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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 94)

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Originally posted by suhana19

Dear hamiee Sowiee Iam late .. hi suhana koi baat nehi fear was like daya tu wapis aye gi ya nehi...but hammie smiling ke tu ah gaye su...
Reserved will be back soon ...
Hey dear hamiee"hugs"
First of Iam truly very Sowiee for been late .."maafi"..bas ker maafi mang na friends mein koi sorry nehi hoota ..haaa kissi fil ka dia louge hai mera nehi .us leye zayeed kush hooni ki zarorret nehin...
Thanx alot for the superb update and pm as Always ...loved it as always  good you liked it su..
Hain mein marjawaa dutta is going to kill ..hai yeh teacher toh jaan Le ga
 oye kuri baaz ah ..tu sabaq par dehyaan rekh ju paretheya  ja raha hai ..teacher ko jhoor!!
...seriously gals are drooling ..well gals stop drooling ..he is hooked and booked by Naku ...
Loved baAji and roops Convo ...and AS and baaji"s Convo ...awesome yaar ... Baji has certaintasks to fulfill givn by BIG BOSS...
Nandini and naku"s interaction was superb ..loved the way she explained her man ...a true fighter ...
Harshad arghhh can't stand that creepo no comment ... phir sharu ho gye hai anti Harshad agenda ..yaar pyar katra hai naku se ..use bhi tu chance milne de suhana ..
Finally dutta called her ..yess naku also miss him terribly Cry ..I know..but duty is duty!! and she does understand this...
Dutta And his mood swings romantic and then angry at times ..but Naku knows him in And out And loves him madly ... yes she does..this is the bond between them..even apart they know how the other feels and how he other would react to a certain thing..naku understands...
The phone Convo bought tears to my eyes Cry Awww pls make them meet soon .. hain??they have to fulfill there lakshaya Suhana ..aise kaise they meet...?.
Thanx once again for a brillant UD Will wait for the nxt part
.listen lady roses,bears or chocs for hammie today..seems that I have fallen from grace...haaa no only jokin shokin...thanks a lot suhana ..with much love xxxhammie
Lots of love and hugs
Suhana ..

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Originally posted by prncz

WOW Hamie loved your update awesoem read
rajuuu my dosst yaar! pasand aya chaalo good.. wrote it to make you happy shappy... 
i coudl visualise the class room ,, and the entire settign and ofcorse hats off to you of cmng up with the terminology for the new officers ,, i felt i was attednign the 1st day of the course my self ,,
every one thought hat too,yes tupical really at any .school /college or uni/type mahool.but of course with a difference...relevant to the was challenging to come out with terminolgy ..had a phone brief with my law who is a colonel and has outstanding pupil award at MILITARY briefly chatted to him
Dutta commands respect just by his attitude towards life , his work ethics and respect for privacy
oh yes ..raj you porotect..most places here practice it waise bhi its called professionalism.
rao the shy girl ,, seems to be like nakku ,,how will dutta look upn her ,,, is going to be interseting
infact how dutta is gonna behave with his class is going to be interstign
its Khan,the one they call sharmilee[my name for daya]..chai pilina mangti the ..but true to his nature put her in her place!!
hmm this greedy reader is lookign forward to your pen or ur fingers movng faster on the key board LOLLOL..yes greedy have come up with some intersting phrases...haaa..not as fast as you your highness...
loved AS worried abt her son's food needs ,, baajii worriedd abt Roops studies LOL he is tryign to win his trust back that i for sure   yes..for sure itna bara dent jo mara hai baji ne apni integrity mein ..ab time ah gaya hai to sort it out...
omg the best is yet to cme ,,the ph convo between dutta and nakku
i just loved the line nakku tells
 "Saab mein hoon na ap ka bas,  ap ke dill mein, ab challo aj raat ko abhi thore der baad mujhe sapno mein apne bahun mein le laina" she whispered  awww i know phir kya kha poor Naku ..she has to appease the beast..
loved dutta ,, missing her  "this is ridiculous Naku...its becoming difficult to stay away from you" he gruffed. ,,hmmm lets see whn they meet n get married ,,,
soon...well i dont know..what about their jobs and goals...??
waiting for ur next update hammie loved it !!!   fri is so faar Embarrassed aww my sweet mate ..let you in a secret i haven't even bloody finished it yet sshhh..xxhammie

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[QUOTE=mnx12]Nice updateClap He is admired by most of the students, his 1st meeting with his students was quite good, enjoyed reading about his expalnation about their work. Naku haddled Harshad well. Both are missing each other but are honest to their respective duties, very good. Thanks for PM, waiting for the next part.Smile 
hi meenakshi...thanks for readinfg and appreciating the UD.Iam, actually enjoying  writing his work duties ..makes a change...yes the UD was an admixture of what ever was appropriate according to sequntial plot... thanks again .with much love xxhammie 

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lovely part hammie loved their phone conversation a lot sorry for late comments.plz unite them soon thanx for update and pm.

helllooo kris..missed you ..exams or uni?..chaal you read he UDand usual..only interested in tasha ..ur kuch nehi pasand aye ? yesss eventually they will the right time...thanks for your interst my friend ..xxxhammie 
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                                   Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patil

                                       Painful Rapture: Chapter 25

                                 "when shall we three meet again.." Shakespeare

The mobile alarmed buzzed into his slumber as he held the chunni a closer to his bare chest "nehi abhi maat ja Naku! ,and the alarm yet again knocked him back to his senses as he opened his eyes ,blinked slightly disorientated, bent his head , brushed his stubble surrounded lips against his woman's chunni , produced a couple of arrhhhs and sat up ,folded it neatly and put it to rest in its designated hiding place ."ok he muttered lets lick them into shape first drill, then running for 1.5mile of a mile and final a shower and breakfast". He glanced at his woodland oak leaf camouflaged brown , black, beige tee shirt t'was ready for him to wear along with the olive green jogging bottoms, running trainers and tactical black lace up leather boots all organized for him, courtesy of Rahman .He clad himself in the appropriate gear and laced up his boots and shoved his trainers, his burgundy towels for later use  in his camouflaged ruck sack.

The Outs slumbered in their shared accommodation, in single beds that were 2ft 6in wide and 6ft long. Sheets, blankets and pillowcases were provided, and these were regularly laundered for OUTs. In the accommodation OUTs were allocated a double wardrobe as well as a  footlocker/ top box as storage space, around the bed area and additionally each Outs  was allocated a 6ftx2ft metal cage situated in the drying or baggage room. The barracks also had   shared shower, bath and sink facilities were available in both male and female accommodations.Within the female officers dorm, phone alarms rang and the girls sat up raised their arms twisted their waists and let out moans from their cot beds from various parts of the room . "get up you lazy louts ,it's nearly 5.00am if we are not out there for warm ups he will have our guts for breakfast yelled Gavde as she blananced herself on her feet, "well me personally I don't mind if he makes a meal out of me"  Rao yawned seductivey , "oh come on you pervs ,get up and me dashing for the batroom to sluice me mouth" said Chauhan hurriedly ..Khan hummed "teri bahoon mein maarrr jaon" ,dreamily as she in delicate posture slowly got up and and stretched her arms in space, wisps of hair teased her innocent face "hai Sharmilee to tu gaye kam se! behave your self " said Chauhan , and Khan said "my name is not sharmilee girls its Rajoo".

