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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 66)

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read the update sorry am late but what an interesting update, thought D would bend the law for dear Baji but D very law abiding doesn't.
loved that the preparations are in full swing and sethji and mamma ji are back. so romantic the hand gesture thing with D and N. awesome update!! waiting for the next update!! 
thanks, norey 

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hammie ,iam late ,swriie, but had read the update as soon as, u uploaded Smile
Dutta in the jail to get bajji pyaroll..he angry at bajji for wht he did  !!!!
the mst imp part is nkku stands by him for this decisio ,it is a tough one hai na?
duta is serching for nakku since he has entered but is gettign so frustrated whn he doesnt see herLOL he doesnt ask any on e,, and whn sethji goes tomeet ,him he does nt  let the oppurtunity go and asks him,,,
wow he is upset on not being able to see her till tmrw and rushes towards her room and pounding the door to geta glimpse of her ,,Star
his meeting with mamajee was too gud reClap he knw brig parekh was mamajee son;s senior and he guessed maamjee would want a 1 to 1 face omeet with him,,i ma worried how it is going to be in the sagai ,,hope mamajee doesent create any drama Confused
watign for the next Embarrassed,, "sagai episode "Embarrassed
thsnk hammie

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plz update soon i am so excited for it.

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awesome update hammie like always
love it
so everyone takes their responsibilities for tasha's engagement preparations
dutta and sethji conversations lovely
like that roops understand and respect dutta's decision about bajji and whole family also accept the decision.
poor dutta can't see or meet nakku before engagement
dutta nd mama ji;s convo good

thanks for pm

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                                   Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patil

                                       Painful Rapture~ Chapter :18~pt1

                                              "till death do us part"...

Aye Sahib embraced the blessed day. She had woken up earlier than normal given the sensitivity of the occasion and the presence of guest at PN . She carried  ablution of herself,got dressed and  maintained nil by mouth ,till she had offered veneration to the deity who had showered her life with favours despite all odds .She moved towards the foyer where the white marble statute of Ganpati stood. As she neared the assigned area she was spell bound with the sight. Her god stood mounted on a pedestal of carved mahogany  wood under a frame of a horizontal  beam of carved wood over its head supported by two carved wooden columns with a  pair  of identical lock linked vertical rows of mobile platters containing six divas  at the bottom, then another set of mobile diva  platters hanging from chains and then the final longest pair of divas hung by chains fore front ..flattered by the back drop of a grey blue silky curtain complete with  alternate shimmering single silver and gold string of fairy lights...all this bathed in a subtle glow of blue flood lights discreetly hidden under the semi circle abundance of medium sized bunches of marigolds all the way  around the statute .Aye Sahib's eyes filled up with tears as she looked into the eyes of her god who looked back at her in utter contented  delight of being made fussed over .She stood their spell bound as she bent to pick up the matches to light the incense in the longest set of hanging divas in front .."ye sab  kisne kiya hoga"?, "ye" said a familiar voice and her heart quickened "Baji" she said and Baji quick stepped towards her and touched her feet "Aye Shib mein ah gya" ar ye mine ate he kiya Bappa ka make over". Aye looked at him and touched the stitches on his eye brow "Baji bahut gush hain hum ke tu ah giya , dil yehi  fikar ker raha thaka pata nehi Dutta ne kiya baat ke hogi police chowki main" she confided in Baji. He put his arm on her shoulder Aye Shahib ap Bhao ki fikar kiyoon kerti hain ,Bhao jitna bhi adkhei giri kera, kab bhi koi loche wala kam khabehich nehi kara ga ,  ek dum singham admi hai saaf or karak! said Baji in his friend's defence. Aye sahib smiled and turned to Baji."acha ja tu aur dekh sab intezzam theek  hai ki nehi".. "ho Aye Sahib mein, Bappa ki make over ki elawa drive way ka bi kam kirwa diya hai sham ko dekhna ap ,ahi mein jata ho apna karma mein apna aur Bhao ka kapra dekna ,Aye sab Bhao ko kuch maat batana mere bare mein and he smile as he scratched his head mein usko surprise dei ga !chirped Baji as he made way towards his room.

On his way to his room he stopped and carried on a gentle knock at Roops door ,a sleepy voice said" kaun hai ah jao" ,Baji stepped in gingerly and closed the door behind him Roops was still half asleep "Roops",he murmured and she sprang out of bed clad in pyjamas "Bajjji" she almost screamed "ghup" he admonished her, mein sirf thje batane aye tha ki Iam home now ,I am going to my room to get my stuff sorted and to get cleaned haven't showered in that hell hole and Iam smelly to death ok then Iam off see you later and smile girl ,the miscreant has returned courtesy to y salla!" he said as he winked at Roops and left the room leaving behind a bewildred Roops.  Aye Shaib after veneration, held the pooja thali her hand pushed the swirling incense in the main areas of the house ,today she would go to her son's room a swell . She walked towards Dutta's room and entered. He lay their asleep  covered in his counter pane his bare shoulder peeped from under the sheet he clutched a couple of head to his chest .She saw him and her heat raced ,her son ,the pride of her womb, the fruit of his father's lions .She studied him intently , when was the last time she came to his room and saw him asleep ,t'was years ago ,she recalled those countless moments when he sorted many a disputes among his sisters and emerged as a bit of person who lead,  rather than be lead .She longed to stroke his hair ,she remembered how she was the woman in his life, the sun he sought light from ,the solid wall when he needed to be supported or cordoned off from the pressures and  onslaughts he suffered at the hands of the looming high standards of disciple his father had set for him to toughen him up.  She looked at his frame and her body sang that she formed him and bore him , raised him and nurtured him, she smiled for Dutta is her only begotten son, her good son ,who gave her security ,the cover of from all those  areas where possible gaps could have occurred but were averted due to her Dutta. He assumed the role of a father , a husband in the Patil house hold . Her eyes welled up as she recalled the years when he grew up fatherless, felt the trauma but never revealed it, lest his mother showed distress, and how he realized that even if she tried she could never be his father! yet still he looked up to her in dire straits,  thus he  empowered her. In her widow hood , such was her son Dutta a clean cut strong family orientated man ,and today was his sagaai ; she wondered if he Dutta  would feel the absence of his father ,although she knew he would mask those feelings well for her sake . 

