Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

#Devil's Den# - Fans in shock, SR was a wash

liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 7:50am | IP Logged

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 7:50am | IP Logged
All the pictures above are courtesy Geets (49er fan) Thanks Geets Hug

I am not going to lie to you. I was disappointed with the last 15 minutes of the maha episode. The rest of the episode was good.

Parts of the episode I liked
Mamaji and the goons LOL
Lucky and Mamaji ROFL
Maan and Dev with the goon especially Maan telling the goon he will open the knife for him LOL LOL
Lucky running back to Tej and Beeji Thumbs Up
Tej going with Lucky and telling Beeji to call the Commissioner Thumbs Up
Pammi's concern Embarrassed
Dev trying to get loose and Nandini's refusal to believe him LOL

Parts of the episode I disliked

Haste makes waste - Old English Proverb
I fail to see the need to show a SR at this juncture. Ermm
It does not make sense story wise or even go with the flow of things.
Why this tearing hurry to show the SR? Confused
Could you have not waited until they were back in Delhi, back in their own bedroom in KC and then Maan initiates the intimacy. It would have worked out so much better if he took her out somewhere after everything was out in the open and they were together for the first time as man and wife. Thumbs Up
It seems the whole thing was rushed just to have some dhamaka in the maha episode. Nandini smelling a rat would have been a big enough dhamaka.Wink

Instead we get a lame scenario where they are pursued by goons. Not only that the girl is so tired she can barely walk Cry. Maan has to physically carry Geet because she is tired Ouch. He know she is hungry and wants to go out to bring food for her. OK so far. Then all of a sudden when she tells him she is scared and does not want to be left alone, he should hold her and console her. Instead he decides to ask her whether she is ready to take their relationship to the next level. Shocked Shocked Shocked What the hell is wrong with MSK? Shocked Shocked Shocked Why is trying to initiate intimacy with a girl who is exhausted, frightened and also hungry into the bargain. Ouch Angry Ermm It would have made more sense if he held her and talked to her. Some cuddling and kissing would have been good Thumbs Up. But I am sorry going the whole way smacks of indifference and destroys the character of MSK Thumbs Down who always put Geet's needs before his. He did not in this case and is a critical error on behalf of the CVs and the screenplay writers. Angry Thumbs Down

This is what blows my mind - the ever responsible Maan is least bothered that his saali is with his brother and where they might be? Ermm He is also least bothered about the goons coming back Ermm? I am sorry but there are way too many loopholes for me to not comment on this. The MSK I knew would make sure Geet was comfortable and not tired, before deciding to take this important step. Geet has already been wounded once, we had hoped on some level that MSK would make this night special for her Embarrassed. But that was not to be. He also turned out to be just a man with a feet of clay thanks to the CVs. Ouch

Finally some nice dialogues...some buildup to the intimacy would have been nice. I did not have MSK pegged as a wham, bam, thank you mam kind of guy but I guess I really do not know this new MSK.Ouch

Once again I do not have any problem with the lack of intimacy being shown, my problems are with the logic and the massacre of MSK's character. Why is he so desperate to consumate the marriage? He has waited this long? Can't he wait a little longer? Confused

If I had to put this in one line - there is a time and a place for everything and this was just not it. Ouch

The only way to do some damage control now is to show that they did come close but Maan made Geet sleep because she was too tired. He should tell her that I want to see you as my dulhan in my house again so that we can be man and wife in every sense. This is neither the time nor the place for this. This would keep the character of MSK intact in my eyes.Big smile

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shonuu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 7:53am | IP Logged

ok let me start with sharing a joke,,, eemmm which can be better joke than this,, haan??

Consummation in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi

ROFL this  news should come  on 1st April,, since its a perfect April fool material... ROFL
 since i am or should i say i was a loyal fan of GHSP.. so hardly complained about anything so far.. but today the above mentioned joke made me say this all...

my dear CVS are you really loyal to the show ????
Do you think we are fool??
or do you think we will believe on you in future???

and lastly do you think you can hook us to this show by showing such kinda HOT HOT NOT scenes??

we are watching this show since more than a year,,, but so far Maan the most passionate lover ,,, couldnt not go beyond kissing the forehead of his lady love??? koi  manufacturing defect ha kya???

 lets bury the past ,,and discuss only present scenario...

