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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 62)

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Hammie I edited my spot on page 61 ...dekh le na :)

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plz update soon Smile

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Thnks Hammie for the update ,, especially u came back frm vaca,,,( look at me still stuck)
loved the updaet ,major dutaa is slowly cming online,,, ,,rakhi sceen was good he  gining his mom ishara to  look after nakku ,,hmm hmm sudhar gaya hai  humara gadha ,,Tongue
bajji ,is so troubled bechara was so almost got killed today ,,thnkgod the cops removed him in time ,, ofcourse roops finally declarng her feelign for Bajji to Dutta and dutta accpting it
and dutta ;s feeling for bajji  Embarrassed  finally dutta has accpted the realtionship
but dutta being dutta is not going to ask the cops to be lenient to bajji ,,aww bajji is gonna be convited for drink and drive case,  i hope nt,, i knw it is wht it is but hpe he pays the fine and is out and not heavily penalised ,,,,,pleez my lard Wink
thnks hammie ,,luv ya Embarrassed

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awesome update dear
like always i love it
sorry for short comments no free time
so finally roops tell dutta about her and baaji and dutta approve it lovely
baaji stupid person
lovely update dear
 thanks for pm

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Yaar Hammiee, plzzz update dear.Unhappy    Hamko Sagaai ka invitation kab milega ?

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                                  Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patil

                                      Painful Rapture: Chapter 17

                                         "tying up loose ends"Shakespeare

Dutta was grateful to his sister for her exerted restrain, regarding  Baji's offence .He looked obliquely at her there was a certain calm on her face ,that which imbibed Dutta with calm in turn ."Roops" he said phone home and tell them about Baji's condition as ,Aye Sahib would be anxious, and instruct, that l ask them she needs to retire to her room" . Dutta reached home ,Naku rushed towards him and the rest of the family held interrogative questions within as their  their eyes shifted to catch sight of the person involved in the accident .Dutta came equipped with serene control, raised his palm up and made his way towards his armchair  and sat down exhausted. Nakku rushed to his side with a cluttering glass of water held on a quarter plate, he looked up at her briefly and reached out for the refreshing drink and twitched his lips together smoothening his mouth with his index finger ." Bhau, Baji questioned Kishore "he didn't come with you? .Dutta parted his legs, his head bent forward as his elbows  rested on his knees he rubbed his hands and looked up intently and began his address  "okay firstly Baji is fine he received superficial injuries ,hence no internal significant injurious but still will be duly kept overnight in hospital for observaion ; however and he looked at his family members with considerable gravity he has been involved in a serious  incident" ."oh my word!" hyped Kala what has the boy done, I mean one cannot keep tabs on his comings and goings she drawled Kala ."hain Bahu mein boloa na Baji tu kis ke suna ta he nehi! Bas apni he karta hai" stirred Sudarshan ".ok that's enough said Dutta, stop squabbling especially when the man's not here to defend himself" . "But do continue" prompted Kala "subsequently said Dutta "he has been detained by the police for reckless and drunk driving and for endangering his life and the lives of other road users!  "oh dear"!  exasperated Kala, tu what now Dutta? "for the moment he has to spend time in the cells till he is granted a hearing in the magistrate's court" explained Dutta, and when's that? Nd after that? Kala enquired. "Your guess is as good as mine Tai" argued Dutta "I imagine the magistrate will assess  the case scenario ,violation of the law, consider the charges ,based on evidence of presented and then give his verdict or sentence" Dutta answered icily ."oh dear said Kala "this does seem preety serious Dutta , can you not look into the matter personally and quicken the process, or even provide an immediate fix by your influence" she suggested.  Dutta became red in the face and stood up rather abruptly, for the now had approached to clarify his stance in this ignominy , once and for all ."Tai Iam astonished how you can even suggest such a thing ! he objected "you should know that Dutta has his principles and he shows discretion occasionally,  but where right or wrong is connected there are certain things that are non negotiable for Dutta and Baji's case unfortunately is one!