 Extreme affection for her son over took and she sat by on his bed side prompted by a mother's desire to establish tactile connection for her child. She bent forward and stroked his hair near his side burns as he lay breathing faintly .He jerked and raised his head in disbelief but he thanked god he hadn't uttered anything untoward as his morning arouser caller as per usual was a fair maiden..but he smiled dreamily and shifted on his back and sat up abruptly, but promptly covered his bare hair chest with the sheet embarrassedly .Aye Sahib ap? He smiled cheek to cheek blushing .".haan Dutta aj main ne kaha ke apna beta ko hum jagian tu ah gaya " she said . Dutta saw his mother with the pooja thalli ,he pushed off his bed spread and said"aye !ek minute daien mein shower karke ata hoon arti ke liye?.Aye nodded and paused for her son to return. He returned squeaky clean and sat on the bed.. she  offered him the pooja thalli as he sat  only shower,on  his bed his mop of hair rumpled and his day old stubble poking out of his face he nodded and cup his hands on the diva and smiled quietly as his mother strewed the petals and grains he bowed his head slightly as she applied tilak on her sons' smooth wide forehead ." Dutta aj teri saagai hai ,tu itna barah hogiya hai , par mare lye tu aj bhi meri chotta se Dutta hai" she said over wrought with emotion..he lowered his eyes shyly "Dutta humaien such such bata kya aaj thuje apne babba ke kamei mehsoss horehi hi kya?, his mother asked in concern, "haan Aye,iss liye kae babba aaj ap ki saath nehi hoonaga ap ke or unke beta ki saagai par ,or nehi iss liye ka muhje pata hai ka, Naku , Babba ki bhi pasand ho gi ap ke tharen  replied Dutta for he knew that his father would approve of this delicate girl who has the power to keep his son in line, in discipline ,in order, all the qualities his father was a great propagator of. Aye smiled, and rumpled his hair with her fingers, and made her way out, he watched her leave of course he missed he confessed to himself his father but his fortress, his mother was still here with him...

Dutta pressed his palms on his bed an lowered his legs and his long slender toes found the carpet, just as he heaved to stand there was a knock on the door "ah jaon" he shouted ,the door sprung open and there stood Baji with his arms stretched aj mera yaar ki sagaai hai! aj mera yaar ki saagai! he sang and he bent one foot in front of the other and lapsed into a frantic jerk! .dhincahk dincahk! he sang as  he went around in circles in front of Dutta who still sat on his bed and stroked his prickly chin.. "Bhao never fair Baji is here ! he said pointing his finger and bending his head towards Dutta with mock gravity ,Dutta bit his lip and shook his head and turned his head a little to the side "yes I can see the demented drunk has arrived" he remarked dryly "saach mein Bhao ise  jaga the ek dum five star! ,na khana acha ,no damn shower! balti se nahon I said to myself I'd rather smell like a fish than bath in that cess pit" he gabbered ,"so what the bloody hell did you think you were the queen's diplomat that was going to be dished out core diplomat treatment, what you shoud have been givien was a right bollocking to set your senses back into action! shouted Dutta  as he stood on his feet "ok !ok!" went Baji as he folded his hands  Dutta glared at him and pointed his index finger "I am warning you Baji if I see you go anywhere near booze tonight I'll personally smash my finest bottles of brandy on that ruddy wooden block of yours"! Dutta bellowed Baji pulled his ear lobes and  made a wee sign with his thumb and fore finger "just a itsy bitsy drop Bhao please teri sagaai roz tu nehi hogi".. "no Baji! Dutta shouted at him you pillock  to go back to the cells smelling of bloody liquor they'll tag you as an alcho"! warned Dutta "and then they'll refer you to alcohol addiction agencies and what's more you'll have to attend these sessions and if you don't they'll know because these agencies work in close proximity with the police". Baji looked influenced by Dutta's reasoning and finally gave in "theekh hai Bhao mein nehi peea ga ..ab jab tera lagan hoga tab mein peeya ga" .Dutta looked at his friends face and said "ache Iam going in to have a shower you get some breakfast sorted out for us "he said as he made his way towards the bathroom holding the crutch but not using it ,,but walking, he smiled at his friends back...  Dutta closed the door of the bathroom and  chuckled in the mirror  Baji Rao , ye Dutta sab ka baap hai ..dekh thuje mammmo buniyaa  kya! went Dutta at his reflection.

