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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 89)

-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 2:33am | IP Logged

Hi busybee, Hammiejee! Thought u would be struggling even on monday to UD but u surprised with this late sunday night delight. I was so impatient ended up ruining my sleep.Wacko

So finally Dutta back in his comfort zone, his world waiting to serve! Impressive thoughts befitting his job. Already Dutta attracting attention especially the female lot, that's no surprise. Who's the lady eyeing our broad shouldered tall major? She will be better off if she waited till she hear him speak. This is gonna be one mouth watering encounter. I wonder if she noticed the ring on his finger at all. Actually it would be fun if someone tested major's confidence.Wink

It is rarely spoken but the truth behind many joinin the army [atleast in India] is not all bravado but the basic need, a means to fend for one's livelihoood. They find this life bumpy risky nd unpredictable. But for men like our major who knows where his heart is, its smooth sailing or as bumpy as any place. One word defines life and that is indeed 'Change', well said Hammie!

Aaha! Major's white lie is pardonable considering his eagerness to lay his hands on the white chunni. Just engaged! is he?Silly Will have to push the batman to be little curious of his master's luv life.

Naku reconciled to the new reality of waiting for his one communication. She proved to herself that she was capable of handling her problems. Harshad seems to have lost his mental balance too. I mean he is stooping too low wonder how naku even tolerated him earlierOuch.

Who is this new guy in the name of Baji? What transformation? He is on a mission to set records nd reputations straight, hope we dont lose his ever endearing personality in this missionSmile.

Dutta in his uniform will be the death of all. He is all but unaware of his effect nd already into his job at hand, how can one be so aloof. Naku's demand for the photo was met with scorn from the other end, poor girlBroken Heart, she will have to just do with 'Sheroo' for now.Hug

Thank u Hammie dear, sorry 4 bein selfish for the updates, cant help it either. Bracing for another week of delays, will wait as ever, do bear with my new found luv for shayaris.LOL

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noreen Goldie

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 6:39am | IP Logged
hi it's me norey!!! now known as noreen due to problems with my previous account so made a new one and yay i can use the smileys!!!!!!LOL.
love the new settings and working mode N and D!
i enjoyed seeing how N and D coped without each other using the soft toy lion and chunni for comfort
Major D has admirers already and that Harshad out to irritate and annoy N. glad N can handle himDead Baji is back with roops but without D Cry
hope they are reunited soon, would love to see them back together (batasha)Embarrassed
waiting for the nextWink, thanks noreen.

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_Eternity_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 8:57am | IP Logged
hey hammie

great update dear

your are superb at describing each and every minute detail fabulousClap

so dutta reached at his destination and girls already start looking at hot officer LOL
but poor girls soon their hearts will be broken and will be interesting how dutta gonna deal with that girlsLOL

dutta sleeping with nakku's chunniROFL

hey i wanna see dutta's reaction when nakku will be there at dutta's place and boys looking at her
  ROFL try to add

so nakku playing with her lion
finally she confront harshad but it seems that doesn't effect himDead

so nakku called her saab and like always he start yelling at her and refuse to give her his photo and give a very long lecture next time she will never ask him about his photo

baaji rao sudhar gaya very responsible man now take charge of whole things in few hours
love that look of baaji

great update
love it
thanks for p m

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 8:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by suhana19

Reserved.. Hug will be back soon..
EditedBig smile
Hey dear HamieeHug
Thanx a alot for the wonderful and Brillant Update as alwaysThumbs UpClapLoved it as alwaysHeart...I know its a lot of hardwork that one have to go ...But its a worth and very much appericiated dear hamieeStar,,,Thanx so much ...Hug

The tittle as always Fab  ...Thumbs Up... thanks for your praise and appreciation su

A new world with a new beginning as our brave solider steps into it once again But this time more content then before ...He is happy to be back to work ...Where he has given his blood and sweat and whatever he has earned till today ...Clap...
I used this quote bcause of the play on words new and brave
Loved the details about the military college ..up too mark ...very well written ...Star
enjoyed writing this portion
So rahman has tagged along ...Great 

Hain mein marjawaa ...Girls are already fancin him ...LOLoye kudiyo zara door rahiyo ...he already taken by nakuWink...So keep a safe distance from him ...nahi toh Naku is ready with the ...

