Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

new fanfic part 26 on page 38 (Page 11)

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hey guys..  a request to all! 

I am muslim pakistani so i don't know much about indian weddings.. i want to make this an authentic wedding but unless you help me with music and rituals i'll have to adapt with pakistani songs/rituals (the only ritual i know is saath phere, mangalsutra, and sindoor and i don't even know what order that is!)

day 1: sangeet/mehndi 
day 2: wedding
day 3: reception

is that right or wrong. please help me! and you will get a long part next time:D thanks!

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i guess the order is right...i'm a south indian so i'm not sure of the procedures in north...

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yes the order is right..plz continue soon
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Originally posted by brainychild92

hey guys..  a request to all! 

I am muslim pakistani so i don't know much about indian weddings.. i want to make this an authentic wedding but unless you help me with music and rituals i'll have to adapt with pakistani songs/rituals (the only ritual i know is saath phere, mangalsutra, and sindoor and i don't even know what order that is!)

day 1: sangeet/mehndi 
day 2: wedding
day 3: reception

is that right or wrong. please help me! and you will get a long part next time:D thanks!
hey i dont tink u need 2 get all d rituals a muslim as wel...but i kno that day 1 is sangeet along wit haldi..den mehndi...
on wedding u jus need 2 kno bit bout pheres wer d brides dad dus gathbandan..den tying mangalsutra n dn sindoor...
dn reception...
i dont tink u need 2 kno ny thng els...u can add finding d ring ceremony wen d groom tkz d bride home after vidai...dey do arti n stf...
sory das all i kno lol
hope it helpd.x

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Sorry for the long wait.. thanks for the help to those who have helped or tried to help. I did my best and hope didn't hurt anyone.


The flight was long and boring, so I had my iPod on the whole trip. Thank God Arjun brought his macbook or how would I charge it! It was a one-way trip with one stop in UAE. Thank god because I was sore! I also needed to get away. It was awkward sitting next to Arjun for so long. I mean time and time again that conversation would play in my head. Why am I so worried I don't understand but hopefully this wedding will help clear my head. I know, why didn't you just sit with Shefali... Well that spoilt brat got a ticket in the FIRST EXECUTIVE CLASS, while we were stuck in the economy. She got her dad to pay because she needs her beauty sleep (the seat becomes a bed)! MY FOOT! She just likes to show off! Whatever so it was maasi, me, and arjun. There were three seats in the middle and we were allowed to choose who sat where. I wanted to sit in the middle so I'm not disturbed, and Maasi wanted a non-AC seat. The two were AC and one wasn't so, Arjun-Me-Maasi. 

Anways, I was listening to my iPod when this announcement came on so Arjun nudged me. 

Arohi: Kya hai!

Arjun: Fasten your seatbelt. We're almost landing. 

Arohi: Oh, okay. Thanks.

thanks everyone for the help.. here goes the wedding

And without furthur ado, we were in Agra!

The first person to see was Karan and Ganga. They came to receive Maasi, Shefali, Arjun, and Me. It was so much fun because I haven't seen them in the longest time! it was so funny  they both were bickering that we are ladke waley or ladki waley! It was decided:

Maasi is Ladki side

Arjun is Ladka side

Shefali and I are Both sides.. we said we'd manage.. this is going to be one interesting wedding!

Well Karan rented a house for the guest and we went and rested. The couple days was shopping and practice. Luckily for us, Arjun stayed at Karan's place because they are friends, which meant no hurdle for practice!

MEHNDI/SANGEET:(I'm from Pakistan so I don't know what Indian's call it... but its the day before the wedding)

Shefali: Arohi! Utt!!! Ajj sangeet hai aur humey Ganga ko tayaar karna hai. 

Arohi: What! It can't be morning already. We just went to sleep!

Shefali: Chal na!!!

Arohi: Gimme a sec. Take a shower and then wake me up.

half hour later we were ready and went into Ganga's room.

Arohi: Oh ho! Bhaiya ke kheyalon mein khoyi hui ho?

Ganga: Tum dono kab aaye?

Shefali: Abhi, jab tum apne shaadi ke sapne dekh rahi thi. Chal koi baath nahi, shaadi ko ek aur din hai par tum ajj tho mil rahe ho na (winks at her)

Ganga's mom comes in and scolds us for teasing her daughter. and that we don't have that much time and we better get her ready and get dressed ourselves. Only 5 more hours after all.

