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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 60)

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Originally posted by daya0628

Hammie Mein Aagai... i am soo late...but sorry u know na...
i am so consumed in wedding work ...
iam sure it must be a brilliant event! and thanks for comenting even though you must be rushed off your feet!
so here we go with my comments :

Chapter 15 - Sweet are the uses of adversity

hmmm so starting with major saab thinking about Naku ...looking for Naku ...only Naku on his mind and she is no where to be seen...and the breakfast scene was nice the way he asked about Naku and then how he was reacted to knowing where she was...and his behavior with Roops...I'm surprised roops isn't catching on to his lashes...its obvious no? anyway ...loved the way he just went of to meet her and all he seems to want to say and think is Naku ...Naku...Nakushaaa :P driving crazy in fear of loosing her ...she is like his every hear beat...
insecurities...he needs to get a grip man...
and their conversation was fab...her expressing to him how she didn't like his doubts and questionning and him giving his reasoning and declaring his love for is beyond that and even saying sorry...
yes because his brain is switched on..but for how long ? erractic tu hai Dutta
oh major saab sure knows how to handle the maama ...well done...i must say ...i loved his every response...and that line about the home is where the heart is ...and the part about her husband can and will support her...and then the whole convo btwn the two about his profession and mamma ji loss...well done hammie ...very impressed with the outcome of this entire scene...and to add to it all there was the highlighted line "no one can gun your Major down except you my love, except you" ...amazing line it explains so much love between them.
just a simple statement of a would be husband who realizes his uty of offering a home.shelter ,security to his family ..that's where the man as protector element comes in ..and for a woman she is happy even in adverse conditions as long as her husband is along side her!
lmao oh ho major wanting his fair lady to himself haha and cranking eye brow and yanking head in direction of haha instant visual messaging...well said..and of course Baaji to the rescue ...LMAO Baaji pushes Dutta into the kitchen heehee hmm of course his eyes are searching the only person flooded in his thoughts aww ordering her to kiss him and rofl Baaji on gaurd kya hahaha ...aww he got his kiss and he says "I love my naku so much" damn wat a way to end it...i was waiting to read more !
awara aur badmasha hota ja raha hai shame ..just feely touchy ..he needs a kick in knock some good sense into him...loved your comments last episode when yu were ready to wield your bat at his headLOLLOL
and u r not updating this week ...longer wait *sigh* ... let me get my act together then.i'll think about moving onnn,but ad to thank you guys first..xxxthanks for your hapy shappy comments..sharmilee..xxhammie

but anyway have great holiday :)

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 You happen to visit such exotic places, must say " Lucky Kala Bander" Big smile

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                                    Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patil

                                         Painful Rapture: chapter 16

                                      "the most unkindest cut of all"...Shakespeare

The local way side tavern, sharab ka adha lay weighed down with the strong smell of cheap booze, cigarette and berri fumes.There was a muffled din of men with their slurred, drawled conversations ,sporadically broken by gentle slaps on the wooded tables. Baji, positioned at some similar table, held his glass of Theraa in his palm and stared at it ,he seemed to see his friend's face in the circumference of his levelled drink . He smiled like an idiot and initiated his babble to himself  "Bhau pyar kia hai thujse Baji Rao ne ,hamashe se..but Bahu how come you never seemed to see it ,he shook his hand "actually no there was never a time that you couldn't tell how much I worshiped the ground you tread upon ..,he took another draught of his raw bitter theraa.."Bhau hamara dirmiyaan kabhi kuch nehi aya...neither heaven , nor earth ,nor sun ,nor moon ,nor day light ,nor darkness, he paused to wiped a tear .."yahaan tak ke zindagi aur maut bhi nehi.".. morose,he put his glass down and hooked his hands behind the back of his head.."tu ab kyon ye dorrie Bhau?...Baji ka jeevan to teri deyain hain Bhau...mein jo kuch bhi aaj teri karam ked dum se hoon ...tu phir kyon thujse ye dorrie Bahu? . His shoulders shook as he balanced himself to make way to relieve himself ,he turned, and yelled with a wagged finger "ay chaccha glassey mein darro upper tak! jab tuk mein ata hai toilet se!".  He rinsed his hands and looked up at his grim face and semi blood shot eyes in the filthy finger print and water splashed tell tale mirror above the sink. He smiled and his dimples emerged, he cocked his head and prattled on at his reflection "kya baat hai Baji Rao? aaj tu ekdum full to full! ek dum ahka ekalaye hai ..just like the bloody day you came on to this planet as some grave error! ab tera kya hoga Baji Rao? he stuttered and pointed his finger at his semi smashed reflection! ..."ho Baji! ek dum akalaya" ..and in demented motion lapsed into broken notes of dhinchaak! dhinchaak! thrusting his legs and torso in half lost sane equilibrium! Some other bozzers came out of the urinals and stood behind Baji to wash their hands. Upon seeing him tottering about one of them caught hold of him around the waist and said "chaal beruthooo, chaal yahan se"! . Baji put his arms around the man's shoulders and smiled from cheek to cheek and drawled "tu ah gaya Dutta?.. mera dil khata tha tu zaroor aye ga ..Baji ke dil ne thuje yaad jo kiya hai mera doosssttt"..

