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When U Say Nothing At All, MN, Pt 7 Pg27 19Jun (Page 10)

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Part 3 - Page 8

Dear allHug Loving the comment, do see detailed comments above! :)
I dint PM for this part, cos I'm updating everyother day LOL
Thank u all who liked, Pls continue liking and commenting.. :)
Part 4

When maa lost her job, Nupur was a great support to maa (and me!). Up until then maa and me had only each other, so it felt wonderful to have someone who cared about us as much.

When maa had gone to Banglore for a job interview and I had fallen terribly ill, I thought I might just die without the world knowing about it (erm, ok, I know I sound like a drama king myself, but hey, that's what I felt then, alone in my home with very high temperature, unable to even get up from my bed. See! I was NOT exaggerating). So ya, What I was saying is Nupur turned up at my door step like an angel (that she is!), climbed in through the window or something and found me in a real bad state. Then she got a doctor to see me, made me food, fed me and forced medicines down my throat and put a wet cloth on my forehead and waited and waited and waited for me to become alright. She even lied about staying at some friend's place to her uncle (Dia's dad, she stays at their place). Ok, I dint know it then (dint I just tell you I couldn't even open my eyes!  ). So basically, I owe my life to her. Ya totally!

Then when maa came back, maa was very upset that she wasn't there while I was so ill, the doc who is a family friend obviously filled in maa's ears about how ill I was and how Nupur had saved my life and all.  Then maa became very emotional (unlike her normal bindaas self) and thanked Nupur and blessed her and all and Nupur got emotional and then there were scenes from Devdas II playing in our house and I wished I had actually died instead of having to see the drama. Well not really, I'll let you in on a little secret, as much as I pretend otherwise I like their nautanki you know, my maa's and Nupur's. I wonder what they'd do to me when I marry Nupur and we all stay together. Wait a minute, did I just say that? God, I've jinxed it. I dint want to say that, ok delete that okay? Okay?? Good!

I miss Shilpa Aunty too (Mayank's maa silly!) She is an absolute darling, nothing like her akdu sadu son, she is like me, full of life! (wait a min, don't think I don't like her akdu sadu son ok? I do *blushes* I'll tell you something, a little later!) So I was saying, I miss maa so much ( I like to refer to her as maa sometimes ;) ) , wish she'd been my maa (in which case Mayank NOT her son).

 Oh I do love my own mother, but I remember so little about her, she died when I was about 5. So, Shilpa Aunty is the kind of mom I would have adopted (he he, wish we could adopt parents!) She and I would always gang up on Mayank and make his life miserable (he he!). Mayank is always trying to break up me and maa, (As if we would let him!) because he says, we ruin the peace of the house. Uff, that guy, he needs to live his life.  I'll set him right once I marry him, me and Shilpa aunty will be the best saas bahu Jodi ever! Oops, I talk like he loves me. Sigh, what the hell man, that just ruined my perfectly good mood.

I think I should brainwash Shilpa Aunty into getting me married to Mayank, I don't think he is capable of finding a girl on his own. Atleast a known devil is better than an unknown angel. He he.

You haven't forgotten about the little something yet? Hmmm, ok here it is. You know when Shilpa aunty wasn't here and Mayank was unwell,  I took care of him and he was acting like such a little baby. It was an adorable sight to see, the always perfect Mayank Sharma, holding on to my hand and calling out to me! (to me ' can you believe that?!) To be perfectly honest, it could be because he may have seen me and called out to me. Still, when people are delirious they call out to the person they love the most don't they? Here he kept saying maa and then when I was saying something to soothe him he held my hand and kept saying Nupur. I have never blushed as much as I blushed then, as he kept holding me, but then I was far too worried about his health to think of it then, but when I think of it now *blussshhh* . You guys want to know too much you know!

2 months later, Mayank and I were still constantly on the phone with each other. The padaku book worm that he is, we even did combined studies on the phone *hey Bhagwan, kya hoga is ladke ka! Aur mera is ladke ke saath*.  He said he wanted to speak to me but dint want to be behind on his studies. What other option did I have but to relent. Many times I slept off while he explained some theory on the phone! A girl needs her beauty sleep you know. Or later when Mayank sees me all set to propose to me (or in a arranged set up where he comes to see me , however the case maybe!) and if I have dark circles and eye bags, he might just change his mind you know! (I was just kidding, Mayank doesn't go by looks, he is a nice guy, but a girl can't just play with her life can she?)

Uh oh, Ash just came and sat in a chair next to me (along with her chamcha Rohan) . I looked away from my phone ( I was happily texting you know who. No not voldemort, ugh, no no not Akki either LOL..Mayank ..duh duh duh!) it occurred to me that I was about to be subject to third degree interrogation (Mayank's words, I don't use such silly words. Ok but I just did.) .

Nupur di, you still talk to Mayank? That was Rohan, he is stupid, I told you! I dint? Well now I did. Ash was giving him a I'm gonna burn you with my eyes look. Like the ones I sometimes give Mayank (and sometimes even Gunjan gives Samrat!).  I was non-committal. I wasn't getting paid for this story, was I? hmmp! That reminds me Mayank tells me often that I should copyright some of my statements and charge Royalty anytime someone uses it. Uff look what the company of the sadu has done to a normal girl. I'm talking about copyrights and royalties instead of talking of Ranbir or Shahid, or even Ranveer.

Di? Ash tried  in a her trying to be clever tone. I couldn't show my exasperation could I? These kids idolized me, I like being an approachable celeb not the nose in the air types. (I can almost hear Mayank say, "thoda jyaada ho gaya").  I dint want to talk to them about me and Mayank, what do I do? Simple turn the tables on them (not literally! Bah..who do I have for company). So I went into my jhaansi ki Rani mode or was it the Morena express mode (Mayank would've told you correctly, he and his nick names for me!) and ya, went all guns blazing asking them how they know about Mayank and whats the big deal if a girl has a great friend who is a guy and how they should concentrate on their college work (I am not a hypocrite, I dint say studies!) and all. By the end of our discussion, I think Ash and Rohan had forgotten all about their questions on me and my woh !

