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~*~Happy Birthday Veenator the Moderator~*~ (Page 4)

The_May_Rose IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 5:21am | IP Logged

Happy Birthday VeeniHug...

Can you make this thread a sticky or should I ask ND?LOL...

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SPN_JD_Addicted IF-Sizzlerz

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Happy Birthday VeenZ.Hope you have a lovely day!lots of love*muah*.KSG bana KMH!!!Hope u like it lol.

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jparker IF-Dazzler

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Dear Veena,
Birthday wishes coming your way,
A simple heartfelt wish just to say...
May your life be filled with love,
Full of joy and happiness all above,
Success in your every step...
And feel the peace to your very Depth...
Wish and hope all your wishes come true...
Many Happy Returns of the Day...
Here is an OS for you... I know you love ShaNak, but Armaan lies in your heart... so here is this for you.. an Ode to your Armaan and ShaNak ... Lol I know you have a biiig heart...  enjaay...
~~~ : ~~ Tu Meri Jaan... Mera Shaan... Mera Armaan ~~ : ~~~
Dr. Armaan paging Dr. Armaan... please report to OR 2 immediately... the female voice droned as Armaan swiftly moved towards the elevators from the Path lab... Sanjeevani was always abuzz with a flurry of activity when it came to emergencies... He was very happy since his Riddhima had finally declared her love for him.. but she was still shy of making it public... As his eyes turned a beautiful shade of grey as he remembered the feel of her softness in his arms on the terrace of this very building... here at Sanjeevani... he sighed but he heard an 'oomphhh' as he bumped into something... 'Yeh Riddhima bhi na, meri jaan lekar hi chodegi...' He thought as he accidentally bumped into a patient on a wheel chair while he reminiscences about her beauty...
Riddhima was waiting patiently after scrubbing preparing herself for the emergency surgery... waiting for the X-ray reports and Armaan. Her heart thudded as she thought of his grey eyes... She could easily lose herself in them.. but presently she chided herself to maintain her calm and mental balance as this emergency needed her professional presence... As the nurse rushed to her with the reports and held them up for her to scan, she felt his presence and turned but thankfully he faced her at a professional level and muttered.. "Kya hua, everything alright Dr. Riddhima?" She breathed in deeply and looking with love at him as his eyes acknowledged her look with a wink... she spoke a little breathlessly... "Dr. Armaan.. accident case... driver is seriously hurt.. but the passenger in the back seat is more serious as she did not have a seat belt... Back injury... I am hoping it is no damage to her spine.. she is pretty young. But my main concern is her head injury, and she seems to have internal bleeding... I need your help here.." He nodded and murmured.. any id on the patient?" She nodded... "No.. Not yet..."
Shantanu was irritated for being disturbed in his surgery... he ignored the look of urgency on the nurse's face as he completed his cautery and finally glanced to end with the suturing... when his fellow doctor urged him.. "We can take that from here SK.. you should check out the message..." Shantanu nodded as he seemed satisfied with his work and handed the reins to his fellow surgeon... as he walked out and ripping off the gloves and his mask, he washed up... as the nurse rushed to him speaking urgently... "Dr. Khandelwal.. you need to get to Sanjeevani asap... Please..." He frowned not at all liking the sound of this... as the nurse continued.. "Your wife.. her car was involved in an accident... she.." He did not wait to hear another word as he swore softly and rushed through the door looking as pale as a white sheet... "Khanak..."
Dr. Armaan carefully sutured and Riddhima sighed with relief... finally all was well.. the patient was in no danger... She had just finished the winding up procedure when they seemed to hear a commotion outside... Armaan frowned as he was about to move when Riddhima stopped him.. "I will check.. you finish this here..." She gently smiled with her eyes as he smiled with his... she could see the slight quirk of his lips behind the mask.. and her eyes glittered with a promise... as could see him biting his lip and wink at her... She took a deep breath and walked out a frown on her face and was shocked to see a man trying to road roll his way through two burly ward boys who tried to restrain him from entering the OR... "What is going on here?" The man turned as he spoke in a hard voice.. "I need to be inside and I.." he broke off as he saw the girl and was stunned to a stop... She too frowned as he turned and was shocked as a slow smile of recognition appeared on her face... "Shaaannn... Shaaan.. omg.. you here.. I mean.. I..." She frowned as she suddenly felt something in his demeanour and he spoke shocked at the same time.. "Ridzzyyy.. OMG it is you... wow.. Riddzz.. "
