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IntoxicatingCreations| THREAD LINK PG. 152 (Page 73)

Meehak. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 1:18pm | IP Logged

Wooow Goregeous upatde Saharuu Hug I love them all REQ avi's, Ohmy them are Goregeous, I love the Jay & Piya one a loot, the coloring you use are Mindblowing. Awww..The SK & Kajol avi's are awesome, woow love the coloring & the avi style. Embarrassed VeerZaara avi's, GOSH I loved it, it's really beautiful. I love the purple & yello/brown color. Arjun-Sanaya avi's ohhmy it's Goregeous, I like it veryyy much. I most say that the Anu avi are out of the world, OMG OMG it come out really good, I love the coloring Day Dreaming It's GOREGEOUS GOREGEOUS GOREGEOUS. When I see AS avi in someone shop, I became talli, I jumped up ROFL I really LOVE Anu she is my jaan <3 I will use the As avi, if the are free to use, the are free for use na ? Big smile & thanks for making soo beautiful avi. Okay the Sonam Kapoor avi are superb sweet, awww I love them all a loot, the coloring & the text came out veryy goood, I'm in old upatde now don't be congused.LOL I love the pruple color some you use in JW icons. this one  Awww.. I love the icons Spechleees Blushing Will use it. Oh you have made the KSG & AS sigi, Oh I did't not that hehe (: I have use it before, & it's simply awweesome, I love the bleending most. Make moree Shmashiiing stuff's, & thanks for the pm jaan Hug Plz do pm me whenever you upatde.


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IntoxicatingC. Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 2:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ayeshaaa.

I love jenny ones :) amazing blending & coloring (:

Thank you so much, love! :)

Originally posted by -Farzana-

Reserved for a comment and suggestions!
Finally an update from ALL you guys! =)
[ http://i.imgur.com/QG5Px.gif ] I LOVEEE this one Sahar! I didnt know you made this.. your copyright is very hard to see in it! But you are the one who made this style of avis first so i shoulda figured you made it. LOL Its gorgeous! Make more in this style. You make it best <3
Already commented on the KSG and JW icons but just wanna say once again, I adore the JW icons sooo damn much. She looks unbelievably cute in those pics. Oh and your sigs are so adorable =)
WOOOW. Phatty, your sigs are so beautiful girl. I love the different coloring on each sig. Looks amazing! [ http://i.imgur.com/ADjzH.jpg ] Coloring on this Sonam sig is so hot!  [http://i.imgur.com/OUQ0S.jpg ] Love the texture you used on this one! Sooo beautiful! Nian one is amazing too! Great work Phatty. All your sigs are fabulous. Heart
Anuu! Finally this gal updates!
And yaaayy you made JW sigs. L O V E them! Seriously all are stunning esp yeh wali  [ http://i.imgur.com/kLyFC.png ] . Humari Chamak Challooo. LOL LOL cute text. KaJen one..do I need to say it? Its too hot for words just like them. Nuff said. :P
Sorry for such a lamba comment but since all 3 of you updated, it was bound to be long right! ROFL =) I will post my suggestion in another post when I find the links.  Once again, fabulous work by all 3!

Aw, Farzana! Thanks a lot, it really means a lot :D We're so glad you liked all of our creations, we worked hard! Haha. The long comments, the encouragement, and the sweetness in every one of your comments keeps us all motivated, so thank you, very much!! <3

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IntoxicatingC. Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Angel-Pebby

-edit- (:

You girls make me go crazy! *Takes a deep breath and then squeals over the Nina-Ian Siggy* 

For Sahar's work - 

Dude, I just love this ishtlye - the one you used for the KaJen avi, and you've used it before too. The hazy-or whatever-effect, it's too good! And you coloring is beyond awesome and I don't think there's any need for me too look at it in order to figure out what made it look like the way it does, I'm never gonna get it anyway. :]

Icons are mindblowingly-awesome. No words. The second one, boy, it looks gorgeous. (:

For Phatty's work - 

Super-gorgeous- if there's any word like that! The K2H2 siggy has turned out absolutely beautiful, babe. Coming to the Hum-Tum siggies, there's no words that can define the first one and the second one is totally breathtaking. Great work! Sonam Kapoor - what did you do get that coloring?! It looks so HOT! The scale texture/image/effect/whatever at the right side looks so good that you can't even imagine it! (> I love it! 

NinaD - freakin' beautiful! Again, the coloring... it makes it look so awesome! I love the dotted texture- and the blending! S T U N N I N G ! Oh boy- the Nina and Ian siggy *squeals again* .. I just lurve whatever you did to it! Looks better than beautiful and much better than gorgeous. 

