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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 83)

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Originally posted by Warda.

Hey Dear Hammie Hug oye ke haal hai tera kaki chuggi hainna tuoon?
Superb update Clap...PArting is such a sweet sorrow...was the most apt title for this part
What a tuff time for Dutta...specially the battle going on between his mind and telling
him to maintain discpiline...follow his principles...the later craving to fulfill hia want...loved the line He was a man...and aman in love
Very well more questions left!!! yeah too much in lovvve shove If I may say so

I was expecting close moments between them...both deserved to cherish this last moment and make it special..and its beautifully written...Pure !! thought give readers a little some thing
For a second even i thought that Dutta is hallucinating naku in the garden...but not only dutta but we the readers too are lucky enough that she was actually there...and we enjoyed that heavenly moment from your pen...for naku I must say at right place at right time LOL shaitaan kuri bass ah,zayeeda shokhi nehi!!

Dutta asking naku to leave the dress here...was one moment which left me in an awww
In fact there are a lot of things which I loved about dutta in this update...but then when did I dont love him...he he Big smileEmbarrassed  true true mari jaa us ke peche,like loads of others
 but specially have to mention about him carriyng the luggage...and helping her settling the stuff in her room ...Gentleman!!!  in the guise of a rogue!

The breakefast scene lightened up the mood a lot..all the moments were really cute..Smile
and Dutta rightly called Roops Baji's substitute...ehe...kabab main haadi.LOL..I tought tasha will go alone...But still i liked her presence too. nooo because naku ke flt mein he didn't want to go in alone being a man,that's why he took Roops as a sub to Baji darling of course.
..specially she was understanding enough to gave them a moment together in the end alonewish baaji was their to accompany the trio...would have made this moment bit lighter by adding his nautanki...*okh dont glare at me* know im a baaji fan..Embarrassed no Baji was verry much missed in this UD ..but apni harkatoon ki wajhe se under hoi hai joker

All the time I was wondering why is dutta suddenly losing his temper at her that too at such moment when she is about to leave...but what a man..
 I know Naku you wanted me to shout at you just wanted an excuse to cry.. . awww trying to pent up their emotions the pair of love torn fools

The songs played always have a great impact on tasha..Loved the lines rang layega sure this parting will make their relation even more strong...hope soo
the pau bhaaji part was another treat to read...specially dutta blushing  Embarrassed

the call of duty has a great significance in tasha's life...that too at individual level...which I love
the most about them...both have diffrent goals in lives..I loved the supportive attitude of dutta a lot
towards nakus work *applauds* thanks..yes he has a big say in the directions she takes

Wow ...he gave her a laptop...thats sweet now they will connect via it...that too on AS behalf...haha guess he had an experience at table after demanding sandwiches LOL
...hoping for some lovely convos between them on phone as wellEmbarrassed...ahm ahm *demanding reader* LOL  ...yes sun leya hai mein ne about a writer being elbowed..what he hell is going to talk to her about on the phone?bataow?
Im glad that dutta didnt stretched his parting moment a lot with naku for that was the point where he had to stay firm...and make her strong as well...yeah zayeeda kya stretch kerna we al knew what was imminent any way
Brilliant...alwayz in character Dutta Sriram Patil Clap thankyou my friend thak you loads

I have to mention about the previous part as was another very beautifully written part hammie...specially for a change dutta in jeans *drool*
and i loved it a lot the way naku explained how each style of his dressing expailns a lot about his personality...specially pathanis..thats the best one for him by far Embarrassed   yeah Fossils se i shopped his clothes for him

and minaxi mentioning about the show "Left Right Left"...thanks for mentioning it minaxi...the show was defo a must watch,i would like to see it ,as iam a bit blank what and how he's going to teach,I confess 
The way it revolved around an instructor and cadets...Im really very excited to see dutta there...and his interactions with  the cadets
Lucky ones they are have a instructor like him...who surely is a man to be looked up to and idealizedSmile
btw will that leech Harshad be coming back to Deera as well ?? comments

Looking forward to the next part...Thanks for this brilliant update and for pm too...Stay blessed alwayz Smile thank you baaby
and this ones specially for my punjabi kudi...Sawaad aa gaya aae kudiye teri update padh ke LOL
see you soon ...take care *hugs* chal changa hoya tanu sawaad ayea..masala je mein wachih paye se kubh sare mazza te aunrathe se  kaharan wach... love you xxxhammie

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Nice episodeClap Very emotional, touchy. They will have to live without each other, till they unite once again.Smile

thanks for your lovely comment meenakhshi...loved your last line..yes ..xxhammie.would love to see left right left ...

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                                           Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patil

                                              Painful Rapture ~chapter:22

                                          "thou art a votary to fond desire"Shakespeare

The ride home between Dutta and his sister was a concealed silence .for each was aware of the other's emotions .Dutta conjured up his last embrace with his life ,he wiped his brow as he concentrated on the road ,home ward bound .How much he had changed over the years, tossed over the waves of times and events . His upper lip formed a pout and his lower fell apart from the other and gave his mouth a gaped look, he sighed and turned his head. He was a devotee, an ardent one a blind worshipper of two things, one being the coherent ordered unit, be that his job in the Army or be that be his family life, the apex of which is his mother .But now to that is joined yet another entity of his adulation,  that of his passionate worship to his fond desire ..his Naku ,the woman who made a real man out of him ,gave semblance and shaped the Dutta in love. He felt a stab at his heart, her words that had implored ,take me with you Saab made him heavy with guilt , should he have wavered their plans and ended this self imposed separation, and carried on in the blissful ones. He nodded his head , surely he needed to apply the words he preached to her get a grip ,he grappled .His worship had to be laced with an element of giving up ,of sacrifice ,for true love is like fasting ,to gave with willngness however hard ,that which one desires the most! He smiled at his higher order thinking and stole a glance at his sister who sat morose,beside him in the passenger seat."Roops" he cleared his throat and uttered "incidentally I did talk to Aye about you and Baji, and we both decided unanimously that you qualify for our blessings.". Roops chirped and hugged her brothers arm "oh Bhao you are a star ,I knew you would consider my happiness and fight my case if you have to before Aye Sahib"; Dutta continued over her entusiasim" however Roops, both myself and Aye feel that you need to complete your education at uni, finsh your media studies degree and then marriage will be considered, he looked at Roops and expected an agreement from her "we hope you will do that for your sake and for the sake of the family ,secure yourself professionally  for future", advised Dutta. "of course Bhao she said blushingly whatever decision you and Aye have taken is best for my future and hopefully with your support and encouragement I should be able to abide by it" replied Roops. "you know Bhao, Baji was to scared to broach the subject with you and we roped in Naku to help convince you" revealed Roops, "I was aware of that already Roops ,and yes you can very well say that Naku did ,shall we say bend my elbow in agreement" confessed Dutta,"oh Bhao, she is just brilliant ,she is always on the lookout for the happiness of others ,you are really lucky Bhao to have her, and I belive that we are blessed to have her in our family" reiterated Roops. Affirmative thought Dutta, as his chest squared up in pride ,his mother made the right choice for him .Naku was perfect marriage material ,someone who would not only delight, receive and give him love alone , but also be the perfect bahu for his house hold as well .He gulped as he felt he was missing her physical being already.. They reached home and after briefing his mother, Dutta made a beeline for the privay of his room. It was obvious to the house hold he wished to be left alone.

