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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 76)

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                                   Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patil

                                       Painful Rapture ~chapter:20

                          "there are more things in heaven and earth"Shakespeare

Dutta lay in bed with his muscular arms tucked under his head ,he stared into nothingness. Before he could get lost in a barge of thoughts, linked with subsequent emotions he mentally prioritised the chores of the day. A smile danced on his lips and he pulled his mouth to one side ,he would be going for a medical today, preceded by a formal meeting with Brig.Parekh, which would Dutta hoped afford him future preoccupations while she was away. As much as he tried, she crept into his heart and then preyed heavy on his mind. Nahusssha! he groaned in profound pain as he laid his hand on the left side of his chest. Nakusha he said clearly, the unwanted as her name meant but very much his want and need .Tears started to surface in his narrow lion like eyes, he had to now differentiate between want and need ,to choose between the two he knew she was his need ,his want he could suppress as he would have to adhere to set plans that had both agreed to, however his need he would have to discipline and train..after all he was a trained army officer and to tackle ,to overcome ,come what may should not be so taxing a task. However the need control or discipline had to be tested within the arisen circumstances ,within time limits.. The work on his need discipline, required to be strategy based ,he thought, that which had to be played on immediately without further delay. Oh and yes, sometime today he needed to see his mother his ever present tower of strength, for days may come and go but for him she goes on forever...

Naku jumped out of bed ran to bath room and turned on the shower, she smiled as she lathered her delicate arms and her eyes caught on to the bubble clad solitaire that he had given to her  ,perhaps she should have taken it off before her hygiene session but she looked at it fondness, it was as if she wore him around her finger and she sighed away while her body flustered by the thought of him ,she chivvied  herself, she had to quicken herself as time was flying past like a jet plane. She could not under any circumstance loose grip of time as every second, minute,hour was precious. She dried herself and as she mopped her face she burst out crying but stuffed the towel in her mouth and inhaled to calm herself till the feeling passed .She went to her wardrobe and she could see his eyes ,dreamy ,drowsy narrowed, widened ,his eyes as her fingers moved hurriedly to select a garment ..what would he like ?what would appease him? ,she desired as always to be the apple of his eye for the moments she was with him. Finally, she choose a teal green georgette kameez adorned with an ornate velvet yoke patch with a shimmer patch hem line. He preferred her in long sleeves and this chuurridar kameez suit had long sleeves with an end of sleeve border of the matching velvet yoke patch. She fitted herself into the shaply kameez which flattered her figure as its tight fit revealed her cambered tiny waist and then hung from her hips in a flowing gather.  She sat on the edge of the bed as she put her elegantly formed lower legs into the  matching teal churridar pyjama and fixed the gathered pleats just above her fragile ankles. She stood in front of the mirror to check her outfit, as she pulled the kameez down from the waist to assure a good fit of the garment. She brushed her hair, mid parted, plaited it, and let it rest on the side of her neck. A few wisps of hair as like always escaped her plait and in waves dangled around her face .She applied some plain kajal in her doe eyes and flicked it upwards out of her outer eyes, he liked a line of kajal in her green eyes ; yes her Saab! ,the very man she saw in the mirror his eyes narrowed with an up to no good expression through the reflection in the mirror!  she dipped her finger in damson pink lip gloss and glided it over her lips .She felt her lips for a brief moment and smiled with wide eyes at herself in the mirror, given the chance he would take possession of her rose bud mouth and keep it captured for the rest of posterity .She blushed profusely and grabbed her matching teal georgette duptta and hung it from her neck, and with one final look she headed for the kitchen. Every two second she checked the clock, she had to get to his room! time was too dear to be spent on other trivialities ,chores, duties ,for she had to be near him! breathing in the same space as him ,my lion ,my sherro ,my baby ,she thought and smiled shyly as she held the tray in her hands and made way towards his room.  