The KSG-AS siggy, love the merging! The effects, textures, text and coloring over it so good that I wanna copy it and hten you'll say "Plagiarism and what not!" -P Stop making such 'copy-able' stuff, then! ;D

OMG Kareen Kapoor!! Can you people count and tell me how many times have I used the word 'love' in this short-essay of mine?! And then one more to that number - cause I Love this siggy. It's one of the bestest(?) works I've ever seen. The texture and coloring, again makes me wanna copy it!! "Plagiarism is an offence! - Yes, I get it!" JK XD

For Anita's work - 

Finally, I get to see something from you and man, it was so worth the wait! The Jenny sigs have turned out just so beautiful. I've got no words to explain. Your blending is so good. And the style on the second siggy - wow, it's so awesome. The sepia effect makes it look lovely. "Chammak Challo" - really?! Anyways, I giggled at it! >)

The KaJen sig is beautiful. The text - amazing! 

Awesome update, three! Keep them coming! (:


Aw, you're such a sweetheart, Garima!! THANK YOUUU :) It means a lot, love. The lovely words and appreciation have got us all really excited to post updates in here :) People like you keep the gallery moving, so thanks a ton for the sweetness!

Originally posted by Sano88

amazing work. loved the coloring. gorgeous work.

Thanks, Sano! :)

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IntoxicatingC. Senior Member

Joined: 13 May 2011
Posts: 233

Posted: 23 June 2011 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by HotMess

YOOO RESERVED. Comment kal :)


^^ the text omg.

ROFL. No edit, I see? Nonetheless, thank you! I'm sure JLo appreciates your comment ;)

Originally posted by -Sary-

:O We updated ROFL AHH I am in a hurry so can't comment in detail but Anu Panini and Phattia T. everything looks gorgeous guys :D

ROFL PHATTIA T. I die. ANYWAYS, Thanks, sweetheart! It wouldn't have been complete without you <3

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IntoxicatingC. Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by YuNa4ever

EEEKS I LOVE UR WORK Blushing And we love your comments :D

Reserved for comment and suggestion Embarrassed

Ok finally i can edit lol sorry for taking time ROFL  No worries love, better late than never! *Says me, the girl replying two weeks later, LOL* Okies now coming to ur update OMFG u guys seriously make some awesome stuff like seriously your work always leaves me speechlessBlushing Thank you so much, love! So kind of you :) Its sooo good man like no words! Coming to the avis sahar ur too goodd i love tht KGS avi the colouring and the way u wrote the text and the text itself makes it stand outEmbarrassed Its sooo cute <33 and the icons are soo simple yet GORGEOUS! i love the slide show style its soo uniqueEmbarrassed Like seriosuly amazinmg and the jen icons are beautiful my fav has to be this one :$ Definitely! Sahar makes the most remarkable icons and avis, ever! She's the Queen of Avis ;) Thank youuu!

 EEks i love the colouring here *sigh* i love it really Day Dreaming Ok and sahar even though u say u cant make siggies i love ur simple style soo plzz keep making <33 i love ur stylesEmbarrassed Thanks, love! Sahar's style is unique, and it's always a pleasure looking at her creations :)

Phatty omg  omg i lovee ur new textures like seriouslu EEEKs my fav this oneBlushing LOL, thanks, Maryam! :D I was experimenting, hence the new textures - but thank you very much! :D

 Im sooo using this Day Dreaming OMFG ITS HOT HOT :| love the pink and the pics are sooo perfect like seriously this is perfection I have no words its pretty yet soo sexy :$ i even love the SRK kajol one its sooo damn cuteDay Dreaming  Love ur styles man the new textures and ur blending too good! Aw, thank you very much, Maryam :) Sweet and encouraging comments like these make our day! You people are so kind and appreciative, Sahar, Anu & I appreciate them incredibly!

OMG anita's KaJenn siggy aah i can stare at those like forever LOL bt ya i love the KaJen one the most love the hearts on it and love the colouring! The text is soo KaJenishEmbarrassed Imma use that one soon saved for now Blushing ok i dunnno wat to say now im outta wordsStern Smile  and the jenny sigghies are damn cutee like seriouslu I love ur work like totally LOL! BREATH TAKING update Blushing Thanks so much, Maryam!! You're so kind! :D Her work is beautiful, we're all her fans, haha! Thanks :D

Now im gonna suggest cant miss this chnace CoolROFL  anyone of u can make it u all make such amazing stuff :$ Pics:

http://s912.photobucket.com/albums/ac321/Yuvraj-Naina/12th%20March/ Hopefully if I get a chance, I'll make a siggy :)

 U can chose whichever ones u like LOl!