Baji sat back on his chair and caught on to his glass again ,doing a thumbs up to the chacaa who brought him the booze ...the man who brought him from the loo, on hearing Dutta's name soon worked out who Baji was likely to be .."tu Baji hai na"? Dutta Bhau ka yaar? use ke parchaien? Baji looked across to the man and shook is hand up in the air "nehin main Baji Rao ,nehi hai ,mein bllloody phoool hai! he placed his hand on his heart and beat his chest , mein dost nehi hai , mein dohke baaz hai...,he gulped his drink.. maine apni jan aur jigaar se kabhi kuch nehi chupaya... sirf apney pyar ki baat us se chupaiye! ..tu laat tu para gi Dutta ki!  ..he rocked his head ..waise he wagged his finger at the man across him ..Dutta ki goli kahani chahiye.. yahan seena mein ,and tapped his chest ..goli Dutta ke! dhoke baazi ke liya"...he blubbered and snivelled .The man across the table pushed his chair to leave and before he left he put his hand on Baji's shoulder.. "bas ap kafi pee le hain tum ne apni ghar jaon ab"...

Baji watched the man leave and delved on his words "apna ghar jao", he pointed his inverted thumb at his glass and yelled "chaacha ,a little more"...he waited and resumed consumption of the bitter bozze ..bloody which home is he supposed to go to? ,he's already carried out a big time loot in there ..falling in love with his best friend's sister ... living in that family for God know's for how long? , he felt his adams' apple "Deva shapaat...ek dum neech aur gera hoya insaan hai main...chorrie chippe lardki se pyar kiya,  aur uske aur apna baap se ejazzat bhi nehi mangi" ..ohhh he wept and almost choked on his gulp wonder Dutta never wants to look at him let alone talk to him...Bhau is a very shrewd man Baji! you know that he can read people's eyes and fathom exactly what is going on in their hearts! idiot Baji he wept ...Dutta knew what filth was going on your heart and that too for his sister...your dead meat Baji he mumbled ...He sniffed and confessed but he loved Roops, but if it came to choosing between Dutta and Roops ..he peered in despair at his glass. will be! Dutta! Baji would choose...oohh he moaned.. "may be he should have said something to Bhau? that would have been the honourable thing to do, zayeeda se zayeeda goli mar deta jan tu meri use ki hai " reckoned..he glugged his last glup.. Naku??? may be she has primed Dutta?  after all Roops and myself confided in her, oh holy hope ,he wished. He pushed his chair and struggled up on his feet .."yes tomorrow Baji apni dost se baat kera ga apna pyar ke bare mein . Baji gambolled towards the door, and made his way towards his buddy's Dutta's old jeep... sat in it and turned the engine...and moved off.. singing "ye doosti hum nehi thoreen ga, thoreen dum magar tera saat na choorein gaa..he drove at a steady speed .The road veered and was drenched in darkness and bushes and weird shadows of trees, loomed and danced about as Baji drove ,"torre ga dum magar.... approched head lights emerged ahead, and he veered his jeep to avoid collision..  "tera saat ne chorrein ga....ahead, Baji was struck blind by a pair of bold beamer lights of a truck heading towards him ,despite his inebriated self his right foot groped and tried to cut speed! press the brake...he panicked ,but veered off to avoid the truck again and shouted .."salle beamers tu off ker de! , and carried on driving on his side of the road.  Suddenly the screeching piercing sound of police sirens ripped his lulled driving .He hadn't realized his driving in a zig zag mode, messaged the law that he was drunk...they tailed him for more than half a mile, their red light flashing, "ab inko raat mein, mera me kya nazzar ah gaya hai jo..mera saat choor saphi khel rehe hain sale?" he chirped as he gazed at them through his rear mirror... "yeee doosssti hum nehi torre gai! ...the next set of beamers ..blinded him .. there was a loud bang ,clang ,thud ,bump, hisss . Baji slumped to one side of the jammed drives door "oh Deva re Deva! Bahu ki jeep ka satia nash ker diya ..he cussed as he boxed the steering wheel".

