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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 80)

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sorry for double post Tongue

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[QUOTE=eternity_of_luv]sorry for double post Tongue
haaahaa .I was wondering ranjana khader gaye..chal you got here thanks for your lovely feed back .so you liked the stud Dutta,I enjoyed dressing him in the out fit...yess dearie the separtion track has finally loomed up ..ab dekhna hai what these people get up to...incidentally iam UD chapter 21 tommorrow so do catch up with it over the week end...
as always wait for your comments ranju ..xxhammie  

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Originally posted by Hamlet53


Nice updateClap Good to see Datta cleared all his medical tests, teaching to students is always interesting, Left Right Left, on SAB was my favourite show, this incident reminded me that show. Naku & Datta both will go back to their respective jobs, what happens aftr that. Thanks for the PM, Waiting for the next partSmile

hellooo meenakshi..thank you for liking the UD...Left Right Left? what was that?a serial if it was about the Army .I wish I'd seen it...what happens/even they both and myself are not sure..lets see how it pans out...thanks again for your great comments ..with love xxhammie  
It was about cadets getting trained for Army, it used to air 3 years back on SAB.

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                                 Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patil

                                        Painful Rapture~Chapter:21

                                  "Parting is such sweet sorrow".Shakespeare

This night had to be one of the noisiest nights Dutta had ever come across in his living memories ,even in the hub of pounding guns,  heavy shelling and shrill shots of firing he would still manage to herald the slothful senseless angel of sleep to his eyes ..but tonight in the deathly silence of his room there was the deafening sound of his heart Naku! Naku! naku!! Naku Naku! Naku! his pulse ticked away as it rode in silent flight upon the wings of the time bird. He tossed and turned about in bed you shall overcome you shall overcome he murmured in his head pillow .He recalled he had left her at the terrace crying ..what a frigid fool he was ,the woman was distraught with emotion at the prospect of leaving him, and he due to his burly discipline walked away from her .He, sucked air and burrowed his nose into his head cushion and squeezed another one against his hairy chest and broke into a muffled moan, he groaned as he rubbed his spiked haired cheek ,his nose ,his bristly lips against the pillow Naku.. he hot breathed the cushion .He rolled over and squeezed the cushion on his chest .He should have established contact with her after all this night was the last they would be together! he turned his head on one side of his head cushion and narrowed his eyes .Nahin..he said he would discipline his wants now and check his needs !to touch her and smother her in his arms was want based! ,tactile, he had to control it!  for she would not be around and he would have to do without her warmth!. He sighed, so it was the touch element of their love that made him enforce discipline ,and he accepted that it had to be the case, he calmed his rocking heart .But then again to touch the object of your desire was an expression of love and not a debasement of pure emotions to carnal lust ! he writhed he agony, for surely the act of tactile feeling was part and parcel of love ,it was a manifestation of love ,that which all living things display even the animals he thought displayed! He paused in his train of musing , she had called him a janwar not so long ago a cocky smile broke on his lips .yes, and what's more his masculinity got a boost when she called him that, but on the other hand it also spelt a sense of bohemian behaviour to her, that may have be unacceptable on all accounts within general codes of behaviour.  Did they both think that was he primitive, raw in his love in wanting her..all the time she was here with him?  grrh he snarled from the inner recesses of his human nature ..but he mulled over ,then was he an animal when he yearned to touch her ,does his love become impure? He pondered, he was not in character like animals for they may touch with feeling but they lacked that love which comes from within, whereby when one is not able to maintain the feeling of touch with your loved there still is established  a nearness, a bond, that which is human,  which sets  him apart from a janwar! ;that where the souls meet, connect and desires are fulfilled and reciprocated. But for Dutta, no amount of philosophizing  stopped the boom and drum of his heart .He sat up and contorted his lips as he ran his hand over the mop of hair and stroked his cheeks with his longer slender fingers. With abrupt motion he pushed his hip forward, threw back his bed cover !lump everything! he had to see his woman  it was a matter of urgency ! time was short! seconds were ticking away like the speed of light! He lowered his slender toes into his beige toe post chappels and stood tall . Someone inside him attempted  to check him oh impulsive fool! what are you doing? where you going? leave me be! maintain discipline! but Dutta mauled that voice within him.  He shook his head and  stepped out of his room en route towards her room his chest heaved this is it! she was his fiance , better still, wife to be so he stopped outside her door, so what, are you going to forget you are an officer and a gentleman? the voice within whispered. He angled his head to one side with ill ease and said loudly but I am also a man ,and after a pause a man in love! He turned ,revolved his feet and legs  weighed by  dissatisfaction and thumped down the wooden stairs and went out in to the cool air of the lawns .

He walked on the fresh turf of the lawn his slender big toes occasionally touched by the cool tickle of a stray blade of mowed grass, from a distance he looked at the tree with the bendy trunk  with  morosity  he moved  towards it and as he neared it from the side, a halved frame of a form appeared from behind the tree. He stood spell bound at the spectacle it was his nymph, his desire ,he stopped at a distance ,as he stared and he shortly lowered his eyes and stared at the turf Dutta, as within he heard this was a figment of your over heated imagination , for it was an apparition! that she is not whom you desire! "Saab" the confirmation! the voice! her call! he looked up again, a diamond in the noir background of the night, she delighted him dressed in her white fitted muslin kurta with a few sliver neck buttons undone, and a tight fitted churridar pyjama . Her hair flowed free in loose seductive tousled waves up to her  bosom. Dutta folded his top bow shaped lip in to his mouth ,as he stared at her spellbound ,he had never actually seen her with loose hair ,he rubbed his fingers against his thumb .He waited his narrow eyes fixed on her chunni that hung loosely around her neck. She opened her arms wide and he walked towards her,his eyes fixed on her  sent orders to her body from her head to her toes to stay glued to the ground where she was, till he anchored next to her . Static her arms held open for him but he stood away from her and his eyes were occupied with controlled intensity his face was flushed  by adrenalin and he compressed his mouth tightly as he withheld a sigh within him. His hands clenched he managed not proceed ahead as his motions would give way but his eyes spoke as he gaze washed her with nothing but a deep wanting ! Naku moved from her place and ran to him and put her arms around his waist and he stiffened away slightly but she stood trembling against his robust hard sturdy frame.The quiver of her tiny fragile body smashed his discipline barriers and both his arms and hands found the small of her back. He cuddled her in his strong arms and his fingers inter locked stated to her by the movement that she was his and words were not needed here, for their bodies  carried out silent conversations  as they stood two in a self applied oneness ,against each other under the mantle of the night exposed visually  yet concealed.