"Saab" ,she arrived at her expected arrival time ,but was alarmed to note he was not in his bed, its condition relayed that it had been slept in. She could smell Emporio cologne, she went towards the bath room and placed her ear  against the door as she strained to pick up any sounds from within. She heard footsteps! and she ran and hid behind one of his bedroom doors ,oh Baapa she really didn't want any of the Patil Niwas domestics finding her in his room around 8.00 in the morning especially so, when it was an established fact that Saab was not to be disturbed ! he would arise himself ,hence forth all servants were required to stay out of bounds of his living area. The foots step grew louder ,they were firm and decisive and seemed to know the direction they were heading for ,they stopped outside Saab's door the tray of tea she still held on to shook in fear .She closed her eyes and she felt someone walked into her beloved Saab's room! facing the other way to her ;she opened her eyes and she saw  the heels of a pair of polished cognac coloured shoes .Her eyes moved up to behold the back of long firm muscular legs clad in a pair of steel blue straight fitted denim jeans, her eyes travelled up to the person's hind torso, broad shoulders and back clad in a khaki blazer .,Naku drew up might and stuttered with Dutch courage "excuse mm..ap kaun hain aur Saa ke karma mein kya ker ahe hain?! . The stranger stood still with his back to her . Naku knew this couldn't be Baji, playing a prank for Baji was not here!  and for this person was taller! "security"! she shouted as she stuck her head through the open door securitttyy!! She screamed as she shivered "Naku"...she reeled her head ..the stranger stood facing her "Saab ap"?! she almost dropped her tray as she saw this handsome tall rugged looking stud!  He smiled at her astounded eyes , with a single blink of his eyes.  Naku's eyes lingered over his  jeans which complimented his long legs showing  off  bulges of his upper legs !  .Around his waist they were secured with a  38mm wide rich leather lineage brown belt complete with an antiqued sliver tone buckle. On top her man wore a white buttoned down classic cotton shirt with top button undone at the collar. A loosely knotted  tweed skinny tie hung underneath his shirt collar. Over his white shirt and tie, he wore a neutral khaki colour vintage blazer which gave a classic fit around to his v shaped torso. Naku  smiled as she noticed,that too give himself a smart casual look he had flapped  up the sleeves of his blazer which showed off the white inner  lining of his blazer , complimenting his shirt .Naku looked at his smart lace up shoes cognac coloured Jamison wing tip oxfords made of burnished leather complete with a vintage look! Her tray rattled as he walked towards her this tall stranger! ,"ye tray gave to me, Naku before you drop it" .A few security guards clambered towords Dutta's door "Saab woh" .Dutta raised his hand as they looked at him flabbergasted at his new look ."theekh hai sab,  jao tum edher sai",he said with command .He took the tray from her placed it on the table and began to sip his tea as he observed her distant and almost nervous look. Naku stared at him wide eyed her large doe eyes ready to pop out. He placed his cup down and clicked his finger at her "your face is fixed in one expression, that of having seen a ghost! ,he clicked his finger one more time come "oh now snap out of it" he said in an under played tone. "Ssaab she went you could have warned at least"she stammered, "about what? he questioned "about" she replied "your clothes", "kya?what humbug!" he said irritated "so what's the big deal Naku I,change my look" yes I did , it's a matter of dressing appropriately for an event ,yes Iam dressed smart casual because I will be seeing Brigadier Parekh today, so I had to show decorum according to the sitation. It's strange how poignant a silent statement one's  attire can make" he  said philosophically. She sat on the turquoise settee staring at him, totally enamoured by this man  "you are right Saab, how more than often we form an opinion about a person just by looking at the clothes he or she may be wearing", she agreed. "So tell me Naku the  clothes you usually see me in what opinion do you form about me" he asked her gently....Naku giggled as she saw this ,western vintage style casual young man with a stubble asking her these questions ,this man's chest was not bare if fact he had a skinny tie with a loose knot and she noticed every now and then he would bring his beautifully manicured polish nailed long fingers around his skinny tie and smoothed it flat! But there were some things Naku felt, that were same, the way this rugged man looked at her a variety of ways, the cold narrow lion like look ;  the wide eyed school boy look; the shy  look; the belittling and condescending look;  the not so amused look!.."bol kya batae  hain meri kapre thuje mera bare mein? He quizzed with irritability. "Well I have never seen you in your uniform but looking at your photo graph, yes the clothes give  you a state appointed designation and  defined authority and dignity".. "ok" he went, "so what can you say about me dressed in a the pathiani', she blushed and he looked at her with one eyebrow raised, but with a brush of his hand he nodded his head once, and gestured her to carry on "ye ummh ye muhwoh ap un main sab se ache lagete hain ,ek to rang hain ek dum serious hain ,kala,nela grey brown,aur style bhi anoka hai ekdum sense of mystery and unfriendly cold Naku carried on in all honesty..haan mugger PW ke dekna walaoon ko ye zarorrar lage ga ye insaan humari he alaka  ka hai mugaar phir bhi juda ,zarre hut ke,I mean ,the dress shows affinity and oness to the soil and the people, but your image seemed to be distinct and raised, for your pathiani colours have a certain uniformity about them, a one of a kind uniqueness about them, if your people saw you even from  distance in your pathiani's they would know ye Dutta Baho hai..he stooped and pierced her with a meaningful gaze "aur tere liya"?he asked she held her chunni and twisted it's corner "mere liyae mere Saab",she said softly her eyes lowered. He battled with his longing to smother her in his arms, but he placed his arms on the sofa heaved himself up and stood up as he looked at her ,in his new attire.."aur Naku, ab ye kapre thuje mera bare mein kya kahe rahe hain?.."Saab ye serious, semi formal, semi casual  contemporary corporate look hai, jo janta ke saath ek look se different hai" she thought and answered .He walked away from her and she started at his tall frame, he turned round and squared his chest, pegged his thumbs in his belt almost drawing her attention to his torso and legs, "thuje mera naya look pasand aye Naku" he murmured with a suggestive gaze ,she blushed and stood to go, refrained to answer his question ."Saab mujhe saath le ker jaen ge apni saath medical check up ke liya? she enquired.."hummm" he went as he saw her back ,there was no doubt she looked ravishing in her teal outfit and he was tempted to fulfil his want but he had to discipline his need and focus only on overpowering the the need...

The family was stunned to see Dutta in his rugged contemporary smart casual look .Roops  rushed towards him and put her arms around his waist "haiii Bhao", she shrilled ,as she looked at Kala and shouted" he's sooo cute,haina Kala Tai,Leela Tai"Kala looked at Dutta "baby she ran her long nailed fingers on his stubble cheeks, where did you get all this trendy gear from Dutta? ,she asked as she looked into his eyes ..Dutta looked nonplussed as he moved towards his mother to touch her feet "ashirwad dein Aye Shahib aj mera medial hai or Parekh se mulaqat bhi".,His mother blessed him ad brushed his head with her motherly stroke of the hands .He,arose and squared up and announced as he looked at Kala "Tai these clothes  are all gifts I have received from yaar dosts and you people on several occasions ,it's just that I never got around to wearing them ,was never here , or the opportunity never arose to wear them; moreover, I needed something for today and saw that these were gathering dust in my ward robe although they are new ,there was no point of wasting time and money on buying something new" he affirmed his opinion. He looked at Naku and raised his eye brows at her as he sat on his chair waiting for his breakfast. She brought his plate of sandwiches and her hand very nearly brushed past his shoulder he looked at her elegant long arm in a teal sleeve and glanced up at her as he blinked his eyes slowly baby you know I want to hold you in my arms ..but from now on he mused, I have to retreat slowly from you ,he lowered his eyes as he knew she had read his eyes and was not pleased..and he bit his lip and started on his breakfast as he gazed across the table , at the faces of loved ones ,he caught sight of her figure as she  moved, bent ,served, while he contiued  to chew and relish his made with love sandwiches!. After each mouthful he placed his finger around the corner of his lips to brush off crumbs .She looked at him, and found that he resisted visual messaging ,she lowered her eyes in deep sadness ,why won't he realize these are precious moments from tomorrow I won't be here...

