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IntoxicatingCreations| THREAD LINK PG. 152 (Page 75)

IntoxicatingC. Senior Member

Joined: 13 May 2011
Posts: 233

Posted: 23 June 2011 at 3:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by 26javey26

You three are dynamic together. You guys are making me go crazy for you work. Its so firikkin awesome. Your creations are honestly intoxicating.

The KaJen avi is adorable. I love the colouring and transition. So using it. The KSG avi is really really cute. He looks adorable. I love the way you added the text to it. The KaJen sigs are amazing speically the second one. The blur looks amazing. I love the icons a lot. Each one of them is amazing. I can't tell you how much I love them.
You're so incredibly kind, Javeeey! Thanks so very much :) Sahar's work is always incredibly, she appreciates all the love! Thanks a lot.

Your work is amazing. The icons are gorgeous. Love the JJ one a lot. The SRK Kajol sig a lot. The colouring is awesome. You should make a psd on it. I love it. Your blending rocks. The Rani Saif sigs rock a lot. Like I said earlier you blending is out of the world. How do you do it? Please teach me. They are just amazing. I can't tell you how much I love them and how amazing they are. The Sonam sigs is gorgeous. Love everything about them. The Nina sig is cute. Love the Nian sig. The Anushka-KSG sig sis well merged.
AW. Javey! You're so so so so sweet. Your detailed comments make us very happy and motivated! It means a lot to us! I really don't know what to day. I can't even do blending right, how can I teach you :O LOL. Thanks a lot, Javey :)

Anuuu!!! You know I love your work. The sigs are killing. The first one is adorbale. Love the second one a lot. It looks sophisticated and it makes it stand out.  The third one rocks too. Love the texture a lot. The KaJen sig is my fav. You 've added all the pics and it looks mind blowing. So using it.
LOL YOU'RE SO KIND! Anu appreciates the lovely comments, so thank you so much! :D

I'm such a fangurl of all your creations. You guys rock .
We love you, Javey! Thanks for being our fangirl :$


Originally posted by MaitreeluvKajen

YUPIIEE DUUPPIIEE Update is Here :D YAAYY !! I'm SOO happy <33 You Guys seriously ROCKK !! Will Comment Separately !! YAY :D We get your lovely comment!
Sahar's Work:
Girl can you get any Better? You Always AWE me with ur Updates! They're FREAKING Gorgeous..Haayyyeee The KSG wala Avi and the JW icons are Uber-cute !! I'm already Using ur Icons! They are Awesomo-Gorge-Fanto-Fabolously-WOW! (Samajh aya na?ROFL ) LOOVEE THE Sigs :| OMMGG Sahar I can't forget u made the Chandni of the KaJen AT Sig for me! I Still love that and this KaJen siggies...OMG Take my Breath Away !! LOL. Thank you so much, Maitree! We're so glad you love the creations :) It means a lot to Sahar, especially when she reads them, and smiles! LOLOL. THANKS :D
Phatty's Work :
Here's Another Girl KILLING me with her updates! Haayye the Icons are So SO Gorgeous! LOVEDDD the SRK-Kajol Sig !! Thats my FAVOURITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME !! Thank You Soo Much Phatty Darling,for making that Sig Hug Hug Love ya! And OMMG the TVD sigs,then the Sonam kapoor ones ..All are GORGEOUS!! Love Love Loovveee Ur work <33 Haayyee *Stares* LOL, thanks sweetheart :) You're way too kind! Thank you very, very, very much! :D
Anita's Work :
For this,I think even if I hunt down 300 dictionaries,I won't find Enough words to Define this Update.I'm In LOOVEEE,With the KaJen sigs and the WOWLY gorgeous,and Stunning Jennifer Winget siggies,I DIE :| AWESOME !! Ahh I Can't Stop Starinngg!! Mummyyy,I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! LMAO. YOU'RE SO SWEET! Anu loves and appreciates your comments, thanks a lot!

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IntoxicatingC. Senior Member

Joined: 13 May 2011
Posts: 233

Posted: 23 June 2011 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aditiloveskajen

Omggg Girls you are doing an amazing work...Day Dreaming
The Kajen slideshow sig is rockingggBlushing
KSG Avi is fantabulusss<333333
The JJ Birthdays sigs are simplyyy hooot!!
Kajen ones are killingggSillyDay Dreaming
SRK KAJOL KKHH Ones are Flawless BlushingBlushing
KSG Anushka waala sig is Hooot<3
rest are realllyyy breath takingggEmbarrassed
My favorite has to be this slide show sigDay Dreaming

AWWW. Thanks, Aditi! We all love your sweet and encouraging words! Thanks a ton, jaani!

