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When U Say Nothing At All, MN, Pt 7 Pg27 19Jun (Page 16)

Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 12:06am | IP Logged
Update ayega -- mere liye update jarur lol lol lol
DD2  waiting for update...

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 12:17am | IP Logged
Faria i agree...aaj update aayega LOL

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thegameison IF-Sizzlerz

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myownarea IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 2:44am | IP Logged

@Kanky - U dont have to call me dee:) its absolutely cool ! Ha ha u wont remember this
but the first time I was in paradise,(abt 2 yrs back) u asked me my age and caused the
whole lot (eventually the whole forum ROFL ) to call me di!! So there, I hold u morally
responsible (no I dont LOL, just kidding about that part!). I just remembered it!! :))
Cool abt SRK ;) I do like some of his movies too. :)
Still waiting for ur review!! :D
hey u edited just in time!! :)
ha ha I did give Akki a chance to get smugger dint I? LOL hmmm!! Need to do something
about that!:D Interesting take that, yes, I think we are in the same space with regard
to MN, reading on them, digging out old stuff about them, its calming I think!

@Ishita - aww thank u soo much! I would love to read ur detailed review. I totally loved
their confession too, but then the story would be just the same LOL
 Infact I realise that there are things I was averse to when it came like the locket track
but then it resulted in such awesome things, so many scenes that I thought, but why? and
 it turned out just great eventually.I hope to keep up too :) Loved ur comment, pls
continue to :)

@jiya -aww ur Excitement made me really happy :)
Ofcourse I LOVE ur comments :)
He he I love it when u write in detail the things u love.
Mayank is quite filmy isnt he? How can he not be, when his biggest influence is his
maa and of course Nupur LOL
I would've given an arm and a leg to see Shilpa aunty Mayank and Nupur stay together,
but it was not to be :( I'll make sure that happens atleast here, SOMEHOW (even if
that means, I'll have to write a sequel to this). I love Shilpa aunty & MN combo
*gets emotional..* ok, sorry..I just love them, sigh!!
I hope this part lives upto ur expectations! :)

@Bhawna  thank u :)

@Jaee- Thank u soo much :) LOL True, MAyank talks even more, I think he does get carried
away, I mean he has a facade of complete control, but his brain is mostly over-working
isnt it LOL I love that quality though. Nupur of course doesnt worry as much LOL,
she is more living in the moment types :) Which i can totally relate to LOL so yeah :D
And I had to add Akki, the minute i said u know who ROFL unavoidable in my head:D
Thank u once again for ur lovely comment!!

@Kinza Thank u Hug oh yes I agree I agree with ur sentiment, may no child have to go
through a life without their parents. sigh.
I like Nupur's spirit though, she doesnt let it pull her down! Oh yes, they never really
showed her taking care of him, so I just let my dreams come true LOL he he Letme see, I
think that can happen in chapter 7 LOL. Samrat's re-a-li-sa-tion *Rolls eyes*!! In the
jail..damn, they ruined his character right there, anyways. lo!! firse reserve karke chod diya!! *khafa muh*
I know u like it, still khafa :( :(

@Swati,.. aww so lovely to see a long comment from u Hug
Thank u sooo much!!
I totally dig the idea of Nupur brain washing Shilpa Aunty LOL I think she s totally
capable of it ROFL in a real nice way ofcourse!!
he he this chapter is ofcourse abt that!! Lets see what Mayank's reaction is!!
Daily update :O no no, I need to write it remember? LOL
Every other day, I think I can manage!
I love the song too esp since its the OST of Notting hill (love the movie;) )

@Amrtia OH ok no probs Hug I am so glad u commented this time!! :)
Comments mean a lot to me u know!
and u r most welcome Hug

@Rakhi - thank u so much :)

@natty - he he yeah, uff ye nupur bi na!! I hope u like Mayank's reaction!! :)
Gald u feel that I m not going too fast! :) yay Thanks!!
Please keep reading and commenting Hug

@Mou...I love u Hug cos u r the only one among the 5 (Annie (Who res n left :( )
Dj (dint read this part yet ) Tanu (who doesnt read the FF) and debo (Whoz out of station)
who is constantly reading n making me very happy!!Love ya again :) cheers!!
I know, Mayank is a mini nautanki himself, though he hides it well LOL after all
the influences are pretty strong but then he obviously likes the nautanki too cos
he loves the 2 women :D Sure he knows he loves her but then doesnt know if she does
ROFL, hopeless eh?
Mine too mine too - the nupur taking care dream :D eek, I wud've loved to see that!! sigh
Ok, here is the truth- I liked Rohan n Ash once they were with MN LOL remember
the morning breakfast scene LOL I like the 4 actually, so yeah ;)
 he he no copyrights, Nupur is a nice celeb remember ;)
Abt sam's realisation, it was a thorn in the flesh back then!
he he I love ur long comments :) haaye!! :)so keep writing them ..and yup Mou, I've
decided to continue the frequent updates! :)