There was a pregnant silence, he had made his point loud and clear and as far as he was concerned he stood  steadfast in his resolve ,but Kala still voiced what badgered her and the rest of the family "but baby teri saagi hai who is going to do all the arrangements Dutta?", Baji has a a pivotal role to play" she argued . He turned to face all present, with his hand folded behind his back . "I will"! he affirmed ,his chest squared up and his head held high ..mein karoon ga arrangements!" ,  "kya"! went every one,  as if bolted by lightening,  "I think I have said it ,I dont see what the intimable problem is? he queried "but Dutta ye tu teri he saagai hai tu kaise arrange ker sakta hai? whined Leela "where is set in stone that the would be groom cannot take matter of his nuptials or engagement in his own hands,  in dire need?  Dutta urged now irritated. "Now"! he said in military style non nonsense! command  "you people need to tell me how and where you can give support or rather who is behind me ,for we need to get this sorted and in hand before Aye sahib starts to feel that we cannot manage without the dexterous  intervention of Baji .  Kishore got up and said" Bhau mein ap ka saath hoon"! . Suds who looked sheepish had to be coerced to offer help as his wife glared at him . Dutta looked at Kala who like her brother had leader ship qualities and hankered for a piece of action said positively "Dutta I will be in charge of all the decor" .Dutta smiled at her, for she certainly was a very similar to him in terms of getting hold of a  challenging situation and moving on with it . "thanks Tai I'll get back to you about it, when I find out who has been hired to carry on the initial task"explained Dutta. He latched on that Suds so very much wanted to wrangle out of the situation, so Dutta commanded to him "Sudarshan you are in charge of the alcohol and the catering side of the event" .Roops chirped in "Bhau aur main I'll be in charge of the music and Dj side of things"!  and despite the trauma she underwent ,Dutta dotingly looked at her and  in response she ran to him and encircled her rms around his waist and put his arms round her . Kishore , added "Bhau mein rings, Pandit/pooja ke intazaam keroon ga" ..Dutta looked up at Naku who smiled quietly at him from a distance huddled against the arm of a sofa .. she opened her mouth and he put his hand up "nehi tu kuch nehi kare gi sawwiya Aye or apni ghar waloon ka khayal"! ,he emphasized  to all present that his woman for once will take a back set ,for it was her day and others need to get on with!..."by the way when are they coming he asked her. "Saab tomorrow morning or late tonight", she replied shyly .."yes their rooms are ready" she assured him as he stared at her questioningly ,for by now Naku was au fait with his silent visual public communication with her!. "Sudarshan"! delegated Dutta "you need check security system of the house within and outside,and you also need to coordinate and allot duties to the BG.s, instruct them to get the parking area in the grounds and around the house ready. After chalking out a rudimentary plan..Dutta instructed people to retire as the following day would be spent in getting the house ready for the occasion.


He headed towards the bar his spirit lay weighed down. His eyes scored the bar ,he looked at Baji's empty stool, the nostalgia of sharing many a drinks together to celebrate a range of good times, alongside the sorrowing and wallowing of bad times pierced Dutta's heart. In all earnestness, he missed his mate especially to night on the eve of his looming engagement! He hadn't changed his maroon kurta and Baji's blood had dried up on his kurta .He sat on the stool, and twisted the top of the cognac brandy and poured a bit in his glass he shook the drink a little bit and took a shot and his throat and chest burned alongside his entrails all the way down , with the bitter cutting liquid. He took a deep breath and looked over his shoulder , and his instinct was correct she stood there in the shadows watching him ,he put his  leg down, that which rested on the high bar tool foot rest  and swivelled his bottom to face her. The light played a game of light and shadows on her face he held his she was his woman, the only woman he desires for in the whole wide world as a man! he overcame with warmth for her and his lip fell  apart as  his intoxicated eyes held her stunning innocent beauty caputured in them and he gave a guttural drawl  "ah gaye tu nakku ,har waqat nezar rekhti hai Tu apne Saab per, mein kya kha rehan ho ,kya pe raha hoon, kya sooch reha hoon ,akelya bhi nahi rehni deta he mock complained" "tu shall I leave than Saab ",she threatened .He nodded his head as he poured another shot,  "nehin! aja pas meray, Naku , Dutta aj akela mehsoos kar raha hai" she came and stood by him as he took another shot and put his arm around her waist and motioned her with his head to sit on Baji's stool,she sat without dissent ,lest she upset him and she looked at him  "Saab ap aj bhi pao ga? ,he shook his head lightly as he took another swig of the  wondrous  drink that transported him in a land of distant oblivion and he looked for himself in her eyes and replied "Kyon aj kya dry day hai? rok le if you want mujhe  tu he gave her slanted semi besotted, semi drunk gaze.." nehi saab I wont stop you" she assured him..."so I can carry on nonstop Naku he asked with a slight rock in his head.. "no Saab" she said you know the limit of consumption according to your body! and I know my Saab is a responsible man" ,"so I suppose you also know the reason why I sit here dinking alone do you Naku? he challenged her  .."I do Saab she replied "oh you do?" he turned to look at her dreamily  with one eye brow cocked, his elbow rested on the bar serving surface, "its Baji "they both said and he turned to face the other way as he suffered a smart within him. He nodded hs head and looked across and muttered at her "how could he be so stupid Naku, driving stoned! he in sheer frustration  thumped the work top ".I am greatly disappointed at his juvenile cum cavalier behaviour which has got him into a pickle now"he moaned to Naku. . Naku asked him the vital question "Saab"? "hmmm" "will Baji be able to attend your engagement ceremony? .Dutta held her hand "Naku I'll go to the police station tomorrow to filter the facts, he assured her. He took her hand across the serving surface and stroked her soft palm and looked into her eyes intimately "now tell me Naku do you also feel that I should have done a shoddy deal with the police to get Baji back? Dutta asked "No Saab I support your decision 100 percent for I, too feel that Baji committed a serious offence, and as such he operated outside the law she put her hand on his arm,. They looked into each other's eyes and conversed, he deemed that she would be a buttress for him in matters of right and wrong in their life ahead,that which creates a certain harmony between man and wife.  


