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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 91)

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Raat Ke Pehalu Mein Sitare Nahi Hote,
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Ham Bhi Na Karte Parwah Aap Ki
Agar Aap Itne Pyare Na Hote..Hug
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                                       Mishal Raheja as Dutta Patil

                                       Painful Rapture ~ Chapter:24

                                    "the short and long of it..."Shakespeare

The Military School , teaching sections foyer  seethed with smartly dressed JCOs .There was  a flash of army colours beige ,camouflage, khaki, olive and bottle green bursts everywhere. A glisten of belts, buckles,pips and clump of combat boots. There remained visible a notable orderly buzz, as officers scored the listed sections of the land forces and pupil lists tacked  on the wall backed information boards .The Infantry dept pupils finally located their list and were relieved to identify their names and the room number for their lecture room .After brief acknowledgement both male and female pupils clad in their day wear olive green uniforms and matching berets, proceeded to their lecture room, as they exchanged, snatched obvious notations "so who was the tutor"? one of the male officers asked, "I think it was some Major..something , actual it was Major Patil yes that was his name" replied another ..."yes Patil! so some old geyser from Maharashtra" said another officer, "oye don't say that I am from Maharashtra"!  said one of the female officers ,"I don't think he must be an old geyser because of his rank , maybe he's middle aged" she continued, the girls tittered as they continued to walk hahhh as long he's not some khadoos tutor, had enough of horrid tutors at uni! .."any way we''ll have to see" ,said the shy young officer "as long as he 's a good teacher"..

The officers arrived at the designated lecture room and entered. Each took in the details of neatly arranged 15 arm rest cum desk conference chairs ..the agog officers viewed  state of the arts monitors and computers arranged round the room on neat tucked on computer work station bases. Complete with swivel, adjustable computer chairs .The top of the room opposite the access door was of course the tutors  desk with lap top , projector and an out put of floor plug points .Adjacent to the projector stood the wall mounted active board .The students smiled and appeared well pleased at the teaching room .Alongside the tutors desk stood a flip chart easel complete with a pack of thick felt tip markers .The rest of the walls  displayed strategic, maps of India , a bold chart outlining the Indian land force battalion divisions complete wih names and insignias. The pupils in anticipation occupied the seats in a gender based fashion interestingly enough.The male officers straightened their legs in relaxed posture,  one atop the other as they , vacantly gazed at the female officers ,in effort to engage their attention.   

Dutta picked his brief case, held it pressed against his waist his strong arm looped and longer slender fingers clasped up wards. He moved with commanded elegant grace towards the lecture room, and upon arrival pressed his palm on the door and entered the room walked straight to his desk and turned to face his class . The officers sprang to attention and stood with their hands clasped behind their backs and saluted , Dutta returned the salute and said at ease the female officers swiftly looked at each and mouth a "what" towards each other .Dutta stood tall with his hands behind his back his head held high under his beret. With narrow eyes that moved with stealth   across the faces of his pupils, his compressed mouth opened while, Dutta stood before his class his arms behind his back, his eyes keen "good day ladies, gentleman I am Major Dutta your Infantry tutor ,so if we can start with introductions please"... again he noted but some of the officers rolled the eye at each  other, which prompted a polarized glance from his masked face. All eyes were focussed on his face that bore a secured unflinched expression as he peered at each pupil. "I trust you have all seen the pupil list, I would like you to call out your name from memory in alphabetical order, you may begin" he commanded with a slow nod and  guttural voice  as he cocked his head slightly to one side .The pupils stiffened their hands clenched behind their back, stood upright beside their chairs and individually called out their surnames."Bannerjee Sir!, Bahtanagar Sir!, Bose Sir!, Chauhan Sir!, Gavde Sir!, Kadam Sir!, Kapur Sir!, Khan Sir!, Rao Sir!, Singh Sir!, Subramanium Sir, Tiwari Sir!, Venkatashan Sir!, Yadav Sir!  Dutta studied each pupil as his narrow eyes attached a plausible identity to a face. "Thank you officers, he said with a bow as his eyes made a brief shift onwards the ground, he raised his head again "the point of this unannounced exercise was twofold,  one  the revelation of your identity that which you know ,and two to test your fast track memory unannounced ,for in war there arise moments in the thick of action where quick speed recovery of digits and letters  may be required in operational tactics, all of which is prompted by one scan and retention of information". After a brief pause he tweaked his lower lip and almost raised an eyebrow with a look of approval and said "also may I add that I am pleased to note that you performed rather well, each of you was alert in your auditory skills and called out your name at the appropriate place showing an understanding of the systematic sequence, he said with a slightly softened expression of his otherwise lion like eyes. Before the officers could break in to more show of emotion by their expressions he ordered "you may sit your selves down".The officers sat but sat erect with their hands on their knees as they looked directly at him .He continued to stand but decided to pace before them with one arm folded behind his back. The female officers swiftly looked at each other and gave each other a slight of an eye brow as they riveted their eyes the pacing Major .He gradually turned and faced the class. "Now it should be needless to reinstate to you that you are not at uni ,but are commissioned officers i.e of the rank of 1nstlieutenant, that you would know the basic ground rules of behavioural expectations, however let me elaborate."

