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When U Say Nothing At All, MN, Pt 7 Pg27 19Jun (Page 7)

luv_nishal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 6:09am | IP Logged
divya di:  nice update...

i luvd it

i always luv mayur..

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princess_dj IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 6:18am | IP Logged
Just read both the parts Divz... Loved both...

I love the FF... i like the idea of both being in love but him in bangalore and her in mumbai...

I had loved MJHT and like mou said almost all the characters we interesting... that comes accross well in this FF...

I so miss talking to you...will you term me selfish  if i said i hope you come back to india soon...miss you loads...Hug

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mayur.forever Senior Member

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 9:10am | IP Logged
just read both d parts...luv how d story's goin...thanx a ton for d pmTongue

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myownarea IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 10:38pm | IP Logged

@Akki ROFL I cant believe u said that..."Amriki per gaind " ROFL ROFL you have no idea
how much I loved ur comment :D
I love it when u r fun, I love it when u r sappy :D see thats the whole point of friendships
:) and I was actually touched by ur comment Thank u so much Akkki :D means a lot to me!
I am a sucker for best friends to lovers stories to (mine being one such ) but there s
been one such story that I dint quite enjoy, u know which that is :D

@Stuti Hug aww I missed u guys soo much :)Heard u did very well :) congrats again :)
Glad u r liking this, keep reading and commenting stuts!! :)

@harsha ya I moved to the US, not even a month since I did. I'm glad u r finally getting
to go back home! :) Hope u do ur exam well :) all the best. Do continue pursuit! Actually
I guess the earlier lot reading pursuit are no more on IF, so u'll need to PM others I
guess :) otherwise, looking fwd to seeing u more often TC!

@fari - thank u so much sweetheart :) I like the name DD2 ha ha:D its nice!
I'm glad u r liking this story fari, MN in a different angle, but the same old MN :D
Bataungi na..aage aage padthi jao..keep reading u'll find the answers to al ur questions :)

@Bhawna - thanx :)

@Ridi - thanks :)

@Swati - u know I havent missed out on any of ur VMs :D I know I havnt commented, but in
between packing wrapping up shifting etc I did manage to see ur wonderful VMs. You keep
MN alive with ur choice of songs!! I'm glad u liked it, do read and keep commenting!!

@Annie - unres :D Me knows u like it though ;)

@Sam - too lazy, hmmm :D no worries, when u stop being lazy, do read and comment!!:)

@roshnee - yup ur ques is answered I guess. Mayank is in love too, just not telling ;)you
are sort of right abt the confession =)) Please continue reading and commenting!!

@Prithvisanyo1 Rakhi right? Thanks a lot!! :)

@Payal - hey I moved to the US :D I thot the whole world knew by now LOL I'm sorry abt
the first part, couldnt get around to sending PMs!Sorry :) Mou did PM though :) But it was
only 2 days earlier!!I'm glad u liked what u read till now :) I'm slowly catching up on ur
fab FF as well :D cheers!!

@valiyah thanks a lot for the constant support!

@umaima Nice to meet u :) I'm so glad u like this FF already :) Truth be told, I totally
enjoy writing it too!! Its always fun with MN and in a lighter vein, its easier on the
heart as well. thanks for the lovely comment! do keep reading and commenting! :)

@Debs - oh I'm sorry u missed the first part :) par der aaye durust aaye!I'm glad (very)
that u r liking this FF:) DO keep reading!! I have a hunch it wont turn out to be as mini as
I hoped it would be, simply because I enjoy writing it so much!!

@love.mayurarti Thank u so much!

@annu thank u so much! I know, I miss them too, just a way to imagine MN all over again!

@Mou, aww thank u so much Mou :) thats almost like a vote of confidence Hug
you are a sweetheart, so annie and I say it, humne kehdiya tho kehdiya (Sr AB style haha)
Abt the story, yeah just some we would ve wanted all along, not that we dint love MN
any which way, just a twist, may be the way we wouldve liked it? Trying:D  I know that
style did remind me of certains Oses I write=))Absolutely, benji ko kya patah hai MN love
story ke baare mein! :) We do know more ;) Do comment, u know i love ur comments!! :)

@Dhanakz thank u so much

@Samira thank u samira Hug I'm glad u r enjoying this FF, nothing can replace MJHT, but
just a dream thats all :) I'll defo have an update for Ye dooriyaan soon! :)

@Fiza thank u so much! :) there is something about unconfessed love isnt there?

