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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 8)

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                                       Painful Rapture: Chapter 4

                                               The Battle Within

Mid morning was in full swing, the doctors remained occupied with patient  recuperating check ups on a brief one to one level . Dutta  waited his turn apprehensively and was greeted by a surgeon clad in emerald overalls, his surgery mask hooked behind his ears resting on his nose. "Hello major Dutta ,you are a hard man to nail down" .Dutta smiled at the surgeon with his head cocked slightly to the side nodding in proud consent. " so Major since your crocodile skin is beautifully on the mend I recommend we carry on with the suturing of your open wound above you lower spine straight away, we plan to do the procedure under local anaesthetic ,any  comments Major?"  asked the surgeon "yes how soon can you get me out of this flipping bed!  fussed Dutta" "Well soon may be in a few hours, how does that sound", but  let's get you stitched up first eh" ? retorted back the surgeon. Dutta eyes were aglow with the zest to tackle again! " Incidentally I want information about Lieutenant Altaf? he demanded from the surgeon " well major Dutta, he is fine, because as informed by Lieut .Altaf  in his report  you wheeled him out of the bullet velocity range so fast that his femur only received  minor lacerations, must say quite a die hard chappie you are are'nt you Dutta? ".  Dutta narrowed his eyes and compressed his lips side ways  at being called "chappie" by this surgeon yet, Dutta was pleased more  with Altaf's positive report, rather than his own valour!


As Dutta waited in his bed to be wheeled to the Minor Surgery Unit ,the nurse came in wheeling the mobile telephone unit."Sir there have been two phone calls for you one from a man and the other from a woman, I'll leave the phone here by your bedside for you, as I asked them to ring back after 5 minutes".  A woman, Nakku or Aye Sahib, Dutta wondered with his heart beating. The phone rang and he leaned from his bed and grabbed the phone." Haan hello", said Dutta, "kya Bahu tu kaisa hai? , miss, wiss ke saat saat aesh kar raha hai!" chirped Baji " why do talk such rubbish all the time, Baji Rao! Bund kar apna mau"  roared Dutta angrered " nehin! nehin Bahu! mein ne tera haal jaal puchana tha,  sorry haal , chaal nehin," cackled Baji.Dutta was glad to hear that inspite of him being indisposed in hospital Baji was in his bloody high spirits ,dutta chuckled quietly " haan Baji, aji sakham pe tunkey laga rehanin hai, Aye ko bata dena". Ordered Dutta "Ho Bahu ,ye tu achi khabir hai, tu jaldi hi theekh ho raha hai, Acha mein chalta hai, aji mein aye ga milay thuje aagar hospital na anay deya". Dutta put the phone down and immediatedly the phone rang again .Dutta put it to his ear ,but it was the  pulsating of his heart he could hear,in his brief split second wait! " Saab, Saab! mein Nakusha" Dutta for a moment went mute, puckered his lips and in slow motion shook his head blandly, "Saab bolo na , mujhe pata hai ap sun rehay ho"  carried on Nakku.  Wilfully Dutta  still remained hushed, he was peeved with her, as she had'ent bothered about him since few days since she first and last came to see him. "Saab"! she screamed "agar ap jawab nehin do gay to mein phone band  karnay lagi hoon ",she threatened. "Nakku" ,Dutta murmured "haan mein bol rahan hoon,  kaise hai? "mein theekh ho saab Uni mein busy hoon", he could hear her male and females course mates he would have liked to believe, calling her name in the background, he clenched his spare hand that supported his body on the bed, as he suffered the sizzling  crackling  sweet pang of jealousy through his body and mind. He took a deep breathe and growled. "aagar busy hai tu yahan phone kyon  kiya hai!  mujhe bore karnaye kia liya!". "oh my lion cubby wubby she thought you need a smooch on your nosey wosey don't you, she blushed at her insane thoughts about her missile man! He would shoot her without batting an eye lash if he read her thoughts she thought with a seret smile!  " aye Nakku bol kya kehna  hai?  mein bhi busy hai" he moaned. "Saab aap kya aisa ker raho ho jo aap busy ho? cajoled Nakku, " makhkhiyaan  maar  raha hoon ! khoosh!. He heard her titter at the other end and Dutta too was forced to smile at his dim witted remark and the reaction it got from Nakku, but soon enough he turned his head to one side and lowered eyes his reserved eyes. On a serious note he informed her about the suturing procedure ,which caused her to utter this time an  audible distressed "ooh" and "haiyes" from her side " bus kar Nakku shor machana!  stitches hain mar nehin jaon ga, drama choor ! he heard her sobbing at the other end babbling" mein ah jaoon Saab ap kay pas? ,bolo Saab,mein ah jaon gi?. Dutta felt insecurities cropping up in him, he had hardly met her but once ,where he gave her an inch or rather she took an inch ,and here she wants the full yard off him ! he thought the biting his lip as he held on to the phone. But his eyes suddenly emerged into a glazed look and he smiled into space,yes her to come! wanted so much to say to her yes come woman come I want you here with me!.  But ,on guard, Dutta rebuked her instead "Nakku mein faugi hoon koi baachay nahi jo tera haat thaam lai ga dar ke maaray samjhe"! Nakku heard the raw strop in his attitude, she had sensed, he was probably annoyed that she had'ent returned, to see him, she also knew that Saab would never admit to what she was speculating ,at least not yet. She so wanted to say to him over the phone Saab don't worry aap ka heart jo tota hoya hai is waqt ,Nakku aye gi aus ko taankha laganay! "Major Dutta"   said the hospital porters "we have come to wheel you bedridden  to the minor surgeries unit sir!  Dutta sharply turned and said " Nakku ab tu ja! mein phone rakhta hoon , jana hoga mujhe" "Saaab"! Nakku shouted but he had already hung up! Typical of her snorting beast, her roaring lion- hearted spit fire! She has to see him, she has to be with him!  she's nearly there!...