All are ready and the room was filled. The ladke waley were to arrive and we could the sangeet has started. It is at Ganga's house as the Reception is at Karan's. All the decoration is done, when Ganga's mom tells us to start the "nach/gaana- Ladke waley aate hi honge". Well, we didn't need to be told twice!

First we started playing the dholak. We sang songs. Then, two of Ganga's relatives started dancing to Falguni Pathak's Maine Payal. The copied a lot of the moves from the video but perfected it. It was beautiful! As the two girls ended their performance, the room was full of commotion. Who'd be next? But before we could decide, a small girl ran and yelled  AAGAYE AAGAYE!!   Uski dair nahi huwi aur bhaagna shuru! You could hear the dholak start and the girls get the flowers out. DULHA RAJA AA GAYA! Since the bidaii will happen from the Taj Mahel, we decided it was only fair to do the rasams here(except hiding the shoes... we gave them the benefit of the doubt for that). You should've seen it. They were dancing and everything, somewhat like this, and wearing similar clothes.

We start the song and dance to Saajanji Ghar Aaya. You should've seen Karan's face when this song was placed.

All Girls showed flowers on him:

Kabse aaye hain tere dulhe raja

Ab der na kar jaldi aaja

Karan shocked so his friend takes his place (Boy 1)

Tere ghar aaya main aaya tujhko lene

Dil ke badle mein dil ka nazraana dene

Meri har dhadkan kya bole hai

Sun sun sun

Girls start dancing again:

Saajanji ghar aaye hay

Saajanji ghar aaye

Dulhan kyon sharmaaye hay

Saajanji ghar aaye

Arohi starts dancing:

Ay dil chalega ab na koi bahaana

Gori ko hoga ab saajan ke ghar jaana (points to Ganga)

Maathe ki bindiya kya bole hai

Sun sun sun

Boys and girls start dancing

Saajanji ghar aaye 

Saajanji ghar aaye

Dulhan kyon sharmaaye hay

Saajanji ghar aaye

Shefali starts here:

Deewane ki chaal mein

Phas gayi main is jaal mein

Ay sakhiyon kaise bolo bolo 

Boy 2

Mujhpe to aye dilruba

Teri sakhiyaan bhi fida

Ye bolengi kya poochho 



Ja re ja jhoothe

Tareefein kyon hai loote

Hay ja re ja jhoothe

Tareefein kyon hai loote

Boy 1

Tera mastana kya bole hai

Sun sun sun

Boys and Girls

Saajanji ghar aaye hay

Saajanji ghar aaye

Dulhan kyon sharmaaye hay

Saajanji ghar aaye


Na samjhe nadaan hai

Ye mera ehsaan hai

Chaahe jo isko keh do

keh do

Boy 1

Chhede muhko jaan ke

Badle mein ehsaan ke

De diya dil isko keh do

keh do


Tu ye na jaane dil toote bhi deewane

Tu ye na jaane dil toote bhi deewane

Boy 2

Tera deewana kya bole hai 

Sun sun sun


Saajanji ghar aaye hay

Saajanji ghar aaye

Dulhan kyon sharmaaye hay

Saajanji ghar aaye

Ganga's mom joins

Mehndi laake gehne paake

Gehne paake hay roke tu sabko rulaake 

Savere tu jaayegi tu bada yaad aayegi

Tu bada yaad aayegi yaad aayegi

Boy 1 and 2 (take turns)

Tere ghar aaya main aaya tujhko lene

Tere ghar aaya main aaya tujhko lene

Dil ke badle mein dil ka nazraana dene

Meri har dhadkan kya bole hai

Sun sun sun


Saajanji ghar aaye hay

Saajanji ghar aaye

Dulhan kyon sharmaaye hay

Saajanji ghar aaye

The song ends and all I could do is laugh at Karan's face. Shefali and I walk up to Boy 1 and 2 and say thank you.

Boy 1: No problem. By the way, my name is Danish. Danish Malhotra.

Boy 2: Same, except my name is Siddhart Malhotra.

We smile and show them to their seat. I think indians take their movies way too seriously because neither Danish or Siddhart would allow Karan to sit. They were afraid we copied Hum Apke Hain Kaun. COME ON, I MAY NOT BE FROM INDIA BUT I KNOW MY CULTURE. AND HELLO, HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF ORIGINALITY! I roll my eyes letting them inspect every inch of the seating area. What do I care, they're only embarrassing themselves. I'm not an amateur to make such a stupid mistake! I guess they figured America se hai, kuch nahi aata hoga. Oh were they wrong, cuz I have so much up my sleeves!