Dutta cocked his head at Naku and announced "Aye Sahib, Naku mera saath ja rehi hai".His mother beamed as she saw the pair of them standing next to each other, and head towards the corridor. Dutta a tall figure with his arms by his side as he dug his heels decisively urging himself ahead, he looked sideways at the young demure attractive girl behind him and twisted his mouth as he ordered his body guard. "Automatic wala kali mercedez Nikalo ahbi" .the BGs disappeared in a scamper and within seconds the shiny black saloon arrived .She waited a while as he leaned a tad bit and opened the front passenger door for her ,he paused as she lowered her eyes and lowered herself in the seat and he waited for her to position her delicate kitten heeled sandaled toes in place and shut the door. Naku watched this man through the passenger window pane he stretched his arms sideways and removed his khaki blazer and she could see his shaped torso clad in the button down white cotton shirt .She saw he peered down at her and she looked across to him and she smiled shyly and moved her hand towards the widow .he opened the door of the saloon and sat in the driver's seat with a jolt. He looked at her with a slight frown his eyes danced as he passed his blazer over to her, she took it from him held it up folded it carefully and laid it on her lap ,smoothing it with fondness he lapped the sight with his lowered eyes and bit his lip "my baby Dutta mar gaya he teri her ada per" !She looked up him,  and he was taken aback, so flared his nostrils a bit reached out for his seat belt adjusted his rear mirror and turned to her "seat belt laga"!,she nodded and did the needful .He turned the engine on and pushed his muscular thighs forward on the cars foot controls she looked at his legs that knotted under the jeans a every time he manoeuvred and applied pressure with his feet, She had never really had the privilege of sitting next to him while he was the driver ,the only time he did, he had worn  a pathiani ,the long shirt of which covered his thighs and she could only make out he the round bone structure of his knee cap! this, she lowered her eyes shyly was quite different. He held the steering and moved off his hand resting on his knee as he pressed it he tipped his head to one side ,she stole glances at him, he looked handsome in his white shirt as he drove with his left hand he flattened his skinny brown tweed tie against his belly and chest .He felt her gaze on his face and he noticed the silence between them ..he looked at her while he drove and he moved his head towards the radio and he looked into her eyes questioningly , "laga lae agar man kerta hai" ,she blushed, as she thought now that he had opened his mouth to converse,  would it better to talk to him or listen to the radio. He held the steering  with his left hand and rested his right elbow on the window frame stroking his stubble cheek. She thought it best to turn the radio on.. he stole a glance at her tiny hand as she turned on the radio "hello friends, we meet yet again!  this for all those  souls in a similar situation of the words of the song  here it goesss enjoooy" said the RJ in a lovely voice..the music began softly ..the soft sounds of the tinkle of distant bells..Dutta raised his eye brow and pulled his lips to one side... "maan yeh saheb ji ,  Naku smiled and quivered her lower lip, jan hai sab ji and she turned her head side ways to catch his profile ,she flared her nostrils a bit and nodded her head once discreetly phir bi banaye bahane ,Dutta could feel her eyes on his profile and he parted his lips and looked outside the window to his right..he narrowed his eyes..naina nawab ji,dekhe hai sab ji, he turned his face towards her and looked into her doe eyes with a perplexed irritated expression ,phir bhi na samjhe ishare,  she let her lower lip part in a slight smile ,he cocked his head and gave her a narrow drowsy look..  she put her left solatire finger hand and stroked her cheek looking at him lovingly ..maan yeh sahib ji jan hai sab ji ,she blinked her eyes at him,and sighed phir bhi banaye bahane, she poked her head towards him in coquettish annoyance..she pointed to her eyes and then pointed her finger at his eyes .naina nawabi ji,dekhe hai sab ji,phir bhi na samjhe ishare and she screwed her nose at him her eyes shone with mischief and he smiled slantingly and chuckled a little and turned his face the other way as he drew is lower lip in. Over come with emotion for her he lowered his driving speed as he approached the clear,less congested road ahead..he moved his left hand towards her hand on her lap dheere dhere naino ko dere dhere and he looked at her with dreamy eyes as he groped for her fingers and nodded his head gently..jiyako dheere dhere and brought her hand to his heart ,and his eyes said dheere dhere bahyo re saibo  and he brought her fingers to his lips..  and brought her hand to his heart again dhree dhree baiga ,apna sa deehre dhere and he looked at her side ways and nodded laage se saibo.. he looked head at the road and drove and she moved closer to his left arm and looped her right arm through his and rested her cheek against his bicep as his arm gripped at he steering surkhiyan hai hawaon mein, do dilon ki milne ki and she nuzzled his arm, ho ho arziyan hai nazaron mein and she raised her head from his arm and looked up at his strong handsome profile he turned his head and looked down into her love filled eyes that looked up at his giving eyes lamhe yeh tham jane ki kaise yeh huzur ji..  and her eyes welled up in tears as he saw and compressed his mouth and took his eyes back to the road yeh  lab diklaye..and she pecked her lips gently at his sleeve..chuppi bhi lage ke bhi  gazab ye dahye and she withdrew her arm from his arm and put it on his blazer on her lap and stroked its sleeve dheere dhere naino ko dhere dhere,she brought his blazer sleeve to her cheek ..and he turned towards her face sideways saw what she was doing and smiled warmly at her jiya ko dheere dhere baahyo re saibo and through his eyes he signalled and lowered his head and towards his heart. He reached out for her hand and pressed it with his palm dheeere dheere se  nainao  ko baahyo re dheree se saibo..and he let go of her hand and clasped the steering as he turned his car into the hospital car ...


The moment Dutta entered the PT dept. of the military hospital all the female staff were mighty distracted by this contemporary trendy looking bristly, prickly ,stubbly squared chin fissured hunk! As his long legs covered the distance to the reception desk the staff beamed as they recognized with disbelief who this visitor was Major Dutta why sir incredible to see you they hattered .Dutta lowered his eyes shyly ,"how are you all? ,it's good to see you" he said politely "oh we are fine but its great to see our success story back in winning shape walking !this is brilliant..and hello ma'am" they said as they turned to a quiet Naku , "family friend" ?they enquired with a twinkle in their eye ,as they recalled how Dutta used to refer to this dainty porcelain piece young PT.."arhummh",Dutta cleared his throat and put his hand on the small of Nau's back "actually my fiance now".."ohh" chipped the staff "many congratulations sir ! have to say you make a fabulous jori! Dutta nodded and looked at Naku who blushed... "Dutta" shouted Lauren and she ran up to him and hugged him and then held him away from her holding his biceps "my word major what a stunner you have turned out to be in a few weeks" she hugged him again and he lowered his eyes his face full of embarrassment  at Lauren's over exuberance .He looked at Naku, and Lauren on observing that let go of him and turned towards Naku and "oh Nakusha many congrtulations for becoming the lion tamer of this delectable lion, here let me check that ring!" and she grabbed Naku's hand to admire her engagement ring "wow that is a whopper diamond girl..lucky you! hugged Lauren .."look I am sorry couldn't make it to the saagai  but waada hai on your marriage Lauren will do a dance number for sure" she exclaimed.

