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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 82)

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 September 2011 at 6:21am | IP Logged

awesome hammie so dutta accepts he is a gadha and they interaction in the garden was awesome too.dutta is sweet that he hides his sorrow to give strength to nakku and nakku crying like a baby and pav bhaji seen was too good i love pav bhaji.

and a final part made me cry plz hammie don't let them suffer a lot weekly meeting should be done and daily phone interactions plz unite them soon thanx for the update and pm waiting eagerly for next thanx again.
thank you for your lovely feed back kris ,oh come on now you know what Shakespeare says "the course of true love never runs smooth",so little bit living apart ..your suggestion I might consider ab itne pyar se you are saying tu ,kuch to I have to do to make you smile...

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 September 2011 at 6:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by suhana19

Reserved .. Hug will be back soon
EditedBig smile

Hey Dear HamieeHug
Thanx a million for the wonderful update ... Hug Brillant as always Clap It was all the way Naku and dutta from beginning to end ..loved it all ..." sigh could feel each and every word Embarrassed 
The tittle indeed is making me emotional "Parting is such a sweet Sorrow"
thanks suhana,pleased you found it moving ..yes the title is from the play Romeo and Juliet,Shakespeare's tragedy..the tragic tale of two lovers!
Yess indeed this must a longest nite for dutta Embarrassed if He could he would wish the time would stand still and Naku would be in his forever ...Awww as much he trying to discipline himself ..the more he want her ..every breath he takes for her Embarrassed It wasn't easy for him to leave her like that but he just trying to overcome the feeling ..Awww poor dutta ..."yess Naku called him janwar" but a lion with a heart and love for his lioness ... Embarrassed 
Dutta realizes the need for constraint in one's life ,for be it not ,life would be a chaotic mass
He just wanted to go and hold his women in his arms but then he is gentlemen that wouldn't cross that line ... well his life is governed by demarcations,limits ,that's what he has learned from his life in the Army

Dutta ne Naku ko bas apne dil Awaaz di and here she is in front of him much he desire to hold her he just trying to control his feelings but on other Naku can't stay Away from her Saab ..He wanna live for the moment and not think what tomorrow holds for them ...awww ...Embarrassed..And naku irrating him with senseless ??...But pyar karti hai waana hear from him Wink...Loved this whole moment btwn the ..Love and trust they shareDay DreamingOmg he called lauren old hagLOL...Dutta is imprisioned in naku"s heart Heart
Hain mein marjawaa ,,,Day DreamingThe loving moments they shared ...Dutta is not stopping today ...Major is so drowned in naku"s Love Wink this bit was hard to write..I wondered why did none of them think of getting married..what stopped them..was it cultura/religious values?

New day has began But today Dutta doesn"t wanna see naku ...coz he can"t see her crying ...Haila today dutta dressed for naku ...wanna leave her dress and the frames to feel her presence ...Cry...lambi judaai ...Awww AS wished she married them off instead ...This indeed going to be Hard ...But there love will get more stronger ...Embarrassed
lets see how things shape up..
As always loved the breakfast table scenes btwn whole family ...Omg every one teasing poor dutta LOL...and naku tryin to rescue ..."sigh" Loved the Bappa"s blessings wala part and the sweet and emotional partings of Naku and AS ...Embarrassed
the eating together is bringing them together as a family unit,hence the converation alonside the food is of tremendous value ; and yes prayer and pooja is a vital link to union in Dutta's family
Dutta is going also feeling the pain as the time is coming closer of there separation and he also frustrated ...But naku just dnt wanna leave here saab ...Sher is getting angry at her ...Embarrassed...Coz she keeps crying ..But how will she not Cry...
Roops is tellin me off to make naku sad Embarrassed...Loved the song u picked ...Though it was emotional Crybut the pain was visible ...and in the end when says sweetly Bhook lagi haiEmbarrassed he justs melts na ...Loved the pav bhaji wala part ..naku feeding dutta and then the water drinking part ...Just too good Star..loved it ...loved writing these bits,simple and raw moments,day to day,tht's why I chose a best loved meal..a way side hot freshly made meal!  