She looked up into his eyes and he searched for her consent and he saw it and he bent his head down and brought his mouth close upon hers .His lips parted and he touched her lips gently with his and felt her lip quivers speak to his lips in all shyness, as they waited for him to indicate his love .He pulled his head back and disengaged his fingers from her small  back  moved them to her upper back, he wished to feel every bone, every contour of her body so he could conjure the sensations of her frame  in moments of isolation. She looked at his eyes and read the messages that they conveyed ,there was a mixed felling of strength and weakness in them;  strength was their love and the weakness was their separation. She hugged him "Saab mein mein" and she clung to him as she continued to grip him by his waist ."Naku he said let's not spend this night discussing what has been planned to come about lets "..and he bent his knees and heaved and carried her in his arms. He bent his neck till it creased and he looked dreamily with a lazy smile down into her green eyes as she looked up at him one arm encircled around his neck and the other rested on his shoulder she bopped up her mouth and kissed the dimple of his chin he looked at her moves and said as he nudged his chin forward a bit and tapped her lips with it "kiss my lips Naku not my chin" he grumbled as he ogled at her face which was a picture of secured bliss  in his arms. She responded to his behest and brought her rose bud lips close to his  stubble surrounded lips and still carrying her he forced his lips on hers in an ardent union .While still united by their lips he turned and shifted his eyes up to gather where he  footed towards and then he found a spot .He transferred her on the turf bed from his arms and lay next to her on the turf flat on his belly, with his besotted face held in his slender hands by his  propped up elbows. She looked at him shyly and he looked at her slyly. "Saab she said will you miss me ?, in response he bit his lip and shuffled his body towards her as he put his heavy arm across her belly and caught her waist in his palm. He moved his chest little over her and bent his face and peered into her eyes with questions  "what kind of a dumb question is that will I miss you?he jeered and she nodded and with tease in her eyes she went "tell me Saab or are you shy to reveal that" , he pressed the side of his ribs into her and she moaned and he replied "of course not Naku why would I miss you, the place is crawling with loads of misses, many desirable women to give me a feast of eye candy to my heart's delight, thujhe kyon mein misse karon ga waise you wouldn't object would you Naku he jested his eyes a gleam with mischief. She brought her hand on his back and pinched off his flesh "na ker pagal aurat that hurt"! .She sulked and retorted"why would I Saab I trust you", "oh great" he said as he moved his chest over"Dutta is one lucky son of a gun to have such a liberal woman as his lady love", she slapped him on his wide back "oye "she chided "look not touch Saab"! "haan Naku what do you think I am some kind of a sex fiend who goes round the first thing he sees's in a sari" he whined, and moved up to bite her ear lobe,  she giggled but soon after said "Saab ap such much flirt karen ga?"haan Naku dekh tu itni samaj dar hai,  itni eduated hai , ab dekh jab tera Saab thuje yad kerga tu , udhas tu ho ga ,tu aagar woh dosseri ladkyoon ko dekh lei ur un se he kam chale le kyon ka us ke Naku jo us ka pas nehi tu kya woh bura kere ga ? tu chate hai na ke Saab kush rehe ? he asked with a note of mock appeal. He tried to take the pith out from their fast approaching parting by replacing it with the comic element."Saab woh Lauren theekh he kheeti the ke ap ek achi catch ho Naku moaned , Dutta moved closer to her and relaxed his chest on her bosom , as he spoke down to her face "achaa catch?for heaven' s sake woman you have already bloody well caught me and imprisoned me in your heart..baat kerti hai, and as for that Lauren she is nothing but a stirring old bat"! he growled .she looked at his face and she put her soft palms on his cheeks and his lips parted as his mouth opened and he looked at her in ardour "ummmh,this is more like it Naku"he said as he moved his face to kiss her palms. He bent over her and sank his lips to her ears" mujhe yaad kera gi tu Naku?"

 He realized that was a blunder he committed, for before he even completed the question her body heaved under his chest and she came out with sobs as she entwined his neck in her arms and shook with the words "Saab Saab ohhh".she cried in pain and he moved his face to her upper arms and showered them with little consoling kisses.But she cried and he took her arms away from his neck and spread them above her head on the cool turf ,he looked into her reddened large kajal doe eyes and he immersed in her eyes,his face writ with desire she ceased her crying as she looked into his face bending over her and her eyes appealed to him for control as she shook her head once but he pierced her with eyes that flashed back into her eyes"mein nahin ruka ga aaj Naku" he growled and he went for her neck, madly did he kiss, nip and graze her with the hard stubble above his lips and around his face."Saab",she whispered as she succmbed to his unbridled passion, but he ignored all sound except that of the pounding of their hearts and the snort of his breath. In his frenzy he pulled the skin of her neck with his teeth and she pushed his shoulders with a cry"Saab stop! you'll mark me again like once before"!.He stopped and pulled his head and chest away from her as he looked at her slightly bruised neck. For interruption in his passion he tightened his grip on her wrists that he held above her head that lay on the turf,but he loosened his grip as his fingers jarred against his mother's kangan on each of her wrists.He released her arms and she chided him as he breathed heavily "Saab ap ko kya ho gaya hai?and she brought one of arms down and felt her neck where he had bitten her ,he looked down at her neck with his narrow lion like eyes hmm,he thought there was no need to mark her body as his, for she was already marked on his soul! She lay still as he sat and stared at her she felt her eyes burned as he saw his pain of harnessed fervour, his imposed discipline..and she felt her belly convulsed again as she stooped a sigh escape from her throat. He looked at her with tenderness and for the last time he bent his head brought his face close to hers and placed his mouth on hers ,their lips brushed and met and he entered into a long and deep kiss with her. As he continued in the final expression of their love Naku felt the long trail of tears from the outer corner of her eyes crawled past her temples and lodged in the depth of her ears. He stirred out of his amorous journey and pushed his palms on the turf bent his knees and stood tall as he looked down at her lying on the turf looking up at him, her hair lovely tresses scattered over the turf.He picked up her white chunni from the turf and held it from both ends and swing it at he back of his head and the two ends dangled across his chest and torso he gave her his palm and she caught it and he yanked her up on her feet ,bent down scooped her in his arms and carried her in doors in absolute silence .His face became firm and unyielding,  his mouth compressed in a slant, his eyes narrow like the lion, as he carried her up the stairs and she kissed his neck and burrowed and nestled against his neck and chest .but he still remained austere ,he stopped near her room lowered her and turned around and walked proudly back to his room .She saw him enter his room and as she watched he closed the door ...