The male officer's barracks were similar to the girls with single cot beds and shared shower and toilet, they  quequed  up against the loo "yaar I am to urinate in my underpants if you don't come out now Bose ke baceehe ! Singh yelled as he squeezed his legs and groin together, "then you bloody should'nt have drunk those beers last night" admonished Yadav "oye chup ker oi!! replied Singh "first day de kush mein main peeti kyon saach hai ne kapoore! he winked at Kapur. The males, raised them selves out of their beds .. "listen guys make sure you make your beds you never know when we might be inspected on being organised and tidy" ,said Kadam ,"yes you're right Kadam" said Subramanium in aggreement. "Oi chup kore tuse done maa de laadle" ,jested Singh as he went in to the loo..

Dutta stepped out of his apartment,his ruck sack hiked up against his right shoulder his boots clipped clopped on the brick path way leading towards the drill concrete ground .The crisp fresh air of the not yet broken morning grated into his  body and the hair on his arms stood up in gosse bumps .He marched forward  his arms going back and forth all his veins in his lower arm bulged and pumped up and his biceps swelled up each time his arms moved to and fro ,he sucked in air and his lips fell apart and his nostrils screwed up as he arched his eyes brows under the intense stare of a lion as he approached the horizontal line of his stood to attention OUT's .He stood and examined each one of them as they stood still and straight, necks erect hands clasped behind their backs . Sir! they shouted in unison and saluted him as they clicked their heels and he saluted back at them his slender right hand pointed upward .He shouted "at ease" and the OUT's brought their arms by their sides with fingers pointed down .Dutta peered at them ,and walked past each one of them as his lion like eyes checked each persons tee shirt, foot wear and jogging bottoms .The girls nearly swooned ,but concealed their delight under a blank face, as they saw his head without a beret. The boys looked at him and hoped that he would find no fault in them .He walked back and stood in front of them this time his hands on his haunches his slender long fingers spread like a fan. "Right brilliant  officers! all in correct gear and all in time excellent !he praised them . He stood tall before them his legs slightly apart his head only a wee bit to the "right now officers fitness it is needless to remind you, is important for every one's health but in he army more so as life is very tough ...for you might need strength to move heavy kits around or stamina to keep your self going on a long patrol through a hostile area, he moved his head slowly "now lets see what you can do on the course, ssoo first warm up. excercise and then foot leg lunges and then the run! hope you are all set!" and he blew his whistle and pointed his index finger  in a swivel action and the drill began. All of them ran in a large cicle he dropped his whistle and commande " knees up and run! , knees up he! shouted "knees up! he yelled "run  medium pace ,  and the Outs ran as he stood in the circle and watched , "hands behind neck and run!! he changed command  "hands behind the neck knees up run medium speed run! he barked "keep those hands  behind your neck" he yelled ,"lift arms above head and clasp fingers  and run knees  keep these ruddy arms up! Singh he shouted ,"keep the arms up! arms behind back! knees up and fast pace running fast pace running! hands on finger tips on shoulders! fast past run!  what's the matter with you Chauhan! get !he blood going"!! he shouted , "keep running and knees faster!! and he blew the whistle sharply and they stopped. They stood in their space in the circle and tried to control their panting , ok he shouted "40 on the spot jogs start" and he blew the whistle in a loud shrill ,  he walked in the circle while he observed each one as their legs raised and  bounced back on the ground on their toes . "Rao keep going good speed main tain that speed" he yelled , "Khan whats up?  put some life in your legs officer ,Khan blushed as he took her name and put more in her actions to please him , "yes that's more like it! and finally he blew his whisle and they stopped and stood panting ready for his next order  "right now 10 right leg  forward lunge and 10 left leg adjust your body to the best possible balance postion he instructed .He blew the whistle and they started the lunges as he walked around and instructed "spread the legs a little ,Bose and then push your leg forward slight bend of the knee .and slight jerk" he said as he held Bose 's leg from his lower leg. He cranked his neck to see he rest of them. He brushed his cheek with his slender fingers and yanked his arm and pressed the top watch "ok that's enough", he yelled "get a drink and change your combat boots for trainers"! ,he ordered .The Outs unscrewed the bottles of water and guzzled or sipped .Dutta walked over to the girls , "hummm I am impressed with the leg work officers keep it up" he remarked in his guttrral tone ,she stared into his lion like eyes,  while he looked the other way and addressed Rao "are you under the weather! Rao,I had to remind you to put some force in and you he turned towards Khan who was shocked as she met his eyes "glad you corrected your self" ,he said as he bowed his head once, she lowered her  eyes but they went unnoticed as he saunterd over to the males ," great job officers good speed and stamina ...ok!  and he blew the whistle and they stood to attention , now the 1.5 mile running , you may maintain a comfortable speed and you will  be in pairs ,I'll leave it up to you to chose your partner and ,also take your rucksacks ,IDs,  water ,first aid kit with you , Dutta instructed..  