Dutta emerged from the bathroom his marron medium sized towel hugged his broad shoulders his chest bulged under his white tight fitted sleeves vest ,his wet hair brushed back from his fore head, shining like glazed thin layers of liquorish stuck to his scalp. He peered at Baji who had a calmed down ,Dutta gave a twisted smile and opened his cupboard and got out  French rose bud stitched white embroidered kurta and raised his hairy arm pits and passed his head through the open neck and one by one shoved his muscular arms in the sleeves only to push them up to his elbows. "Nishata"? he enquired and before he was about for yell  Rahmaan ,when Sethji entered in style,he wore a big toothy smile, widened eye and bushy tailed. He held on to a tray of steaming poha bowls..yes Baji went  "Baji bhao" exclaimed  Sethji "kya Baji bhao tum ko mein dekh reha that tum nazar nei aye? Koi locha hi kya"?asked Sethji his eyes sparkled with glee , " oye tu bahut batein kerne laga hai phattu" retorted an embarrassed,Baji "tell  the boy what you really did"! Dutta gibed as he saw his brother in law snubbed ! Baji  beckoned Sethji near him on the turquoise settee and sat him down and put his arm around his shoulder "Sethji mein ne sharab pe ki ghri chaleie ," Sethji's eyes widened" kua bole tu,kya police ap ke pechi lagi kya? " asked a fascinated Sethji and Baji nodded "ho ",phir tu car racing bhi hoi hogi"? aked an excited Sethji, Dutta  listened and watched the boys natural reaction of over excitability over dare devilish feats that appeal to vunerable young minds,and interjected "aur phir Baji ka acciident hogaya, use chotien ayein aur police cell mein tuk giya..or abhi sazza mila gi kanoon ke  terif se! clarified Dutta to the young Sethiji,"aisa tu! deva re deva the child went..main tu khbhiache p eke gari nehi chaleya ga  Bhao" aagar tune ne aisa keya Seth ji ,"kahbhi bhi to tu Fauj mein nehi ja sekta phooji  log police ke report check karte hain" said Dutta well clear ,for he believed that the boy should be told facts as they are, and not assume that he was young to understand what being on wrong side of the law means ,deducted Dutta .Baji ,thought it best to tuck into breakfast! "Oh Iam starving Seth ji tum ek dum mast hai jo nsta karma me he le aiya and Bajji started eating his poha straight away Dutta paused a moment sat down picked up his fork and looked up at Sethji "yeh kis ne diya hai Seth ji"?,he asked clearing his throat. "Ye Bhao kitchen mein kam ker ne wali tai nae he replied innocently unsure of what Dutta wanted to hear .Dutta put his fork down and said "theekh hai Sethji muhje poha nehi khana aj"he blurted his hurt evident on his boyish face , he was certainly not going to eat the confounded thing! if Naku had'nt made it ,he was mad at himself for being made so utterly dependant on her! for every little thing even food .he got up in a sulk.

Sethji scurried out of the room and briskly head for his sister's room knocked once and she called "kuan" ? "Tai mein ho Sethji", she quickly  opened the door pulled him in and gave him a hug gathered his head on her belly ,than let go and crouched in front of him  "Saab se milaha tu" she asked her big doe eyes full to the brim with questions as she waited for her brothers answer ,she was desperate for any news about her Saab ,he nodded "hai mile hoon Tai abhi unke karma se he ah raha hoon ,Tai Bhao ne nasta nehi kya meiin poha le ker gaye tha tumne bola tha magar,woh puchee kis ne becha hai? ,jab main ne bata ki kicthen walai Tai ne bheechahai tu woh bole muhje book nehi hai ". Seth ji, reported, she got up held his a shoulders and instructed in desperation Seth ja tu ja kicthen mein frige khol use main ek plate mein sandwiches haein jaldi se woh lae ka ja aur Saab se khena ki ye tai ne beje hai, aur she turned him around and literally pushed him out of the door aur sun un ko haat maatlagana Saab ka nastha hai woh saamjhaa ,she said and he smiled, nodded and waved at her as he closed the door behind him she pressed her back against the door, and whispered "Saab, ap ko dekna ke liya apke Naku bhi bechain hai" .

Sethji re-entered Bhao' room and stood near him holding his plate of sandwiches ,"Bhao ye Tai ne baniya hai, aur ap ke liya baejhe hain" .Dutta who stood  with his arms clasped behind his back, reeled around took the tray eagerly and sat on turquoise  settee and set the plate in front of himself, smiled and started to devour his sandwiches ,he smiled as he chewed, relishing the taste of her hands wanting her more and more as he munched hungrily, swallowing each morsel down .. baby I miss you Naku ... he cried pait tu bhar gaya hai Naku per dil nehi bhara..dil abhi bhi kahli hai...

"Rahmaaan", bellowed Dutta "jee saaar" appeared the batman"ja khe saab ka derwaaza knock ker ki baata do ke sarhai panche baje saab ko neche hall mein meloon ga,bolker ao! or Aye Sahib ko pe baat dena ki Saab ka order hai" he commanded . He looked at his face in his dresser mirror and detected a glow on his face, as he  stroked his stubble and accepted with a degree of delight that he didn't need to get himself groomed other than trimming his beard ,he looked himself up arrogant as a narcissist why Dutta you are natural so whole some a man to behold ,graced with smooth clear skin without marks accept the few jet black dots ofbeauty mark moles .He pulled his chest and stroked the left side of his heart . Dutta ,alerted himself the hour had approached time to put on the required ceremonial attire ,he was well accustomed to matching sartorial requirements to appropriate events, after all he was an army officer with all the colour and high resplendent attached to it. Funnily enough he felt nervous for he was absolutely in the dark about what he was  going to wear ,he bit his lip and brushed his chin and recalled Naku did mention shopping and he told her he would sort it nearer the time ..but he hadn't .He left his room knocked at Baji's door and raised his voice at a perplexed Baji blue sherwni clad looking very traditional ,thought Dutta "chaale ab meri kaprete le ker ah mera kamra mein dekhnoon toon tu aaj  kya cartoon baiya ga  mujhe" he bellowed and walked back to his room.

Baji brought Dutta's outfit and laid it on his bed..Dutta took one look at it and went "what!! a bloody dothi! no way Jose! Iam  not wearing that! That! and he pointed his finger at the folded material piece of cloth around my torso, showing my bloody legs " he shook his head adamantedly ,besides I don't even know how to tie the frigging thing ..and even if I do ! Baji what if it drops when I am standing !he protested Baji "laughed heee he Kya Baho tum to goli se nehin darte dothi se dar kiya kya? .hee haa ,said Baji rubbing his hands and he looked up "rehi tumari legs ki tu lardki ke legs ka maafki nehi hain ki log un per ghor karnein ga ,yeah but one thing for is sure Bhao  all the chicks will be straining  to get a peek at them" ! Baji,guffawed " shut your face before I punch the day light's out of you shouted Dutta." see Bhao it's dead easy to put on shall I help you put it on" and he moved towards Dutta's legs ,Dutta moved back "nehin!,I deal with it myself there are instructions on the pack I'll just have to follow them "conformed Dutta. "yes you do that Bhao, and make sure you secure it properly before heheee!! !shame shame" ! sniggered as he left Dutta's room .