He looked and spoke directly to his pupils as he brought his hands and held them across his shapely abdomen, "to begin with I as your tutor expect you to approach your lesson methodically, I will be setting clear expectations before I start any lesson, he looked up and continued I will endeavour to give clear instructions, telling you what I expect from you by the end of the lesson" ,he assured as he looked at their avid expressions. He pulled his mouth to one side and started the slow pace and turned to face the class directly ."I will be giving you feed back on the tasks I set, he moved his head into a slow slant, will allow you to share your work , should it be exemplary" he continued as he paced again with one hand folded. One female pupil leaned and mouthed a "WOW" to another and the other looked hurriedly toward's Dutta again.The male pupils dryly and weary exchanged glances. Dutta touched his stubble under his lip fleetingly and folded his muscular arms and walked towards the flip chart and wrote the Combat line Infantry looked towards the class, "ok people some mind mapping now he said, with gracefully pointed and tip balanced  slender fingers  as he cranked his neck and  he turned away from the wipe board "right" he invited "now what comes in to your mind when you see these words ok who's to start? Weapons training Sir! said Bhatnagar, Dutta nodded at her and scrawled on the flipchart, drill Sir! called out  Yadav, Dutta jerked his head forward, anything else he asked? Field craft Sir! chipped in Subramanium, and personal admin Sir! added Chauhan, as Dutta continued to make notes on the flip chart for all to see, he turned  and gazed with one eye brow raised at the officers for further input, fitness Sir! called Singh ,and a tiny pause ensued ,and Dutta said with exerted emphasis "one extremely important bit seems you have  forgotten" he said as he stared at his class with a slight move to the side of his head and as he spoke the word his lips parted when he slid the marker hard on the large sheet of paper, yanked  his head to the right "team work! good now here you can see for your selves that much is demanded from OUTs, in other words Officer's under training both mentally and physically!, and he folded his arms in a with a no nonsense expression "as long as you are prepared to learn a lot with a positive attitude"!  ok excellent so far so good !, I suggest we have a short 10 minute coffee break and we  assemble back in here a.s.a.p and continue the rest of the session". Dutta raised his hand and pointed to the door as he signalled to the officers to leave, his keen eyes noted that the group of female officers moved towards the door and he moved forward and pressed the door and held it for them to pass with a fixed expression ,a few of them muttered a thank you ,she looked up into his aloof cold eyes ,and lowered her eyes as she brushed past out of the door.

The short break cafe teemed with OUTs and tutors , Dutta sauntered over to Rajat and clicked his heels and saluted "ah Dutta my man so how are your bunch then? he quizzed as he sipped his coffee "yes Sir they seem to be a clued on bunch ,but time will tell replied Dutta as he pulled his lips to one side .The two tutors continued their small talk .Dutta's officers milled in and served themselves refreshments.  Bhatanager, commented as she fixed  her belt, "so what did you think of him ladies? she winked," hwat said Tiwari kya mast man hai, honestly kya personality hai, aur looks tu to die for hain but have to say kai reserved lagta hai" she drooled , Bahatnager"per shurru sharuu main sab reserve he hootien hai agae chaal ke pata chale ga" added Rao , "oi idiots did you see the ring on his finger the platinum band"?reminded Rao, "haan but that could be anything may be he's just wearing it to ward of the likes of us" giggled Gavde "waise bhi Maharashtra ka hai, koi religious significance ho that's why he's wearing it" she reasoned, they looked at the sharmilee shy one  and said "Khan phir tum us ko checking him outker rahi ho", said Rao, teasingly "noo I am not" she said with lowered eyes, "I wondered if he's had his drink yet" she said lost in thought as she gazed at Dutta, yaar tumhe kyon uske itni chinta hai? ,questioned Bhatnagar "chinta nehi hai its just he's our tutor so we need to look out for him she said softly as he bit her lip and added I mean show respect for him ,and she walked over and reached out for a cup of coffee, held it and went over to him as he conversed with Rajat and whispered "Sir your coffee" , Dutta turned towards this young slim tall girl, and only looked at her name badge and blushed profusely and said in a guttural drawl "hum shukariya Khan, but I don't actually drink coffee" ,he said with folded chin "so shall I get you some tea Sir?, she said with respect, Dutta looked the other way and muttered in space "it's ok" and he turned towards her,"it's fine honestly thanks any way" and he raised and folded his arm and glanced at his wrist watch and turned to Rajat "well Sir I'd best be on my way I'll see you later" and he stalked off tall aloof and reserved .Khan put the cup down on the serving counter and waved at the rest of the officers pointing to Dutta's back as he left the refreshment area ,followed at the heels by his pupils.