The suturing had finished and Dutta's bed was wheeled back in the previous postion in the ward by the porters. He gave the two porters a thumbs up and they uttered a Sir and left. He was given localised pain killer injections to alleviate the pain of suturing  ,and as such felt quite well and pain free. Now all he had to do was to wait for her to come, for she hinted that she would and that seemed to have given him a certain lift in his soul .But what off his past proviso about women , his warding them away from his person??  


 With one arm tucked under his head Dutta gazed up at the hospital ceiling his eyes narrowly shifting slowly at the dimmed low spotlights. He gently fidgeted with his fingers tucked behind his head. Gradually he brought his other hand across his chest and run his thumb against his forefinger in slow motion. He was deeply occupied with Nakku's facial expression as she left him that day when she came to see him in hospital. Inherently, in the inner recesses of his being he  received some vicarious pleasure every time he evoked her  vision again and again restlessly. The  more Dutta summoned her face the more restless he became, for she did not fit in the enclave of his mind and perceptions of women. He pulled his arm from under his head and tried to sit up against the propped up pillows. There was a slight pain in his side and he tried to adjust the centrally hollow ring foam against freshly sutured wound. He  pressed the patient call button,and immediately the male nurse arrived. " give me a shot of pain killers my suturing is beginning to smart,I need to unwind a bit" demanded Dutta. the male nurse complied to the patient need and left Dutta unperturbed and comfortable.   

Nakku, would not leave his being. He gently sucked in and bit his lower lip with his top teeth, and than compressed his lips tightly giving his lips a slightl pout. The  bow of his top lip sat firmly on his lower lip. He clenched his jaw and narrowed his eyes as he began debating with himself. Dutta, you need to stay well clear of women, you are a soldier, married to action, risk and danger, to be entangled to a woman is not for you. He remembered when his father died, killed in front line action,he was a young lad of ten .He recalled how his beautiful Aye Sahib, withered from a beautiful flower into a parched dead rose flower that his sisters kept pressed in their novels as book marks! . He had seen the toll of widow hood descend on his mother, how her maang always stood devoid of the symbolic colour. He well remembered while all other women the same age as her adorned themselves in bright colours his Aye only stuck to sober colours. Even on occasions she would appear complete with the appropriate display of emotional happiness, inside he could see her emptiness because his father was not alive ,her husband ,her power and joy was no more. Dutta dredged up, many a times he would weep at his father's death many a times he lamented why his father was in a job where there was so much risk factor involved. He jerked his head and smiles well he is no different to his father for has he not done the same, put his life at stake!

Dutta pondered, he may have chosen his fathers profession ,but he had decided in his mind that he would not subject a woman,his woman to the same trauma that his mother went through. Dutta  puts his thin long fingers against his face and slowly slid his fingers down his face and made a triangle with the fingers tips of his hands and continued with his reflections. No he had made a conscious choice to stay away from women.