Naku sat in a midway state between that of  waiting and nervousness .She waited for her outfit ,she waited for her mother ,she waited for her makeup artist but last of all she waited for one glance of her Saab.. she was nervous about the rituals all going smoothly ,she was nervous how she would look ,as her main desire was to please him, she was nervous because she was venturing upon a new journey of her life ..a knock on the door joggled her back from her thinking mode .the door opened and Kala Tai walked past her dressed in her retro silk dressing gown with a strange waves of jumbo rollers secured on the front and sides of her face ,she looked very glamourous and ravishing even without make up thought Naku "listen Vahini these are your clothes and jewellery for the evening and here is the famous green choura the would be brides wear on the day of betrohel, usually the bride's mother puts it on the her wrist and the bride keeps it on her wrist and only takes it off after one of her marriage". Kala dashed off " cheer up vahini don't loook so frightened we are all with you ..oey I am on my way got to get dressed fast as Bhao wants every ONE down by 5.30 pm to receive the guests, who I expect will start arriving in dribs and drabs from 5.30 to 6 onwards"... Kala closed the door behind her and there followed another Knock at Naku's door it was her makeup artist and Babi .Naku hugged her mother "aye sukar hai tu ah gaye hai ,chalo mujhe dekna do ap kaise leg rehi ho",her mother looked dressy and well presented in her purple silk and broad gold and purple border  8 metre long maharashterian saari loosely draped. Naku smiled at her mother who had her hair tied in a bun  highlighted witha circle ghajara around it ,she hugged her mother as she apporoved of the traditional  slightly over sized nath in one of her nostrils "Aye ye dek kaprete aur zawaar Saab ke kher waloone ki turf sse" chirped a slightly more light hearted Naku .The make artist asked Naku to sit before the dressing table for the forth coming task. Naku looked at her various foundations, eye shadows ,and high lighters palettes  that she placed on the dresser ,followed by a brush holder with all manner of, shape ,angle and size brushes...Naku though what an interesting job ,enhancing ,beautifying and perhaps transforming people into some illusionary person they are not! " so what clothes are  you wearing Naku"?she asked Naku, turned and point out "oh so subtle colors thats'' fine" said the makeup artist, "now tell me Naku what sort of makeover would you like"? continued the lady, "simple" said Naku "simple please nothing over the top stated Naku she was asked her preference ,it was her face and she had said her requirement ,for it may be her face but she knew how her Saab wants it to look like... the artiste commented on Naku's light skin and her green ees , "waise you don't need that much of a makeover as you already have  light skin  and beautiful eyes".. Naku looked at her reflection  in the mirror and with a pensive profound gravity thought  with sadness had I been  a few shades darker or ,wheat germ complexioned with dark brown or black eyes would I  be less attractive...she let this thought open ended in her mind ,may be she would ask her man for the answer.. Her face was sprayed with water and than shortly she watched the arist chose various brushes collect dabs of pale to peach matte fondation and with  a few skilful  brush strokes her face was veneered with a porcelain contoured look .. Naku closed her eyes and held her head back and closed her eye lids as  required ,and the artist took tiny portions of taupe ,silver and old gold pigments and applied and blended them on Naku's eyes lids with the semi circle dark brown eye shadow inside the hollow of her eyelids and final metallic taupe highlight of the area underneath the eye brow.  bridal aura! "you can look at yourself said the make up artist  although the finishing touches have to be made still"  as she sat up to look at her Naku judged that she  looked so differen,t so unlike her ,she appeared like a model .The artist applied taupe silver dust on the bridge of her nose to the little sharp up turned tip giving prominence and sculptured feature to her nose.  Is it finshed? asked Naku a wee bit fedup! She compared surley the anatomy lessons wre not half as bad as this!  "no just some last bits" ,and a  swish of a broad  stroke she  brushed Naku' cheek bones in a down to upward motion tones of peach coral that  gave her cheeks bones a flattered chiselled depth... finally she asked Naku to sit back and applied a dark kajal pencil all the way from her outer eye moving towards her inner eye, while her top eye was lined with a subtle black gel glitter eye liner, this gave her a complete doe eyed look with green eyes .. "now a few stokes of mascara on our lashes Naku and we are finished after the flicks finished Naku looked at herself and wondered how with every little minute addition her face transformed , she looked at herself she thought of him would he try to find his Naku in her tonite? . "thankyou said Naku I love it .. "now your hair Naku"said the artist "oh my hair my mum will make" said Naku and Babi came forward and combed and brushed Naku's waist length hair Babi asked her " kaise bal banaon Naku ..Naku smiled maathe se peeche Aye or kassh ke eek chotte! Saab ko woi pasand hai, use mein ap parandhi dal sakte hai .said Naku ..she knew her what her Saab would like, simplicity  and today all her shingar  was for him... her mother sweptback  all the hair from her daughter face  an  Naku's fore head glazed and revealed her waved, curved hair line that shaped her face like a heat...

Once she had put her clothes on, her mother helped her sit herself at the dressing table and  adorned her daughter with the jewellery given to her by her in laws . Babi put the gold and platinum dog collar choker necklace strewn with seven circular discs of diamond and pearl surround with a second layer of white pearls studded with a large coral pearl in the middle of the disc the centre went all he way round Naku's neck, and beneath  each of the seven disc were pairs of back attached  curved hooks of platinum gold, which held  a large coral pearl dangling from each end of the  hooks, which now graced the lower part of Naku's slender neck. Her mother carefully pinned her tika the subtle coral pearl at the end moved every time Naku moved her head.Babi tilted her daughter's head a little her eyes watering every so often and secured Naku's jhoomar to one side of her head. Babi threaded Naku's lobes with the large diamond disc with a white pearl in the middle continuing in a long drop of three large coral pearls attached to the back to back hooks with large drops of coral pearls! Finally Babi kissed her daughter's fore head and said "Naku ye hai shagun ka hera chora jo Bhao ke gharwaloon ne thuje diya hai ,pta hai ne thuje lagan ki ek mah bd us ko utarna hai" and Babi fought back her tears and folded her hands and touched her temples with her knuckles.   