The new day begin. Dutta would have liked to have received his bed tea ,but wavered it aside ,for it was probably better she had not come as it could have been more tears from her and more inability from his side to deal with them. He got up made way towards his cupboard,she had remarked she liked him best in a pathiani and so that would be his attire, the steel blue one.  He showered, groomed and twisted his watch on his wrist.He took a deep sigh and his mouth opened and he turned towards he door his hands in his trouser pockets and head erect, he walked down the first floor corridor towards her room .The door was ajar and he placed the tip of his shoe to open it .He stood in the half open door and saw her bent over her wheelie suitcase open on the bed. She could feel his presence and she looked up as he studied her. She straightened up and he held his breathe..she was clad in a pleasing to his eyes, a cotton batik churidar set.The fitted shirt which he adored on her always, clung to all the flattering contours of her delicate body, was white batik print scattered with floral motifs of red, black and dark green. He noticed the yoke and hem of her shirt was framed with simple triton borders of red ,black and green. His narrow eyes travelled to her shaply legs that were covered in a black and white contrast batik patterned churidar which hugged her legs.Her wide cotton chunni  matched her churridar.He sucked his lower lip in and his chin jut out as he lowered his eyes and looked at the ground.."Saab kuch cheya tha?she asked and he replied "nehin" and before he knew it he entered her room and stood gazing at her suitcase his face all flushed, while she went to her open ward robe and brought out her white kurta/ churridar,that which she wore last night ready to fold it and place it in the suit case .He walked up to her and took the outfit still on the hanger and took it back to the ward robe and hung it back on the rod. He walked back and stood close to her, very close and emphasized his words "raat wale kapree adher he choor ki ja apni cupboard mein samjhe tu , ya dosre threeka se samjahoon" and he picked up his finger and ran it across the subtle bruise on her neck. She blushed ,but still looked back at him with defiance Saab meri white chunni?and she paused,woh mujhe le ker jani hai Saab ,mera dossere kaproon ke saath match kerti hai.mile gi kya? asked him, alongside an appeal from her eyes. He brought his hand to her face and almost grabbed her chin and tugged her face up and with flashed perforated  eyes  pushed his upper lip forward "nehinnn  mile gi white chunni thujhe,  wo ab mera pas he rahi ge jab tak tu wapis is ghar mein nehi ah jati samajhe giya tu miss PT". She reared from him, but he walked off with his hands again in his trouser pockets. She came around to corner of her bed and clutched her soft toys, her cuddly stuffed lion king. He watched and smiled "so you take with you the king of the jungle, he paused a while and strolled over to her side again and nearly bent her off her as she stood against the edge of the bed "but you leave the real lion here baby ..take him with you as well" he said as he held her by her shoulders and attempted to neck her ; she squirmed past him and ran away from him and tried to take her family photos down from the wall "ho!ho! Naku ruk ja" she stopped and turned towards him as he looked into her eyes with gloom "in tasveearoon ko adher he choor de Naku tere Aye, Babaa or Sethji us kamree mein rehan ga tu mujhe lage ga tu bhi abhi adher he hai isi kamree mein", she ran to him and put her face straight on his hairy chest and closed her eyes .He took his hands out of his pockets and put them around her shoulders as he kissed he the top of her head, and he closed his eyes as he took in the aroma of honey suckle and peach from her  nearness, "chaal  Naku tera suitcase band karoon phir nashta bhi kerna hai",he said in all gentleness to her.

He brought the cover of her suit case and his long slender fingers zipped it secure, she  stood away and watched cheerlessly. He was her strength, for sure he could put an end to this separation ,but he also knew what their goals in life were and so for the higher order thinking he would not be deterred by this temporary parting ,she bit her lower lip and smiled as she saw his broad palms check the security of the case ."Bhao mein saman ke waste ah gaye hai? said Kaley. "Nehin theek hai,tum jao" said Dutta as he looked at Naku. His eyes softened as he looked across at her and nodded his head once to assure her, reached out for the handle of the suit case and jerked her head towards her "lets go baby"he wheeled the case and she came and walked beside him ,but paused for a second and her eyes roved over her room, he watched her ,griped himself and left the room she walked beside him on the first floor corridor, her arm locked into his arm and she put her head against his arm that jolted as he wheeled her suitcase and they walked together to begin a new phase of their lives...

Just as they both reached the small railing over that overlooked the first floor, Naku withdrew her arm from his arm and looked down from the height with Dutta. The family about to seat themselves at the breakfast table looked up at the lonely forlorn couple at the top of the landing their eyes riddled with a helpless forlorn. Aye Sahib felt a tiny stab in her heart as the thought crossed her mind, maybe she should have got them married straight away ...