Dutta headed towards his medical check ups ,simple ones first like blood tests, urine samples, weight,eye sight ,  x-rays of the chest, the spine, and the lower extremities.

Lauren took Nakusha over to the cafe area to share a coffee, while Dutta, took his tests. "So Naku, Lauren asked are you pleased? Naku parted her lips ,I am she acknowledged  shyly, very much  "so,tell me did you know him from before or met him recently . "no Lauren said Naku "I have known him since we were children between the years 7 to 10years and I always looked up to him as my carer , like my protector, as children we did get up to pranks ,he always encouraged me to do challenging feats like climbing trees, and going into deeper waters in the river, scoring rugged terrain even when I thought he height would swallow me alive, he would assure that he was there, I guess I  grew up just having him beside me I gravitated towards him the most for the fact is that he has never belittled me and believed in my convictions , and has given me an impetus to progress forward said Naku as she held her up of coffee next to her lips. Lauren probed with interest,"so what happened in adolescent years between you both then Nakusha ,Lauren winked, now he's quite a looker ,so he must have tried to make a pass at you" asked L auren rubbing her hands a she teased Naku .Naku lowered her eyes ,"nothing of the sort happened Lauren ,when he was roughly 10 years old he stopped coming to the Dera ,he was carted of to boarding school , sent to military school, passed out ,his father passed away and only once last year did he came to visit the Dera after the torrential rain to check out relief operations , then did he see me and I him as adults. said Naku. Lauren, asked Naku" "so was he floored by your beauty! your beauty Nakusha! ,asked Lauren for by any normal standards you are a beautiful woman, not a fashion statement ,Lauren joked ,but men would stop and notice you Naku nodded her head and Lauren jerked her head check out those lads see they are looking at you. she laughed. Naku, parted her lower lip and smiled and said "no I don't think he was floored by my beauty,he never said so or complimented me ,however occasionally I would see his silent eyes tell me a thing or two...  Lauren, changed the subject,"I hear that if all goes well with his Med to day he may start teaching at military school for a bit,",checked Lauren,"yes I  know Lauren. it'll be good for him he'll be occupied till his sick leaves expires and he can finally go back to the front line. replied a calm Naku Lauren sipped her coffee, "tell me Nakusha don't you ever worry about losing him!, Naku raised an eye brow and Lauren continued, "look he's young ,rich, educated comes from a sound family back ground plus an army officer, any girl can have the hots towards him, argued Lauren ."you know up at the military school there are women there also possibliy  at an equal footing as him, do you ever fear what if?.. Naku brushed Lauren's concern as in significant and said "Saabs been gone an hour now, I wonder if he knows where we are?Naku saidLauren replied lets order another coffee and then I'll ring him to find out how things are ticking along".

  Dutta went in to see the doctors to receive his report "ah Major, good to see you alive and kicking come sit down here ,these are some trainee doctors you don't mind if they listen in do you? ,they have studied your case, Dutta nodded, shook his head and nodded at the trainee doctors. The doctor began his report, "ok now let's see ,blood test ,yep everything ship shape ,  urine fine ,weight,oh ho , went he doctor you have packed up a bit haven't you major ,said he doctor peering at Dutta and pointed an  accusing finger at him , "all that sitting around at home no abdomen excercise and the rest he said with a shake of his palm ,well you better shape up gotta to loose that bubber! so see the dietician before you leave his place ,strict dietary regime to follow from now on warned the doctor. Dutta nodded as a guilty child. "Now lets look at the X-ray reports ,yep chest seems fine said the doctor as he peered through the X-rat reports .and shortly replaces it with, the spinal one "brilliant this lower spine region is absolutely fine,tell you what you were one lucky son of a gun! the gun shot missed this area otherwise, the results would have been lifelong paralysis.,ok lets look at the lower extremities now ,he compared the two and pointed out the similarities between the two and smiled ,"and these match ,no abnormalities Major ,so may I say that you are in the clear and you are allowed medically to join service ,although since your sick leave is still in motion,I would suggest you take what's left of it and continue to render tutoring  till leave expires and then you my return to the front! .Dutta's eyes lit up and he stood up and shook hands with the doctor ."thank you Colonel Sir! you don't know how relieved I am to hear this, I am scheduled to see Brigadier Parekh in half an hour to chalk details of my further duties ,thank you sir. Dutta clicked his heels and saluted,"oh yes,said the doctor i'll fax the medical report to Brig. Parekh before you see him" said the doctor...

Dutta left the doctors room and felt a lightness  in his gait he stroked his tie against his chest ,took off his jacket and hang it on his arm and walked with  long strides towards the hospital corridor his phone rang and he reached out for it from his blazer pocket "yes Lauren, yes just finished! ok the cafe on my way now ,see you in a jiffy".Naku and Lauren looked up as they saw the tall long limbed male with his blazer hung on his arm his thumbs hooked into the front slant pockets of his jean walking towards them, his head held high ,his yes narrowed and his lips, Naku's heart missed a beat compressed to one side in a pout. Naku's heart missed a beat yet again as he neared the women and parked his palms in the middle of the table with a smile on his face as he looked at the love of his life and moved his eyes from her and spoke "so what have you two been gossiping about?and moved his head towards each of them one by one "well major I've  been telling Naku here to keep an eye on you otherwise the chances are she might lose you " teased Lauren .He straightened up and rocked his head a little and said in a mock angered tone to Lauren "listen lady don't you go around putting dumb ideas in my future wife's pretty little head, I'll vouch for it that it won't work anyway ,and he turned towards Naku, will it dear ?he asked flippantly. He folded his arms and gazed down at the two women "now you two do you not want to know about results of my medical .Lauren took Naku's hand across the table and shouted "of course we want to know tell us you horrible man !why are you taking so long!,Dutta opened his arms and twirled his fingers and rocked his head with a beaming smile ."its clear!" he said .Lauren pushed her chair and hugged Dutta with joy, her arms entwined round his neck ,her face almost touching his stubble face .Naku sat her big doe eyes fixed on the spectacle of a another woman necking her man so intimately .She lowered her eyes and toyed with the cold handle of the metal spoon in her saucer. Her eyes filled with tears but bravely she bit her lip hard and kept her eyes down so  that he could study them,  well lowered ..Lauren let go of a red faced Dutta as he fixed his shirt and looked at Naku "have you got nothing to say then Naku, he asked disappointed , she looked up at him blinking to shift the tears..and said" Bappa ka aisherwad hai ap ke saath Saab ,tu sab subah he hona tha". Dutta nodded ,but he could note a certain pensive sadness  in her despiteher declaration of her faith in her God...