He went back into the past when he was at the all boys boarding school. The recollection of those to him Dutta repulsive times when his adolescent and early teen room mates covertly smuggle play boy magazines into the dorms and would spend ages looking at the images displayed . Dutta retracted how he hated to be party to that company. How he was revolted by the images to the point of actually unleashing out in angered brawls with  his room- mates. He called back how the boys jeered at him and poked fun of odd his non reaction to the contents of the magazine. Dutta snarled and tightened his hands till his knuckles turned pale his hands in suppressed rage. He was reminded of that bleak December night when his room mates gagged him and pushed  half a bottle of Scotch Whiskey down his throat. He remembered waking up in the Dean's office clad in a bikini bra top over his fisherman's ribbed pullover and  a pair of bikini briefs over his jeans. "What is the meaning of this Patil"  hollered the Dean with a cane in his hand.  He recalled the Dean commanded him to stand up and when he struggled, and lost balance due to heavy intoxication ,the Dean shouted "damn you Patil and you'ere inebriated as well your'e suspended from  cricket and riding and martial arts for a week,"! all of  which Dutta loved. Dutta, recalled how before he left the Dean's office he was given the final penatly of canning on his tender,chubby,red palms ,which razed under the sharp smack of the cane against his flesh! And all for something he was not guilty off!. He clenched his broad palms into a fist and in a fit of past rage punches the side of his bed to alleviate his on suing tantrum. He rembered how full of shame and degradation he was filled with.Dutta took a deep breathe as the flashes emerged before his eyes how he confronted these 8 low level boys in the school fields alone and fought them gallantly with swift sharp swings of his long legs and his firey fists ,punching th black and blie till he had given a couple of them bloody lips and nosesboys  and finally he remembers after valiantly acquiring a bloody nose himself he walked away wiping his face on his white uniform shirt sleeve he trudged of the field towards his dorm to get cleaned up.

He remembers because they were also being trained to be blue blooded gentlemen,his room mates came back to the dorm and extended their hands look dutta the leader sunil said we are sorry mate, we will go up to the dean and confess our part in the prank in dressing you and p#####g you .so hopefuly the dean will revert your punishment. Once it was sorted Dutta still remembers they still niggled him about his anti women attitude,he blushed when he recalls Sunil saying Dutta I hope you are straight man,i mean teenager boys do ogle at girls and banned magazines. Dutta recalls with pride what he said to them iam a woman man  only but I believe not just in loving a woman for life but also i belevive in honouring a woman. Iam a woman ,man only,but Ido believe in a the honour of a woman as well! He remembers impressing on him that saw a woman in the roles of a  mother, sister, wife and even as a goddess as was propagated in his house hold. He had shunned their debauched attitude towards to women. He remember at length he had spurted that he was not a Casanova ,who would wine and dine women,charm them,make them feel irrestible,take them to bed and ...move on to the next woman the next day! Yes he was a woman man but one woman man!

 He lay back on his pillows and restlessly with tears stung his eyes he recalled, how his father had separated him from his mother ,snatched away his security of being with the one woman who calmed him and lulled his body and soul ,and all because his father felt Dutta, being the single male child was  molly coddled by the women of the house hold. His father wanted the young Dutta to be nurtured under the doctrines of manly pride and independence, staying at home was negating that purpose rather than fulfilling it. Dutta grit his teeth and a tear rolled out of his eye ,down to his pillow. Although ,he loved his father and missed his existence to this day, Dutta felt his father was too passive yet frightened by Dutta's overly dependence over his mother so he  pulled him away from Aye Sahib, his primary source of comfort too soon, far too soon!  But now that he had grown up and is a soldier, tough and strong he felt only a conflicting emotion of a yearning for his Aye type replacement. He felt hostility, aggression towards women. Yet he did not come under the category of being a Casanova, a womanizer, a tom cat, lady killer, a seducer, a predator and player!.

But Nakku, Dutta fondled one of his arms as he touched the spaces on his arm that she had touched. She was sweeping his being, his body warmed up in circulation when he thought that she was nurturing ,caring material, she was close to his maternal figure! Yes he thought all the years that he lost in adolescence when he still required his universe , his mother he could relive coupled with some new  unexplained feeling, but he would have to give way mused Dutta!