Dutta carried her case and once he reached the bottom of the curved stair case , one of the body guards  took the suit case and packed it at the back of the  shogun4x4. Both Dutta and Naku came towards Aye and touched her feet and gathered her blessings. Dutta sat at his usual place at the head opposite his mother. He looked up at Naku as she did her usual to and fro from the kitchen to the table , he watched her moves ,how her boby moved, the movement of her arms and hands ,the movement of her back and waist as she served .She straightened up as she felt his stare and he let his guard off and elevated both his eyebrows in the slowest of motions and on catching her sparkling look he speedily winked his eye at her ,and pulled his lips down to one corner of chin. His continued stare at her was arrested, he was desperate to see her blush at the dining table amongst family, as this was it, would be a while now when he would be afforded the opportunity .She turned her look at him and he gently hiked up his forefinger and pointed to his neck. She bent her neck and shook her neck slowly only, and  he appeared dissatisfied as it was her blush he waited to eye,but it never happened. She finally brought his plate of sandwiches which she set before him..for some time to come and as her arm brushed his shoulder he looked up at her face and gave her a guick pout of his lips action ,she almost dropped his plate of sandwiches in front of him as he smiled and beamed red in the face he looked down at his plate with inner contentment which even burst on his face .He looked up her and said "Naku tera dahyan gadher hai aj plate tour deti abhi tu"he teased .she moved away and gave him a smug look with her lower lip in a pout .He lowered his eyes and began to peck and later munch at his sandwiches in pin drop silence .He gazed into space as he thought what would happen tomorrow for breakfast, on the last slice he raised his eyes and broke the silence at the table " Naku mera kal ke naashte ke liya sandwiches bana ki jana please" he said with matter of fact politeness, "jee Saab" replied a shy Naku, and every one at the table jeered at "Bhao you're like a baby who fusses for a particular food made and given by mummy" joked Roops, Dutta looked at her and snapped back"chooti ab woh muskarahee Baji adher nehi hai tu apna sera mushhriyee pana tujhe de gaye hai kya? "actually I  always called you "baby" didn't I baby" said Kala as she reached out for his breaded face, he juddered his head forward from her touch and turned his face away from her "kya Tai ap log bhi ek simple se baat ko mazaak bena lete ho",he protested "theekh tu khe rahe hai Bhao apne kal ke bare he mein tu sooche raha hai"chipped in Kishore,  and people clapped at Kishore's addition to the Dutta targetting session. Dutta looked at his mother,  his eyes creased in a degree over amusement "Aye Sahib ap he samjhein in logon ko sandawiches ! nehin hoi koya page 3 news ho".Aye Sahib put her palm under her cheek "Dutta hum tu ye sooche rehen hi ke tu itna bara ho giya hain  aur na sirf  apni Aye ke liye tu abhi bhi chotta se baache hai,pun yahan tu saab loge he thuje baacha samjhete hain " aye baacha nehi munno! called Roops and Dutta pushed his plate away and gestured an open palm at Roops and she shrilled "Nehi Bhao" and held her ear lobes. Dutta looked at his mother"lagta hai, Roops pe purra purra Baji ka user hogaye hai",he said as he smiled at Roops.Naku looked at her Saab and decided to come to his rescue at last after being a silent observer at witnessing her beloved as the butt of his familys' humoured Aye Sahib "Saab ko sandwiches is leya pasand hai , kyon ki mera hatoon ne woh un ke liye banian hain."..and she looked in all innocence at Dutta "haina Saab?" . Dutta startled and looked up mortified "ahem haan kyon nehi Naku,woh tera haaton ki meethas...meethas  Roops shouted sandwiches hain koi gujar ka halwa nehin Bhao", she cackled ,and Dutta looked up red faced at Naku with a nice try baby look, and mumbled "yeah whatever", as he spread his palms and everyone laughed. But there was one guffaw that Dutta missed and in his seat, now sat his sister now... Baji!

Aye Sahib bade Naku to sit down in the empty seat opposite, Dutta that which she was supposed to have taken ,but by choice ignored, as she partook in the joy of serving her family. "Naku,jab se tu dera se yahan humare pas ek saal pheli aye thi ,aaj pheli bar tujhe ghar se hum jane de rehen hain, hum kaise rahen gay tera bagheir, ye tu waqt he bataaye ga..aaj samjhe mein aya hai ke Babi ko kesa lega hoga thujhe apni se judda ker ki,ajeeb se lagta hai Naku ,lageta hai, ab mera koaun khawal rekhe ga ?meri dawa ka , mera aram ka, mera khana ka,and she stooped and poked her finger at he end of her outer eye to stop a tear ,per pata hai Naku tu humain sab se zayeeda kab yaad aye gi,  jab jab hum Baapa ki pooja kerian ga , aur jab hum mandir jayen ge, tu he tu the Naku jo humari pooja ki thaahli tayaar kerti the,contined Aye, ..haan hum thuje yaad keran gae Naku .Naku could not bear it anymore and she ran towards Aye Sahib and both women hugged each other and wept.Dutta stood up from his seat and watched the two women whom he loved and respected the most in his life ; one older and mellowed ,the younger older but still mellow! He looked at Naku in his mothers warm embrace and looked up towards the heaven's and in wordless communication said "are you watching Babaa these two are good for each other, Dutta ne ap ki patni ka ap ki jane bad bhi hamesha khayal rakha..