Originally posted by Ankita.M

AWESOMEEE update I lovee loveee the work done by you guys <3
I cant even choose what to use :| 
OMFG Sahar those avis and siggies are awesomee :| :| 

Phattyyy :| WOW You have gotten so goood :| I loveee your work man .

Anu I dont think I have to say how much I loveee ur work :| those siggies are heaven. 

ANKU WHY DO YOU HAVE MY SIGGS IN YOUR DABBA? TAKE THEM OUT. LMFAOOO. *It's me, Phatty btw!* Thanks so much for the sweet words, love! You're so incredibly kind. Thanks very much!! We love the sweetness, and the kindness! <33 MUAH.

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IntoxicatingC. Senior Member

Joined: 13 May 2011
Posts: 233

Posted: 23 June 2011 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
@Husna - Your comment is too mota for me too quote, nonetheless, you're an awesome person, and such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for the incredibly kind comment, and encouragement. We all love the appreciation, and thanks so much for the detailed feedback! Thanks so much :)

Originally posted by -monus-

Gawjuss Creations ppz! all stuff look fabolus! nice cooperationThumbs UpClap, lovely recent update!
Sahar, finally this thread worked without hanging. Did u unblock me?ROFL

:O MONUS. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! We all love your creations, very much! especially Sahar whom adores your avis! Thanks a lot :)

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IntoxicatingC. Senior Member

Joined: 13 May 2011
Posts: 233

Posted: 23 June 2011 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..Saba..

omgg amazngg work 3 of u <33 esp kajen jw ksg <3 usng soon =)

Thanks, sweetheart! :D

Originally posted by xAlishax

Firstly a Sad face, cuz I think I am not on the PM list. Are you really not? Well, you're getting a Buddy request super soon, then! Sorry for the delay, love. Please PM me for further updates, would love that! Missing out on beautiful work here. LOL. Now coming to the update, you three girls are like three bombshells, LOL. In terms of creativity you are just amazing! Seriously. LOL, AW. You're way too kind, Alisha! Thanks so much :) As I have said before Sary is like the Queen of Avi's, SHE IS :D I Love your style/colouring and amazing how none of your avis ever turn out grainy, tips do yaar! LOL. She experiments ;) And attempts random styles! *Well, this is coming from a person who doesn't even know the basics of SV :P LOL* The first KaJen Avi is amazing! I Love the style and the dissolving transition, something very effective.

The KSG avi is just mindblowing, I love the touch of purple to it. Aw, thank you, Alisha! :D The KaJen sigs are just too adorable yaar. Its amazing how you can always make one pic sigs look so good! I Love it. I love the coloured one too with the motion blurr effect on it, looks beautiful. The Jenni icons are cute. I love all the colourings and textures that you have used. Lovely work. AW, Thank you so much for the compliments, Sahar loves the appreciation, we all do!

Coming to Phatty's work now, I LOVE the icons, they look great! LOL, thanks love! & the SRKajol sig is JUST Pure adorable! Taking a walk down memeory lane, are we? LOL. Yes, kind of, sort of! LOL. Was missing them :$ I Love the text on it, Perfecto. Hum Tum ones are Great! I LOVE the B&W one, I have thing for B&W sigs, I am always dead biased towards them.  Me too! I love B&W! I think we went over this in your shop already, right? Great job on the one below the B&W one too, I love the glowing text! EEEKS, Sonam. GORGEOUS! &I LOVE you for making sigs on Sonam. Will defo use them! I love making creations on Sonam! She always has the best photo shoots, and what not! :D I love the white dress one, colouring is just too perfect! The pink one is amazing too, Love the irregular placement of the pictures. Awesome! Ian-Nina/NinaD ones are Amazing! Esp the colourings draw me towards them. GroverSharma Just FAAAB! Love the floral texture on it! Kareena one is Superb! Love the textures/colourings and how you have boxed the pics. Thanks so much, Alisha! Your compliments are so incredibly sweet!

