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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 73)

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                                        Mishal Raheja as Dutta Patil

                                          Painful Rapture: chapter 19

                                       "time...thou ceaseless lackey of eternity"Shakespeare

Dutta headed toward his room holding within his breast a certain confirmed complacency, his future with the woman he loved was now a public declaration, sealed and stamped. His thoughts were pleasantly interrupted by the sound of an impossibility  ,an improbability..the sound of a baby's wailing .He smiled and moved his head to one side and tweaked his beard ,ah! the joys of parenthood, he mused still distant from him for a while .His eyes gleamed as he moved towards the guest rooms from where the farfetched voice of human cacophony came .He stopped behind the door as the noise got louder and with folded knuckle, he knocked the door. Ram opened the door "Dutta !suhkar he tu ah gaya ..get me out of this place!" he said much on the edge, as Dutta shyly tried to gaze past into the room past Ram's head in the door way. On the middle of the double bed laid this whopper half naked baby boy, which Dutta  clearly made out struggled and bopped and pushed his mighty creased chubby legs menacingly in space .Two woman bent over this sound machine as he bawled ,one was the baby's  mother and the other was his bride to be still in her engagement avatar. She looked up from the bed while the baby's mother folded its legs and bound his torso in a disposoable nappie ."Saab ah jao under "said Naku challenging him, Dutta stabbed her with a horrified look ."nahi main sirf Ram ko dekhna aiya tha" he said dastardly as he looked at Rams' wife .Naku , with swift speed picked up the baby who chuckled and blew raspberries with his spit, and pulled Dutta's arm and she offered him the baby holding him towards him as the baby bounced and kicked his legs. "Saab utha ke dekhen aache lage ga", Naku teased him .The baby looked at Dutta and smiled and gargled. Dutta smiled and lifted his fore finger and gently twirled it on the toddlers chubby cheek, who looked at Dutta and grabbed his finger and put it in his little mouth and started to suck it ,while the parents watched and laughed at the comic sight .Naku beamed at Dutta as she melted with endearment towards him ,"ye saab utha lo aaj" and she forcefully placed the toddler against Dutta's chest. Dutta put one hand under the baby's bottom and the other around his cubby dimpled arms and shoulder, protectively. The baby looked up at Dutta's face and touched Dutta's dimpled chin Dutta folded his chin and lowered his head to catch sight of the baby .He looked up at Naku with victorious eyes as the baby started sucking at Dutta's golden high collar shirt .Ram laughed "he likes you Dutta! normally he bawls the place down if he comes cross strangers"  as he came towards his son in Dutta's arms..and he spoke to his son  "munno main ye sherro chacha hai"he told his son and Naku glued her hands upon her mouth to suppress her giggle .Dutta saw her movement and diced her with a cold look...and passed the baby back to her "ye le Naku, this guy needs to be in bed now" he ordered, and  turned toward's Rams wife "vahini mein Ram ko thore der ke liya ap se le ja raha hoon, ap ahram keriyen kisi cheez ki zaroot ho tu Naku ko bata dein" . The two friends left the room, progressing towards the bar...

Naku ,closed the door and came towards the bed where Rani, Ram's wife sat propped up against the headboard feeding her son covered by her chunni .Naku smiled as she heard the baby's strong breathing and gulping sounds of devouring his feed. Rani held her baby and beckoned Naku to sit by her on the side of her bed. The two women ,although strangers to a certain degree smile at each other with an undefined affinity "welcome to the world of  armed forces ,Naku" said Rani. "Umh yes" said Naku" waise abhi lagan tu nehi hoi ha" she clarified." "Oh,that makes no difference Naku, once you are involved with a man in the forces, the word quick fit is part of the game ,things happen so fast, non debatable decisions reached, that there is no other option than to take things in a stride!" chattedRani. Naku smiledand commented, "you seemed well fitted in the game Rani ,how did you two meet?" "oh ours was an arranged marriage ,however had either of us had said no things would not have moved  we have been  married more than a year, and she looked down at the little chubby hand waving about under the chunni, now the next step has happened this side effect " she laughed. "oh he's lovely Rani absolutely gorgegous!  said Naku as she stroked his fine wispy hair on his head that peeped out a little from under the chunni. "So Rani, do you get to stay with Major Ram often or is he away?..Naku asked the dreaded question. Rani blushed, "yes She replied, "I or rather he gets to stay with me and us now", she said as he held her baby close to her bosom "but not for long though, also  I would score out the word "stay" and replace it with the word  visit!,he visits the family Naku when he is afforded leave,which is depends on the working conditions, hence life works on given blessings and not guarantees! confessed a resigned yet content Rani. Naku smiled and asked "do you miss him Rani,I mean when he is not with you?"asked Naku.," I did before Naku a lot when we first got married and he had to leave due to urgent call for duty, I missed him in the sense , I would wonder where he was? as their where abouts are classified unless nationally and interntionally declared in terms of war or  in state of an emergency.So not knowing where he was ?how he was? when was he coming home? Would cause me distress and I would soothe my heart by saying to it that he would be going through the same emotions, in the middle of no where ..once in a blue moon I would get a letter from him informing me about his general welfare and I would thank Bappa's grace for it".Her eyes became dewy and she sniffed as she bent down her head and kissed the rounded little head at her bosom "but ab Naku I don't miss Ram as much as I have this little mite to keep me busy she laughed, all day long he needs attention and therefore Iam fully occupied you can say that by munno's arrival Ram absence  is not that promiment" continue Rani ."so would you say you are content with your life then Rani?asked Naku. "oh yes as a matter of fact I am, I knew full well that his job was such, that we would have to live apart physically ,but not in spirit , not in spirit..the future is ahead this is just the beginning, there are many interesting moments yet to come, who knows we might be posted at a place where families are me and munno may join him..but until then life has to be lived...yes Ram will be taking us both back to my in law's  house in our Dera and then leave for work after settling us in"...

