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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 56)

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Posted: 11 August 2011 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Warda.

Sorry for the delay Hammie Embarrassed
will edit my spot after iftar Embarrassed
Firstly im So sorry Hammie...for being so late Cry
actually i've raed the update yesterday but could notcomment...and today just now came back from college..and this was rated as first thing in my to do lists today after clg Smile
Thanks a lot for a detailed and awesome update Smile
Dutta all set with his mood swings...he he...not that im complaining...we have always witnessed this side in almost every update...for me he had always been an authoritative bad boy...Wink
and him questioning naku's virtue didnt surprsied me much ...this man questioned him before the very moment he was proposing her that is there
anything between her and him doubting her about their first kiss didnt much surprised me...i might sound partial towards dutta...though im not at all..
well thankyou my friend for being supportive over theup date  I have been receiving nt so good feed backs ..i knwe tht when i was wriig it but thre has to be skelton in every one's closet..the only thing thre hs to be the bility to adaot ,to tweak ,to chop nd change ..also remembering tht certain thngs are a part if one's inherent self..thus stands are Dutta the sublime and the ridiculous.
i respect a woman's dignity more than anything else...even intially i was upset reagarding his question but she would take him  out of his misery and speak the truth, not because it was the truth but because that's what he wanted to hear ."
this line actually changed my perception regarding it...thanks a lot for highliting it
 as far as im evaluating Dutta's character he is somebody who just wants to enjoy his victory ...telling himself see! the girl only belongs to me...though he always speak in an arrogant tone... im giving him the excemption of
naku's too much laad and dulaar...but i would really appreciate that if you show both the sides balanced...i mean naku should sound like a gf or a to be wife...who knows where to stand up for her rights...she is pampering him way too much...though that devil deserves it ...he he.Winkwhat surprsied me the most was him thinking that the novelty was over after the first kiss...haww...thats not right major
 touche too much mamby pamby yess she needs to get her finger out and sort his warped ideas!
OmG dutta driving...that was a great surprise...hope he recovers completely soonSmile
loved doing this.bit  giving him some lost glory besides he deserves that ..go go go.
And i guess he gave Lauren a mini heart attack by disclosing the news of his engagement...LOL
Now this naku's mama...waiting for him...hope he doesnt create any barrier in the engagement
KAla My Female version of DSP...when will you show your true colors...hehehe...keeping fingers crossed for this... i need to work more on this affinity between them?
Dutta is not at all taking this baaji and roops issue in the right way...hope he understands that the way he is sincere with naku...same is the case b/w baaji and roops...
and dutta talking about this male female discrimination ...doesnt sounded appealing from his mouth...hope he realizes his mistake fact both mistakes soon one regarding naku and for baaji too... yes the gender issue has to be tackled no doubt about that
waiting for the friday update..All motivated to reserve the first spot...will come online oftenly on friday to take the first seat...hahaha LOL
till then take care...lots of love Hug
thanks warda for all your love plus a lovely jubbley comment e ad dutta it for  impatiently xxxhammie  

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Originally posted by prncz

Hi Hammie always loved the update ,, so major dutta has started driving ...and the surprise he gave nakku ,, although he was bullish with her whn she asked him where he was going and he dint tel her hwy he was meeitng lauren LOLLOLLOLLOL
 yes mate he is driving and driving every one crazy as well over the frorum with his bloody annoyin remarks daya has a bat ready to wac his head haaa 
as far as his askign naku if she has been kissed before , was it jealousy that made him ask this
you telll me the logic ? era tu damaak ke yogurt bna diya hai us gadha ne
 q ,how is he going to  accept bajjji and roops relation ship is  to be seen in the coming epi
 we'll see for ure
also we get  to see nakku's  mama n dutta meeting in coming epi ,hmme intersting times ahead Wink yes  some more masala tell you what raj i miss Harshad
  oye kyal hal hai ter ..long time no chin wag  thnks alot for your comments mate   alays enjoy them xxxhammie

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Originally posted by mIsHeZ.x

hey hammie u k hun   
 oye teri chal roze ke wajah se kofir maat bik waa
sory 4 not commenting...
ukno i rely loved the update but more den that i was really disppointed by dutta and his attitude towards women...he is so sexist!!!! and i jus hate that bout him...cant stand ppl with such rely disgusts me   
chaal theekh hai on less girl after dutta yeah
but den agen u cant stay angry wit dutta 4 long lol...i jus loved post car ride .. dat was so cute nd romantic..tho der was a bit wich i ddn like bou D wen he said its or8 if he kisses sum1 but not 4 naku or any  women 2 kiss... i mean WT* ...oye no baken and galli galooch! 
and then bout baji/roops..its okay 4 naku 2 love dutta cuz dutta picked naku but its nt gud 4 baji/roops...this statemnt  haan tu theek hin na he's his baby sister  you think bout it
mde me think that he can be such a hypocrite!   
 nooo just a brother will have to get his head around that one
nd the las bit bit nakus mamma...if naku can respect duttas fam..y d f*k cant they do the same!!!!!!   
 nehi yaar thujhe pata hai asians mein ak bara tu hota hai jisa izzat detahain
do excuse my use of language here...but  seriously dutta has rely let me dwn this time...  
 has he now missy so does that mean tht you are off the gadha's back now
nevertheless u portrayed everythng nd every1s emotions expected...!!!    
woooh medal from my mate ... no Mishal/Dutta is the bestest cutest ,sweetest  ass## talking this lnet ..waise patna nehi gaher hai otr kya ker rah hai?
waiting 4 tmrw...

yes tommorrow!  thats all you wanted to know is it not? xxx hammie loves you and your zany comments missy

