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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 85)

mnx12 Moderator

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 1:17am | IP Logged

It was a very nice updateClapClap

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 11:14am | IP Logged
Hammie baby waitin for some action on this threadD'oh

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by suhana19

Reserved Wink
EditedBig smile
Hey dear HamieeHug
Thanx a million for the wonderful update and Pm ...HugBrillant as always ...Loved it Heart
Waise really very sowiee for been late to edit my spot ...EmbarrassedThough i reserved it first ...Wink
Awww dutta Trying to hide his emotions EmbarrassedMissing her loads,,,Well i just remembered this song for dutta Wink Bichhde hue tumse
                Pal bhi na guzara 
                Yaadon ne teri phir se 
                  Ghayaal kiya ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hain which film? are you turning in to a romantic?
Just loved roops and dutta "s Convo ...How he wants her to be responsiable and stand up own her own feet ...Awww Dutta is indeed proud of his womenThumbs Up...this is a great remark su..yes he is wants them to be at pr with men,despite his some what small time general influence 

Naku is trying to adjust herself to the enviroment Embarrassed and she also miss her saabCry...I know if she would have cried some more dutta would have taken her ...But she also her for purpose ...To make dutta proudBig smile  yes he like any other male in love does give into his lady loves' flood of tears 
O man this Harshad good for nothing is back in picAngry ..can"t stand this Creep Dead...But naku will show his real place if try to mess with her ,now su thujhe itni garme khte hoi maine pheli nehi dekha..ja koi cool drink pe ja ke...LOL

Loved the phone convo between Naku and duttaDay Dreaming Hain mein marjawaa ,,,,I have no words to describe it Wink... nehi tu na mar bibi ...waise hopefully Dutta with his naughty talk must have killed others as well ..he needed a good kick uphis back side ..fancy a grown man behaving like a love torn teenager ..see what he missed out earlier in his life has caught on with him ..lucky for the fair damsel naku 

What ? Harshad is pyscho stalking her ...OuchTotal nut case ...Pls do something about this ...I want him out of the pic ...haaaha these remarks ..oye !whose writing the story here!  me or you ..nahin!! i like Harshad ..have a heart he loves Naku ..chance marne de ..all 's fair in love and war!
Loved the morning Convo between naku and duttaLOL she really knows How to irrtate him ...But he also knew that she would call na ...his bed tea ...Wink yes she does get under his skin .itni kaki nehi hai naku...she nows how to handle her man

HEre we go again harshad tryin to act smart ...But good naku is not interested in his talks ...Hata sawaan Ki Ghata...haaaha .suhana you have lost the plot woman...i think you like the  role of Harshad..look how many times you have spoken about himWink

As always loved the Breakfast table scenes and Poor dutta must have been slept hungry naku jo nahi thi to feed him ...But morning he enjoying the sandwiches she left for him ...feeling her presence around ... actually smart gir su  l  should have put that in my UD ..what a credible thought ..woh hai aise he pagal,  ke mummy ne  nehi feed kiya tu go to bed without eating!

Awesome convo between Duji Thumbs UpClap Baaji full on nautankiLOL...But i know  he will  prove himself to dutta again ...Embarrassed and dutta has made a right choice for roopsBig smile    liked writing this scene more of a dutta giving ordersand baji aggreing or seldom disaggreing ..but always supporting Dutta yesss this one was Baji..

Harshad has something up his sleeve ...He didn"t tell naku about dutta"s phone call ...and dutta also not happy to hear him ..But he trusts his love ...
Waise harshad wanted to pay for naku"s food ..Sorry mister ...But her Love  has taken care of her needs well enoughDay Dreaming so back off ...oh my gawd suhana here   yougo off again...feels lke you are gonna beat the living day lights out of Harshad!!! haaa

So major his back to work ,...Omg the last part was a total supriseDay DreamingDidn"t really expect him to be there ...But loved It ...was rocking sad and happy moments ...But his heart where his naku is ...Embarrassed haila naku is teasing dutta LOL and he is calling her sexyWink...she made such a ho haa about her clothes and how he would reaact ..i had to through this in...