"Get the hell out of the jeep you fool! ,get out! shouted the police from the top of the ditch .Baji who was in shock ,realized what had transpired ,in panic ,amidst the clanging of metal and glugging of petrol, he wrestled with the jeep door and flung it open! as he towed his legs and shuffled his bottom slid and fell out the crackling ,hissing jeep! ."move away from the jeep ..nowww!! shouted the cops and bystanders .Baji gathered his arms feebly and elbowed himself as he lunged his abdomen ahead ,away from near mangled up  jeep . Shortly a loud blast occurred followed by a thick black bellowed ,fume weighed cloud of smoke! .  The sickly stench of burning rubber, prompted all around to cover their nostrils .Baji cranked his neck and looked at the burning wreckage the bitter taste of alcohol on his tongue,and sawlle his spit as he gaed wide eyed at the inferno. "Oye you ,marna ka erada tha kya?shouted one of the crouched policeman near Baji .."chaal baata kaun hai tu? Baji put his hand up , blood pouring from his lip and above his eyes and fingers.."baata hai Baji Rao"...he said painfully as he lay on his belly ,near the smoldering fire ..the cop made notes and smelt Baji's mouth "upper se pe ke garehe jalta hai tu salle..tu tu gya ab Baji Rao...chaal ghar walaoon ka naam bata unhe kush ghabri doon tera karnamoon ki".. spat the police man..."Dutta Bhau".. said Baji  and fainted ..his face against the pines  needles and pebbles of the ground...

It was Raaksha Bandhan today. Naku,dressed in a black and magenta coloured smocked anarkali top with black churridar pyjama ,made way towards her Saab's room with his usual cup of tea .He was asleep on his belly , as per usual stripped to the waist..his smooth back shining and boasting his immaculate skin ,bar his scar on his lower spine. His face was buried in his head cushions and his arms lay open palmed by his side .She could heard his gentle baby breaths and  smiled as she  sat beside him as quiet as a mouse on the edge of his bed .She bent down and rubbed her palm against his palm "palm to palm holy palmers kiss"[Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet] . He stirred and rolled over on his back ,he looked at her with narrow eyes and put his arms under his head "to tu ah gaye aj waqat per mujhe jagana...he smiled at her wickedly "waise aaj kis ko marna ka eradha hai tera,  jo itni hot ban ke saabah invite dena chaleei aye hai Naku? Bol na mein sun reha hoon? "oh just stop it will you ,and get up ..and get dressed.".she complained "listen woman zaroor asmai nehi Dutta ka saat won't work baby" he said pulling his mouth to one side "zarah soft touch de tu kuch baat bane gi "he said in his guttural one .She smiled and nodded her head as she got up ."oye sit back down here" he said stroked the warm place she had sat in. She sat down spellbound by his narrow lion like eyes , he sat up and stroked her cheek with  his fore finger...ohmmh he went as he caressed her mouth .."your beauty takes the life out of me" he he continued to stroke her face .She put her hand on his lips "must you say awful things Saab", he held her hand on his lips and rubbed it against his lips. He bent forward his face, his eyes in complete acquiescence , his lips parted all ready to steal a kiss from her lips .she place her hand on his lips and pushed herself back. He creased his brow and moaned "why do you play hard to get woman? mazza ata hai kya thuje mujhe saata ke ?he questioned her with his eyes .."no Saab, Naku has to remind you of your boundaries", she chided. "Oye  you little girl! don't talk to a fauji about boundaries "he argued, "I have to Saab because on the front line you may know your demarcation ..but with me you try to cross your limits..given any chance! ,she challenged. He threw back his head and chuckled as he heaved his chest a  little .."well" he admitted "tu cheez he aisi hai ke war regulations bhool jataien hain ,and I just want to go on a rampage! he teased as he tried to pull her shoulders toward him .She slapped him on his bare shoulder and ordered "kuch pata hai ap ko aaj rahki hai,  sab ap ka inteezar ker rahey hain aur ap ko masti sooche hoi hai .she empahsized and walked off to his cupboard to set his clothes out .He lowered his eyes ,to avoid being enamoured by her becoming look, and nodded his head in defeat, little boy lost in blues!... "ye maroon kurta aur white pyjama I have picked for you..get ready and come down, its' already nearly lunch time,she warned. he looked at her as she made her way to the door and turned his face the other way and bit his lower lip "moody cow!"he mumbled .


