Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

new fanfic part 26 on page 38 (Page 18)

brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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the karanika meet arjuhi was varshani's idea. I was thinking of making a different star couple meet but she said it would be cool and then I liked the idea too so credit goes to her!  I won't be on IF for a couple of days as I have surgery today but I wanted to update my fanfic one last time.  Hopefully this is a long enough part. Enjoy and comment! And pray for me!

Knock Knock! I open the door in hope of making a new friend or two. 

Arohi: Hi. 

Person: Hey. I saw your mom leave so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Sabrina.

Arohi: Hi Sabrina, I'm Arohi. Come on in.

Sabrina: Actually, some of us girls are going to Rose to eat and get to know each other if you want to come. 

Arohi: Oh yeah, sure. I was getting hungry anyways. 

At Rose:

Sabrina: So this is Sam, Taylor, Rachel and Bryanna. Guys, this is Arohi. 

Sam: Are you out of state too?

Arohi: Yeah, I'm from Buffalo.

Sam: Cool, half of us are in-state while the other half is out-of-state. 

Taylor: I'm from Ohio

Bryanna: I'm from Long Island.

Arohi: Cool. 

We talked for a while and got to know one another. It was pretty cool. Sabrina was the only upperclassman at our table but her first year to be on campus. She is epileptic and so her parents did not allow her to live on campus till now. We became pretty tight and promised to look out for one another. I think I'm going to like this place after all! As we were about to walk out of Rose, we were given a flyer. It was to encourage free-style dancing in the Student Center. It was happening right now so we all decided to go. It was so much fun! Some people lets just say don't know how to dance but you gotta respect them because at least they were man enough to try! Some of them were really good. I didn't I dance because I was just too tired. We walked back to Earp talking about how much we enjoyed it and how good some of them were. As I entered I noticed a bulletin up. Mandatory Floor Meeting tomorrow at 8pm. This should be interesting. It's Sunday and all I did was unpack and sleep! It's 7:45pm and I literally hear a bullhorn outside of my room "Mandatory Floor Meeting in 15!" UGHH, WAS THAT NECESSARY! My RA can be such a pain sometimes, who btw is Kyle and very cute... I don't see the girls back but I leave for the meeting 10 minutes later. I sit down and see someone laughing with a group. He walks up to me and gets into a seat next to me. 

Person: You a freshman?

Arohi: Excuse me?

Person: Well, I saw you yesterday and thought I 'd talk tonight but I didn't see you today. 

Arohi: I was unpacking not that it's any of your business but what does that have to do with me being a freshman?

Person: Tryin to make conversation...

Arohi: Then you should've asked for me where I live.

Person: Well..

Arohi: Anyways, too late for that. Well are you that dancer yesterday? You had some great moves.

Person: Yeah, you remember... I can teach you.

Arohi: Of course you can!

Before he could say anything my RA came in and told us the rules. After that we had to go in a circle and tell us about ourselves. (i'm going to cut it short and introduce the more important characters only)

Hi I'm Arohi. I'm from Buffalo and I am going to study Psychology. 

Hi. I'm Rey. I love to Dance and I'm majoring in Business.

Hi. I'm Mike. I'm from Michigan and am an English Major.

We were dismissed to our lives and everyone got up. 

Arohi: So your name is Rey. 

Ray: Yeah, I'm Rey. Arohi.. strange name isn't it.

Arohi: Nope, beautiful and unique. That's why I love it! It means evolving you know. Well, I'm at my room almost. I'll see you later.

And who knew that would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Next morning was first day of class, aka mandatory for attendance. PHEW! Psychology and World Geography are over! Last class is English and I can go back to sleep!

I go to class almost five minutes early. Not bad. There are a lot of people already sitting but I recognize one person. I think I've seen him before... wonder who it is. My professor comes and starts saying names. His name is Mike. Wait, why does that name sound so familiar? Oh well, I'll find out sooner or later right. 

Like all the other professors, the first thing this professor does is pass out a syllabus and tells us to discuss it with our groups. The class was divided into two groups and I was on the left group. I honestly had nothing to say but read the syllabus and listened to the others. They too didn't really discuss the syllabus either, more how we're all freshman's and how we are spending the week and what not. One stood out to me though... Mike. He was an intellectual. The way with words, his views on life, everything. I tried not to look too much but every time I'd glance over, I'd see him looking. It was awkward but for the first time in my life, it felt good. Like dil mein kuch kuch hota hai. I don't know how to explain it though...

Anyways, everyone was discussing about green pictures at the library after class.

Arohi: So can I join you guys?

Mike: Sure. I remember you. The girl from Earp. Sorry, I can't recall your name.

Arohi: Hi Mike, I'm Arohi. 

Mike: So you remembered?

Arohi; Nope, but the prof did call you name. I tend to pay attention.

By this time, the prof dismissed class. 

Mike: Well, I'll meet you guys at the library; I wanna clean up first.

Arohi: Well, if you're going to Earp, can you take this bag with you. I'll get it when I go back.

Mike: Sure, no problem. 

After class, I spotted Rey, Bri (Bryanna), Sab (Sabrina), Tay (Taylor), Rach (Rachel), and Sam.  

Bryanna: I was just about to text you but I guess you got the news.

Arohi: Yeah, these guys are from my English class. 

And we got in line all started talking. Within half an hour Mike reached the library, and by that time we got close to the front and we let Mike cut in. I had so much fun taking these pictures. Who would've known that the girl who spends every second of her life with her family would make so many friends within the first week of university, that too by attending class, joining tennis and psych club, not to forget just hanging out in my dormitory. More than anybody, I got close to Rey and Mike. Rey was like my best friend whom I could share anything with while Mike was... I don't know... 