"and you Naku would you say you are content with your life?" asked Rani. Naku smiled shyly "content Rani" she said as she drew her breathe " is not the word I am blessed by Ganno bhayia's grace, Iam  accepted by  the man whom I  have loved since I was a child... although there is world of difference in our social status our passion to serve our people in the fullest possible way,  was what brought us together... you see Rani each person is the master or mistress of their own destiny and I would say time as well.. so for me the time now is right to make use of my acquired  skills  in PT in areas where I am most needed for the moment". "so are you planning to work here in PW? asked Rani.. "no said Naku "not in PW but in the Dera hospital where I have a job that I shall be joining shortly"said Naku."oh I wish I could work said Rani,if I had done completed some higher education..but who would give me a job Rani said with a certain sullen under tone,but Naku combated "oh but you are doing a job Rani you are managing you home, your husband and your baby,and keeping the immediate and wider family unit together" ..what could be more rewarding job more than this for you at this  moment in time, now once this fella is going to school I'll help you in choosing jobs you would like to do and training needed to acquire that job"... suggested Naku


Dutta sat with Ram at the easy chairs centre table surround area in front of his bar. Ram smiled at him as he observed his friends change of sartorial statement ,from uniform to this glittery number of the destined to be groom! Dutta caught his gaze and they both clicked glasses "to the future" Ram said, "hummh" replied Dutta as the two sat rolling their brandys in their mouths. "So what are your future plans Dutta ,apart from the confirmed one marriage?" asked Ram. Dutta nodded and loosened his lips as he gazed into his fiends eyes "which future Ram immediate or distant?,"Whichever Dutta you choose"said Ram. "If I am to choose Ram then I'll start with the immediate if I may,  the plan for me is  that I'll be going for a final medical at the hospital,if the report shows complete internal healing on internal tissues around the spine area ,then I have been given the option to tutor the new batch of cadets  churned out recently  at the Military school" ,said Dutta with a clear indication of bodily pleasure as he squared his shoulders and rocked his head a little while he looked at his friend with eyes that carried a certain gleam of positivity! "Yaar Dutta that sounds just jolly good ole chap! chirped Ram "aur vahini ,if you don't mind me asking,woh saagai ke bad bhi kya yehi rehan gia" asked Ram with stealth, Dutta smiled "well yes ,I don't have a problem as such with her staying here", he said with a naught devilish smile ,but hastened to self correct ,"actually just kidding Ram, haan Nakusha will be starting with her new occupation as an PT up at the Dera" ,reported Dutta "in a few days time an so that is her immediate future"! said Dutta as he rested hs arms and placed his palms faced down on the table.  "Vahini is going to pursue a career Dutta ?"confirmed Ram,  "you looked surprised Ram, you do know she is a qualified PT?"pointed out Dutta ,"oh I do know Dutta and good for her Dutta! said Ram .Dutta narrowed his eyes as he sat motionless lapping up  vsiual vibes, at the same time he wanted to comprehend  the under current messages. "its juss",and Ram decided to stop as he downed a swig of whiskey. Dutta whose interest was sparked, encouraged his friend "just what Ram ,please say your piece ,I would be interested to know what issue your are referring to ,quipped Dutta but he stopped, and leaned his elbow forward and looked into Ram's eyes with his piercing lion like eyes ,"or are you one of these sexist pigs  that are against  women working?.. "Now Tell me Ram if the opportunity arose would you allow your wife to work? Dutta asked  Ram up front, "come on tell me Ram"! challenged Dutta. Ram knew that Dutta was a man who spoke the truth and while in past conversations with him in particular Dutta always expected a plausible answer,to every question he posed."no Dutta I would not like my wife to work outside the house"!,said Ram. Dutta nodded and enquired "and why is that so Ram?, "because Dutta Ram argued my wife probably is not qualified enough to get the kind of job I would like her to pursue". Dutta decided not to interrupt for he was far more interested to find out Ram's other reasons "what else Ram? ,he interrogated  "Dutta ,honestly speaking I would prefer her to be at home to rear our children, for I feel if the woman of the house ventures out of the house to work the chidren suffer from neglect" continued Ram as   Dutta listened ."what else Ram"? questioned "ok Dutta! the biggest reason for not wanting my wife to work has to be, that I don't wish to create an opportunity for people  to remark that I don't earn enough to make ends meet ,that's why I' eve sent my wife to earn money, basically that I can't support her!!! Ram lowered his eyes and Dutta being Dutta said "poppy cock!,look Ram take it from me I am your mate! I respect what you have said although you know full well that I don't accept or believe in anything that you have professed ..just one thing mateI say to you"two halves don't make a whole! two complete persons make a whole! Think about it ..  Dutta said his piece,his answer to Ram's logic!  . Ram confided "yaar Duttta it may be that ,but when I think about you in particular, how come you are allowing her to work ,it's not as if money is an issue with you ,your'e loaded man, name postion, so what makes you support you future wife?" . "ah that's the word Ram you have said it mate ,yes I support her ,she put her blood and sweat two to three years at Uni, her mind is over flowing  with lofty ideals, she is saturated with beginners enthusiasm  of serving one's people, gave service where required, listen to and follow the call of duty ,,,that's what Naku wants in her immediate future and yes Dutta supports her for Dutta wants her to experience that she can live her dream it can be put to action" ,spoke Dutta with an unoffensive but firm tone. "beginners'  enthusiasm ,oh come on yaar we were like that in the beginning coming out of uni in the big bad world filled with high ideals, but later on,  had a rude awakening found out that life is blood and sweat and the hard surface of a trench..argued Ram  "No yaar that's not the case with Naku it's not a beginners get go with her, there is a certain depth and gravity a lasting in her desire to be of use to society, its 'not a short term thing,Ram,this girl is for real her passion is genuine ,for I find affinity in it and that cannot be explained it just clicks and fits like glove to a hand, peas in a pod!" Dutta contended...