@Surbhi - thank u so much dear! :)

@deepti - thank u so much deepti..I miss u too and the morning conversations! I'll try n
call if not as often, still!! :D Oh I like most MJHT characters atleast until a certain
point, just writing it the way we would like it:)

@mayur.forever - thank u so much for reading! Please continue reading and commenting!

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myownarea IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 10:43pm | IP Logged
Part 2  - Page 4
Thank u for the lovely comments, I'm honoured :) Please see replies in above post!
New stuff will start cropping up from the next update! :) and it might get a little irreverant LOL (nothing much just the overt use of silly I suppose!)
TO DO - comment & use the LIKE Tab  LOLBig smile
Part 3

Nupur wondered when she fell in love with Mayank?  She couldn't quite place her finger  on any event or incident in particular, he was wonderful as Varun (the character in the play!), it was the most romantic avatar she had ever seen Mayank in, she had hoped that it was Mayank not Varun speaking most of those lines. It was kind of lame to admit it, but she did probably have some feelings then, but she dint know, not really, she was just so caught up in her world, in her friendship with Mayank. She dint really think too much. She went with the flow.

Well, now that she thought about it what did she expect?  She had fallen into his arms the very first day she met him. It was like the fairytales she believed in, except here her sapnon ka Rajkumar dint love her. What a shame! They would've made a great pair. They had won the best Jodi award twice. Once for the salsa , once after the play. Oh yeah, they had won the academic meet too 'together! She had somewhere in her heart harboured some hopes that the play would be where Mayank would confess to her as well. It was a bit juvenile to think that way after all it was a college play, you can't really go about declaring your love for the world to hear, you might even get suspended you know! Well not likely if it was Mayank she thought silently shaking with laughter.

Then she saw her sister walking towards her, from the looks of it, she was about to witness another bout of crying from her little sister. She had to find and kill that Samrat. Now really, how much of a wood head can he be? Can't he see her precious sister whom she had protected all her life- until he unceremoniously walked in- loves him?

 Now don't mistake me, I do like Samrat, he is a nice bloke and all but he just doesn't see, you get what I mean. He just doesn't see how much my sister loves him, worse still, how much he loves my sister. Dakkan.

 I calmed her down as she cried her heart out, my heart going out to my little sister.

Atleast he is over those Sheena type girls, Samrat- I mean, to think she was his girlfriend once. She even had a fake tattoo of his name. Can you believe that? She even tried to charm Mayank *snorts* as if! Mayank dint pay her any attention. I mean he was polite to her, but then that's it, nothing more. That's like my guy! Only mine! No girl other than me in his life, he had said and meant it. (I hope he means it even now!). No other guy in my life either. Actually I'm not sad about that. When Shahrukh says there is someone somewhere made for you. I believe that, after all he is Shahrukh Khan! He also said if you truly love something, the whole universe will conspire to get it for you. So basically I trust SRK and that means I 'll just wait for Mayank, because he is the one made for me.  It sounds so perfect Mayank and Nupur. It has a beautiful feel to it. I know I know, I'm filmy and Mayank always pulled my leg about it. He thought I was too filmy.  I suppose he was right. That's nothing new, he is always right, Mayank Sharma. *goes back to day dreaming about my Mr Right*

Yes Maa, Mayank said on the phone. It was his mother's call asking him to reach home early. She said it rather dramatically, with SRK dialogues no less! His maa was so filmy. Well that reminded him yet again of another filmy person he knew. Nupur was filmier than maa.

He had wanted to propose to Nupur in a rather filmy manner actually, he had fallen for his best friend over the study sessions they had spent together post their eventful academic meet trip. He found her endearing then, slowly he had discovered various aspects of Nupur Bhushan and he realized he liked each aspect more than the other.  He had a feeling he was falling for her by the end of the trip, but had tried to remain sane atleast until he reached back home. Back home, he nearly told her everything in a holi bash where he had gotten drunk (it was only Bhang duh!), she had even brought him home, the complete sweetheart that she is. That brat Samrat still ribs me about something I mentioned in my drunken stupor about going home with Nupur only. Obviously I was wiser drunk I suppose.