Danish: I sincerely apologize for this. 

Arohi: Oh no no. Why are you apologizing. It's perfectly fine. (I smile and walk away. 

Siddhart: So you're Bhabhi's friends.

Shefali: Something like that. Why?

Danish: Well in that case, we should dance too. Come, lets show them what we got!

The music starts: "mehndi laga ke rakna" and dance begins


Ye Kudiyaan Nashe Di Pudiyaan 


Ye Munde Gali De Gunde 


Ye Kudiyaan Nashe Di Pudiyaan 


Ye Munde Gali De Gunde 


Nashe Di Pudiyaan 

Gali De Gunde

Siddhart starts:

O Mehndi Laga Rakhna 

Doli Saja Ke Rakhna 

Mehndi Laga Rakhna 

Doli Saja Ke Rakhna 

Lene Tujhe O Gori 

Aayenge Tere Sajna 

Mehndi Laga Rakhna 

Doli Saja Ke Rakhna 


Shefali starts:

O Sahra Sajake Rakhna 

Chehra Chhupake Rakhna 

Sahra Sajake Rakhna 

Chehra Chhupake Rakhna 

Ye Dil Ki Baat Apne 

Dil Mein Dabake Rakhna 

I with girls:

Sahra Sajake Rakhna 

Chehra Chhupake Rakhna 

Danish with boys:  

Mehndi Laga Rakhna 

Doli Saja Ke Rakhna 


Siddhart starts again:

Ud Udke Teri Zulfein Karti Hain Kya Ishaare 

Dil Thaamke Khade Hain Aashik Sabhi Kanware 


Chhup Jaayein Saari Kudiyaan Ghar Mein Sharamke Maare 

Gaanv Mein Aa Gaye Hain Paagal Shehar Ke Saare 


Nazrein Jhukake Rakhna 

Daaman Bachake Rakhna 

Nazrein Jhukake Rakhna 

Daaman Bachake Rakhna 

Lene Tujhe O Gori 

Aayenge Tere Sajna 

Danish and boys:

Mehndi Laga Rakhna 

Doli Saja Ke Rakhna 


Arohi and girls:

Sahra Sajake Rakhna 

Chehra Chhupake Rakhna 

Siddhart flirts with Arohi:

Main Ek Jawaan Ladka Tu Ek Haseen Ladki

Ye Dil Machal Gaya To Mera Kusoor Kya Hai 

Arohi nakhre dikhaati hai:

Rakhna Tha Dil Pe Kaabu Ye Husn To Hai Jaadu 

Jaadu Hi Chal Gaya To Mera Kusoor Kya Hai 

Everyone joins!  

Mehndi Laga Rakhna 

Doli Saja Ke Rakhna 

Sahra Sajake Rakhna 

Chehra Chhupake Rakhna 

Shava Shava


Everyone was twirling and spinning and I ended up hitting the only guy who wasn't dancing (other than the bride and groom)! I was so embarrassed. 

Arohi: (looking down) Omg, I am so sorry! 

Boy: Ouch! What the hell! You're so heavy!

Arohi: Oye, I didn't fall on you and neither are you holding me up like some filmy hero! I just bumped into you by accident and I apologized too! (thinking ungrateful people!)

Boy: Oye this isn't bollywood where I'd catch you falling down; It's reality! and with the power you hit me, I can tell you weigh a ton!

Arohi: Physics nahi padi kya? Whoops, I forgot thats for intellectuals! 

Boy: Arohi, tumne bhi tho physics nahi padi...

Arohi: Basics tho padi hai, more advanced ko drop karna pada schedule ki wajah se, just for your information!

Boy: Acha acha... calm down before mama comes. and...

Before he could say anything else, I walked away. For those who guessed, yes it was Arjun. The only person I can't get into an argument with. If he complains even a little to mom: I'm dead; so i just walked away.

Arjun: Arohi, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to imply that you're fat. It's just that you hit me out of nowhere and I lost it.

Arohi: It's okay Arjun. I don't want to argue either.

Arjun: Another thing, I know what you're thinking. I'm here to tell you don't!