Thanx alot for the wonderful and mindblowing update ...Once again ..Looking forward to the nxt Part ...
Lots of love and hugs...thanks suhana waise mind blowing to you have been doing bibi through out the  comment ..chaal ja and have a cool narial pani ..amerikan eshtyle..thanks for the that KIT KAT?...XXHAMMIE


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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by daya0628

Hammie *hugs* I'm the  late latif this time :S chal let me get right to it :P hi sharmilee tim tim

Chapter 22 ' Thou art a votary to fond desire

So dutta thinking about his lady love and how he's changed over the years.  Aww he is missing her already...loved the convo between Roops and him about him wanting her to finish able to stand on her own independent before getting married ..and she is all ok with that :)

 oh yes ...dutta has ensured that she completes her uni ..he as put Baji on her case hopefully she she get on with it other wise koi lagan shagan nehin!
Hmm so the phone call scene was too good. LOL of course not the one with harshad ...was talking about Major Dutta's call for his girl :P but I was thinking that harshad was soon to come in picture again and here he is...he will be trouble but i think in a way will help in terms of proving tasha's love to be strong
Harsaaad yes he'll have every one's back up .kamal haiuse yaad ker rehan hai and when I bring in the poor bloke every one throws a wobbler

So of course Harshad must have something planned ... but am actually looking forward to some good moments that show harshad the way out alive ...before someone comes to eat his head off :P But you know he is quite creepy with the things he is doing:S ...yuck! omg he is so crazy ...err psycho wud be better i wanna whack him in the head with my

haaahaa.LOL Daya ka infamous bat nikal aye ..yesss love it ..that's why i brought him in teri batting dekhni the hammie ko ..mar sixer!!!.i think I am going to lose it Sahrmilee like i do n pmsss..haaa
Aww she is cuddling her sher ...mmm the stuffed toy ...and ooohooo major Dutta is cuddled in her chunni  ...he is so crazy in her love...  ..yeh she has a lion king cuddly toy ..I want to buy one as well .me am a great fan of the Lion KING..waise ab yehi tamashe kerien kedono ek dossera se far apart

Eek harshad trying his best and getting nowhere LOL ...well well well we need to call for pest control if Naku doesn't, I will gladly do the honours lol
Daya..abhi suhana was yakety yak about harshad ab tu shurru ho ja .haaame loving it LOLLOLLOL the gussa!

Oh Naku's left him sandwiches of course they are important members of this FF LOL...loved it though
haaaha touche DAYA man so many wise cracks hammie is on the floor sprawled yelling or helping haaa

Duji moment...D giving responsibilities to Baaji before he leaves...and Baaji will show he can handle it all we all know that baaji lol him and his ways and words LOL ...making drama heehee        

 looovved doing this scene ..miss that pair that wonderful chamak challo on Baji was such a treat ..although knok me out on the floor agin ..tere pyar ka chupe ..face and dialouge hai Baji ooff Baji 

Hmm harshad trying to buy food for Naku but she is responding well ...trying to make it clear she wants no part of him to interfere in her life for any which cannot be helped but all others :p

Err Harshad bat ready...can I take a whack at his head? ...he did not tell Naku, Dutta called, of course the creep wouldn't that was expected but still ...

LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLdaya ah gaye maidaan main balla pakre hoi .aur ye maraaa ..ball boundary se bahar!!!

:O Dutta showed up there to see his lady in sexy uniform lol...well well maybe i should be saying chookra boy ...ROFL ...looking like one of snow white's dwarfs ...ROFL Maajor Dutta has seen that film ? LOL ...loved the scene though ..with his teasing ...

 iam sure he has,  the poor lad,  iam sure his mum plonked him in front of Mowgli..there was a sher khan in ..that...