Dutta waited for the OUTs, as they entered the room .With the show of his hand he commanded "what I would like if please someone can arrange the desk chair's in a circle. The officers quickly arranged the chairs in a circle and stood to attention by their chairs as they awaited for further instruction, Dutta saw from the corner of his eye, looked and bowed his head gently and everyone sat alert their eyes on their tutor. Dutta checked the time on his wrist watch and stood with the pointing stick near the easel and began "right the one question that must be going through your mind at his moment in time is information of the course overview am I correct? he asked as he held the pointer stick from the middle and stood with legs slightly apart. They knew that he did not expect them to utter a yes or nod ,instead they all give an alert fixed stare to denote agreement with what he said , he paced  as he held on to the pointer from the middle and turned and stood with legs apart again, he spoke in his firmed clear tone, "well the Combat Infantryman's Course basically is Line Infantry which  builds up skills and fitness bit by bit. "Now" he looked severely, "the rough order involves learning individual skills first, followed by team/section and then platoon skills, ending with an assessment. "Now", he continued as he released one hand from the stick and raised the other to point a finger in space, "in training, as OUTs you are taught the importance of discipline, integrity, loyalty and respect for others. You will reinforce what you have already learnt in the military academy, that being a soldier is about putting others first and having the courage to know the right thing to do in any given situation", he said as he  looked at each of their faces with an objective expression his eyes cold and meaningful. Dutta paused for a moment and decided that he would involve them in the overview his eyes stared at the pupils , "since you people gave your perceptions on what the course may be about I would like you therefore to say a little more about your who gave this one and he raised his arm and used the pointer to identify  the word personal administration, he asked "I did" Sir said Chauhan,  Dutta suppressed the twinkle in his eye which formed when he noted it was a female officer who would speak first. "ok Chauhan would you like to explain to all of us what you meant" .Chauhan overawed by his demand said "well personal administration is everything to do with looking after self and kit, in the field as well as in camp. "That's correct and let me remind you all" said Dutta "the more organized a man or a woman is, the easier he or she will find it to live like a soldier.

Ok next one he pointed the flip chart weapons training, who said that , "I did said Bhatnagar with a little smile and then continued, !but I have to say Sir I would not be able to say much on this she smiled nervously, Dutta gave her a cold stare, but obliged "fine then I'll explain as I didn't expect you to know and I certainly don't wish you to be unclear about this one , basically he explained with his palms hands raised above his firmed abdomen , "as OUTs you will learn how to handle the SA80 rifle, the light machine gun, the general purpose machine gun and use of night viewing devices. You will start on simulators before moving on to ranges and field firing exercises. There's a five day live firing exercise at the end of the course, he said as his eyes studied their understanding on their faces. He paused and felt the stubble near the corner of his chin with his slender index finger"fine who mentioned this? I did Sir, and Yadev began his talk, well I suggested Drill sir which means military procedures and movements, such as marching and parading. Dutta bowed his head in agreement and added "learning drill makes a soldier disciplined and teaches him to take pride in his appearance and manner, besides the Passing Out parade at the end of training is a public demonstration of these skills". He pointed to another suggestion let's look at this one and he looked at the class I suggested Fieldcraft Sir , said Subramanium, and in my understanding, these are the basic skills a soldier needs to work and survive in the field.  "Yes thats correct Subramanium, areas that include camouflage and concealment, map reading, observation, first aid and defence measures." clarified Dutta "and your skills are tested during the course ,culminating in a final exercise", completed Dutta as he tweaked his lips upon seeing understanding on their faces. Dutta noted they looked a bit weary of all the information that was being crammed into them and moved his pointer to a lighter topic that they had suggest ok let's look at Fitness and he almost smiled and the pupils gave each other a raised eye brow looks, "I suggested that Sir said Singh", and almost dared to smile when he said "but we would like you to tell us more about it that" he hesitated.."right"! said Dutta let me inform you all, there's lots of exercise in the course including sports, running, gym work, swimming, the assault course and general physical training. He raised his finger and his eyes roved across their faces "fitness is very important! the training is tough so it's important that OUTs get in shape as the fitter they are, the easier it is! ,also he continued it's vital that as OUTs you don't let your fitness slip, and stick to the timetable provided for fitness activities, he almost warned with a frigid look. Bhatnagar, raised her hand and looked at Dutta who nodded and she continued "Sir could you explain the exercise programme".Dutta was pleased the female officers attempted to be active in discussion" "certainly" he said "the programme combine stamina exercises such as running and swimming and strength exercises like press-ups. As OUTs you should be spending between 40 and 60 minutes minutes exercising four days a week! he said with a slanted bow of the head. He was somewhat pleased to see that their eyes had lit up so he contiuned, stood before them in full authority with arms folded , "so now some more on fitness where the focus is on Team work, which is adventurous training an important part of the course, now this comprises of challenging outdoor activities, he paused and stared at them straight faced, " such as abseiling, kayaking, and rock climbing" Let me remind you"  he said as he raised his index finger in space, "all these improve a soldier's teamwork and initiative,  not to mention the fun part as well, you see for I'd like to emphasize that... soldiers work as part of a team so it is important every one shares the same values he  said.