Arohi: But Arjun. Maine kiya kya hai? (innocently) I don't have a clue what you're thinking of.

Arjun: I'm just going to give you one advice and I hope you follow it. Stay away from those Kabootar Brothers!

Arohi: Kabootars?

Arjun: Dhondu and Cheeku

Arohi: (burst out laughiing). Bura nahi lagraha becharon pe. Kaise naam rakhe hain. Waise kaun hain, I'll send my condolences to them.

Arjun: AROHI! Don't be mean; Danish and Siddhart...

Arohi: ...are dhondu and cheeku! Seriously! This can't get any better than this. Thanks Arjun. I can use this information in my favor. (He rolled his eyes while I smiled and walked away)

Everyone is gathered in a circle. 

Shefali: Chal Arohi. Who's turn is it to dance now?

Arohi: Chal Matko... utt!

The two sisters got up and ran to their places. Don't worry I wasn't being rude. Actually Ganga's nieces (5 and 7) wanted to dance too so I choreographed a little something on their favorite song MERE HAATH MEIN from Fanaa.  I know its not a Sangeet type song but it's their favorite song and that's all they were willing to do. They were so cuteee that Ganga ran from the Mehndi girls towards them, while Karan got off his lazy bum to bless them! I can see Arjun irritated but he smiled at this sight nevertheless; remember he hates dance. Okay so next were Shefali and me. We danced on CHANNE KE KHET. (dance went like this with minor changes:

As I was dancing Danny, Karan's four year old nephew, stole my dupatta that was on the ground! At first people didn't realize it was their for our act but luckily, Arjun realized this and threw his. Ofcourse it wasn't matching or long enough but it worked. Then when the line goes Tauba Meri Tauba... we sat at the edge of the stage. I had to point to someone and I pointed towards Danny because he was being mischief but little did I know that natives are so old fashion- I'll explain later!

On the whole, it turned out very nice. Next we challenged the boys side to dance too but they were too shy. Then one of Karan's friend's Qasim decided he'd sing instead. After lots of debating on a song, he ended up dedicating the song to the couple and sang Tera Mera Pyaar--LOVE THE SONG! ( That was so romantic and it totally fit their love story. The boys thought they had won and challanged us. Unhe kya pata we had a secret weapon. While the two sides were arguing, I silently walked behind Karan and Ganga and started singing YEH KYA HUA ( Sab hairaan/pareshaan. It was then Maasi came to me, put her hand on my head and said dekha meri puttar ka kamal. Jitni achi dancer hai, utni achi singer! Karan was next; "Thank god you aren't singing professionally. Warna mera kya hota!" I simply laughed. At last Qasim came. "Kaash kuch saal pehle milte; right now I'm taken." I laughed and shook his hand. We were about to make small talk when Arjun's Kabootar's came.

Kabootars: Don't think you've won okay! Abhi bhi baaki hai.

Shefali: Its your turn. Joh bhi karna hai karo. Hum rok nahi rahe.

The song starts: 

"Tene Leke" from Salaam-e-Ishq... they were so tired from the dance that they thought we'd be too. What did they know!

We retorted with a dance on Mehndi Na Mujhko Lagana. 

Needless to say, the guys were too tired to retort. Most of them were just shocked that we continued!

"So we win?" "Yes, you win, answered Qasim. It was late and he had to go so I smiled and showed him out, Then and turns to Karan and his mom. Everyone was eating and enjoying. We played some more games and everyone left for home as tomorrow was going to be a long day-it was the wedding day after all!

Arjun: Arohi, you're here. Mom is looking everywhere for you. MAA!! SHE'S HERE. maasi arrives.

Arohi: Maasi, are you okay? Kya baat hai?

Maasi: Beta aj tum dono humare saath aao. 

Arjun: Sahi keh rahi hai ma. Kitni worried this ma tumhare liye.. meri ma. Akhir, Maasi ko promise jo kiya hai.

Arohi: Nahi maasi. Ganga ko kaise chodein akele? Kal shaadi hai tho muliqat hogi na.

