember?!' She stopped laughing and blinked, feeling her breath catch as Viren leaned down and gave her a quick kiss on her cheek and then brushed his lips across her knuckles. 'See you tomorrow...' he said softly as she let go of his hand and walked towards the stairs a little unsteadily even though she was still barefoot.
Viren turned back to close the bathroom door when he noticed one of Nivi's anklets on the floor just inside; he picked it up carefully and shook glass off it and watched it glitter and jingle as he shook it. It looked beautiful and delicate, just like Nivi he thought, as he smiled and put it in his pocket. He closed the door and leaned against it for a few minutes, closing his eyes as he remembered their kiss. He opened his eyes and sighed; he'd been thinking about their future a lot lately; they had to decide what to do and he wanted to talk to her about it soon, hopefully tomorrow. He took a deep breath and tried to clear his head as he went to find Sid before he left.

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OMV OMV OMV OMV!!!! Diii that was so FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! Awww you're just awesome Di...I was SO bored sat down nothing to do...and u posted these amazing chapters!! I love you!!! Okay about the chapters no idea what I should say it was that brilliant that my words will not do justice to it!! totally loved it Viren...holding Nivi's hand admist all those people awww he is just the cutest ever...I can so imagine him doing that. Awww...and the bathroom scene that was just MIND BLOWING!!! awww she took off her heels I don't blame her how on earth do people walk in heels and Viren couldn't help laughing ROFL  awww I just LOVEE HIM!! but of course u knew that LOL. and the kiss...OMV OMV that was just tooo AWESOME really wanna kill us with these kisses don't you. BTW i LOVED the way you wrote it its just superb and even though i loved the kiss part  yep i did get jealous as well LOL...LUCKY Nivi!!! 'You're kinda pushy fome someone who's being saved' LMAO super funny ROFL  and 'Chal moti...tu bhi kya yaad karegi' ROFL  ROFL I can SO imagine his dramatic voice awww i just love it when he talks dramatically!!! Once again thank you for there AWESOME...BRILLLIANT...MIND BLOWING chapters!!!! love you Diii Hug

P.S: sorry for such a long comment...I just LOVED it...and also u know that I talk A LOT lol. loved it!! 

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Omg what a treat on a Thursday night... 3 romantic pack chapters. Awww can't seem to get enough of your chapters, while reading the last one all I could think about NOoo Nooo Nooo its ending. Seriously Asma you are the best writer I have ever come cross... Ok back to the NivRen now, Viren is so daring... Holding her hand like that and touching her when everyone is around them... Omg Nivi is so lucky. I had goosebumps, just by reading these chapters. The bathroom scene was just awesome awesome!!! Omg he carried her and as for the kiss, I'm glad with such an intense moment he didn't drop his beloved:) Gosh I'm in NivRen's dreamland now:):):) you FF really keep NivRen alive. Thanks jaan for this... Ok don't think I'm crazy but I'm going to read it again so I can enjoy each moment properly... Love you:):):)

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Wow Asma this was just sooo romantic. i'm speechless, lost for words!!!!. you make it sound so real that i just picture viren and nivi in my head. Loved it sooo much.
thanks mwah.

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