Crack of dawn Dutta woke up his mind made mental notes of things to be done .He got ready ,wore his grey pathiani and made way for breakfast .He calmly he touched his mothers feet who appeared calm ,Dutta looked for Naku and went towards the kitchen entrance, "Naku pani de de"he requested and stealthily ,he entered the kitchen and held her elbow and reeled her around "Aye looks calm Naku ,did you say something to prompt that reaction? he questioned as he looked with utter fondness into her large doe eyes .She shyly put her hand on his hand and bowed her head "I did she said I explained the situation and what your stance was and she understood so"  and Naku stopped .He smiled at her and held her face with his palm and moved  his face towards her and peered into her eyes "you're not just a pretty face are you Naku? he nodded his head foward , "dil chat hai thuje abhi ek kiss de doon inaam mein" she pulled her arm "you're not going to do anything of the sort you're  going to go back to your seat and sit their waiting for your breakfast baby! she said shaking her neck and face forward in his face ,  "bikawaas maat ker! pata hai na mera thujhe! he growled as he turned to go "yeah right haan  pata hai oin!  oinh! she teased and he turned and came back and held her neck in his wide palm "batonon thujhe" he said staring into her flirting eyes "Aye Shaib" !..she said loudly and he let go of her neck and as he came out he pulled a sober face walked to his place and sat down looking at every one enquiringly and people just smiled to one another "to Dutta tu ja reha hai Baji ke bare mein baat ker ne asked his mother?"jee Aye shahib..  mein jar aha hoon police chooki ..,he refrained from saying more as he wanted to avoid further quizzing , hum kush hai ki ghar ke logon na saagi ka sab kaam banth liya hai ..Dutta thuje  apna babba ke tahreen her kaam sambhalini ki  aadat hai.. jagdamba jagdamae she chanted and stood to exit, so as to say her prayers. Dutta ate his sandwiches and watched Naku to and fro with the food "ab beth bhi ja Naku ye bus ghoom pher ker nasata ker laye gi tu ,ya phir dieting ker rehi hai tu? ,Dutta gibed and every one laughed,at Naku's expense  .She stopped nervously and replied "mein kyon diet karoon gi saab mein koi moti dekhti hoon kya? ..""yes you tell him Naku" said Kala defiantly ,"Dutta why are you on her case all the time leave her alone , kha le gi jum maan ker ga , "nehi Bhau chirped Roops "vahnini is nervous about tomorrow Dutta looked up as he sipped his drink  and caught her staring at him and gave her a wide eyed mock dying look, with a hint of a wink ..she bit her lip and dashed off to the kitchen and looked back at him from the door and he  part opened his mouth in a pout and turned his head the other way as he got up to stand .He crutched towards the door and made his way towards his jeep.


