Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

new fanfic part 26 on page 38 (Page 19)

brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged

so long story short the surgery didn't happen so i wrote another part..rey and mike play an important-ish role later on the story... here's it is, read and comment!

It's 3:00pm now; I've been in my room since english was over at 2:15. I've been hiding from Mike more than anything but why? I have to get over this and Rey is leaving for the weekend today so I gotta see him too. I'm so glad he's going home for the weekend, especially since he's had some trouble with his dad in the last couple of years. He's very close to his mom so I think this will help resolve the tension with his dad, or at least lessen them.

I run down the hall and knock on Rey's door. 

"Stop!" I hear Mike yell. "Arohi, we have to talk"

Luckily Rey opened the door and I just ignored Mike. 

Rey: You, here...right now?

Arohi: I figured I should be with my best friend before he leaves

Rey: Girl, I'm coming back in 2 days!

Arohi: Shut up! I was getting bored in my room.

Rey: Why aren't you with Mika?

Arohi: Excuse me? What does that mean?

Rey: Well, you guys are together all the time.  I thought something was happening between you. Hell, everyone thought that!

Arohi: Rey! You know I'm not like that. I mean at 18, a commitment?

Rey: Yeah, says that ROCK on your left ring finger! You guys didn't do anything stupid did you!

Arohi: Why does everyone assume Mike gave it to me?

Rey: Didn't he?

Arohi: NO!

Rey: Then?

Arohi: Well... (KNOCK KNOCK)

Anam (an RA): Rey, Arohi... you guys signed up to audition for the multicultural event... its today! Lets go!

Rey: What! 

Arohi: I forgot. Well, lets go!

Rey: Fine. Which one? How about the dance on Geeta's Guitar Mix?

Arohi: Nahh! That's comedy and I'm not in the mood.. how remember Rishtey? 

Rey: Nah, you can't get the expressions right...

Aohi: I'm in a sad/anguish type of mood so thats perfect!

( (this is what I had in mind).

(5:00) Rey's mom picked him from the auditions. They went pretty well. I love his mom! She is so sweet and her food is to die for!

RM: So are you packed?

Rey: Ya mom. Lemme say bi to Aro.

Arohi: Rey can you do me a favor. Someone's coming to visit but I don't know if they'll leave today or tomorrow. Can I

Rey: How dare you! Since when do you have to ask for anything? Your my best friend, don't ever make that mistake again!

Arohi: Love you!! Thanks!

Rey: Enjoy and I want to hear everything about this rock when I get back!

I just smiled as he left with his mom. The reason I asked for Rey's room is because he has a double bed. His roommate and him didn't get along so he moved out; Rey kept his bed so he has more space to sleep. 

(6:00) RING RING.. It's my phone... and its mom. Wonder what she wants.

Amrit: Arohi, maasi paunch gayi hain. She needs you to let her in.

Arohi: Sure. 

I wash my face (eyes are red and puffy) go to the door and see Maasi. 

Arohi: MAASI!!!!What a surprise! Let's go in.

Maasi: Arrey, ruk. Arjun ko aane do.

Arohi :Arjun? Yahan?

Arjun: Tho main bus ya taxi se bhej ta kya?

I rolled my eyes and let the two enter.

Maasi: So yeh hai meri bachi ka kamra. 

Arohi: Yep. Everything I need in this small room. You guys must be hungry. Lets go to the cafe and eat. Its getting late and you both must be tired.

It was only 8 when we got back but Arjun hadn't slept the night before and he looked tired. Arjun slept in my room while Maasi and I went to Rey's room.

Maasi: You know Arohi, I am so proud of you! Tumhari vajah se Amrit ko bhi independent hona par raha hai. Kahan voh kuch nahi kar sakti thi tumhare bina. 

Arohi: Maasi, you're making me feel guilty for leaving.

Maasi: Nahi Aro. Amrit ko yeh chahiye tha. You both are learning to be independent. Par itni bhi independent na ho ke kisi ko apne dil ki baat na pata sakey.

Arohi: Main kuch samjhi nahi...

Maasi: Yeh aankhein bhi na. Jhoot bolna hi nahi aata inhe. Tum roh rahi thi?

Arohi: Nahi..Voh.. Aisa nahi bas..

Maasi: Ab mujhse bhi jhoot bole gi?

Arohi: Nahi..Voh...

Maasi: Main sab samaj thi hoon. isiliye Gauri ko nahi bheja. Ek tho teri aankhein tamatar jaisi lal hain aur upar se teri ungli mein angooti (ring).

Oh shoot. I forgot to take it off... Now what am I going to do.

Maasi: Tu soch rahi hai ke ab kya karegi. Sach bata de. Main tho teri best maasi hoon na. Bachpan se teri taraf li hai tho ab nahi loongi?

Arohi: (about to cry) Maasi aise baat nahi hai. Bas samajh nahi aa raha kaise samjha hoon apko. Lets start from the beginning.

Maasi, you know how having a boyfriend is such a big deal but I never let it affect me; not in high school and not here in college. I've been told I get get many guys because of my looks and nature; its a lethal combination! But I've never been attracted to anyone till now. There is a very nice and good looking guy in school, Mike. I figured being his friend will help me get over the crush but I was wrong. The attraction grew. Yesterday we went to see a movie and when we came back it started to rain. He attempted to get close to me and kiss me and the worst part was, I secretly wanted it. I know its wrong; after all, I can't deceive my parents like this. Un ne bhi kitne sapne sajaye honge na meri liye. So I decided to wear this ring on my finger; to keep him away and for me to stay in my limits. 