They moved together at the same time towards each other, now that Dr. Riddhima had personally recognised the man, it seemed okay to them yet they curiously saw... Shantanu moved towards Riddhima as he enveloped her slim form in a huge bear hug as he murmured... "Oh my gosh Ridzzzyyy it has been so long..." As Riddhima smiled softly and spoke looking up into his warm brown gaze murmured... "Oh yes.. what 8-9 years!!!? Shaan.. how are you? You.. look pale.. and what are you doing here?" Blurting out in a breath as Shantanu suddenly stiffened as he remembered...  he leaned back yet still hugging Ridzzy as he spoke urgently... "Ridzyy.. you have a patient... young girl..." As Riddhima's face cleared at first only to show the deep worry "Shaan.. you.. know her?" He grabbed her upper arms and asked "How is she Ridzy.. please tell me...?" Riddhima bit her lip and gently at first tried to calm him down as she placed her fingers against his jaw and murmured "Shaan.. stop that.. she is fine.. but.. but..."
A voice startled them both as they turned sideways... Armaan stood leaning against the wall, one arm across his chest while the other raised to his chin as the thumb scratched there.. typically displeasing was his outward appearance, his eyes as cold as the grey arctic sea... as he spoke "She is being shifted to the ICU... and is out of danger.. and this is a hospital.. not a park where you can just stroll into as and how you wish.. even if you are related to the patient... So... please.. and Dr. Riddhima may I point out here to you, that I am the head here so.. can we please adhere to rules!?" Riddhima's eyes closed knowing and sensing Armaan's displeasure knowing instantly that he had misunderstood this whole situation and before she could open her mouth to explain anything... Shaan let go of her and walked towards Armaan arms folded across his own chest as he snapped through his clenched teeth... "Thank you for the update on the patient and the little brushing up on rules.. But I was talking to Ridzy and I don't see why she can't hug a..." Riddhima broke in.. "Shaan.. its okay... I..." Armaan straightened to his full height as Shaan neared him and both glared eye to eye as Riddhima was about to meddle in between them when the nurse walked up to them saying "Dr. Armaan, the patient is ready to be shifted" All three of them moved as Armaan glared at the stranger named "Shaan" as his Riddhima had called him and Riddhima sighed as she murmured to Shaan... "Please.. I will be right back. But trust me, she is fine.. give me a minute okay?"
Mrs. Khanak Shantanu Khandelwal slowly groaned as she opened her groggy eyes which felt like they had sand in them.. She coughed once as she felt familiar hands pressed against her wrist... the thumb gently massaging as she heard his soft voice gently urge her.. as if calling out to her to return from a deep sleep... "Khanak.. dammit.. wake up before I tear this whole world down.. are you listening?" Riddhima gently placed her hand on his strong shoulder as if in support... but her mind was too over worked with worry... she was still thinking of Armaan's irrational behaviour towards Shantanu. He had not given her an opportunity to explain about Shaan and had simply angrily huffed away after seeing Khanak shifted into the ICU... he had been called off for another emergency and she had been at Shaan's side... this had been almost 5 hours ago... She had been off duty ever since and had caught up with him and had found out that he had got married about a year ago and Khanak was his wife...
Khanak stirred as she blinked groaning as the pain registered by her body and then she remembered and shrieked out... but Shantanu gently wound his arms around her assuring her shushing in her ear.. Riddhima bit her lip knowing the feeling of overwhelming love and decided to give them some privacy murmured to Shaan.. "Shaan.. I.. I will be outside if you need anything okay?" He had nodded as he hugged a scared Khanak... She sobbed gently as she remembered and murmured in a weak voice.. "Do..Doc... aac..accident.. I.. " He instantly leaned back and placating her murmured gruffly.. "Shh.. shh.. yes.. I know.. its okay.. you are fine.. don't move your head much.. it will hurt.. but trust me.. you will be fine okay..." She then felt the over powering surge of emotion as he tenderly stroked her cheek and she smiled wanly then and he again mumbled this time in a rather wobbly voice but yet love shining in his eyes... "Damn you Jingles... if you ever scare me like this.. I.. I..." he left it hanging as his eyes spoke and he hugged her, carefully so as to not hurt her.. but he buried his nose in her fragrant hair.. which now had the smell of disinfectant.. nevertheless she still was his Khanak... his Jingles... A smile came to her face as a tear rolled gently down the corner of her eye as he felt the dampness against his cheek and he raised his head chiding a tell tale dampness in his own eyes... he leaned down and gently took her lips in a sweet and gentle kiss...
Riddhima battered her lower lip as she waited outside the special room in he ICU... worried senseless as she knew that Armaan had misunderstood the relationship between her and Shaan... but she also felt a strange anger burn within her as she thought... if he did not trust her then in fact he was questioning her love.. and she did not like the sound of that at all... She was also worried for Shantanu... Just as she was about to go back inside, a nurse walked to her and handed her a small note... "Dr. Riddhima, Dr. Mallik asked me to give this to you..." She smiled at the nurse and opening the letter skimmed through quickly.. 