Dutta, came down looking grommed and sauve in his maroon kurta ,his sisters waited for him and beamed at him. Aye sat on the of an arm chair ,complacent and smiling at her children .Dutta looked at Naku and raised his eye brows in question and Naku nodded in assurance .she looked at the golden thaal set on the corner of the  dining table with three golden velvet pouches, resting upon it. "Bhau" said Kala as she held the pooja ke thalli in her manicured hands , "come and sit here" she guided him and he sat on the one arm red velvet lounger settee. Dutta sat there with eyes that beamed and lips that stretched from one corner of his mouth to another in a broad smile as he warmly lapped up the sight of his three sisters. How lucky a man he was to be the apple of the eye of three beautiful sisters who doted on him, who empowered with the feel of being the man of the house, the protector,  he lowered his eyes and thought after all that's what a brother is meant to do uphold the honour and provide protection to a sister .He felt a surge of masculine pride and he rested his palms on his knees and looked up them .Kala was the first to bind his wrist with a red rakhi, and Dutta pushed his red kurta sleeves all the way up to his elbows ,his broad muscular arms ready to be tied in the knot of his sisters love and affection! Kala, patted his stubble cheek and performed the arti , put the tilak on his forehead" aur ye mittha mera mitthe Bhau ke liya" she  and she put a corner of burfi in his mouth .Dutta looked at Nakku who brought forward the golden platter, as Kala bent forward kissed him on his head, "my baby" she drolled with affection at him ,he looked up at her and screwed up his nose at her "no please Tai, no baby! Dutta will do"! he protested and looked up at Naku who desperately tried to stop a laugh by covering her mouth with both her palms .Dutta looked at her and narrowed his eyes at her with a slight flare of nostrils. Kala moved back with a broad smile and passed the pooja thalli to Leela, who tied a golden rakhi on Dutta's wrist and he looked at it approvingly, he received the arti veneration and tilak from Leela, and chewed on the sweet she popped in his mouth ,he wriggled it in his mouth and stuck his finger in the corner of his lip. to brush spare bits off his tash. Finally came Roops turn and she hugged him as she tied a silver rakhi on his broad wrist as she said "so cute na" as she patted his cheek. Dutta shirked a little  and caught Naku's gaze who hurled a glare at him, which made him smile at Roops !  Before Roops performed arti Dutta called Naku and she brought the platter before him "ye ap theenon ka tofa hai ..kkuch zaveer aur paise hai..mujhe time nehi mila apne bimarri ke wajhe se ap ke liya koi gifts le sukoon ,so buy what you want to ..they all beamed "what a good idea Bhau, I might even take a trip abroad with the rahki money! Kishore held his hands up in the air abhi tu tum holiday se wapis aiey ho..ab phir ..Kala put up her palm menacingly at him and he compressed his mouth. Dutta looked at a forlorn Naku and beckoned her with his head and nodded at Kishore  who knew what Dutt signalled "hain Naku ye tera liya hai,said Kishore ,he held a blue velvet jewellery case ,ye post mein tera liya Sethji ne behja hai . Naku had tears in her eyes and her lips moved to one side and she looked at Dutta who encouraged her with his eyes and head to open the gift.  Her hands unclased the blue box,she grabbed and unfurled the note on top and read aloud "Tai ye main tere leya jhumkian or kangan apni pocket money mein se karedhaen hain ..umeed hai thujhe pasand ain ga ..imtahaan chaal rehain hai , Aye ,Babba ghar se nikaline nehi deta ,ye bhej ra hoon teri liya tofa ..mera hassey ke metthai Bahu ko gahla dinaa aur khud bhi khal lena..Tai tri behje hoi rekhi aur paise bhi mil gyan hain milon ga thujhse saagai per!.. tera bhai Sethji.Naku was choked with emotion, saddened and Dutta,so very much desired to engulf her in an embrace, but managed to exert discipline. He looked at his mother ,and spoke in silence to her with his eyes .His mother got up and went towards "Naku ,dekoon tu tera jhumkiyaan ,chaal mein thuje pehna dete  ho and she gently beaded the jhumkis in Naku's ear lobes .Dutta sat up and compressed his mouth and looked up at her with desire and want and cocked his eyebrow as he rinsed her face with his admiring eyes. He gazed upon for a while. and then shyly turned his face the other way sporting a flush on his face . Roops asked as she clutched her pouch "Bhau ab mein arti karon"? he nodded and she swayed the pooja ke thalli before his face she picked up the sweet meat,to...  Bhau!  interrupted a panting Kaley Baji bahi ka accident ho gya hai ! Dutta sprang to his feet crutched towards Kalay grabbed him by the collar "kya bola tu!! kya bola"? Dutta roared ferociously, he shook the poor man ."Bahu Baji ka accident ho giya hai .Dutta let go off the man's collar , his palms trembled,  his left leg quivered he put his hand on his brow .Kishore rushed to his side and Dutta put his arm around Kishore 's shoulders , "accident ho gya hai magar kaise ,kalayyy regurtitated Dutta kahannn? "Bahu trembled Kaley "woh police ka phone aya tha security room mein main ap ko btana aya" ..Dutta gathered his wits, his voice faltered  zzzinda hai? he asked with his face completely distorted "jee Bhau police ne foran balliya hai ap ko..Dutta let go off Kishore shoulders took a deep breathe and moved away alone ,turned back and looked at the distraught women of his family.. chin up! Dutta ab Dutta nehin  ak sher hai! ...Baji!  cried Aye Shaib ,Dutta! she sobbed .she put her hand on her brow and her felt her legs gave way!  Kishore, Naku and the rest rushed to sustain her and placed her on the nearest settee. Dutta! Dutta! , Dutta crouched besides his weeping mother and held her hand as Naku stood beside him with water.."Dutta! Baji ko" ..she cried,  he held her hand and bent down his own eyes fought back his own tears "Aye Baji ko kuch neh ho ga Dutta hai na ,is lye Baji ko kuch nehi hoooga his voice crackled .Naku put her hand on his shoulder and he looked up at her with eyes swimming in water he mouth completely  creased around his nose, he held on to and hand stood up "aye mein jata hoon aur use le ker ata hoo ,he stood up, turned sharply and crutched towards the door. Naku ran after him and held his arm "Saab mein bhi chele gi"she declared  .He yanked his arm from her hand " hat  peeche Naku main akelye hai jaoon ga ,tu ghar mein reh aur yahan baki logon ka khayal rakh"he affirmed ,"pun Saab" she fought. He turned around and faced her his eyes flashed at her "mein ne kaha hai na lardki tu edher he rahi gi! tu adher he reh!.and he started to storm off .Roops ran after him and hugged his arm sobbing on his sleeve "Bhau mujhe to lae joan apna saat please Bhau please" Roops pleaded ,he shook his head greatly traumatized and he looked at Naku for help who nodded with tears in her eyes and he touched Roops shoulder "chaal ah ja mera saath Roops ..aur jaldi ker". Naku wiped a tear and said thank you Bappa, thankyou.. .His jeep was ready and waited for him and he shouted at kaley ,in great haste " kis jaga per?  ..".woh highway ke junction 3 per,Bhau  ...Dutta nodded and both brother and sister sat in the jeep .