@Payal Hug thank u sweetheart! thats a huge compliment, though not entirely
deserving, I still cherish it :)
oh u noticed the window, I thot that wud be Nupurish, he he :D
abt the akki thing, he he Embarrassed cudnt help myself!!
eee, I love ur long comment, dont stop!! please continue in this fashion :)
I'm making it a habit of reading ur long comments! :D
abt samrat LOL had to say, what a place to realise, sometimes MJHT CVs!!LOL

@Sonal...Sonu, glad u wrote those 2 lines atleast LOL u know I love ur comments, I
want ful fledged comments next time.ok?? :D thank u soo much for loving this Hug
love u too :D

@kareena_mayur thank u soo much!! :)

@arjun-forever Thank u so much for ur lovely comments :)
I am having a ball writing this, so it shows I suppose :)
Please do keep reading n commenting! :)

@Nidz thank u sweets Hug

@mahakmev Hug Thank u soo much!! :)

@ridi ..thank u for saying that Hug

@umaima aww thanks Hug
eeks sorry dint send PMs for part 3 (guilty guilty!!)
thank u so much for mentioning the parts u enjoyed,
that makes me really happy, u know to point out n say..yay I like this :D
ha ha Mayank was a little filmy there I guess :) influenced he is ROFL
and the eye bags thing is totally nupurish I feel, she would say this completely
out of the world stuff LOL
n yeah i like this Mayur blushing blushing, not saying :D
not reducing pace, sure! :)
Pls keep reading n commenting!!

@anuja aww thank u soo much anuja!! :)

@samira Hug thank u soo much!! :)
so happy that u commented inspite of the phone! means a lot to me!!
cheers!! pls keep reading n commenting!! :)

@roshnee , absolutely agree,.their lives were always tangled and they did end up
talking about each other, all the time :D
and yeah, here she is talking abt ..err? others when their lives r not sorted LOL
typical!! :D

@valiyah..thanksss Hug oh yes, we need to whack them on their heads about each other
LOL they are not in a mood to confess though LOL. Glad u liked Nupur's crazy ideas!!
oh that wish list, was mine too :D eeeksdont say never ending. I'm sure I cant make it
all, but I'll try the little I Can LOL

@fari.,..dont u dare !!think of not commenting that is! :) it doesnt matter even if
u copy paste comments, but u gotta comment ok? thats the rule LOL
aww sorry baba, I dint PM for 3rd part, it became too late as I already updated part 4
by then LOL hopeless eh> :)
I'm glad u gave a detailed comment, cos i love reading em :D
Nups taking care of mayank was something i wanted to see too, so i took the easy route
he he,,,we wont delete it na :))
no no i wont delete, woh tho hai hi future MRS!! :D
yup, Mayank being the sadu padaku tht  he is wud insist on such weird things LOL
abt that u ll find in this update
thank u so much fari...Hug
hey yaar...I cant update daily, cos i have to write na..n then i have other stuff
to do too every other day please *pouts* pretty please:D

@mayur_eternal Amala right? :) thanks for the lovely comment Hug
oh yeah, someone should tell them LOL but am sure they ll still not agree =))
then again they will understand hopefully. without help LOL. oh I dont think Mayank
can come back, but i ll put that in the back story they were together in excel for a while
na?:D I 'll update ye dooriyaan soon too, but no time to write. have tofind time soon!!

@dhanakz thank u so much !! :) I'm glad u liked the part. Esp the brain wash bit, I felt
Nupur cud come up with these out of the world ideaS!! he he!

@Akki no not better off with out u ..but worse off (Remember Mayank's dialogue
post drug fight..woh wala dialogue maaring!!)
oh I'm glad I got Mayank right, even with the drama king image hovering around!
Glad u think Nupur s right too :D *yay*
Do u doubt it? I was thinking of u when I wrote that LOL and yeah I imagined ur reaction
too..I can imagine (though I havent seen u, still virtually ROFL )
sO u see it was worth it!! :)
SKC wud go bankrupt?? ah I havent been updated on her.. wudnt want her to get bankrupt
now wud I??
I know u r a fan of humour :) and I'm a fan of humour too, I'm esp fond of ur brand of
humour, u r my inspiration in many ways u c :D
Plus I cant IMAGINE MN wallowing over love, not unless its imperative so they are just
living that brand of MN magic I suppose.
and what was the castrol active ad for *scraches head*
PS - I m looking fwd to AYNIL :)