"Ok one final word , the Passing Out parade at the end of the course is often one of the proudest moments in a soldier's life, whereby you become 2nd lieutenant, but even then the challenge is only just beginning, you will continue to understand  what being an Infantry man or woman really means and how you fit into the bigger picture of military life and operations!..ok ladies gentleman that's the end of the session with me, need's I remind you check your time tables which section you are due in after the lunch break and thank you,  class dismissed!. The pupils stood to attention as did Dutta and they saluted him and he returned smartly , stood at ease picked up his files and left the room...

"My word what a man !pure sharpened knife edge said the male officers and the girls said "wow ,the hard ,rough grace personified! what a piece of work is this man!.The shy quiet girl smiled and said , he is an excellent teacher...and she lowered her eyes..


Naku was in the therapy room with Nandi,"and how is my ray of sunshine today? asked Naku. "oh now that the sun has come out ,  she replied as she patted Naku's arm very sparkly and what on earth is that"? Nandi asked   Naku explained.  "what !spiky! but that looks like a rolling pin don't tell me you are going to roll that on my legs she asked wide eyed "I am dearie the very thing you have said now lie down flat on your belly and roll your bottoms up so I can start the rolling action of this rolling pin with spiky balls on your legs to stimulate the blood flow" .Naku kneeled and started the exercise. Nandy lay there quietly on the foam floor mat as she took her therapy ,Naku smiled shyly as he recalled her Saab's reaction on seeing the gadget ,how he had moaned "I am not having you rolling chapptis on my legs" ,she almost chuckled the loud moans of ooohs and aaahs he threw out of his mouth she continued shyly how she missed her Sher ,she wondered what he was doing in the later part of the afternoon, she bit her lip as she recalled how he fobbed her ,in fact gave her a mouthful at the idea of having each other's photograph . "so I take it your are engaged, married but certainly taken Naku" said Nandi suddenly breaking Naku's fond thought of her beloved. Naku smiled, almost a degree pleased to talk about him "yes Nandi I am engaged to be married to a rather nice gentelman, she said as she thought almost...  "So what does he do ? is he some doctor, engineer, lawyer? Nandi asked. Naku smiled shly as he carried on with her work actually Nandi "he's neither of those he is in actual fact the creme de creme! he's a soldier, a major in the army" she replied as she enjoyed saying the words. "Oh one of those uniformed studs! that's exciting, I bet he's one of those suave smooth talking officers who transport a girl into space with their charming talk and mannerisms", chattered Nandi. "I would rather talk about his fighting spirit Nandi ,for he was like yourself partially paralyzed in his lower limb after having suffered a gun shot wound in his lower spine, but he never gave up and fought his hardest to get back on his feet,  jumped through all the hoops of physio therapy, wheel chair, crutches ,he fought like a lion Nandi ,never gave up and within months he was on his feet and at present is an instructor at the Military college teaching Infantry skills to newly passed out officer cadets! So Nandi my message to you is that he is a success story as you will be too as you continue to smile,  but fight anything that comes in the way of your success! said Naku with a smile as she came to the end of her activity , well pleased that she could give her Saabs' example to bring healing into the lives of those, who come across her...

Harshad used the foam roller exercise with his male patient on the foam mat. He clenched his teeth while he concentrated on the job.The patient moaned in discomfort as Harshad rolled the otherwise soft foam roller on the patient's legs and spine .But Harshad only thought of her ,as he pressed the roller down, he had to talk to her to express more repentance for to be away from her was driving him insane .As it is, he consoled himself he had rather graciously accepted that she was engaged to that Major man. However he cannot come to terms with the fact that she kept him at bay , at arm's length. She had barely spoken or even acknowledged his presence today when he saw her in the wards, this whole thing was barmy, after all they are colleagues  and therefore there are occasions he would need to consult her on work related issues .he smiled in an undefined manner but the truth is he wants to be near her,  even as a shunned suitor just near her...