Naku dried her tears and walked away from Bappa's murti after drawing strength. She decided to have a shower and prepared herself for bed, perhaps later read up on her tasks for tomorrow .She left her mobile near her bed side table and took her pink kittens pyjamas , she smiled as she pulled them out and laid them on the foot of the bed , well no more wearing white kurta pyjamas for a while , she blushed as she recalled how had he kept them .She wondered what he would do with them ,she blushed as she admitted he would want him to crush them in his arms and may be plant a few kisses with his prickly stubble mouth on the neck of the kurta .She tapped her head in basfully and made way towards the shower . The luke warm water spluttered down on her slim body and she thought what a delapidated shower , the jet spray of water in her PN bathroom was much powerful and enjoyable than this second rate hose pipe! She wiped her self dry Patil Niwas , why everything about it was heaven on earth for her .She felt her body disorientated for a moment and she hid her face in the bath towel  owwahh miss you Saab ..miss my room ..mmhh" she sobbed in the towel , she thought she heard the mobile ring, but heard the drip drip drip of the last minute drops of the shower. She came out a little more elevated in mood than when she was before. Once she had donned her pyjamas, she reached for her mobile. she had a missed call, she knew that he would call ,she flared her nostrils as she squatted on her bed ,about time too the rotten lion! hate him ! was trying to be all tough as if he doesn't care for her , mujhe sab pata hai Saab agar mein aur roo deti tu ap Naku ko zarorr le ker jate apne saath haina Saab? Trrringg trring her old mobile rang from her hand bag. She frantically answered, "hello! yess" "hello and a very big good to hear from you Nakusha ..small world ..kaise hai tu"?  Naku ,took a deep breath and ran her hand over her forehead to move her hair "oh hi Harshad ,yes good to hear you to , yess Iam ok, arrived today ,when did you arrive?asked Naku "oh I  arrived a couple of days ago my room was a bit of a tip ,you know men's lodgings ko itna posh nehi banate chitna tum ladies ka hai ,yes I know ke tu aj he aye hai reception se pheli he, I found out, aur bata ready for tomorrow morning then? and aftr a tiny pause he continued , looking forward to seeing you, Naku took a breathe in and replied "ready for tomorrow well not really ,first day jitters hain ,but should be ok ,Iam sure ,yes me to will see you tomorrow ,I don't think we are working together are we ? asked Naku,  "well as far as I know Nakusha ,there is a strong possibility as there are a fair bit of women and a fair bit of men in the wards, apparently the women prefer a woman PT ,the men ,have no worries haaa haa,sorry just being silly ..but mz.all will be clear tomorrow "said Harshad" Naku saw on her old mobile there was a message coming where the hell, she panicked are you? "Harshad I have to go my other phone is ringing gahar se hai phone , we'll meet ommorrow bye ..and she put the phone down , and picked up the phone, it was happy her heart went bommmpty bomm!, but her voice wouldn't come out she could hear him breathe ..and then his deep baritone voice "kuch tu bol Naku ,naraz hai apna Saab se ,and then he stopped Saaabbb!! she sobbed "ap gunde ho ,kyon itni daer ke baad phone kya hai ,pata hai Naku kitni defaa marta marte bache hai!! she rattled on ,"tu bhnd kere gi apna roona dhoona, aur apna jhagreha! ye mein phone band karoon? he snapped "nehin nehin she sniffed mein nehi roye gi Saab mujhe se  baat karoon!  ummmh! she said ready to start her cry again but bit her lip o top herself ..he knew she was soft so he thought he'd try a different tact ,his favourite tack "by the way woman what took you so long to answer my call ,I tried your old number as well it was busy who the hell were you chatting up?tell me before I kill you and kill the person you were chatting up ..speak up woman! ,now!! he roared, she startled "Saab why are you shouting at me, I can see you called  before ,I was having a shower mafa ker do ,and on the old mobile it was ..Naku thought it was best to say who it was no point in hiding anything from him ,also why should she "it was Harshad Saab he wanted to know about the joining procedure tomorrow" .Dutta gave a nasty smile "oh that idiot, tere ex channe wala ?he said "Saab please don't say that, I don't like it ,besides ab ap  pe suit nehi karta ke ap apne hooni wali patni  ke bare mein aise batien kerian" said Naku calmly "oye hoi!  bare samjhe dar ho gai he tu kuch he khantoon mein my gajar ka halwa he jested "chaal choor tell me where are you at the moment? and what were you about to do? , plus what are you wearing baby?, tera white kurta pyjama tu mera pas hai he drawled over the phone "well she replied I am sitting on the bed dressed in my pink kitten pyjamas and before I go to bed I need to look at tomorrow's work schedule, and now Saab aap ne khana ghya kiya?  aur ap kya ker rehi ho is waqat" she  conversed, "nahin Naku I didn't want to eat ,not hungry ,well at the moment I am in bed with this soft and soweett smelling object , which I am holding real close to memmm,  and Naku the smells heavenly mmm out of this world oooh so smmoth.mmh"  he leered on  "Saab who is there with you Saab baton! ..she yelled "ummhh Naku please mujhe maat disturbbb ker Iam enjoying ..mann this is rapturous. he carried on "saab Iam going to lam the phone down who is it ?who is there with you she yelled .bolo Saab bolo ..I  just disappear one day from your life and ap meri jagaa kis aur ko lae aiya ho  have Saaabbb! who is sheee! She bawled and there was a sounds silence as his voce changed "teri chunni." . "what!! she shouted for confirmation" "haaan Naku Iam loving your chunni it's in bed with me close to my body he said chuckling quietly as he stoked the chunni  "hai Bappa she whispered ap bhaut he beshareem hota ja reha ho Saab, "ok now that's an improvement from janwaar ,which is what you called me once didn't you my sherni? ..he laughed . "yes mere sherro" said laughed back "oye don't you dare call me that!  makes me feel like a little boy he confessed  "well Saab the way you behave sometimes makes me wonder if you are one" she giggled ; "listen Naku you wait there for me in your pink kitten pyjamas and I 'll tell you how much of a big boy Iam he said wickedly , "don't you dare Saab" she said alarmed  ,"oh don't be such a darrpoke Naku come on dare me to come there pleassse he ragged on "oh grow up Saab ,act your age she chided "you mean act 29 and be an old fogey Naku ,no way Naku no way after meeting a hawwwt dolly bird like you baaaby ! ache chaal jaldi se ek kiss de pone per mera lips par ,oye sun a nehi tune come on my lips are near your earr lobe nakuuu de ne ek kisss" ,begged Dutta, and she went mauh!..and the phones on both end went dead.