The last part gosh i have no words Cry i mean He the world"s best Husband has gotten ...Lucky naku Thumbs Up...Roops and dutta setup the room for naku and gave her all the necessary stuff ...My heart just went to them when Naku hold him and says take her awayCry...This indeed was emotional rollercoaster "sigh"...But very superb Thumbs UpClap and Brillantly written ...Awesome precap ...Will wait for the nxt part and see how Naku and dutta cope with there respective jobs and separation ...Embarrassed     I think all this last bit was stemmed from Dutta's boarding school scenario ,if ou recall he studied n Missouri boarding school from a young age and his parents may have dropped him off similairly...listen thanks again for yet another lovely and encouraging feed back,alongside the silvery..message..and last of all the lovely pier hug video of Dutta and Naku ,i watched it for ages ..the good thing is that it carries on..xxxhammie.

Love and Hugs suhanaHug

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by daya0628



Mein aagai :D heehee took long time i know...i guess i am late latif now :S

mera influence..remember uni first..never you mind sharmilee
Ok without further ado here I go ...

Chapter 21 ' "Parting is such sweet sorrow" <- love the title ...sweet sorrow hmm very apt title for this part ... Romeo and Juliet

Haha major is trying to control so much ...discipline! ahaa but he really hates this night doesn't he...cuz once it's over his love will have to leave, love all the questioning he is doing to himself about wanting her...of course now that he won't even see her , he is going to feel the need to hold her close even more...and this time this feeling would get the better of him...of course as if she could hear his every cry for her ...she stood waiting for him and he made his way to same he is trying to see if she is really there LOL ...well she is and boy was she getting his feelings high...he so badly wants to hold obvious but he is trying so hard to control...and of course Naku hugging and holding  him will not help ..haha and he does hug then lift and she kissing his chin and him saying kiss the lips not reading this dreamy scene heehee ...I loved their whole convo and moment emotion packed...he is being stronger versus she breaking down the typical image of men not showing emotions and girls always breaking down LOL...would like to see that changed one day...he is sooo in love and every little thing shows it so well ...waise Daya you have given a rather interesting gist of the scene sounds better han te you read this in the doctors' waiting room haaaha ..tere pasaney choot rehe hoonge ..such is Major's prowls and as for the loiness ,she is getting very naughty day by day . but she does tturn on te water warks and opens her gab to argue as well, whif she has too so itni bhoole nehi hi humari tumhari naku..but dutta ko tu kabu kiya ha us ne well and proper.
Aww Dutta wanted his bed tea from her but at the same time did not want to see her tears so felt it was  better not to have the tea...and he picked the outfit she liked best...aww how sweet of him...and he went to her...asked her to leave somethings behind feel her presence ...omg the little things he does... tried to create emotional show here
Loved the little bit here where they both came to stand overlooking the first floor, together and AS felt it would've been better to marry them off...but sometimes such tests only prove ur love to be stronger so in a way am glad they are not married yet ... thank you Daya ,even I was beginning to doubt my reason...

Loved the light fun dining table scene...all teasing him ...and then the little AS-Naku parting convo...was beautiful 

 thanks dinner table binding togethr ,rather a scene many a times show in LTL1,so usually include one hen i can..Baji gap though

oh and must mention the part where he yelled at her not in frustration but for Naku she can cry her eyes out...he knew ...loved that bit.. yes trying to cover up his own halat by yelling at her ,basically letting off steam  just needed excuse ,the pair of them

aww naku crying her eyes out and major saab is getting annoyed that this is what he will remember when he comes back her crying like a baby...although we all noe his heart is crying the same way! And the song (great choice) explaining their emotions well and then stopping to eat and feeding ...soo LTL1 hmmm even their feeding each other spoke so much about their love from just how sweetly it was done...omg i loved that the water he refused to drink 'heavens knows where that's come from' haha but as soon as she drinks and passes it over he finds her lip marks and drinks from it...aww they are so cute together lol...aww he is so glad she fed was only good cuz she fed him eh haha the guy is so in love...they get to her destination ...and you can just feel the ping in both of their hearts as it sinks in ...they will be going their ways in a matter of minutes...feed me baaby ,some of his habits will never change,he has to be the ultimate boy an we all loved Daya you know who I mean? 