Once inside the police station ,the two sets of uniformed personnel i.e the police and the army guy stood in respect and decorum for the rank and authority of the state invested uniform .the police sergeant scrambled to his feet along with the havildars and salutd Dutta who saluted back and stood a while in front of the officiating inspector  "please sit sir" said the sergeant ,you should have phoned me I would have come to pay my respects sir one phone would have done it" .Dutta in a serious tone with his hands on his knees said ."That was not the requirement in  my case, as it was not an emergency and you are needed here more to disperse your duties"Dutta replied with firmness. "of course Major", accepted the set right inspector,  who felt put in place, "so how may I help you?  Major saab keliya chai, ye  thandha laao" he ordered .Dutta raised his hand and declined "jee nehi main kuch nehi loon ga shukariyaa , tu   began Dutta said "if it is within the law I would like to meet Baji Rao ,  and also wish discuss parole facilities ,terms and requirements  offered to prisoners awaiting trail if any", Dutta highlighted his requests. " why yes of' course Major anything for you" said the inspector  "actually no inspector not for who or what I am , but for the sake of an ordinary citizen, whatever compassion the law can mitigate within the legal parameters" indicated a slightly irked Dutta, by the lack of authority persona of a man in a stated decreed uniform!  . "well if you explain clearly Major I would be in a position to  tell you"  "well inspector  I have a family auspicious occasion tomorrow and my mother and my family wondered if Baji could be granted parole to attend  it ?and if so for what  length? asked Dutta. "why don't you go and see Baji first",Major that'll give me a chance to consult my seniors on the issue of parole, suggested the inspector.


The police station was organised enough to allow the detainee and visitor a meeting in a room other than a cell Dutta sat on the wooden chair his arms resting on the table and he looked at his fingers, his nails shining in the tube light of the cell. There was a hum outside and the door opened as Dutta stood up. A tired Baji entered, his wavy hair ruffled, face glazed with a day old stubble, a sutured patch of flesh with a line of semi moist blood coagulated inch long dash above his eye brow. The two men looked at each other briefly, one tall and proud , the other shorter and slightly bent ."I'll wait outside said the havildar you'eve got 10 minutes".Baji almost ran to Dutta and put one of his arms around Dutta's neck overcome with emotion. Dutta tapped Baji's shoulder "utter gaye tera nishaa Baji", mocked Dutta. Baji held his friend and cried Dutta moved away from him and sat on one of the chairs at the table .Baji, stood lost and tired as he wiped his tears on his sleeve. "chaal ab beith adher  moaned Dutta "sara din nehi hai mer pas ,aur bhi kam hai mujhe he glared at Baji across the table". Baji, looked up filled with remorse "Bhau I really don't know what to say other than , that I was.. I was  wrong . Dutta banged his fist on the table and stood up "in the bloody wrong Baji!" he bellowed not I the wrong! my friend you bloody broke the law , you bloody showed how irresponsible a man you are!   aise kya affat ah gai the thujhe ka you hit the bottle like it was first and last swig !he yellowed as he slammed his arms on the table and rested on his palms and peered menacingly at "Baji or use admi ke naam! jagea ka naam bata! that sells alcohol to people even after people are well well above their drinking limit ! chaal naam bata Baji! I'll get that  bloody place shut down"! ,he bellowed as he slapped the table .Baji begged him , jana de Bhau uska dhandah band ho kya to roti kahan se khai ga? pleaded Baji . Dutta put his arms behind his back and nodded his head "acha tu ab tu bagut us admi ke dahnda ke sazza!",he roared as he held his cuff crutch close to his body, and finally sat down. "any way I came to tell you Baji,  Dutta is not going to pull any bloody strings to get you out of this damned hell hole , tu rehi adher he jab tuk teri hearing nehi ho jati" .Baji touched Dutta's hand , "I know Bhau I  wouldn't want you to make any allowances, bas regret ye hai ke teri saagi kal hai or mein yahan " Baji wept. "Good!, said Dutta  derisively ,yehi teri punishment hai! .Baji got up and hugged Dutta's shoulder "please Bhau itni bari sazza na de" he pleaded.  "Nehin" Dutta shrugged Baji away "kanoon tu tuhje sazza de ga ,but this is Dutta's punishment for you that you will not be involved in my saagai, preparations" Dutta  confirmed.He turned business like towards Baji and ordered in military style I want to names , of the  hired caterers ,decorators , florists , entertainers , and the guest list!. Baji looked up at him ,Bhau, Aye Shahib has he guest list and, before he could finish the door opened and the sepoy came in and announced Saab time khatam, aur ap ko, or inko ,he cranked his head towards Baji ,saar inspector Saab ne baliya hai .

Baji and Dutta followed the havildar back towards the main reception. And stood before the inspector on duty . "yes Major Dutta, I have had a word with my immediate higher up, and have been instructed to tell you that since we have you as Baji's  guarantor ,and he is next to your kin, parole will be allowed tomorrow from to tomorrow as special dispensation ,also in keeping with the fact that Baji has not been in trouble with the law before .Baji smiled cheek to cheek, with clasped hands , at a narrow eyed not so amused Dutta. Dutta bent forward and shook the inspector's hand thank you for your time inspector, me and my mother are both grateful. He turned to leave and the havildar came back, to escort Baji to the cells. Both Dutta and Baji looked at one another , one strong and tall, the other shame riddled and stooped ,"Bhau tera kapre"..Baji stuttered and Dutta glared at him and crutched himself out of the police station. Baji looked at his back and  battled to keep his tears back!