Harshad found the opportunity and pounced on it,"hi Nakusha headed to the stock room ,do mind if I come with you as I needed some massage gels as well" he waited for her response". Naku, was aware this was a work situation ,and therefore personal emotions needed to be kept out of it she turned towards him "yes can Harshad I don't have a problem as such, as long as you stay within your boundaries, for I'd hate to remind you yet again" said Naku firmly.Harshad moved his palms and assured "look Nakusha ,you have been a mate of mine and I'd hate for us to fall out with each other over the phone call issue ,do you know Nakusha I did not sleep the whole night, due to my guilt of crossing the line with you, may I again ask you once again in all humility to pardon your university mate , and your fellow Dera mate Harshad". Naku ,decided to heed to his requests , "ok Harshad since you referred to our Dera ,then in the name of our Dera please show respect for the girl from your Dera ,and honour the fact that she is engaged to be married and that you cannot make lewd and unworthy advances towards her! said Naku , picked up her stock and moved towards the door "and now if you'll excuse me ,I have work to attend to"....Harshad watched her go, what is she made of, she is fearless, intrepid and he was sure it was inborn , yet perhaps reinforced by the presence of that Major in her life.. still, he ran his fingers over his face she was now at least talking to him, which is what he wanted...


 Baji walked past Roop's room to get to his room. Roop's could recognize his dug heeled walk and ran to her door grabbed his arm and pulled him into her room. "Ok Baji Rao Patil zarre mujhe nacheez se bhi baat karo" she allured him with a coy smile as she put her hands on his shoulders. Baji looked at her face and held her arms and pulled them off her shoulders "thujhse se mein ne bas ek baat kerni hai Roops , aur woh ye ke bathiek ke parheia ker! Roops elbowed him "listen Baji Rao, stop getting too big for your boots got it! don't for once think that you are Bhao! she pointed her finger in his face. He grabbed her finger and said "no you remember who you are Roops! all the things we are supposed to do if we want our marriage! looks like you have sheep brains!  and he said don't you dare call me Baji Rao ,koi sharram warrem hai ke nehi? hone wala pati ka naam aise lati hai jaise tu meri sarkar ho, he said as he bent forward and convulsed in laughter rubbing his hands ,as he saw Roops shocked almost frightened expression  "shakal dekh apni darpok belli dekh rehi hai" Baji cackled... there was a knock at the door and one of the BGs called "Baji bhai ap ko Aye Shahib ne buliya hain", he announced "kaye re? he said in a high pitched voice as he confronted he BGs tum saalooon se koi kaam sehi hota hai ye nehi zarroor kio lotcha keya hoga tum namamoono na ju Aye shahib mujhe  bula rehein hain..,chaal ja mein ata hai" ,and he turned and called out "Roops remember no studies ,  no exams ,no pass and no shaadi and he swiveled and walked off shaking his shoulders, gambolling his hips and scrathing his head .

Aye Sahib waited for him and her face brightened as he came and touched her feet and she tapped his shoulder and straightened him up ."Roops, apna kaam ker rehi hai ne Baji ? she asked concerned "ho aye Saab, ap chinta maat karo , ker rehi the apni muskhariye , pun mujhe bhi us ko sedha karna ata hai , use theran jaise Bhao ne mujhe sedhaech kiya hai! and he laughed as he made sure that his Aye laughed, aur kuch Aye sahib? ,he asked,"haan Baji woh Dutta ke jeep kab le ka jani he thujhe? hum chate the us ke liya kuch mawa  aur badaam bhej dein tera saath ,  she said, "Aye Sahib, dry fruits , mawa  ,badaam , kya ker rehi hain ap Aye saab ,age he Bhao ke bheja  garam  retha hai! mawa kahea ga tu bomb ke muffaq  phat je ga! guffawwed Baji and Aye Sahib shrugged her hand and smiled shly in aggreement. Baji and his Aye both allowed the laughter to subside but both had misty eyes .Baji pinched his mouth and between his dimples he said pensively "mein kaal jaie ga Aye Saab Bhao ke jeep lena", and  scratched his head form one side...