Dutta initiated the run, his feet propelled forward and he lead the run,  his officers followed behind him ...  a few pairs over took him but he was vigilant as he watched their body motions from behind as went past him. Once the run was completed Dutta turned around and pointed towards the miltary school ground. They bent their knees and sank their bottoms towards the hard concrete, with  knees propped up,  wrists rested on the top of their knees, they wiped their cheeks with a wiggle of their shoulders. Dutta stood in front of them as the morning breeze blew and ran it's fingers through his thick mop of hair and made his short side parting diappear .His cheeks were flushed and his face and muscular arms were sweat moist and he began to speak "that was a good effort for the first time ..hopefully a briskier pace next time he commented now after this you get showered and then breakfast ... Singh  went yes sir! and Dutta gave him a frozen look and said  "that brings me to give you  mini pointers on healthy eating i.e fuelling your fitness.. Dutta said mincing his words as a few of them sipped their water, "eating well is important for good health", but he raised his pointer finger and peered at them "your diet should contain the right amount of" he stopped briefy and said "ok Kapur tell us" "well Sir replied Kapur carbo hydrates , proteins ,and ,and ",Dutta nodded "Venketesan continue ,  urmm fibre ,fats,"Venketsan replied ,Dutta moved his eyes and said "Chauhan carry on what else .vitamins and minerals Sir", she said with a big smile "to replace the ones you use when you excercise".  "Yes Chauhan,  Dutta said as he raised his palm up at her and continued "yes vitamins and minerals  help one to keep energy levels up ,and keep you performing at your peak" . The girls looked around as the birds started to chirp and Dutta remarked  "please concentrate on basic nutrition tips instead of listening to the birdie song!" he said with frigid eyes that rolled and lips that compressed together as he pointed his finger up again. Singh and Chauhan raised their hands up and Dutta moved his head forward and jerked "yes"?  "Sir,do we need to go on a diet o keep fit? asked Singh. Dutta answered "no you don't need to follow a complicated a diet plan, really and he held his fingers up all you need is three healthy meals , and he smiled for once and the girls thought they saw a vision as his stubble beard face stretched and his eyes gleamed as he continued "you'll be less tempted by sweets and other snacks! his smile was very short lived and he became grave again as he demanded "can anyone explain or take a guess what your daily food intake should be made up of?" ,he eyes roved at his pupils who from time to time moved their bottoms in discomfort that was being forced on the hard concrete. Khan put her tiny hand up and Dutta looked at her brieflty and knudged his head forward "yes go ahead" he went and she raised her delicate neck and said "well sir the daily intake should be one third starch ,such as potatoes,bread rice, she said gently  "yes" , he cut her short "Bose what else? Dutta asked "one third fruit and vegetables"replied,  "ok excellent Bose" continued Dutta "now Subramanium what more do we need foor a balanced diet? .Subramanium  smiled "Sir  one third protein,including meat,fishand dairy products", yes thanks said Dutta, Subramanium continued "you need that to build your muscles develop and repair". "Ok Yadav" said Dutta "come on remind us all  what have missed out in this intake? .Yadav sat up from his slouch, "intake of liquids Sir, Dutta smiled at him "yes Yadav carry on", "Sir its important to drink plenty of liquids during excercise Sir",  Dutta interrupted "remember before and during excercise" , "ok any particular drinks Singh"? asked Dutta , Singh wanted to pull a face at he girls who suppressed a giggle ,"sports drinks are good Sir but water is the best free from colouring and E numbers" he said proudly .Dutta narrowed his eyes at this lively officer,  "yes Singh thank you" and finished off the session by adding "drink regularly don't wait to get thirsty also if you are excercising for more than an hour and a half then eat a banana or some dried fruits to keep your energy levels up , that'll be all officers .They stood up to attention with bottoms that ached and legs that knotted ,  "get showered,  get breakfast and get ready for the rest of the day"Dutta said calmly ,they clicked heels and saluted,  he saluted and grabbed his ruck sack and in long strides walked away towards the shower rooms..with the girls huddled behind him hot on his heels...

The girls chattered lke a bunch of magpies "hai my bum really hurts ! he's such a beast khud tu kadhoos kharatha tha and he made all of us sit on the hard concrete and deliverd a fricking lecture ,,basically who ever heard of a teaching session nearly at the crack of dawn in the middle of the exercise ground!" complained Tiwari  "but on second thoughts kuch bhi ho man if he's giving the lecture who cares what he's talking about I was just looking at his rough looks , she said with a feigned ,smitten expression" , "yes said Chauhan "did you see his hair and the breeze had the cheek to play around it" she laughed , "honestly who would want to bunk his class said Bhatnagar I would want his class never to end ,Khan shook her head "come on lets get showered ..they went in the shower room and each occupied a cubicle to get changed and finally stood under the various 6 showers .Khan looked really uncomfortable at having a communal shower and checked in the cubicles if here was an individual one,she found one . Dutta went in the communal male shower and pulled of his jogging bottoms and stood under the luke warm drizzle he looked and paused  briefly and reeled around at the officers who stood embarressed watching his muscular well toned  body,  he turned to face them  as rivers of water slid down his body "is anything the matter gentlemen? , we have no time to waste do what you have to do .remember in  war zone such fac***ites and individual privacy may not be available so best be on your way" Dutta ordered and  pointed out as he cocked his head, at the other available bathing space under shower units.He ,understood  they were embarrssed , but most of them took there stuff off and participated  in the communal shower moment! Dutta wiped his face  with his beautiful  long slender fingers as he looked side ways at his boys and smiled ,the lads were embrassed by his presence amongst themselves, more so because he was a senior officer he reckoned.He reached out for the control and turned off the shower.

Dutta came out of he shower room and as soon he got out the female officers stood stared at him as he came out in a white polo shirt and black joggers, his wet hair brushed back from his forehead, his burnundy towel perched on his shoulders, he took a long stride, sided and said excuse me with a stiff expression "officers youd 'best be on ,get dressed and grab your breakfast I'll catch you later he gruffed ,turned and walked off his ruck sack  perched up on his right shoulder .His back lunged forward as his legs motioned his body towards the officers apartments .she gazed after him till he disappeared...


Naku , opened her eyes,and relaxed her head against her soft make believe lover.."Saab main aye nehi ap ke sapna mein?, Sssab" and her lower lip pushed to one side as her belly controlled a muffled sob. She lay the lion's head on her arm and looked into its black round button eyes..Saab,the truth is although we talk, yet I miss your touch, your breathe against my ear , not through a telephone net work but live , she blushed, at the thought of such ignoble thoughts ,alas!  she thought all the grandeur to one side the truth was that she missed tremendously his touch upon her , she confessed rather in discomfort for she was a woman and such thoughts towards him, the bodily pine for him must be bridled..she soothingly took hold of sherro above her head and sang "tu hi toh har pal bandha hain lamho ki in zanjeeron me, and she lowered sherro and rubbed her nose against his ...tu hi toh raha hain khwaabon ki har tabeeron me, she brought his lips down to caress hers,as she closed  her eye lids... tu hi toh har din dikha hain, she held him away and looked at him entirly dewy love torn eyes.. dundli ya ujli tasveeron me.."apni tasveer bhi nehi de apne ne" she cried ..teri hi toh hain khushboo mujhe mein haan she brushed sherro against her neck and her cheeks ..saajna Ve..teri hi toh khshboo mujhme haan  against her lips.."Saaab" and she burst out crying and clutched her lion and smothered him floods of tears "Sssaabb kab milo ge!"  she fought  ,"Naku mar jaye gi ap ko dekhe bina...Saaabb!!...

 Naku walked towards the female ward and crossed ways with Harshad , he lowered his eyes and raised his fingers in a greeting and Naku ,nodded and carried on her way poised, she pointed to her wrist watch to indicate ,an appointment. "and how is my Nandi today?,I see you have changed into a tee and track suit bottoms ,tell you girl shall I say even though I should'nt say you look human out of that ghastly hospital gown, jested Naku, "you have lovely long hair Nandi would you like me to comb your hair" offered Naku. Nandi thought this girl is over and above her call of care and duty , she ensures that her patient is pleasing to herself as well , giving one a feel good clean vibe , "sure Naku let's 'make me good" .Naku ran her hands through Nandi's hair to untangle the knots in her plaited hair , and combed and braided her long tresses and finally with care and fondess held Nandi's shoulders to exmain her and exclaimed."very pretty Nandi,here have a look for your self said Naku as she held the hand held mirror for the girl to check .Nandi clasped her hands together and smiled .Naku looked at her and smiled with her lower lip pulled to one side ,she was rewarded by the joy in Nandi's eyes. "ok Nandi ,we have to make a bee line to the therapy room for a new exercise today...