  Naku held on to Aye's Sahib's hand and said "aaj bhi pooja ke thalli tayar hai Aye Shahib, Roops ne sajai hai, aura ab se jab tak mein wapis nahi ati Roops he tayaar kera gi," aur mandir hum aap ke saath jayengi said Kala and Leela.Naku smiled at Dutta who stood with his hands behind his back ,he looked at her and nudged his head forward at her and gave her a smile that beamed from cheek to cheek , yess you have a way baby you sure do,tera Saab will miss all your ways Naku! Aye Sahib called the family for pooja around Bappa's murti, Naku stood next to Dutta, shoulder to shoulder, nearly head and shoulder , so to speak .In front of Bappa he admired his Naku and looked at profile. All stood on the red carpet and thought of peace within themselves around them ; each brought their own thanks to Baapa ; and all sought favours in personal requests. Aye saab turned to Naku and blessed her on her head "khush raho hamesha Naku". With both palms clenched,  Naku  offered her thanks to her god and sought blessings for her future journey in life. She sought favours from Bappa for her future husband's good health and good fortune. Dutta gazed at her beauty and turned to face Bappa and spoke to his god from the inner recesses of his heart Bappa time erodes beauty, so her beauty will fade but I thank you that time cannot take away the workings of her mind, her humour, her moral courage and above all Bappa for her giving kindness ,thank you for giving her these gifts ..

Roops offered Arti to everyone and applied the tilak . After he pooja finished there was a sense of peace and fulfillement. Dutta looked at Naku and pointed to his watch with his fore finger.  Dutta announced "ok every body we're off now Aye Saab kyon ki woh girls hostel hai ,tu Roops bhi saath ja rehi hai, Naku ko choor ker mera saath he wapis ah jaye gi". Naku hugged every one ,she bent and touched the feet of her elders, Aye Sahib and Kishore jeeju whom she considered her elder brother. She embraced Kala who whispered in her ear "ab deknha ye hai Naku tere peeche Dutta ka kya hall hota hai ,waise thujhe ye to pata hai na ke woh bhi ek din bad ja raha hai, waise Naku maika mein ja ke sausral ko maat bhole jana , she said holding her hands. Naku felt without being rude she had to set facts right"tai mein tu Dera kam kerne ja rehi hoon or rahoo gi main hostel mein..tu apni ghar jane ka tu chance bahut kham hai lekin tai ,aye Saab, chab bhi ah sakoon,  zaroor ahoyon gi assured Naku .Dutta stood nearby all ready and he swung his key ring around his index finger "chaal bhi ab Naku sara din adher he kazorna hai "he moaned and he went up and held her by the arm just above her wrist and stood her near the car.She looked up into his eyes "saab itni jaldi hai ap ko mujhe bejhane ki",he totally ignored her and Naku could tell he was in a mood "get in the back Roops", he headed towards the back seat, and shut the door for Roops as she got in .He stood by the passenger door and Naku stood near him he looked into her large doe eyes lined with flicked up kajal ,he compressed his mouth, he thought her eyes looked greener than ever as her cotton green batik shirt reflected and complimented her eyes." Excuse me" he said to her as she blocked the car door, "Naku are you deaf! in heaven's name get yourself inside the car" he said as he controlled his barge of cuss words as his sister was around. "Aager mein nehi baithe tu ap kya karo ge Saab",she mumbled in insolence. Dutta pulled his lower lip in his mouth and stared sharply at the bystanders his family members and the body guards .He signalled the body guards to leave with the flicker of his fingers, and asked his family "ap log bhi ander chale jain, lage ta hai kardi mein koi problem hai", he said as he glowered at her. She looked at him as he flicked his hand to ask her one more time to step aside. She stood there in front of him blocking the passenger seat door with her slender arms by her side .He looked at her eyes which provoked him to no end he raised his left hand to stroke his face and eventually, clutched her arm pulled her aside open the car door and shouted in her face "get in and put your seat belt on now!move your legs or I'll slam the door  on them" She sat and quivered, her heart beat like mad, her eyes full of tears ;as she gulped and swallowed her tears .He opened his car door sat down with a thud pulled his belt clicked it and turned on the key; he fixed the rear mirror ,and from the side of his eyes he saw her belly quaked, he looked at her and she burst our crying ohhh ooohh hoo.she shook and cried .He looked at her in utter misery and blinked, I know Naku you wanted me to shout at you just wanted an excuse to cry... he looked behind at Roops from the rear mirror and she nodded and moved forward and put her arms around Naku's shaking shoulders "ab bas vahnini, ap humein bhi udhas ker rehian hai rohe rohe ker",said Roops as passed her some tissues.Naku blew her nose but continued to cry bitterly. Dutta clenched his teeth pulled up the hand break and clicked open her seat belt "ja Roops ke saath peeche ja ke beith"... Naku opened the passenger door and got into the back with Roops who put her arm around Naku's shoulder,in an attempt to console her .Dutta watched her through the rear mirror and saw her eyes were completely red, her cheeks tear stained, her nostrils  bright red and he sadly noted she whimpered  .He pressed on the accelerator and left PN and Dutta pulled out of the drive and Naku turned to watch the body guards close the huge wrought iron gate .


