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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 70)

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2011 at 4:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Warda.

*hides face from hammie* Embarrassed
maafi for the last time *embarrassed muh*  chaal ab buttering choor ,arise now
Edited :
Chapter 17:
Hammie firstly accept my apologies yaar for not coming on time...but coild not miss for this
wonderful chapter so starting with this first ...
Brilliant job done by you*applauds*
Starting from dutta's firm descion to stand by his principles was so much like him...I knew it not even KAla would be able to convince him to compromise...
But felt really sad that baaji would not be able to participate in the preprations...I know
it must be tearing up dutta from inside...
All Patil Niwasis took their duties and eee Suds responsible for security issues now God bless them all LOL Dutta guy!
What I loved the most was Dutta not assigning any task to the would be bride was very very cute...after all it was her day na
The bar scene was so touching specially dutta looking towards the stool where baaji used to
sit Cry  methinks she was the next best thing to Baji
Love you for mentioning that aaj bhi piye gy line Smile...Old memories !!!
The kitchen scene was very sweet...Love his assertive attitude even when he is romancing...
Thankfully Baaji got a bail for some time...otherwise the thought of it that
he would be missing from the ceremony was Ouch...who would add colors with those courful kurtas if he was not there and ofcourse his famous dhinchak dhinchak Big smile
Loved the convo between two friends...specailly dutta made him realize that he had to pay for his mistake now...and didnt disclosed to him that he is asking for a short bail
I loved the comparitive words you used one tall and proud , the other shorter and slightly bent ...
one strong and tall, the other shame riddled and stooped ...brilliant selection of words *applauds*
Baaji smiling at hearing that he had a clean record before bought a smile on my face
and more than that Dutta's plain response to him...he he
Dutta and sethji interaction was fun  to read...and yes growing boys do sound like toads..hahaha and they like superman..spider man..aur lion king  ur Gadha man! haaa
Ahmmm ahmmm...yeh kia saza day di dutta ko ..naku has to stay in her room till the ceremony starts
aww bechara...kesay rahay ga tough:D ...And him finding medical excuses ...massage ...lil baby :LOL drama baaz tu hai ..surprised he didn't feign  a chest pain
The way he turned back after seeing that kangan in her hand was just like icing in that sceneEmbarrassed
I liked the convo b/w dutta and mamaa ji a lot...was much needed bring him out of this pain
loved writing this bit..
Enjoyed each and every bit of this update hammie Smile
Thanks for this wonderful update Smile
I will edit this spot for chp 18 as well
And Im so so sorry ...I just now read that you refrained your readers from commenting
until you post the remaining part...but i got so excited that without even reading reserved my spot
I hope it will not cause you any inconvenience Cry no not at all waise bhi tu kirte hai apne dil ke like Dutta!
Will be back soon ...lots of love Hug
Me back again Embarrassed
Chapter18 [part a]
Wow Wow Wow...Hammie you fantastically handeled the engagement update Smile
I loved it sooo much yaar...Each and every detail is so well defined that I felt
im right there at patil niwas watching every thing with my own eyes that is the best compliment i could get ..after all its words and he rest is left to the imagination of the readers
Be it their clothes...decorations..each and everything was so well pictured ...It felt im watching
a was so realSmile
Thank God baaji came back...that was a very cute moment the way Aaye saab was guessing that who did all these decorations and then Baahi came :-) oye tu baji ke fan ha kya ..
But why was he onhis toes when he entered roops room...I thought thoda tou romance karain gy...But...Inka kuch nahi ho sakta...he he LOL duno he babies hain
Aaye saab in dutta's room was such a touching moment...I loved all of her thoughts there...A son like him is definitely a pride of his mother's womb loved writing this bit
He was expecting naku at that place na instead of AS...haha...he must thank his stars...that he didnt started of the way he mostly do whenever naku is around...LOL yeah right ,with his inuendos,double meanings
Baaji as usual adding colors...loved his dhamakedar entry in dutta's room ..
And was he expecting a VIP treatment in the cell...Shabash...hahaha...and still asking for permission to drink Tongue  loved writing this scene old times..
even i thought that there are actually such alcohol addiction agencies working with police
...but dutta was making him mammu...he he...ishmart haaa
That Dutta baaji and sethji moment together was fun to read..and dutta not ready to eat anything other than made by naku Day Dreaming  talk about being childish..he's not less than SETHJI ,even he is more about himself than our donkey , any change to routine throws him,well in some areas
Sethji is one smart kid i must say...straight away went to her tai to infrom about his nawaab not ready for breakfast LOL
pait tu bhar gaya hai Naku per dil nehi bhara..dil abhi bhi kahli hai... it sounded so romantic i loved it to the core
OMG OMG ...Dutta praising himself in the mirror...that was one surprise EmbarrassedLOL yesss metro sexual male aur Dutta is,but only out impres one woman 
But no doubt he deserves that appraisal Thumbs Up
That dhoti discussion made me laugh...specially dutta worried about what if it falls in public...
and baaji's reply saying goli say nahi darty dhoti say darr ve added a whole bunch of fun dialoguesin this update...I had a big smile while readingBig smile have to admit even my belly wobbles with laughter when I read it ..and I wrote it..and Baji's shame.shame.haaa
Naku getting ready for the ceremony was again a very very well described scene...btw you mentioned about green choura be taken off after marrige is it some Mahrashtrian tradition??
I loved her nervousness regarding would she be able to please him ...thats i guess the only desire of a bride when she is getting ready for her special day Embarrassed...Wow you mentioned all lil details about her makeover as well...specially even i have noticed in almost every bride
that their nose tips are dusted with silver shade to make it prominent  you tube pe dekh ne asian bride ka mae up dekhta hain..gosh real my naku tu model type AG[kala]