Dutta waited with baited breathe for her arrival,fuming at being stood up every second that fleeted past.At last his eyes witnessed her arrival. He closed his eyes, his swollen scowl awashed face to rested on the pillows to transmit his disinterest in her arrival. "Saab", he felt her touch his knee and he opened his eyes "mein aye gai hoon, ap theekh ho"?. He gave her a raised eye brow, flashing eye gaze, ignored her, yet took in her stunning face and her large hazel eyes. "Saab" she whispered again. He felt like saying to her dammit woman dont ask me how I am!,  when all I have been bloody doing is twiddling my ruddy thumbs since the last couple of hours! Nakku could see the evidence of his anger in his frigid turned away from her eyes and his defiantly compressed mouth. "Saab thaake lag gya ka"? ,she tried to change the subject. "Hummm" , he roared but still refused to converse with her. But he was defeated by his rage as he fleetingly looked at her at every given opportunity. She looked "hmmm", delectable in a coral printed cool crisp cotton fitted shirt and churidar pajama  and the colors of her top blended in with her complexion. He noticed she had delicate studs in her ear lobes and her waist length hair was secured by a small hair claw behind the back of her head. A few loose wavy strands of hair escaped out of the captivity of the claw and fell about teasing her peach smooth glossy cheeks ,but it was her eyes that had Dutta bound by his neck. Hazel green elusive pools of eternity alluring him to captivity. She blushed as she felt his longer than slightly usual feasting of her face. "Major Dutta, here are your change of clothes", said the female day nurse. Dutta stretched over to look at the royal blue folded garments .He mumbled a thank you and the nurse asked "have you had a dry wash today sir "? Dutta shook his head and the nurse says " i'll see what I can do" and Dutta with a near petrified expression looked at Nakku narrowly and than glanced at the clothes  .Nakku says "thats ok i'll deal with that nurse thank you "Dutta tried to stop his top lip from curling into a sly smile, ,but his devilish eyes gave him up, as he entertained up to no good thoughts!

Nakku took the folded set of clothes from his hands and separated them on the bed, a neatly folded V neck, raglan sleeve torso length top and ,to his immense delight a pair of draw sting payjama bottoms. Dutta was visibly pleased and said  "sukar hai Nakku auratoon wailey gown se tu meri jan chottey hai". He gazed at the clothes and than his eyes with a twinkle rivet to her eyes "chaal ab beaethi kya sooch rehi hai mujhe saaf kar aur tayar kar!"  After all Dutta thought he was a patient and she was here to give him patient support and care, he chuckled inside. Nakku on the other hand looked nervously at the pyjama bottoms, and on seeing her reluctance he assured her "is kaam ki liya male nurse hai Nakku!  tu der nahi mein itni besharram nehi hai . She blushed. Nakku drew the curtain and pulled out the toiletries from his bed side cupboard . She left him for a brief moment to collect water in the small wash basin.  Dutta waited smiling with drowsy eyes this would be fun, and before he knew it in true Fauji style as the men did in the shower rooms he stripped off the open back  hospital gown and flung it on the ground with disdain. The gown landed in a flying heap on Nakkus' delicate toes! Nakku was shocked when she saw Dutta sitting up in bed naked up to his waist! The basin quivered in her hands, she swiftly turned to speed out when she heard. Ruk! waapis ah!.  Her foot steps solidified and her heart pulverized. Dutta, on seeing her reaction, in haste gathered up the bed cover in waves securely around his waist and lower extremities.  She came back, recovered from her initial shock for she thought she was training to be a Physio where she dealt with the human body so best to get on with it. With a sober yet shy lowered eye face, she in a matter of fact manner, she sat his  his bed side.But she was terribly shy to look up at his face or his exposed body. He sat silently  studying her amused, as she dipped the towel in luke warm water and after wringing it looked up at him and shly brought it up to his round taut muscular shoulders, he watched her as she wiped down his shoulder and his sinewy arms. She was so very close to him, he caught every fragrance of her skin and her hair ,he decided to leant forward to rest his chin on her shoulder, so she could effortlessly reach out to dry wipe his back. They both changed postion to have access to duplicate the action on the other side of his upper back and extremities. This time he audaciously brought his nose a centimetre closer to her ear, as he rested his chin on her supple shoulder she nipped a little as she felt poked by the force of his stubble chin. He backed off instantaneously, surprised and embarrassed by his advances. Nakku moved back a little more confident now and dipped and  wrung a clean towel to wipe his chest. She sat there, as she looked at his broad muscular chest, with its  mat of shiny curly supply of hair which started from the dip in his neck and  trailed left and right both to his clavicle bones  and descended  right to his navel where the hair submerged in a descending line towards... She had never seen a man's chest before and felt the volumes of power it could speak ,she blushed profusely "chaal ab dekh kya rehi hai ,mein koi tera filmi type hero ka poster nahin hoon , jaise dekh ker tu sapno mein khooh gai hai hai"!. he said impatently. Nakky was spell bound, "aye nakku" he yelled "chaal kham khatam kar mein saray din aise hai adha naanga behta rahoon ga kya"! Nakku  came out of her trance and found him angrily shoving his head through the V neck top ,she gently helped him to get his arms in and he spurned her hands after his top was on ,"chaal ab choor mujhe" .She was not going to give up ,as she was used to his tantrums by now so she calmy left to rinse the soiled water and  returned with the fresh water to wipe his face. He kept his eyes opened so he could further visually devour her facial features from a closer angle. She wiped his face dry with the moist towel and he relaxed his broad face right from his broad sturdy forehead, to the arc of his eyebrows and lion shaped almond eyes to the proud elevation of his nose, to his elusive lips, down to his firm square jaw  bound together by the deep a fissure of his chin. His complexion shone like a clean innocent child, eh,eh rake! She thought. As she left to call the male nurse to complete the next part.  Dutta dreamt of her face her scent, her touch, her reaction when she saw his exposed chest ,he felt filled with manly pride and he half parted his lips and the bow of his top lip gently slanted to one side in a soft smile hmmm , she was one woman he was beginning to warm to...