@Mitali..thank u!! :)

@kirti..thank u :) I'm glad I cud put a smile on ur face :)
please keep reading n commenting! :)

@shubhie still waiting! :)

@sam.. aww thank u :) Glad u decided to read n give me these awesome comments :)
I'm glad u liked the crazy parts :D I was worried, ppl might think this isnt MN
cos of the jovial tone, but I just wanted to write it in a fun way :)
yay I'm happy u ll be active for this!! :)

@nikki thank u so much :) Huge compliment! Its something I had thought of - writing
in different fonts or even colours, but then realised M n N think sooo differently,
it might be obvious :) butthank u once again!! :)

Edited by myownarea - 22 May 2011 at 3:00am

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myownarea IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 2:59am | IP Logged
Part 4 - Page 11
Hug Overwhelmed by all the love, thank u for loving this FF (And MN ofcourse :D)
So yes, I would update every other day , but not everyday cos writing is difficult ! Smile
Note- I adore reading ur comments so please continue commenting in details. As u know I'm partial to the LIKE button as well, so please do use the LIKE tab as well. (I have replied in detail in the post above)
About the characters - Mayank is bit of a drama king at times thanks to the huge influence of two wonderful women in his life. He thinks too much doesnt he? He absolutely goes into over-drive with his imagination!!
On the contrary Nupur is always busy thinking of others esp Gunjan at this stage! She thinks too much on specific incidents but on over all issues, she's chilled out! Plus here she has had Mayank as her best friend for almost an entire year,so she is more confident! :)
Part 5

So I ask him, when a guy and girl love each other and are best friends, how the hell do you get the guy to understand that he is in love with the girl? Silence. I wait. More silence.


MAYANKKK, I scream, I hear and uh oh on the other side, ok I shouldn't have screamed now he is gonna lecture me on decency and decorum and some such boring stuff and make me really regret screaming. I waited but even that dint come, the lecture that is.

Who are you talking about?, I heard a low voice at the other end.  What? No lectures, no replies? Whats wrong with THE Mayank Sharma today.

About us ofcourse! I replied, waiting for his outburst. Nothing again. I got worried, I hope he din't take my joke too seriously. Mayank, I'm talking about Samrat and Gunjan. More silence.

Mayank? Are you listening to me or are you busy reading some book or completing some assignment?

No, I am here. His voice sounded ..low? As in not the volume of his voice.  He sounded a little upset, OMG, I hope he is not mad at me. Mayank I'm sorry, are you ok? I was kidding about us!! I know you love me. (I couldn't stop myself, eek Nupur Bhushan you are so dead!!)  I laughed. Ok Ok, I'll stop kidding ok? Promise! Pucca!

Nupur, he said my name in a whisper. Suddenly, I wished what I said was true. I wished he was not upset with me and that he loved me and he was about to confess to me. I could imagine him on a white horse (safed ghoda people ' attention to the story!) and all that. You get what I mean? My Prince charming (Raajkumaar yaar!) was just on the other side of this phone line and calling my name out in that romantic manner and I can't even be happy about it. How miserable can things be! Sigh!

Nupur? His voice was clearer and I was out of my delusional world by then.

Haan Mayank, I replied, trying to inject some confidence into my voice.

From there on it was routine drill or droll, however you see it. Mayank lectured me about being overtly interested in Samrat and Gunjan's life, he wouldn't even listen when I said she was my own sister, like my daughter infact to which he simply asked me to stop being overdramatic . Then he wanted me to let things be for Gunji and he was sure that Samrat would realize on his own without me interfering and making things worse for them. Last but not the least he wanted me to concentrate on my studies.  Sigh.

I said ok to everything and cut the call. Sometimes I wonder why I was in love with this akdu sadu guy. He makes me so angry sometimes. Right now I want to wring his neck. With my bare hands.

I get a call, its him, I won't pick it up, I think stubbornly.  Dil kyun ye mera shor kare..idhar nahi udhar nahi'teri ore chale.. That's my ring tone for Mayank and when I hear this, my heart just gives in and I pick up the phone. 

Hello ? I say uncertainly. The next few minutes is the best few minutes of my day as Mayank lovingly convinces me with a sorry and sweet nothings. Sigh. He even called me a sweetheart you know, for the first time ever. For that alone I could forgive him another 10 times and listen to another hundred lectures from him. So what if he said that in between the conversation, ok something like, I'm such a sweetheart to tolerate him etc etc  but my mind stopped at sweetheart and started dancing around it.

