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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 79)

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
[QUOTE=prncz]Aww thnks for ur compliment ,,hammie,  me humbled and no worries re ,,if u missed i can understand ,, we all love ur FF na ,, and this update again ,,i loved it  ,,u had a gud mix of emo'sTongue
 oye raju ban gaya gentleman! ke haal hi ?
so dutta changed his clothes and gave pleasant surpirse to nakku and ffamily , his happines on gettign his medical and enthu  to go back to work  also ,,Tongue
yes all clear..almost had a good mind to send him back to the barracks!
also liked how nakku did not like lauren falling all over him hehehe LOL
he compliemnitng nakku was sweet and the best is his meeitngnwith bajji ,,re and his possesive attitude with nakku ,,, so finnaly he soke to AS and she to him ,, loved the convo and way u handled it ,, i loved it the most and AS comment
 lauren has alerted Naku.but Nope devi jee is not taking it on board...of course he wanted to see his mate was only right ..and yes he had to tackle the roops baji issue but no phele studies finish kere roops ten..i agree too
"kaun ketha hai Dutta tere babba mera pas nehi , woh edhur he hain Dutta thuje mein",
was too gud
thanks raj for liking my dialouges..once a while I may come up with some thing worth while  
so fianlly dutta and aS agreed for  bajji -roops jodi and loved D's logic of waiting for the d day ..
now the most imp part how will dutta say bye see u to nakku ..Embarrassed nakku is already showing sympotms of them bichodfying , waiting for next part Big smile
Raj   yesss that is coming up in the next UD and judaai not even PRANJAL SUCKS can stop..hammie doesn't take orders from colorless dweebs ..hammie takes orders from the readers of the FF.XXXHAMMIE

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 1:13pm | IP Logged

Dear Hammie,Hug please accept my apologies for such a late post. But I wanted to take time out savor each moment and write comments for each of the updates  missed. Please bear with my ramblings.  Thank you for your for your fantastic comments ivy,Iam so bleesed to have such an avid and faithful reader as your self ..I am truly humbled by your graciousness xxxhammie  

Chapter18: Part I

The engagement episode is just awesome'captured it so beautifully in your inimitable style. So beautifully detailed that I could visual each scene.

AS and DSP: a touching mother-son scene. Though he might miss his father's AS who has stood by him and he by her side.

Thank God Baaji is back.dhinchak dhinchakDancing

Maj. Dutta+ red towel + wet hair = Embarrassed need I say more.

Dutta praising himself in the mirrorLOL' doesn't he know that is the most perfect Male specimen Day Dreaming But I guess that what love does to you.

The Dhoti episode was so funny. And D not willing to eat anything other than maybe by his N.Big smile

Waiting for their engagement and ahem'. Ahem..AHEM. Kitni besharm hoon mein.Embarrassed

Naku looks like a princess who has captured the Kings heart. So much passion and longing between them '.which only they are aware..Some of the best romantic moments can be in a crowd where the two lovers are in their own world and no one is wiser.

Chapter18: Part II

Tasha so much in love that they cannot bear to be way from each other.  But their relationship is not based on physical attraction or eternal love alone'.It is also their desire to serve the county and its citizens that brings them closer.

Loved the dance sequence where Naku was jealous of the female guest who tried to flirt with Major Dutta. But Dutta reassuring Naku and thanking her for choosing him to be her life partner took my breath away..what a sensitive and caring man.Heart

Dutta kept his promise to mamaji and approached the Mamaji-Brig. Parekh issue with a lot of responsibility, sensitivity and appropriateness. Thumbs Up

Duji moments are satisfying as always. Duji vs Tasha? Like I have said so many times earlier' can never chose.. for me both are very important relationships in Dutta's journey of life.

Thanks once again for the wonderful epi'sClap

 loved your fantastic comments ivy..gosh have you been buy at work? but still am touched tht you made the time to read and comment on the UDS..LOVE YOU LOADS..MATE.xxhaammie 

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 1:33pm | IP Logged

Chapter19  have to say this was such a respite to write after he sagaai UD that I let myself go and had a whale of a time ..threw in a baby..and made his phulwari the hit of the UD.the phulwari bit came about before i joined in but zuby and your self briefed me roughly to the extent of Dutta lovers imagination  with regards to his hairy chest..have to say cannot think of him without the growth...haahaaa.

The Baby scene is really cute and I loved the bonding between the two couples. It has also helped to bring Naku-Dutta relationship one more step closer.