Baji stood ready to leave and he moved towards his mother and said "AS mein chalta hoon ab aur kuch kehna hai ap ne muhje jane se phele" as he waited upon her ."haan Baji hum chate hain ke tu rasthe mein phele Naku ko milte jana , hum ne us ke liya bhi kuch chezzen bheje hain ,jaise ke chawaal, ata,chenni or thure se masla, kuch lardkiyon ke istamal ke toiletries bi hain ,yaad se use de dina" ,and she put her hand in her little tie silk draw string bag and fished out some cash and said ye paise use dina or kehna ,AS ne pyar se bhe jein hain ,samjhe kya na tu Baji ,Baji looked at his grand lady who had to be the ultimate mother ,who covers all her chicks no matter where they are with her warm feathers of love. "ho AS, Baji said with a big smile,men bhi betaab hoon us se milne ka liya ,and he bent down to touch AS's feet and says "ache AS mein ja ke ata hoon..aee! kala jago howa sawwre! ,ghare load karo aur challo , aur kali mercedez le ker jane hai! ,yelled Baji as he gambolled off towards the vehicle. Baji stopped briefly as Kale shut the boot ,"aur tu sun re ,Roops ko university lene jane hai thujhe , yaad se , aur time pe jayen ,aagar use ka phone apen ko ayea tu us ka matlaab ye hoga ke tu nehi pohooncha ..tu phir thuje Bappa shapat kale !thujhe Baji ke dund se koi bhi nehi bache sakta ,samajhe gaye ne tu re!!he yelled as he sat in the car , put his seat belt on and drove in first gear towards he gate , pulled his window down and barked at the two guards  "abhi chootti pa  maat chale jane koi lotceha ne hoi ghar mein .nehi tu mein tomahra band baja doon ga" he yelled ..and pulled out on the road. He looked at  Roop's CDs that she forgot in the car when she sat in it , last time ..he smiled ,"lotecha hai this girl crazy ,pampered and spoilt", but he thought it's not that she is so, eversince she grew up ,she was always one to play on the affections ofthe two males in house ,he gave a dimpled smiled ,well the two significant studs , himself and his Lion king of Patil Wadi. He sniffed Naku ,hum he missed her , his friend, spoken and thought of sister,  he had not spoken to her after his release and he did hint to every one that he wanted to keep it as a surprise for the right moment,like today !he couldn't wait to see her... for he loved her the most, for she was the love of the man whom he loved ,revered and respected the most in his world Dutta...

Naku, laid Nandi on the foam mat and and showed her the new contraption "this here Nandi is called  exercise tubes,now they are 1.2 metre in length and look they come fitted with handles which you hold your hands" ,Nandi nodded  she got the idea. Naku continued "these loops here at end of the tubes is for you to put your feet through" .."oh I get it she said and then I pull the elastic handles yes Naku" said Nandi , "ok lets go then! and Naku watched as Nandi started the  exercise. Naku continued to speak to Nandi "this exercise is going to strength and tone your muscle groups in your lower limbs  Nandi so regular use of his exercise is recommended every day ,if your muscles feel taut and hurt ,then I'll give you a gel cold massage which is  a pain relief gel ,so carry on for 5 minutes first and stop and then continue for another few minutes as much as you an do within 5 more minutes said Naku smiling at her ... "well done Nandi you did very well today ,now tell me where do you want to go after this ,recreation room? ,it'll do you good to watch some telly, what do you think ?or perhaps read,  I can get you some magazines from the day room if you wish ?asked Naku. "It's ok Naku I'd rather lie down for a while and rest replied Nandi, but Naku thought she wanted Nandi to interact with other patents in the telly room for some time as she looked out for her Nandi's mental health as well , she wouldn't want her to be on her own to wallow over her condition ..."tell you what Nandi I'll take you down to the telly room for a short while and then when you have had enough ,ask to be taken back to your room ,how does that sound then? gently persuaded Naku.Naku nodded "I might as well give up Naku your are a hard task master,tell me Naku does that major of your's know about his manipulative streak of yours? , "oh he knows said Naku but with him and she widened her doe eyes and smiled,  with him Nandi I like to give him an upper hand!!...both women laughed.

Naku was interrupted by the amplied "Nakusha please report to reception.Naku smoothed her uniform ran her fingers through her flushed face and walked towards reception .she stood frozen in her steps..but instantaneously she sprang to life Baaajjjiii! She cried her face peeled into a smile and she ran towards him and stopped short in front of his dimpled face and reached out for his hands , "oh is this a dream Baji tu ha saach mein ..tu tu ,  "haan Naku mein raehaa ho gaye hai, "pun!" Naku groped at his hands  "mujhe kaise ne nehi bataya tune ne bhi nehi ,Saab ne bhi nehi! Naku he held her hands "un ko mein ne mana kiya tha ,thuje surprise deni the is liya ,chaal choor mujhe tu ye baat hum ne tu thuje lardki bheija tha tu lardka kab se bun gaye" he laughed loudly,as his body rocked "kasam se college ke mast mast launda legrehi hai chaal mera saath college ki sere lardkiyaan thujhe pe fida hoon jaye gi! he guffawed ab Bhau thuje is haal mein deh le tu thujhe goli se urdh de haaa" .He clapped his hands "dekhna ne Saab ne ,aur bola chokree boy! ...aur jab mein galle laagi tu bole mein lardkoon ko gale nehi lagta!,complained Naku ,Baji let out a witchly cackle ,and Naku said "Saab ke bat maat ker Baji, and he held her hand and looked at the cafe and pulled her towards the cafe ,"chaal baata kya hoya ,oye do chai lao malaai mar ki !he said to the waiter . Baji peered into her eyes across the table "chaal baata ,naku tera kya lotcha hai Bhao ke sath ,waise mein aj ja raha hoon us ke jeep lena ,or Aye saab ne bolo tha thujhe bhi mil ker ayoon aur tera liye kuch saman bhi bheja hai or haan is se behleya mein bhool jaoan ye pukar aye ne appni haat se ye paise bheja  hai thujhe ,Naku was so over come that her face twisted into a sob ,"Baji saach mein main kitni kush naseeb hoon ke mujhe  Saab ke gharwale itna mera kahyal rakheta hain said Naku.. "woh tu theekh hai Naku pun Saab wali baat bata phone pe baat to hoti hai na us ke saath teri"? Naku nodded ,then what's the issue he pestered, "nothing Baji it's just that I haven't seen him for a while ,I asked him for his photo he said a big no ,then I suggested shall I visit him and he gave me a mouthful and said no ,if I ask him about his work he says don't discus my work with any one!" .Baji smiled at her and touched her clasped hands "thujhe pata tu hai Bhau ka demaak ek dum ekdha hai..keraga apni maan ki Naku ,but Naku he's right isn't it , he being in the army every thing is under tight security  and scrutiny"reasoned Baji , "I know Baji but a small passport picture in my wallet and mine in his wallet" ,Baji giggled showing his dimples  "Naku can you honestly think in our right mind Bhao a soldier will keep his mehbooba's picture in his wallet ,no naku I don't think so becaue say on the front line he is made a pow ,they'll seize his wallet and Bhao I don't think will allow or tolerate strangers,  men looking at his Naku's picture ,"theekh hai Baji but I so very much wanted to see him pleaded Naku .Baji sipped his chai and mused as Naku went over to get some pastries for Baji ,"chaal Naku I have a plan but tell me are you finished for now with before lunch sessions? Baji enquired .Naku nodded and he related his plan and her eyes widened ,it seemed a good enough idea,she nodded and dialled the number Simrana "hi can you meet me near the cafe if you are finished with your physio sessions ,ok then see you, ... Baji turned to her Naku Woh tera sammaan kahan rekh waana hai?Baji asked. Naku  gave Baji  the room number , room no 1 in the girls hostel and she gave him the keys.Baji walked to the car park and carried the bags and bundles that AS sent and walked happily towards the girls hostel beaming and giving room to any girls or nurses coming fom the opposite direction .He let himself in and  stacked everything neat on the sde table for Naku to sort and put away in her chosen appropriate place...