 Dutta chuckled as he narrowed his eyes at his friend, and flipped the discussion to a lighter notewith  "oi Ramji what did you just say "rude awakening in a trench!! do I detect a frustrated fauji here? , kya baat hai baache ki bahut yaad ati hai kya trenches mein".? " Haan kyon nehi yaad ati hai ,I  miss the little rogue a lot ,especially now that he's  nearly six months and is becoming a handful for his mother, tell me Dutta" said Ram as he tapped Dutta;s hand briefly "tell me have you thought about having children soon? .Dutta choked on his drink and coughed violently to clear his throat coughing out the obstruction and  uttered a loud Ahem! he went! as he gulped the tears that amassed his eyes due to the sudden throttle!  Ram laughed heartily  "Dutta gosh yaar! didn't mean to scare the living day lights out of you!, continued a rocking  Ram Dutta wiped his lips with his back hand and nodded his head at his friend "yaar abhi tu lagan bhi nehi hya tu baachaa kahan  se ah jaye ga?" said a shyy Dutta, "chaal bahi you listen to the voice of experience and he winked at Dutta surely yaar you know about the birds and the bees,  surely you don't believe that babies can only come about only from wedlock"! teased Ram. "Idiot ,stop it Ram now!! ,but in future Naku and mysef will talk about the children issue ,I for sure know that Aye Saab is keen to have my children running riot in this place, but negotiations ,he laughed "after I have consulted the other party involved i.e Naku about going ahead,have to take place! retorted Dutta ,"but"! Dutta again smiled "that is part of the future plan not immediate"...