 Dutta flung his wrangler keys to Kale and crutched into the house and is greeted by a hubbub of activity,ladders, hoped mobiles, vinyl bows,  wheels of rolled fairy lights, assortments of flower posies. bouquets, arrangements, a stack of trestle  tables, DJ eqiupment amphs.. all managed by Kala ,Roops, Kishore and Suds!  Dutta took one look and nodded and scouted towards his mother who lounged in her arm chair .She looked up at Dutta," haan  Dutta ,kya khabir hai Baji ke?questioned his mother ,theek hai woh Aye,kal aye ga sabhah 6baje raat ke 12   tuk, parole  mili gaye he use". "Jag dambe jag dambe"! said Aye,  as she held her hands in supplication to her god. "Aye mehman ke list hai na ap ke pas?he confirmed with his mother and before he could interrogate further his mother explained "haan Dutta humeien pata hai koon log ah rehe hain ,she raised her palm before he could protest .."zayda log nehi hain dutta sarif 60 log hain, humin yaad hai tune kha tha zayada  utsav nehi karna".Dutta smiled with softness at his mother ,held her hand and brought it to his lips... "Haan aur Naku ke ghar wala aaj juke hain ,guest room mein aram ker rehe hain" informed his mother .

Roops ,on seeing her brother, ran, prompted with enthusiasm towards him, "Bhau did you see him? I did chotti ,Baji Dutta smiled and tweaked the tip of her nose as she rested her cheek against his sleeve, "I did he replied in a guttural tone and yes he is coming tomorrow on a short parole he informed as he raised his finger firmly at her face ,Roops squeezed his arm and chirped with glee "oh so cute na"! .she jostled Dutta ,"chaal ab chorr mujhe Roops ,kaam hai mujhe".

He looked around for Naku , she was nowhere to be seen, he thought it best to refrain from making enquiries about her where abouts, lest he became  a butt of tease. He headed,towards his study and stood on the balcony and gave a forlorn ariel scan, of the area below as he hoped against hope he could spot her, but all he could see was Kala Tai giving her approval at the yellow and white flower swags aboard the winding stair case and  pillars of Patil Niwas,he smiled when he saw her bossing the men with her pointed manicured finger any areas where work appeared sub standard. Roops pottered about with Leela examining  and feeling the table flower,yellow and white arrangement and poises. In short, every one appeared engaged in loves' labours. His heart beat for her his Naku, he wondered where she was?, surely she knew where he was heading for earlier and desired to know the outcome ,as after all there was a affectionate fondness between her and Baji . He pushed her thoughts on the back boiler of his mind and flicked open his phone. He sat in his leather arm chair his elbow bent as he held the phone to his ear, his other hand rested on the handle of the chair and he moved his long slender fingers slowly and then rubbed his thumb against his fore finger as he waited to establish contact on the phone. "Haan ,Ram,buddy how are you? briiliiant ,yes looking forward to seeing you tomorrow ,vahini aur junior ko saat mein la ka ah raha hai na ..dutta chuckled ,yeah ,there 'Ill be plenty of that tu jinta na ker you son of a gun!  haaaha ,dutta laughed s he threw back his head.,ok then see you tomorrow,yeah from 5pm onwards".. Dutta swivelled  his arm chair so he could over look the bottom  floor from the balcony ,his eyes shifted with immense activity that matched the pounding of his heart..baffled with one question where was she?