She smiled and got hold of her folder to glance through the time table for the first day .start .8.00am,briefing till,9am 10.30.meeting the patients visting the wards. 10.30~12.30,looking at patient notes. 12.30~1.30 lunch .1,pm~3.30pm looking at therapy rooms and equipment .3.30~5.00 visiting pool side patent facilties and aids , 5.00 onwards visiting other important areas of the hospital like stock rooms and common recreation areas . 5.00 onwards end of the first day...  case studies or histories of patients . After skimmimg through the mini introduction pack she closed it and lay down to rest her head . She smiled as she tried to smell traces of his  cologne on her pillow for he did puffed them up and laid them on her bed.She clutched the lion to her heart and whispered you are a naughty lion and Naku misses you a lot ."Saab" she said aloud "I hated you when you left me today" , but now, she mused I thank him for the phone, after talking to him, her fluttered dismayed heart was much content .She marvelled at the technological advances of today for distances shrink and messages to the heart and emotions are exchanged at the press of few buttons .she brought her phone closer to her lips and gave it a peck ."I love you she said to the phone all the more for you were gifted by him". She lay on her back and her doe eyes widened , however on the other side it could be an unwanted obnoxious  addition to her life as Harshad had made his entry back into her life via the phone .She thought this conversation with him had to be a one off as it was the perhaps the need of the hour to engage in conversation with him. But for future this was one phone call that may cause anxiety to her if she answered it and if she ignored it ,she felt it was sensible she spoke the truth the truth about Harshads' one ,after all her Saab was a man who respected people who speak the truth .She smiled as she thought how Saab teased her about Harshad being her old beau ,ohh how focussed and clued on Saab was very secure and sure about her , he would never doubt her fidelity there was no need, as Saab was the only love of her life ; but she did want to be close to him she wanted to look after him and take care of him she wondered if he was asleep Saab, neend nehi ah rehi hai ,she was tempted to ring him, she glanced at her watch it was past 10pm he must be asleep by now...and she should be as well, she set her alarm for 6.30am .and closed her eyes .Her ears strained for the slightest noise in and outside her room, she felt a cold chill creep up her legs , this unease had to be due to the fact that she was at a new place. She had the feeling of being alone for the first time in her life and she was afraid and many what if's began to creep into her mind and made her heart palpitate and terror gripped her. She took a deep breath and looked at Bappa's murti  Bappa I am afraid, please give me strength to over come all fears....and her eyes rested on the murti as she chanted Bappa Bappa ,and she felt that she was energised and was filled by a new feeling of independence .Yes she was strong a woman and she would put her self-rule to good use . When sleep came to her eyes she never knew but she cuddled her lion to her heart, nice and near...till she felt its fur warm against her bosom...

Outside in the coolness of the night a tall figure of a man stood in the nearby empty car park .His eyes lay fixed on the flat number 1, now bathed in the blue gray of the moon light ,speckled with grisly strange elusive shadowy shapes, formed by the rustling branches of the trees .The puff of smoke swirled around his face as his wide mouth moved forward every now and then to achieve a fix of his cigarette "close by" he whispered yet oh so far" , yes she had returned to his life .He took another puff with vigour and took it straight to the depths of his diaphragm and he coughed ..,ahhemmahem!, he had to muffle his cough! could not be seen predating in the lawns overlooking the female quarters .He smiled as he slipped his hand in his pocket and felt his wallet ah but he had bribed the parking attendant for having a few ciggies in the parking lot and the old geyser would never suspect what the ulterior motive was behind this fag session he thought as he smiled craftily , especially so if he planned to repeat this venture every night .He took another puff and his thick jet black eye brows knit slightly as he fixed his jet black eyes on the flat where she remained shielded from him .But how long my Nakusha for how long ,for was it not fate now that has brought them together yet again .Yes thought Harshad ,this was his second chance at  winning back the woman who belonged to him ..for he whispered loudly "it is fair in love and war" ... he wiped his face with his hand yes he recalled she had clarified whom she really loved that aging man Dutta ,but then again women say one thing and mean another!! ,so come what may he would try his luck again .she was not the Major's wife yet! so in all fairness he Harshad, true first love stood a good chance again! . His eyes welled up why did you shun me and spurn me Nakusha?  was it because I was not as rich and powerful as Dutta ,at least this time give me the chance to tap love in you ,I know you have feelings towards me ,you were so happy to talk to me on the phone this evening ,if you didn't want me you would not have answered my call, ah!  but you did! Nakusha you did!m ,he said as he rubbed his hands together and then cupped them before his mouth and blew hot air through the ,you answered my questions and also were keen to know if we were working together .Well! my love I have pulled my strings and now you and I work hand and hand , he smiled deviously  and ran his fingers through his thick jet black spiky hair ,who knows we may walk hand and hand . He lit the final cigarette  and pressed his lips and inhaled the smoke, you are  away from him now Nakusha and of what I hear ,he will be going off to teach in Military school ,it's like him being on a dummy front line my pet ,you'll miss his love and its then ,he narrowed his eyes when I will give you my love a younger man's love ,and you will see the difference Nakusha, what a younger mans' personality is like budding ,bubbling with the springs of youth .,embracing life each day with questions ,seeking answers ,tripping ,getting up and learning ;together we will strive forward to make a life for our selves ,a girl and boy from the humble dwellings of the Dera .  So what if you are engaged, I heard so from the Dera ,to me true love is not frightened of hurdles and obstacles, for love only knows one thing to shatter barriers to conquer it . He stood there and with his foot he mercileesly squashed the stub of his cigarette  under his shoe .In fact he chuckled ,I would love to see the look on  your Major's face when you finally tell him it's over between you two .He turned as he shoved his hands in his trousers pockets and went to the men's quarters, "chacha ye lo note apne leya therra khareed lo phir yahan maat pee na duty pa hoona ne and he laughed as he stopped in front of his door ."ummnakusha here I come" he said and closed the door to his flat behind him.