Precap sounds good looking forward to seeing Dutta teach young cadets...haha with a hot teacher i dunno how many will focus :P

sounds good but is give me the jeepers .. i'll have to skive off are busy 
Great update...loved it throughout ...update soon ...sorry for  being late..and keeping it simple this time around :S
thank you Daya always look forward to yur comment...see you all my love xxxhammie 

Love you lots...take care...

phir milenge  chalte chalte

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 3:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by prncz

Edited :LOL
 HI RAJU BAN GIYA GENTLEMAN ...haan howdy? good to see you
Hi hamie wonderful update ..loved the way  ,, Saab relished the sandwiches made by hands of his beloved heheh,,,aww the way he met bajaji and told him abt his and ayi sahab's consent for their relationship , yaar Baji ke without the trio is in complete ..yes liked doing this scene between the two guys
hmmm cameo harshad ki dhulai bakki hai ,,, but no worries one day time will cme ,,he is buildign up  a situation,, he not tellign nakku abt the call actully went against him and finally the lack of messgae brght dutta to  nakku;s wrk place and they got to meet instead of a ph call..Big smile
such a clever point Raj..i love you ..why cause i didn't think so far ..and iam the so called writer...haaa
so their harshad ,,,, u lost point 1 ,,, nakku did not tell dutta abt harshad , was a wise call else he would have bashed harshad then n there itself Tongue  haaa every one wants poor Harshad to be bashed
hmme precap is intersting dutta reachign his work place ...waitign eagerly for fri nite to meet Major Dutta and PT Nakku again... thanks for your comments raj ...xxmuch love hammie

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
@hammie ...I will make my bat famous time will come with a pic of it LOL and as for Lion King have to say me LOVE that movie and am also looking to buy my little simba him <3 also want nemo haha need to visit the disney store LOL 

Err am crrently on bus half my life is on a bus I swear and traffic I  tell u I live 40min from uni and takes me 1 and half hrs to get there by bus errr

Edited by daya0628 - 06 October 2011 at 3:43pm

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 3:54pm | IP Logged
Nakusha]kya lekho hamlet yeh socha rahein thi aap ke tareef mein kya kya lekho list lambi hai Smile short mein as always you are brilliant & i 'm short of words ,wish i was as creative as you , dutta & nakus conversation on phone great & dutta is quite understanding & secure inspite of that menance harshad feel like breaking his bone aur osehe pateint banado Smilei 'm sure naku will deal with him & show him his place aakheer major saab ke training kab kaam aaige , its so touching when dutta converse with his father , he coming down to meet naku was quiet emotional ,i 'm sure dutta as teacher student will be regular in class ab teacher dutta jaisa ho toh class koun miss karega ,looking frwd to it & hope D n N get to be together again soon  ,superb work & looking frwd to next already ,enjoy the weekend hammie &  ,tc Smile[/QUOTE]
listen naku read the UD every week and also are gracious enough to give a positive comment..tu is se bharee baat kiya ho sakte hai ...thanks very much.glad you liked the phone convos between the two ..i know I was taking a risk because the real dutta and Naku never realy had phone exchanges bar the blind track ..i guess some where I try to create what it might be like ..and may well meddle with the true characters of the original LTL1..but challo you liked it thanks. haaa ha you to naku like suhana,  daya all ready to smash Harshads bones! oye maat intimidate karo use!!!! oye naku shaitaan hoti ja rehe hai tu ..naughty!
many thanks for your lovely comments hammie smiling and some times laughing xxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 4:00pm | IP Logged
[QUOTE=mIsHeZ.x] pmPouty

missy ye le laat mar le mare sar per please may i tender a public  apology...hammie is going mad and some times suffers from memory loss and doesn't remember ke main kaun hoon?
love you said this publicy as well...driving kaise ja rehi hai kuri/ kitnaoon ko crazzzy kya hai crazzzy kiya hai?

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