It was late afternoon and Dutta encountered loads of traffic ,he ducked, dived ,swirled .veered and sped his jeep as fast as he could within speeding limits. He looked at his sister who sobbed endlessly and he removed his hand from the steering and patted her shoulder .Roops dial the army hospital number for me he commanded. She passed the phone over to him, "yes Major Dutta here , emergency ,no family ,accident ,don't know..yes sure on the high way,junction3 ,yes I am on my way ,yes please ambulance asap" ...he passed the phone over to Roops and she held on to his arm and wiped her tears on his sleeve he looked at her head as he felt her wet tears on his skin through his sleeve "chotti stop crying now" he said in a focussed tone .."Bhau I love him" she cried as she squeezed his arm , I love Baji rao  she repeated for him to take on board! Dutta's  face while driving, scowled ."Bhau say something ..aaj raksha bandhan hai.. kahne ko ap meray Bhau ho,  per baap mana hai ap ko,Roops ne hamashase  ,Dutta moved his head the other way as his face became red hot with the pressure of Roops tears .."haan Bhau aaj ek beti apna baap jaise Bhau se apna pyar mang te hai Bhau ..B aji maang te hai ..he, the dam burst!, he stopped at the nearest gap off the road and looked at her with widened eyes full to the brim with tears a slight frown entrenched between his eye brows right in the middle of the bridge of his nose. He twisted his body and he held her by the shoulders, he tilted his head to the right as he lovingly gazed at his baby sister. She looked up at his softened face and he nodded at her once with a tear shodden broad smile as his index fingers wiped her tears away from her face "chaal ab ronee band ker chotte ,for  you have me wrapped your little finger" and he held her smallest finger and gave it a wiggle! "ohhh" Roops chirped ,as she lunged forward and hugged him "so cute na mera Bhau" . Dutta, smiled, sniffed, turned and ignited the engine as he mumbled "Baji , Baji Rao the bane of my life" ,he revved his engine .Finally he saw police cars flashing in front on the left side and the cloud of swirling smoke made him sick in the gut and his heart palpitated like mad,in panic mode, as he anticipated the worst possible scenario. He stopped behind the police cars ,"oh my God" ,shouted Roops Baji! and she was about to jump out,when Dutta, yanked her arm back . "you will sit in the jeep! you hear that! he waged a finger in her face "you will not move from here"! i'll go not you! ..he got out and the police officers came and saluted him.