'Typical Armaan.. the note said.. "Meet me now..." She sighed and blowing a curl of her hair up at her forehead she fumed and knocked at the door and hearing Shaan voice, peeped inside and said.. "Everything okay?" She saw him nod and entered inside with a soft endearing smile at Khanak... Khanak frowned and looked in askance at Shantanu.. but he only smiled at this new girl who looked quite pretty and suddenly she felt a pricking in her heart region... She then presumed that this new girl must be a doctor but the very next moment his words put a doubt in her head... "Ridzyy.. I am so glad I met you... can you give me a detailed note on Khanak's status..." Riddhima nodded and smiled at him sweetly as Khanak frowned... She let this girl presumably a doctor and named Ridzy check her and smiled a little stiltedly. "ridzy" then nodded as if satisfied and murmured.. "She is fine Shaan... no worries.. Look, I have to go now, but I hope to see you later.. how about tea in our cafeteria.. okay.. shall come soon.." khanak glared at the retreating back of the beautiful looking so-called Rdizy... as Shantanu sighed and turned to ask her quirking his brows as a frown appeared seeing the irk in those lovely eyes...
Armaan sat on the parapet as he waited for her... feeling a searing jealousy... he knew he should talk it out but something prevented that... he did not want to see anything... he just felt a burning in his heart.. and he remembered only.. Riddhima's hands as they caressed that man's jaw... the way she held him in her arms.. well at least that was what it seemed.. they were hugging... He felt her step but did not feel the shy tenderness in it... he felt a firm purpose and he turned as he scratched his jaw in contemplation... as she fumed.. "Armaan.. woh.. woh kya tha..." So he turned with a contemptuous curl of his lip.. "Kya.. kya kya tha.. kuch nahin.. tum bataao.. kya tha..." She frowned and looked at him in disbelief as she felt she was talking to a stranger... and not her Armaan... "Armaaan!!!" So he suddenly feeling like sand is slipping through his hand kind of a feeling grabs her shoulders and speaks.. "Riddhima, main nahin jaanta.. tum kya chahti ho.. bas.. Main itna jaanta hoon, I love you.." He cups her face and brings it close to his.. his breath clashing with hers as she suddenly feels love flow again in between them...
As she trembled anew feeling his fragrance that was so Armaan hit her senses, as she murmured huskily closing her eyes... "Oh.. Armaan... woh.. woh mera cousin hain..." Armaan jerked away shocked at her statement and suddenly hugged her in relief as well as sheepish shame and murmured... "Riddhima.. I.. woh.. main.. I.. " Riddhima smiled at his shoulder and then leaning back took hold of his collar in her hands and murmured.. in false ire.. "Main main kya Armaan... apni Riddhima par itna hi bharosa.." He lifted his finger and shushed her and leaning his forehead against hers whispered hoarsely... "Basket... bas..." His eyes conveying his apology as he leaned back and then kneeling in front of her he caught his ears as if apologising in his Armaan style and Riddhima could not help but smile and biting her lip smiled as she felt happy and he rose and enveloped her in a warm hug... gently tipping her head back to kiss her... and seal their love with a promise...
Khanak tried not to let her jealousy show in her voice as she cleared it and replied "I.. main.. theek hoon.. woh.. ahem.. woh kaun thi.." As she tried to hide the curiosity in her eyes as suddenly Shantanu felt it.. and he jerked as he stilled her hand, where her fingers curled and folded the sheet on the bed... his fingers slowly closed over hers stilling them.. she bit her lip and looked away form those disturbing eyes and he sighed and suddenly laughed and sitting by her side carefully placing an arm around her, over her head leaned forward and spoke near her face... "Jingles... silly silly Jingles.. you need not worry as she is Dr. Riddhima Gupta... my cousin.. who I am meeting after a gap of 8-9 years... My silly love... you need not worry... and remember.. no matter how many girls you see I smile at, my heart is captured only by one lady... whose name reminds me the tinkling of bells, the jingling of kangan... who has captured my very soul... I love you.. Mrs. Khanak Shantanu Khandelwal... My jingles..." She smiled at that with contrite tears in her eyes and he sighed as he gently wiped one with a chide in his eyes and huskily murmured.. leaning his forehead gently against hers... "I love You Jingles... love you so much..." Khanak echoed softly as her voice faded to a muffled "Me too.." as he kissed her gently yet deeply...

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happy bday sweet sweet venna di loev u ur the best mod...love u armannParty

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Wishing you happiness always!

Have a wonderful day dearie!



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*~* Happy Birthday Veena *~*

Many many happy returns of the day, Have a great one and a bless one! So forget you modgiri for today and enjoy, Here is a little gift from my side, which I spent AGES on finding a seductive look of Armaan, so it looks like he is checking you out LOLLOL I bet you do know where this look is from...
Lots of lovezzz and Muahzzz!
P.S. Have I told you...That you are one of the coolest and sweetest MOD ever! Muah!

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 Happy Birthday Veena, hope you have a great day! Enjoy to the fullest!

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WOW Jess!!Very nice!!loved it

Saira-u actually went on a hunt??Killer look!Really lol

VeenZ,agree with all,U are a superb moderator!!!Hug

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