Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

new fanfic part 26 on page 38 (Page 8)

brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Everyone was sitting in the living ignoring what had just happened. Meanwhile, in the bathroom: 

Rajveer; Aro

Arohi: Please bhaiyya! Don't Aro me! Just who does he think he is! **DEEP BREATH** Bhai, you know your not a burden right. Your my life!'

Rajveer: Aro please, stop this nonsense. Arjun didn't mean it like that and you know it! As for burden, even if I was, you're the only one who was gonna carry it so no need to complain! Ab teri shaadi hogi tho voh tho mujhe hi complain karega, "meri biwi hai, thoda space dein" (in a mocking tone, looking sheepishly)

Arohi: HUH?       You were listening in Lancaster weren't you? What did you hear?

Rajveer: Don't worry I only heard Kumud aunty talking about your wedding. After that, Raj woke up so I had to pretend I was asleep, which eventually became reality.

Arohi: Oh, Haha. (Thinking; Thank God he didn't hear all of it.. That would've been so embarrassing)

Rajveer: Acha bas kar. Bahar nahi behet na?     and they go out where everyone is sitting..

So Arohi carries Rajveer on her back again and puts him on the couch where everyone is sitting. First people are talking but as soon as she comes it gets quiet again. It gets a little akward but then Arjun gets up and goes towards Arohi.

Arjun: Umm.. Listen.. Dekhen, I'm sorry. Mujhe aise nahi kehna chahiye tha par mera yakeen karein,

Gauri: Par bhaiyya, app kyun maafi maang rahe hain.

Arjun: Nahi Gauri, usse bura laga hai tho maafi tho maang ni hi hogi na. (To Arohi) I didn't mean it that way but its understandable that you took it the wrong way. Rajveer is my best friend and I have never considered him a burden for myself or anyone else, believe me. 

Arohi is still a little ticked off but says: It's okay Arjun. Tum keh rahe ho tho main maan le thi hoon. I know Rajveer tumhara bohat khaas dost hai par please kabhi mere aur uske rishte main daraar mat dalna. Aisi baat keh kar bhi, it hurts! 

Arjun: Okay, let's start again and forget this happened; friends?

Arohi: Itna sab hone ke baad... sochna padega!

Maasi: Acha acha. Bas ab hogaya na. Bas! Ab tum sab araam karo. Tak gaye ho ge. Ammi nahi hain na tho ek bed Gauri ka hai aur doosra Billu ka. Raj beta, tum Billu ke kamre mein so jao aur Amrit aur bhai saab app humare kamre main. 

Amrit: Par hum kaise?

Maasi: Hari raat ko job karte hain aur main tho kahin bhi. Aur ek raat ki tho baat hai. Phir Sudhir bhai saab ne kaam ke liye nikalna hai tho hum dono ek kamre mein, bachpan ki tarah. (Amrit Smiles)

Rajveer: Maasi, main bhi vahan hi so jahoonga.. zameen par. Actually vahan video games hain na tho raat ko masti kareinge!

Maasi: Acha, jaise teri marzi. Bas bhaiyon se ladayi nahi karna! Aur Arohi, tum yahan sofa pe so jayegi na?

Arohi: KYA?!

Amrit: Jagah kam hai tho adjust karna padega na!

Arohi: Maasi, actually mujhe adat nahi hai na. Tho mere kamar mein dard hota hai. 

Amrit: Chup Kar! 

Maasi: Nahi Amrit, sahi tho keh rahi hai! Koi baat nahi beta. Tum Arjun ke kamre mein jaana; Arjun bahar so jayega.

Arjun: Maa, yeh kaisi baatein kar rahi hain. 

Arohi: Waise maasi, mujhe bhi rehne ki koi shauk nahi hai par jab sirf yehi kamra bach gaya hai tho isse hi accept kar leti hoon. Thanks Arjun for the offer; you're so sweet!

Arjun: Arohi, first of all, I'M NOT SWEET! and secondly, I didn't offer anything! It's my room! Why would I give it up! Aur, Rajveer kahan soye ga?

Arohi: Maasi, abhi tho Rajveer ne kaha na ke vo zameen par soye ga, Billu aur Raj ke saath, ek kamre mein. 

Arjun: But that doesn't mean I give up my room!

Maasa: Tumhari maa ne kehdiya hai na, tho kehdiya hai! Bechari Aro aur kahan jaayegi? Aur vaise bhi,pichle (two) saal se, jab bhi ye aate theh aur tu nahi hota tha, tera kamra ussi ka kamra tha. 

Arjun is upset with this setting but does not say anything in front of his dad, but moreover, Gauri is furious for kicking her brother out of his room in his presence.

Everyone goes in their respectively assigned rooms to rest.


Everyone is gathered in the room talking about random stuff when the phone rings. Arjun picks up the phone and presses nine (in some buildings, thats how you open the door). He looks pretty excited yet tensed but doesn't say anything to anyone. A few minutes later a knock is heard. 