A new day had dawned, it was the morning after so to speak that is after the engagement .Dutta as usual had his favourite cushion digging into him , asleep in the land of nod ,the brandy had transported him into an abyss  of slacken in inertia, hummm,he vibrated with his parted lips pushed into a pout with his prickly cheek that lay sideways on the cushion. Naku came in, for once the man was covered she smiled as she set his tea by his bed side ."Saab" she whispered and he rolled over on his back opened one eye and croakly sang "phase gori channa ki gahet mein ..gorri channa ka khet mmmein" .Naku straigthened up and pulled his counter pane off and slapped his hairy chest with her ring fingered hand he pulled his stomach muscles and yelped "oye pagal aurat sabah sabhah hone wala pata per haat autha ti hai tu"! ..and he grabbed her hand and pulled her across his chest ready to sample her lips but she placed her hands on his chest and tried to heave back and he grabbed her by the shouders "not so fast you little vixen " he snarled twisting his mouth she slowly  got hold of his clump of curly hair on his chest and gave them a tug he screamed "arrrh Naku mer dale gi tu mujhe baal tu maat keench" and he pushed her back "ja!"  She got up to leave and he started to sing in a croaky voice "gorri  gorri oh banke chorri come back to me gorri gorri,banke chorri .She turned around and walked towards his bed and sat down by his side he looked at her smiling and touched her cheeks.. "what lovely fair skin you have Naku" he said as he held his head to one side and gazed at her with surrenderd eyes "Saab tell me one thing .you know you were singing that item song" which one Naku? he asked "the first one Saab" ,"oh that"  he said "chana ke khet mein" "yes" said Naku there was a word in it she said,  " kaunse"? "phase" he said trying to hug her she pushed him "nehin Saab the other word what you called the girl"  oh " gorri" he said ,yes Saab "gorri meaning light skinned ,am I right Saab"? continued Naku, "than now you were singing gorri  gorri banke chorri, and after that you stroked my cheek and said ,he repeated "what lovely fair skin you have Naku",yes so what about it he challenged its true is it not?he peered into her eyes and nodded up "speak up little one" he said condescendingly ."Saab I want to pose a question before you had I been  a girl with a darker skin tone would you find me un attractive ?would you say mein khubsoorat nehi hoon ,but  Iam badsoorrat , answer me Saab?Naku defied him ."well Naku, the truth is that we are brought up in a society where we are led to believe that a fair complexion does make the person appear more comely than that of a less fairer one. Personally, I would say this perception stems from a kind of low self esteem that a person holds within one's sub conscious", he looked at her perplexed face "I learnt about this while stuyding psychology and politics in the high school at Missouri and later in higher education..You know, Naku my dad frequently referred to the accolades of the  British Raj that were handed to him from his father, their precision punctuality! their perfect order, their impeccable discipline, how they were always right in everything they did and professed. As a child many a times my ears ached, and my spirit yearned to hear tributes to the Indian spirit and the Indian nation,but babaa never spoke but put it into practice by joining the army, I guess that summed his feeling towards his country! Naku, I felt that their remained in us a homage for the white man which in my mind in turns and promotes a shame of what we are ,perhaps starting from our appearance to start with ,the first seen thing about us. Naku , I have you know that you and I are children that were born in a free India and as such, we are proud of our colour ,our culture ,our traditions an our heritage. It so happens that one's appearance is the most obvious an noticeable feature when meeting a person. But Naku to love a person one has to go beyond the first layer of appearance ,for one looks for other things other than hue and tones .She held his hand  and he gave it readily and clasped his long slender fingers around her tiny hand "tell me Saab what did you look for, in me"? .He put his free arm around her and looked up at her face, "I looked at your personality Naku, your intelligence ,your sense of humour ,the way you carried your self ...she waited and he smiled "and your  desire to reach your Lakhysha .she twitched his hand "tu are your saying ke ab koyal Naku se bhi itna pyar kirte jitna ap gorrie Naku ko chatte hai".. "thuje kiya lageta ? hai Naku, teri under ki khoobsoorati se pyar kiya hai tere Saab ne"he said ina all earnestness . He nuzzled his nose into her neck "waise Saab I am not the only one who gives the gyans ,looks like you have started as well" she said . He put his arms around her shoulders to partake of her lips "now listen Sir! people are waiting for  breakfast down stairs you need to shower ,get ready and come down...she ordered and she turned to leave "listen lardki haven't you noticed that Iam not using the crutch as much any more? he called  He stood up with his hands behind his back stripped bare from torso up wards ,in his creased white pyjama bottoms ,his hair roughened and unkempt like the lions mane , his eyes looked at her with hope in them and she walked towards him dressed in a simple fuchsia  fitted shirt ,that showed off her winsome figure and shapely  hips ,her churridar pyjama gathered bangle like creases around her delicate ankles .He held his breathe as he came and stood by him, she looked up at this cave man ready and waiting , picture perfect .He looked at her beautiful face without any traces of makeup, he gazed at her, his eyes shifted to catch any signs of movement from her. "waise woh kaun the?  woh model type lardki?  Dutta  to kahlasssh ho gaye kabhi ka"!! ..he said as he nodded his head at her "ab to ye sher he bacha hai yahan jo thuje kha jai ga" !and he grabbed her and kissed her passionately over her lips and squeezed her in his arms, she pushed him away to draw air and he leapt at her neck and greedily ate whatever bit of her supple neck he could get too ."oooh! she went don't! stop it your savaging me you beast! she slapped him on his bare back and he roared at her "I'll eat you alive if you stay here!  make make mince out of you! he growled quietly  ..she pushed him away and he loosened his grip "jahanwar ho ap Saab! ..she said as started to walk towards the door he raised his hand as he stood looking at her for a brief second ,scrathing his hairy chest and he called loudly .."haan insane se janawar tune hi to mujhe banya hai Naku!  " ye joke hai kya Saab"?  and he shouted back at her "nehin aaj ke mera gyan ka one liner"!   