Now having a look at Anita's work, They are GORGEOUS dear. I love the Jenni sigs, came out so well. The first one is amazing, love how you have manged to use so many pics and managed it so damn well. Claps! LOL, thank you, Alisha :) You're too kind. Second one is STUNNING! I love the Style. Placement of pics/text and textures used, oh and not to forget the colouring everything is perfect to the T. So sweet of you, love. It means a lot to Anu! The next one is even more stunning, I love how you use your texts, and the pics are blended so well in this one. The Last KaJen on is just Gorgeous, blended well, FAB colouring and the broken lights texture is a cherry on top! Thank you so so so much <333

All in all, a brilliant update from the Bombshell Trio ROFL. WE LOVE the name :D (Thats what Imma call you from now on! LOL) MUUUAH! &Oh Do NOT forget to PM me next time. Or else.. .. hehe *Evil smile*... LOL. We shall definitely PM you next time :D

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IntoxicatingC. Senior Member

Joined: 13 May 2011
Posts: 233

Posted: 23 June 2011 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sjain

SEXYY update guyss..made me super happyy :))
keep up the gudd workk :))

Thank you, Mahua! :D

Originally posted by Mehak_Luvs_Rani

RESERVED :| :| :| :|

You three will kill me one day..weee =))


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IntoxicatingC. Senior Member

Joined: 13 May 2011
Posts: 233

Posted: 23 June 2011 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -iPayal-

Sahar- OMG, those JW icons are so pretty :P and the avi is awesomeness as alwas :P
Phatty - me loves the sonam sig, the coloring on that is wonderful :)
Anita- i really like the 2nd JW sig! the texture use is fantastic :P

Aw, Payal! You're so sweet! <3 Thanks so much for the sweet comment :)

Originally posted by KaJenYaianSanju

lovely lovely work my dearies...as usual you guys leave me speechless..all the works are absolutely superb but somehow loved this one the most...she was so sweet and real when she said that...the KaJen ones are so amazing too...the big KSG avi when he was talking about JW is absolutely fascinating and all other creations are amazing!!

Thanks a lot, love :) You're too kind. We love the compliments, and appreciation. It always means a lot to the three of us! Thank youuu.

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IntoxicatingC. Senior Member

Joined: 13 May 2011
Posts: 233

Posted: 23 June 2011 at 3:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by snowflake0555

the Hum  Tum & Jennifer Winget sigs are amazinggg =) great jobb guyss!

Aw, thanks a ton, sweetheart! :D

Originally posted by Hannah.

When I saw a PM linking me to this thread, I had a HUGE smile pasted to my face. I have always admired all your work. Each individual has a different artistic flare and an amalgam of all three of your talent has produced this wonderful thread, where we the audience can appreciate and utilize your wonderful creations. I j'adore them ALL!! Seriously you have done a FAB FAB FAB job with all the siggys and AVI's. Super well done, HUGS to Y'ALL. I shall be pestering you for some tips, I keep my word to that hehe. Oh also, for my new FF I would like to use the 7th siggy on the front page of your thread (I think it's made by HB the greyscale one of KaJen, its perfectly apt for the image I aim to convey. I hope that is okay) 
Ly all and keep up the fab work! Super proud of y'all and hope to see an update soon
Hannah muah xoxo

HANNNAH. Hi, thank you for the overwhelming comment! You're too kind, love. You're so sweet, and it means a ton to us that you're here :) Thanks a lot, love! Keep visiting, we like your comments! ROFL.

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IntoxicatingC. Senior Member

Joined: 13 May 2011
Posts: 233

Posted: 23 June 2011 at 3:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Luvstruck

AMAZINGGG creations !!

LOL, thanks ;)

Originally posted by Fari.Kashian

Just discovered your gallery. Gotta say I'm happy I did cuz dayum! You guys are amazing! Loooving it all. Sahar yoir avis especially are gorgeous!
I absolutely loved the rahul/anjali and ksg/anushka sigs!!!! They are my favs! The BW jenny one was looovely!

Dont know if im on the PM list but hope to recieve pms for further updates.
Stunning update ladies!

Aw, thank you very much! You're too kind :) Well, you discovered it later than never! Haha. Thanks so much for the sweet comments, you're so sweet! :) We'll add you to the PM list, expect a Buddy request soon!

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