I look for my sister, it was already time to go home, only to find the "cool dude" of the college flirting with my sister. Ughhh, can I bang my head somewhere please?? That guy STILL hasn't realized he loves her? Like seriously? What needs to happen for that realization to strike? Go to jail or something? I walk upto them to tell him off, but notice the happy smile on Gunji's face and stop. No matter what, he makes her happy, sigh, and all I want is her happiness. I really should do something to get them together! I simply can't figure out what! I think I'll ask Mayank, he is the smart one. We'll see how smart!

So, I call him up and he picks up yet again not letting me listen to ye dooriyaan. Does he pick the phone up so quickly just to hear my voice? Hayye Nupur Bhushan, that's a lovely dream, but you need to focus on the issue at hand. So I ask him, when a guy and girl love each other and are best friends, how the hell do you get the guy to understand that he is in love with the girl? Silence. I wait. More silence.


Part 5 - page 18

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Originally posted by myownarea

@Kanky :)Happy to see u here, u can call me Divya n do away with the dee if u want to LOL

I read the first part of ur FF, I had loved it, then havent been reading as I was extremely
tied up for about 2 months, Now am free so I'll catch up on everything I missed :)
I agree writing MN in their indigenious form is a blessing especially since they are such
special characters and so many dimensions can be added to them.
U have grown out the MN SRK cheesy stage?? Wow :)) I dont think I'll ever really grow out
of MN LOL and I dont think I'll ever fall for SRK either.LOL Its just Nupur and her
brand of SRK love and Mayank, the best kind of guy you can ever find!!
I'll PM u for sure! :)

Well, you see, I am not relative relative, hence I dun address anybody 'Dee' but then I realized that's how I have been addressing you, um, kinda. Wacko Whoa, I never said I love SRK either, but he's done movies that used to enchant me totally, somehow - I stick to my one favorite of his and have grown out of the rest. Um, that'd be all, I'd wait for the PMs and it's good to be reading from you. =] 

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Aha, howdy? Approve

Okay, You-Know-Who is a star and you give her chances to get smugger, fantastic. Pig 

I take time in putting my marbles right and editing my reserves on stories because I tend to cut myself off halfway, which is why I am not going to read this unless I am absolutely in my Mayank-Nupur mode. I'm an interesting reader, I know but I can make you wait. *and I can talk shit*

But, um, when I read it, I am usually left in a how-did-this-end vertigo! I like reading this, soothes me, soothes you. I beseech this independent and peaceful sensation when I read this or when I go through certain well written takes on MJHT from MJHT's archive up here. Thanks for this one, DD. I have settled for this abbreviation for you. Approve


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Okay I was going to go back and do like a detailed comment on all 4 chapters but that would take me some time, so I thought I would make a general comment for now. Seriously I'm LOVING IT! First of all, I love the twist (MayUr didn't confess)! Though I loved their confession, I love this Second, I'm loving ur narration. The first pov from Mayank's and Nupur's and then sometimes 3rd's really superb! Really connects us to the characters. And ur recap of the past takes me back to those beautiful days of their relationship! The twist makes it even better! I can't wait for the next part! Hope ur speed of updating continues to be the same Big smile Embarrassed
Thanks for the pms! Hug

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*jumping in excitement* RESERVED!!!Big smile

u r loving my comments??Embarrassed thank u.. dats so sweetEmbarrassedHug

sigh!!Day DreamingDay Dreaming
I can sooo see Nupur taking care of Mayank, and no wonder she is an angel to his lifeEmbarrassed

Somebody's taking inspiration from the two most filmy persons in his lifeLOL.. his maa and HIS NupurEmbarrassedLOL
and he has already started dreading the time when he marries Nupur and all three stay togetherLOL.. okay, I must say this, I so so sooo wanted them to stay together... but ugghh!! it didn't happenAngry.. sorry for getting carried awayEmbarrassed

sigh!! Nupur's thoughts!! haaye.. so totally NupurishLOLLOL.. thinking about Mayank and blushingEmbarrassedLOL... and then totally getting all straight and shifting gears to the Jhaansi Ki Rani mode (or Morena Express mode, whatever you thinkLOL) for Ash and RohanLOL

but the silence at the end!!Day Dreaming i could totally totally imagine Mayank's expressions at the other endDay DreamingLOL

eagerly waiting for the next partBig smileBig smileBig smile


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Oh it was fabulous update dear - I just loved it and seriously I want to keep reading what's going in their brains - My God, and Mayank says Nupur talks too much - duh, what is he doing then? Going on and on ... Haha ... no but seriously this is amazing I especially loved the way you added Akanksha's You-Know-Who here - that was the cherry over the cake haha ... Both dreaming of getting married and I loved Nupur's plan and OMG at the end Mayank's silence was too good ... You are one wonderful writer - continue soon!!!

God bless,
Jaee D. Rathore

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This is JUST extra -ordinary stuff!! .. i was smiling and blushing ,.. Embarrassed .. and well nupur's thoughts about shilpla aunty made me nostalgic for God -knows What reason .. i just pray no one ever loses on their parents ..

and nupur taking care of mayank.. Day Dreaming
 .. it would have a treat to watch .. we surely need to know MORE!! LOL .. and samrat's realization! ROFL .. don't even let me get started on that!! ..Sleepy ROFL

excellent di!! .. cont ..s oon.. Hug

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I've edited my comment on p.11
Will comment in more detail later : )

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