Dutta arrived at Brig.Parekh office and was saluted by the soldier at the door and shown into the room. Parekh stood up surrounded by his office chesterfield leather furniture ,the walls graced with the map of India out lining major strategic military installations ,flanked by a world map a large map table complete with a wooden pointing pole and magnifying glass of multiple focal ranges.. "ah Dutta ,my boy come! and congratulation on the medical clearance ,yes the doctor has faxed me your results. ok yes sit down Dutta and must say you look quite a dandy dude today in your mufti, well enjoy it son for not for long now! and Dutta's eyes began to sparkle ith glee, "yes dear boy you have reason  to be cheerful, you're on ..I have decided like I suggested before, that you deliver lectures on infantry in the military school, so I would like to formally offer you the temporary position of Major tutor in charge of the infantry department, that is if you accept .Dutta stood up and put his hands behind his back in alert position. "yes Sir I do" he said with pride ."ok than take a seat and let me explain , your are to resume duties by next Monday. Your accommodation has been sorted in the army officers quarters on site the military school base , you have been allocted Rahman as your batman .You will be required to partake in all the meals in the officers dining room at stipulated hours .The tutoring hours are provided for you in this folder ,and Dutta collected the folder ; all teaching materials and resources  are provided by the military school and you can have access to them as and when required. While in role as tutor on duty you will be required to be in uniform; camouflaged shirt complete with your designated stars, stripes and ribbons, commmando camouflaged trousers with black lace up boots ,you will be wearing a beret with Infantry colors and badge ,you will teach a class of 15 pupils, whose work you will be required to assess ,evaluate for further teaching and provide feedback to pupils regarding their work., any questions?asked Parekh. Dutta, asked "would I be allowed to have access to recreation and sport activities ,of course laughed Parekh you are an officer you are entitled, provided you have the time..though I have heard they are a lively bunch of boys and girls. Said Parekh ."eh girls"? Dutta enquired Parekh raised an eye brow , "yes girls Dutta women ,haven't you heard of equal opportunities"! ,"ummh yes sir of course! said an put out by himself. Parekh  "Dutta, yes you'll be teaching a mixed gender class of 19 /20years olds ... should be great fun, my niece a distant relatives daughter is quite a handful, you know rebellious and break the rules age. Dutta sat there for a brief moment studying his palms ..this might turn out more than he bargained for. "well thank you sir for accepting me back on parade, glad to be serving again ,said a chaffed" he said as he saluted Parekh saluted back" glad to have one of our finest officers back in action Dutta, tell me how is mamma ji,and he pointed to Naku's cousin brothers words inscribed on a plaque ,and give my regards to aye Sahib and your fiance .he saluted and Dutta backed out of Brigd .Parekh's room a happy man...

Dutta loosened his tie and collar hooked his khaki blazer on his fore finger and hung his blazer on his back and lunged forward his legs and chest his eyes shifted, on the lookout for Naku he found her standing with Lauren at reception and he walked straight at her and stood in front of her looking into her upturned eyes "tera Saab back on duty" she smiled and he swung his blazer and put it on her shoulders and put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer into his armpit ,she slowly put her arm around his waist and her fingers rested on a bit of his torso "yes Lauren back to military school from Monday .Naku looked up his face and saw his contoured stubble under his jaw line and smiled content and almost purred like a kitten, secure in his embrace. They bade farewells to Lauren and made their way to the car he undid his sleeve buttons and rolled his sleeves up to his elbows...

He looked sideways at her ,and opened his lips and took a sigh she looked across sideways at him reading his eyes, that asked her  why was she forlorn, she caught on to his gaze unwilling to let go he pressed his lips and opened his mouth and said with a blink of his eyes "waise tu aj bahut khobsoorat leg rehi hai is rang mein Naku" he checked her out, and leaned sideways to move the tendril of hair on her lips, his fore finger bent a little and he gently brushed it aside and brought his hand back to the steering wheel. Saab she asked "shall we go and see Baji, we can look him check if he's fine also you can give him the good news about your self". Dutta thought hmmm,"Naku one needs to make an appointment to visit some  in the  cells ,I could try  and ring if I can set one up" said Dutta. Naku looked at him he was undoubtedly a stickler for upholding rules and following the right procedure, she mused if ever a time  arose other wise would he bend the rules she wondered. He turned the car towards the police thanna and stopped and parked at a convenient place so as not to cause obstruction to others . "tu adher he baith Naku ,mein ekelya he jaon ga" he said and stalked off . She looked at his strong white shirt back and jean clad legs as he stepped in. She could make out that the Sergeant in charge saluted and Dutta saluted back at him out of respect for the uniform .She saw both men nod and soon after Saab disappeared.The police sergeant out of respect for Dutta's house hold and family members left his seat and came out especially and opened the car door for Naku ."behen jee ap please under chalen ap bhi Baji rao se mil sakti hain aager ap chaen.Naku  hesitated for a moment but to meet Baji who was like a friend cum brother was too tempting an offer to refuse so she stepped out of the car and looked at the inspector ."ghare ki chinta na Karen havilder ise lock ker ke chabi under la ao" he instructed the havildar .Naku stepped in the thana gingerly and sat on the seat offered.

