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Tum Se Hi: Thread One: Chapters 1 - 71

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Hi everyoneHug  I've decided to write an FF on NivRen and I'm a little nervous...ok very nervous actually because till now I've only written scenes and this is a whole new thing 4 me. Hope you enjoy it, I don't know how long it'll be or even if I'll carry on yet but I have an outline in mind which might change depending on whether people like it... So, first I'll give you some background on the characters and story then start, sorry if the intro's a little long but the first chapter is straight after!
PS: Special thanks to Nadz who asked me to write an ff and made me consider it seriously for the first time.
Hope you like it and please do comment even if it's just to tell me it's boring!Embarrassed
Character Sketch & Chapter 1 - page 1
Chapter 2 - page 4
Chapter 3 - page 4
Chapter 4 - page 5
Chapter 5 - page 11
Chapter 6 - page 11
Chapter 7 - page 12
Chapter 8 - Page 16
Chapter 9 - Page 16
Chapter 10 - Page 20
Chapter 11 - Page 20
Chapter 12 - Page 23
Chapter 13 - Page 23
Chapter 14 - Page 23
Chapter 15 - Page 28 
Chapter 16 - Page 28 
Chapter 17 - Page 28 
Chapter 18 - Page 33 
Chapter 19 - Page 33
Chapter 20 - Page 38 
Chapter 21 - Page 38
Chapter 22 - Page 42
Chapter 23 - Page 46
Chapter 24 - Page 46
Chapter 25 - Page 50
Chapter 26 - Page 50
Chapter 27 - Page 50
Chapter 28 - Page 54
Chapter 29 - Page 54
Chapter 30 - Page 58
Chapter 31 - Page 58
Chapter 32 - Page 61
Chapter 33 - Page 61
Chapter 34 - Page 61
Chapter 35 - Page 66
Chapter 36 - Page 66
Chapter 37 - Page 70
Chapter 38 - Page 71
Chapter 39 - Page 71
Chapter 40 - Page 75
Chapter 41 - Page 75
Chapter 42 - Page 79
Chapter 43 - Page 83
Chapter 44 - Page 86
Chapter 45 - Page 86
Chapter 46 - Page 90
Chapter 47 - Page 94
Chapter 48 - Page 98
Chapter 49 - Page 98
Chapter 50 - Page 103
Chapter 51 - Page 103
Chapter 52 - Page 108
Chapter 53 - Page 108
Chapter 54 - Page 108
Chapter 55 - Page 112
Chapter 56 - Page 113
Chapter 57 - Page 113
Chapter 58 - Page 117
Chapter 59 - Page 117
Chapter 60 - Page 122
Chapter 61 - Page 123
Chapter 62 - Page 125
Chapter 63 - Page 126
Chapter 64 - Page 132
Chapter 65 - Page 132
Chapter 66 - Page 132
Chapter 67 - Page 138
Chapter 68 - Page 138
Chapter 69 - Page 138
Chapter 70 - Page 143
Chapter 71 - Page 143
**Chapters 72 onwards continues in a new thread:
Tum Se Hi - A NivRen FF