As per Dutta's orders the whole family had gathered, and awaited the descent of the would be groom .Dutta walked confidently out of his room and stood at the landing of his hall he saw the place had a look of festivity but in a staid sober manner ,devoid of loud common factor. His eyes noticed the twinkling strings of gold and sliver fairy lghts wrapped around pillars, posts entrances;spot lights in various areas blazoned and created a warm ambience' ; the aroma of fresh flowers mixed with incense created a calming effect; his sisters selection of fresh flower arrangements  complete with marble pedestals and contemporary vases holding flowers around the house were quite extra ordinary! And then the main stair case again complemented with  posies of yellow marigold wrapped in green ferns and shiny brod leaves were pinned to the lemon swagsalong the stair way did pleased Dutta and his chest swelled with pride for his family members! ..  Dutta moved from the railing and moved to the top of the stairs, Rahman stood behind him with his crutch in case..  today Dutta would mentally and physically do away with his crutch ,for today was reason enough ,there would be a public declaration of their bond!

Dutta wore a golden dhoti sherwani. He looked like a princely warrior as he stood tall and proud, held his arms by his sides, as he began to move in his golden jamawar with an embellished front panel ,his neck held erect amidst the high neck collar, revealed part of his hairy chest, the front panel adorned with luminous diamond that sparkled and his  long arms which he decided to leave by his side lay covered with the gold jamawar with  sleeve bottoms matched the front panel design. He pointed his beige zari bedecked mojari on the winding stair case ,beads and zari work and antique sequins glittered as he glided calmly amidst Baji's whistles and cat calls and clapping and cheers of family members, he compressed his mouth and narrowed his lion like eyes as he moved his legs in his matching gold dothi that gently swished and revealed a portion of his hairy ankles and part of his muscular lower leg the border of his dothi matched the front panel of his sherwani .He raised his eyes as he reached the second last step surrounded with more applause which made him widen his eyes with glee and his mouth stretched in a little subtle smile his sisters all rushed towards their brother  Kala who looked ravishing in a bottle green halter neck sari blouse and matching net sari washed with golden rose buds all over ,touched her brother and fixed his collar as he stood in front of her shyly his mouth pulled to one side "baby what a handsome young lion you look today Dutta and golden jamawar the colours of the king of the jungle remarked Kala. Baji came towards Dutta" Bhao aaj tu tum logon ko zinda he marde ga !. Dutta folded his fist and waved it towards Baji. Dutta moved towards his mother and bent to touch her feet she blessed him and took his face in her hands.  Dutta briefly cleared his throat draw people's  attention" brilliant job every one ,now we need to prepare ourselves to receive the guests Baji ,Aye sahib and myself will go to receive the guests" informed Dutta as it was nearly 6.00pm. the waiters were ready in their black semblances. There was  loud talking and Dutta turned his head and beheld a large group of young girls dressed in traditional and contemporary style giggling in the entrance Dutta Looked at  Roops, who immediately lifted her  sea green lenhga and made way swiftly to greet her uni friends and chatted merrily with her fiends as the waiters served them drink and starters. Roops instructed the Dj to start playing calming music.

Dutta and his mother went out towards the drive and both mother and son were greeted by the breathing taking sight of decor.. the drive from the gate to the house was paying homage to Ganpati! seeing that it was Ganpati chaturthi ,the drive way  displayed  8,white marble pedestals up holding white marble figurines of Bappa  aglow  in blue spot lights. Aye Sahib clasped her hands and looked at Baji who lowered his head, "ye bhi tera kam haina Baji" Aye said her as she wiped her tear with her the corner of her sari "Bappa mujhe ek nehi do beta diyan hai jinhe maa ki kushi ka humshaa  kiyal hota hai" .Aye who could sense an unkown ,unspoken tension between the two friends looked up at Dutta and nodded her head once at him ..Dutta twitched his mouth and turned to his best friend in sincerity " Baji toone woh kiya hai jis ke bare mein main ne nehi sochta tha..good job" Baji was so overcome that he hugged  Dutta warmly and whispered so can "I drink one peg at least Baho"!