Dutta came towards the lower floor of Patil Niwas dressed in his grey pathiani , his stubble was not as close cropped as yesterday's and poker hairs were visible on his face although still immaculately  sculptured  .His mouth was pink and his upper lip reminded Naku of and arrow ,he saw her looking at him and he briefly played with her gaze and narrowed his eyes she had called him an animal a while ago .He flared his nostrils slightly at her as she raised her eye brows subltley ,lowered her eyes parted her lower lip loosely and gave him a coquettish look.He cocked his head at her his eyes speaking his emotions let me get hold of you again baby and you'll know what an animal really is!.she lowered her eyes and hurriedly went about her business of tending to guests at the dining table, Dutta walked with one hand folded against his waist and bent down to touch the feet of all the elders present ,mamma ji ,Aye Sahib,aye ,Ganapat kaka ..and Seth ji quickly got up from his seat and touched his feet . Dutta held him by the shoulders "so what have you been up to tis morning all packed and ready to go then?questioned Dutta." yes Bhao had a great time, I managed to get the autographs of the platoon soldiers as well see,  he pulled out his tiny auto graph book and pressed it under Dutta 's eye holding a pen , auto graph please" he looked up and beamed at Duttaw w holooked up at Naku and  scrawled his name  on the boy's autograph book ".yes" said Seth ji "Iam going to be showing this to all my friends at school,my connection with the Army  "!Dutta chuckled, as Naku pointed for him to sit next to Mamma JI ,Who sat in Dutt's seat .Dutta looked up for a moment his eyes hovered and he saw that Roops sat in Baji's set ,he looked at Roops and said to her "kasie hai meri chotti this morning" Roops got up from her place,ran to where he sat and got his shoulders from the back and whispered in his ear "Bhao I miss that idiot Baji "Dutta smiled and cranked his face and said to her "so do I Roops so do I".Naku brushed past his shoulder as she placed his plate of sandwiches . He ate his sandwiches in silence as he observed his sister across the table. He would have to speak to his mother regarding Baji and Roops. He preferred to keep an open mind, regarding the outcome, till he had not spoken to his mother . Kala Tai looked at Mamma ji,"we hear that Naku will be starting work at the Dera what would your stance be Mamma ji? ,as you know there is no need financially for Naku to work"  she said, before mamma ji who was enoying his poha could answer Ram spoke across the table, "it's not always about money Kala Tai its' about carrying out or putting into practice what specialist skills one has learnt, and how one aspires to put them to use for the benefit of others, I congratulate Dutta for supporting Naku in her decision, in fact husband's should may be, if the opportunity arises perhaps encourage their wives to take up occupations where they can balance their lives and work if at all!"said Ram as he winked at Dutta who held the table ,squared his shoulders and smiled broadly at Ram. Rani raised an eye brow at Naku, as her face questioned this revelation from her husband and Naku shrugged her shoulders as she looked the baby on his mother's lap .He looked around as his mother tried to put bits of poha in his mouth and he spat it out with his tongue , "oi badmassh"! said his father, Dutta looked side ways and smiled at chubby cheeks ,Naku saw Dutta checking munno out, so she lifted him from Rani's lap and too him over to Dutta and lowered him over to  Dutta,as she placed her hand on the baby's tummy .Dutta looked up at him and munno smiled at him and Ram said" Dutta he likes you"! Dutta's eyes met Naku's eyes as she held the baby and she  gestured towards Dutta's plate ,he understood what Naku was saying and he broke a corner of his sandwich and put it into the baby's mouth carefully munno let out a gleeful shrill and shoved his tubby litte finger in his mouth Naku took the opportunity and placed munno on Dutta's lap .Dutta was about to protest with his hands but had to seize with both arms the baby from hitting itself against the table . Thus Dutta began to feed little bits of his sandwhich to this starving  little mite on his lap. Every one clapped, superb! !horray they cheered but the baby jerked with fright and started to bawl and Dutta looked for "Naku ye le paker ise" he glared at Naku while others around smiled "Saab ap he chup kero isi" she said as Dutta gave r daggers ,and the baby bawled! ther.He nodded his head towards the baby and mean while , Naku spread her arms towards the baby waiting for it to respond and reach out for her arms... but munnu turned and put his head straight on Dutta 's hairy chest plastering it with bits of mushy bread form his dribbling mouth Dutta wanted to moutha volley of abuse at Naku, his arm around the baby ,and then suddenly when things seemed settled with the little brat  put his little fattened fingers on Dutta's chest hairs played about and then groped and pulled Dutta's chest hairs!! Oiye escaped Dutta's mouth and every body around became still. A red faced Dutta smiled forcibly , and Naku picked him up from Dutta's lap but he still held Dutta's  chest hairs in his chubby fist and Dutta,very nearly turned pale ,Naku bit lower lip tightly to control  her laughter and she bent down and gently loosened  munno's fingered grip and lifted him up and bounced him in her arms and juggled him up inthe air over her head ,and munno chrped with delight!   