Anyways I had decided to spend some good time with Nupur, as friends, post that in the hope that I'd forget my stupid feelings. As I spent time with her studying (Which she dint do much of, but she looked awfully cute, pulling her hair out or dozing off) and later practicing for the play I just was too involved with her as her friend to think of anything else. Even then I tried to get her to acknowledge her feelings for me! Stupid idea really. I did mention I was a little over-confident, bordering on cocky? Well, at a point I realized, I was acting like a complete moron and stopped. Thank god! I woud've made a fool of myself otherwise, proposing in between the play and Nupur assuming its just Varun and Isha and me pulling my hair out. So good sense prevailed and our play went on without a hitch.

Though he sometimes wondered, what would've been the case if he had indeed proposed to Nupur in the play? Would she have accepted? Rejected? Latter he supposed, after all he was nothing like her idea of her sapnon ka Rajkumar. Though this thought really upset him. He was however glad he still had Nupur as his best friend, atleast that hadn't changed.

After the play we ended up getting closer, we spent all our time together, I even got friendly with her set of friends. Otherwise I only talked to CJ other than Nupur. Now I had this quasi gang, though not technically my gang, they were Nupur's friends so by default mine. It made her happy when I tolerated her friends and her happiness was all I cared about. Though I must admit, I did start caring about the gang after a point. Samrat even became a good friend. Who would've thought!

 That jerk RV trying to mess with Dia, Nupur's cousin Dia! That good for nothing girlfriend of Samrat's  Sheeena (As Nupur not so lovingly called her) trying to accuse Nupur's  simple sister Gunjan of some nonsense . What a mess that was, of which I became a part only because Nupur insisted I join them in Samrat's farm house for some get-together or something. I went for Nupur and I was glad I could help Nupur sort the mess her near ones had gotten into. RV and Sheena were sent packing while Nupur and I (ok, Nupur mostly) went about sorting issues and reassuring people, while I just backed Nupur. Samrat hadn't realized he liked Gunjan , still hasn't according to Nupur's latest updates. What a dolt.

NOTE  - Notice how Mayank and Nupur are so unsure of each other's feelings but are so sure about Samrat..Typical MN if u ask me ! LOL
Part 4 - Page 11

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miss_bennet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 11:06pm | IP Logged
am in a hurry, gt xam in 2 days, so only short comments..gtg

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myownarea IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
Thanks Harsha :) All the best for ur exam! :)
@All - will PM later!!

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You-Know-Who IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Besht Phrends! Day Dreaming


Why would you believe Amriki per gend now? Its Amerrr*roll your tongue*rrican Footchball for you now! ROFL And good to know you appreciated it. I was wondering if i was just fooling around without no one actually laughing over my stupidity. Itz hurtz you know! *rakhi sawant eeestyle*

And was that Akk*rebecca black*kkki? I appreciate it! \m/

Btw, yes, Best friends to lovers stories are absolute favs. But hey the one you didnt enjoy wasnt best friends to lovers story. Best friends, escpecially when its a guy n a gal- have a charm and so does their story. I'd die before admiting that the one story you didnt enjoy was charming in any sense of the word. All i saw on screen was the guy bearing the pain of living a bachelor lifestyle (he didnt have maa ke haat ka khana so he had stomach problems) and the gal weeping like someone made her hear rebecca black all day! Or maybe rakhi sawant? Aish! Dont get me started!

I digress!

Coming back to business, I love how Mayank and Nupur shine through. You get what i mean? Like when Nupur snorts over the fact that Sheena tried to trap Mayank - so Nupur. Like Mayank calling the gang a quasi gang - so Mayank! I wouldve loved loved it had they explored MN characters further you know. Because really, after a while i thought there was absolutely zero character growth, in the show i mean!

Another thing i want to mention, rather ask is - whats the idea behind swiftly turning from first person to third and vice versa? I dunno, i find it alluring. Thumbs Up

I love this story, Period.

- You-Know-Who!

P.s. If you haven't yet watched Rakhi Sawant's ItZ hurtZ - DONT! it scarrs you for life.

P.p.s. Can you please change the initials to capital in the title. I m bordering OCD! LOL

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