Maasi, are you listening? Please don't be mad at me. 

Maasi: Lets go to sleep and talk about it in this morning.

Poori raat neend nahi aayi. Alas I fell asleep for like 3 hours only. It was 8 am when Maasi got up and realized that I'm not sleeping.

Maasi: Remember how I said i was proud of you? I'm 10x more proud now! Bohat himmat chahiye sach maana. Not to mention not succumbing in peer pressure. You wanted to be with him yet you felt it is not good for your family and their reputation. I am so proud of you!

Arohi: Couldn't you tell me last night. I couldn't go to sleep!

Maasi: Last night I was confused but I realized that you are not wrong. I have a solution to your problem if you are willing...


Ab yeh Maasi ka kya solution hosakta hai? please write your thoughts:D

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 8:50pm | IP Logged
i wish the solution is arjun!!
...vibha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged
that was great
also the solution must be arjun
justprati Goldie

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 10:48am | IP Logged
very nice, i luvd it..thnx n tc :)
btw whts d solution???????????
post next chappy asap

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Ruky07 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
Quick quick Wat is the solution
Am guessing it's Arjun
Thanks for the update.
Ur doing a great job love it
brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 July 2011 at 6:11pm | IP Logged
sorry i'm late.. had relatives over all weekend... here's the next part:D

Arohi: Solution? 

Maasi: Tum jhooti angooti pehen rahi ho.. Asli kyun nahi pehen thi?

Arohi: Asli? What do you mean?

Maasi: Why are you lying to everyone? Why not wear a real ring...

Arohi: Maasi, it's a real diamond...

Maasi: But its a fake engagement ring...

Arohi: And where do I find a real guy?

Maasi: ...Arjun

Arohi: Kya! 

Maasi: ...kahan hai, Arjun?

Arohi: He's in my room. 

Maasi :Tho chalein? He's probably getting worried.

Arohi: But solution?

Maasi: Leave that to me...

Just as we walked out, my RA stopped me. 

RA: Yo, there is a random guy in your room. He's looking for you... Should I be worried?

Arohi: Oh, haha.. no its fine. We're going there right now. 

RA: Okay. Catch you later.

As we walked in my room, we saw Arjun sitting on the edge of my bed confused.

Arjun: Oh, there you guys are.

Arohi: Sorry we took so long. Want to eat breakfast now?

Arjun: Yeah, I'm starved.

We went to Rose again and everyone got breakfast. I paid from my meal and flex and we sat down at a table. 

Arjun: Tho app dono ki baatein ho gayi thi?

Arohi: (Fake laugh) How did you know we wanted to talk. 

Arjun: Instinct. So what did you need to talk about?

Maasi: Actually I need to talk to you too beta. Yaad hai kuch saal pehle maine tumhe kuch poocha aur tumne kaha ke tumhe kuch waqt chahiye. 

Arjun: Ji... Maa ap jab bhi booleingi.. App ko main kabhi nahi mana kar sakta...

Maasi: Meri pasand Arohi hai

We both had some drink in our mouth which almost came out, no jokes!

Arjun/Arohi: Kya!

Arohi: Yeh hai apka solution?

Arjun: Solution? Kis baath ki solution?

Maasi tells him everything about Mike and the fake ring.

Arohi: Technically its not fake. It's a real diamond, just not an engagement ring. I got it as a graduation gift.

Arjun: So you think you should get married.

Arohi: Arjun... Its complicated. 

Maasi: I think I should leave you two alone. I want to rest.

I spotted Bri and asked her if she can take Maasi to my room and continued to talk to Arjun.

Arohi: Honestly, I don't know if I should get married. You saw me in India. I was totally against this right now, but after this Mike episode I don't know what I should do. You know my family. We're conservative people and the whole relationship is plain wrong, not to forget to an non-indian. Look, I never had the urge to be in a relationship and neither do I now but I will never forgive myself if something happens to mom and dad because of me! Please Arjun, ab tum batao, kya karoon main

Arjun: Tumhe lagta shaadi karne se tumhari problem khatam ho jaye gi.

Arohi: I'm 18 years old Arjun. I don't want to get married but I don't know what else to do. By the way, this shaadi wala idea is your mom's idea, not mine! Arjun I haven't thought of it but mere bhi kuch armaan hai. I too have expectations of what I want from my married life, my man. But at the same time, Maasi is not wrong. 

Arjun: Look, I'm not going to lie. I have only one goal in life and that is my parent's happiness. If mama likes you, then I have no problem, no matter the age difference but I want you to think about this as its a question of your life time.

Having said this we both got up and left for my room without saying another word.

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Ruky07 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 July 2011 at 6:51pm | IP Logged
Me first ! Kerching ;)
Anyway loving ur Ff it's cool and different
I am liking this massi
Are they ganna gt married ??
Plz do let me know ur name
Cheers :)

.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 July 2011 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
they are thinking abt marriage!!! :O:O
i'm so happy that her solution is arjun!
so indirectly,both of them agreed to marry eachother!
so they do like each other na?

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