Well, its almost the end of September and  I only went home once this month. I'm doing good. The Earp group decided to watch a movie at the Boro Theater in the Student Center.  It was pitched dark when we headed out and worse it was raining. Rey, Bri and Sam left early while Sab, Tay, and Rach left with their boyfriends. It was Mike and me in the rain... This was not good but I couldn't let him know I was afraid. 

Mike: Here, take my jacket. I'm wearing a hoodie so I won't need this. The jacket will keep you dry. 

Arohi: Umm, thanks. I'll give it back when we get to the dorm. 

We both kind of walked, quietly, looking around awkwardly. Slowly, our fingers would brush against each other. It made the butterflies in my stomache react even more viciously than before! 


AHH!!! I crashed against a building. Darn, it was locked! I have a bad habit; when there is a thunderstorm, I look for hide out! By this time I was drenched against a building with a guy whom I've been trying to maintain a distance with! As he stepped closer, my heart would beat faster. As he was an inch away from me, all I could do was stare in those mysteriously dreamy eyes.  

His face was almost an inch away when I heard my mother's voice. I snapped out of it. I couldn't deceive my parents this way! I slipped away and ran as fast as I could leaving him standing alone. 

As I ran towards the lobby, I saw Bry chatting with the RA's on duty, Kyle and Chris. 

Bri: Hey girl! You're drenched! 

Arohi: Ha. Do me a favor, give this jacket to Mike. He lent it so I wouldn't get wet but  I guess that failed.

Bri: Miserably! Sure, why don't you just wait here. I'm sure he'll be back soon.

Arohi: Yeah I know but I'm tired. I'm heading to bed. 

I ran in my room and cried! What if something happened! I wouldn't be able to face my family!

Knock...Knock... It's me Rey. Open up.

I made sure I was not crying and opened the door.

Arohi: What's up.

Rey: I wanted to say I'm going home tomorrow. Wanted to say bye if I don't see you tomorrow.

Arohi: When you leavin?

Rey: @5. I live only half an hour away remember!

Arohi: Then why are you saying bye now!

Rey: Well, you've been so busy with Mike nowadays I wasn't sure.

Arohi: Nah, I'll be here. Just make sure you see me before you leave. 

Rey: Good, I'll introduce you to mom too.

Arohi: Yay!!! Now if you don't mind, leave! I am dead tired!

Rey: Night.

Arohi: Yeah, night.

I changed and sat by my desk when my eyes landed upon something shiny. I got an idea! Finally, I can go to sleep. I check my messages and got a voicemail from mom. It says Maasi's coming to visit tomorrow. She'll be here by 6pm and is staying till Sunday. (Tomorrow is Friday). I'll look into that tomorrow, right now I'm too tired! 

Its 8am and I have one hour to get ready for class. I'm preparing myself for 1:00- my english class. I hope i don't choke in front of Mike. No I have to be strong. I get dressed and leave for class. Time flies by and its already 1:00pm. As I rush in, I see everyone is seated and she is taking attendance.

Prof: I want everyone to do exercise A on page 320 and switch with somebody to proofread it. 

We get started and as I finish, I see a shadow coming towards me. As I look up, I see Mike.

Mike: Can you check my paper.

Arohi: Sure, here's mine.

I handed the paper with my left hand and saw him confused. Fifteen minutes later, we are both done and I walk up to him to switch back. Again I use my left hand to make the switch except this time, Angela (girl who sits next to him) catches my hand. 

Angela: Oh my! That is gorgeous! When did you get this?

Prof: Excuse me girls, want to share what you are saying?

Arohi: Sorry, I'm just switching back the paper. (To Angela) We'll talk after class Angie.    

Saying this I left back to my seat and waited for class to be over. As she dismissed us, I saw Angie and the group come towards me. 

Angie: So spit it!

Arohi: What?

Angie; What is that, on your finger? Where'd you get it from!

Arohi: What are you, blind? It's a ring.

Angie: Mike, you didn't!

Mike: No, I'm only 18!

Arohi: Look its not a big deal. I'm getting late, have guests coming. Later.

It worked! They think its an engagement ring. Little do they know its just a diamond ring my uncle gifted me for my graduation present. Let them believe it; it'll act like a barrier for me. After all, it can't harm me right?

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o take cae.. we ll pray fr everythng to be perfect ...
n yeah dear gd upd8

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oh! who is this mike??
aru has a crush on that guy??
oh my!!
will arjun come with maasi??
hey...take will get well soon Smile
n yea it was my idea n i'm proud of it now 'coz you have made it too good!! Embarrassed

Edited by vrshn - 29 June 2011 at 9:00pm
Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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good long update - good - who is this mike and where is our arjun? the story is interesting -
take care of your health -
soni4eva IF-Rockerz

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awsome update itz relii intrestin plzz cont soon x
...vibha... IF-Sizzlerz

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hey the ff is interesting
take care and pm me too
brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by vrshn

oh! who is this mike??
aru has a crush on that guy??
oh my!!
will arjun come with maasi??
hey...take will get well soon Smile
n yea it was my idea n i'm proud of it now 'coz you have made it too good!! Embarrassed

u'll see who Mike is..he's semi-important for the story later on.. just like rey is

u really think i did it well (karanika meet arjuhi)  I had better ideas but every time I sat to write them, they disappeared! so i did the best i

thanks and keep reading/commenting:D
brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Arjuhisis

good long update - good - who is this mike and where is our arjun? the story is interesting -
take care of your health -

arjun is coming... just wait for it..  thank you for commenting:D

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