Naku clutched the bag in her things and hugged Simrana and said  "thanks , I'll see you later Simrana ..Harshad walked towards reception and notice Naku and Baji and wondered what Baji was doing here he took long hastend srides and held Baji by the arm "Baji kaise ho edhur kaise achanak ab theekh tu hai na ? he asked politely .Baji looked at him coldly for a split moment and then looked at his arm Harshad quikley removed his arm "aur Harshad kasae hai tu , kuch kam dhunda bhi karte ha re yai edhur udher sirf nazar raktha hain tum , kya  demot ho gaye hi tu PT se security guard ! her ana jane pe nazzar! Baji  remarked , and Harshad laughed nervously and said "mein woh mein adhur se guzzer reha tha  tu ap duno pe negha pareth gai, he said sheepishly . He looked at them both and wondered what exactly was going on.  Baji opened the back door of the car for Naku to get in, she was still in her uniform .She laid the plastic bag on the car seat beside her. As Baji, sat in the car and turned away from the hospital,he said ," you know Naku ,this Harshad , never had a liking towards him, Bhao knows that told him so , I also said to Bhao to let me bash him but bhao said no ,so tell me Naku this Harshad guy does he still behave in an unacceptable manner with you?  tell me and I'll skin him alive right in front of every one free show for all! tell me Naku ,does he bother you that worm! Baji said as he turned to look at Naku in the back seat , "no Baji I can take of myself believe me ,and besides if he gets too big for his boots I know how to put him in his place said Naku. "That's good to hear said Baji , ok now you got the gear? Naku nodded.Baji turned and continued to drive baji  whispered Naku ah he looked in the rear mirror and saw two hazel green eyes with winged eye brows staring at him from underneath a sap green tight head scarf cum veil .He performed an emergency stop. Naku!!!, he chuckled "chaal uther ja Naku mein ne diner wali ko phone ker diya tha tu lunch ker aram se mein ata hoon" .he saw Naku get out and saw her walk off towards the diner ,the door man opened the door for her and she went in...


Baji drove his mercedez towards the military school,on seeing it from a distant he let go of the steering and put his hand on this head "this is unbelieveavble ,magnificent" said aloud. Baji in his life he had met many people gone to shadey nooks croonies to iron  out many a lotchha doers but never had been so over awed and dwarfed by such obvious power and magnificence.After the various security checks at he entrance, Baji's car boot was opened all the packets of dried nuts were opened etc... was allowed in and he asked for Rahman as instructed by Dutta. Baji asked Rahman .. "Rahmaan Baho kya class le reha haii us waqat mujhe ko milna tha use se , "saar aap ahdher wait kero mein under une ka schdeule timetable  dekh ker ata hoon. "Rok rahman" called "Baji pheley ghari mein se samaan nekil ke Bhao ki apartment mein phooche dena2..and he gave the mercedez keys to Rahmaan who unloaded the goods and swiftly made way carrying the goods. Baji looked around as he saw the military flavour of soldiers on alert ,others walked in thier uniforms, there were hardly any civilians about, therefore all passer bys never failed to stare at Baji in his purple batik printed slouched denim jeans and black pointed shoes . Baji stood biting his nails and finally Rahman emerged and walked smartly towards Baji and said "Baji bhao  Sir ke koi klass nehi hai abhi 4.00 baje hai ,per use se pheli woh military school se baher ja rehi hai general shahib ko kuch kagheez dena jaye gain". Baji smiled and patted Rahman's shoulder and asked him "mera ya pas mujhe under jane de ga Rahmaan ,he asked . Rahmaan got the hint and said " chalo Baji Baho mein ap ko under la jaon ga, pun ap ko security check dena pare ga, Baji agreed and both men towards the door where the soldiers put heir palm forward and Baji showed the pass ,they moved the hand held metal detector and then the other soldier frisked Baji and finally said sir, and opened the door for him .Baji went up to reception and turned towards " Rahman ab tum jaon".

Baji made his way towards reception with extreme respect decided that he would speak the truth. Ma'am I am major Dutta Patil's younger brother ,I was wondering if at it would be possible to see him for a few minutes ,I dont have an appointment as such but I was wondering ..he said with eyes that implored as he stood with his hands folded before the soldiers on reception duty . The soldier rang up and shortly replied, if you wait sir ,enquiries are being made if at all its possible ,she helped.