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hammie by the family bit i ment that dutta nd kala shudnt talk like that bout nakus mamma..if naku can give izzat 2 all of duttas family y cant dutta do the same...
nd no dw im stil after dutta lol lyk i sed u cnt stay angry at him 4 bby.. ;-)
luv u2

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Posted: 11 August 2011 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
oh and bout me comenting so i get an update tmrw...woh toh mein waise bhi karti...wil coment on it tmrw if i dnt get d update wen am online lol :P

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                                    Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patel

                                         Painful Rapture: chapter 15

                                     "Sweet are the uses of adversity"..Shakespeare

Bare backed, upon his belly Dutta lay clad in his creased around his hind white pyjamas.His arms rested limp by his sides his palms semi opened .His fore finger twitched as he moved his head and  buried face on his head cushion. ummmh he went ,and eventually stirred andpicked up his head, opened his squinting eye and shot a half asleep gaze on the clock!.He rooled over and sat up on his bed and swerved his lips and swallowed his spit .The time was way past his normal wake up time ".Nakusha" he guttered as he scratched his hairy chest .He lowered his legs where was she? and where was his tea? he mused. His bed side table stood empty." Nakku" he said as he looked at the door , where is she? ,he hoped she was well ,as there was not a visitation from her ,all the signs showed so "Rahmaaan"he yelled ."jee sar",reported for his order " Rahmaan mujhe utahiya kyoun nehi 10 bej rehe hain",he questioned "saar jee,  Nakku bibi ne kha tha ap ko na jakiya jaye" Dutta decided to end the quiz theekh hai tum jao". Dutta was flooded with questions , as he groped his crutch and got up to get showered. He wondered why was Rahmaan, instructed by Nakku to let him slumber way past his normal arousal time .

He dressed himself in his black pathiani and moved towards the  lower quarters of his house nimbly carried out the descent on the wooden stairs that lead to his room. He headed towards the dining area, it was bare ,every one had obviously finished with the first meal of the day. Aye saab sat on the loungers as she studied the guest list, "haan Dutta tu ah gaya? Nashata ker le"his mother suggested ."nehain  aye" Dutta said nonchalant,as he bent to touch her knees . "Aye Sahib saab kahan hain? He questioned, as his eyes roved over possible areas she could be .Roops turned up and cuddled up with her mum ,as she looked up at her brother. "Sab log Bhau ye phir Nakku?  teased Roops .."so cute ne" ,she winked. He was in no mood for flippant humour . Aye saab tapped Roop on her arm "maat thung ker use" Roops . Finally he spewed the question "Aye, Nakku kahan hai dekhai ne de rhei hai"? "oye hooi Bhau abhi se he vahani ke itni chinta  so cute na! ,she carried on the jest . Dutta gave her a fixed icy gaze. "Aye" , Dutta pleadingly  asked his mother, "woh nakku Dera gaye hai Dutta aaj he subah gaye  hai, Baji le ker gaya hai us ko" explained his mother .He clutched his fists and grit his teeth as his face transformed into a silent scowl . He inhaled, to discipline his true reaction and in a calm tone, persisted "dera gaye hai magar kyoun aur achanak use ne zaroori nehi samjha ke mujhe bata ke jaye" ? ,he would have preferred to say ask me ,but instead decide to use tell me instead. "Dutta tu suraha tha, tu us ne samjha ke thuje thung ne kera ,baki  Dera woh apna samaan chortne gyaye hai , kyon ke hostel ka phone aya tha ke uska karam tayaar hogaya hai!" Aye explained to him .He wobbled a bit ,Aye looked up and Roops ran to his side, "it's ok Bhau they wanted her to view her room and to decide if she needs any alterations to her room ,tat's all besides ,Baji has gone with her to settle her baggage and we can go later to see her". Roops assured her brother. Dutta realized that his mother and sister were thinking that he was prompted to despair by her exit as it stood and he attempted to set matters right . "why that's reasonable enough ,now if you excuse me I'll get a bite eat,  Rahmaaan nasta lake ker ayo ,he shouted . He moved towards the table and rested part of his cheek on his left the hand of his folded arm. Rahmaan placed his sandwiches before him, and he smiled a little well the girl made his sandwiches before she left! as he bit and chewed his sandwiches he felt a gush of warmth towards her .The house looked empty and meaningless without her presence .He put his finger under his top lip as he shifted a crumb ,his eyes twinkled as he ate ,how yesterday she pointed to her delectable lips to alert him to a crumb on the corner of is mouth. His heart cried for her, as he tried hard to relax the creases around his nose which showed a feeling of disaffection he felt by her absence .He sipped his orange and then gulped the juice .He had this desperate urge to be with her he pushed his empty plate heaved himself up and announced Aye "maine abhi ata hoon kuch kaam hai," Roops  neared him shoulder to shoulder and said with a forced sad face" shall I come with you Bhau ,please I need a joy ride there's no  Baji to keep me company" .Dutta heard the name and pulled her hand off his shoulder "nahin ! Roops not now ,some other time !leave me be " he snubbed and crutched aggressively through the corridor!. He ordered the body guards to fetch his wrangler as he tossed the keys over ,within seconds the jeep arrived he chucked his crutch behind, put his black shoe on the foot rest and thumped into his jeep ,groped for and fastened his seat belt .He placed his hands on the steering his arms twitched with rolled sleeves to his elbows. He looked at his face in the rear mirror his eye brows had a tiny bulge of flesh right above the bridge of his strong defined nose ,the eyes that stared back at him were horrified with a glaze of water he took his eyes off his reflection and tilted back his head to swollen all the water that weakened him,  bit his inside out!  .He pulled the corners of his lips right down as his eyes flashed. He ignited the engine,  gassed, revved and sped off ... he had not informed  himself what was doing ,where was going? and why was he going?; he clenched his teeth as the wind begun to blow dry his beautiful hair ; he blinked his eyes .. his heart called for her ,had she left him, he pushed the idea that it was highly impossible and improbable ,for she belonged to him! she was part of him! he swallowed hard as his eyes welled up again, and he belonged to her she was the the very air he breathed ,yet the the feeling of disillusionment weighed him down ,why did she not wish to see him before she left? ,was he not her object of desire? as she was to his ?was she staging a drift off?.In panic, he tried to recall yesterday's incidents he could recall his victory with resuming driving again, he tightened his grip on the wheel on the remembered well how she supported him when he told her about Baji and Roops but, she had left hurriedly ..what else? he was utterly  at a loss , baffled but in his bones he could feel things were more than about just accepting her accommodation  at the Dera!. Bored, as he drove to a lazy speed he turned on the radio, something she had taught him to do listen to music, songs, lyrics! he smiled with doleful eyes! for the only music Dutta heard was the crescendo, sound of battle and war.  "Hello all drivers on this lovely cool late after noon allured the RJ this one is for you ... Dutta drove, Nakku... "hoon khudi sey laapta ,nakkuu, hmmm.. hoon kudhi sey laapta..Nakushaa!he wrenched inwardly cheekti mer khamosheyaa yahan he wiped his sweat beaded upper lip with his back hand ,bay khuwab se,khuwab hain, khuwabo mein mere ,his eyes welled up,Nakushaaa! kur deray saanaton mein ,Nakkuu saanaton mein  where are you?  kahien toh gaid meri aaahat hai bay..sahta is dard se, ab le ja churaaa key... Nakku! Dutta is only yours he whimpered, and bit his lip as he revved his engine le jaa tu ..mujhey,  khuley aasmaa mein Dutta comes to you! unarmed only with his heart! The music and the lyrics excited his hot blood and his body reverberated wih high emotion! le ja tu mujhe ,Nakku apne jahan mein le jaa tu mujhe kar ke rahaa tu le jaa  Nakku without you Iam incomplete,  ab le ja churaa key steal me from myself he coiled his face and checked the rear mirror ab dabi dabi awaaz sabi alfaaz listen to my heart calling to you Nakusha na..raaz saaz hain,gaano se mere.. why did you depart so suddenly? He stared at the road ahead Nakku! his vision was getting impaired ,why does my heart say I have grieved you that all is not well! chub rahi hain wo shekayetein..,shekayetein na jaaney kyun apni chaatein, sahta is dard se, le ja churaaa key.. he moved his head and gassed his engine le jaa tu mujhey khuley aasma mein, the jeep drove in fifth gear, le jaa tu mujheyy apne jahaan mein,speed in towards his Nakku le jaa tu mujheyyy kar ke rehaa tu le jaa Nakkuuu!!! he shouted as the jeep raced  le jaaa!  Nakusssha! pal tootatoota hai, yes your Saab says this to you,bheega hai khuwabon ka nishaan,ooo mann rutha rutha hai, ab akela ,hai yadoon ka jahaan, for the rest of he world without you o anjaaane ..anjaane logo ki. Logoo ki.. Nakku! he screamed, duniya sey le jaa..he was losing it he took wrangler off the road for a few minutes and put his beautiful longer fingers over his cheeks, his fingers just missed his eyes ,he took a deep breath, it was like being in the trenches, fearing the unknown .. what if? ..he jerked his head reversed and hit the road his radio blared and his speeded elevated  le jaa tu mujhe ..khuley aasmaa mein,ane jhahaan mein...le jaa meri jaan le ja tu mujhe .. ker ke rehaa tu le jaa  ..ker ke rahaaa  tu laa jaa. Le jaa Nakku! ..meri  jaan..le jaa  Top of Form