 Build up for a consummation

 Maan asks geet, to give him a baby??? is it an investment?? like each time i make love with you.. you'll have to make me papa???shouldnt it happen out of love and not out of need/planning?? do all the married couples plan babies before consummating their marriage..??  and today before going ahead maan asked for geet's permission.. thankfully she said i wanna go one step ahead instead of main aapko papa banane ke liye  tayyar hon....i  hope  after whatever they have done today, maan dont THANK HER FOR THE GOOD TIMES...Angry


 Is the creative team of GHSP aware of the requirement of special episode?? some big twist, some shocking truth revelation, some wedding/ divorce or consummation is celebrated in maha / special episode .. (for the kind information of so called cvs of GHSP).. but today's episode had no such content in it... all of a sudden some wedding invitation comes.. and the couples get ready for the adventure.. but were they actually going on some wedding?? because from geet's dressing it seems they were going to attend some funeral... and why the hell that wanna be DON was trying to lootofy them?? neither geet nor nandini was wearing any sort of gold or jewels .. then y that exercise ??  and which telly heroine  wears such kinda clothes on her Suhaag Raat???

 now the execution ...

 so after taking her permission Mr. Maan singh khurana starts  his job of doing NOTHING..  thank God they didnt  ask blessing from babajee before doing it...  and what was shown in the name of most awaited consummation?? undoing her hair, undoing her dori,, removing her dupatta and kissing her costume..??? so thats what you call CONSUMMATION???  geet  ko koi  daad khaj khujli  ha kya that maan cant kiss her cheek, neck or shoulder??? and for this mockery you made us all wait for one year??? this much could be done on maasi's roof  as well na?? there was no need do defame the name of lovely places like jungle and tabela, knowing the reputation of these love making spots you guys should never dare bringing  your divine couple in there...

 this was your last chance to bring this show back on track but  cvs messed up everything.. now after this fake consummation there is nothing left to watch,, neither you can charm viewers with anything since it was your only trump card and you couldnt not play well with it.. now watch this sadela 18th century romance alone..


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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Awesome it! Embarrassed


Drums were rolling, all were dancing, so much excitement, yes it was the news of Maaneet SR...u got it the news was great! 

With all this great news and excitment, celebrations came before it actually happened. With all the hype and hoopler, creatives got drunk and went to sleep on Jugnu Mama's daaru before SR scene was shot and finalized.   Well, this would be the only excuse for the much awaited consummation on indian television history!  In the land of kamasutra, we got deadsutra on Maaneet! AngryAngryAngry

Trust me, I know its indian television and restrictions are a must, but what restrictions they have on foreplay!  Maaneet is their USP and I guess they didnt utilize them!

Anyhow this is all Im gonna say!

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 7:58am | IP Logged
Jhan    Beautiful breathtaking pictures...  Geets thanks for the lovely collection..

The den abhi se itni heated ho gayi only with the pictures...

Yar thoda A/C chalu kardo...

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geet.a IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 8:02am | IP Logged
hi guys!

So..mightily angry and disappointed lot of viewers aren't we right now?

Oh well...I hope we'll get maneet scenes good enough to do damage control!

Hope DD stays well :)
She was great today with her expressions..


Point of maha-epi- MAHA is the stress- it was not that be honest.

I NEVER expected to see 20 minutes of DEVINI- seriously and that too on the used and tried maneet scenes- we have deep steps in maneet relationship associated with those scenes- and seeing them on devini is jsut SICK

Maan had yday said he wanted to be a papa-
Geet said okay today and they consummated. it's definitely her own decision but isn't it too early to say stuff like that?
If maan had said he wanted to take their r'shp up a notch and asked for Geet's opinion- it would have been better..but perhaps it's a sign of things to come

Yes..there was that and all the loopy looping
First maneet epi- gundas- suit colour- Maan pushed Geet away
Jungle- Maan refusing to let anyone even touch Geet..Maan bashing gundas real bad- Maan carrying a tired but much-loved Geet to a safe place.

Water- a sign of the fertility of their love- and both nurturingly wipe each other's face with if it were holy water to wipe away all tears and all pain they had suffered in the past few days and are now ready to move ahead from kickstart their relationship.

Lantern- i think it would be a much hated figure but this lantern- this fire, is definitety protected against external factors..and it is giving them light..obviously obscuring view from us...but u know, at least the deepak-jyoti connection...they have (we assume) become one physically now..Embarrassed

The Song choice was really good and the scenes we saw were very nice..i really liked the wonderful 5-7 minutes of the song sequence- hair opening(releasing Geet's sexuality from its bounds- hair being a sign of fertility and sexuality); dori opening,dupatta removing, the way he caressed her face-she being the most precious person in this world for him..

Jugnu mama got involved with the goons- what happened to his bijli ka khamba stance?
Barry- you really give him great lines! haha loved it!

I hope maneet will talk..i hope we'll at least see a nice morning scene.. this felt a bit incomplete and too short considering that this was the MAHA part of the maha-episode

Was the surrounding of gundas and the name bhim a parody of mahabharat? LOL

Umm..That's all, it felt very rushed..and not v fitting..hoping for better flow monday onwards

Love to all

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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 8:03am | IP Logged

The worst consummation I had ever seen on TV, if it was like this then why to raise people's expections, not even a proper kiss, I had seen many consummations Indian TV and on prime time, which was much hotter with kisses too, you have a hot jodi, but you didn't fullfill the promises, they have a wonderful chemistry, but this is not even called consummation, Are u joking? Even their partial SR after marriage was much better...