Dutta sat and waited for Baji to arrive and he placed his jacket on the table ,the door clinked opened and Dutta was shocked to see Naku walk in ,and the havildar receded and closed the door "tu ,tu yahan kya ker rehi hai" he said his eyes blazed as his brow knit menacingly he screwed his mouth and poked his finger at her as he growled "kaha tha ne main ke ghari mein bathe re tu phir kis se pooch ke tu yahan havalat mein aye hai he almost bellowed she trembled "SSSAB mujhe woh sargenant ne kha tha ke main ah" "..bahar mein jai sergeant Naku mein thuje hukam diya tha to tu ne kyon woh hukam thore" ".he demanded. The door opened and Baji walked in looking rough and pale Bhao he screamed and ran to Dutta and hugged him and Dutta held him close and patted his shoulder and moved him back ,both dewy eyed "kaise hai tu Baji kamzoor lag reha hai kathe nehi hai kya? he asked .Baji just shook his head overcome with emotion and turned to Naku and held her hands as tears welled up in her eyes too "vahini aj tu Baji ka ekdum lucky din hai! apni tu nikal parhe  Vahini aur Baho ek saat mujhe milne aye hain" .and he sat down and burst out crying .Dutta stood with his arms folded across his chest, Naku  stood by Baji and put her hand on his shoulder that convulsed as he sobbed "chal ab band ker lardkiyoon ki theran roona ,sare time ye he kera ga tu drama bazzi"  Dutta moaned .Baji stood up sniffed and wiped his prickly face with his sleeves and  palms, and looked up at Dutta with his arms stretched "kya Bhao tum tu aj zalim lage raho ho kya fashion model ki theran ..sagaai ki for baad kya modelling shrou ker de hai tum ne he teased and guffawed  loudly and picked up Dutta's blazer and shoved his arms into the long sleeves, pressed Dutta's blazer against himself pulling it from the sides to fit .."kaise dekhata hai mein he said and Dutta turned his face the other way and mutterd "joker dekhta hai aur kya aur kecha ga blazer ko tu frock benjayega,  tera upper waise bhi tera ghetno tak tu pohench he gya hai .. Dutta said dryly, Baji laughed" kuch bhi ho mein ye borrow keron ga jab date pe jaon ga"  he said showing his dimples .Dutta said "chaal ab beith aur bata tera hearing ka kuch pata  chale kiya asked Dutta ." haan. Bhao case ki hearing Monday ko hai..tu tu ayea ga,mera saath, reported  Baji  .Dutta sat down and he gestured to Naku to occupy the third chair .He poked his elbows on the table and helds his face in his palms as he looked at Baji ."baat ye hi Bajii  I have got the temporary post of tutoring infantry  military school",Baji jumped up from his seat and stood besides Dutta and hugged his shoulders and slapped his back "kya baat hai Bhao ab to tu ustad bhi bun giya ..waise and he winked Baji Rao ko tu pata hai ke asil mein tu ustadan ka ustad hain" and he let out a hysterical cackle and Dutta stared sideways and thought some things never change like a dog's tail and he smiled as he  his mouth formed a pout.He again turned to face Baji his palm flat cross the table" before you lost it Baji as I was saying and you are not going to like this and he gave Baji a severe look ,I will be leaving on Sunday to join my jobfor Monday"explained Dutta .Baji slapped his fore head "hai re meri kismet dost dost ne rahe pyar pyar ne rahe" , he cried"Baji tu apni muskheriye band kerta ye nehi ,no don't look at Naku she won't be here either ,Dutta nodded before the end of this week she will be going to the Dera to join her job" informed Dutta as he compressed his mouth to one side. Baji looked disappointed, and Dutta saw and dropped his jaw and looked the other way."Baji the lawyer will be there with you aur I'll see to it ke Roops and Kishore can be there with you for moral support" consoled Dutta "sb theekh ho jaye ga Baji ,said Naku main Bappa se prathana kere gi,tu chinta mat ker .Baji turned towards her and said "Aye Saab ko mera pyar dine unko kuch zayeda mat bolna , chinta kerien ge ,beta hain ne main unka" ,he says and his voice choked as he broke down again. Dutta stood to go, "chaal Naku" he ordered firmly ."Bhao ye blazer" , alerted Baji Dutta raised his hand "ise tu he rakh Baji, joker bane ka bahut shauq hai na thujhe" said Dutta with saddened eyes and a forced smile..the door opened and Baji called after Dutta "jane se phela milge ga ne Bhao shouted a desperate Baji as Dutta was about to stepout of the visitors meeting room. Dutta turned and gave Baji almost tearful look hummm,  he said, turned and walked away as he and Naku heard the door locked to Baji's cell .Naku reached out for Dutta's hand as they walked and he felt her fingers touch his hand briefly and pulled his hand back and folded it behind his back as he looked at her side ways and he gave her a slow nod telling her with his eyes that he was ok ...  


They sat together in his saloon car , home ward bound. She was taken aback by his sudden out burst within the meeting room and she decided to challenge him."Saab" she said , humm, he answered "by the way why did you yell at me in the waiting room", he mopped his brow and kept his eyes on the road as she looked at him sideways, as she ascertained his reaction. "why" he said "I thought I made it clear Naku I don't see why I have to repeat it , why have you something to say in that regard", he said quietly "I do Saab ,I thought you were rude ,un willing to listen to my side of the story and you made me upset",   he looked sideways at her and then turned his eyes back to the road "tu ab bata de roka kis ne hai thuje" he said dryly , "well you need to know that I came in not to defy and disobey you ,but rather came in because the Sargeant invited me to do so ,so Saab it was on his behest and the regard he had for you family that he suggested it was fine for me to see Baji she said firmly. He heard her plea yet again  and replied  "I told you not to come in and stay seated in the car it was on the pretext Naku that women from my family do not usually grace their presence in a police station unless required to do so to report crime and that to, as the last resort" he said firmly and he looked at her side ways with a cold look .He thought for a moment and continued "if I hurt you Naku then your Saab is sorry" .She covered her face with her hands and let out a muffled sob .Dutta looked away ,back to the road and a small frown sat on between his eye brows "ab bas ker rona that's no way to end the time spent with your Saab,  now it it?".He looked at her sideways and she smiled at him ,her beloved man. "Waise Naku aj main aye Saab se milon ga Roops aur Baji ke bare mein baat ker ne ke liya" .Naku clapped and cling to his arm in her excitement ."oye choor mujhe he growled accident karwaye ge kya"?