Dutta raced his wrangler like a manic. I am coming to get you Nakkuuu! He screamed at the passing fast forwarded visions of the terrain he kept his eyes glared on the road, his palms gripped the steering tightly till the bones in his knuckles stuck out and his flesh turned pale! The milestone at last showed the sign of the approching Dera. He checked his face briefly in the rear mirror ,reached out for his bottle of water placed the bottle neck between his teeth and twisted it open and while still driving at a medium speed glugged the pour of water held up above his thirsty mouth. He entered the Dera territory and gave a distant scan to his land holdings but that's not what he was here for and he turned the wheel towards the city centre ,.he thought of Nakku's parents ,maybe she would be there and he that's where he should head for ; his mind rejected the idea ,in keeping with the fact that he was the future son in law of that house, who was not yet formally engaged to their daughter it may appear ,disrespectful and cheeky on his part ,especially towards his future wife's parents. The hospital is the destination.

He parked his jeep in the busy Dera hospital car park and made his way towards the reception, the ladies behind the counter smiled at him and he nodded, they knew who he was"Major Dutta what a pleasant surprise sir, and great to see you on your feet! and how may we help you?"  they offered.Patil Wadi was a small territory everyone was familiar with everyone and he was no exceptio . He cleared his throat, lowered his eyes and stared hard at the counter on the reception desk "arh I am trying to locate the hospital accommodation quarters please he explained ."sure is there any particular person you seek, for we have names and room numbers available the nurse helped. He squared his shoulders "yes its Ms. Nakusha ,one of your new PT's he said quietly but firmly . He followed the explained route, the  curved row of  newly built flats that stood on  lush green flower garnished lawns with a couple of straight bricked  pathways leading up to the  flats themselves.