Mamma ji turned words Dutta at the breakfast table" listen son thanks for everything, especially the Parekh issue, things  are much clearer and the spirit feels rested. listen you must drop by whenever you visit the Dera ,in fact it would be great to introduce you to the pupils in assembly may be you can tell the pupils about a day in the life of an army officer" said Mamma ji.It'll be "my pleasure Mamma ji, depends on the time I have available", responded Dutta. Aye sahib thanked everyone formally for their participation and gestured to the servants to place the gifts in respective vehicles taking  various guests to their home return destintions. The luggage and belongings of the the two families was hauled in various vehicles and Naku gave Dutta munno to carry in his arms  for teh final time as she  hugged and bade goodbyes."chalo munno sherro chacha ko namaste karo aur papa ki pas ah jao" said Ram as he took his son from Dutta's arm "yaar Dutta thanks for every think .especially for the chin wig ..yes I have been thinking who knows..what the future holds? They salute and Dutta watches his friend leave .. Naku ,  Aye shahib Naku's family stood near the entrance of the house to bade farewells .Naku was tearful as was understandable. She kissed hugged her family and " aye mein do din mein dera ah jaon gi" said Naku,"waise tu aj bhi ja sakti the humare saath,abhi bhi chal sakti hai hum rok jata hain,tera sara saman tu waise hostel mein hi he thore se kapre aur lei le Naku,chale gi humara saath "?questioned Ganpat. Naku looked at Dutta who stood with his hands behind his back, his eyes were cold and icy" babba mein " she stuttered" nehin said Dutta,Gapat Kaka ,Nakku ko mein khud dera chore aon ga ,ab woh is ghar ke izzat hai ,is ghar ki bahu hai".Naku looked up at her lion, no,  none stands a chance in front of him when he speaks what is right she thought .He responded to her gaze by his eyes gently and bent down to touch the feet of his elders ,shook hands with Seth ji who stood dewy eyed a near Naku ,"Tai tu jaldi se ah ja Dera thuje apne doston se milwaon ga ,Naku nodded and then appeared sullen as her parents and brother proceeded to alight the car . He stood close to Naku as he put his hand gently and assuredly on the small of her back .She looked up at him, and smiled. as he looked down into her large hazel green doe eyes and he nodded to say its ok he's there for her till eternity, she is now his responsibility ...


Dutta and Naku entered the house after all the guests had gone ,Dutta raised his head and his eyes scored the space in his house above, around him , he smiled how different  this very place looked last night .It was amazing how one family occasion could cause the of binding many people together , how many ways and excuses  were conjured up to spread and share human emotion . He mused that like animals humans too preferred to congregate and live life in varied colonies each of a distinct nature, yet knitted together by an unknown fabric of dependency . He thought however idependant or self sufficient one appeared, deep down as humans we carry an insatiable desire to belong...he looked at his house with great fondness this was where he belonged ,but some how he felt his inner being still longed to belong to another unit of humans ..his platoon his enclosed space the trench ,that kept him safe and warded off death from him .ah !he sniffed the sweet smell of high pitched tension ,sweat, blood and the  rocking sense of valour which many a time he felt ,that which transported him to realms of deep pleasure, not for others,but except himself,  his eyes shone with profound emotion as his spirit, soul and body longed for order of the ribbon and the star; the metal and the brass and the gun powder, and the keg... the world called the Army! "Saab"Naku interrupted his pleasurable moments of pensive delight "Bappa ka darshan karien?he looked her way and nodded and followed her to behold the Blue spot light bathed statute of Bappa they both bowed their heads each to each thinking of a peace within them selves .Dutta with folded palms spoke to his God asking him for the one thing for which Bappa was renowned for wisdom! Amid the silence of his heart he begged for wise wisdom , divine wisdom, that which would enable him, Dutta to carry on the various tasks and duties he faced in his journey of life; he asked for guidance in upholding what was right; he asked for wisdom so he could exercise  justice and fair play especially in times when things go wrong . He turned his head sideways and looked at the gift of love he received through the grace of Bappa ..he lifted his yes to Ganapati and spoke in his heart give me the wisdom to be a good ,and faithful husband to the woman whom you have bestowed upon me...