The last bit was amazing..loved it...again so much emotion and feelings...Naku completely breaking at this point as she knew this was it...he would leave now and she could not take it...she wanted him to take her back and broke down...but they will see it through...loved his line "I leave my heart with u and take urs with me..."  and he walks away...and Naku left there with her faith in tact :)   yeah,consciously I suspect the readers did expect a weepy clingy ,huggy scene so I went along and did it
Wonderful update...sorry for being late to comment...loved it as always ...
listen my loyal reader.thank you so much for a great comments Daya/sharmilee ,much appreciate it ,since Iam aware how busy you are with uni ..xxxhammie

Phir milenge chalte chalte :)

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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[QUOTE=Nakusha]hi hamlet as always as you know superb Smile the one reason for visiting the forum is  amazing ff & you are best among the good ,you writing is like reading a poetry so much consoled in it ,i just like the philosophy you bring abt through ur writing the like the want /need ,the parting was quite emotional but i 'm sure we all look frwd to how they cope with it each busy with their respective job & hope they steal some time for each other  ,as always u were great & waiting for the next part already ,u tc Smile
listen Naku erhh,Iam humbled by your gracious words ..I try ,but the inspiration comes from Mishal/Mahi ,and th encouragement to put in my hardest, comes from you my  lovely readers without whom Hammie is nothing ..thanks once again for liking the UD..more to follow soon..chap.22.
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 September 2011 at 7:39am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=prncz]resd Wink
oye missed your comment yaar .where are you? chaal still love you
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by brvr

Brilliant writing Hammie!! the emotional rollercoaster has drained me a bit.yipeee SIXER!CHUKAA! oye hoi.managed to move the iron got emotional did you I shold have done an advanced warning keep box of tissues handy 

I was hoping against hope some surprise element which would prevent them from seperation, alas! it wld not be.  But i know this will strengthen their bond all the more.  The surprise meeting of the two on the lawns was out of this world, very romantic.  This was the best Dutta i ve ever seen.  First he is battling his own emotions nd then he is tryin to lighten the moment for both.  But nakku is inconsoloble like a child sent off to a boarding against her wishes.
  naa .come on that was not going to happen ,our protagonists are strong so they soldier you liked duttain his wrestling within and then letting a bit of him go; i loved the boarding school bit you are right ,mind you he went through that ,so knows the ropes..been thre ,done bought the tee shirt type attitude ... 
The cutest moment for me was when he insisted that her white dress and the photos should remain in the roomHug.  That said it all.
I wanted some show of emotiions..and thought of how we latchon some piece of clothing..or any thing close, that belongs to a loved one... 
The teasing nd targeting of dutta at the dining table was a neccessary interlude to lighten the forlorn mood, i seriously want to know what is the recipe of the sandwich.   AS sensing the agony of the two, feeling guilty.  See, the two culd not hide their feelings frm the family.  Dutta talking to his baba was touching.  Indeed he is the best bacha one can have, no doubts.
Nakku bilkul bachi bangayi hain zidd meinhaaaha .  Pehle gadi me nahi bait rahi, phir rona dona, then she is hungry nd wants pav bhaji, a completely different nakku for a change[cute]. The Pav bhaji part was too good. supporting her is who else, the bachu of all, roops haaaha.  Dutta embrassed by nakku's feeding him the snack.  Dutta conscious of his image in front of those girls, ok! somethngs dont change.Tongue  sherro ki image he tu hai sab kuch for him, is a bit of a Iam in love with my looks sort.narcissist kehan kaaa!  
 He has been caring, very understanding nd also generous in giving a neckful of lovebites haaahaa.loved the language!!
 BlushingWinkfor her to tide over this seperation . Before these marks fade she will be with him im sure.
Wow! he has already taken the role of a future husband seriously, [honewali] biwi ke liye BB, Lappy, Cheque book, not forgettin how he bought all the essentials nd even made the bed while instructing roops to arrange her clothing, im so jealous of naku, infact he has surprised naku too by this gesture. Sach me aise fiance kaha milega?
But all said nd done the last scene of nakku clutching his collars nd crying was painful. Hammie,
 ruladiya mujhe,Cry [wiping my eyes], hope they get to see each other soon, sigh!
awwwhhh great!that was the ideato make it fairly painful...good you were moved..quite a feat for me...baki ye hai ke yess he is a hubby material .. makes him feel he belongs to his woman 
Indeed! sweetest is the sorrow of parting! well said by "The Bard". Romeo and Juliet
Will wait for the update as always, please continue nd give us something to cheer.  TC dear.
  listen I  will try... loved your fab ,comment ..cheered me up ,rocked with laughter a couple of times ..meri bhi tu entertainment honi chahiye.dont laugh at my spellings xxxhammie 