To play golf ROFL...Knows to how to handle the situation ...LOL
wow suhana is you new gift of jesting when giving comments

Loved the convo between dutta and that  officer . rajat...great ...he wants to know when he is gettin hitched ...Well i believe that"s just a formality he already hers  ...Forever ...Hugand same with her  wedding ?no one knows ,not even the two

Hain mein phir se mar gayee ...he bought that chunni along ...Blushing...Chori chori chupke chupkeWink
Sarki joh sar se voh dheere dheere,
paagal hua mein dheere dheere ..
Teri chunariya dil le gayiHeart
aar suhane are singing this song? completey nutters courtesy of major dutta
Awww naku missing him and thinking to call him ..But then drops the idea ...and talks with that lion sweetLOL... the lion is her comfort blanket

Yeh lo aa gaya Dukhi and batak ti aatama isko chain nahi ...Ouch Harshad iska toh band baaja na hai hum ne  oh my word  this FF his becoming a batting grond a game of cricket .where Harshad happens to be the ball ..the batsgirlies Daya  and now you too suhana..and asking for more ..haaa
what say daya and all the Forum friends ...iam ready with my bat ...Show him is right place ...Angry ...He better get his mind check ...Oops my bad he dnt have any ...
Good naku gave him back ...

Loved the Convo between nandani and naku ...just superb Thumbs Up... that shows Naku's compassion that is needed in caring

Yipee baaji is has given a  leave with a warning and with this we hope to see a new baaji ...omg he is already proving that ..been a responsiable ...Star...Loved him and roops ...
love baji..miss him,the guy has turned a new leaf
Hain mein marjawaa him talking to chunni again ...Wink...awww but that was sweet ,,he misses her ...Embarrassedbut she is always close to him ... haan chunni ka bhi role hai

Haila all eyes on our major ...But his eyes are only on naku Wink...
Waise can"t wait to see him teaching ...Day Dreaming,,,,,,,,,,,
yes it should begin in chap.24
Loved the convo between Dutta and naku ..Finally she called ...Embarrassed...He is rushing ...Class hai and she is gettin annoyed ...Embarrassed...awww and asked for the pic ...But he said no ...Yeah dil mein hai tasveer ...hamesha and forever ,,,True ...Uppar se man is possesive LOL about his women ...Wink,,,,,,,, haan he is possesive.waise bhi teekh kethta hai..naku to pagal hai
thank you once again for an amusing and fun to read comment suhana ..thanks for he flowers..keep reading and enjoying my FF..WITH MUCH LOVE xxxhammie

Thanx once again and will wait for the nxt part ...u take care and see ya ...
Lots of love and hugs

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by daya0628


~*~ E D I T E D ~*~

Hammie mein aagai mein aagai...and with all my equipment...first self protection is important na so I have come all geared and ready to bat hahaha

oye sharmilee you sound realy militant!  need to put my protective gear on

Chalo let me get straight to this so eager to hit a sixer !

Chapter 23 : Oh Brave New World <-- watch out daya is coming bat in hand LOL

You know what a lovely start...he seemed so delighted to be going back into uniform and doing what he loved most. That feeling of getting it all back, very clear how much he's missed it...and the thought of getting back to the swing of things had him all happy...

once a fauji always a fauji ..even after they retire...

wow loved the intro into the Military College...from the tight security :) to the respect from soldiers...the flow of the arrangements...shows the discipline in the place...well woven together hammie...great work...

thanks daya .loved writing this's been ages since I saw an army area..basically it was from memory..grew up in Cantoment area

ROFL bat man Rahman...can I add him to my batting team when harshad comes around: P ...anyway ii do like that it's all so organized and prepared for them...

no  Dutta will never let him go..ask Dutta iam sure woh tere team zaroor join kera ga!

Hmm some gals all gaga over major Saab...don't blame em...its hard not to have a fast heart rate with such hotness in front of you haha ...just wait till him being engaged comes senior officer asks about ring and being married...D clarifies they are 'just engaged' ...he has by heart accepted her as his wife has he not ? so what is it 'JUST engaged :P

kya baat hi hert rate .hottness pe bahut zorrar hai.haaa.oye just engaged meaning not married yet...some times I wonder too what he's elusvie this sher dil 

I liked the convo btwn the senior officer and dutta...about family...and life changing ...nothing certain in their line of work...always indefinite and most loved and agree with this line here : "life in itself is another name for change, for it is random, erratic and changeable"  well said...his entire dialogue {applaud} well done...wise man ...sure does think thoroughly about his every move...

thanks khabi khabi for a change...i may come out with some profoundWink

Much like Rajat..we all are wondering when Major plans to get official hitched :D jaldi batao :P

yaar even dutta and naku dont know ...may be Bappa knows?