Dutta walked towards his mothers room, when ever he wanted a one to one session with her his preference was always in the sanctuary of her room, almost to him it felt like an uexplained foetal haven, where he felt safe and protected one with his mother. He knocked at the door and she looked across to him while she rested on her large bed, her head  against the bed headboard both her legs crossed  over the other "ah ja Dutta", she called as he came in with his hands behind his back and he sat down on the bed and stroked her feet ."Aye apka ashirwad se medical bukal theekh tha or ,military school mein tutoring ke nakuri bhi puki hai .Monday se join ker ne hai"he said outling the facts before his mother, she raised her hands to the heavens and paid reverence to her god "Jagdambe Jagdambe" she  repeated in reverence, "her eyes become tearful and she mopped her eyes with the corner of her pallu "hum khush to hain Dutta per humaien is baat ka dukh bhi hai ke tu phir se chala jiya ga ghar se,aur ye bhi chinta hai ke Baji bhi humare pas nehi hoga" .Dutta stroked her feet with a gentle smile and looked at her "Aye mein Baji se mile ke ah rahe hoon, woh theekh hai,aur uske magistrate ke saath hearing Monday ko hai..chinta ker raha tha ki koi ghar wala saat nehi hoga tu main ne use kaha ka ,Roops aur Kishore phoonch jaye ga us ke pas, ap ko is baat se koi iteraz tu nehi"? he asked his mother, "nehi Dutta hum tu kush hain is baat se",said his mother.."haan aur hum ne tera se Roops ke bare mein bhi baat kerni the Dutta". Dutta moved closer to his mother's feet and held them in his hands "Aye mein ne bhi ap se Roops ke he bare mein kuch khana tha magar pheli ap bolen" his mother put her hands on his hands that held her feet "Dutta Baji tuhje kaisa legta hai"?she questioned him although she anticipated his response "Baji theekh hai Aye Sahib" replied Dutta with lowered eyes. " haan Dutta woh tu theekh hai ,hum ye jana chate hai ke is bare mein tera kya kahyal hai?  quizzed Aye Sahib ,baji aur Roops ke lagan ke bare main ,hum tu ye socchte hain ke Baji ghar ka dekh hoya lardka hai, uske sare aditioon se hum waqaf hain ,ab tu baat? Aye asked Dutta .Dutta looked at his mother and spoke "pheli tu baat ye hai aye Roops aur Baji ek dossera ko pasand kerta hai ,tu main unke kushi ko saab se aga rekhanoon ga, magaar main ye bhi chhoon ga ke lagan abhi nehi hona chahiya woh is liye , mein chaoon ga Roops apni university ke parhai mukamal kera phele .His mother listened to him intently, mein chata hoon ke Roops apna paroon phe gahre ho sake , zamna badal giya hai jahan phele , lardkiyoon  ko szayeeda talime nehi de jati the ye khe ke  , unki shaadi ho jayegi, main ye chate hoon ke humare khandan ke parampara pure ho ke hum apni auratoon ko bhi taleem dilate hain ,ne sirf mardoon ko ,ab Naku ko he le layeen kal ko aager mujhe kuch ho giya tu uske taleem hi us ke kaam aye gi ,ishi teran main  Roops ko bhi  dekhna chaata ho, ap chao tu saagi kerwa dein duno ki.. ..baki ap ki marzai aye Sahib. Aye took his hands in her hands with a twinkle in her eyes "kaun ketha hai Dutta tere babba mera pas nehi , woh edhur he hain Dutta thuje mein", .and she pulled her son's head towards her and her son went willing towards his mother to receive a kiss from her lips  on the mop of his hair...


Dutta walked back to his room ,his face shone with a smile on his face, as  a son ,a brother and a friend in he was on a high!  he had fulfilled his part in all those relationships.  It was dusk and he fancied hot drink, and he hoped she would have the good sense to bring his tea straight to his. he was hot in his room so he took himself towards the privacy of his terrace. He folded one hand up his fingers semi closed and with the other hand he felt his face .On impulse he pulled out his white button down shirt out of his jeans loosened his belt a bit by one notch ,wrenched his neck to pulled of his brown tweed tie and decided to undo the button of his shirt he opened his shirt and it hung apart on his hairy chest,  he stroked his chest muscles. He heard her behind him,  heard her put the tray down on the terrace table .He stood with his back to her and called out "bane de chai Naku" and he heard his tea bring stirred by her hand!  .Once she finished she came from behind and walked past him and stood against the terrace railing with her back to him .He watched her frame with longing and walked towards her, stood behind her leaned forward and poked his chin at the back of her neck in silence, he moved a little bit as he encircled her warm body from behind her and with  deep desire placed his  warm palms against her soft heaving belly. He whispered with immense tenderness "I'll miss you so much baby he repeated so very much".. she turned suddenly and realized he had opened his shirt she slipped her arms beneath his shirt and grabbed his back tightly, as she buried her face on his hairy chest and then she sobbed "SSSaabssaab" she cried on his chest her body quivered next to his and she sobbed and sobbed "bas Naku bas" he whispered on the top of her head lodged under his chin but she continued to drench his chest with her tears "bas basss" he storked and caressed her back "sshh basss ssshhh" and he stroked her head and placed his lips on her head which shook with grief .He released her to avoid further break down "ja su ja Naku" and he walked towards his cup of tea picked it up and went into his room, while she stood and sobbed her eyes in both her palms ... to be continued. Hamlet. 16.9.11

Precap: "open the door to your room, Roops and I will bring your stuff in Naku", said a firm faced Dutta. 



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Edited :
Hammie *hugs* mein aagai ...let me get right to it :D

Chapter 20: 'there are more things in heaven & earth"

Wow so love the start with Dutta thinking about how she is more his need the want...well  written:)

Naku also in thoughts of him ..and every second is precious of course for her before she has to leave she wants to spend all the time she can with him :P ...aww she was crying ...and loved how she dressed thinking what he woud like...and a beautiful outfit indeed...very well described ...I could picture it ...

omg i am dreamland picturing Dutta ...what style...what and hot haha ...skinny tie too...hammie what are u doing to me LOL ;P very well decribed yet again ...liked her descriptions of wht his clothes say about him...ahaa so he wants to smother her in his arms but has controlled I was beginning to think wow he is so calm and controlled today hahaha ..i see he is not wanting to feast on her ...good good ...he is working on overpowering his want to gather her in his arms and do as he pleases haha and I am laughing reading that ...aww he is so determined..such a visual instant messaging either :O ...what a leap ...haha but he decides to do it the day before she leaves eh ..poor so sad with his sudden withdrawal ...

ahhh i love that song...saibo <3 ...omg it was so cute...i so enjoyed this bit was so love filled...great job hammie...i was all smiling and aww-ing heeheee

liked the convo with lauren and insight to D & N's childhood days...and how they only met once as adults...and really why did she ask Naku such a question..i personally feel when someone asks u and makes u ponder over it u begin to fear...