The alarm bell rang. Ding dong dng dong tat a ta taa taa taa og go way said Naku to London Bridge is burning down as she pressed off the alarm on her BB she bent her neck and the lions whiskers caught her on her neck as she squealed "oaww! Saab ab ka stuffed toy be mere galle ko katne ko parta hai" .She giggled as she held the bear in her arms above her face and shook it and said "you are a naughty sher you are sleeping in an innocents girl's bed with her and she brought the lion's nose to the tip of her nose and gave it another jiggle but I love you ssso much Saab" .She felt a lump in her throat and she hugged the lion gave it a couple of pecks and put it down on her pillow "but Naku loves you and leaves you now ..have to get ready" . She showered and dressed up in the clothes she had selected, and helped herself to milk and cereal .She reflected, as she ate in silence at the small breakfast table .She thought of the spacious large table of PN and she felt a wave of nostalgia grip and saddened her yet again. She rinsed her bowl, brushed her hair and looked at her face in the mirror her green eyes stared at her through the reflection, it's as if she knew no beauty in her face ,it looked ashen, bland and unappealing to her, she couldn't find his face in her face! neither could she see his face in the reflection creeping up behind her with a broadly gentle smile with rounded cheeks and narrow sparkling eyes ,she couldn't feel his touch on her shoulder ,the movement of his fingers to kiss the back of her neck ,inching his lips gradually to the forefront side of her neck ,all was amissso how could she spot beauty in her face .She let out a oohhs as  she saw the bruise where he bit her now turning into a putrid yellow and brown she brushed her hair and formed a loose plait and hung it on the side of her neck to conceal the love bite courtesy of Saab. Once dressed,she offered her prayers before Bappa and asked for first day at work blessings and wisdom .She felt the urge to talk to him but felt it was far to early, but still she felt the urge to speak to him. She picked the phone and dialled his number, after a fwe rings he spoke in a guttural  voice "haan bolle Naku" "Ssaab" she whispered "ummhhummh Naku" he slurred  "mmmhh he went she thought he's off on a jolly again  "Saab mein hoon Naku"pata hai tere sawa mera kamrae mein subah subah ani ko aur kis ko ijazzat hai he drawled softly "hmmmh Naku" ,"Saab ap kis se batien ker rehae ho itne pyar se? she went "listen shut up woman why have you woken me so early?  mein so reha tha apni naku ki bahoon mein and you crazy woman had to come in and spoil my fun time hmmmhmmh" .he moaned "love you baby"... . Naku knew what he was up to and she whispered softly "Saab chunni ka peecha choor bhi do nehi tu ye hi haal raha tu log ap ko pagal khanin ga! She said trying to muffle a giggle. "Haan hoon mein pagal Naku tera pyar mein tera Saaab"replied a love struck Dutta, Naku looked at her watch and decide she had very little time for his love games and she said "Saab  mein kam pe ja rehi thi, phele din tha is liya ap ka saath chaiya tha ,dein ga na Saab? her voice almost faltered as he craved his nearness. "Naku woh tu mein doon ga thujhe, but where the hell is my bed tea bloody woman!! le ke ah meri chai abhi ke abhi! ,he bellowed over the phone  "Saab mein jate hoon she said near to tears , "oye rok!  wait listen baby love you very much ,tu ja sab theekh ho ga , you are a great girl with a great heart and mind! with great sense of purpose and conviction,  you got yourself an education ! now baby deliever the goods all the best!! He called after her ...and Naku looked at herself in the mirror, and suddenly she wanted to adorn her face , she lined the inner lids of her hazel green eyes with noir kajal applied pearly oral lip gloss. She clicked on her golden kangans that Aye Sahib had given her .Finally she put golden pearl studs in her ears and looked at herself,yes now she looked and felt beautiful! ready for her first day at work . she slung her ethnic embroidered tote bag on her shoulder checked all windows ,vents were shut collected her keys and phones gave a final look to Bappa and left the flat. It was nearly 7.45am and few young girls, who appeared to be nurses by their uniforms walked toward the  open corridor leading to the main hospital from the female living quarters. Namaste said Naku as she joined her hands above her head to the approaching few,  namsate they replied as they walked down the corridor "hi I am Samrana are you new? She easked Naku ,"yes I am said Naku ,came last night" ,well you are not a nurse that's for sure girl you're not in uniform ,so what are you? asked Samrana ,"me" said Naku humbly "I am one of the new pt's"  "wow PT"! said Samrana ,"that's brilliant so where are you from than? some inner city place ,said Samrana ,"actually no said Naku Iam the daughter of this very soil, you are? Samrana repeated ,Naku smiled "yep was born bred and basically had all my education here but for my degree went to PWfor it was closer to a Uni. "okey well now we know and so is  your good name" ,they questioned "Nakusha but you can call me Naku, she smiled "ok Naku" said samrana Iam room number 4 so quite close to you .Naku and the girls reached the main entrance of the Dera Hospital and the nurses left to report for their duties.

Naku ,moved towards the nurse's station and she stopped short as he saw Harshad looking well presented in his peach coloured formal shirt and black straight leg trousers . He looked at Naku and his heart missed a beat, she was dressed in an intense but simple churidar set, that made her look elegant and classy ,her kammez was a beautiful beige decked with long leafy motifs embellished with thread embroidery .The hem and three quartered sleeves of the kameez were accentuated with multicoloured embroidered checkwork patch. The churidar was dark pink and it matched the dark pink dupatta which again had a check border that complimented the kameez. He walked towards her stunned by her radiance ,his heart missing one to many beats. "why hello nakusha looking as stunning as always, here let me carry your folders for you" he offered . Nakusha smiled and clutched her folders close,  "that's fine Harshad she insisted, Naku looked towards reception and asked the staff "hello please could you tell me where the PT's debriefing is taking place? . "yes its room number 11 the conference hall" came the answer. Naku turned to walk and Harshad quickly matched his step with hers. He glanced at her side ways .theekh hai you can play hard to get ,but Harshad, has all the time in the world for you .Naku entered the conference room, a few people were there already could you please sign here on this attendance sheet here please said the posh dressed lady, and also pick your  name badges and pin it on so that people can see who you area . As the facilitators were doing the last minute set up for the meeting, the posh lady pointed to the urn of hot water and biscuits help your selves please she invited. Naku grabbed a place at one of the round tables of four in the room ,hand she put her bag on the seat to mark it as she went around to study some literature set out for participants to look at .Harshd dashed towards where she had put her bag and put his stuff on the chair next to her .He walked up to her and whispered cheekily ,would you like a hot driink dear?  .Naku froze and reeled around "no thanks Harshad I 'eve had breakast fast you go ahead" . The session began with formal introductions and ice breaker. There was a recap of the day's events , but what was noteworthy as expected was the show of uniform ,which PTs were required to wear in active sessions when on duty .Naku's eyes opened wide and her  mouth feel apart a little oh Bappa a loose top with elbow sleeves and a matching loose trouser bottom .,she had never revealed the outline of her below waist body, she thought about what she would look like ,and above all what would say ,how would he look when he saw her legs and hips in trousers .she bit her lips and blushed away demurely  as she reminded herself to focus on the tasks at hand .Harshad even in listening session tried to keep her attention diverted and engaged on himself as he placed his arm across the table close to her and sought to use her pen for making note worthy jotters .Naku on the other hand glanced at her wrist watch to ascertain the time and make estimations of what her beloved action man  would be doing .Once she even went to the toilets filled with the desire to phone him from the cubicle just to hear his voice ,but she was frightened by the predicted anger she would invoke from him when he  finds out she should have been elsewhere occupied with what she was meant to be doing. The ward rounds were of tremendous use, as she  met patients both men and women, and tried to enage with them in intial meeting by a smile and Namaste .By their countenances Harshad could see that this new young chit of a willowy girl PT was going to be a hit ..and so the day picked up momentum, with having much to her dismay, the pest Harshad by her side...