 He felt a gentle tap on his shoulder from behind, as he sat lost in thought. "Bhau"said a broken voice, Dutta turned his chair slowly and held the handles of his arm chair and his eyes twinkled and his face stretched in a broad smile."Sethji",went Dutta. the young lad stood before Dutta with his hands clasped together, he smiled at Dutta his face looked leaner and was beginning to show bits of fluff on his upper lip and parts of his cheeks ,yes thought Dutta the chappie was hitting puberty..Dutta stood up and loomed over the lad .Sethji,  nervously bent down and touched his feet," namaste Bhau, kaise ho ap?" ,crackled Sethji , Dutta smiled when he heard Naku's brother's breaking  voice, he was reminded of his own time and how embarrassed  he was to speak in front of his sisters as they jested that he sounded like a toad! . He turned his face slightly and smiled and brought his eyes back to Sethji, as he placed his hands on his shoulders "mein theekh hoon," "ho Bhau ap tu ek dum dumdar ho..goli kahaa ke bhi ek dum top form me ho! Declared an awe struck Sethji. Dutta showed him his cuff crutch, and the boy  examined it with keen interest ,and Dutta took it back from him and showed him how he used it .Sethji's eyes twinkled ad his lips curled up like an imp ,Bhau ab tuk kitna logon ko ye ap ke is crutch parhi hai? Dutta threw back his head and chuckled, "abhi tuk tu kisi ko nehi pun tu ketha hai tu thjhe ek namona dekhoon teri pa" ,and he mockingly picked up his cuff crutch, "nehi nehi Bhau said the lad folding his hands and giggling with cheeks that were still on the chubby side ,despite his gaining height. "Teri parahi kis ja rehi hai Sethji,  mehnit se ankh tu nehi jorata? Dutta enquired in a serious mode , "Nehi Bahu , woh ache ja rehi hai, har saal pass hoiya hi main.said the boy with great pride ",mujhe ko fauji bana hai Bhau ap ke theran,Sethji said with eyes that twinkled with determination. "Bhau ap mujhe help karo ga na,army join kerni mein ,Dutta looked at the lad with affection and put his hand on his shoulder" haan pun fauj mein jana ke liya thujhe bahut maineth se parhai ker ni paray gi,her imtaan pas kerna perahey ga .."said Dutta with an air of responsibility about him .. "Haan kere ga na Bhau,mein tu hr waqat her kam ke liya tuyaar retha hoon,said Sethji his eyes sparkled for action..."achaa tu phir saagai mein kya kam ker sakta hai tu?asked Dutta,seeking his preference, "Bhau, mei lighting laga wa sakta hoon ,ya phir phoolon ki larriyaan,,or ap ka khas mah mah mahmano ka khayal ,he suggested his options .Dutta observed him with interest and pulled his lips to one side ,bright lad, has willingness to participate in tasks,and what's more has also shown keenness towards what he can and would like to do .Dutta smiled and confirmed, "theekh hia Sethji tu phoolon ki leryoon ka or mera khas mahmanoon ka kahyal rekna kal". Sethji,beamed thank you Bhau..abhi mein chalta hai..Aye,babaa ,mera intezzar ker rehe hogaien",and he turned to leave ,Dutta grabbed his wrist and questioned"teri Tai kahan hai Sethji?.Sethji looked at Dutta with a mischievous expression as his face broke into a impish smile. "Tai, apne karma mein hai ,Bhau ,aur kal tekh karma se bhar ne hi aasakti" .Dutta jerked his head to one side and his eyes narrowed like a lion as his rage showed on dhis nearly scowled countenance. Sethji looked at his face and quipped "Bhau mein ne , meri aye or Aye Sahib or Kala tai ,Leela tai ko sunna tha , woh Kehe  rahe then ka Tai ab apni karma miein reha ge gi or apna mauh  kisi go nehi dekhaige  saagai se phelay .Dutta nodded and patted Sethji's back and cocked his head "theekh hai tu ja   ab,mein bhi soone jar raha  hoon".


Dutta entered his room in a foul temper he nearly kicked his treasure chest, veneered centre table. staying in her room! not coming out! hiding her face!  This has to be some bloody joke! He yelled ..they have to be joking the whole load of buffoons  I don't  believe in these whatever they are! She might be dead in there for all you know! unreal !unreasonable! and uncanny! he shouted! He held his hand to his broad fore head ,a thousand cuss words came effortlessly to his lips waiting to be vomited  ,he felt a rush of psychosomatic  illness  ,he felt his Achilles tendon was smarting ,his calves knotted the life out of him ,hell! he needed a massage !and Naku will have to give him one and now! if she wants him for the saagai tomorrow ,she is a PT, after all, he yelled and decisively left his room .