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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[QUOTE=sona89]loved it SmileSmile
thanks for reading it and loving it sona.xxhammie
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ivy_11

What an awesome update Hamlet. Hug Truly a bright spot in my overworked and hectic weekendLOL  Thanks dearSmile hi dearest ivy,thanks for chilling with the UD,thouh was a bit of a box of tissues job! so looks like you survived

"Parting is such sweet sorrow" it applies well on Tasha. For a mature and pure love like theirs this parting will strengthen the bond bet Maj. Dutta and Naku.  The anticipation of their reunion will keep them going. That is the general idea,engagement usually in the west is considered a testing period ,getting to know each other more ..I know it's beginning to sound omenous..

The Tasha time in the lawn was ahem ahem. Beautifully heart raced along with Tasha's.Embarrassed..haila lardki is going all shy and coy..oye learn some thing from Naku ,she even surprised me!!haaa ha well don't blame her,the apple was too delicious for Eve to walk away 

Dutta is trying his best to put up a brave front for Naku and at the same time has to battle with his own emotions and passion'the pain of their separation and his desire to hold her in his arms forever.  Dutta is ..if I may quote: an officer and a gentleman ,who always puts her well being first. Why is Naku behaving like a kid..wasn't she the one who wanted a career? Wake up baby, you cannot have everything in life at the same time always.LOL oh my gawwd! being hard with the little one,chaal koi nahi ,she's not that daft though ,she knows that Dutta would like to see her succeed in her career.with out his consent she would not have hr cke and eat it as well..would she ?so not a bimboo  our girl

Usually, the only KMD I don't mind is Baaji..but then I am biased towards Duji. This time I welcomed Roops presence during the journey to the hostel. She has a calming and balancing effect on Tasha's nerves. yess have to admit did miss Baji a lot here,it's a shame he was else where ,but yes there was a Baji sized the best double closest to him i could think of was Roops

enjoyed wrting the pau bhaji scene,had never tastted it went,to Southall ,to see it being made by a street vendor and had it then ,was surprised that,pau was actually a bun or as called her a bap..but it was yummy chilli ummh added imili to it   
The Pau Bhaji scene was really cute with Naku feeding Dutta haque se and proudly staking her claim on was like she was telling the college girls that beware and stay away. Approve
I am curious to know how the young girls are going behave around Dutta during his next assignment?  But Maj. Dutta's heart and soul is already taken. we'll have to see haven't ot ht far yet...

Dutta Shreeram Patil shopping for Naku was out of this worldDay Dreaming  yesss her lord and master and beloved all in one! listen thanks for your wonderful comment ,as always look for your ud to follow.xxxhammie

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