LOL the baby likes DSP but then who doesn't??? Sherrro Chacha that a cute name for our Leo man'. but before any one jumps at meShocked'it's chacha only from Munno's perspectiveLOL

It's  great when men realize that their wives also have an identity of their own and dreams that need to be fulfilled. The first step to a healthy, long lasting relationship.. "two halves don't make a whole! two complete persons make a whole!" very well said Hammie.Clap

Dutta and Phulwari have a long connection'No thoughts of shaving please Dutta'.otherwise before dealing with Naku'll have to deal with the 200ROFL

His one line for the day was hilarious and potent with meaning at the same time "haan insane se janawar tune hi to mujhe banya hai Naku!" D taking full advantage of N during the telephone conversation'how gleefully wicked ho aap Dutta Shreeram Patil! Ahem Amem'Blushing

Just curious: what special sandwiches  does Naku make for Dutta'any special filling?

Another amazing episode Hamlet.Thumbs Up

 ivy never really thought about what she puts in but i guess lots of love drizzled with loads of shy looks ,and lowering of eyes...i.e subtle love potion/nectar... waise he'll eat any thing she gives him ..such a baby he is.  thanks for the feed back mate...xxhammie 

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
Posts: 23356

Posted: 22 September 2011 at 1:46pm | IP Logged
yes its my mate ivy ..listen thank you once again my dear friend give such a boost to my will to write ..i do crack up once a while and suffer from glitches..but recently have been sligtly better and with it..yes leo man will be with you tommorrow one i ave done th Proof read..catch it if you can absolutely love your brilliant comments.  


Another brilliant episode, HammieThumbs Up. Thanks for the pm and update.Hug

Tasha is like One soul and one heart beating in two people. Naku is dutta's Need and not just his want'excellent way of putting it Hammie.

Naku choosing her outfit and dressing up for Dutta and he power dressing for her. Sigh. So beautifully written that it's easy to imagine Mishal and Mahi in these scenes.

Lauren is turning out to be a big painAngry..hope she does not go and fall with our Leo Man. Won't be surprised'.hamare saab hain hee isse LOL

Loved the Tasha and Batasha moments.

thanks mate ..for some reason ivy .. all your comments  doesn't allow me to do feed back under your comments I was wondering why ? that's why i just gave broad comments .much lovexxxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by brvr

"Gaya bhains pani me"      Here i was waiting to see dutta donning the stalker role nd maybe even camping outside the hospital compund nd what not, but what do u get? he has decided to stay aloof with his fiancee. haaahaa Sweeny Todd...undher ho jye ga for being a perv!

On one hand he is desperate to be with her but is firm to discipline his need, Nakku on the other hand is longing to be close with him for the little time left. Yeh kya locha hain? Both are thinking on opposite lines. I thought people would try nd spend as much time together as possible so that they can treasure these memories when seperated. But dutta will do his own thing. I pity nakku that when she needs[wants?] him the most he is backing offUnhappy. I wonder what was the point in not allowing naku to accompany her parents after the sagai when he culd have sent her packing off, atleast she would have spent some time with her parents before her marriage nd he could have been successfully disciplining his needs. BTW, when r they tying the knot? any dates dear? gosh talk about having a moan! please let me know one deals with his know he does his own thing..he'll do what he you now you are the third peron who wants them married..they haven't thought about it i guess when they have any ideas he'll probably talk aboutit wit his mum..

God!! nakku fails to recognize him in his new curt sharp look. Haha! he is curious to hear from nakku for his new look, but our sherni is happy with his sher-e-pathani look, bechara! Oh! the whole of PN is fida over his looks nd he continues to ignore her at the dining area even thou' he is ready to smother her anytime, junglee man acting gentleman. lovvve that remark haaa me enjoying this read haaha.yesss she loves the sher the wild one!right choice Naku!  

Atleast he takes naku with him for the hospital trip. Thank heavens! for small mercies. Naku still waitin for his attention but has to wait for this sweet song on the radio which melts him a bit, he atlast holds her hand, that is what he is supposed to be doing, gadha ka gadha he rahega. haaahaaabut of course ab tu filmi songs sun ke turn on hota hai,at least he has made some head thankful Oh God! lauren doesnt let go of any opportunity from [wo]manhandling dutta nd in front of nakku. To top it now she advices her to be wary of the many women [like her i guess] who culd end up having an affair with dutta. Nakku needs no warning as her man is one of a kind, one woman's man, hope he lives up to this reputation.

yeah but she goody goody girl will ignore that advise .I guess she believes in trust

Wow! this will be fun, dutta a tutor to some rebellious youngsters of mixed gender. He has his hands full. This would be more formidable a job than the one in the frontline. Good for him! now he will be having young girls swooning for his attentionWink.

oye bas ahjao one track mind!