He crutched down the corridor towards her room bloody blazes he thought, yes he was heading towards her room he needed medical attention, so what's wrong with that he justified .He stood outside her closed door and leaned his ear against the door, to pick any auditory messages from within. There was a deathly silence inside ,and in the corridor leading to the sleeping quarters ,for his family was mostly down stairs still involved with last minute touches .He pulled his breathe and moved his knuckle towards her closed bedroom door .knock knock knock!! ,he sounded .He heard footsteps and then her voice that he longed to hear " kaun hai"? ; he opened his lips and looked at the corridor with a wicked smile desperately  struggling on his face "army"  he said close to he door . He heard her  pull her breathe in through the door and in  panic she said "Saab jao yahan se" .He pressed his palm against the door as she stood pressing her back from against the door from the inside  "mein nehi jaon ga Naku, darwazazza kol".. "Saab" she bit her lip ,kya kar raha ho ap ,ap tu mera kamra mein khabi nehi aye ,Saab jao  ,"khool na Naku please ,just open the door", "noo Saab please go to your room there are people around";  he pressed against the door and he could feel his hot breathe against it's surface," I am not going my heels are hurting my calfis hurting I need a godamn massage Naku ,khool dorwaza! he emphasised as he exerted pressure on the door she was going into panic mode ,"nahi Saab jaon ap .Naku he said darwazza khol ye tera hona wala pati ke order hai,he commanded from outside Naku slide down the door and sat on the floor and pulled her knees up and shook her head.He kicked the door and she jerked and stood up pressing her face against the door from he inside ."Saab please chaleo jao mein kala se pheli karma se ne nikla sakte ..nehin! he argued back with his mouth pressed on the outside ,she could hear him leaning against he door scratching the door with his nail .He moved back suddenly and said "tu kholte  hai doorwazza ya phir I'll kick it down right"now" he warned she turned and the door handle moved and he was going to push the door but stopped ,trough a little gap she stuck her tiny delicate hand and he moved forward and grabbed it and pulled it gently  to his mouth and kissed the inside and the outside of her hand passionately ,he looked at her fair arm  adorned with his mother's kara on her wrist and moved back and let go of her hand and pulled the door handle towards him to close the door. Contentment brought a smile to his lips and drowsy in her love he made way towards his own room. By tomorrow this time she would be his officially he thought and he threw his crutch down and walked without towards his bed. Before he sank on his bed he recalled his mother had mentioned that Naku's parents were about maybe he should offer his namaste to them before he went to bed. He went towards the guest rooms section of the house and saw that all the doors were closed except one .


Dutta poked his head through the ajar,it was the tall dark gentleman "haan Dutta my boy come in said Naku's mamma jee, "erh mh" said Dutta as he came in and bent down to proffer respect "come on son give this getting on in years  academic a fatherly hug" he said in his baritone voice and embraced Dutta ,at the mention of the word father imagined his own father would have had the same stature and semblance and his yes recalled the authoritarian image of his father who he last saw when was 10. "So how is your leg?  remember so itsmind over matter, let the mind rely to the body,that it is powerful inimitable! infallible! invincible!  Dutta smiled at mamma jees' use of adjectives, ah yes mamma jee! these are pivotal words in training young new recruits in the army as well. "ah yes the Army ,Dutta flows like the very blood through your veins am I right Dutta ,Dutta nodded his head once" right you are sir" .."tell you what Dutta, take me to your room want to see the elements, the streaks  that run through the room of an young army stud's room, I say a lot can be gleaned about an individual's persona from his room  for it   speaks volumes" . Dutta brushed his moustache as he folded one arm behind his back and pressed his cuff crutch close to his chest .He smirked in silence well mamma jee in my room you will only see one thing "army". as they trudgethe distance, to his room he structured the information he had managed to find out about mamma jee's son who as he said who had been hard done by the army .Tonite if he had an opportunity he would realise that he wanted to systemize this whole issue of the grieving father  who festers in discontent  and is of joint with the army.