Maasi: Teek hai beta. Khyal rakhna apna aur kal mil lenge.

and saying this they left too. Oh my god we were so tired, after all it was 2am! Shefali just went up and passed out without even bothering to change but I couldn't. Ganga kept telling me that it would be taken care of in the morning but since I wasn't used to sleeping in a mess, I had to pick things up. Luckily for me Arjun helped do a lot of it. I just had to finish it up. The morning maids would do the real cleaning in the morning. After all, they don't get paid for nothing! I worked for an hour and ran up to sleep. For some reason I couldn't though. Thank god Arjun kept his macbook with me.  I was so stupid for not bringing mine. He is so sweet! I logged onto skype and saw that Rajveer was on. I called him and talked to the family for minutes and finally drifted to sleep. 

Shaadi ka mohorat 4pm ka tha aur sab ne mujhe 9am uta liya tha! Apparantly we had to be at the venue by 1pm, before the guests, and for that, we must get ready. I was so pissed when Shefali told me this. Double angry when I heard Ganga tell Shefa how late I went to sleep and I should not be disturbed but mahraani did not listen! I took a shower and the family decided that Shefali would take Ganga to the parlor and I would rest so I wouldn't get ill. Stupid Shefali need kharab kar di! O well, I went back to sleep nevertheless. I got up at 11am, got myself dressed and by then Ganga was back. Shefali went to get dressed and I helped Ganga get dressed. She looked AMAZING!

After getting Ganga dressed, Shefali and I with the younger girls rushed to the venue leaving Ganga to arrive with the adults. Actually, we wanted to give her mom some time alone with her and someone needed to be at the venue to greet the guests too. I guess perfect timing was created within circumstances.  

I didn't know people got married at Taj Mahal, or maybe the couple is very influential, but must I say, it was damn gorgeous. I can't even describe in words how the venue looked like! As it is, one of the seven wonders of the world, and on top of that decorated for singer Karan and Lawyer Ganga's wedding! There were elephants and palanquins for Ganga and Karan! They hand band baja people, so we didn't have to hire them seperately! They even offered rickshaws for the old people! The garden was lavishly decorated and even had an itinerary. The garden was lavishly furnished with carpets, cushions and muslin drapes as well as fresh flowers, delicate incense, water features, candles and mirrors. There were Punkah wallahs gently wafting cloth fans to keep us cool and tea lounges. Classical Indian musicians welcome our guests and will play discreetly during wedding banquet. The wedding ceremony is performed with the Taj Mahal in the background. The cake is cut and there is a spectacular fireworks show.  A specially decorated wedding rickshaw awaits the bride and groom and traditional rickshaws take the guests back to their hotels. I between all of this willt be our masti! Just us girls and some guest had the hall covered. Soon, the procession was sounded. I guess the ladke wala aa gaye! Very quickly, we got our rassi and blocked the door before they can enter.

The boys did not look pleased but Maasi on the other hand did not seem to mind. 

Arjun: What is the meaning of this?

Arohi: What? This? Oh, yeh hai ek rassi. Karan is not allowed entry with his people until we get our naik!

Karan: My people? Aren't you on my side today? 

Arohi: Not until the bidaii. Till then...  no naik = no entry. And I have to say, Ganga is looking GORGEOUS today, right Shefu?

Shefali: Ya Arohi. I would know too Karan. After all, I took her to the parlor.

Danish: Oh come on girls. Yeh kya naik vaik! I've never heard of this rasam

Arohi: Voh na.. hain ji.. Rasam tho logon se banti hai na? Tho ajj tak nahi sahi, par ajj tho sun liya na. Ab puri umar dekh te rehna! Right girls!

The girls giggle!

Karan looks at Arjun, Danish, and Siddhart helplessly.

Arjun: Acha acha. Kitne chahiye?

Arohi:hmmm...  Jiju, app bataiye. Humari Ganga ki kya keemat lagayein ge?

Karan: Moo Boli

Shefali: Yeh hui na baath! 10,000 rs per girl

Arjun: Kya! yeh kya insaaf hai!

Shefali: Bhaiya, aage aage dekho hota hai kya! Watch and learn because sweety, this is going to happen with you too!

Arjun: Nah uh... court marriage for me!

and we all laugh. Karan gives every girl 10,000rs and earns his entry... only to sit all by himself!

Shefali: Hume laga, poori mar saath behetna hai tho kuch pal akele behet lo... you know enjoy last moments of freedom by yourself. 

saying this she walked away to get ready for the rasams coming his way! 

Arohi, Shefali, and the girls entered a small, private room.

Shefali: Tho ab plan kya hai. Jhoote kaise?

Arohi: Tum log ne Hum Apke Hain Kaun dekha?