Story & Characters
Like in CCBM, the main people in this story are the Sharma's and the Sood's who live in Shimla in India but there is no enmity between them as such, sometimes there are tensions but it's nothing out of the ordinary and the two families get along smoothly. The family members are also the same but their characters may be a little different than you're used to.
The central story revolves around Viren, Nivedita, Siddarth and Divya who were all childhood friends at one point and about how the bonds between them change and strengthen when they all meet again. It's about them realising that something that was meant to be always falls into place eventually, no matter how long it takes.
Siddarth Sood  
Siddarth Sood is the responsible son, grandson & older brother who has taken over the Sood family business since leaving university and is making a name for himself there. His main focus is on business more than on his personal life as he feels there will be time for that later. He loves his family deeply and would do anything for them; his father died when he was still a child but he never felt the loss as he had his mother and grandparents to take care of him.
He loves his younger cousin brother Viren and sees him as his own brother; he's always tried to get Viren to be more responsible and interested in the family business but he also admires Viren's care free nature and doesn't want to force anything on him till he's ready. Sid has been away from home for a year or so, overseas on business. He is good friends with both Nivi and Divya but hasn't spent much time with either of them recently.
Viren Sood 
Viren Sood is a fun loving, happy go lucky guy who knows instantly how to make people laugh and seems to understand what they need before they do themselves. He's a person of extremes and lives life to the full and in the moment; stubborn and headstrong, quick witted with just as quick a temper and if you set him off then be willing to accept the consequences! He's just as quick to apologise though, and when he's in the wrong he'll be the first to admit it and surprise you with the sweetest of gestures. He loves his family and is a very loyal person who loves deeply and would do anything for a friend or loved one without thinking twice.
He doesn't know what he wants in life right now besides having fun, playing his flute and catching up with his friends and family; he's been away from home for so long and is only just coming back after completing his university studies. He has a mother and father and although he loves them, he understands their faults as well. His favourite is his Tayiji who spoils him whenever he's home and he loves it.
He loves Sid as an older brother and admires him for being so focused but thinks he needs to lighten up and have fun too sometimes. He's used to getting a lot of girl attention but mostly ignores it as he hasn't met anyone that's made him stop and think or stayed on his mind any longer than when he's with them. He was friends with Nivi and Divya in childhood but hasn't seen either since they were children.
Nivedita Sharma (Nivi)
Nivedita Sharma, or Nivi as everyone calls her, is a happy, optimistic girl who loves her family more than anything in the world and would do anything for them. She's confident in herself but can be quiet and shy when she doesn't know someone. Once she does, she opens up and loves to have deep conversations as well as a laugh and is a loyal friend to the core. She has a stubborn streak in her and can lose her temper spectacularly if pushed although she's mostly quite calm in nature so not many get to see that side of her.
Her mother died when she was younger and both her and her younger brother Yash, have been looked after by their grandmother. Her father works for an insurance firm and works long hours but Nivi has never felt his absence due to her grandmothers love. She is close to her cousin Divya, they get on like sisters and often fight but always make up too. Nivi has recently finished her studies and is hoping to get a job soon; she's a simple and musical person who loves singing and creating things and isn't as interested in numbers and figures. She's not really bothered with guys and doesn't notice them much which Divya always teases her about; she was friends with both Sid and Viren during their childhood but hasn't seen Viren since he left home as a child.
Divya Sharma
Divya Sharma is a sweet girl who loves her family and her cousin sister Nivi; she's fun loving and outgoing and always thinks the best of people. She doesn't hold a grudge and is always the first to apologise when she and Nivi have an arugument. She has also finished her studies but isn't really looking to get a job; she'd much rather fall in love with a handsome stranger, have an epic romance and get married! Her mother has high hopes and big dreams of getting her married to a rich guy but Divya is more interested in love than money. She hasn't seen Viren since they were kids but has kept in touch with Sid while he's been abroad.
Chapter 1
Viren was on his way back to Shimla with mixed feelings; he was excited to be back, looking forward to seeing his family and old friends again but at the same time he felt a little nervous at the thought of having to live up to his families expectations of him. His mother had told him that he didn't need to come back if he didn't want to, she'd said he could remain in Delhi and join the office there. But he didn't want to join the office; he didn't know what he wanted at all except that he felt an odd pull to come home so that was what he was doing. He stopped his bike at a red light and realized he was in Shimla.
Nivi was rushing around the house at full speed, picking up papers and shoes and cursing Yash under her breath. 'Yash! Where are you?! Idhar aa ABHI!!' She saw Yash's head poke out of his room and threw a shoe at it but she missed and his head disappeared. 'Di!! What are you doing?! Maine kuch nahi kiya, promise!' Nivi ignored him and told him to come out again.
Yash was trying to think of what he could have done to get Nivi so mad at him! Suddenly he remembered their conversation last night and he smacked himself on the forehead. He peeked out and saw Dadi had come out hearing all the yelling. 'Kya hua Nivi? Itna shor... tera toh aaj interview tha naa? Yahaan kya kar rahi hai?!' Yash made a face as he heard Nivi tell Dadi in a slightly panicky tone that she was running late for her interview because first he had forgotten to clean up the breakfast dishes AND had left the living room looking like a tip even though he'd promised to clear it all up last night. He went out of his room quickly and hid behind Dadi and looked out at Nivi.
Nivi saw Yash sneak out of his room and felt her anger vanishing as quickly as it had come as she saw his guilty face peek out from behind Dadi. She was annoyed because it had taken her so long to get a job interview and now it looked like she might be late! She felt nervous and knew she was over-reacting about the mess but she couldn't help it. Dadi gave her a knowing look as she told Yash off behind her and he looked at Nivi and said 'Sorry Di, main bhool gaya...I'll clean everything now!' Nivi folded her arms and said 'fine!' in an annoyed tone even though she was no longer angry and Yash suddenly laughed as he picked up some papers off the table. 'Di, you always throw things when you're angry...but you never manage to hit anything!' When Nivi looked like she'd yell again he said quickly 'don't worry I'll teach you how to aim properly for next time!' and ran into his room before she could throw something else.  
Nivi didn't know what was wrong with her this morning; she'd woken up feeling odd because she hadn't slept and she'd thought it was because she was nervous but there was another feeling she couldn't quite put her finger on and it made her anxious. She didn't usually get that angry unless Yash did something especially annoying but today such a little thing had set her off! She tried to shake off the weird feeling and realized suddenly that Dadi was watching her with an odd look on her face. She remembered she was already late so she picked up her bag and the file with all her papers for the interview and went to get Dadi's ashirwaad before giving her a hug and leaving the house hurriedly.
Viren was almost home; it hadn't taken that long and he hadn't even had to ask for directions because the roads seemed familiar to him even though he hadn't been here in so long. He'd come home for a few odd weekends when he was younger but someone had always picked him up. As he reached the road that would take him home, he took the sharp turn too fast with his bike and almost ran over someone!
It was a girl and she was walking really fast with her head bent down and a file in her arms. Viren couldn't see her face properly through his helmet visor because she was looking down but she had really long hair and was wearing a pale pink salwar suit. He took all this in in just a few seconds without fully registering it because his heart was in his mouth as he almost hit her and she looked up too late. He just managed to see a pair of big frightened eyes looking at him as he swerved the bike out of the way just in time, barely keeping control of it. His heart was racing as he skidded to a stop a few metres away, turning the bike around before pulling off his helmet angrily. He opened his mouth to yell at the girl to watch where she was going but all he saw was a glimpse of her pink scarf as she disappeared around the corner!