Love Maryam Heart

Originally posted by -Rinki-

Ahhh, best update of the gall so far. You know the reason? Yes, I could see work coming from all three of you ((: LOL. Thanks, love!
UFF starting with Sahar, your avi's woman. Dhaasuuu man Dhaasuuu. ROFL Shee, avi's are not supposed to be this good. :P Last time I said you were "one of the best avi makers on IF" and now I can proudly say you're the best Approve Itna talent aata kaha se hai maate? :O Sahar was born this way, babe Cool She's god mad skills, what can we do? LOL. Thanks :D
<< This is beautiful, love this. The colouring is PUUURRRFECT. & its come out really nice. The JW icons are so prettyy, love the textures and your colouring and she looks pretty and cute and aww AND..nah nothing else. ROFL LOLL, thanks :) Sahar's avis are always perfection! It means a lot, thanks!

Coming to Phatty's work..HAWWW! I am 'aankhein phati type-ish' ;O LOL. Is that good, or bad? I'm hoping it's good :P  no seriously, those Sonam and Grover/Sharma sigs..EEEPPPSSS! I really like the size of the sigs and the pretty-ness too. :$ Aw, thanks a lot :) I LOVE the Grover/Sharma sig..she looks so pretty and he looks so 'Yo woman, do I melt your heart type-ish' Stern SmileROFL The HT sigs are HOT man. Lamho ki guzaarish hai yeh, paas aa jaaayeee. <3 That sig is the 3rd hottest thing I saw today. LOL Its beautifully made :)
brrr, love your sigs :| Thank you so much, Rinki! Your kinds words are incredibly appreciated by all of us!

Coming to Anita's work..those JW sigs are WOW. Especially the one which is inspired from Jhanvi and the KaJen inception waala..tum teeno mein talent kitna hai? :| uff. LOTS of talent hai, especially in Anu & Sahar ;) LOL. Thanks :)

All three of your work is AWESOME, especially your colouring. ahh, I adore Anita's work..those JW sigs are plain gorgeous-ness. :$ + the blending is so neat. Yes, definitely agreed with you - thank you so much! Anita appreciates the sweet encouragement ;)

ahh in short, the update was LOVE. You guys are amazing :D THANK YOU :D

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IntoxicatingC. Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 2:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Dharu-

Damnn gorgeous update. you girls are such a wonderful makers. Aw, thank you very much, Dhara! So kind and sweet of you :) Sary your work is as always very inspiring & unique. i love KSG avi hallmark styleLOL its veryy pretty still not over with what he said about Jenny, he was blushing teheEmbarrassed LOL :$ Thanks, love!  love the avis style you made for their new pics of gr8 magazine. and JW icons are beautiful using one right nowBig smile these two are my most favDay Dreaming Thank you so much hun!


Phatty you're getting really good at this. love all the stuff you made especially Nina-Ian/Sona ones but this takes the cake. I love this they look HOTEmbarrassed LOL, thanks! I'm trying to catch up to these fellows ;) HAHA. Not happening anytime soon, but I'm trying - so thanks for the encouragement ;)

Anitaa there's no doubt you're so creative at sig making. I adore this one so much. love the way this came out. and the text is awesome. keep making wonderful work girlsEmbarrassed Thanks a lot, Dharu! It means a lot to us :) Thanksss!

@Sami - Sorry I couldn't quote your reply, but thank you so much sweetheart :) We all appreciate your words incredibly, and it means so much to the all of us! Seriously your comment is so sweet, and so incredibly encouraging! Thanks a lot :)

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IntoxicatingC. Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -RougeDreams-

REJ :P SAP<33333333333
WOW :| I can't even pick one :| they are all soo amazing =) each icon and siggie is just to fantastic u guys rock :)Star

LOL, thank you, Tashu! You're so sweet, love :) Thanks a lot!

Originally posted by ~pooja_15~

Beautiful update as ever !  the jenny ones are gorgeous the coloring is superb ! love it the entire update keep up the nice work guys !Thumbs Up

Aw, thank you, Pooja! :D You're indeed very kind, thank you :)

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IntoxicatingC. Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2011 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Rishx_KSG-

Of Course i'll credit u guys LOL

n Grt Update Big smile
TVD Ones are rocking Big smile

can u make some Jeremy Stuff plz Big smile

n one More Suggestion LOL

make Ksg Avis from the Wassup Tv Interview Wink


Yay for the credit! Credit is always good ;) LOL. I (Phatty) am planning on making some Jeremy stuff soon, so hopefully it'll be included in the next update *fingers crossed* :D As for avis on Wassup TV, I'm pretty positive Sahar made some :)

Originally posted by -Hoor-

Fab update guys. Loved the icons you guys made. Jen nd KSG ones are gorgeous (:

Thank you Hoor :D So sweet of you <3

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