The male nurse came and attended to Dutta's medication after the suturing, and helped him with the rest of the dry wash and clothed him in his pyjama bottoms. Dutta was ecstatic as he could see the shape of his legs  which were previously covered by the wretched bed cover!

Nakku returned as the male nurse pulled the curtains to reveal the new attired Dutta. Nakku's heart missed a beat when she saw her lion as handsome as ever, his chest hair which she tried to ignore peeked out from the v neck top  adding to his tough manly persona! They both smiled at each other hitting an unheard chord of something undefined in a singular word or feeling from Dutta's perspective. They were interrupted by the young Physio therapist  who came to see Dutta "ah major dutta good to see you are doing so well Iam Shekar  one of your PTs, and you are ? he turned to Nakku, "Nakku tu adher ah!", Dutta called her to him,  said to" Nakku" said the PT politely. Dutta with slightly arched eye brows and narrowed eyes said "Mz.Nakusha to you", Dutta  retorted to the embarrassed PT. "Yes mz.Nakusha and Major I just wanted to give you a brief insight about some of the activities and equipment we plan to use in your rehab Sir". Dutta was taken aback when Nakku took the young PT to one side and shortly he saw they were both in deep conversation as they poured over a folder of plastic wallets ,which they flicked .He saw Nakku pointed ,spoke and the PT nodded  as their discussion carried on. Dutta was wondering what the hell was she chatting up this young PT for, and that to in my presence ,he wanted to throttle her!, his memories of keeping women at bay loomed and he became more wound up as Nakku carried on talking!. Dutta was annoyed, all women are trouble Dutta! he fumed stay away from this Nakku lardki!

"Major Dutta I quess you are a lucky man! your family friend here is a traninee PT and as such she can give you home PT, along side the intial hospital physio which would be extra beneficial for speeding your recovery! I 'll take your leave,now sir"  as soon as he left. "trainee PT what the hell!   Dutta roared at Nakku. She stood there with a slight tremble her eyes began to widened as he shouted tu na muhje ye kyon nehi batataaya ? kuan mujhse ye baat choopiya ?,roz mera pas aye tu , aur mera khayal rakha! aur tu ne yehi baat upni mughe nehi batiey? Aur us admi ko sab bata diya apnay baray mein!  Nakku kuyon tu na zarrori nehin zamjha key pehlay muj ko apni baat batayay! He stopped to catch his breathe and finally got his wits back as he saw she sat by his bed side and just sobbed hiding her tear stained face behind her hands. She can cry he thought the bloody woman! she should know I hate people who hide stuff from me.. he sniffed  hard and turned his furrowed face from her as he heard her snuffle  "Sssaab she splurted "choop kar Nakku mujhe kuch nehi suna is bara mein. Ja adher say mujhe aram karna hai "!... Nakku left slowly broken by his hard heartless ,unpredictable behaviour...