I love Mayank.  

Then he even told me a way to get Samrat and Gunjan together. Who would've thought the padaku Mayank had love guru qualities hidden in him. He said the best way for Samrat to realize is to have the fear that he would lose her. That can happen if he sees her around another guy. A guy whom he would deem to be a threat.

Wow Mayank, that's a smashing idea, I love you Mayank you are just the best! (see how I secretly and smartly told him the magical 3 words without eliciting suspicion! *raises imaginary collar*).

Ya ya I love you too he replied sarcastically and laughed.

My heart stopped. Did he say I love you? OMG I am gonna have an heart attack, I'm gonna die. I swear I'm. Somebody attend to me. Breathe in breathe out Nupur. Fine, I get it he said it in jest, just the way I did. Well I dint really say it in jest, but obviously he doesn't know that. How complicated. No, how stupid. This is ridiculous, ok stop Nupur Bhushan get down from the high horse you are on and talk. Talk? What talk? Talk to Mayank silly. Oh ya that, ok.

In that case we should get married to each other, I told him. WHAT? Did I just say that? I hear a What ?? from the other end of the phone. You love me, I love you, we should just get married you know. Obviously my brain has gone for a walk and whatever is left in the head is not coordinating correctly with my speech glands (or whatever it is called). 

Nupur, I heard him say. I groaned, have I unleashed the monster again? No, he wasn't lecturing me instead he just said, sure ' why not, elope with me the next time I come to Mumbai. What?? Now this is a shock, Mayank Sharma is playing along?

No, Mayank, I can't elope with you, you'll have to take my Bauji's permission first.

He laughed DDLJ eh?

 Ya I said stubbornly, you have to be on a safed ghoda and all that! I'm sure he was rolling on the floor by then.

 Nupur, can you stop being so filmy? We can have a simple marriage you know without the band baaja stuff.

NO WAY..I love that stuff, that's what makes a marriage a marriage, otherwise it wouldn't feel like I got married.

 Don't worry I'll make sure you feel  "married" after the marriage. He said slyly and stopped suddenly.

I stopped too, what the heck were we saying? We had never said such things to each other, ever! We were not the flirty flirty kind of friends you know, that was how Samrat and Gunjan were.To be accurate, Samrat flirts with Gunjan.  Mayank ? no way, though he did act all lovey dovey during the play rehearsal, that was to prepare for the character in the play! Before you say anything let me clarify, no I'm not in denial!

We changed the topic at the same instant and blabbered on for some more time as if nothing unusual happened.

Why are you guys so obsessed with Mayank and Nupur? It was Dia's shrill voice. Ok I have to listen to this conversation. I hurriedly finished off my call with Mayank and removed myself from their vicinity. There was Dia, Benji and Uday bhaiyaa with Ash and Rohan following them. Benji was holding onto Dia's books and giving her a puppy dog expression (ha ha that guy is soo in love with Dia!) Uday bhaiyaa was as usual busy with his packet of chips. Dia looked exasperated at Ash and Rohan for tagging along.

No di. Rohan began. Don't call me Di , Dia screamed. Do I look like a behenji to you? Call me Dia, she said nose in air. I tried to imitate her style from my hiding spot, Dia is such a diva, I love her style, suddenly I heard a voice in my head that said it liked me the way I was. Mayank of course, uff whats the point of him being away, he still keeps a check on me through my OWN thoughts.

Yes yes Di..a. that was Ash. Actually, we think Nupur di loves Mayank. What? I nearly screamed out (but I dint!). Dia and Benji stopped in their tracks. Uday bhaiyya who clearly wasn't paying attention walked on and stopped noticing nobody was walking with him.  Dia and Benji were exchanging meaningful looks.  Well? Dia said evenly, why would you think that? 

See, Nupur di always talks of Mayank or talks to Mayank. So there must be something there right? Ash asked cleverly. You guys are just seeing too much into it. You don't know Mayank, he would never love a girl like Nupur. Besides, Mayank is nothing like Nupur's dream guy and all.

You never know Benji, Nupur may have fallen for Mayank you know. Dia sounded thoughtful , she does spend and awful lot of time talking to him. Besides, Mayank is always nice to Nupur.

Oh yeah Nupur thinks Mayank dances well, fights well , looks good and has wonderful dimples, it was Uday bhaiyya, counting off from his fingers as if it were a lesson he had learnt by heart.

Dia and Benji looked at him in surprise. Arrey, Nupur had told me..long back. Uday bhaiyya looked happy with his own memory.