Naku is the sister baji didnt have, im sure. She is such a sweetheart never failing him, even with so much happening in her life. It was hilarious nd emotional. Baji too not failin to notice dutta's new look and wanting to wear his blazer for his date, gosh! he is ultimate drama master. Dutta's frock remark was too funnyROFL, im imagining already. Baji will be missing the two dear friends during the hearing. Atleast roops would be there, that's not bad too. well Roops will get her chanceto do her bit for suporting Baji

Dutta nd his mother in sync with baji nd roops relationship, dutta's farsighted nd liberal thinking regarding educating women nd its reasons is praiseworthy. oh yes seems Naku threatened him well and proper when she spoke her mind about equality issues

Oh! nakku, unable to control her emotions, poor girl. Dutta also im sure trying to hide his emotions...nd the precap is equally glum, sigh! yesss sorry dear...kahani mein twist. wait for next UD

Apologies for the delay in commenting hammie, will wait for the next with bated breath, TC .,  thankyou for your much awaited comments ..xxxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 2:19pm | IP Logged

Nice updateClap Good to see Datta cleared all his medical tests, teaching to students is always interesting, Left Right Left, on SAB was my favourite show, this incident reminded me that show. Naku & Datta both will go back to their respective jobs, what happens aftr that. Thanks for the PM, Waiting for the next partSmile

hellooo meenakshi..thank you for liking the UD...Left Right Left? what was that?a serial if it was about the Army .I wish I'd seen it...what happens/even they both and myself are not sure..lets see how it pans out...thanks again for your great comments ..with love xxhammie  

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Warda.

*hides face* *nail biting*
maaf kar dou saab Embarrassed *holding ears*
I ll post in some time for both the updates
 warda  ab thuje saab kya bole ..kuch bolne ke kabil he nehi chorrahe hai tune
Firstly accept my apologies yaar...though ive read it few dayz back...but could not comment Embarrassed
This update is perfect perfect for post engagement phase Embarrassed
Once again very well described details...makes me more and more to wish that we were actually
watching MR onscreen playing wish it happens Smile
Would be a very very strong role for him ...
 that is the best comment  to yes I do keep him in mind when writing
Loved the convo between Dutta ...Ram..RAni...NAku
not to forget that lil one...Naku didnt missed a single opportunity to place him in dutta's
lap throughout this update...he he...acha hai he will get familiar a bit with kids Big smile...add to that rams question about them having kids soon..with the pace dutta is going yes i actually fell in love with the pogdy munno myself ...aww i just wanted Dutta close to a baby ..and i have to say Naku must have enjoyed the sight 
im sure within a year of their marrige even they will be playing with their own munnu...LOL 
I really liked dutta's preception towards working women...unlike ram ...glad taht dutta put some senses in himtoo.. oh yess this is Dutta the man who infuences makes a difference to people he least that's how I like to portray him.
Me too like roops was missing my baaji a lot..Cry..hope whenevr dutta will talk about baaji and  roops...he gets a positive response
 oh haaan yaad aye you are Baji dewaani also ..yes I really missing their bonding..
Dutta naku scene in the room was so so cute...picture perfect...Janawar  ...haha
thanks for bringing that question regarding koel naku as well...was over whelmed reading duttas point... he was right that you do like a person initially due to their looks...but to love someone you have to move beyond that...
 yees his behaviour does become primitive from time to time ,but she has a lotto contribute to that naughty girl she provokes him

the dining table scene was really nice...specially again naku placing munnu in his lap...LOL
I really liked the wish that dutta made give me the wisdom to be a good ,and faithful husband to the woman whom you have bestowed upon me...
specially using the word bestowed...made the lady even more valuableEmbarrassed
awww..naku would be leaving in two dayz time...hope they get a lot of opportunities to meet in between..yes Imake an effort to consider the pooja element as in LTL1 religion was given credence
and yayy dutta would drop naku to dera...hoping for a lovely journey Smile
that will be in chapter 21..
the ending part was again beautifully loving this janwar dutta a lot ...hahaha
No doubts ...the star of this update has to be dutta's chest hair..LOL...first tortured by naku and then by that lil baby...hahaha   spot on warda
and dont he dare ever to shave them...their rights are only reserved with naku...LOL
applauds for you for writing such a beautifull updates Smile...and for tolerating friends like me Embarrassed
will make sure to be on time next time Embarrassed...feeling really embarrassed Embarrassed
listen dont worry about lengthy comments on back dates[do read them] Warda mujhe pata hai jab tere pas time tha you always gave commentson time i said that to you in pms also..looking after your self ..with much love xxxhammie 
[continued for next part]

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Moon_Lovers IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
awesome update hammieClap

love itTongue

so tasha gonna seperated nowOuch

dutta cleared all medical test and going to give trainee lectures and nakku at dera as Pt Smile

bajji lovely and his comic greatLOL

AS and dutta both ready for rojji engagement  Tongue

poor nakku very sad thinking about their seperationCry

nakku scared from dutta as she didn't recognise him in jeans LOLWink

great update dear

thanks for pm

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