From time to time Dutta caught up with quick snatches of all her well being at the back, he knew as he looked at her face as it rested on Roops shoulder that despite the stronger than the ordinary woman in terms of perseverance and strength ,his lioness was still vulnerable deep down .He bit his lip as his folded knuckle of his right hand felt his lip, for she was same as him weak under the strain of human emotion. Roops met her brother's eyes "waise Bhao you were quick to shout at vahini, it's obvious she is leaving us for a bit ,she's bound to be under duress, intead you yelled at her" . Dutta stared back at his sister from the rear mirror and replied" Roops she has to learn that life is tough, and it moves on, but for us who live it, nothing suffices except to move with it whichever way it moves, learning from our experiences and gathering whatever joy or sorrow it gives us, for we only live once" he moved his head to the side gravely as he looked at Naku's face when he uttered those words but, she met his eyes briefly but shut them soon after."Bhao can we have some music on please the silence is killing me I have some CDs in here which you can put on" Roops suggested, as he passed him the Cds.Dutta gazed them at in a slant and and abandoned the idea, his finger pressed the play button for radio"it's lunch time light bites! for all you listeners out there and here to begin with is my all time favourite, expressed the RJ. The music began and so rang out the dulcet lyrics "mujhse judaa hoker tumhe door jaana hai,  palbhar ki judaai  phir laut aana hai"..Dutta's eyes widened with softness as he looked at his love in the rear, her eyes still closed as she shunned eye contact with him, "saathiya!  his silence called out to her Nakuu "sang rahega tera pyar",  his eyes screamed at her look at me woman! "Saathiya! rang layega intezar"...the cry of his heart reached her and she opened  her eyes as her head continued to anchor on Roop's shoulder their gaze attached "tumse judaa hokar mujhe door jaana hai", she bit her lower lip he could note that tears  once again sprang up in her eyes, "palbhar ki judaai phir laut aana hai" ..he looked at her eyes thorough the rear mirror and a slight frown sat upon the middle of his eye brows but his  enamoured eyes blinked and a brave smile elusively appeared on his lips "saathiya, sang rahega tera pyar" and his eyes convinced her through the mirror and he nodded once "saatiya, rang layega intezar" ...upon that Naku sat up! and much to Dutta's annoyance she began her weeping again he turned on the radio to full volume as the words blared"maein hoon trei sajini! sajan hai tu mera!" and his eyes gave her a stony stare, and with stiffened fingers he cut off the radio, and carried on driving in silence "women, honestly!"bloody tears! if they happy tears! if they are sad tears! if they are angry tears! If they are love making tears!! he stopped and looked at her from his mirror, his baby was quiet now,  he blinked and pulled his lips to one side and fixed his eyes on the road what she needs from me right now is a tight hold and a hard kiss on that puckered mouth of hers!  he thought as he smiled and threw back his head and gave an unnoticed chuckler!. "Saab bhook  lagi hai kuch kahna ko do",demanded Naku as she mopped her face with a tissue .He saw her act in the mirror and gave her a look as she met his gaze yeah baby I'll give you something to chew on ..attitude!... bloody woman all you've given me since morning is tears. He, slowed the car and eventually stopped and pulled the hand brake ,and swivelled around and put his arm to rest on the passenger seat, as he looked at he two "haan bolo kya khana hai?he asked as his eyes looked at Naku's face who appeared silent as she stared at him" ab bol bhi de Naku why are you being so silly today?"he  said much irritated. "Bhao why are you picking on her again?", defended Roops. Dutta realized the pointlessness of arguing with two women and moved his arm and  opened his window and parked his elbow on the window sill, his fingers tweaked and caressed his stubble on his right cheek as he narrowed his eyes. He waited and finally Naku said "pav bahaji" he turned his head and looked into her eyes as he heard, Roops join in the excitement as well, "Bhao its ages since we had that meal from a way side vendor! no restaurants please! she impressed  he nodded "and so it shall be..Pav bhaji!..

He parked with good sense at a convenient place, and the girls stepped out near the street vender who had a large griddle furnaced by a butane gas run stove on a wooden thella..the steaming mish mash of potaoes, pease, carrots and masala sent aromatic messages to one's culinary senses! Dutta stood to one side his hands behind his back as he looked on at the excited Naku and Roops their hands pointed to bits and pieces of what seemed palatable delights to them .Naku pointed her delicate left hand graced by her solitare ring that went into a blinding flash of colors caught by the sun,and her kangan that jiggled on her wrist, to the halved heated baps on the hot griddle "bahiya teen pav bahija dein ga" ,she pointed to tamarind sauce and mint sauce and requested for drizzles .She turned around and saw Dutta resting his posterior against the iron railing behind the thella, his legs crossed slightly to indicate relaxation. He watched the two girls in amusement and parked his elbows on the railing as well, his hands hung off his wrists loosely. He looked upon her green batik print outfit,  how well if fitted on her everywhere! ,this was the thing with her he thought as his mouth hung open ,whatever she wore it was her simplicity that caught his attention a certain sobriety ,yet appealing to a man's senses in every way .He saw her walking towards him gingerly holding on to her food wrapped in her tissue .She came and stood beside him at the railing and he nodded towards the railing and she parked her back against it, close to him, he looked down to her and had this tremendous urge to kiss and pull her ear lobe so very close to his mouth ."Saab", and she held the pav bhaji to him he looked at her with narrow frigid,  yes and she understood and pulled off a bit and he moved his head and opened his mouth hungrily as she placed it on his lip and he the took the morsel in smilingly. She continued to feed him and he ravished the food ,as he brushed the corner of his mouth from time to time. He suddenly stopped and noticed a group of college girls giggling at the spectacle,  he saw them blushed and lowered his eyes and then turned to Naku who continued to morsel feed him "kua ker rehi hai Naku log dekh rehan hai ,tu bhi na  jagga dekhti hai shrrou ho jati hai! chorr muhje"! and he turned his head away as herefused to eat by her hand.She finished the treat and she saw him open and close his mouth and going sss.."Saab kya hoi mirchee lage kya?he looked at her icily "nahin meetha lage"! .She knew what she wanted and walked off to get some water and he watched the vendor pour some water out of a jug and handed it to her ,she came over rested her back and held the glass for him to drink "nehin Iam not drinking that! heaven knows where's that's come from " he growled. She shook her head and took a few sips and then passed him the glass he took the glass spotted her lip gloss marks and opened his lips and closed them were she had placed them on the glass and drank, as he gave her a wicked look !she blushed took the glass and he stood up and followed her to pay the man. They came towards the car and Dutta put his hand on the small of her back and looked down at her "chaal apna Saab ke pas age baeth" he bent down and whispered to her ,she nodded shyly .