Dutta,for the last time wore his black pathiani and came down for breakfast .The family faces at the table were already telling tales of woe .He cocked his head and proclaimed "for heaven's sake cheer up ,main koi mahaas pe nehi ja raha jang larnahe",  "kya Bhao jawan umar ke lardke and lardkyoon ko parenthna bhi tu aek yudh se kum nehi said Kishore and Roops clapped "ye mara jeeju!! ,Dutta smiled and announced "waise ye Baji Rao is ghar mein sab ko train ker gya hai jawab deeni main!" ,he replied and walked towards his Aye to seek her blessed hands on his head.Kala smiled broadly "what utter nonsense  those new cadets shouldn't  be a problem for Bhao he'll soon have them licked into shape am I right Dutta?  He smiled with narrowed eyes and spoke with sincerity "licking them in shape I don't know Tai but in shaping them into a new person ,yes I shall try my hardest!. He looked up and yelled "Rahmaaan , nasata lae ker ayo .Rahman emerged from the kitchen and Aye stopped him mid way and took the plate of sandwiches that Naku had already prepared for him as per requested by him , she walked towards her son smiled at him , stood by his side and leaned forward to place his plate of sandwiches  before him . Dutta had a lump in his throat as he saw his  mother's  arm instead of Naku's and  he bent his head and gave her arm a kiss with his lips "shuraiya Aye Sahib" ...and he looked at the sandwiches... he saw her delicate hands and heard her voice "kahlo Saab har sandwich mein mere hattoon ke kushboo hai, aur mera pyar ke filling hai, jo ap ko bahut pasand hai ,samhajana ka ap ka haat, mera haat hai jis se sandwich ap apne mau mein dalo ga ", "hmmm"  he went ,and every one stooped on alert to see what he wanted ,he looked up and picked up the sandwich sure baby here feed me now my mouth I have  opened and he bit hungrily into his sandwich chomping away in great delight his eyes wide open and he munched and shook his head slightly ,smacking his lips occasionally ,till all the sandwiches disappeared and he pressed his fore finger to stick the final crumb on the plate and gently brought it into his mouth ,brushed the side of his mouth and stood up ."Aye jane se phele main zara Baji se milna ja    raha hoon.bas abhi mil ker ata hoon . Roops jumped up "Bhao shall", Dutta raised his hand towards her "no Roops I am going alone, no way women of his house hold turn ap at he police station, besides, I have to go to the military depot to pick my uniform also" ,he said curtly and left promptly.


 Dutta and Baji embraced each other as if never apart. "Bhao tu ah gaya" said an emotional Baji .Dutta sat down on the waiting room chair "sit yourself down Baji" he said as he placed his arms on the table, "I did say I would come and see you before I  left "he said purposefully ."oh dear" said Baji while he giggled giving Dutta a peak at his dimpled cheeks ,but he pulled back a little as he sat facing his frien,who was not amused. "Baji" stated Dutta ,"I trust you do know that there is a time for everything under heaven ,well there is a time to laugh ..and there is a time to be grave..,he cleared his throat , "I mean a time to be to be serious" he said as he peered into Baji's face, he continued "you know Baji once again the hour has approached when I have to leave PN in your hands ,once again I call upon your commitment as a son towards my mother,as a brother to my sisters and as the manager of my house hold and stately affairs ,will you assume this responsibility again Baji?.  Baji held Dutta's hands "Bhao why do you ask .. in asking, Bhao you deem me as an outsider , a mere stranger why do you hurt me? ,implored Baji highly strung . "Bhao you say this because I have betrayed your trust in my offence I have caused you and the family grief ,I admit I was in the wrong, I am the worst man on earth, worth being hated  .what more will it take to win your trust back Bhao? what more?  Baji clenched his hands and wept as his fingers moved restlessly in his clenched hands .Dutta took a deep breath and dropped his lips open and looked the other way, "look Baji you may be flawed ,but to me you are still immeasurably valuable matter how soiled and crumpled you may be" ...Baji looked up  ,in dis belief to hear these words out of DSP's mouth .."erh ummh Bhao may kya bole ga .I guess Iam for once tongue tied said a beaming Baji .Dutta moved his face back towards him and said, "ok now a bit of news for you", ."haan baho .bol tu nehi ja rahe ,teaching cancel kya"! he yelled as he slapped the table in great glee ."shut up you plonker! asie koi baat nehi hai" ,said Dutta as he moved his chair back ,crossed his leg yanked up his elbow over the table and loosely  pointed his finger at Baji staring menacingly at him. "main ne tera aur Roop ki baat ke hai Aye saab se aur hum dno bhi wohi chata hai jo tu aur Roops chate ho ,Baji nearly went "oye sssal"...but stopped as Dutta firmed and pointed his finger at him "zayeed muskharhe maat ker nehi tu abhi veto ker doon ka ye ristha .Baji jumped up from his chair and squatted  on the floor cluthing on to Dutta's knee "aise mat karo sarker! Jahan panha! Baji Rao mar jae gae ,Dutta threw his head back and chuckled ,he was going to miss this jester down at the school ,he was the only person who brought laughter in his life thought Dutta . "chaal get up you git! and sit I haven't finished yet"!shouted Dutta  ,"haain? said Baji you have more to say haila! Dutta  formed his loose fingers into a fist and Baji touched his adam's apple "odeva shapt Bhao tu bol mein sune ga" ..."well basically I wanted to clarify Baji, that both myself and Aye have decided that the marriage will not take place before Roops has finished her education at the uni I'd like to know your views on that",explained Dutta ,"haan Bhao I accept,she needs to complete ,like Naku did ,he giggled may be she can teach me a few things ,if not me then surely she'll guide our children he jested mine and yours" Baji  guffawed ,  "nehin tu mera bacchone ki fikar na ker Baji unhe mei aur Naku sidha ker lain gi" ,Dutta continued firmly. "now what I want you to do is to ensure that Roops continues and completes, she's young and fickle minded ,be sure she doesn't allow you to dissuade her from her task Baji ,sakthi baratne parhai ki mamala mein uske saat ,ur haan khudh bhi aus ke  saat maat mil jani jab woh uni na jana ke bhane binya gi ,smajhe mein aye teri ? Dutta out lined clearly ."ok and the final thing is Baji if ever there's a snag , an anxiety at PN  financial ,emotional or of any other nature, but Aye's health top of the triangle you will inform me and keep me in the loop ,I know its traditional to keep me shielded off from minute, day to day problems and larger one as that's how Aye likes to keep it but I trust I don't have to remind you to assess the situation and notify me immediately samjhe gaya hai na tu? said Dutta, as Baji nodded and took on board all the things already that Dutta reiterated to him ,and he felt his confidence returning. "The rest is Baji as you know I have kept  my word and Roops and Kishore will be there at the hearing sab saache sache byain dine judge ke age ,wase tune mujhe aj tak nehi batiya ke itni kya zaroort an parti ke toon ne itni pee le? ,,Baji heard, what his friend asked but decided to keep his lips sealed how could he tell his beloved comrade that it was his cold behaviour that inebriated him that night ,the isolation of how battered and bruised he felt that night ,"ok than said Dutta "chaal me off then ,apne kahyal rekhna Baji aur ghar walon ka bhi said Dutta and the two friends parted.