Arohi: Maasi, app kyun taqleef le rahi hain. I'll open the door. 

I walk towards the door, unlock the door as well as the latch. The door comes flying open and I get the shock of my life.

I'm a little busy right now but I will update more soon and then send pm's. till then thanks for reading and comment and like! (add me and hit the like button if u want a pm)

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
shock of her life? Who was that?
Sandrav Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 10:18pm | IP Logged
Now i think its going 2 be very excited? Very curious 2 what is the shock? Update soon dear.
aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 3:49am | IP Logged
gd update dear n last line ciffhanger !
wo was dat shock?? nn loved arjuhi 's convo lol
...Sheher... Goldie

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 7:35am | IP Logged
wy is arohi shocked ?
Usse deek kar yo darwaze pe tha
 ya kyu ke Arjun ne darwaza remote se open kya tha ???
deeshu Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 11:18am | IP Logged
 intresting ff...
 update soon next
brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 1:00am | IP Logged

Arohi: Maasi, app kyun taqleef le rahi hain. I'll open the door. 

I walk towards the door, unlock the door as well as the latch. The door comes flying open and I get the shock of my life. OH MY GOSH! My eyes pop out and I can't move. 

Arohi: AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHEFUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shefali: AROOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Romit (at the door with bags in his hands): GET IN THE DOOORRR!!!!!

Arohi lets them in the door and the girls start dancing around hugging each other out of excitement, while Arjun, Raj, and Billu get up and help Romit bring in the bags. Actually Shefali and Romit come to Canada alone as their parents are busy with work in India. If you remember they are Arjun's cousin  They line up their suitcases against the wall and finally sit down again.

Maasi: Beta, apki tho khabar hi nahi thi. Pata hota tho airport aa jate.

Romit: Actually, hum apko takleef nahi dena chah rahe theh, par mom dad ne phone zaroor kiya hoga.

Arjun: Yeah, they did. Sorry ma, batana bhool gaya.

Arohi: Acha hua nahi bataya. Shefali ko achanak dekh kar acha laga. 

Shefali: You too sweetie. I missed you and Gauri so much!

Gauri: (Thinking: Jhutiii) Us too Shefali. Chachu/chachi are good?

Shefali: Yeah, they wanted to come but you know work... anyways, I hear Karan Bhaiyya and Ganga's wedding is going to be

Arohi: O yah! Maine tho ghaane bhi chun liye hain.

Shefali: OMGGG!! I am so excited. So tomorrow se practice!

Arohi: For sure babes! I can't wait. 

**Karan is played by Hiten Tejwani while Ganga is Rakshanda Khan.

Okay so let me rewind. We didn't only come to visit Maasi. We came for a bigger and quite frankly a better reason. Singer Karan Singh and Lawyer Ganga Rai are finally getting married. They have such a cute love story; they both met when Bhaiyya was on tour in Singapore. whilst Bhabhi went for some case and fell n love. They dated a good 3 years before coming to a conclusion that they'd want to get married. It took them another 2 years to set a wedding date. Crazy I know but I guess there schedules are so hectic that we couldn't say much to them anyways. But now its set and we are going to have so much fun!

Everyone is sitting down chatting.

Maasi: Shefali puttar, tum Gauri ke kamre mein so jaogi na?

Shefali: Ofcourse, it'll be like the old days, right Gauri?

Gauri: Sure. Whatever you say. (rolls eyes thinking, Oh god.. not again)

Maasi: Aur Romit puttar, tum Arjun ke saath...

Romit: Of course, main Arjun ko akele kaise chodoon ga!

Maasi: I am so glad you don't mind puttar. Tum dono idhar bistra bachaa dena.

Romit: Excuse me? Idhar, bistra?

Maasi: Actually baat yeh hai ke pichle (two) saal se Arjun ka kamra Arohi ke hawaale kar diya hai. Pehle pata hota tho kuch aur karte, par Arohi ko bed ki zaroorat hai tho Arjun bahir sone ke liye maan gaya. 

Saying this, the adults walk away in the kitchen and respective rooms, leaving the kids in the living room.

Romit: Abhay Arjun, tum pagal tho nahi ho gaye! Ek ladki ko apna kamra diya!

Arohi: Excuse me! Agar app maasi ki poori baat sun lete tho shayad vo kamra vapas mil jaata. Its not my fault you don't have a long attention span!

Arjun interupts as Romit was about to say something: Baat joh bhi ho, iss baar Arohi sahi ke rahi hai. You should've listened to mom. We could've got the room back. 

Romit opens his mouth in shock while Arohi smirks 

Arohi: Rajveer, we're going inside Wanna go anywhere or need anything?

Rajveer: Nope. I'll call you if necessary.

With this Arohi goes to Gauri's room with the girls. 

*Raj and Billu are already there playing video games.


Rajveer: So Romit, how was the flight? You haven't changed even a bit. I told you before didn't I, don't mess with my sister. It won't take you anywhere in life!