"Sorry we had to call you out Major Dutta ,it's just that for next of kin he gave your name " "that's correct Iam his next of kin" confirmed Dutta and without further ado  he asked" where is he? the police pointed to the ditch and without second thought Dutta crutched down the mountainous  gradient ,muttering come Dutta you have seen and trekked worse terrains then this he went descended  deeper , holding on to his cuff crutch and moved branches out of his way ..Bajiii he shouted as he fought the reek of burning ,Bajiii. Baji stirred and revived from his giddy spell he cried Bhau, he tried to shout, Dutta neared him ...Bhau he called with all the strength he could amass ..Dutta heard him and stooped short as  he saw the body of his friend face down on the ground of nettles ..Dutta in doubled speed crutched to his friend's side and threw his crutch and sat beside him holding his head upto place it on his thigh Baji moaned in pain and rolled on his back and held on to Dutta's hand crying like a baby "Bahu tu ah gaye ..Baji mar jayea ga tera bagaheer ..maffa ker de mujhe Bhau,and he he carried on sobbing ."ghup! kya lardki ke mafak ro reha hai tu Baji! jab deko drama bazzi chup ker abhi! jested a part relieved Dutta ..Dutta took a hankie from his pocket and pressed the cuts above Baji's eyes "chup ho ja Baji save your strength,  the ambulance should be here soon" assured Dutta.."mujhe  choor ke maat jana Bhau mera tera sawa duniyaa mein koi nehi hai  babbled Baji .It was clear to Dutta,  Baji was part delirious due to shock , in the trenches he had come across worse ,yet his eyes welled ..but this was different this was his friend his child hood mate who lay crumpled before him .he pulled the corners of his mouth and swore this is your test Dutta if you can leg it as far as you can without the crutch scaling up the gradient, for he was not leaving Baji here one more second in this dump  ...Dutta moved Baji's head and stood up spread his legs bent his knees and scooped up Baji in his arms and tucked his cuff crutch just in case .

And so bagan the uphill climb of Dutta carrying his injured best friend in his strong muscular arms . Dutta heaved and plodded under his own weight and the weight of his friend .Baji put his arm around Dutta's neck and cried like a baby cross his chest ,"main dhoke baaz nehi hoon Bahu ..mein doost hai tera he slurred tera liya meri jan bhi hazar hai  and his face rubbed against Dutta's chest and Dutta clenched his teeth as he could smell cheap bozze on Baji's breath..he flared his nostrils and grunted angrily as he heaved himself up and up the mountainous trek .He stopped for a while to take a breather and looked at Baji's face which bleed and his blood stained Dutta's maroon kurta as well .Baji stirred and looked up Dutta who looked up at the altitude left,his face drizzled with as moist sweat across his stubble face and arms ."Bhau teri jeep ka band baja diya mein ne,Baji teased  .Dutta bent his neck and glared at" Baji apni bikwass band karte hai tu ye phir doon ulta haat ka gkoomka .Baji giggled awwh ..he moaned  "ghooma tu and smiled and shook his head "maine thuje diya hai Bhau! He joked  .Dutta looked up "tu nehi sudhara ga Baji" Dutta smiled .... Bahu kya pata tu mein tera dost se  mera sssalle bun jayea? Baji said testing the waters! Baji smiled and slept content against Dutta's chest and Dutta too smiled quietly ...both had scaled the height of their friendship...

  The ambulance arrived and the paramedics got hold of Dutta and Baji and did the needful. Once at the army hospital Baji was meted out preferential treatment, as Dutta signed next of kin for him. Roops and Dutta waited outside the examining room. Roops clutched on to her brother's arm and looked a picture of anxiety. She looked up at him  as he looked the other way.He bent his head and doubled his chin to see his friend's  blood smeared on him .Roops hugged his arm .."thank you Bhau" ,she said kis liye chooti?he asked and she sheepishly asked for another confirmation "for bringing back Baji safely to me" ."hummh" he went and turned and gave her a hug as she wept at his chest and he stroked the top of her head . ahem! said the police officr ".sir just to let you know that he will be charged with reckless and drunk driving if you can please sign here .Dutta agreed and signed the documents .he took the police officer to the side and said ,"so are you planning to book him right now or can bail be offered ."well since it's you sir you may accompany us to the nearest police station and act as his guarantor"  .. Dutta thought that if crime has been committed than really punishment was in order. He said "ok what's is the other option sergeant ? "the other option is that he spend a couple of nights in the cells and wait for the magistrates hearing and sentence, sir" said the police officer . Dutta had a hard choice but being an army officer and a man of integrity he would have to bow down before the law ,he hoped that Baji would understand the equation...