They continued bickering about whether it was possible that Mayank could ever love me or I could ever love Mayank . Sigh, I don't know if he could ever love me, I surely love him. Very much.

Part 6 - Page 21

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You-Know-Who IF-Dazzler

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My You-Know-Who has created quite a sensation! Approve

@Akki no not better off with out u ..but worse off (Remember Mayank's dialogue
post drug fight..woh wala dialogue maaring!!) 
oh I'm glad I got Mayank right, even with the drama king image hovering around!
Glad u think Nupur s right too :D *yay*
Do u doubt it? I was thinking of u when I wrote that and yeah I imagined ur reaction
too..I can imagine (though I havent seen u, still virtually )
sO u see it was worth it!! :)
SKC wud go bankrupt?? ah I havent been updated on her.. wudnt want her to get bankrupt
now wud I??
I know u r a fan of humour :) and I'm a fan of humour too, I'm esp fond of ur brand of
humour, u r my inspiration in many ways u c :D
Plus I cant IMAGINE MN wallowing over love, not unless its imperative so they are just
living that brand of MN magic I suppose.
and what was the castrol active ad for *scraches head*
PS - I m looking fwd to AYNIL :)

Awe, really? Blushing (Was that me who "bluSSSed? Stern Smile -- So you can turn off the sweetener now. I think I have Diabetes. ROFLROFL) Hehe JK!LOL For you -- Hug 

To tell you the truth, Nupur here is the modern witty. But I like her. Big smile

My reaction. Hehe! Paparazzi!!Cool I am phamous now. Thank you! *bows*

Aila! Shocked InSpiraSion? And Moi? *kheeekheeekhee laughter* ROFL I really like it when some one praises my humour LOL  Not many actually understand it in the first place. ROFL

Yeah, you are right. No wallowing for MN. Thats someone else's department.LOL My BRAND of humour? Do you think i should create one? How well would it work? LOL Castrol active was random!! Silly

p.s. AYNIL...well you know what, i was inspired at 4 in the morning. Now I am not inspired anymore ROFLROFL


Alrightey, I am gonna comment in one post. So that i can be FIRST! Approve

I was really looking forward to this part, you know..(I am talking about my other than usual eagerness for this FF LOL )  For, i was sure that Mayank and Nupur would now become clearer - the characters you etched i mean. And I agree, one year of togetherness does that trick. I sense comfort, caring and understanding at heights - a trademark of best friends and something I LOVE to read. What is ironical is that being best friends and they still can't understand that they love each other. Love screws up all, doesn't it? LOL

I should tell you that I completely and utterly enjoyed reading this chapter. And them flirting - I was like Ahaan!! hmmm *meaningful smile* I izz loving it di. Absolutely. There should be no doubt about it!! Approve I think it just happens, no matter how much you try...with best friends..feelings and comfort just comes in and your brain steps back. So i can thoroughly understand the purpose of the flirting. LOL 

And then it hurts when someone says "Mayank could never love someone like Nupur" Ouch  I think being in love with your best friend is like the most difficult thing you know.  ItS complicated *HimeSS ReSSamiya nasal voice of his debut film Radio jiske mujhe premiere tickets mile the ROFL ROFL ROFL *

Lovely chappie and wonderfully written. Do i even have to tell you that? Big smile


You-Know-Who (i think i should just go by this name. Its my key to fame and success! Approve )

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--Sanchu-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 3:31am | IP Logged
wow an update...
that was great!!!!...loved it loved it and loved it!!!
now thats called developement...mayank OMG...
continue soon
Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 5:05am | IP Logged
Divz i guess u deserve all the appreciation i gave earlier...m getting more confident wid it as the updats are progressingLOL

totally loved reading itDay Dreaming

okay firstly i see a situation like after holi Nupz had asked him n Mayank had thought about themBig smile...okay so baaton baaton meinboth told the Mayank n Nupur were literally flirtingShockedLOL

u know have read somewhere that whatever is the truth n in mind...people tend to bring it out in open in the pretext of someting makes them feel betterWink...u know someone in real does that too rightWink.okay out of delusional worldLOLLOL

n about Mayank calling her a sweetheart...though it sounds odd but i can totally understand it since even in play, in disguise of Varun he said many things he wanted to n it was easy too coz it was indirect...he is like thatLOLEmbarrassed

so Nupz was flying away at those words from him n still couldn't understandD' cuteLOL

n m totally loving Ash n Rohan here...aisa serial mein hote toh i wud have liked themLOL

n Uday him...always ready wid untimely facts which here had a great timingLOL

n Benji n Dia...Perfect yaar i actually think they are great togetherLOL

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