It was lunch break and Dutta was involved in completing pupil assessment sheets on the drill exercise and stamina test run.There was a knock on his door and Dutta went and opened the door, "Sir there's a certain gentleman, named Baji Rao Patil asking for you" ,said the soldier outside Dutta's office. Dutta maintained composure but his eyes had a twinkle trace ,"send him in!" he commanded and closed his door and put his palms on his cheek ab ye ekdha kya muskhariye kare ga ,there was a knock and Dutta replied enter ,Baji opened the door and was faced by a camoflaged uniformed black booted soldier ,his eyes for a moment roved top to botoom then spontaneously he leapt forward and clasped Dutta to his chest .Bhao he muttered as he clung to Dutta's broad solid stiff neck .Dutta put his palms on Baji's shoulders and gently pushed him apart , "haan Baji bol jeepki chabi mil gaye hai ne , I instructed Rahmaan, "ho Bhau I ,even got the jeep ,before you ask everything is ship shape ghar pe ,in fact AS ne tere leye dry fruit bheja hai ,he stopped and sniggered,not that tere ko zarooret hai he added and Dutta held his fist up in his face , "ok nehi me not funny shunny he went , kya Bhao this pad is maast ,apne office pura din time to time you can come here and have a 100 winks body to check you haaa.he went ."look shut your face and tell me why the bloody hell are you here ?yelled Dutta impatiently."Well Bhao ek lotecha hai, jo tu he sort ker sakta hai , requested Baji Dutta looked at him with narrow eyes "bak phir I haven't got all day"! , "ok Bhao there's this woman ,beechari ka koi nehi hai AS ke pas aye the ,and she was sayig she has to see Dutta Bhao because she feels very intimidated by Billa Badmash ,he wants to occupy her small piece of land holding in PW.Dutta nodded his head "ok tu what the hell have you been doing Baji sitting on your bloody back side and laying golen eggs? questioned Dutta , "mein giya ne Bhao I speak to the plonker  but he said Bhao se baat karoa.."oh shut your face Baji I'll speak to this joker tell him to lay off that woman yelled Dutta .Baji widened his eyes "woh tu theekh hai Bhao pun us aurat ka kya keri ga mein ,mujhe se to woh baat nehi krte bas rooh ri hai AS ka samne aur kehte hai Bhao se baat karao ,me khud batie gi us ko apna masla ,basically Bhao she wants to meet you so she can get assurance,  she feels very insecure almost paraoid! kethi hai aager Billa Badmaash ne use dekh leye tu goli mar da ga ye atha de ga use ,baho bahut derre hoi hai ...woh beechare aurat,pleaded Baji .Dutta slammed his file on the table,reached for his beret and slanted it to the right on his head,as Baji pulled his mouth down made a thumbs up sign and said "chaal kahder hai ye aurat"! he gruffed , come on I have to pick up some papers from reception !as I have a job to do as well Baji youre lucky Iam going out of the school in this instance where the hell is she ?he questioned. "Bhao she's not far from from here she is too frightened so she wanted a quiet area ,there's a children's play area and small park near by the military school hope fully she will be able to come here  Baji said pensively ."let me make a phone call to Tambe to pick the mercedz up from out side the school" informed Baji .Dutta nodded and walked to reception "papers for General Ahmed please and can you ask Transport to send my bike and helmet please .yes Sir said the female soldier. Dutta walked towards the door when Bhatnagar ,Rao and Khan appeared "Sir ,are we going to see you this evening before dismissal time we had some questions to ask you? they mumbled .Dutta glared at them, "do you officers  bother to check your time tables or not? , Iam not impressed by your blase attitude ..asking Me questions.he said severly as he looked at them coldly and walked off ..Bahatnager shuddered "ohh the lion roars as well!  and they giggled and went towards the time table pinned on the pin board in the foyer .Baji gaped at he officers and Dutta took his arm and warned "chaal nehi tu huqumaat ke de hoi goli se thuje urathe dein ge ye lardkiyaan !fauji hai! ..he almost pushed Baji out of the door and reached out for his ray bans and put them on .He screwed his face in the sunny  glare, as he waited for his bike. Baji went over to his jeep and called Tambe  for the pickup of he car tere pas spare "chabi hai ne theekh hai tu yahan miltary school ke sarak per hai mercedez ah ker ega abhi ke abhi ...samjhe re tu?..Baji next rang and said "theekh hai ne? ... "to phoonch tu!...

Dutta's mlitary motorcycle arrived! an olive green Harley Davidson MT350E, both men looked at this 350cc rotax engine single cylinder strong ,robust designed rugged beauty. Dutta walked around it as his fingers ran across the metal gun box mounted on the side and the large extra brackets in front for extra storage space. Baji stroked the leather seat , "kya chamak challo hai ye Bhau!, wriggled and swooned Baji.  Dutta took off his beret and secured it under the shoulder strap epaulet... bent down and reached for his ,woodland and olive green camoulaged helmet and slid it on his head, adjusted the chin strap and looked at Baji who yet again was swept with admiration of this tall main complete with his uniform! helmet! and ray bans! , "chaal Baji ab meri shakal he dekh ta rehe ga sare din ye chale ga bhi yahan se"! grunted Dutta , and he gripped the handles of the bike and swing his long muscular leg across the bike to rest himself on the seat, the toes of his combat boots tipped the ground while he pulled out his leather black kid leather gloves from his leg pocket shuffled his fingers in and started the bike and picked up his legs turned towards Baji and pointed his gloved fore finger to go first .Baji drove past in  Dutta's wrangler and Dutta revved his bike griped and turned the gears , checked his elevated rear mirror and drove off,and  slowed down at the exit briefly and  left he Military college he saw Baji ahead and pressed his gas and swerved and swung as he raced against the wind lashing his face and brommmed past Baji , checked his mirror to catch Baji's face broken into a dimpled smile and a thumbs up!. Baji raced up the wrangler and tried to go past Dutta, but Dutta idicated right CHchaged direction sharply,  gassed up  raced as both bike and rider veered to one side , indicated left and came in front of Baji!!  A few drivers stayed clear of he military guy on the motor bike and Dutta bit his lip and decided to stay in the left lane and Baji indicated right and over took Dutta and pointed to the left towards the park .Dutta signaled with a thumbs up.  Dutta indicated to the left and pulled up and Dutta drove up swerved and his body leaned to one side as he held the bike with the tip of his boot, his leg sinwey and broad. "Baji men zarre 10 minute mein ata hoon ye papers de ker Gen. Ahmed ke ghar par .so it's this park is it? , "ho Bhao said Baji "I'll see you shortly nodded Dutta  ...

Dutta indicated looked over his right shoulder and leaned to the right, revved and zoomed of towards the destination. Once job completed he headed backtowrds the park.. He went off road  onto the rugged, muddy bumpy tearrain each time he saw a dip or uneven surface he revved harder, took lower gear pushed his knees forward and raised himself up as he zoommed past the rough surface every time missing a jolt on his lower torso by lifting himself up and roaring the bike arrrhhhe roared loudly no one could hear him and he enjoyed the thrill as he madly scored the bumps ad pits with his bike and at one point from a slight height he swung sharply and raised his bike propelled it forward and hollered Nakushaaa!!! and finally landed on the ground with a thump with his knees up and his hips above the seat of his motor bike,  he realesed one hand,  slowed speed wiped his mouth and said savagely "that was funnn!  Tu pas nehi hai Naku tu Dutta aise he pagal pan kare ga!! ,he said a twinkle in his eyes, behind his ray bans and he pressed his lips together in a smile and sawyed his body and bike and head back towards the main road.