He stood outside flat 100 and pressed the, intercom "jee kaun"? he heard her voice and his holistic being wrenched in one stupendous urge to hold her in his arms ,capture her in his heart ,seal her in his mind, and conceal her in his soul. He snapped out of the daze and replied "Army"! there was the click of disconnection, as he waited in anticipation. He stood there his heart beating against his thorax. It was obvious she had recognized who he was and for some reason decided to abandon the idea of meeting him. He lifted his hand and posed his fore finger on the buzzer again , but withdrew his hand and clenched his fist . He would not attempt again he decided as he gripped himself and turned around as he retraced his steps. He pressed his mouth to one side fixed his blank face and crutched away. "Saab"he heard her call .He stopped and his feet gradually turned as he faced her .She stood at a distance her hair bunched up with loose strands dangling around the frame of her face and around the nape of her long sleek neck .Her ruffled look ,her tight fitted floral printed shirt and white fitted churridar pyjama,  her white cotten chunni hanging on her shoulder ,nearly rendered him into abject submission before her, as he stood with a crease above his eyes ,and intense pain in his eyes.

They stood there in the winding long open air corridor a gentle cross breeze blowing their hair. He watched her as his hand rested on his crutch, his confirmation that she would come running to his arms and bury her face on his  hairy chest her haven, to confirm how much she missed his absence even for a few hours ,were stilled. No such thing happened Nakusha stood and looked at him in displayed self control! , she would not be dashing off to him, for she had thought long and all through the night ,and had found that things were far from smooth sailing! .He studied her frigid face and walked towards her. She too walked towards him and they met mid way .His icy cold narrow eyes were met with her equally frigid eyes .There was a defiant wait among them, as to who would break this silence between this clash of stare downs!. Dutta tilted his head a little ,parted his lips and said "kasise hai Nakku"? she looked up into his slightly softened eyes and answered firmly" mein theekh hoo Saab", he strived hard to be civil and the woman was tested his patience, he tore his eyes from her face briefly and rolled his head as he checked the surroundings ,and brought his eyes back to derive further pleasure as he  gazed at her slightly peeved face ."nice place here" ,he a said trying to be friendly as she held his eyes in captivity and jerked her head slightly and give him  small crooked fraction of a smile, "definitely it's a fortress that guard's  you against the unwanted elements against one's Life" she hissed. He with  rapidity lost his composure and before he knew it his hands moved and grabbed her shoulders, unwittingly! She stood were she was and simply looked at his hand on one of her shoulders and then brought her face full centre and fired a warning look to his flashing eyes . Dutta was hit and wounded ,and he pulled both his hands from her shoulder "I am sorry" he mumbled as he bit his upper lip and blinked his eyes away from her face. She looked at his angled profile and confirmed "and so you should be" .He was desperate to talk with her not have gibes with her . He tried again looking at her warmly "Nakku" he said with affection for he hoped to win her back from whatever quandary she was in,  "I missed you this morning first thing jab meri aankh kholi" he said his face turned to the side his eyes speaking hurt. She turned her face blatantly from his sad gaze and gibed " like one would miss the sound of their  alarm clock not going off at the set time haina Saab! kyon ke phir sab kuch ,jo karna hai waqat ke hatoon bikhaar jata hai" He wanted to throttle her neck but instead jutted his mouth and chin, lowered his eyes and gently whispered "ab tera gyan khatam ho giya ho tu kamara ka baray mein kuch bateya gi ? he suggested, although ideally he would have preferred to take her in his arms and squeeze all her breathe away for jetting off so suddenly , and thus for giving him on an slaught's of insecurities about their relationship . She moved back and stood beside him ,"ok come I'll show you the room" she consented .He stood outside as she slid past him and looked at him while she held the door   for him to enter.  He stood upright his head held regally, at the door and was hesitant and annoyed by his suggestion as  he declined to step into her room , he Major Dutta Patil would not enter a single  woman's quarter's, and create ripples of  gratuitous speculation  against  her virtue ,for seeing eyes could easily make wagging tongues! "Nahin Nakku  per khabhi jab Roops bhi saat hogi tab ,is waqat Nehi",he said firmly as he looked directly in her eyes her face  and his  eyes were completely definitive of his reserve She came out and locked he door and looked disappointed that he rejected seeing her new abode may be she thought he didn't care.

She looked at his brow he looked hot and red .Saab she said "you need to get the weight off your feet and legs, there is a lovely spot nearby on these sculptured gardens, here you sit here" ,she helped him to sit on one of the steps and moved and squatted before him to remove his shoes ,he moved her shoulder ,"leave it Nakku this job Rahman has done for the past decade and when he's not there Dutta does it himself" . Unvoiced he cocked one of eyes brows and gave her a grin as he contemplated the freedom of his long slender toes .She moved back and ignored his tacit messages of wanting her, she would not give in to his charms with ease. He looked up at noiselessly yet again this time at her stunning green eyes ,for Dutta attempted to pour buckets of love on her ,as he pulled off his shoes and  socks. He had as a rule even from when he was  child,  always to shove his once worn socks in the tongue of his shoes and this moment here was no exception. "Chalo Saab" she went this time with a slight more geniality, for all said and done at least he had bothered to come after her, which in itself was something she was warming to.

They walked on the lush green lawns. He looked at her before stepping on the turf. His eyes squinted slightly with subtle mischief as he looked at her " Nakku if I use the crutch on the turf do you think it'll go through the lawn and create a dent? he asked, as he stood tall near her petite frame. He looked down at her as he waited for her answer. "well Saab seeing that the crutch has a rubber  shock absorber base which is flat rather than sharp and pointed ,it's unlikely that the lawn will be damaged" .Dutta moved his lip to one side  disappointed as he had looked forward to placing his arm around her shoulders. It's almost as she heard his hushed aspiration,for Nakku went,"well Saab you could walk a bit with the crutch up to that tree which she pointed out at a 50 yards and then may be half way your can decuff your crutch and walk with out.." He looked at her side ways with perplexed shining eyes which made him look like a little boy who is promised chocolate if he behaves! .