Dutta drove in silence, pav bahiji he hadn't tasted it since donkey's years .Lunch was great ,he looked at her and he smiled at her it was great baby because you fed me..and he smacked his lips as his eyes danced. It was at later part of the afternoon, almost dusk when they arrived at the destination of the Dera hospital .They went in and Naku collected the keys from reception. Dutta without time wastage,  got her baggage out of the boot of the car and carried it towards her living quarters .Roops looked around at the row of flats surrounded by lush green lawns. Dutta looked at the tree, the huge tree which overlooked the little brook where they sat not so long ago and exchanged  views and attitudes towards life ,his brow creased as he recalled she had almost called it off between them ,due to his sexist attitude. Naku led them and they walked through the open air sheltered long corridor ,once again he glanced at her, as before, the breeze caught her tendrils as it did the last time he walked here with her, he lowered his eyes Naku kisi jayeya ga tera Saab tera bina? his eyes burned a little and he cleared his throat. Naku stopped outside her room. Dutta stopped, he recalled she had invited him in before, but he had declined as he being a man was aware of gossip if he entered a single woman's room. But he smiled today his sister was with him so he could see the room, fee the room around  him... where his woman would live from now on,"open the door to your room, Roops and I will bring your stuff in Naku", said a firm faced Dutta. Naku ,nodded and with her back to them she opened the door and looked back at Dutta "Saab,aaj tu ap undher ayenge na? he hesitated and she walked past Roops who waited and reached out for Dutta's arm just the way he holds her above the wrist and dragged him past Roops and he entered her room .The first thing he saw was the murti of Bappa in a niche surrounded with divas and incense holders, complete with a box of matches ."where do want this"? ,before she could answer he put the sit case on a side table opened it and asked Roops to take out the things . He looked at the humble simple single bed and folded his arm up in thought ,bedding. He opened her wardrobe and found bed linen, and he raised his arms till he reached it. Naku blushed as he got the stuff and started to make her bed ."Saab" and she tried to take the bed sheets from him "leave it i'll do it ap chur du" " kyon is liya ke mein tera Saab hai Naku ,that's why I can't give a hand" he challenged.She looked at his face there laid a desperation to fight back his gloom hence his help ,and both  made her bed .He walked up to her suitcase and grasped the cuddly lion and chucked it across the room as he aimed at her pillow ,which is where it landed ,and Roops clapped "wow Bhao bull's eye!" and he looked at Naku who smiled at him "yeah" he squared his shoulders and cocked his head "bull's eye tu hoa hai after all fauji hoon mein"he chirped. Roops had hang all Naku's clothes in the wardrobe and Naku arranged her toiletries in the bathroom. Dutta checked her fridge it was empty and he announced I'll be back shortly "tum dono baatien karoon", and he stalked off. Soon after,  Naku and Roops stood in the door of the flat when they saw the tall figure of a man in a steel blue pathiani carrying bulky carrier bags in each of his hands, he walked regally in long sides .Naku's heart melted with affection for him!  here he was the great Dutta ShreeRam Patil an officer and a gentleman carrying bags of groceries for her .Both Roops and Naku, ran towards him and he smiled as he knew from their faces what the two thought, he nodded his head and his eyes gleamed" I am a soldier also you two! now move out of my way and let's get these things sorted in the right places. Naku arranged the cereals ,milk ,butter, fresh fruit ,nuts ,bread, kitchen roll in the appropriate places. She looked up at him and wanted so much to hug him ,he looked at her and his mouth opened and he smiled slyly at her ."Naku,I'eve checked,there is a shop, within the premises selling fresh veg etc if you want to cook seeing you have a little kitchenette in here", oh yes before I forget,ye tere lya hai , ye BB or lap top ,he said meaning fully ..there is wireless connection here and he alerted her to the power points ,ye Aye Sahib ke tirf se hai Naku, he said hurriedly before Roops could tease him. Then suddenly he dug deep in his pocket and fished out his wallet and an envelope "ye le Naku" he said "ye kya he Saab"?she asked, "ye blank cheque book hai Naku, teri name pe ,use it when you need money, but for now keep some cash as well" and he pulled out a bundle of thousand ruppees from his bulky wallet.He jerked his head forwards "pekar bhi le ab". She overcame with emotion and opened her mouth to speak and he looked into her eyes and put his finger on his lips. Nakku knew now the time had come .He hardened his face and said to Roops "come on Roops its nearly twilight now, she needs to rest as well, ok Naku you look after your self he said tersely  and stalked out of the room leaving the women to hug. He walked slowly.  Roops caught up with him "Bhao give me the keys to the car I'll wait, for you she said, "hmmm" he replied as he gave her the keys, and continued to walk away...Saaabbb!   he heard her call and he turned and she ran into his arms her hair flying and she hugged him tightly ,he folded his chin and saw her tearfull face twisted,  her lips quivered he bent down and kissed her lips and she pulled her mouth away as she clutched his collars frantically with her hands! "Sssaab! mujhe lae jao apni saath, mein  nehi rehi gi edher!", she pressed her brow on his neck Sssaab!,she cried out as she beat his chest he gulped and gripped her shoulders with force, "Naku get a grip of yourself",he caressed her cheeks and held her close "Naku you are Dutta's  strong woman"..he broke free from her and said "I leave my heart with you,and take your's with me ,this is the way we both live, fulfilling our call of duty .." and he turned and walked away from her as she stood and cried... she watched him as walked to his car ,sat in it,  turned it around and drove off...Naku walked back into her flat, closed the door and moved towards Bappa's murti.."Bappa ab mera pas yahan sirf ap ho Baapa sirf ap" .. to be continued~ Hamlet~23.9.11.

Precap:"Baji there are certain things I want to clarify with you"... said Dutta          





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krishaa Senior Member

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awesome hammie so dutta accepts he is a gadha and they interaction in the garden was awesome too.dutta is sweet that he hides his sorrow to give strength to nakku and nakku crying like a baby and pav bhaji seen was too good i love pav bhaji.

and a final part made me cry plz hammie don't let them suffer a lot weekly meeting should be done and daily phone interactions plz unite them soon thanx for the update and pm waiting eagerly for next thanx again.

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suhana19 IF-Rockerz

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Reserved .. Hug will be back soon
EditedBig smile

Hey Dear HamieeHug
Thanx a million for the wonderful update ... Hug Brillant as always Clap It was all the way Naku and dutta from beginning to end ..loved it all ..." sigh could feel each and every word Embarrassed 
The tittle indeed is making me emotional "Parting is such a sweet Sorrow"

Yess indeed this must a longest nite for dutta Embarrassed if He could he would wish the time would stand still and Naku would be in his forever ...Awww as much he trying to discipline himself ..the more he want her ..every breath he takes for her Embarrassed It wasn't easy for him to leave her like that but he just trying to overcome the feeling ..Awww poor dutta ..."yess Naku called him janwar" but a lion with a heart and love for his lioness ... Embarrassed 
He just wanted to go and hold his women in his arms but then he is gentlemen that wouldn't cross that line ...