He entered the park ,as his eyes scanned from a distance ,he recalled that Baji said that the woman would be here,so he weaved in and out, leaned  his bike and body out of the trees and moved his alert head as he revved across the terrain and then came to another clearing which lay scattered with trees and he slowed down a bit and pulled his mouth to one side and he screwed his eye brows together, for he could see in the distance the back of a figure in a sap green kaftan and a matching head covering that spread across her shoulder .Dutta slowed down a bit as he turned his bike towards the figure and moved forward to bridge the distance .he could from the distance make out it was a female as the kaftan long shift shaped into a thin waist and then hung loose down her lower body showing a hint of rounded hips and thighs .He lowered his eyes,  and  parked his bike at a distance and revved his engine as he hoped the figure would turn to face him and he could talk to it, but no such thing happened and he irratatingly looked at his watch and realized the scarcity of time.He switched off the engine secured his bike and swung his long leg and stood tall on his feet at a safe distance with his hands on his waist and called out in the figures direction in a horse guttural voice " dekho main nehi janta ke tum kaun ho aur mujhe se tumhe kiya kam hai?per ye janeta hoon ki main aurat zaat se baat nehi karta". He hoped the figure would respond but there remained a silence, which annoyed him but he rememberd the person was frightened and that his assistance was sought ,so he spoke again ,even louder and clearly. "dekho tumarah marad kahan hai? us ke saath main baat kerni ko tayaar hoon? The figure still remained silent and continued to stand with its back to him .he shouted out in anger."dekho main akhri defa tum se pooch raha hoon apne marad ka name batao warne main ja raha hoon ",he paused a bit and then turned and took long strides towards his motor cycle held its handle and was about to swing his leg to seat himself when the figure spoke "Dutta ShreeRam Patil ",he froze for a moment and turned and commanded "kaun hai tu lardki!!? The figure turned to face him, his eyes saw her whole face,covered from forehead to her chin, hidden,  only her jet black winged eye brows and hazel green large doe eyes looked at this tall handsome soldier that killed her. He walked slowly towards her with slow steps as his uniformed body lunged forward like a lion..and he stopped before her, as their eyes met ,he raised his hand moved his ray bans,pulled his gloves off, and pulled her scarf to reavel her face ."Naku ,tu? ,he held her by the shoulders and thumped her back against the tree trunk pushed her head against the tree tree trunk and crashed his mouth on hers.She moved her hand and moved his helmet and tightly held on to his shoulders and back as he gripped her shoulders tightly to his chest and carried on moving his burning lips on her mouth .He paused for a bit looked at her beautiful face "Naku tu hai? , and he moved his head side ways as he contiuned to breathe heavily and heap mouth full of hungry kisses on her delicate lips ."Saab" she said as she ran her fingers through his hair, and his hairy stubble cheeks and he flared his nostrils slightly,pulled his head back and frowned under the pressure of intense passion as he pulled the veil around her neck and went greedily towards her neck as he opened hs mouth and devoured its soft folds, a he pulled and tugged at her soft skin starved for her and she winced,when he thumped his frame against hers , as he pressed her flat against the tree trunk .He pulled back suddenly and growled at her with eyes that flashed and he brought his face close to her till their nose tips touched  "beshareem aurat what the hell are you doing here?? .Saab she dared to touch his face Saab and she brought her lips on his stubble cheeks "Saab ap se dor reha nehi gaye" ..he thumped her shouder against he tree trunk "what the bloody hell!! tu itne challo ho gaye hai ke broad damned day light mein muhje  se milne ah gaye .."Saab calm down my sheerro " she said as she stroked his cheek "shut up"!! he yelled as he looked at her neck, her lips her beautiful doe eyes  "whose bloody idea was this Naku ?tu ekalli tu ye kaam nehi ker sakti he said and she put her lips together and both said "Baji"!! ..Dutta flung his hands in the air yeah "I thought so aisa lothcha tu woh he kar sakta any way he moved back promptly and said "me on my way you have seen me ab ja , aur mujhe bhi jane de he said and started to walk to wards his motor bike , just before he got to the bike she run and put her arms around his broad back and waist and pressed her body into his torso and legs "mein nehe jane de gi ap ko abhi Saab and she kocked her forehead on his back SSaaabbb maat jao abhi .he turned around as he felt the back of his shirt moistened by her tears, and took his helmet off and put it on the seat of the motor cycle ,and held her wrist and took her back to he tree stood her against it and took her face tenderly in his broad palms and blinked and lowered his intense eyes and looked up at her as he ran his forefinger against her closed eyes, the beautiful bridge of her nose and her smooth pink soft rose petal lips,  he raised her face as he looked into her eyes smitten "baaay I miss you so much Naku ,he said and she held his face and stroked his cheeks "koi aisa lamhe nehi hota jaab tera Saab thuje yaad nehi krta nakuu"  he bent and kissed her lips "I want you all the time baaby" he whispered as he found her lips willing, yet again, and he deepened his kiss as his hands moved to her waist and towards her hips ,hislips moved once again to her neck and he pulled t he skinof her neck roughly she moved and pressed his chest and whispered in his ear "don't mark my neck plzz" and he growled "shut up" and moved towards her ear lobe and bit her lobe and she winced "that's for talking when you shouldn't be" he said inher ear hoarsely ,and she hugged him and kissed his ear and her hands moved to the collar of his shirt and she opened three buttons and moved back to look at his hairy chest and dug her face in his chest and kissed his chest nuzzling her nose in the curly black hair. He held the back of her head "its been so long since some one kissed my hairy chest",he groaned in delight she pulled his hairs with her teeth and he went "oi jungli bille"! and he pulled her head back and gave her one final brutal hard ,raw and rough assualt of his lips on her mouth and neck and she shuddered and he pulled apart ."ok lets be off then"he said deceisively .She stood pinned to the tree trunk, and shook her head slowly from one side to the other" nehi pehle motor cycle pe Naku ko ride do , tab jane de gi  naku ap ko .He moved back and bellowed "what! are you out of your mind me in full army uniform!  tu is lambi se gown mein aur sar be veil ..log kya sooche ga ? who the hell is that thing behind him  !!.."so me thing for you now" Saaab she screamed .. she came up to him and stood near him her eyes flashed  her nostrils flared,  "Saab waise what ever Naku wants you say no to it , I wanted your picture you said no! ,I wanted to come and see you, you said no! ,she yelled ,every thing no no no !  ap se ache tu woh Harshad hai ju mera age peeche ghoom ta hai her baat manta hai!!... Dutta leapt at her and squeezed her face in his broad palm what !! Harshad he said his eyes flashed his mouth pulled down to his chin from both sides "bikawaas band ker Naku before thujhe or tere aus yaar Harshad ko dono hi ko mein goli se erdha doon! ja phir us SOB Harshad ke pas mera pas kiya lena aye hai he growled as he kicked the tree trunk with his combat boot! She cried and he let go off her face he saw that he had very nearly marked it with his fingers and she ran to he tree and hugged its trunk and cried.Then after a few seconds, she turned around and faced his scowling face "I only took Harshad's name to annoy you saab",she clarified ,  he shouted "you bloody well did more than just annoy me Naku he roared, she ignored him and turned her face, "any way ! dont want to stay here with you I am leaving, Saab and we might as well call of our relationship as well!"  she moaned and started to walk past him and he grabbed hold of her wrist and wheeled her around and held her back to his chest and put his left arm around her neck he bit his lower lip and regained composure what was wrong with him this was his woman! his beloved ! he took her by the shoulders and moved her fowards and encircled his arms around her waist and nuzzled his nose at the back and sides of her neck  "baaaby you Naku ..maff ker de" she was silent and he pulled her soft warm body closer "please baaby please" he pleaded,  "ya you want Dutta maar jai tera bina" she turned around and looked up into his moist eyes oh "Saab I hate I hate I hate she said as she kissed the sides of his neck and his square stubble jaw he bent and scooped her in his arms "chaal tera Saab thjue ride de, asi pe drama kiya tha na tune? .He sat her down,atthe back of he seat sided,  and raised one musclar leg and sat down in front of her, she blushed at the nearness ,"chal ab sooche kya rehi hai pukar mujhe theekh se nhi tu neeche partehe hogi ..she hugged him and he started and mutterd" bas edher park mein he samjhe ,sarak pe nehi jaane tera saath! he picked yup speed and she yellled "Saab aistha mein ger jayea gai SSaaab she yelled as he picked up speeded a tiny bit and leaned the bike to one side and Naku screamed and huged him tighter around his waist digging into his belly "Saab maat karo mein mar jaye gi ..aabhi  nehin! he shouted as he leaned his bike "you wanted cheap thrills Naku so now Dutta giving you cheap thrills  enjoy kerrr! and he saw a small ditch aproaching and he speeded in second geared and the bike and riders both bumped and thudded "oww went Naku Saab stop it stop the bike!! .He stopped and she slid off swiftly..and stood near him as he sided his face and his narrow eyes smiled with mischeif and his lips pouted to one side of his face,  she bent and kissed his cheek as his gloved hand turned the hand of the bike . she smiled shyly, and said "mera munno ,mera sherro has become very naughty !! he looked at her opened his mouth and went "arrrhhh chale ja warni gha jaon ga thujhe ,...and she lowerd her eyes .Baji came drving down Dutta's wrangler at a lesiurely speed and stopped  adjacent to  Dutta and Naku,  he smiled and raised his arm and spread his fingrs! "kya Bhao..picture abhi baki hai kya?!!!! and he clapped his hands and cackled.."Baji teri  picture mein abhi uther ke full and final kerta hoon!"  said Dutta and got off the bike and Baji pulled his ears ..."maf ker de Bhao woh Naku bahut udhas the teri bagher is liya hum ne  ye natak kiya"justified Baji . Dutta gave part amused,part frozen look and instructed "thkeeh hai ja aur ise hospital choor,  aur phir tu ghar ja . Baji slid out of the jeep and embraced Dutta and said "Bhao tu naraazz tu nehi hi mujhe se na , "shut up" Dutta pulled him apart "before I change my mind and doon thuje ulti haat ka kaan ke neeche! ,Dutta ,replied as he  formed his fist .Dutta came towrds Naku pulled her ready stitched sep green scarf on her head and her chin and pulled it down to her fore head only leaving her eyes uncoverd ,and hugged her "see you baaby",he said with sad eyes, "phone kerna Saab",she pleaded as she clung to his gaze. she clutched his collar then realized it was opened and she buttoned it leaving only the e top button undone, he doubled his chin as he stole one last look at his beloved .She sat next to Baji in the wrangler and the ywaited for Dutta to sit on his bike dutta put on his ray bans, leather gloves, fixed his helmet chin strap ignited his engine ,and headed towards the main road.  Slowly Naku watched him as he rode like a bolt of lightening  lifiting his botom up at any dips Baji followed him from behind till they came to the cross roads Dutta stopped for a while as both vehicles postioned in opposite direction he looked at Naku who had tears in her eyes pulled his ray bans down a little on the bridge of his nose, to reavel his eyes and looked at her directly,  and winked at her and ran his tongue over his lips pushed back his glares on his eyes with he tip of his long gloved finger touched his helmet, with his finger tip and revved and rode off Naku turned and watched him dissapear in a puff of fumes and uttered a muffled cry and put both her hands on her mouth Baji put his hand on her arm,  put the jeep in first gear and revved off in the opposite be continued..Hamlet...21.10.11.        