It was lunch time and Naku made way her towards the onsite cafe and found a seat at the table .Harshad came flying and sat beside her ,"can I have the pleasure of having lunch with you lovely lady?" .Naku looked up at him with a nonplussed gaze, "you sound funny when you adopt this mode of behaviour Harshad ,why can't you be yourself". "Oh but I am being myself Nakusha, can't you remember I always used to pull your leg at uni ,humm?? he said with familiarity ."That was then Harshad we are not at uni now ,we are professionals" said Naku standoffishly  .."but" interjected Harshad we are still friends though Nakusha friends! ..Naku nodded quietly and said "well Iam going to order my food and will eat it fast also, as the head of PT dept has indicated that they are short staffed and will my require assistance in giving a long roll excercise to a patient ."ohh so you have started on the job already man you are a keen machine Nakusha,tell me this patient of is yours male or female? he asked looking into her eyes his eyes dancing with mischief.  Naku took a deep breath and retorted "what difference does it make Harshad a patient is a patient and as a PT I administer my duty of care that's all" ,and she got up to collect her salad and sat back in her place to eat it in silence .He watched her dainty hands taking the fork into her mouth as she ate he looked fiercely at her ring finger and got up abruptly to get his coffee, black, burning, steaming as hell! .Naku finished her salad and fished out  her wallet to pay at the till .Harshad interrupted "here this one's on me Nakusha" ,he insisted Naku looked at him icily ,"nope Harshad I will always pay for my own stuf,f always , and don't look so down ,Harshad this is the age of equal footing ,you finish your coffee and I'll just go to the loo to rinse my hands she said. Harshad, grit his jaw in disdain as he  saw her walk off but ,sneered he had to admit yet again, she looked so very beautiful ,elegant and simple and he cupped his coffee and sipped and smiled as he ran his finger around the rim of his cup Nakusha my friend ,humm. he went..

 Dutta sat in his wrangler ,and spoke to Rahman who had accompanied him,"Rahmaan tum , Fauji tailorings mein jaon aur mera uniform udher se pick ker ke le ayo , aur haan apne ID card lae ker jana nehi to entry nehi mile gi thumhi" ordered Dutta. He sat and waited, but verified his watch ,past 1.00 pm , he looked at his face in the rear mirror and his narrow eyes twinkled ,you must be at lunch baby ,Dutta desires to talk to you my love, he picked up his mobile and was about to dail Naku's number when he caught sight of Rahmaan with his uniforms held in a couple of suit covers '"Rahmaan adher rakho uniform ko pechle seat per aur apne uniform tum ne liya hai kya ."nehi saar " replied the batman, "tu phir jaon le ker aoh mera mauh kyon dekh reha ho" Dutta said with impatience as he cocked his head . "jee saar" Rehmaan mumbled and scurried off. Dutta smiled now he could ring his woman...

Harshad heard her phone ring that she left on the table .He picked up the phone "Saab"  he read and said aloud .The phone rang yet again and Harshad smiled now it would be bad manners not to answer the phone and receive a message for a friend he thought with a devilish smile "Naku"  said Dutta , "errh nehi sir mein Harshad ,how are you sir? he enquired in full politeness , "yes I am fine ,is Naku around by any chance? sought Dutta , "erhh no sir she is giving PT session to a patient as we speak" reported Harshad , "already" said a taken aback Dutta and continued ,"ok never mind just tell her I called"he instructed  "I will sir bye" assured Harshad , and both men ended the conversation .Harshad looked at the phone,  deleted the call and furtively placed the phone back on the table.  Naku came back and asked if there were any calls. He stood up and minus qualms shook his head .Naku held her phone in her palm and a moment of disappointment hit her face ,"but she said I'd best be on my way Harshad and see to the patent in the therapy  room" ,weighed down a tad bit by the fact he had not called...

 Dutta drove wrangler on a jet propelled speed , his heart crushed a bit ,his rage rose from the pit of his stomach to his heated mind .He clenched his jaw and his eyes pierced whatever he darted with his gaze, that' stupid Naku having lunch with that bamboo!!.He wiped his brow and ran his fingers on his beard , took a  deep breath to trigger calm down ,Naku is a strong lass she can handle idiots like Harshad ,he admonished himself, he had to trust his woman ,after all she was his woman ,he would never have made her his if he had an ounce of a doubt in her virtue!  He looked at his eyes in the mirror...  but it was that Harshad he was anxious about there was something dirty about him there was!! thought Dutta as he braked wrangler outside his house. he got out and Rahmaan carried his uniform and his own stuff up to Dutta's room .

Dutta showered, and changed his attire he was to check in at the Military school today before the day ended ,twilight fast approached as he got dressed in a hung out smart large blue /beige check vintage old western shirt, over a white tee shirt, which also peeped out from under his buttoned up shirt. His sinewy legs were clad in boot cut traditional low rise denim jeans, complete with brown suede chukka boots! .He slapped his cologne on his face brushed his hair side parted from one side of his broad stubble face, and brushed back from his wide forehead from the other side. He combed his sculptured spiky beard , twisted his chronograph dial, brown stainless steel chain watch on his wide wrist. As soon as he had deemed fit that he was ready he yelled "Rahmaan" for his batman who arrived within seconds "ye sab samaan mera pack karo! jitne bhi hi tuhme pata hai na kya kuch le ker jane hai ?he asked his bat an "jee saar"! .Rahmaan knew exactly what Dutta liked,disliked ,what he wore what he would need there and what he wouldn't! he was undoubtedly  Dutta's shadow ,who had tremendous ,respect, loyalty and undying affection for him. He looked at his Saar's wardrobe as he reached out for his uniforms for transportation to the wranglar .He touched Saab's black pathiani which he hung with care back into the wardrobe with the rest of his kurta pyjamas and pathianis...yes he thought Saar was certainly going to miss this attire, this is home for him his beloved PW all of which was his home where his heart is..  