The door of the gate swung open as car arrived. BGs leapt forward to receive the keys to the vehicles or conducted drivers to assigned parking places.The car door opened and a very distinguished  black tuxedo clad Brig. Parekh stepped out and Dutta saluted and Parekh shook Dutta;s hand and held his hand" I say young chap you look all prepared for  slaughter , I thought you were safe but seems to me by the way you look tonite Dutta you've been ambushed"! and Dutta smiled shyly and lowered his eyes. Shortly, Army jeeps started to filter in as Dutta;s heart raced all his platoon boys were here and one after the other they jumped out out of the jeeps, dressed  in their camouflaged shirts and trousers complete with tight belted shining belt buckles, radiated polished boots with berets that perched at an angle over their heads! and  they stood in a single file before him impressed at the sight of a  well standing Dutta dressed a groom before them ."Sir" they said together and saluted to Brigadier Parekh and their platoon commader. stand at "ease men" said Parekh as both him and Dutta accepted and  reciprocated, enjoy yoursleves ,but at all times remember where you are! not forgetting that what you are and among civilians  and any untoward incident can be detrimental to our Army's reputation, by the way Dutta , wanted to know if you had invited any media over?"inquired Parekh, as he waited for his answer"no sir I haven't ,and if I may say so sir I  was never going to invited them in the first place utsavs at Patil Niwas are historically very private and personal" assured Dutta, please gentleman do come in ,but before they could go in Major Ram arrived With his wife and baby son ,Ram and Dutta shook hands and Ram introduced his wife  to Dutta."meet my wife Dutta, and this is junior!"said Ram full of  pride, Dutta folded his hands above his head and said" welcome to my humble abode " he looked at one of the BG;s and cocked his head ordering  him to carry the baby's requite bag which Ram's wife carried."shall we all go inside and Dutta walked swishing his golden dothi! Followed by his platoon soldiers even the music stopped! the buzz of chit chatter stopped an people  saw a mini army garrison walked in led by a  by  lion like man, dressed in a golden  attire that warranted his  authority . Once milling around and guests had settled with refreshments. The pandit requested Aye Sahib that the bride be called ...for this the rasam for Sakharpuda. Baji raced up stairs and notified Babi ,Ganapat and Sethji to bring Naku down .The whole atmoshphere was realaxed and Baji who self self appointed himself the master of ceremonies announced, "ok ladies and gentlemen the fair maiden approaches so I suggest we stand please .Dutta stood facing the winding stair case surrounded with his soldiers all stand on each of sides with their feet apart and hands behind their backs ...the music starts to play as Dutta's hearts started to race and he looked and briefly caught glimpse of her ,  supported by her mother and brother she tood still at the top of the stairs wearing a light taupe and asparagus crinkle chiffon and banarsi jamawar with a fitted bodice, round neckline, front and hem meticulously embellished with semi precious stones, sequins, beads ,zari and Swarovski crystals. With a dark coral raw silk sharara with shinning appliqu work on the hem,full sleeves adorned with more ravishing embellishments and banarsi jamawar patch work. Her light taupe  french chiffon dupptta, with a wide border of marvellous embellishments, extensive scatter of sequins edged with banarsi jamawar hung  pinned to her head, revealing her absolutely stunning sculptured face and Arabic kajaled green hazel doe eyesthat took Dutta's breathe away he blushed profusely and crossed one hand cross his stomach the lyrics play as Naku begins to move and head bowed a little...ho ek ladki ko dekha to asisa laga jaise kihilta gulaab,Naku moves down gracefully as Dutta looked on...jaise shayaayar ka khawaab she takes a step down and he gazed and blinked his eyes slowly..jaise ujili kiran ,he took a quiet , sigh as Naku continues jaise van mein hiran and she raises her eyes and met his besotted looks ,and he bit his lip as she lowers her eyes again jaise chaandni raat  Naku look up into my eyes again his cries out in silence as he stood like all others captured by her beauty jasise nahghme ki raat and she raised her eyes again and he quietly snatched the gaze with a narrowing of his  eyes warning her not to look away jaise mandir  mein ho ek jalta diya and she pout's her lower lip and gives him a subtle smile and he felt his heart would pounce out of his chest ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga and he looked at her and moves his head down once to give his approval... she reached the bottom of the stairs and every one quiet before clapped politely . Dutta as much as he wanted to embrace her in his strong arms, stayed glued with his platoon,but carried on lappingher details with his wanton eyes, he noted her jewellery, her make, her choura, her hands and she looked his way shyly as her brother held her elbow she turned her face and checked him out and her eyes danced and she quivered her coral glossed lip, her eyes seemed to say Saab bahut ache lag raho ho ap,  he looked at her with slightly enquiring eyes tune kuch kaha hai Naku but she lowered her eyes and he looked the other way ,Aye sahib came and whispred "Dutta ab chaal  rasam puri kerni hai padndit jee ne pooja bhi khaatm ker"

Dutta,looked at Naku but she looked down shyly ,he thought he might taken her towards the stage,  by the hand and pulled his hands up and felt his fingers in slight anger,as the idea seemed next to impossible! He looked at his boys and then  simply took long strides his goldn dhoti swishing and  made his way towards the raised peach and taupe stage graced with a two seater rolled arms peach settee, set against a back drop of shimmering gold and platinum fabric with peach carpeted flooring. Dutta alighted the 3-D stage decorated with  swags all the way on the top of the back drop covered with peach and white roses .The back drop was also decorated with soft vertical rows of gold and silver fairy lights . Dutta sat on the corner of the two seater of the settee his  mother and sisters came and occupied the chairs round the settee .Dutta sat with one leg over the other in true nawabi style , his elbow rested over the curved arm of the settee and his eyes waited for is beloved to come towards him finally he looked and she approached his way taking long tedious steps towards him held by her parents she kicked her sharara and her jamawar swished gracefully as she neared him he watched her as she lifted her leg and rustled her clothes, he saw her tiny toes briefly and his heart quickened she came near him  and her mother sat her down next to him. Dutta who looked at her side ways and helped her as she pulled her duptta a little from uderneath her he looked at her closely and she felt his gaze and turned to meet his eyes  and her eyes smiled and she nodded a little you're doing very well Saab just maintain decorum,  he bit his lip and looked the other way.. Babi sat next to Naku and Aye Sahib sat next to Dutta.

The pandit jee  after the pooja ceremony finished,  stepped on the stage and requested the vadhu and the var too stand for the shakhrpuda cermoney. Dutta stood up and stole a  glance at her with lowered yes ."Pandit asked var ke tariff se angothe"  Aye Sahib gave the ring he spoke religious words and Dutta stood ready to grasp Naku's hand "vadhu apna  haat aga kerian" she shyly moved her trembling finger towards him he pulled his lips to one side and looked at into her eyes with immense longing took her hand in his warm broad palm and let  the touch linger as  Naku bit her lip and finally he slipped the solitaire diamond ring on her finger and gave her a look saying you're  mine now baby all mine. The pandit then asked the bride's family  "var ki ankothe"  Babi got up and passed the ring to Naku she looked up at Dutta ,and pleaded give me the ring finger ,he stood their staring at her as long as it took him for her to take his hand as he did hers,  but she stood their ready with the ring in her hands finally he lowered his eyes and stuck his ring finger at her and she with a considerable relief moved back the priest chanted religious blessings towards them and retreated back to indicate the ceremony had finished.Aye Sahib gave Naku a bag of sugar to herald everything sweet in her future life. Everyone around who watched in fascination cheered  and clapped for the newly engaged couple. Dutta and  Naku mean while took their immediate families blessings Mmma jee especially came forward and blessed and hugged Dutta and said "Dutta tu mera beta jaise he hai "he said emotionally . People started to make their way on the stage to congratulate the couple and Dutta looked with wanting, filled with consternation at cultural boundaries! he wrestled within he bit his lip as he stared and blinked  ,he would have planted one on those coral petal lips of hers, he rubbed his finger tips,  well that would have been outrageous he would surley be allowed to peck her on those contoured cheeks of hers, but this was now he surmised and justified the purity of his thoughts regarding her, well all desired for, was for her to be seated next to him on the settee so he could feast his eyes on her exceptional stunning appearance today ,but the constant stream of well wishers rendered it impossible!