Precap: "right the session is now open for FAQ,said Dutta...                                                    





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prncz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 October 2011 at 6:22am | IP Logged
resBig smile
suhana19 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 July 2005
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Posted: 21 October 2011 at 6:27am | IP Logged
Edited Wink
Hey dear hamiee Hug
Iam really Sowiee once again Iam late latiff ... Embarrassed
Thanx a million for the wonderful update and pm ...loved it as always brillant Star Ab mein kya bolegi ..bole toh ek dum jhakaas Wink
Hai major again with chunni And dreaming about his munni I mean naku LOL ...awww he so miss her ...
So major is up and ready with his gear to work up the lazy kids :...
Loved the way u describe there living real ..I could imagaine it all :.hai every one is totally Fida on major ...
Hain mein marjawaa what a teacher Day Dreaming yess training skills ,teaching skills are to die for ...Loved the routine ...brillant writing ...from fitness to healthy eating habits ...
The shower scene ...major takes my breath away ...
Oye girls u can drool all u want but he only belongs to naku ... Wink
Awww Naku also misses her Saab alot ...o my fav song the whole part ...o Saab ..Yesss Naku maar jayegi without him ...
O man subha subha is cat ne rastaa cross kiya Ouch I mean harshad seriously can't stand him for a sec ..arghhh ...whatever ...
I love Nandni and naku a really sweet and cute bond Big smile
Baaji is back so ab aayega maaza ... LOL Full on masti and nauntanki ...
Loved AS and baaji scene ..she sure does cover all the chicks ...awesome ...
Naku is suprised to see baaji and baaji is shocked to see naku like LOL But really love these two great ..hehehe she complaining about dutta"s habits ...poor naku ...
So our baaji got a plan ... Wink Played a Cupid for these 2 ...
Omg baaji also ready to knock harshad down ...but Naku says she knows to handle him well ...
Really loved baaji and dutta meeting ...great :..omg baaji making up whole story ...hehehhe ..he knows dutta well ..hitting the right notes LOL
Hain mein phir se mar gaye ..that bike ride ...totally hawwt ...with ray ban all .."suhana faints "
Cant take my eyes of him :..
So finally he arrived at his destination to meet and help the poor girl ..but then when she didn't speak up ...when he was about to leave she said Dutta shriram patil ...zor Ka jat Ka hai zor se laga
Haila sher just pounced on his sherni ...straight to the point ..time nahi waste karta ... Wink
LovEd loved loved the whole part ..between them ...beautiful ...never wanted to end ..let the time stand still forever and ever
Naku bhi na pagal hai bilkhul why did she annoy him by taking harshad"s name ..but he also should know that she only loves him and no one ...he knows how to paatao his naku ...
That bike ride was really scary ... LOL Poor Naku ...
Loved batasha in same frame ...awww ...was fab ...
Once again thanx for the brillant UD ...loved it to the core ...will wait for the nxt part ...u take care and see ya ...

Lots of love and hugs suhana

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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good love nakku can't write big comment because of my idiot brother please understand leki after 10 day i give you good comment

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