Dutta ne Naku ko bas apne dil Awaaz di and here she is in front of him much he desire to hold her he just trying to control his feelings but on other Naku can't stay Away from her Saab ..He wanna live for the moment and not think what tomorrow holds for them ...awww ...Embarrassed..And naku irrating him with senseless ??...But pyar karti hai waana hear from him Wink...Loved this whole moment btwn the ..Love and trust they shareDay DreamingOmg he called lauren old hagLOL...Dutta is imprisioned in naku"s heart Heart
Hain mein marjawaa ,,,Day DreamingThe loving moments they shared ...Dutta is not stopping today ...Major is so drowned in naku"s Love Wink
New day has began But today Dutta doesn"t wanna see naku ...coz he can"t see her crying ...Haila today dutta dressed for naku ...wanna leave her dress and the frames to feel her presence ...Cry...lambi judaai ...Awww AS wished she married them off instead ...This indeed going to be Hard ...But there love will get more stronger ...Embarrassed
As always loved the breakfast table scenes btwn whole family ...Omg every one teasing poor dutta LOL...and naku tryin to rescue ..."sigh" Loved the Bappa"s blessings wala part and the sweet and emotional partings of Naku and AS ...Embarrassed
Dutta is going also feeling the pain as the time is coming closer of there separation and he also frustrated ...But naku just dnt wanna leave here saab ...Sher is getting angry at her ...Embarrassed...Coz she keeps crying ..But how will she not Cry...
Roops is tellin me off to make naku sad Embarrassed...Loved the song u picked ...Though it was emotional Crybut the pain was visible ...and in the end when says sweetly Bhook lagi haiEmbarrassed he justs melts na ...Loved the pav bhaji wala part ..naku feeding dutta and then the water drinking part ...Just too good Star..loved it ...

The last part gosh i have no words Cry i mean He the world"s best Husband has gotten ...Lucky naku Thumbs Up...Roops and dutta setup the room for naku and gave her all the necessary stuff ...My heart just went to them when Naku hold him and says take her awayCry...This indeed was emotional rollercoaster "sigh"...But very superb Thumbs UpClap and Brillantly written ...Awesome precap ...Will wait for the nxt part and see how Naku and dutta cope with there respective jobs and separation ...Embarrassed

Love and Hugs suhanaHug

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Mein aagai :D heehee took long time i know...i guess i am late latif now :S

Ok without further ado here I go ...

Chapter 21 ' "Parting is such sweet sorrow" <- love the title ...sweet sorrow hmm very apt title for this part ...

Haha major is trying to control so much ...discipline! ahaa but he really hates this night doesn't he...cuz once it's over his love will have to leave, love all the questioning he is doing to himself about wanting her...of course now that he won't even see her , he is going to feel the need to hold her close even more...and this time this feeling would get the better of him...of course as if she could hear his every cry for her ...she stood waiting for him and he made his way to same he is trying to see if she is really there LOL ...well she is and boy was she getting his feelings high...he so badly wants to hold obvious but he is trying so hard to control...and of course Naku hugging and holding  him will not help ..haha and he does hug then lift and she kissing his chin and him saying kiss the lips not reading this dreamy scene heehee ...I loved their whole convo and moment emotion packed...he is being stronger versus she breaking down the typical image of men not showing emotions and girls always breaking down LOL...would like to see that changed one day...he is sooo in love and every little thing shows it so well ...

Aww Dutta wanted his bed tea from her but at the same time did not want to see her tears so felt it was  better not to have the tea...and he picked the outfit she liked best...aww how sweet of him...and he went to her...asked her to leave somethings behind feel her presence ...omg the little things he does...

Loved the little bit here where they both came to stand overlooking the first floor, together and AS felt it would've been better to marry them off...but sometimes such tests only prove ur love to be stronger so in a way am glad they are not married yet ...

Loved the light fun dining table scene...all teasing him ...and then the little AS-Naku parting convo...was beautiful

oh and must mention the part where he yelled at her not in frustration but for Naku she can cry her eyes out...he knew ...loved that bit..

aww naku crying her eyes out and major saab is getting annoyed that this is what he will remember when he comes back her crying like a baby...although we all noe his heart is crying the same way! And the song (great choice) explaining their emotions well and then stopping to eat and feeding ...soo LTL1 hmmm even their feeding each other spoke so much about their love from just how sweetly it was done...omg i loved that the water he refused to drink 'heavens knows where that's come from' haha but as soon as she drinks and passes it over he finds her lip marks and drinks from it...aww they are so cute together lol...aww he is so glad she fed was only good cuz she fed him eh haha the guy is so in love...they get to her destination ...and you can just feel the ping in both of their hearts as it sinks in ...they will be going their ways in a matter of minutes

The last bit was amazing..loved it...again so much emotion and feelings...Naku completely breaking at this point as she knew this was it...he would leave now and she could not take it...she wanted him to take her back and broke down...but they will see it through...loved his line "I leave my heart with u and take urs with me..."  and he walks away...and Naku left there with her faith in tact :)

Wonderful update...sorry for being late to comment...loved it as always ...

Phir milenge chalte chalte :)

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hi hamlet as always as you know superb Smile the one reason for visiting the forum is  amazing ff & you are best among the good ,you writing is like reading a poetry so much consoled in it ,i just like the philosophy you bring abt through ur writing the like the want /need ,the parting was quite emotional but i 'm sure we all look frwd to how they cope with it each busy with their respective job & hope they steal some time for each other  ,as always u were great & waiting for the next part already ,u tc Smile

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