 Dutta ,entered his room and sat down on his turquoise arms chair, and restd one long leg cross the treasure chest veneered  centre table in his room, his phone chirped and he galnced at the screen and his lips compressed in a slanted smile ."hi Lauren long time no see, yes Lauren ,but both myself and Nakusha missed your company , how was your trip to Florence then?fantastic you certainly deserved a break ,the only pity was that we felt your absence, Aye Saab enquired about you, now listen you'd better not disappear at the time of my wedding..yeah Iam supposed to be coming in tomorrow to get my scans and x-rays sorted out, well you can find out for your self when you see me "... Naku came in with some light snacks and placed the tray on the table .Dutta took his leg off he smiled and Naku asked him with her hand who it was he called out Lauren, Naku smiled "yes she's here yeah sure she too wants to talk to you" .Naku took the phone from him and walked towards the French doors and opened them as it was stuffy inside ."yes lauren! oh yes he is , me too " she said and smiled. Dutta came towards and stood behind her and put his arms around her belly and pressed himself forward against her back "yes lauren definitely will meet",  he moved her plait to one side and placed tiny gentlemanly kisses and pe ecks at the back of her neck while his palms caressed her soft belly Naku nudged  him as his palm started to gravitate upwards ".oh lauren! have to go ! I can hear Aye Sahib calling! see you tomorrow take careee! Said Naku he stole his palm higher and she slapped his hand" aye Saab calling"!  indeed he went,  as he bit her ear lobe "use kyon  nehi batiyaa ki Aye Shahib ka beta teri class le raha hi", he tightened his grip round her waist and squeezed her and  whispered in her ear from behind "kya bole the tu janwar , ab batoon thujhe Dutta kaise janwar banta hai"! and he turned her around roughly  and pressed her towards him holding her back in his arms he glowered at her his eyes flashing "shall Dutta became an animal baby"? she struggled against his tall muscular hard frame "Saab please let me go ,ab din badin wild man banta ja rahe ho" se complained  he pulled his lips up showing a bit of this teeth and went awrrrh! at her arching his face towards her neck she placed her palms against his chest and pushed him hard but to no avai, .he looked at her with tenderness and smiled and pulled her towards his chest and she snuggled against the curly mat of his  chest hairs, but she moved her face back with a screwed face he bent his neck and looked at her "kya hoya hai" ? "you're smelling of baby vomit Saab and she picked little bits of dried particles of bread stuck to his chest hairs "ouch  what the bloody hell since the day begin my chest hairs have been under attack  ! that's it I am going to shave them off and he turned to go towards the bathroom she held his arm and came and stood between him and the bathroom door "Saab jano do"  she begged kyon!  he demanded "Saab" she said shyly "ache  lageta hai apki chathi be baal" he looked down oh ho Naku saagi kya ho gai teri bare par  nilkal aye ha itera ,itne besharaam bate ker rehi hai tu apni Saab se"!! .she pushed him and hisssed back "oh be quiet you!..she looked at him fill of mischief "waise Saab, you looked a real cutie with  munno  today" she teased  .He gathered Naku in his arms and looked at her with longing you didn't look too bad yourself.  They looked at each other and they both knew what each was thinking about Naku smiled and lowered her eyes and Dutta raised his eyes and said don't you dare Naku!  dont,you even dare... be continued 11.9.11

Precap:  " haan Dutta woh tu theekh hai ,hum ye jana chate hai ke is bare mein tera kya kahyal hai?  quizzed Aye Sahib                      

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 September 2011 at 7:17am | IP Logged
awsem lovely munno love dutta and nakku raani conversation dutta ram conversation and nakku calle him animal wow and munno teases dutta and the last scene was really love so nakku like his hairy chest and they think about child

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 September 2011 at 7:19am | IP Logged
Reserved ...will be back soon :)

Hammie mein aagai to read & comment on this marvelous piece of work you stayed up to complete...straining to keep those eyes of yours open :P hope you got some sleep in there though.

ok chal lets get started - Chapter 19 : "Time...thou ceaseless lackey of eternity"

aww what a cute baby...and Naku swiftly picks him up and hands him to her saab...and he too has managed to take the baby with no problems...with one hand under and the other around...kya protective and the baby of course likes him ...who doesn't right :P

Rani & Naku was nice to see the ladies have a moment of sharing...they can be great support for each other in th future...hope thier friendship goes strong :)...

ab Ram & Dutta's chat as casual as Rani & Naku's ...talking about future both cases...loved the convo about sending wife to work...and Dutta's reply to Ram "two halves don't make a whole ..two complete persons make a whole...something defo to think about...and his reply to why he 'supports' her ...very well written her the opportunity to have her dreams...u gotta love this man :D ...and he lightens the mood beautifully...ahhaha love that Ram's question got him choking on his drink these too...well at least even if not immediate...he has plans to have kids in future...

D's answer to Naku's question about complexion of skin was well written...loved the way Major has given his answer to her :)  ...oh LOL at his one liner ...he is one hungry beast...well at last wen it comes to her...i can't say the same about actual food :P

wow Ram was quick to grasp onto Dutta's comments from night Kala's thoughts about Naku having no need to work ...

aww Dutta is feeding cute...that baby really likes him eh :P lmao now way he cried ...put himself to Dutta chest and yanked a chest hair LOL ...poor Major ...