Zero even much for such episode, pathetic AngryDead

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 8:03am | IP Logged

My First question WHAT WAS THAT... ???

My Second Question WHY ???
My third Question WHAT WAS THE HURRY ??
Seriously I dunno what to say..My positivity has died this what I m waiting for last 1 year ??
When viewers say we want to see Maaneet CON,we never meant that we want to see a full intercourse of Maaneet...nope ...we want to see some foreplays...Maaneet episode which is fully dedicated to them without any other intervention...
For example...the Partial SR..which had no kiss but we all loved it...because of the execution...because of the dialogue and finger foreplays...because of the whole atmosphere/ambience which was was only partial but it was 1000000 times better than this so called CON
And what we get today...Geet who is looking fully sick(I think DD is not well and CVs should hv taken care of it)...MSK who wants to do it with full permission ...Maaneet thinking its a job they r going to do for becoming papa-mummy...So both starts the CON-Operation...MSK removes her dupatta...but she is still wearing the so called burkhaSleepy...then we hv a tiny sa shoulder kiss or pin removing scene ...both then lay down ...lantern is shown...over...huhh.,.,,thats it ??ConfusedConfused...And in the end viewers r CONNED in a royal wayDead...
Geet was exhaused and frightened when she holds MSK's hands and asks her not to leave her alone ...that moment MSK should hv grabbed her in his arms and gave her some comfort Embarrassed...but instead MSK becomes a robot and asks her r u ready for waiting for the answerConfused...Geet too says yes I m ready..and then they start..bang bangConfusedLOL...The whole build up itself is messed up badly as CON looked like a formality here for the sake of producing babies maybOuch

The build up to the grt Maaneet CON made no sense to me...both were running in the jungle ...completely exhausted and tired...had no energy to do any CON...right ?
They come to a tabela for shelter...where MSK asks her the same papa question indirectly and she gives the green signal this time...
Right after that they start the whole process as if its just a formality to produce BabyOuch...there was no passion or desire involved in the scene which made them do the CONOuch...
Instead I would hv preferred them to just share few intimate moments and hv a good matured conversation between them regarding their future and mayb MSK could hv told Geet that he would take their relationship to next level when they reach Delhi..since he wants to see her again as his dulhanEmbarrassed...
But instead they went to do the whole CON that moment itself in a hurry making it look like a formality to become parents...thats itOuch
And another issue was that it was too short...yes it was sensuous...since GC-DD r good actorsClapEmbarrassed..but it could hv gone to much higher level with some more duration given to the scene and also proper execution .which was lackingOuch...
it was a hurried and forced effort in the endSmile
I hv been defending this show for all the valid reasons till now...but today I will call a spade a spade..simpleSmile...
Don't kill me for saying this..but now I want CVs to twist the whole scenario on monday by showing the viewers that Maaneet never really went all the way to do the CON but just shared few intimate moments togetherLOLEmbarrassed
Whats the hurry for the CON ??Confused
I want MSK to tell Geet on monday that I want to see u as my dulhan again and we will do the adhoora SR again but in Delhi home where we left it...
Damage control doneBig smile
And next mahapeisode after 4 weeks ..they can hv a properly planned SR in Delhi with a proper ambienceBig smile
As it is we r satisfied with daily hot scenes of Maaneet which we why the rush for a forced CON ??Confused
Let them reach Delhi and hv a proper SR cum CON later...I m sure we all will cherish it moreEmbarrassed

Anyways I rest my case here..its high time we stop giving excuses that editing was bad or Actors not comfortable or blablabla...what I saw today was simply pathetic execution...bad timing...hurried up scenario to show the mahaepisode...and waste of two very talented actors who can ooze passion even with their eyes and body language(Partial SR, Kurbaan hua,Mahi ,Pee loo r biggest examples of this and 1000000 times hotter than this CON)...
There were few scenes which I did like today..
  • The fight with the goons was interesting
  • Geet-MSK jungle run and hiding underground was good and showed more chemistry than the disaster CONLOL
  • Water scene where MSK uses his shirt to feed water to Geet and then Geet uses the same shirt to wipe off MSK ka sweat from his face was hotterBlushing and well executed scene than the disaster CONAngry
  • Geet resting her head on MSK's bare chest and then MSK picking her up in his arms and walking was also hotter than the disaster CONSmile
Rest whatever was shown was UTTER CRAPSmile
Won't rate this Episode now..Would like to wait for Monday and see  how they take it from where they left todaySmile

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