I liked her simple hair style a lot ...that it is mostly done in Mehndi or ubtan functions in punjaab...add to that her hair were made by her mom...that was such a delight :-) yes ,because I would have her simple with her face and hair line showing and simple jewellry

had I been  a few shades darker or ,wheat germ complexioned with dark brown or black eyes would I  be less attractive...she let this thought open ended in her mind ,may be she would ask her man for the answer.
that im really looking forward to...would love to hear dutta's reply on that ...yes i think the issue we have with gorra rung ..khoobsuret  may be needs to be challenged ..that's why I  brought that in

Dutta truly came down after gettig ready as a royal king...Im glad that he  acknowledged baaji for his job in the end...but bohat besharam hai baaji even at that moment asking about drinks  LOL
What a moment it would be for dutta to see all his paltoon boyz in front of him...and the way they walked in made everything stand still for a moment... Loved writing this...
The song used for nakus entry was so apt at that moment...Loved the way their eyez talk to each other Embarrassed..i thought this song was apt...the words were dutta/naku ,ek lardki ko deha tu aisa laga jaise...
and the act baaji got prepared for dutta ...defo made him proud Smile

Finally The couple is officialy together now..mubarkan mubarkan..Big smile heading towards part 2 now of this chapter...hope there are a lot of ahm ahm tasha moments *rubs hands in excitement* EmbarrassedLOL
Will be back soon...take care  Hug
 Listen rea is your fantastic long comments..they are my chaska..thanks a lot meethai/burfi/laddo..i love ladoos my fav.xxxhammie

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by sana141994

hammie darling i love the part
dont except long comment for me but one thing sure 
u are awesomeClap
luv to read it
Smile sana 
jut your writing and sying ke you loved it ana makes me very pleased..thanks xxxhammie
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by krishaa

part 1:

loved the mother and son bonding and the way she describes dutta's childhood and his pains and sufferings yet his tendency to stand our cutie baaaji returns so cute and done all arrangements so perfectly.dutta thought nakku came to wake him up and our dutta as usual shouting at baji i just love their fighting. our major is so cute not ready to eat something not cooked by nakku and nakku sends the breakfast cooked by her.loved the duji conversation when dutta refused to leave dhoti and nakku did a simple touch to appearance and was eager to meet dutta and dutta totally mes merised by her beauty and his platoon lads made him proud by their dance andd made nakku understand the base of their relation good work hammie.
thanks for your lovely comment kris...xxxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Nakusha

i loved it & i know the other half is yet to follow ,comment karne se discourge kiya hamlet par kya kare haath khud he tarref ke liya type karne chal padhe Smile plz post part 2 soon hum sab bekaree se intezar kar rahain ,Smiletc dear kye naku tu to romantic poetry ker rehe hai.. itna impress ker diya Dutta ne  naku ko kya?  thanks nakusha xxhammie

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by brvr

"No comments"D'oh...
 Wink    ...                  Thumbs Up !!,             Clap !!,              Party!! ,    Hug!!!!!!
right! saying it with signs...oh thank heaven's they are all giving good vibes..otherwise I was thinking I had fallen from grace brvr...xxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by eternity_of_luv

awesome update hammie

you give every minute detail girl superb
love it

finally they are engaged Embarrassed

bajji was too their love itBig smile

breakfast scene lovely Wink

superb update dearClap
thanks for pm
thanks for your lovely comment ranju...xxhammie
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by rrs1391

awsem update totaly loved it dutta fulfil his promise and the fight between dutta and nakku's necklace but finally he got his wants love every bit part of it
yes romantic tha!  tried to remind myself of the payal scene in LTL1 ,altough it was in a different context ,yet it was a piece of glad you liked the whole chapter xxxhammie