In natural progression, people drank and ate foods offered at the event Dutta attempted many a times in vain ,to catch his beloved's attention, finally he  gyrated towards his boys and partook in merry modest amounts of light alcohol. Baji the master of ceremonies drew every ones attention and proclaimed the beginning of tonite's small segment of entertainment,. People settled down and the lion looked at his beautiful elegant lioness and beckoned her with his head to standby his side Naku walked towards her handsome princely warrior his broad shoulder and head stood tall .She neared him and stood next to him ,her taupe jamawar flowed around her dainty body ..Baji spoke "the first number ladies and gentlemen is dedicated to Dutta Bhao as we address him! It should bring enough thunder and lightening into your lives" Dutta looked down at Naku and bent his mouth towards her ear"ab pata nehi ye Baji kya mushkari ker ga he whispered..Naku looked up at him with her dark Kajalled out line eyes and moved her head to assure him of only subh! The commands of formation to jawans was shouted out in Army force fashion , the sounding of bugle and broom broom click click of military drums, summoned the  goose stepped  marching soldiers swathed in spot lights of green yellow and white! Five from each end of the stage marched in ,five from one side, and five from the other and a spare one in the middle, they  marched, formed a V-shape and jumped, and stood with legs apart, 11 sturdy uniformed soldiers, with their backs to the audience, further order was shouted out and they kneeled on one knee!, they waited in silence for the cue, alongside the audience and ...the words of the song began "kadmo se kadam milte hai  and each soldier from the either adjecent points ofthe V jumped up in pairs and faced the audience from the widest point of the V to the narrowest as the words sounded all 11 men stood facing the spectators  with legs held apart! ,kadmo se dam milte hai they jogged thunderously in unision " hum chalte hain jab aise they marched,  jumped and kicked sideways with one leg to dushman ke dil they tapped their hearts with their fists and spread their arms foward in trembling actions hilte hain, kandho se milte hain kandha  they their shrugged shoulders jogged and stood firm and walked in strides as they walked a few steps to the right and then changed to left  kadmo se kadmam milte hain, they  jogged and kicked, ab to hamien aage badhte hai rehna hai ,marched forward with clenched fisted arms  jogged forward and saluted , ab tu hamien hai saathi bas itna hi khena , they crossed their hearts, ab to hamein saathi hi bas itna hi khena!  tapped each other's shoulders and jogged side to side arm on each other abut hamien saathi badthe hi rehna! jogged and pointed their hands to the ground moving forward, ab job bhi ho kneeling shoal ban ke phatter hai pig laana ! struck their fist on the floor baadal bun ke parbat hai chana !swirled arm upwards, while kneeled on one knee jumped up and jogged and marched forward jogged and jumped and stood and saluted Dutta,who swelled with pride and admiration for the valour of his lads as he watched them mesmerised  ...  nikle hain maidaan mein hum jaan hatheli par le kar ! jogging they crossed hearts, ab dekho dum lenge hum jaa ke apni manzil par! jogged forward and kicked sideways,  khatron se has ke khelna itni to hum mein himmat hai!  they clenched their  arms forward and raised their  arms up ward  mode kalayi maut ki itni to hum mein taakat hai!  they stamped their foot and raised their arms in valour,   hum sarhadon ke vaaste  lohe ki ik deewar hain ! they jogged together  and touched shoulders in comradeship hum dushmano ke vaaste  hoshiyaar hain taiyaar hain! they kneeled and pointed to ground, ab jo bhi ho  shola ban ke patthar hai pighlaana! jumped up on feet and marched forward and saluted ...  kandho se milte hain kandhe! marched goose step knees up,  kadmo se kadam milte hain! kicked sideways in and jogged "hum chalte hain jab aise to dil dushman ke hilte hain !,shook their shoulders, marched forward saluted and sank down on one knee! All the spectators gave them a standing ovation, and not an eye remained dry! Sethji stood next to his sister and pushed his almost near to tears face in her side ,Dutta noticed the action and took him by the hand and took him and his sister Naku,his bride to be to face the kneeled on one knee soldiers ... the tremendous applause continued for the soldiers and Dutta  stood to attention and gave them a stiff salute, and on seeing Dutta, Sethji with a big smile gave the soldiers a smart salute as well! Dutta's eyes shone with immense pride for his boys, as they jumped up to salute him yet again "Sir" and ma'am they said as they turned to Naku, they had met her in hospital when Dutta was under treatment,"Well you have done the platoon proud lads ,I was not aware of your hidden talents of dancing" he jested as he smiled and stroked his beard" ...Naku squared up her shoulders and gazed up at her Saab,  as he led her to the nearest chair to sit down .As he stood tall admired and looked up to by his platoon soldiers she thought of the one most important thing that cemented their bond ,she concluded dressed as his future bride that it had to be the utmost desire that both shared to serve their country and their people! it was the call for duty passion that had linked them together the most! and finalized their relationship ... to be continued to part 2 of this UPD Hamlet 2.9.11

Dear friends ,I would request that you press like only if you must ,those who are gracious enough to make comments I would request you to abstain from so for this moment in time ,as the final part 2.of chapter 18 is to would have been far too lengthy and I suspect that the forum  allows a certain number of words? Thanks for bearing up with me..xxHamlet 2.9.11











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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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awsem update love every bit of it  the breakfast scene and baaji scene engagement sce love them and the interaction between tasha eyes are always awsem do next part of it as soon as possible

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Hammie mein aagai ...finally...ok so here we go ..
I will comment for ALL of  Chapter 18(both parts) in this post ...