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dear asma nice intro and awesome chapterSmile...please continue soon

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vids08 Goldie

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Asma, fantastic start.
Oh loved Nivi- yash ladaai. Its just like good old days in CCBM. fabulous.
Kaha end kar diya chapter ko. Him on his bike and she in pink salwar. My God. I'm already eager. Do continue.

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Thanks Neetika, Vids!Embarrassed
Vids dont worry jaan, next chapter will be posted tonight or tomoro, probably tomoro morning, im glad u liked it, makes me feel a lil relieved actuallyHug

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wawww!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing... really love it
love the introduction and verin ka charc is really charm i love them all but verin the most ... really good introduction as i told u u rock sweeti

chapter one really awesome they didn't c each other yet and great chapter love it will wait for the next today or tomorow u r talented sweeti ... she is so harry just gayib verin yell so sweet jann ... really make me excited what will happen next

ha yash and nivi start really make me smile when i imagin how they would look yash behind dd and all LOL
keep it up really excited howthey will meet Day Dreaming will be so romantic jannn

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OMV!!! Diii...ove the character sketch its awesome and loved what you said about Divya on the CS, she is the first to apologise when anything goes wrong with her and Nivi aww. and OMV the first chapter LOVED it Di...Yash-Nivi's argument made me crack up its soo cute and funny. Oh Diii I'm impatient wanna know more its gonna be hard for me to wait. Great job Di loving it!! x

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Originally posted by Anisha_91

OMV!!! Diii...ove the character sketch its awesome and loved what you said about Divya on the CS, she is the first to apologise when anything goes wrong with her and Nivi aww. and OMV the first chapter LOVED it Di...Yash-Nivi's argument made me crack up its soo cute and funny. Oh Diii I'm impatient wanna know more its gonna be hard for me to wait. Great job Di loving it!! x
OMV thanks anisha, i was waiting for u to comment cos i thought u were online, i was so nervous yaar but feel much better now, thank uHug Yep im writing another chapter but wont be finished today i dont think, will post tomoro morning probably!  Glad u like the character sketches, I'm sure u can tell Viren is my fave, i cudnt stop writing about him LMAOOEmbarrassed

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LMAO DI!!! Of course loved his CS is the best just like how he is in the show soo cute. what I mainly liked about Divya's was its kinda opposite to her in the story hehe. Loved the FF and ooops i forgot to mention I LOVE the title on the FF its really cute ..aaahh I have to wait till tomorrow!! Okayyy it will be hard but I'll mange somehow. x

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