Nakku nodded and took a step forward, and the two walked together on the lush green turf their soles felt the cool levelled carpet, and they became one with the good earth!. He looked down at her walking beside him as he heaved on mechanically as he placed  his right foot first and heaved to place his left foot and crutch s e plodded on. ,She smiled and kept her eyes ahead ,but also vigilant to ,and very much aware of his towering presence. He heaved as he scaled 25 yards ,she looked up at him and decided "Saab let go off the crutch now"  ,and she lifted his already waiting heavy arm and wraped it around her shoulders! He was dying to stroke her shoulder with his fingers but waited with a pounding heart for her to entwine his waist last she did and he placed his keen palm over her tiny hand around his waist .He walked supported by her, on and on slowly and surely ohh nakku my beloved, stay and walk with me this way all the days of my life he spoke to her in silence he perked his pout and shyly stared at the turf and ahead also . He turned his head to gaze at the top of her head in his armpit and bent down and kissed the top of her head ! She shuddered a little ,trying it on he was desperately ..but she would not reciprocate his affection ,before she had said her piece!

  They reached the tree at last .Dutta breathed a sigh of relief, coupled with an element of surprise at the sight of a crystsal clear brook! . "ye kya Nakku pani ,well I would never have guessed! he said excited. She helped him to sit on the bank ,and sat beside him. Before she could blink he pulled up his black trousers up to his knees exposing  his hairy lower muscular well carved legs. within seconds,  he lowered his legs down in the babbling brook water ."aaahhh he went as he moved  his long slender toes in the water .."this is such a  beautiful and heavenly  feeling Nakku!" he declared ecstatic,"go on you dip your toes in as well Nakku" he encouraged her . Nakku looked at his prickly profile that face she loved so very much despite his pig headedness!. She smiled and lower her painted toes in the water he moved his toes towards hr floating toes and caressed her toe with his big toe .She blushed and lowered her eyes oh why  did she always give into his advances eventually! ".Nakku mujhe garami lag rehe hai ,and he complained, looked around and within a second raised his arms and pulled off his black shirt and passed it to her inside out . "Saab ab kya ker rhe ho"? She asked extremely embarrassed  to see his naked  hairy torso  in broad daily! "Main why? Iam trying to cool off woman what else" and he looked at her side ways and winked slyly! She stiffened and looked away ,she had to say her piece to him .Saab can I speak to you? she asked with dutch courage hummh he went as he looked sideways above his bulky beefed up shoulders , as he sat relaxed balanced by his arms and firmly placed palms on the bank of the brook," bol Nakku Iam listening" he confirmed as he studied her with drowsy eyes. She put her hand on his thigh, "Saab I will speak the truth, some of the things that you said to me yesterday disturbed me to no end ,she turned to face him her face clearly pained ,"Saab can you remember what you said to me he shook his head as he dreamily just feasted on her face ,she carried on diligently "well shall I remind you then? he nodded with a twist of his lips "well saab you insulted me she complained ,his eyes flashed for a second but he jerked his face forward as he urged her to continue "Saab you insulted me by asking me was I ever kissed by a man ? which to me was extremely belittling  as a woman for I gave myself to you with all my heart because I love you and you misjudged my surrender to you! Nakku mein ..she put her hand up and continued "no Saab please let me finish, he jerked his head a little and chuckled noiselessly as he mused she was becoming more like him in her mannerisms and when I questioned your piety and virtue as being the first woman in your life you came up with a statement to the effect of its ok because I am a man ..  Saab to me this is beyond all ages of history and socio/religious /moralistic values it is a highly sexist and gender based view !then when I disclosed Baji's and Roops  love for each other you dismissed Roops love as unacceptable as she was  woman and that she should have sought your permission because you were the man of the house;  when I said to you that you had allowed me a woman to love you to my horror you had said that was because I was your pasand and that is allowed  because you are a man and therefore allowed to love! I ask you Saab where is the balance? are you telling Nakku that in your mind there is one rule for a woman and another for a man? Are you Saab ..think about Saab.

Dutta hung his head to the right and listened to her opinions with intent .She stopped to look at his face and saw his  goading eyes, encouraging her to continue  "wouldn't you say  Saab that in terms of personal physical ,mental and spirtual  high calibre it should apply equally to both genders not conflicting rules  for them? Dutta refrained from answering and just stared hard at the water. He turned towards her and flicked his fingers in signal for her to continue. She tarried a while taken aback with his silence. He noticed the pause and sought her permission to start his answer, "ab mai kuch bolon Nakku? she nodded "nakku jab mein na thujhe se pyar kiya tu sirf ek admi ke terhan kiya ,ye nehi soocha ke mein ye hoon ye main woh hoon sirf ek admi ke theran thujhe jaha  ,aur ek aadmi kabhi ye nehi jahe ga ke jis auret ko us ne jaha ho ,apna bani ya ho,  apna mana ho aus aurat ko kise doosre admi ne pehle chooiah ho , ye dutta ke dil ke baat hai .he looked at her with high esteem for her showing in his  gaze, baki mein ne jo aurat aur admi mein badha bahu kiya to dutta ye manta hai ke us ne khalat kiya kyon ki, jo jahan tak pati aur patni ke talooq hai tu patni,  pati ka adha anghne hai ke liye apna SAAB ko mafa ker de ,teray junoon  mein undha hoya tha"  aur jahan tek sexist hon ki baat hai,well Nakku had I been a sexist pig I would never have supported in your quest to work after marriage whereever you chose ,for I believed that you acquired an education and therefore you have the right to provide service to the people and  put your expertise to full fill the call of duty. Nakku you know full well that I can provide for you , but I  have exposed myself to  common place  tittle- tattle of people oh look Dutta has sent out his wife to earn  living ! so now you think Nakku tu sooch ke tera Saab kaisa admi hai?