I liked the bit where they both go to Bappa...and what dutta asks for is very wise lol...and the last bit about being a good husband ...very touching scene

naughty dutta using the chance while she is on the phone to take advantage haha...LOL he's going to shave of his chest hairs heehee i thought this might pop up in his mind...but of course Naku likes them no...she won't let him do it :P both talking about munno :) and we all know why lol ...

great update hammie...loved it alot...continue soon...take you lots...phir milenge chalte chalte

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suhana19 IF-Rockerz

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Reserved Hug
Edited Big smile
Hey dear HamieeHug
First of all  thanx a million for the wonderful update and pm ... Hug I know how hard it must be for u ...but the commitment towards ur work which u fulfill always..thanx Hug

So dutta is content now Wink that he has his got ..his love and life the women he loves ..

Aww dutta holding the baby Embarrassed And naku giggling hehheh loving dutta ofcourse sher pe sabko pyar aata hai ..

So the 2 women sharing there thoughts ..especially naku wants to know how rani manages it all ..but I guess that's how it works ..U grow into it's hard but then it's love that keep them together even they are far ..Loved how rani explained it all to naku Embarrassed And Naku to content to get her life and love dutta ..

I beleive u must have enjoyed writing the Convo between dutta and ram Wink Hain mein marjawaa major supporting his women ..well every one have there views ..but happy to know dutta"s thoughts ya for this ...
Haila ram asking dutta about babies Wink LOL Abhi Delhi door hai Wink 
Waise they will be leaving for there respective jobs soon na Embarrassed 

Hain yeh kya kar diya aap ne ..the way dutta described his feelings for her Day Dreaming dutta will be a death me ...Iam speechless ..

Haila he is not using crutches ..that's great ..
Poor naku ..sach mein jahanwar ho ap Saab! Wink Loved it :.Gyan guru major dutta ban gaye Naku ke pyar mein ... Wink 

The breakfast scenes btwn all were great yaar ..awww only baaji is missing from the scene ..
Haila naku is testing dutta"s baby handling skills LOL But he passed with flying colors 

So everyone left ..ganpat wanted take naku along but dutta said NO that he will drop her ..awww ..

The last part mein kya bolo ...Naku is indeed getting besharam and teasing dutta ..dutta will eat her alive LOL 

Breath taking update HugHeart

Thanx alot for the Precap ...will wait for the nxt part ...U take care Hug

Thank u HamieeHug

Love and hugs

Edited by suhana19 - 10 September 2011 at 8:39pm

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Nakusha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 September 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged
like always you are amazing hamlet ,loved the up date specially abt dutta intereaction with ram abt woman empowerment & munno is so cute Smile dutta is perfect man & i 'm sure a great husband & father in future , anxiously waiting for the next edition ,isse tarah likhtey raho aur hum sab are  waiting  anxiously Smile

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 September 2011 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
It was a completely relaxed feeling with this update, just the way dutta felt in the opening line . 
Liked the not so serioius chat of friends about life in army, wife, familly and work. Nakku too getting all the firsh hand gyan of being married to the man in the forces, good she learns of it beforehand.
 Dutta is the real  hero here, his views of why the woman needs to work if she wants to was too goodApprove. He doesnt see himself the family way in the immediate future, ofcourse he wouldnt, as he is not gonna messup his precious time with nakku so soonLOL.  He has his plans cutout well.
Naku in a naughty mood nd she is teasing him Big smilewith the baby nd testing him as well if he could become a good father himself.  Dutta did a decent job of it and he knows how to avenge this unwarranted hardship, moreso with the constant chest hair pulling by nakku and the baby. Poor guy almost shaved it to save from further agony.
My my! dutta was too mean when he outrightly rejected Ganpat from taking nakku to the dera. Kind of abusing his power hereErmm, he will decide where she stays already, cant complain as i too like this possessive attitude, he wants her for himself, but still... How on earth will he manage without her around i wonder?
Myself again pleasantly surprised when dutta talks about the reason for the obsession our society has towards fair complexion. This is another scourge of our society, god alone can tell when we can get over it.
Nakku pagal hogayi hain, sher ke muh pe hath daal rahi hain aur sochti hain bachke nikal jayegi, does she doubt his ability or is she indirectly inviting himWink, only Bappa knows nd ofcourse  Hammie will tell. 
Thanx Hammie dear, will wait for the next one for sure, TC.

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norey Groupbie

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Posted: 11 September 2011 at 8:14am | IP Logged
Lovely update, liked the N and Rani convo and how D fully understands why women need to work,not just for money!
i was surprised the little munno liked D and D was caring in his own way.The update was fantastic, waiting as usual for the next!!!!!! 
  thanks norey

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