Dutta showered changed into his night suit and only wore his pyjama bottoms and first looked through his files and glanced through the  initial pupil assessment notes he had made for his records ,he smiled as he closed his files and thought they were an endearing bright bunch, both males and females. He did take on board that out of the females ,Bhatnagar and Chauhan  showed promise ,the others, he thought he hadn't really noticed, and then he recalled the quiet shy, polite girl who brought him tea, he bit his lip ,and his eyes moved to his lap top bag and he drowsily thought she did something that Naku would do ..he picked up the lap top put his files away opened his lap top and delicately brought out the white chunni and immediately  pressed it between his mouth and nose sniffed her scent and went ahhh dreamily and flopped on his back on the middle of his bed his feet still on the ground ,he held the chunni and gently bunched it on top of his hairy chest baaby missed you all day hummh, and he released one hand reached for his phone on the bed and dialed her number.The phone rang and the voice of his love reverberated as he was transported into an ecstacy in his ear ,"Saab ap ho", and she became silent" nehin mein saab nehi hoon tera lover boy hoon" he said in a slow guttural voice as he stroked her chunni, she sniffed "jaen mein nehi boti ap se subha apne mer dil thoor diya" she complained , "accha Naku tu mein phone rekh doon kya ? agaar tune bhaw kehna hai!, he roared  "nehi  sssab" she moaned ,"chaal ab mujhe tera roona ka gana sune parhe  ga kiya? ,ghup!  band ker roona! ,aur bata kaise hai tu ?he chided "main theekh hoon aur ap kaise ho? ,khana waqt pe kharahoon na? she asked. He thought he wasn't in the mood for pleasantries "Naku do you now where you are at the moment? he drawled romantically, "me why in my room where else would I be, no  you're  not! Naku you're laying on my chest close to my heart" he said as his finger caressed her chunni ,"chup kyon ho gaye" he questioned, "Saab mein kya bole gi ab ke batien meri samhje mein nehi atien" she said shyly .."tu tere karmra mein ah ker samjhaoan Naku"?he chuckled. Naku bit her lip and twirled her lion's ear, "oye Naku kya ker rehi hai tu"? he asked after a brief pause ,"mein Saab ,maein apna sher ka kan marothe rehi hoon!, she giggled "tabhi tu mera kaan jaal reha hai pagal auraat"! he roared. "Saab ap mujhe dhant kyon reha ho"? she teased, "kya hai thujhe jahel aurat ,jab pyar karta hoon to tu kammossh ho jati hai! tera Saab kera to kya kera? Ok baata mujhe apna Saab ko yaad kerti hai kya? he asked slowly , "Saab yaad kerti hoon na ,din mein bhi ap ke he sapna dekhtey hoon" she said softly "kya? he bellowed kam dhenda nehi kerti tu bas mera ko he dekhte hai tu  Naku ,ye haal reha tera tu pura ho chala teri lakshaya , lardki!" .he could hear her laugh at the other end, and he smiled and gave the chunni a tight hug "bahut hasseh ah rehi he thujhe", ummmhhh! he went and Naku asked "Saab kya ker rahehon"? hummm,he went "kiss de raha hoon,  gujar ke halwa walai , honey wali, meethi wala, chenni wala ,hummm, apni Naku ko , Nakooo... he went as his lips parted and he ran his fingers through his hair as he still lay on the bed with legs hanging off the side of the bed .Naku rolled her eyes and thought it best to change the subject "Saab ab ka kaam kaisa ja raha hai? ,woh ap ke students kaise hain ,ache laga ap ko? she asked innocently pata hai mera patients tu.. Dutta sat up and put her chunni aside and interrupted her "look Naku never ask me about my work got it! ,never ! and also never tell me about your work, see Naku the kinds of jobs we are in revolves around a code and practice of confidentiality, for we deal with people's personal records containing private information .As professionals we need to show due diligence that we maintain the privacy act of data protection at all times. So I would rather not discuss this, over and above within the army we are trained and briefed to abstain from commenting on work related issues even with our next of kin". He said in a formal tone. Naku shuddered, as she heard his chilled voice but her heart went out to his uprightness "Saab ap theekh kehte hai, mein ne ye sooche tu nehi tha,  maagar hain tu saach,ju ap ne bola" . Dutta pulled his mouth down at the corners, he wasn't sure whether he was annoyed with her ignorance or his own shrewd know-how! He thought it best to change the subject as he lay on the bed and clutched her chunni against his bare chest again. Naku lay on her back and held her sherru in  her hands and shook him above her head  and laughed, Saab she went "su gaye hain kya ap ?bahut thek gaye hai kya" ?she asked as she heard his breathing over the phone , he drew his breathe in and said "haan Naku thekh gaya hoon aj phela din tha na is leya , dil bahut chata hai aaj ke thujhe mujhe apne chotte chotte naram naram hatton se back or leg massage de, he paused and sighed "yaad hai na Naku jaise phela deti the tu... ahhh" he went as he pulled and stretched his legs on the bed, she blushed and looked at her lion that lay on her chest close to her heart "haan Saab aur ye bhi yaad hai ke ap kitne awaazein niklate thein" she reminded him ..he clutched her chunni "aaj phir awazeen nikalane ko jee chata hai ,Naku..teri bahaut yaad ah rehe hai ,ah ja mera passs" he said smitten ."Saab ah jaoon apka pas she replied shyly sach mein kya? ..he realized what she was saying "bilkul nehi tera edhur kya kam hai? ye military school hai koi lovers ko milane ka ada nehi!" he said vehmently. Naku flared her nostrils and retorted "oh Saab don't think Naku is that daft, I assure you that I would not do such thing" she replied "I know Naku you know your Saab's likes and dislikes don't you ? he said as he stroked his mouth and continued "tell me then what your Saab would like to do now? ,she blushed and whispered "I don't know Saab you tell me" she teased softly ."weell...your Saab would like to kiss your lovely petal lips Naku, hummm it's been so long since I felt your soft lips with mine Nakuuu, and after a brief pause he wound her chunni around his neck and moaned "this is ridiculous Naku...its becoming difficult to stay away from you" he gruffed. Naku knew she had to replete his strength "Saab mein hoon na ap ka bas,  ap ke dill mein, ab challo aj raat ko abhi thore der baad mujhe sapno mein apne bahun mein le laina" she whispered ...and hung up .Dutta smiled as he knew the iron maiden had left he smiled content and rolled over flat on his belly and the chunni lay crushed under him as he snoozed off... to be continued Hamlet~15.10.11