The emergency doctor came out smiling "well major there's nothing to worry about, as he's only acquired superficial cuts ,grazes and bruises ,bar the gash on the top f his right eye brow where the gash has been glued and sutured with dissolving stitches. We have sedated him and we suggest that he stay overnight in hospital for observation. Dutta, shook hands with the army doctor and peeped in at Baji through the round glass of the door .yess he was relieved but Baji as you went wrong for whatever reason, repercussions you will have to bear ...

He held Roops arm and towed her towards his jeep and drove home in  absolute  silence... to be continued...Hamlet

Hello every one this is a peace offering to all those lovely people who missed a Friday up date due to my Jollies.I know it is devoid of Dutta /Naku lovey dovey bits ,but than Dutta had to sort out other bits and pieces that are linked to his family life... so please bear with seems Baji has created fresh hurdles for our dear, dear, Major Dutta... Hamlet 23.8 11


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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 August 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged

E D I T E D :

Hammie...mein aagai *hugs*

sorry am soo late...lets get started :P

Chapter 16 - the most unkindest cut of all

aww Baaji feelings are spilling know i was honestly waiting for a scene like this...where he reacts to the whole situation with Dutta and him...I felt bad for him most when he said that line "ek dum akele hai...just like the bloody day you came to this planet as some grave mistake" - it shows how much he is feeling at the moment for such words to come out...

Baaji is pondering over his being now :S... not knowing where to go home, and really thinking over the fact that basically they have given him everything and he fell in love with his best friend's sister without Dutta's knowledge ...

oww Baaji...of course he will chose Dutta over Roops...that's where his friendship is highlighted...his loyalty, his pure heart, his love for his best friend, all of him that would lay his life down for the man...

:O Drunk Driving ...tsk tsk tsk Baaji! lol...oww police tailing behind him...and omg i love how when there was a collision his thought was about Dutta Bhao's jeep...oh and it blew up :S ...good thing he came out...owww he is so his says his own name...and then at least he said Dutta's name as hies ghar walon...and he's out ...

ahh the TaSha bedroom scene was cute...enjoyed it completely...every line each said...penned well :)

rakhi scene was nice...i liked that way you described how he was with each of them...Kala, Leela, and then Roops, he wasn't very interested...for obvious reasons...and the Naku getting gift from sethji was a beautiful touch...and the way he was looking at her and gestured his mother to comfort her...and then Roops wanting to so the arati and of course Kaley comes with the news of Baaji's accident but his mere reaction upon hearing the words shows the amount of love and concern Dutta has for Baaji..and then every word, expression after that and he said that nothing can happen to Baaji ...Dutta hai na...their friendship is one that can not be destroyed...of course they had their moments..but it will always remain the same...he jets off ...and takes Roops to ...of course thnx to Naku, but none the's a start :P

oww I loved the car drive scene btwn Dutta and Roops ...again something I was waiting for ...them talking about it...and Dutta is so Roops has him wrapped in her little finger ...of course they saw massive smoking and assumed the 'worst possible case scenario' ..i can just imagine thnking someone you love to be in such a situation...

oww my poor baaji partly delirious and well of course the only thought on his mind is about his friend...his feels like i'm talkin about lovers LOL...aww omg Dutta decided to carry Baaji up with no crutch...baaji is blabbing and Dutta is now aware he was drunk :S ...hmm...and in all this i loved baaji's line "bhao teri jeep ka band baja diya mein ne" LOL ...yes baaji that was so not obvious and so important at the moment heehee...i loved these two...jking around as they are coming up ...

I liked the mention of him signing the really shows a lot in terms of the relationship Baaji and Dutta share...aww that small moment with Roops and Dutta was so sweet...and I liked that he knew that Baaji will have to face the consequences of his actions yet he made sure he was ok before anything...

very nice update...loved it all...great job...and am waiting for the next update :)

love you lots...take care...phir milenge chalte chalte :P

Edited by daya0628 - 27 August 2011 at 8:29am

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suhana19 IF-Rockerz

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Reserved Wink will be bk soon..
EditedBig smile
Hey Dear HamieeHug
Thanx alot for the wonderful update and PmHugLoved it as alwaysThumbs Up.Heart
The friendship btwn Baaji and Dutta touches ones heart ...Very beautifully written yaaraClap
Baaji is pain for hiding the truth that he loves roops ...Poor himCry Felt sowwie for him ...Omg he will choose Dutta if he has to choose btwn Dutta and roops Embarrassed...i have no words ...too good ...