Dutta came down looking dapper and smart his family waited for him in the sitting area "wow another dashing outfit" clapped Roops "Bhao day by day you are becoming more and more trendy! "Roops this is a simple shirt and a pair of jeans what is the big heehaw" about it  ,honestly you people! can't a guy come out of his usual clothes? , look I am going to join so to speak I have to dress smart casual don't I?,  Dutta argued with Roops "yess Bhao my handsome American western style hero!! she said putting her arms around his neck .He hugged her and gave her a kiss on her head "flattery will get you everywhere" he whispered, and she nodded secretly as she looked into his eyes and he looked at her with a a small frown that ran up from the middle of his eye brows to his broad brow his eyes narrowed, naughtiness dancing in them and he knowingly nodded back at her. She clung to his neck and whispered "he's ok? and Dutta said "yes he's bloody thick skinned that Baji, Roops! yes he's fine" .Dutta released her and walked towards his mother and sat beside her on the two seater settee and everyone else sat down as well looking at Dutta for the hour had arrived for him to leave . "ahem" he cleared his throat and held his mothers hands, "Aye Sahib ab me ja ke ata hoon , ap apna khayal rekhna" .Dutta she took his clasped broad palms to her mouth and kissed them Dutta!  Dutta put his arm around her shoulder and held her hand "Aye Sahib ap mujhe ansooyoon se to rukhsaat na keriyan ,is tharan tu mujhe apna jana apne kam per bemaqsaad sa lage ga" she wiped her tears and stood up and called every one towards pooja to Bappa's murti. Roops brought the pooja thalli and the family prayed and offered thanks to their deity for the blessings in their life. Once the pooja was completed the arti offered by Roops was received by all present in utmost reverence .Dutta said Aye and she clung to Dutta and he clung to his mother 'and rested his face and closed his eyes in sheer heavenly bliss upon her shoulder he held her back and said "Aye ap prathna kerein bas Baapa se  Baji ko mafi mil jaye.kal ap ka chotte beta ap ke pas he hoga" he said wiping her tears away,  "aur haan aye sahib mein aaj hi us se mila tha aur Roops walai baat main ne us ko bhi samjhe de hi" he contiuned  "kaun se wali baat"? teased Roops," Roops never you mind!" he glared at her and announced loudly "look every one please make sure no one fall's prey to Roops playing truant from uni,  she needs to be made to achieve full attendance!  and he put his finger up at her ,"sune hai na chooti? she nodded her head like a little girl and then all clasped Dutta one by one and he smiled and raised his hand and finally, held his hands behind his back and walked towards the door away from the lounge.. he paused for a second, stopped and turned round and his eyes roved around his home and he spoke to his father from his heart "Babba Dutta ja raha hai aj ghar ap ke hatoon mein saump ke" ,.and he turned and stalked off with  some gravity.


Dutta started his wrangler and gradually pulled out of his house, he stopped at the gate and instructed the body guard "kal military school ah ker Baji ke saat wrangle ko pick ker lena mein security ko baata doon ga aur chabi Rahmaan ke pas hogi , Rahmaan ko bulwana,mujhe nahin! .

Naku looked at herself in the changing room of the therapy room "oh Bappa re papaa"! she looked at her uniform it was a supposedly a medium fitted top garment of emerald green cotton with a loose bay neck collar, it hung on her concealing her thin waist but not rest of her figure she had to pockets above the hem line of her blouse wide enough to carry small wares .But it was the matching  comfort fit bottoms that made her uncomfortable!, both the front and the back it revealed the out line of her lower extremeties! they were clearly apparent. She turned stood facing away from the mirror, turned and twisted her neck to see her posterior view ,gosh! she thought it was... she sighed as she turned to face herself well different! ,but she bunched and twisted  her plait high up behind her head in a twirl and secured it with two pronged large hair pins .She hung her beige out fit in the cubicle and made her way towards her waiting patient.  Naku crouched beside the young girl of 19years lying flat on the large sponge mat on the floor. Hello I am Nakusha, from now on I 'll be your PT and Iam looking forward to working with you" she said as she held the young patient's hand .The two smiled at each other and an instant liking occurred between the two .

Dutta drove like riding the hurricanes, reeving the engine every so often ,he bit his lips and moved his neck to the side ,his eyes narrowed,  well he was leaving his Ilaaqa so to say ,his eyes attempted hurried scans of the static left and right scenes, those images that never changed but remain what unchanged were what he was now speeding out of! his beloved comfort zone! .Just as he reached the cross road junction he looked at the Dera sign... and he turned towards where his heart took him and eventually ,came to a halt and pulled the hand brakeup ...Naku finished her task and ensured that her patient was in resting position on her bed in the women's exclusive ward. She wiped her brow with the back of her hand and walked past reception towards the cafe to grab a hot drink "oh Nakusha there's some outside for you  in the parking lot" .."oh thanks" her eyes sparked up Babba so he may have put his sleuths to work, she smiled he knows his daughter has arrived ,well she thought she'd better get her tale ready that she was going to ring but she was caught up today ,was going to ring ..and her feet took her to the entrance she couldn't see any one and she thought may be it was Sethji .and she warmed up that little clown! .She pushed open the heavy glass door it was too dark to see .Further near the parking lot dividing railing she saw the tall profiled out line and her feet almost ran this could not be true ..."Saab"!!! she shouted but the figure stayed in profile position "Saaab ap ho ne? He slowly reeled around and he jerked his head back ,brought his hands up in disbelief...Nakuuu ye tu kya cartoon bane hoi hai! he uttered in amazement and spread his long slender fingers across the tip of his nose and lips,  "oh my god who the bloody hell is this chookra boy!! he shouted ,"why in heavens name are you dressed like one of snow white's dwarfs!!! ,he shook his head and threw back his head and chuckled haaaha!! ,she ran up to him and pressed her small uniformed body against him and flung her arms around his neck,  he bent down his doubled chin into her complaining face and said "oye mister I am not into hugging young lads"!! .she move one hand from his neck and slapped him on his cheek gently .he laughed and kissed her on her forehead .She moved away from him, checked him out "Saab missile man lag reha ho, she smiled at him enticingly, .and took his arm and led him to the wide metal railing and the two sat side by "Saab waise how come you never rang me all day today? she moaned "actually I did Naku, around one and spoke to that idiot Harshad he said he'd tell you ,in fact I should be the one to yell at you that you never returned my call!" retorted Dutta , "Saab woh main" ..and she stopped as she suspected foul play!  but she would not waste these few last precious moments talking about the loathsome third party between them two . He held her hand and brought it to his lips and immersed his eyes into her green pools of oblivion ,"mein ja  raha hoon military school abhi Naku aur PW ko bhi choor ke ,I  wasn't really going to come and see you , in view that you".. she put her soft palm against his hot lips and she looked into his wide watery eyes .He compressed his mouth and stood up and offered her his hand to stand opposite him. He held her by the shoulders .."waise kafi sexy dekth ti hai tu is uniform mein he chuckled and walked away from her... Hamlet30.9.11

Precap: "Beep" sounded the horn ,the groups of teenagers made way for the young officer in a red beret ,commando camouflage and ray bans , the youngsters looked on as the jeep sped on...