Dutta was woken up by a team of doctors. "ok you son of a gun turn over on your side and lets check up on  the progress of your stitches," after peering the doctor gave his approval yes brilliant no redness or swelling, and they are dissolving ones so no staple pulling out man. Dutta smiled. And since you have been a good boy we thought we'll give you a pressie, porter"!.

Dutta looked up in shock it was a spanking new wheel chair driven by a hospital porter. It was a 20x40 A/H battery powered machine with a maximum speed of 4MPH. Dutta checked out the  steel grey leather seat complete with a head rest ,he smiled it was similar to a car seat,fitted with padded movable arm rests complete with a control box on the right arm rest and a little manually operated gear stick. The swivel seat was attached at the bottom to a scarlet red shining battery component unit, complete with a grooved wide black foot rest.  Dutta admired the grey brand new treaded slate grey wheels attached to the red battery two large ones in front and two corresponding small ones at the back! Dutta loved the complete package! Yes Dutta was well pleased at the sight of his new travel contraption!

Once the initial shock of seeing the wheel chair was over his hands spontaneously travelled to feel his knees. He felt a nauseating feeling rise from the pit of gut towards his head. He felt gripped by a stint light headedness and his  pupils dilated and he suffered from a slight blurred  vision for a split second. He swallowed his salvia. One of the doctors noticed Dutta's sudden paleness. "You alright Major", the Doctor asked as he leapt forward and  gave Dutta a glass of cold water. Dutta took  a few sips of the cold water  and as the water washed down his  gullet the lump abated. He turned his neck slightly and whispered silenty "Think combat, Dutta, go in battle mode, operational point, target success! Yes I am fine he said! after having regained his mental agility!

 With a clenched hand he raised his fore finger at the porter riding the wheelchair and signalled him to bring the wheel chair closer to his bed. He was aided by the Doctor as he lowered his legs on the side of his bed.  The Doctor, adjusted Dutta's bed down to a lower height. Once the wheel chair was parked within Dutta's range he looked at the machine with keen interest and he ran his long artistic fingers around the seat handles and checked the model description imprinted in bold black leeters on the machine back wow he reads a "rascal turn about". He clenched his fist and uttered a yesss! soon smiting his earlier feeling of degradation of temporarily losing the use of his legs! The  Doctor explained that this was a state of the arts wheel chair that had a rotating seat so he could choose between front wheel drive for superb manoeuvrability indoors or rear wheel drive for out doors. "so is the new woman in my life? I like her ! aaah, she's a sexy lady, now lets check how she goes. Dutta's feel its body and his lips curl up in a wicked smile!  Dutta decided, that although he thought of his vehicle as a sexy lady, he could not being a man see himself sitting on a lady's lap ! so he chose to christen  his  wheel chair Rascal!  He signals the porter to seat him in the wheel chair while the doctors watched.The porter put one arm around Dutta's waist and the other under the curve of both Dutta's knees .Dutta hung on to the porters shoulders with one of his arms and with the other arm groped for the far end handle of arm rest of his new piece of gadgetry. His posterior thumped in place on the comfortable seat, his feet rested securely on the foot rests and he felt set for action!. His eyes sparkled and his eye brows arched with pleasure, as he figured out the controls of the wheel chair, pressed the start button at which the machine whirred forward, and he experienced super elation... this was his new woman Dutta thought who has brought him freedom yesss, and he steered out of the ward giving a thumbs up to the Doctors and the porter! The porter stammered to the Doctors "shall I follow Major Dutta "noo" said the doctor "Major Dutta was so desperate for his freedom and independence that I am sure he's fully in command of his actions"!