Oh ho ...he brought the chunni...that was expected...his sweet fragrance filled baby  is with him haha ...

comfort blanky  baache ka awwwh.

Aww Naku is so cute...talking to her lion ...pulling his whiskers ...hmmm slapping gently on its face...and wondering whether to call or not...but made the decision to let him call when he has time and test the waters of distance: P lion king naku's comfort blanky

Ohhh she will confront Harshad...hmm...perhaps my bat will be useless if Naku can handle this pest on her own ...oooh la la ...naku spitting fire at loving it :D

well I think this one was coming..i told Naku DO IT ..other wise balla le ke wack kere gi on Harshads block

Again dialoguing done btwn Naku and Nandi ...very well done...the way she comforts the crying young have nailed it.. the way u mention 'i cannot say i know how you feel but..." that is perfect beginning ...cuz saying i know how u must feel only makes is sound fake ...and then  this line 'think of life like a game of cards ,how you play the hand that you are dealt..that's what makes a winner!'  I believe there is a quote quite similar to this..but I love this line :D

loved writing his part..enhancement of Naku's role  ..the lsaying?is it life is like a box of chocolates??

Oh this harshad ! eerrr I have brought my bat hammie...u said u wanted to see me hit a sixer na...first take a look at my beautiful bat

Ab if naku does nothing..I  will step in :P

the bat is hamazzzing Daya...haaa and suhana are on a roll with new found love for batshaaa

ShockedBig smileBig smile haha harshad gave her the wonderful opportunity of  yelling ...

Bach gaya saala...from me of course and my batting...lekhin not from Naku ;)

for the moment daffa kr us ko ...dont forget Naku ka colleague bhi hai

Ohhoo ROFL...wohoo Naku gave it to him good ...and me also cheering with the others in the room hahaha

ye harasssment ..go get girl ..but hai he besharramm  Harshi

ShockedShocked 'tera gussa se bhi pyar jahlaktha hai'Angry omg my my ...he does not want me to leave him does he...  go on DAYA swing the bat haaa

Baaji brought to magistrate...and again ...dialoguing here to was wonderful...his guilt to the magistrates understanding of Baaji's guilt yet still concerned for the situation is not to repeat and clearly states the repercussions if he dare do it again...aww baaji thnking about the stigma now associated with his name...but hopefully that will be gone soon...

yes this was hard to do as have not really been to court room proceedings , but did want to make a ho ha about drunk driving ..hence

Aww loved the way Baaji makes Roops go to uni and attend the remaining lectures..very responsible...and it's one way he hopes to redeem his tarnished image...aww and he is home sweet home :)

Loved the car convo btwn Roops and Baaji ...lots of respect both share for Dutta and both are willing to ensure all is well...

thanks...again to big up Dutta..also how he wors no dilly dallying

Aww omg chunni all entangled and him questioning 'baby what have you been up to' ROFL ...his relationship with this chunni is going strong haha

yeah had to give him something tfor time passLOL

Haaye haayee...Major Saab coming out of his vehicle ...what a description Day Dreaming

mar gaye tu..cheez he aise nayeeb

haha the girls are all realizing who he is...haaye haaye there is a sharmilee in this group :P ...of course all chking him out reason not to ;) 

yesss she's dedicated to  youWink

8males and 7females...oooh this should be fun...

the girlies  would may be   drive him up the wall thres 4 in his family and now naku 5th poor DUtta  FEMALES KA MARA 

Ooowww tasha phone convo :) finally they talk ...haha his no picture policy...damn possessive man HAHA... hmm so no tasveer for her ended...

WAISEbhi do you seriously think us ke tasveer! lagye ga?i dont think soo 

:D precap = love quite excited ...waiting for next UD soon :P

thanks daya for your timely comments such a great girl you are...never disappoint hammie..with much love hammie

Great update hammie...loved it to its core...thanks for such a treat...