 Nakku turned to face him on the bank and her eyes welled up as he put her hand on his thigh "Saab mein tu ye kahane wale the ap se ke because of your sexist views  that was no point in continuing this relationship ,as I would not be able to marry a man who viewed all women with such a jaded eye!

Nakku thought since he was in a mellowed mood she would broach Baji and Roop's topic "Saab ab Roops au Baji  to ap dekain, pyar karte hein woh ek dosre sai..ap ne Baji jaise dost ke liya kaha ke use  na ap ko dokha diya, well I tell you Saab both of them were are rather desperate to talk to you about themselves, they seek your support as an elder .. Baji in particular wants to beg you to include him in your family for good ,he has much to much respect for all the people living in this house to try as you suggested anything low level with Roops". Dutta raised his palm and gruffed "Nakku! Roops meri bahen hai aur koi bahi apni bahen ki matalaq aisi baat bardasht nehi kare ga". "What is the issue Saab what have you got against Baji he is ghar ka lardka ,you know there is not a single crooked bone in his body..jane de dega woh ap ke liya !Saab you know that..I plead for Baji Saab as his sister! please accept him as the boy for Roops please Saab!" Nakku implored as ,she held his knee with tears in her eyes.. Dutta softened after her pleading, he would have to get his head around this, but he looked up her and deduced she was incredible! she seemed his wife already! 

 "Saab" she calmed down and summed up the gist of their complete conversation "a husband who does not trust his wife ,does not in my mind truly love her" she stated simply...he put his hand on her shoulder "aur ab Nakku? ab tera kiya faisla hai? he asked with parted lips and beseeched eyes,  "Saab Nakku ke dil ka, use ki rooh ka haal ap jante hai...Nakku replied but

 He reached out for her and clasped her shoulder and gently pushed her and laid her back on the bank of the brook ,he looked out it was dusk now. She slowly pulled her feet out of the water and laid her legs on the bank as well, Dutta reached for  his shirt that she had folded, and wiped her feet dry with it ,"Saab ap kya",she protested. He looked at her and put his forefinger on his lips ,while she  looked at him in affection,   as he pulled his legs out of the water! She sat up and got hold of her chunni and leaned forward to wipe his legs dry ,he nuzzled her ear lightly, looked at her side ways and laid her flat on the bank one more time! he pulled his knees up a bit as he sat besides her. He observed her as she lay flat, and he put his arm over her and rested his palm on the ground as he washed her with an over flowing  gush of wanting desire! Nakku looked up at him unafraid this was her man! Dutta bent over her bosom and his famished parted lips went for the curve of her neck, he kissed her warm kisses on her soft skin, his hot breathe spoke of pure passion as he rubbed his prickly chin ,mouth on every conceivable  nook and cranny of her neck ,he moved to her soft ear lobes and took them between his teeth, he nipped them and she moaned .His stretched arm across her body resting on the ground ached and he flopped on her bosom and she put her arms around his naked back and her fingers dug in his back as he kissed the other side of her neck and underneath her chin! He moaned in pleasure as she ran her fingers on his back, he lifted his head up and looked down into her eyes "kya hai tera faisala Nakku? Dutta ki bahoon mein reha gi sari umar?,he questioned her with passion. She kissed the tip of his nose, he smiled and she kissed him on his chin, he smiled again , she looked up him and he screwed his nose "zaara chin se upper kiss de Nakku" ..he said roguishly! She closed her eyes as he brought his lips down, rubbing her lips with his and kissed the outer corners of her lips all the way around ...he buried his head in her neck "raat adher he suna hai mer saat tune? ye apna  ghar bhi wapis jana hai? he whispered.

  They drove back in silence ,content that the air was cleared between them and they were one again. Dutta came to get her! his Nakusha! his love first  and last! and now he was taking her back ! He ws filled with a sense of responsibility that he wasn't given, but that he had taken for te rest of his life! all his MCP hangovers were over and done with! What remained now was his complete submission to her love...their love! He drove speedily and thought with her beside him ,he had signed his life for his country ,but now she stood not behind him but with him in that decision, his beloved Nakku!



A new day dawned .There was preparation in order, to receive Nakushas' family for the pandits  announcement for the Subh Mahurat for the forthcoming engagement. Dutta stood ready in his blue pathiani , Nakku's favourite out fit on him , he dabbed and sprayed his cologne and grabbed his crutch and made his way down .The guests were already in the hall way .Dutta watched Baji bend backwards to greet and meet the party. Dutta's lion eyes in one scan gathered the known figures of Nakku's parents, but his eyes rested on the two other .One mid forties, benign faced ,slightly full Marahastern sari clad woman complete with a small traditional nose pin. Dutta narrowed and fixed his gaze on the man ,presumably her husband,  so this was the famous Mamma, Dutta looked and stroked his chin ,interesting, very interesting...  there he stood in PN ,this most attractive ,tall, dark and distinguished mid fifties  man  with a face graced with a salt and pepper carved goatee beard. Nakku's mamma towered over all else in his immaculate white kurta pyjama and fitted noir waist coat .Dutta watched, that whilst speaking he employed the use of his hands to express his diction. Yes in one far away gaze Dutta accepted the impression this man had made upon him so far, impressive for sure! and he looked forward to meeting him . Once the guests were seated, Dutta geared towards the  lounge area.  Baji's face lit up as he saw his friend and he almost ran to Dutta and put his arm around Dutta in protection as he veered a crutching Dutta toward's the guests.