Loved the cute Moment btw tasha ...short and sweet ...Wink Dutta chance marooying for a kiss ,,But naku is no mood ...Embarrassed...Haila he called her Moody cowShocked are u serious ?...

The rakhi tying scenes btwn Dutta and sis were really awesome yaara ...Awww kala called him babyLOLBut he prefers Dutta...Now i wonder Naku can call him babyWink...
Sethiji sending gifts for naku and naku getting emotional ...Jhumkis and kangan sweet ...and AS helped naku put them on ..Lovely ...

What a reaction from sher after hearing about baaji"s accident ...?...He took roops along ...Finally roops confessed her feelings and thank god gadha didn"t blew up ...

Loved loved loved the last part btw Baaji and dutta...reminded me of Dostana LOLsowieee...But it was great ...Loved the update ...I hope to see roops and baaji"s engagement  along with TashaWink welll just a thought ..But u know the best ...

U take care and will wait for the nxt part ...
Love and hugs

Edited by suhana19 - 23 August 2011 at 3:14pm

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Warda. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 August 2011 at 10:04am | IP Logged


Hey Hammie...welcome back once againHug
and giving us yet again a fabulous update...enjoyed the friends bonding as much i enjoy
Tasha's love Smile
Baaji was in such a pain dear main hoon na...why feel lonely*hugs*
What excited me the most was that though baaji loves roops but he had already decided that if he had to choose b/w dutta and roops ...he will choose dutta ...Wow...what a friend...Dutta kahin aisa dost nhi milay ga tujhy who owes his life to you
Believe me when i was reading the first part all the time yeh dosti song was playing in my mind...and ta da you actually mentioned it..i guess great minds think alike...he he Embarrassed
Hawww...he met an accident ...may be desi daru kuch zayda hi chad gaye thi..thankfully he jumped out at the right time...phewww
and may be that accident worked in his favour and that tough man aka DSP mellowed down
and add to that rakshabandhan...behan ki baat kesy taltaBig smile
Loved the brief moment b/w dutta and naku a lot...specially you mentioned that line from romeo juliet palm to palm holy palmers kiss
It sounded romantic yet devine...though i havent read the complete play ...some extarcted parts used to be in my Eng.literature syllabus at school...
but at that time i was never able to read between the lines or get hold of it ...maybe bcoz it was not a complete part...

LOL...he callled her Moody Cow...loved that name...btw what is he himself??...hahaha
The rakhi part was really cute...What a feeling it would be for the three lucky ladies...
that their brother is behind them to support them all the time
and awww...sethji sent a gift for naku
I loved the way dutta signalled AS to cheer up naku ...what a lover!!!

And finally Dutta had given his green signal... but through his gestures
The way Roops just unconciously blurted it that she loves baaji...that sounded much better rather than both of them sitting formally and settling this issue
And what a convo b/w the two buddies...the way baaji added fun to it by disclosing about band bajaoing of his jeep and calling him his salaa *wink*
Haila now baaji will be going for a jail yatra for drinking n driving...acha sabak milay ga...will never do that again Big smile
Loved it how dutta stood by his principles*applauds for that*...he didnt favoured him at all...
and roops is one smartlady...the way she assured that is duttas approval still there by stressing on for bringing back Baji safely to me"
Hope duttas stays on this descion now...and along with tasha we can enjoy their engagement too Smile
I dont feel any one would mind Roops Baaji relation apart from getting a feeling that she would be the one who will not take it that easily ...hmmm...

Thanks for this awesome update yaar...and So so sorry for missing my comment for chp 15...will edit thsi spot for chp 15 too shortly...and thanks for your concern regarding my comment..that was so sweet of you...was really touched by your gesture *kushi k ansoo* Embarrassed
Stay Blessed...Lots of LoveHug
and thanks a ton for the pm Smile


Edited by Warda. - 23 August 2011 at 1:11pm

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krishaa Senior Member

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Posted: 23 August 2011 at 10:40am | IP Logged

so hammie u really surprised me with this one lovely coordination btw baaji was unable to bear dutta's anger how sweet he really loves dutta a lot what a friendship'

and as usual tasha scene was awesome and an emotional part of nakku and sethji short loved the update that focuses on the bonding of relation.thanx for the update please more tasha in next.omg they have their engagement in the next so there will be lot of tasha.thanx hammie.

Edited by krishaa - 24 August 2011 at 12:19am

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norey Groupbie

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Posted: 23 August 2011 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
nice update, glad your back from your vacation
no lovey dovey D and N but there are other people connected to D and N that need to be explored in this ff. baji is truly D best loyal friend. liked the bonding of D and Roops so cute na! hope the next update will be here soon, keep it up nice to have you back!!!! 
thanks norey

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