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Originally posted by brvr

Firstly it is gonna be an uphill task to comeup with a comment worthy of the twin updates "Sagai special", still would give it a try. oh that has made my day friend..tell you what,this was the most tedious ,most reasearched bloody episode I have done in terms of looking for their outfits,her make up ,what decor to use ,what songs if any to incorporate..damn ..I  prefer his injury and treatment UDs any time to these utsavs and the expectation of readers tht go with it  i,tried to find out succint info.about a few simple terms ...chall i think  it went ok .apart from the fact that I  made a blunder in doing pooja with out having ablution ..still I have amended tha  tnow .. 
So Baji is back where he belongs and doing what he does best. Cannot imagine PN without him and his antics. AS is now breathing easy after seeing him and her motherly instincts draws her to Dutta's room. She has every reason to feel proud of the man lying on the bed and the convo between the two just proves how tight this bond is. The Good Son even in his half awaken state thinking of his mornin arouserBig smileyeah thank heaven's he kept his gob in check
Baji's quick meeting with roops was cute and well thougt out.  yes subtle but then who was he o to after aye, dutta he was going to surprise
Baji and Dutta are more than friends, i feel Dutta is like a fatherly figure, disciplining and controling the crazy streak in him, now that he is going to be the son in law, its all the more the responsibility of Dutta to see that Baji is capable of handling the new role. Its an unenviable position he[dutta] is in, hence the ziddi lover boy when he is with nakku.  well spotted mate ..touche
The Baji, Dutta and Sethji interaction was so natural and even there dutta makes sure that sethji does not get wrong ideas. Sethji and Baji have some common traits and the most important common trait being their veneration for Dutta. Aaw! poor Dutta baby will not eat if its not made by his momma nakku. Yeh toh kaamse gaya, pyaar ka maara, bechara. See, every now and then he has to be pampered by nakku. Glad, nakku understands him so well. oh yes  these days waise bhi men feel they are an endangered species women are too busy with their careers ,and rthey are not getting as much TLC from the fair gender
Nakku naturally nervous and getting ready to suit 'His taste'. Sirpe chada rakki hain nakku ne. haaahaa   Dutta is dressed to kill as Baji rightly points out, "zinda mardalega" [as if we didnt know]. haila goli lag kye dil pe ..tahkasssah!!!!droool
So all set for the big day and Brigadier Parekh perfectly put it when he says Dutta is ambushed, and i will add taken captive for life by nakku, a "Prisoner of Love". of course i would have said what a sucker!
Loved the song selection of 'Ek ladki ko dekha' as it perfectly brings out Dutta's thought process when he sees her coming. After the exchange of rings, she is officially His nd he in turn officially wil be her stalker for life. haaaha The song and dance sequence by the Platoon soldiers was another highlight of ur update. of course ,i was very clear in my mind ke this man is a fauji and threfore sab kuck army style mein hi hoga  More than anything i luved how u described every step and movement for us. U deserve one standing ovation for thisClap.   thanks a lot,Cry
Dutta and nakku eyeing each other every now and then, admiring one another not finding a pvt moment for themselves, luv struck doves.
  Baji and roops dance was spot on and goes with their characters as well, ainvayi lut gaye dono ne ek duje ke liye. yeah when i was thinking about a song for Baji only ,I thought nehi a silly peppy number jis mein duno i came up with this ..and no I have not seen the song or the film so just read the words and wrote the movements Iam pinjabi so I know what the words mean,,
Dutta very cleverly took the opportunity to set the meeting of Brigadier and mammaji and helped them clear the air of doubt.  Meanwhile he finds time to stalk nakku and ambush her. 
Hammie, u put in an item number tooParty and dutta even thou' in an unfamiliar ground enjoying the rooti hui nakkku. loved writing this bit ..   Wow! u put in my fav movie Day Dreaming'Lakshya' song and what better way for the major to show the world what this relation means to him. Perfect ending for a perfect evening, but somewhere the looming seperation [due to call of duty] of the two was bothering me... yaar there is no war in sight yet...but yes they have jobs to go to ..her more so 
Finally after the surprise PDA of Dutta and the send off including Baji, the two had some quiet time together where our 'man of action'Wink got busy with his fav pastimeLOL. necking 
 Thank U dear Hammie for a wonderful double bonanza, looking forward for the next instalment as always, Luv u, take care. 
thanks brvr for your lovely do I have your grace and favour  again ma'am?? xxxammie

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