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FF: FANAA...tere pyaar main.. (Page 28)

--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 4:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ifrah.

nice update dear :)why are u ending btw?

thanks...m ending this becoz am coming up with a sequel to it...with lots of stay tuned..

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 5:47am | IP Logged
Sorry for the late reply
i was out of town for some days
lovely update
continue soon
I will be waiting
love u
--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 6:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by renuka1997

Sorry for the late reply
i was out of town for some days
lovely update
continue soon
I will be waiting
love u

no prob...thanks for liking Smile
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Awesome update... I hope Abhay will save Piya... Continue soon... thanks for the PM
--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pari_smart

Awesome update... I hope Abhay will save Piya... Continue soon... thanks for the PM

--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

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                                  CHAPTER 20: FINAL BATTLE

Abhay is struggling with his thoughts. The only thing right now that matters is pia. Aliya is watching abhay . she knws that it's a very difficult time for him.

Aliya: bhai don't worry….pia ko kuch nahi hoga

A: main kuch hone bhi nahi dunga. After such a long time I have found love and I wont let Maithili snatch it away from me

Aliya and abhay are on the way to kandhar. Suddenly aliya has a vision. She is staring blankly.

A: what do u see aliya

Aliya: Maithili is not alone  I cant see that person not even Maithili clearly but I can see pia. She is safe…..till now.

A: what do u mean?

Aliya: it is very blurred. I could see pia tied and sitting in one corner. I could see Maithili and a shadow.

A: we have to hurry

[at raichands]

S: mom….pia is kidnapped

H: what?

C: finally Maithili has made her move

H: where abhay and aliya?

Arjun: we found pia's car on road. A note was left for us. She has called abhay with ring to poorana khandhar. So abhay and aliya have gone there

H: what? Are they out of there mind? Abhay waha gaya and that too without the ring. Iss tarah toh she will kill everyone.

S: that's why we are here. We need ring as well as u. not only pia but also our whole clan is at stake.

C: fine….lets go

[poorana khandhar]

Abhay and aliya reach. Abhay and Maithili comes face to face after a long time. Aliya is shocked to see Maithili but even more shocked to see neel.

Aliya: bhai it's a werewolf….maithili ek werewolf ke saath hai. Isliye I was getting blurry images.

P: abhay!

A: pia! Kuch nahi hoga main aa gaya hu

Metz: abhayendra tum aa gaye. Kab se intezaar kar rahe the hum tumhara. Itni der kyu laga di

A: der tumne kar di Maithili. Ab kyu aai ho wapas meri zindagi main lautkar? Aur pia ne kya bigada hai tumara. Chod do pia ko

Metz: tumhe uski itni parva hai aur meri. Hum pyaar karte the ek dusre se

A: maithli karte the…par ab nahi. Main nafrat karta hu tumse…tumhare saaye se

Metz: toh tum pia se pyaar kaise kar sakte ho? Pia hamari humshakal hai…agar mujhse nafrat hai toh pia se pyaar kaise?

A: tumne kabhi pyaar ko samjha hee nahi…na kabhi pyaar kiya. Tum mujse pyaar ka daava karti thi na lekin tha ek dikhava. Tumne mera istemal kiya. Ek vampire ki zindagi di. Kyu? Kyuki tum mujhse pyaar karti thi? Nahi Maithili. Aur pia tumhari tarah nahi hai. Wo sachi aur massom hai. Uska dil saaf hai. Wo kisi ko chot pahochane ke bare main soch bhi nahi sakti…

Metz: bahot pyaar karte ho na pia se….lekin ab tumhara yeh pyaar zinda nahi bachega

A: agar pia ko kuch bhi hua toh main tumhe nahi chodunga

N: tumhari himmat kaise hui Maithili se iss tarah bat karne ki

A: toh yaha ek bhediya bhi hai

N: main aur Maithili ek doosre se pyaar karte hai. Aur agar Maithili ko kuch bhi hua toh main tumhe zinda nahi chodunga

A: yeh tumhari galat fehmi hai…maithili tumse pyaar nahi karti….sirf istemal kar rahi hai..apne maksad ke liye. Wo tumhe bhi nahi chodegi

N: tum jhoot bol rahe ho

Metz: neel hum tumse pyaar karte hai….wo sirf tumhara dhyaan bhatka raha hai

Neel is confused about whatever is happening.

P: abhay mujhe bacho…plz

A: m coming pia….main aa rha hu

Abhay turns towards pia and is about to go. Suddenly neel phases right there at the moment. He starts running towards abhay. Aliya suddenly comes between neel and abhay

Aliya: not so soon u mutt….

Neel pounces on aliya but she pushes him so hard that he falls on floor. Neel again comes towards aliya and tries to bite aliya. But abhay catches his tail and pulls it. he picks neel up and throws him down with a jerk. maithili runs away.

In the mean time chand, Haseena, sid and arjun reach. They see that the fight has already started. Maithili is no where to be seen. Haseena rushes toward pia and opens her ties. She gives pia a hug.

H: tum thik ho na pia?

P: m fine…but plz save abhay and aliya

S: on it pia…

Sid runs and catches neel and again push him very hard. But this time neel phases back in human form and is unconscious.