Shefali: What ever happened to originality!

Arohi: Oh, I had a better plan than Hum Apke Hain Kaun but those boys need a taste of their own medicine.

Shefali: Won't they suspect?

Arohi: Nope. Our main strength is that Arjun is not participating in all this. But just to make sure.. here's the plan.

a lot of whispering happens and TIME FOR ACTION!

Shefali goes toward the boys and calls out to Arjun. Your mom is calling you.

Arjun: Oh, okay. (he walks away)

A little while later Arohi comes in front of the boys.

Arohi: Umm... is there a Cheeku and Dhondu here?

Danish and Siddhart stammer: NO!... ummm.. why do you ask?

Arohi: Well, if you see anyone by that name, please let them know there is a phone call for them. Line 2.

Boys: Yes, we'll let them know.

Arohi: Thanks boys (and walks away).

A little while later Danish and Siddhart are at the line (they made sure Arohi and Shefali were not near the lines).

Danish: Hello

Girl: Hi sexy!

Danish: Excuse me?

Girl: Oh come on CHEEKU DArling. You can't forget me that soon I know you went to India for a wedding but you didn't have to leave me alone. I would've came with you!

Danish: HuH? Excuse, I think you got the wrong person, I love someone already.

Girl: This isn't Mr. Malhotra? Siddhart Malhotra.

Danish: Nope. Wrong Malhotra. I'll just give it to him.  Siddhart, tere liye phone. And dude, pick a better next time! HOW CHEAP!

Siddhart was confused. Danish didn't leave because he wanted to know the rest.

Siddhart: Hello.

Girl: Hi Handsome.

Siddhart: Who is this?

Girl: Oh come on Dhondz. You can't forget me that soon I know you went to India for a wedding but you didn't have to leave me alone. I would've came with you!

Danish: HuH? Excuse, I think you got the wrong person.

Girl: This isn't Mr. Malhotra? Danish Malhotra.

And it went on from there. Meanwhile...the coast was clear. the girls took the box with Karan's shoes and hid them in my car. Nobody would dare go in it and I was the only person with keys! I think the boys got a hint sooner or later because Arjun did ask me for my car keys to get the sweets but since I came early, there were no sweets in my car so I blew him off! O well... couldn't let the shoes out of my sight!! Anyways, there was an empty box replacing the shoe box but since the girls were hovering around, they didn't bother to open it! Hows that for Amateurs!

How time had passed was unbelievable! It was now time for the pheres. I'm not going into details but we brought the girl down and the expressions on Karan's face was amazing. I'm thinking to my wedding. Will my groom be like Karan or like Arjun said, go straight to court! What expression can you get in that kind of wedding-- not that I'm too much traditional and what not. Anyways all that was over and they were seated once again! Pictures- Food- Cake-Fireworks.

Pictures were taken again and it was time to leave. 

Arohi: So, dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge?

Karan: I guess so. 

Danish: We win.

Karan: So can I get my shoes noe. 

Arohi: Of course. For a price!

Siddhart: No need. We had the shoes all along!

Arjun brings the box and gives it to Siddhart. Sid opens the box and finds it empty. The girls laugh.

Shefali: So jeeju, like Aro said, for a price, we'll give you your shoes.

Siddhart: Arjun, where'd you put the shoes?

Arjun: Yo, tere saamne. I didn't touch them. I told you I was not playing this silly game.

The boys were so confused when my matko came in front.

Child: Come on Cheeku Bhaiyya; Dhondu Bhaiyya.. Haar maan lo. App ladkiyon se nahi jeet sakte!

The boys were shocked: Wait, How. What!!

Arohi: Main batati hoon. and I revealed the whole game. The boys were flabbergasted and Karan again had no choice to to heed, giving his boys dirty looks. 

Shefali: This time, since it was so easy, we'll cut the price in half. Only 5,000 per girl. 

Danish: But I don't understand one thing. Why'd you send Arjun away and how do you know our nick names? He told you didn't he!

Arohi: We'll we sent Arjun away because what if he was playing and told us he wasn't? Our plan would've flopped because if there is one person I can't lie to, its him. As for your names, I got my sources. (Saying this, we collected our naik, returned the shoes, and went to Ganga). Ab bhaiyya, daheej ki baat karte hain. I know its illegal but iss baar maaf, kyunki iss baar main aur Shefali daheej ke taur pe aapke paas aa rahe hain! (wink wink).