Dutta opened the doors to his room and the tall broad figure, towered over Dutta and he peered  mechanically, visually, in all directions where he took on board both obvious and  intricate details of Dutta's room , from his wall mounted crossed ceremonial sheathed swords, to his horse mounted ceremonial sword of honour passing out parade framed photo to his insignia plaques that celebrated his valour ,his prowess. The larger man peered forward at Dutta's framed photographs and his eye brows knitted to indicate that he was occupied by what he saw ,in his eyes ,their  appeared a strange mix of morose and a staid acceptance in his demeanour ,and Dutta could not help  but feel a certain partiality towards this lofty pompous man. "hmm I say, Major Dutta you are quite a man aren't you? he nodded with approval as he looked at Dutta who felt extremely  humbled. He further gravitated towards the tiny bronze figurines of the land forces most prominent cores that of , the armoured core ,the artillery , and the infantry, "you know Dutta my son was in the artillery battalion" he said with sedate sadness as he picked up the little figure poised with a gun ,Dutta smiled "yes sir we call them "gunners" as an endearment". Dutta,  all this while had waited shrewdly for the favourable moment when he could broach the  subject that he had entrusted to himself since the day he made mamma jee. Dutta invited Mama jee to sit down on his turquoise settee "mamma jee would you like a  drink hot or cold ,perhaps a night cap ,Dutta asked politely. "Well since you ask my boy yes please I would'nt mind some green tea if it's possible" said Naku's mamma jee , Dutta moved towards his door and bellowed "Rahmaaan!", Dutta's batman appeared in seconds "Rahman do kava le ker ao" .jee saaar" said Rahmaan as he took his exit and closed the door . Rahman emerged shortly with bowls of hot green tea and set it on the table , Dutta stared the bowl of tea ,he was most certainly not a green tea drinker ,what he would have liked more than anything in the world now well after Naku, he thought and smiled shyly was  a stiff glass of Russian Vodka. He raised his palm towards mamma jee ,"please" he said .mammajee sat for the bowl to cool down a bit .Dutta sat and observed him keenly and then moved forward in his arm single seater  sofa chair , with his legs apart his fore arms resting on his knees, and beagan to speak "mamma jee  I looked up your sons' case ,I hope sincerly that you would'nt  be offended, I took the liberty and made enquiries from various senior officers ,you were correct sir there were some decisions they were taken that proved to be erroneous at the time as other options were available".The old grieving father of a soldier looked into Dutta's compassion filled eyes, "so you agree that due to a wrong decision made by senior authorities  there was a loss of life that could have been avoided" confirmed Mamma jee. Dutta said "I do agree ,now what I would like to ask you sir is name the senior Officer who took the decision that caused your son's death .Mamma jee put his bowl of green tea down and said "Brigadier Parekh". Dutta knew that already but wanted to hear from the smarting father's mouth . "Now", said Dutta decisively  "what could be done to iron out this conflict". "Well",said Mamma jee ,"it was sorted out Dutta, at the summary military court but ..." But what would you further like to do to rid yourself of  this pain that you have suffered for many years, what ?tell Dutta and I will see how I can help, like I said before I cannot reverse the action ,neither can I bring your son back but if you tell me what you would like I will surely try" said Dutta as he carefully moved towards the result he had pre-empted  in this situation. The older man trusted the sincerity of this young officer and hence he spoke his wish "Dutta",he said as he leaned forward to touch his hand "I would once in my life ,like to face to face with that senior officer and talk about my loss with him". Dutta took a sigh of relief ,this was bull's eye just as he had planned it .He put his hand on Mamma jee's hand and said "will be  arranged  and done tomorrow ,for Brigadier Parekh is coming to my saagai he is my commanding officer and you wll meet him tomorrow in person without any red tape formalities. Mamma jee got up and shook Dutta's hand and said " you know something I see a brave heart ,lion of a man , and a fine officer in you who will go a long way in serving his people.. mamma jee placed his hand on Dutta's head and started to leave .Dutta moved towards his French windows  and lifted his head and fixed his eye on one twinkling bright star ,he stood there with his hands behind his back " Babba kal ap ka beta Dutta ki saagai hai ..ashirwaad dejeaye"..he said as he threw his head back to swallow his tears and walked away from the French doors towards the bath be continued  Hamlet 29.8.11   the saagai chapter should be done next week,i'll start work on it..and when ever it's comlpleted, I shall aim to put it up...XXXHAMMIE

My dearest friends, the beloved readers of the tales of Major Dutta AKA Mishal R. Hamlet with folded hands ,wishes to tender apologies for not paying the due acknowledgement to your ,most interesting ,most fascinating, and most flattering comments, which is my pleasure provider when Iam doing the FF . So a big thank you is in order  for written comments from Daya, Suhana, Warda, Krishaa, Norey, rrs1391, brvr, mnx12, Nakusha, sona89,and prncz...alongside thanks very much to those friends who are gracious to press like...








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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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hammie its a good update i love it the way you explai everything about the preparation responsibilities and baaji punishment and tasha understanding in baaji matter and sethji dutta conversation and nakku only give her hand to dutta bechaara and mama dutta conversation and dutta tell him to meet brig parekh next will be interesting so when do you do next friday or any other dayBig smile

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a superb updt... a understanding and responsibility in all relations dutta has... be it with baaji, nakku , sethji or her mamaji ... lover his interaction with his papa's photo... superb updt... luved it to core... superb writing... looking frwrd fr the sagai and after that... updt soon...

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