Abhay caught the scent of Maithili and goes towards her direction. Chand and arjun follow him.

C: abhay Maithili bahot powerful ho gayi  hai…hum akele kuch nahi kar sakte…hamien milkar uska saamna karna hoga

Maithili suddenly from no where attacks chand…chand pushes Maithili away

C: tum yeh angoothi kabhi nahi paa sakogi

Maithili gets more furious on hearing this. Suddenly they all hear howlings of wolves. They understood that other wolves are coming too but not for Maithili but all of them.

Pia, aliya , haseena and sid comes at the place where the fight is taking place.

H: werewolf aa rahe hai…we need to leave

Metz: itni jaldi nahi.

She runs towards the jungle. Abhay follows her. At the same time three wolves come at that place. The fight starts. Pia is standing and watching the whole scenario from one corner. She is afraid ad crying. Tears are rolling down her eyes.

Aliya: pia….khandhar ke peeche kuch wooden stakes hai…jaldi lekar aao

Pia comes to her senses. She realizes that's its not the right time. Pia nods and runs to get the stakes

The wolves start attacking the raichands. Meanwhile neel gains conscious and comes where the fight is going on. Neel again phases to wolf form.

Pia has also got the wooden stakes.

P: aliya here it is…

A wolf pounces on aliya….but she push that wolf back. She runs and gets hold of wooden stake and rips his neck off. The wolf is dead at the moment. Seeing this other wolf is runs towards aliya but arjun comes in middle. He picks the wolf up and throws far away. The wolf automatically phases in human form and lay there unconscious.

Sid gets hold of neel. Sid is running behind neel.

S: u dog….wait for me…m coming

Sid takes the wooden stake and throws towards neel. The stake passes through neel's chest. Neel dies on the spot. The last wolf is taken care off by chand and haseena.

All the wolves are dead with one unconscious.

H: we have to find abhay…he has gone after Maithili.

Aliya: mom….main pia ko ghar chadkar aati hu

P: no….m not going anywhere. I will stay rite here with u all

Arjun: its not safe pia. And abhay would never want this.

P: no means no

Aliya: bahot ziddi ho pia…pata nahi bhai tumhe kaise sambhalta hai

C: fine…now lets move. Abhay will need us. Pia take that wooden stake. Maithili ko maarne ka wo last option hai

Everyone leaves and follows the trail abhay has left.

[in middle of jungle]

Maithili running suddenly stops. Abhay also stops right there.

Metz: tum hamein akele nahi maar sakte

A: main tumhare liye akela kaafi hu

S: uski naubat nahi aayegi abhay

P: abhay!

A: pia r u ok

P: yes m perfect

Maithili uses this opportunity and runs towars pia. Abhay holds he hand and pulls he back by throwing her on ground. Abhay and Maithili start fighting. The fight is so rapid and fast that pia is unable to understand as of what is going on there.

Maithili sees that a wooden stake is fallen on ground. She picks it up and runs towards abhay. Abhay also runs towards her. Maithli is about to pass that stake through abhay's heart when abhay pulls her hand and make her pass that stake through her heart herself. Maithili is dead at the very moment.

Everyone are shocked. Abhay sees that pia is frightened and crying. Pia starts running towards abhay. Abhay stretches his arms. Pia gives a tight hug to abhay. She is feeling safe.

A: pia its ok…its over…..tum thik ho

P: m fine…and u…tumhe kahin lagi toh nahi

A(chuckling): I am a vampire pia…how can I get hurt.

pia rolled her eyes

H: abhay are u fine

A: yes mom….i am perfect…no harm done.

S: damn! Its over….thanks to pia….aaj toh majaa aa gaya

Aliya punches sid in his stomach

Aliya: don't say this….abhay bhai will kill u

Abhay is not bothered to listen it. he is happy that pia is with him all safe.

All raichands leave for their house.

[at raichands]

H: finally its over…maithili is dead to never come back

S: kuch bhi kaho…our life has become exciting sice u came in our life pia

P: m glad u had ur little fun

Arjun: aliya u were superb…I didn't knew u had hidden talent of killing werewolfs

Aliya: there are many things u don't know (winking at pia)

A: alright…now stop talking about it. its over.

Aliya: bhai its ur turn…ur opportunity. Don't miss it

S: what is abhay upto?

Arjun: why do u keep secrets from me. Always always know everything first. I hate u

Aliya: but I love u arjun

A: stop it. aliya its my turn.

Abhay turns towards pia. He removes a small box. He sits on his knees and opens it. it's a ring!! Pia is shocked.

A: pia I have always loved u and will always do. U made my life colourfull and brought music and rhythm in my life. u completed me. Filled my empty heart with love. Ms pia dobriyal….i would like to spend my life forever with you. Will u marry me?

Everyone in the raichand house are smiling. Pia starts crying. Tears roll down her eyes

P: yes!!

Abhay puts the diamond ring on her finger.



So friends…that's all. I have completed my FF here. I hope u all enjoyed my FF. I will come up with a sequel to it. thanks for your precious comments and immense love.

If u like this part….press like button and comment.

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yay!!i am first res

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!abhay propesed pia everything is superb but i am sad u ended it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plz do write part 2 sooonnn

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brilliant ending. start season 2 soon

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