Dutta, riding Rascal whirred into the squeaky cleaning corridor, manoeuvring his brakes and speed against the oncoming slow traffic of some visitors and some general hosipital staff.He braked near the nurse's station and gave them a thumbs up as the nurses smiled at him , "Major you look like a new man sir, "oh Iam Iam" he said with a cheek to cheek smile, taking the nurses by surprise,for they had never had the taste of his scintillating smile. One of the nurses appeared in the corridor, carrying a load of sealed medical supplies boxes and Dutta  in complete chivalry offered his hand may I? ,the nurse handed him two boxes which he placed on his lap and started Rascal again en route down the corridor. The nurse tried to walk along side his wheel whair but he tried to shake her off as he reves the motor a little. Once the store room arrived,the nurse thanked Dutta for his help and waved him good bye. Dutta wished, she was with him to share his joy but he reckoned it was wishful thinking for his yell must have definitely sent her home!... well what the hell there she was coming towards him, he revved Rascal his eyes beginning to swim a little with saline water ,he creased his brow a tiny bit and smiled as he stopped right beside Nakkus's toes. "Rascal" he fondled the wheel chairs handles "meet Nakku, ye.. ye.. meri dost hai.. he said after some thought. He took her hand tenderly, he could see her eyes were puffy he knew she had gone out for a full blown weep out. "Chaalein jee madam physio therapist jee"! He turned  Rascal back towards the ward and Nakku put her hand on his shoulder, nothing else was said between them Nakku felt he knew what ever she wants to say before hand. As he drove Rascal her grip tightened and pulled at  his top as he teased her by speeding up Rascal and making her take faster steps almost slow running mode" saab dheeray chalo, mein  thuck  kayi hoon"..." nahin! he said savagely " mazza ah rahaa hai" ... Nakku smiled, tears in  her eyes,  he was such a tough nut  bless him , after all this temporary paralysis , Saab is still strong as a lion ..such mein uska Saab sher hai... to be continued.   Hamlet 28.5.11

Precap: " Nakku I will not even let you see my legs, let alone touch them"!, roared Dutta...

" Here's to looking at you Mishal!" [ Humphery Bogart Casablanca] ..  thanks once again for pressing like and great feed back from your side, folks. There were friends who wanted a longer update,I hope no one nods off though,I feel quite drained writing it. Dutta's   apathy towards women was queried by some readers so I had to delve into his past possible hang-ups! Hope you find the update pleasing to your personal taste ,did try... love hammie have a good weekendxx   
















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Great update hammie...loved dutta's two-mindedness about nakku...and introduction of request though..plz keep the conversations in English...u are so good in that language and u have the luxury to make them speak in english as all are well educated polished people even he is dutta's foremen in business of sorts right?

Hindi convos get difficult to read in english words..i know as i have to write them in my FF...but i would rather stick to english..if only i can have the luxury to do so!

waiting for your next installment...

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Joined: 15 January 2011
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 6:49am | IP Logged
thanks Shil for your suggestive comment,I shall try to work on it it's just the Dutta in my mind  had his localised lingo   cannot divorce him from the character in LTL,  but will try ,and I have posted links now on the pms,again thanks for the alertxx hammie 

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Moon_Lovers IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 8:46am | IP Logged
awesome update hamlet
love it
sadhu like bhi karta hai phir bhi batata nahi
poor naku have to bear his tantrums
but like that he is soon gonna out of his solider mind and will be in bars of naku's love
first sexy lady then no lady in his life so name that wheel chair rascalLOL
precap is very interesting
thanks for update and pm

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mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged
aahhh hammie i loved it sweetieBig smile
soo dat explains for duttas distancing himslf frm women but then agen dutta there is always space for an exception..!! Wink
omg poor D dos idiotz dressd hm up!!Angry
they fote he was gay!! LOLLOLLOLLOL
awww poor bby crying...rely wanted nakus entry 2 hapen she wipes his tears n stf but dis karoos gadha wud probz turn hiz face the other way inih LOLEmbarrassedLOL
eeekkk wat a cheeky lil thng lol he is oggling her like ders no1 els n den teasing her ... soo cuteEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
ullu kahin ka phirse ghussa!! pagal...rula diya na Ouch
tsk tsk usse upset kara ke khud smile kar raha hai lolOuch
y is he shoutin at her 4 not tellin man..das nt fair...he ddnt evn ask her himself so y shud she tell him...tut tutTongue
awww he is sucha child man...he soundz lyk a real excited child who got his a new toy lolLOLLOLLOL
hmm so naku ddnt leav him afterallEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
thnku sooo much 4 d udpateundefined
pls cont soon.xSmile

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 11:02am | IP Logged
yaaar mishi your comment is  better than my update ,mera tu haas haas kay bura hal haiLOL chaal abhi next update tu kar I bet every one will love it superb haaa haaa  cant stop larfing...thanks  xxxluve you for making me rock!

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divya17-7 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 11:37am | IP Logged
hey Hamlet,

that was one lovely update... quite funny also... oh y is this D also a gadhaAngry... rude to nakku... poor little thing...

but the update was very nice...

keep writing... will look forward to ur next update...


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krishaa Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
good work keep it up,and do update soon,

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