A very touchy bidaii occured and we were soon home!

Ghar Ke Rasams:

There was a long line of girls and boys to shower flowers on the bride before she has her first steps into the home. With her delicate hands, Ganga imprints her hands on the wall of the house (its Karan's summer house). Then the elders do the aarti and "gar pravesh"(i think thats what its called). Finally everyone is in the main room and we do the ring rasam, where the bride and groom have to fish the ring out. Ganga pulled out the ring.

Danish: Kya Karan. Apni naak kat va di.  Right Arjun?

Arjun: Leave me out of this. You know I'm not interested in all this.

Arohi: Of course. Dekho Dhondu, aur kuch seekho inse. Ladkiyon se jeetna namumkin hai, tho koshish kyun karte ho?

Roar of laughter from the girls

Maasi: Acha bas bas. itna tang bhi mat karo mere bachon ko. Vaise hi itne tired hain. Ab Ganga ko kamre mein le jao.

Shefali: Ji. Come (and all the girls leave).

After a while, the guys stopped teasing Karan and brought him to his room.He tried to open the door but it wouldn't relent.

Karan: Ganga, yeh kya hai. Darwaaza nahi khul raha.

Voice: Woh, suniye ji. Atak gaya hai kundali. App hi kuch ki jiye, na.

Karan: Hain? Main kya karoon? Aur tumhari awaaz ko kya hua.

Door opens and Arohi sticks her head out.

Arohi: Aur nahi tho kya. Aise hi aane deinge?

Karan: Arohi tum yahan?

Arohi: Aise hi chale jaati? Mujhe tho naik chahiye

Karan: Aur naik? Ab kyun?

Arohi: Voh apne jiju se. Ab apne bhaiyya se. Voh bhi pehli raat ke liye. 5,000 chale ga na? No worries. Ab tho sirf main aur Shefu hain. Aapke paise bach gaye!

Arjun: Kya karan! Itne paise waste karega in ladkiyon ke liye?

Arohi: Chal ja na! Tujhe tho koi interest hi nahi hai in cheezon mein! Kyun dakal de raha hai!

Karan: Nahi Arjun. Tumhe pyaar hoga tho samjhe ga.

Arjun; Isliye mom mere liye choose kareingi. So jab meri behenein aise karein, mai araam se bahar aa jahoon ga! Itni tho adat ho gayi haI (looking at Arohi).

Arohi: Waise, pasand maa ki hogi. par hormones tho apne hai na...

Arjun: Doctor hoon. Control ho jaye ga..tum mat phikar karo.

Shefali: EWWW. Aro, mera bada bhai hai.. eww!!!

Arohi just laughs, takes her naik, and goes to maasi's room after changing. (Everyone is in their room cuz its very late). Shockingly she found Arjun there too but she didn't care. She was missing Maasi too much and cuddles with her and drifts asleep.


Again I woke up late. Today was supposed to be Pag phere and Ganga had already left and Karan was to get her later, for the reception. I woke up late and realized this wasn't my room. Slowly I remembered that I drifted to sleep in Maasi's lap. I ran down, apologized, changed, and got stuff ready for the reception. As I came down, Shefali gave me the flower basket and told me to finish decorating as the guests were coming soon and she was not ready yet. Arjun was placing flowers everywhere and I was to follow him around and hand him the flowers. Sounds easy na? NOPE! Not with the kids running around making noise and Karan's annoying cousins staring! I mean there is a limit! The worst part was that Arjun noticed and blamed me for because he told me "to stay away".  Luckily they were forced to go with Karan to pick up bhabhi because they knew Agra better than he did, whatever that meant. Personally, I could care less; as long as Dhondz and Cheeku were out of the house! A little while later, Karan and Ganga arrived and went straight to their room. The boys went to the mall i think to get a gift and were going to be late. Soon after the guests started to arrive and I went to see Maasi. I honestly missed her, after all, she was like my other mother, so I go sit by her listening to the conversations in the group. 

Maasi: Yeh Arohi hai. Meri behen ki beti. Bilkul meri bachi ki tarah hai.

Aunty 1: Bohat pyaari hai Savita. 

Aunty 2: Tum wohi ho na jisne dance kiya tha... mehendi na lagana mujhko. 

Arjun joined his mother at this point.

Arohi: Ji aunty. Apne dekha?