 Precap: "Sir there's a certain gentleman, named Baji Rao Patil asking for you" ,said the soldier outside Dutta's office...                          












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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 4:53am | IP Logged
awsem episode as always love dutta come to his duty and please close this harshad chapter  but i totaly  love it

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-Azy- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 5:35am | IP Logged

V nice part at the OUT with officers N D... the way they were stunned to c D as their tutor... but who is this all shy why officer han, n lol D think she resembles or rather do things that nkku do! :0 kuch o garbar hai :p

Baaji n roops cnvo n baaji is firm on her studies is nice n lol AS wants to send mawa n badam to D! hhahaha baaji was correct... he would balst lke a bomb :p

Tasha phone convo was nice, but sometimes I can't seems to understand major at all! one minute he is all love n omantic n hugging her chunni n doing all what not n next minute he is blasting her! poor nakku what will happen t her once they tie the not :p she will have to be prepared with her PT skills all the tme, pecially @ night ! ROFL

Nice part hmmie n thanks for te pm

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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res, 1st time but 2nd placeUnhappy. oh no!  dropped to 3rd b4 i postedCry

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Good One Hammie!Star   "The one who tells the stories rules the world." (Native American proverb)  

                    I just had a virtual tour of the academy nd was a student myself gaping at the tutor wide eyed.   Such was ur description of the entire class nd the happening there.  Luvd it!  Actually thinkg of changing my profession now but i guess its a tad late in the day from advocacy to military lifeCool
The pupils blown away by the aura of this man nd his intensity.  Well that was expected... the ladies drooling nd a couple of them taking it a bit far,...  that was expected too,... but what was not expected was our Major recollecting one of them nd being reminded of naku, how dare he do that?Pinch
Naku nd Harshad calling a truce was needed for them to concentrate on their jobs at hand atleast naku.  But, she would be well advised to steer clear of this "mantally the sssick buoy"ROFL.  Actually how i wish naku would use him to instigate dutta.. i mean behave as if things were hunky dory with harshad nd things like that, then watch the dramaLOL.  Yeeaah, Naku is too innocent, too timid to try something like this, infact she is a bit boring for my taste.  She is so giving nd forgiving nd even forgeting.  She has to play it haard, atleast not receive his calls immediately to start with, i know this is asking for TROUBLE, but what is life without some adventure?
Yaar,  Baji toh gaya kaam se, roops ka baap bangaya hai nd he wont let her breathe till she's finished her Uni i guessBig smile, man he needs to take a chill pill, bechari toda masti karna chahti hai Bus!  
AS remembering dutta nd as ever mother's pet project of feeding their sons.  Hahaha!  Baji on the dot,... not giving those dried fruits or anything to this man who is all but fired up anytime, sach me!!! LOL
Im begining to suspect foul with your major's intentions.  Khud toh maze leraha hain, aur naku ke liye mana karaha hai.  He is like this cobra waiting to take a bite at every small provocation,  NO photo, NO visitation, No this, No that, Not fair!Pig  Wish somebody stole the chuni nd see what happens, think iska sabr toot jayega nd he will be with naku the very next moment. 
Donno why i experienced palpitation everytime Bhatnagar was mentioned,,,, okie dokie! im ready for the battle of wits so bring it on baby.
A short update as u said but nonetheless very happening one indeed.  So Miss Hammie decides to get back on track with her friday schedule,  TGI Friday! for me.Party..   
Thank u dear, u take care, 'ciao' till next .
[oops!! donno if im allowed to post it other than the reserved place, somebody help!   i promise not to 'res' again ever  comedy of errors]