Aye, beamed and addressed Nakku's mamma, "yeh hai humara beta Dutta!. Dutta joined his hands and performed a formal namaste to all . Mamma stood up and walked towards Dutta ,and Dutta noticed that at a closer ranger the man was well taller than himself perhaps 6ft,3 inches, he spoke loudly and placed his hands firmly on Dutta's shoulders with a slight press to the ground Dutta stood on!  "Major Dutta he said defiantly in his face a fauji! an officer of higher Army hierarchy! Dutta stiffened and looked with cold lion like eyes into the almost scoffing eyes of the speaker.Some thing told Dutta the man did not like him , but he ignorned him clenched his jaw and bent to touch the man's knees ,"nahin nahin is ke koi zaroorat nehi Major Sahib ,ap tu  humara hona wala dammad hain ,is leya gala lagein" ,and he embraced a hardened Dutta.  "haan mamma jee galay lageyan humara fauji jawan ko jo! peclay dus saal se humari sarhoodon ke rakhwali ker raha hai apni jan pe khel ker! take hum chaein ki neend so saken" retroted a slightly irate Baji. Dutta looked at Baji and bowed his head in calm, as his eyes gently loved and accepted Baji's defence . Both men veered towards the settees to join the rest of the family, after the formal introductions. Dutta's eyes shifted restlessly as he sought Nakku ,he had not seen her and it was mid morning! he needed her and wanted her this instance! He stared at his immaculate slender fingers as he rested his fore arms on his knees, lifted his head up and rolled his eyes searching for her, every so often .Finally she emerged dressed in a fushia sari her hair middle parted ,bound in a loose plait sitting on the side of her neck! That he showered with hot kisses last night on the green. He lowered his eyes as he blushed at his inner wantoness. She looked at him and a hint of her love for him came to her tiny quiver of her lip ,he bit his lower lip to acknowledge her silent invisible kiss. After laying the table with snacks with help from Roops. She came and sat down on the sofa arm where her mamma sat, immediately faced Dutta's settee. Dutta watched as her mamma took her hand in his and stroked it  "so meri Nakku you are all set to marry a faugi than?he questioned her Nakku looked at a stern faced Dutta and nodded her head "jee mma jee",she confirmed demurely ".tu Nakku thuje ye bhi pata hai ke tera ghar ak jaga pa nehi hoga he impressed ,Nakku nodded ,for a fauji is forever on the move ,the grass never grows under his feet ,you know my beti you will be living a life of a traveller,kis ek jaga ko tu apna kher nehi kha sakte nehi use apna ghar bana sakti" stressed  Mamma . Dutta placed his palms on the settee and loomed up tall on his legs and stared at Nakku and spoke to her Mamma, "yes she will be a traveller like her husband who is and will be a fauji first and first most but I assure you sir she will not be a vagabond or a tramp! ,her husband can and will support her and his future family ,Nakku was about to speak, but Dutta raised  his  broad palm ..and carried on in a controlled mode "and as far as having a home is concerned let me tell you sir the home is where the heart is!  Dutta confirmed and crutched off for a breather to the peacock area...Nakku looked at his back and her heart called after him ..Saab Nakku doesn't care where she is as long as you are in her forever till eternity! Dutta fumed as he sat on the blue settee in the peacock mural enclosure ; what was this man's issue? for an issue he sure had.. he waited to catch this mamma on his own so he could thrash out what he was on about .Dutta's wish was granted and he saw the large figure of the man approaching him ,he stood over a seated Dutta who out of respect for an older man, still stood up and offered him with his palm, a seat at the end of the blue settee. "ah Major "he began I hope I have not offended you by my terse and brisk manner if I have I eh...

"You see it's my trade of being a head master in the Dera school ,did a major in Ethics and Philosophy in my young university days , was a bit of a rebel ! like your self Major he smiled. ,"I am a seen as a bit of a guru in the village; people consult me on both simple and complicated matters in the Dera ,he smiled again you see Major they believe that I have a broader view of life and have a certain degree of wisdom around me as it has been tested ,that where my advice has been sought the results have been useful ,for give me Major if I am being pompous and singing my own praises!  " narrated the older man .Dutta looked at him and lifted his palm"no you haven't sir upset me sir and I do respect your experience and your line of service and duty you render to support the public. I also value the you have Nakku's interests fore front as you consider her as your own daughter, however sir, you have aroused in me a curiosity towards the fact that you harbour a certain negativity towards my professional standing that which I find difficult to swallow. "Well Major" mamma jee carried on , his eyes filled with tears "my own son was a soldier in the fifth battalion in the Kargil war he was only 23 years old and he died in action as a hero ,and buried as a hero,but my main issue is that he could have been alive today had it not been due to the bad judgement and erroneous decision taken by an officer of high ranking !.Dutta bit his lip in deep discomfort , here he dealt with a grieving father who was hounded by the blame culture in moments of unavoidable loss ,for here, thought Dutta, the father till date believes that his son could have been alive ! Dutta, daren't ask for the name of the soldier or the commanding officer till he was sure himself what he was dealing with , without checking the facts and figures! Before he Dutta could provide some sort of healing to this grieved father! For this may be dangerous territory so  he may be scaling!  "So Major" went on Nakku's distinguished Mamma "ever since I lost my boy, the lessons that I give to my pupils is that before joining the army make sure you understand the overall impact your decision will have on years to come on your families"!  "but I suspect sir  Dutta defended "the men and women who do sign up for the forces, the impact on their family becomes secondary when held against the primary passion that of love for one's nation"! And with that Dutta rest his case. "shall we join the rest sir" invited Dutta with twinkling  eyes and a broad stretched smile. "Sure Major why not" said the older man as he stood up ,Dutta stood up facing him "call me Dutta please" he said politely ,"ok" said the older man "as long as you call me mamma jee" !Dutta threw his head back and chuckled "theekha hai mamma jee ab chalen"? , and the two men walked down the smooth tiled path of the peacock area back towards the lounge area.