Arjun laughs at this.

Romit: Dude, the flight wasn't bad. I know I haven't changed but you have. What's with you, behen ke peeche peeche. Even now, after kicking us out, you're defending her!

Rajveer seems hurt by this.

Arjun: Yo romit, stay in your limits! You know who you're talking to!

Romit: Ya, behen ka chamcha! and smirks

Arjun: No, my best friend! aur uss bechari kr peeche hi par gaye ho. I know she took over my room but its not like she asked! Mom just gave it to her. Aur uski baat bhi galat nahi thi. Tumne mom ko kyun nahi sunna. Bohat jaldi thi na, Arjun ko tang karne ki! "Main arjun ko akela kaise chod sakta hoon--he said mockingly"

Romit is shocked--how can Arjun speak to him like this. Right then Gauri steps in. 

Gauri; Bhaiyya, app Romit Bhaiyya ko itna kyun suna rahe hai! Voh apka kamra hai na tho Arohi kaise apko nikaal sakti hai?

Arjun: Tho kya main share karoon! Pagaloon ki tarah baatein mat kar aur baat samaj. Agar Arohi kamar (back) ya gardhan (neck) ko kuch hua tho aur musibat par jaayegi. Yeh Romit tho baqwaas karta rehta hai par tu tho samajdaar hai na!

Arohi is standing on the side listening with tears in her eyes, and ran to her...Arjun's room and closed the door. She needed to be alone right now. 

**Gauri's room is not far from the living room, so when the girls heard commotion, they came out to see whats going on and stayed to hear the whole conversation.

Arohi thinking to herself. 

I was so wrong! I was so rude to Arjun since the start yet he still stood up for me. Some people never change I guess. Even as kids he always supported the truth. What did he say, o yeah,  he always admired that quality of mine: I don't lie and support the truth regardless of who I am up against. God knows what happened to our friendship. Nevertheless, I should go out and thank him. Not only did he stick up for me, but also my jaan, Rajveer. Yeh Romit tho kabhi nahi sudrega but I guess Arjun isn't that bad. I should apologize.

Now Arohi fell asleep thinking this (remember, she was crying too). 

Arohi: O no, its 8pm already. Kitni dair so rahi thi. 

I fix myself and go outside only to find Arjun and Romit on the couch. Romit looks like he's passed out while Arjun was reading something at the dining table (the living and dining are attached--remember small apartment). I go near the seat beside him and decide against it. Instead I go sit at the seat across from him. It's like the picture below except a little more decorated.

Areohi: Umm...Arjun

Arjun is so lost in his book he doesn't hear.

Arohi: Umm.. Ahem...(coughs once or twice)

I startle Arjun a little bit and he responds. Umm..yea. I'm sorry I was working. Did you need anything?

Arohi: Oh your busy? I didn't mean to disturb you. I'll talk later.

Arjun: Ab aa gayi ho tho baat pata ke jao. Anyways, I'm done.

Arohi: Voh.. (fiddling with her fingers)    I'm sorry.

Arjun: Sorry? For what?

Arohi: Ever since we came I have been so rude to you. First, you got in trouble because of the bags, phir Itna bala bhol diya about Rajveer, then I took your room, but you were nothing but nice. You even stood up for Rajveer and me in front of Romit and Gauri. 

Arjun: Rajveer's my best friend and nobody has the right to say anything to him! As for you, I didn't like him insulting you. I mean for what? Did you ask my mom for my room? No, you simply said you can't sleep on the ground. Room tho mama ne diya tha. So no need to apologize. 

I give Arjun a sincere smile and turn to walk away when...

Arjun: Wait. Arohi can I ask you a question.

Arohi: Poochne ki kya zaroorat hai. App bade hai.. Go ahead. 

Arjun: Maine bhi notice kiya aur apne bhi abhi bola, why are you being so rude with me? I know hum dost nahi hain par you've never been so rude with me before, so why now?

Arohi looks kind of embarrassed and her eyes automatically go down.

Arohi: Voh Arjun...   Actually baath kya hai...

Arjun: It's okay. No worries. I was just curious but you don't have to tell me.

Arohi say Sorry and runs to her room.

Ab yeh arjun ko kya bolti. I can't tell him about Altoona's trip. I just need to sleep. As it is, everyone's asleep. Saying this she took out her night dress. Oh wait, Rajveer! I should go and see if he needs anything.

As she goes out, Arjun spots her again. 

Don't worry, I helped Rajveer change and now he's playing video games with Raj and Billu. If he needs anything, I'll help him. You drove a long way and you look tired. Go to sleep.

Again all I could do was give a small, sincere smile and go back inside my room, change, and lay on the bed. Mom's words keep ringing in my head. I realize she's not wrong but I don't want to accept it. O just stop it Arohi and go to sleep! Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I just hope it goes better than this.

I hope this is long enough.. I'll try and update sooner...

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That was again a good update dear but pls nxt time do pm me.

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