"Till Death Do Us Part" - such powerful the title selection :)


Wow wonderful start ...with Ganapati...good beginning to a day getting blessings...and what a beautiful make-over by baaji...bringing more life to the statue...just like Baaji's own presence is always filling where he is with life...AS happy to see him...oww Baaji so cute...wanting AS to keep mum about him as he wants to give his friend a surprise...

So Baaji makes sure to let his lady noe he is home sweet home and needs to shower LOL ...and of course he is only back courtesy of his salla lol...loved that line :P

AS makes her way to Dutta's room and that moment was beautiful as she watched him sleep and her thoughts as a mother about her strong son she's quite proud of ...the son who has done everything for her and will probably do anything for her as well...

Liked how Dutta saw the pooja thali and immediately went to get cleaned so she can to the arti...loved their convo and the mention of his father and knowing that Naku would defo be approved by him...him missing his father yet comforted by the presence of his mother...overall I really felt the emotions in this part btwn mother and son...

aww Baaji so happy and singing for his friends sagaii...Dutta making his comments about Baaji's drinking and warning him not to near booze at the sagaai...and after little back and forth talking finally Baaji says he wont and loved how Dutta goes to shower and chuckled in the mirror...

liked how dutta handled things with his brother in law...telling the facts straight to sethji to get him to go for the right path...

oh no our major does not want the poha because Naku did not make...and Naku is desparate to hear any news on him ...lmao vah rab ne bana di jodi ..oh and problem solved she sends sandwiches for him...and then tell sethji not to touch them they are for saab only...i am curious has she asked if sethji ate lol...

omg he scarfed down the sandwiches LOL "pait tu bhar gaya hai par dil nehi bhara.." I am picturing MR doing that LMAO ...lovely just lovely...he is missing her too much eh...

aww dutta instructing for all to be on time ...he is so eager for this event...
OMG ROFL his reaction to wearing a dothi ...they are not that bad LOL...he is worst than girls re...Maajor Saab no one will have any problems with seeing ur legs... hai na hammie ;) ...ROFL he thinks it will drop on the floor...he is killing me...and Baaji's line "goli se nahi darte dhoti se dar kiya kya" me too was thinking exact same...hahaha omg i knew it..see i knew u think like that too hammie...all chicks straining to get a peek at them :P  lmao you've got to be kidding me... are u for real...there are instructions on the pack LOL...oh god hammie i  am dying...yeh baaji bhi na him and his comments shame shame :P what fun this scene is ...

loved that Naku went for more simplicity and everything just the way her saab would like it. Loved the touch of her mother doing her hair...very sweet scene...

so as per Majors command all gathered for the big event...oh and he seems quite pleased with the decorations...loved that line "today Dutta would mentally and physically do away with his crtuch, for today was reason enough, there would be a public declaration of their bond" words put together very beautifully hammie :)

haaye haaye Dutta is looking handsome in his golden dhoti sherwani..indeed a princely warrior...and had all the reasons to stand tall and proud ;) heehee even baaji is whistling at him LOL...

I'm am loving Baaji's ideas...they are indeed very touching and beautiful :) and the two friends hug and then loved baaji asking if he can drink one peg lol...yeh baaji bhi na

oh ho dutta's been ambushed lol ...good all his platoon boys are here the Brig Parekh...aww Dutta likes to keep his personal life on the down media ...thats attention is never good :P oh major ram also here with his family...hmm so Dutta walks in swishing his dhoti lol...pandit calling for Naku and Baaji self appointed himself as master of ceremonies announcements lol announces her arrival...Dutta catching glimse of the beauty that gracefully makes her way down to be his :) love is in the air...he is so lost in her and blushing too lol...and them looking at each other and so in the moment...beautiful song for the moment as well ...and then she made it to the bottom of the stairs...they bring them for engagement ...and so he eagerly waits to put on the ring and finally he put it on :D ..and that look that said "you're mine baby all mine" loved it...and then Naku puts the ring on him and ceremony has finished...bery beautifully written and set hammie...loved it to bits...they're enagaged wohooo :D

omg hammie...i loved the last scene of part 1 is very well written...major saabs lads have done amazing...really enjoyed it...great update...

will edit spot for part two tmmrw after morning must go to sleep...goodnight :)

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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what a superb updt... luved the way Baaji took over after he came back... dutta's warning to him to stay away frm drinks... baaji is simply gr888888... and our stubborn baby Dutta missing nakku so much that he will eat breakfast prepared by nakku only... loved that dialogue of his after eating the sandwich she sent...he cried pait tu bhar gaya hai Naku per dil nehi bhara..dil abhi bhi kahli hai...
so all his platoon lads too arrived fr the engagement... loved tasha interaction with their eyes when she was bought down fr the ceremony... and then his dialogue after xchanging the rings... finally he slipped the solitaire diamond ring on her finger and gave her a look saying you're  mine now baby all mine...
the dance by his platoon soldiers... superb...and the end ofcourse where nakku concludes...As he stood tall admired and looked up to by his platoon soldiers she thought of the one most important thing that cemented their bond ,she concluded dressed as his future bride that it had to be the utmost desire that both shared to serve their country and their people! it was the call for duty passion that had linked them together the most! and finalized their relationship ...
Loved to the core the updt... all relations so perfectly managed and done... looking frwrd fr the prt 2 coming sooon... thanx fr this lovely updt Hammie...

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