Nakku looked at the two men, but her eye settled on her beloved Saab ,who she noticed had a look of a victor on his face, his eyes caught her gaze from the dining table area he bowed his head with a firmed jaw look, but discreetly closed his left eye in  a wink as he raised his right eye brow its 'fine baby his eyes seemed to relate to her  no one can gun your Major down except you my love ,except you!

After the refreshments were over the families rallied round the family Pandit who announced that the subah Mahurat for the engagement would be in  the week beginning 22nd August any day but the 26th would be the most auspicious day! There was great good cheer and sweet passing and sharing. Dutta loked up at Nakku and as per usual wanted her to one side and he looked around for the best possible enclosure ,for he knew to have her company in the privacy of his room with the house buzzing with people was too far fetched a notion. He brought his eyes towards the company who were busy chatting ,he raised his eyes up and looked at Nakku who he had well trained in these matters of mutual interest ,and he shifted his eyes towards the kitchen as his eye brows cranked and his head yanked in that direction. She nodded at him with panicked eyes and he almost head butted with flashing eyes as he ordered her to go in the kitchen! .Baji who surreptitiously  watched this instant visual messaging between the two people he loved ,jumped head long to rescue, "Bhau,he called, after he had posted himself near the kitchen area "tera phone ,head quarters se" and he brought the land line near the kitchen door . Dutta smiled at Baji as he walked towards the house phone ,took it and started his phone talking charade! Baji chuckled and literally pushed Dutta into the kitchen. Dutta entered and looked around for her with his back to the entrance,  she reached out for his arm from behind he reeled around and found her pasted to the wall he moved towards her and pressed his body against her and buried his head passionately in her neck moving her plait to one side "Dutta wants  kiss from Nakku right now ! he challenged , she giggled as he nosed her neck and came towards her lip, "stop it Saab there are people around any one can come into the kitchen" she warned,  he kissed her neck and mumbled "no one can come in Nakku Baji is standing vigil! now stop wasting time and give me a kiss on my lips right now before I bite you on your neck! He commanded .she moved her face and perked up her lips and gave him a peck on his burning lips as ,he embraced her tightly from her waist and muttered "I love my Nakku love you ssoo much! and moved back from  her , turned and left the kitchen... Hamlet 12.8.11

Precap: "ab Dutta aur Nakusha  ek dossre ko sagai ke unghoothi pehnain gae said Pandit jee"

Apologies friends, there will be no update next week as  I am taking a short guys too can have a breather from my long and tedious written scripts!




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krishaa Senior Member

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Posted: 12 August 2011 at 4:27am | IP Logged

fabulous hammie,what an update.i loved each and every part of the update.but the most was the song when dutta realizes nakku's value in his life when he was about to loose her.true we realize true value of a person when we fear to loose him.good one you really very well des cribed his mental state through a song good one one of my he missed her presence in the morning good lesson thought by nakku.

so he drived like a maniac the fear of loosing  her made him realize her value in his life and also his love for her that was beyond any limits he loved her with core of his heart .so naku finally made her decision of endind the relation but our gadha will never let this happen he is our sher.loved the way he was eager to hold her it was his way to feel she belongs to him all his ego was washed away and a man with pure and loving heart emerged from it.loved this he truely love and respect nakku the way he explains his view in his lines"nakku jab mein na thujhe se pyar kiya tu sirf ek admi ke terhan kiya ,ye nehi soocha ke mein ye hoon ye main woh hoon sirf ek admi ke theran thujhe jaha  ,aur ek aadmi kabhi ye nehi jahe ga ke jis auret ko us ne jaha ho ,apna bani ya ho,  apna mana ho aus aurat ko kise doosre admi ne pehle chooiah ho , ye dutta ke dil ke baat hai ."what a cute description.and finally he emerged as a loving and caring person who respects other feelings" jo jahan tak pati aur patni ke talooq hai tu patni,  pati ka adha anghne hai ke liye apna SAAB ko mafa ker de ,teray junoon  mein undha hoya tha" he even said sorry to her for his odd behaviour and mission accomplished he made nakku realize his love for her.he loves her nature of requesting using tears like a wife to make her husband agree on something cute one.dutta becoming a desperate lover in your update.
so dutta handled  mamma very well loved his spirit and he agrees that no one except his love can defeat him"no one can gun your Major down except you my love ,except you!"
dutta and naku kissed in last part they have become an example that if one respects one feeeling he get the same in return just loved each and every part of this update.
so engagement in next part please make it long and full of romance.
thanx for the update and pm loved it dear.waiting for 26th eagerly.

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 August 2011 at 5:06am | IP Logged
awsem i really love you yaar you just write the update according to the readers so finally nakku ne sabak sikha hi diya  part 1 was fab so nakku was missing hmm and he missed her in bedroom breakfast table and ask aai sahib about her and drive to dera to meet her so ab gadhe ko pata chali nakku ki importance and in the song he take her name ,and screamed nakku love it second part is setisfying me so dutta wanted her to run in his arms but nakku give him a great punishment i really love this part and the conversation nakku's comments and dutta feels guilty and nakku takes roops baaji side and prepare him for that  and finally dutta gave in to make nakku his and then their romance starts againEmbarrassed lovely hammie .so mama aa gaya and this mama comment on dutta's profession but our dutta is lion he has all the answers and the kitchen kiss was amazing and baaji is the chaukidaar of themClap yaar ye wait bahut lamba hai

Edited by rrs1391 - 12 August 2011 at 9:22pm

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