Aunty 2: Nahi par mere bete tho latoo ho gaye tumpar.

Arohi: (akward) I'm flattered aunty.

Aunty 1: Tho tum batao. Tumhare kya khayal hai shaadi ke upar?

Arohi: Umm..excuse me.. mere?

Aunty 2: Of course! Tum kya sochti ho iss bare mein? Yeh sab jaana chahiye koi faisla lene se pehle.

(EYES POP OUT of Arohi, as well as Arjun. Both kind of choke on their drink)

Arohi: umm mujhe..

Maasi: Arohi, batao na tum kya sochti ho iske baare mein.

Arohi: Well, personally, i'm only 18. I still have a long way to go.

Maasi: Phir bhi, love ya arrange?

Arohi: Does it matter? I mean either way, ladka meri pasand ho. I mean you can't just say you're marrying him and thats all. NO! I want to meet the guy first and then if I like him why not. I'm not looking for much. As long as he's not too filmy and all.. Not even a romantic, because then he would have to spice things up. Just a warm, sincere person who cares for me as well as he does for his mom. I know I'm from the states and family is not a priority, but I want his family to be his first priority! And just because I'm the "wife" doesn't mean i'm not family! Voh meri family ko bhi apna family bana ke rakhe. He has to be forward thinking, I mean modern yet traditional. He shouldn't have a problem if I work or not. Love me uncondionally and make time for me as well as give me my space...  Aur haan, voh ek doctor  ho!

Aunty 2: Doctor?

Arohi: Of course aunty, doctor! Because I want to be a doctor too. and only a doctor can understand another.

Aunty 2; Tho mera beta nahi chale ga? Usne MBA kiya hai.

Arohi: Not that I have anything against them but nope.. Sorry...

In the background you hear :apni yadon" pyar ishq aur mohabbat

Dhondu is dancing to it for me. Eww. He thought that was romantic! I was going to fall for him! I'm 18 for heaven sakes! I'm not falling in love that soon! The song ended and I was about to slap him when Arjun took my hand and dragged me out of that mess, leaving Dhondz shocked.

Arohi: What the h*** Arjun! Did you see what he just did!

Arjun: I told you to stay away from him.

Arohi; Meri itni bezati life mein nahi hui! He thought I was going to fall for him, especially after that! O boy was he wrong!

Arjun: Arohi, this is Karan and Ganga's day. Don't ruin it. That's why I dragged you out, so you can calm down and forget him!    Anyways, if I didn't know any better you described me.

Arohi: What?

Arjun: You know... at the table with the aunty...

Arohi: Seriously Arjun! Not now! First her, then Dhondu!!!! and now...

Arjun: O come on, i mean other than the unconditional love.. it was totally me! I love my family like anything, modern and tradition, sincere, AND i'm a doctor!

I smiled and laughed.: Thanks Arjun. (and walk back to the table)

Aunty 2: This, my son (pointing to Dhondu)

Arohi: App... why am i not suprised (mumbled)

Arjun nudged me

Arohi: Look Dhondu. I'm not interested. Right now I have to focus on my school and career.

Danish: I can wait...

Arohi: (thinking how desperate). Don't. I'm going to be honest. You have 0 chance. Remember, I want a doctor.. Don't say you'll get a PhD in business, if that's even possible... because mujhe MD chahiye...

Danish: Well okay then. (disheartenly) Bye (and walks away)

Arjun: Well, that was subtle...

Arohi: I wasn't being subtle. He had to know and I wasn't playing...(thinking) I know how that works out.

Aunty2: Well, you didn't have to hurt him.

Arohi: I'm sorry aunty, but I had to before you guys thought any further. Well I'm going to and make sure everything is set.

Karan and Ganga made their grand entry and cut the cake. We played games, danced, and had fun all day; hadn't even realized that all the guests were almost gone. We also cleaned up and gone to bed. Tomorrow was another day of shopping (only 3 more days in India)!

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Once again, I'm posting this...
Thank you all who read this fanfic and comment but I am very sorry for those who are not getting pm's. I cannot send a pm out individually as it is very hard for me. If you want a pm, please add me to your buddy list and let me know (by liking this post) and I will be sure to send out a pm after I update. I hope you all know how hard and time consuming it is and I get time LATE at night to update. So it is very hard. Thanks for understanding and sorry if anyone is hurt.

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hey plzz send me a pm...n awesome ff

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