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Hey dear HamieeHug
Thanx a million for the wonderful update and Pm ...HugBrillant as always ...Loved it Heart
Waise really very sowiee for been late to edit my spot ...EmbarrassedThough i reserved it first ...Wink
Awww dutta Trying to hide his emotions EmbarrassedMissing her loads,,,Well i just remembered this song for dutta Wink Bichhde hue tumse
                Pal bhi na guzara 
                Yaadon ne teri phir se 
                  Ghayaal kiya ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Just loved roops and dutta "s Convo ...How he wants her to be responsiable and stand up own her own feet ...Awww Dutta is indeed proud of his womenThumbs Up...

Naku is trying to adjust herself to the enviroment Embarrassed and she also miss her saabCry...I know if she would have cried some more dutta would have taken her ...But she also her for purpose ...To make dutta proudBig smile

O man this Harshad good for nothing is back in picAngry ..can"t stand this Creep Dead...But naku will show his real place if try to mess with her ...

Loved the phone convo between Naku and duttaDay Dreaming Hain mein marjawaa ,,,,I have no words to describe it Wink...

What ? Harshad is pyscho stalking her ...OuchTotal nut case ...Pls do something about this ...I want him out of the pic ...

Loved the morning Convo between naku and duttaLOL she really knows How to irrtate him ...But he also knew that she would call na ...his bed tea ...Wink

HEre we go again harshad tryin to act smart ...But good naku is not interested in his talks ...Hata sawaan Ki Ghata

As always loved the Breakfast table scenes and Poor dutta must have been slept hungry naku jo nahi thi to feed him ...But morning he enjoying the sandwiches she left for him ...feeling her presence around ...

Awesome convo between Duji Thumbs UpClap Baaji full on nautankiLOL...But i know  he will  prove himself to dutta again ...Embarrassed and dutta has made a right choice for roopsBig smile

Harshad has something up his sleeve ...He didn"t tell naku about dutta"s phone call ...and dutta also not happy to hear him ..But he trusts his love ...
Waise harshad wanted to pay for naku"s food ..Sorry mister ...But her Love  has taken care of her needs well enoughDay Dreaming so back off ...

So major his back to work ,...Omg the last part was a total supriseDay DreamingDidn"t really expect him to be there ...But loved It ...was rocking sad and happy moments ...But his heart where his naku is ...Embarrassed haila naku is teasing dutta LOL and he is calling her sexyWink

Thanx alot for the wonderful and mindblowing update ...Once again ..Looking forward to the nxt Part ...
Lots of love and hugs


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Hammie *hugs* I'm the  late latif this time :S chal let me get right to it :P

Chapter 22 ' Thou art a votary to fond desire

So dutta thinking about his lady love and how he's changed over the years.  Aww he is missing her already...loved the convo between Roops and him about him wanting her to finish able to stand on her own independent before getting married ..and she is all ok with that :)

Hmm so the phone call scene was too good. LOL of course not the one with harshad ...was talking about Major Dutta's call for his girl :P but I was thinking that harshad was soon to come in picture again and here he is...he will be trouble but i think in a way will help in terms of proving tasha's love to be strong

So of course Harshad must have something planned ... but am actually looking forward to some good moments that show harshad the way out alive ...before someone comes to eat his head off :P But you know he is quite creepy with the things he is doing:S ...yuck! omg he is so crazy ...err psycho wud be better i wanna whack him in the head with my

Aww she is cuddling her sher ...mmm the stuffed toy ...and ooohooo major Dutta is cuddled in her chunni  ...he is so crazy in her love...

Eek harshad trying his best and getting nowhere LOL ...well well well we need to call for pest control if Naku doesn't, I will gladly do the honours lol

Oh Naku's left him sandwiches of course they are important members of this FF LOL...loved it though

Duji moment...D giving responsibilities to Baaji before he leaves...and Baaji will show he can handle it all we all know that baaji lol him and his ways and words LOL ...making drama heehee

Hmm harshad trying to buy food for Naku but she is responding well ...trying to make it clear she wants no part of him to interfere in her life for any which cannot be helped but all others :p

Err Harshad bat ready...can I take a whack at his head? ...he did not tell Naku, Dutta called, of course the creep wouldn't that was expected but still ...

:O Dutta showed up there to see his lady in sexy uniform lol...well well maybe i should be saying chookra boy ...ROFL ...looking like one of snow white's dwarfs ...ROFL Maajor Dutta has seen that film ? LOL ...loved the scene though ..with his teasing ...

Precap sounds good looking forward to seeing Dutta teach young cadets...haha with a hot teacher i dunno how many will focus :P 

Great update...loved it throughout ...update soon ...sorry for  being late..and keeping it simple this time around :S

Love you lots...take care...

phir milenge  chalte chalte

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prncz IF-Rockerz

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Edited :LOL
Hi hamie wonderful update ..loved the way  ,, Saab relished the sandwiches made by hands of his beloved heheh,,,aww the way he met bajaji and told him abt his and ayi sahab's consent for their relationship ,
hmmm cameo harshad ki dhulai bakki hai ,,, but no worries one day time will cme ,,he is buildign up  a situation,, he not tellign nakku abt the call actully went against him and finally the lack of messgae brght dutta to  nakku;s wrk place and they got to meet instead of a ph call..Big smile
so their harshad ,,,, u lost point 1 ,,, nakku did not tell dutta abt harshad , was a wise call else he would have bashed harshad then n there itself Tongue 
hmme precap is intersting dutta reachign his work place ...waitign eagerly for fri nite to meet Major Dutta and PT Nakku again

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Nakusha IF-Dazzler

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kya lekho hamlet yeh socha rahein thi aap ke tareef mein kya kya lekho list lambi hai Smile short mein as always you are brilliant & i 'm short of words ,wish i was as creative as you , dutta & nakus conversation on phone great & dutta is quite understanding & secure inspite of that menance harshad feel like breaking his bone aur osehe pateint banado Smilei 'm sure naku will deal with him & show him his place aakheer major saab ke training kab kaam aaige , its so touching when dutta converse with his father , he coming down to meet naku was quiet emotional ,i 'm sure dutta as teacher student will be regular in class ab teacher dutta jaisa ho toh class koun miss karega ,looking frwd to it & hope D n N get to be together again soon  ,superb work & looking frwd to next already ,enjoy the weekend hammie &  ,tc Smile

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mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 12:17pm | IP Logged pmPouty

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