wohooo Dutta can return ..lmao he packed on weight haha ok ...and he is going to teach that is nice...there we go dutta said what i was thinking haha 'dont go around putting dumb ideas in my future wifes pretty little head"...

haha he is going to be teaching 19/20 year old mixed genders...oh what great fun lol

batasha scene...oh poor baaji ...dutta is leaving and so is Naku ...and he is in jail :S ...he left his blazer with him i thought that was cute even if he teased him to be joker in it :P

the car scene was cute where she confronts him as to why he yelled at her for going in and him saying if i hurt u then ur saab is sorry...and then of course cute little nothings :P

loved convo btwn AS and Dutta...very well written...both talking about same thing...and he is much like his father i see...

tasha ...naku brings his chai and then he ends up hugging her...she turns around and hugs him and sobs into his chest and him telling her to leave before further breakdown...very emotion packed...and well written...loved it hammie...

great update as usual...continue you lots
phir milenge chalte chalte ;)

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AWESOME HAMMIE you really rocked your update was full of mixed emotions dutta is growing fond of nakku he was confused btw need and want but was able to differentiate btw the two .he changed his attire and naku thought him to be a stranger  that was cute hayee i can imagine dutta in the attire a handsome hunk dutta really maintain his dignified attitude in public loved it and car sequence was lovely .so nakku jealous of lauren hugging dutta .so lauren trying to frigten nakku but our nakku is a sherni .happy that dutta cleared his test but sad that two are gettting seperated jail scene was emotional and terace scene was too hope they will get married soon waitng eagerly for invitation plz hammie try to do it soon waiting . thanx for pm and update.Smile

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awsem update totally love it want and and there change and nakku jealousy totally you make a blast poor baaji totally love it

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Reserved Hug will be back soon

Edited Hug
Hey dear HamieeHug
Thanx a million for the wonderful and long update Hug loved it as always Thumbs Up
Hain dutta is really excited about his trip to hospital and his meeting with Brig parekh regarding his future ...Awww he can't stop thinkin about "Nakusha " the one who takes his breath away ..trying to discipline himself :.. Embarrassed 

Naku also can't stop thinking about her Saab ...and admiring the ring feeling him Day Dreaming every moment is precious for her the outfit ..just beautiful simple yet beautiful Wink But she dnt need to impress him ...he is already in love with his nakuWink 

As always Naku went to dutta "s room with bed tea ..but our major is no where to be seen ..
Wink Haila she is screaming like she has some ghost ... LOL Ab kya Kare pehli baar Jo Dekh rahi hai aapne Saab ko new look Day Dreaming hain mein marjawaa Wink Dress to kill ..
Loved the honest answers naku gave when Dutta asked about his new look Wink 
Awww he is checking her out and trying to control his feelings of words indeed Star 

Loved and enjoyed the breakfast table scene btwn all ..everyone suprised to see him in new look Wink 
Baby you know I want to hold You in arms ..But now on he is mused ,I have to slowly retreat from u omg what a killer line .. Embarrassed Naku could feel it ...

Loved the Tasha interaction in the car ..and chori chori chupke chupke stealing glances Wink Loved the song ..just perfect for Tasha 

He intro everyone Naku as his fiance . Wink 
Gosh this Lauren is getting too chipku ..every now and then hugging him ...and naku not liking it ...
Well happy to hear that dutta is all well ...

Haila he is going to teach Wink Well I hope kids behave LOL Well if they dnt then dutta surely does know how to knock some senses into them ..well can't wait to see him teaching ..

Aww they went to meet Baaji and our baaji happy to see them ..full on nautanki LOL But was to know they will be leaving soon ..

God dutta is mad at her for not listening and coming in ..gadha kabhi toh baat sun liye kar ..that sergeant invited her ...but he said sorry ..awww can't see tears in Naku "s eyes ...

Loved the Convo btwn AS and dutta as always brillantly written Star 

Omg last scene was a killer Cry Got me all emotional words ...They hugged and she cries ...I know he must be crying as well :.just dnt wanna show it ...

The precap is once again going to be sad ...roops and dutta went to drop naku ...

Once again thanx alot for the brillant and breathless update .. Star Loved and enjoyed every bit of it ...ClapThumbs Up

The precap is once again going to be sad ...roops and dutta went to drop naku ...Embarrassed
Love and hugs

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wow such a fantastic update lots of tasha!!!!!
didn't like that Lauren drooling all over D and putting nasty thoughts in N mind and the Visit to Baji was so emotional for D and N.
Surprised that D was angry with N (but it is because N is going soon so he is showing his pain through shouting at her!)
he was happy with his visit to aye sahib, good he should be!! because he always has time for his family members.
the last bit was! well i have no words!!!
eagerly waiting for the next! thanks norey

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hi hamlet the update was amaaazing Smileyou won't belive while reading it i was hearing music too & the Rj stuff dutta & naku made more sense,you said that update would be long but frankly with your writing i can go on reading Smile,dutta & naku joining duty as in your words call of duty ,i hope distance makes them more fond of eachother ,dutta as teacher looking frwd too it , i hope he gets married to naku before he joins duty ,yeh sab toh aap par hai wedding planner Smile hum sab invitation ka intezar kar rahein hai otherwise don't worry we 'll gate crash ,update soon & tc always Smile 

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Aww thnks for ur compliment ,,hammie,  me humbled and no worries re ,,if u missed i can understand ,, we all love ur FF na ,, and this update again ,,i loved it  ,,u had a gud mix of emo'sTongue
so dutta changed his clothes and gave pleasant surpirse to nakku and ffamily , his happines on gettign his medical and enthu  to go back to work  also ,,Tongue
also liked how nakku did not like lauren falling all over him hehehe LOL
he compliemnitng nakku was sweet and the best is his meeitngnwith bajji ,,re and his possesive attitude with nakku ,,, so finnaly he soke to AS and she to him ,, loved the convo and way u handled it ,, i loved it the most and AS comment
"kaun ketha hai Dutta tere babba mera pas nehi , woh edhur he hain Dutta thuje mein",
was too gud
so fianlly dutta and aS agreed for  bajji -roops jodi and loved D's logic of waiting for the d day ..
now the most imp part how will dutta say bye see u to nakku ..Embarrassed nakku is already showing sympotms of them bichodfying , waiting for next part Big smile

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