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Nakusha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 11:10am | IP Logged
awesome update hammieSmilewhile reading i just had one regret wish we had such a teacher Smilemajor dutta as always was authorative & commanded respect ,girls going gaga over him its natural but i hope he doesn't get carried away by it  ,one cadet reminding dutta of naku the tea wala part & scared me ,convo btw dutta -nakku was sweet ,aree hamlet kab inka band baja baraat nikaloge ,humsab baraati intezaar kar ragein hai ,now something to boost your egoSmileyou are amazing as always ,jokes apart you actually deserve all the appreciation ,ha UD short tha aur friday ko nahin tah ,next time long UD & on friday Smile ,enjoy the weekend & tc

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 7:15pm | IP Logged
R E S E R V E D ...

it might be a while before i de-res :(   SORRY ...

EDITED Big smileTongue

aagai ... mein aagai ...

me the late latif this time around...
and SOOO late err sorry maaf kar do *kaan pakoding*  

Ok me getting to it now...all your hard work waiting to be read by me :P

Chapter 24: Short and Long of It

ROFL omg calling Major Patil old geyser word would've loved for him to hear those words ...well I absolutely love the way you have explained the process in an orderly fashion lol with the way the place looked to the posted section list and then the typical convos btwn the newbies as to hopes and guess about their tutor...and then the room... "as long as he's a good teacher" of course thats what even I would say but good looking is always a plus point hai na hammie...

What grace yet hotness coming briefcase in hand...hammie me gone to la la much for studying LOL :P  Haaye haaye he made his entrance...and female  officers mouthing a 'what' haha not surprised...expected na...oh lol list names in alphabetical order from memory...wait to go Dutta...what a start, way he test memory ...I'm enjoying :) and am very impressed... "WOW"  :P me also mouthing it @ his tactics and clear cut way of laying out the expectations...

Oh hammie ...busted out laughing at the part where the sharmilee of the group says "waise bhi Maharashtra ka hai, koi religious significance ho that's why he's wearing it" she reasoned, they looked at the sharmilee shy one and said "Khan phir tum us ko checking him outker rahi ho"  *claps* sure got a smile out of me LOL ...I will explain that looking can't hurt him LOL :P oww how much the shy one cares haha oh he refused coffee..and the tea...well it's not Naku's chai right haha ..of course he will not drink on with the time he has just marched out and his pupils have followed him

I love have you have written the commonly used terms in such places and basically given those who don't know a chance to familiarize with the type of stuff military training  does...and all this came in the form of an actual learning environment D teaching his pupils :)

Wow the hard rough grace personified...lovely way to put it hammie haha

OMG rolling chapattis haha fun times LOL how she is remembering him...aww Nandi and her chatting about the uniformed stud haha ...they seem rather comfy with each other...good therapeutic relationship I see...I liked how the story of her beloved turned into a story for encouragement for Nandi

Oh my word Harshad much as I am fond of his name he really makes it impossible to even dismiss his presence...he comes into the picture and all I want to do is WHACK! Well am glad Naku is dealing with this in a rather tactful way and making sure personal and work has its line some sense...

Baaji was so darn cute the way he is making sure Roops is going to be serious about the whole thing,,his firm ways  and LOL at AS wanting to send dry fruits,  mawa, badaam...Baaji is even funnier with his comment about the bomb...hmm  so he will be taking Dutta's jeep ..this should be interesting...

OMG i swear...major dutta has quite a relationship with this chunni will be so strong and serious...god forbid that chunni go missing ever he would break LMAO ...and then the way he on the phone tells her she is laying on him close to his chest...and her twisting the lion's ear ..aww I absolutely enjoyed that...woah wow Dutta is very strict with maintaining confidentiality and privacy of those involved in work..its a good thing...but he could've been more considerate gentle voice..just state but no he will always be that roaring types lol

Loved the phone convo...its was so cute him telling her he wants her near him and to come and then telling her no don't do that ...and her knowing he was just saying cuz he misses her and her petal soft lips LOL he could barely keep himself from her went hey were together..of course this is a hard transition LOL ...

Hughammie wonderful update...I for one thoroughly enjoyed each and every bit of it...and the great part of this is that I have the next 13 pg long update just waiting for me ...hahaha ..will get to that soon re you lots ...take care and phir milenge chalte chalte

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