Love you lots...take care...phir milenge chalte chalte

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 9:50am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=Nakusha]hi hamlet wonderful UD ,i thought won't get to read it before mon ,so our major dutta is already eyed by many maidens ,girls will be heart broken to know he is already taken by nakku .lets see how dutta copes up with all the attention he would be getting ,naku giving back to harshad is worth a applaud but the pest needs a tough lesson & i 'm sure naku will deal with him with strong pesticide Smilebaji was quite imppressive & roops sure to get good grades ,like his senior even we all want to know when does major dutta plans to marry his sweet heart ? Smile amazing story by equally amazing hammie SmileSmileSmileSmile,next UD  soon no delay plz ,tc[
naku...thankyou for your fantastic comments..always boost my ego...yes baji's brush with he law has taught him a few things...much love hammie
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged

heya hun u k..

 yeahh good to see the purple font are you mate..missed your comments missy 

as far as i remember u finished the last update with dutta commenting on nakus clothes...i fote we'd get abit more tasha in this the strt...nywy nvm...acha sun leya hai thujhe bas woh lovers /premi chayian..pun abhi woh kaam pe hain ,besides he had his fun with her on his last day at PN..PLUS he hadto leave for the miltary school

btw loved hw he wos smiling 2 himself...mded me feel dat he was somewhat content/satisfied...

true gadha hai ,kab smile ker de aur kabh roarker de heaven alone knows

awww he missed them all..but as far as i can recall..he didnt miss them while he was with naku ;-) hehe  yeah right...pyar ka bhoot chara hoi tha...

gr8 description of authoritive nd decipline!!

ive actualy seen a military college in asia [pakiland 2 b precise] and it looks completely different then anyother college..its like a complete diff part of d city...luks rely nice.. and u 1ce again described is perfectly!! you mean kakul,yes so i have was hard as here you dont see a hevy presence of miltary as oin pakistan..chaal tried ..and loved writing it

eek who is dis pervy lady man!! i hope she wont b a KMH b/n tasha!! :@ pervy?yaar sharmilee ,quiet shy girl hai. officer hai  woh lardki

oh so dis girl has a fiance nd shes ogling other man..hope dutta dsnt tink naku will do sme...

this line totaly blew me it .. '

"To me Dutta reflected and continued, "in my experience , in life the biggest change is to adapt oneself to a given situation however big or small , where ever it may be, and to modify your thinking and modus operandi, that which reflects a change of attitudes and adjustment"'

its true though with soldier ,poet,statesman..this is life

omg naku hav a piece of her mind 2 harsh!! haha loved it man...dat 2 b d best part...lekin harsh is so thickskinned..he stil dsnt get it does he! pfft
begheraat hai bas dil ah gaye hai naku per to basLOL

aww felt sorry 4 baji...he is rely feeling guilty...bless him

haha or8 so des girls wer duttas pupils lool..wel dont blame them 4 fallin 4 him ;-) 7 girls yeah they did know him from adam 

aww tasha finaly tlk... yeah dutta trying to cool shool..woh bechari  well not quite sedhi sadi

dutta sure is possesive lol but we love him.. <3

ohh we sure do missy aaj thekh nehi bhool payeCry
the real dutta ko mishy kooo

precap sound interesting...lets see hw gud a tutor he is ;-) yeah me dreading it too.pata nehi kya kera ga
thnx 4 pm nd d woderful update sweetie

please continue soon...x thanks babes

ps.sory 4 not bein able 2 comment oon previous updates..but ukno i sed em nd totaly loved em!! <3

i know tere messages me got love you loads aur touch mein rehna..pyar se hammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 10:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by prncz

awesome updte hammie Hug
 good to hear from hear from you raguuu
loved the way u described dutta's drive to the instituion ...the entry , the statues, the road signs ,security n all
i could visualise alll ClapClap thankyou raj...loved writing this section
the girls all fidda on the wel muscled, broad shouldered man in civilian clothes ,, n now in uniform   ,,hmm lets see hw major dutta sets thm right if they try to cross the line i can see it cmng ... haaa cross the line i love this line raju well said
loved how nakku took cre of harshad epi of lying ,  but the humiliation has no eff on him looks like ,but nakku is no less she will face him one on one, in cmng days , hai na,,Embarrassed i certainly hope so ..sherni full on kafi kuch seekh gaye hai dutta se
aww bajji has been freed with a warning , I wanted to see that only i am relieved  n he is so concious of gaining dutta's trust ,,he will ,,he is next best to our dsp   Embarrassed love Baji too have to have him do his bits
thnx for the lovely update hammie loved reading it ,waiting for mre
Editied ,, Hammie i forgto to say Dutta hidign nakku 's chunni and sleepig wth it as naku with her tiger was a clasic tght and scne Clap  wow what language raju shy wiye... be sharam hota ja reha hai pyar mein
and dutta's reply for pic.i understand that ,,, i too belive in keeping the pic in mind and heart is more imp Thumbs Up thank you for agreeing raj..
thanks for your lovely comment the next one when it comes out ...xxxhammie

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