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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 54)

prncz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2011 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
Hi Hammie always loved the update ,, so major dutta has started driving ...and the surprise he gave nakku ,, although he was bullish with her whn she asked him where he was going and he dint tel her hwy he was meeitng lauren LOLLOLLOLLOL
as far as his askign naku if she has been kissed before , was it jealousy that made him ask this q ,how is he going to  accept bajjji and roops relation ship is  to be seen in the coming epi
also we get  to see nakku's  mama n dutta meeting in coming epi ,hmme intersting times ahead Wink

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2011 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
Waitin for the next update with anticipation for a reformed DuttaDay Dreaming.  On hindsight, [after my earlier Dutta bashing], I understand his behaviour was mainly due to his strong feelings for Nakku [runs too deep] which takes the colour of Jealousy nd male ego.  He is not the person he is showing to be cause when he allowed her to make a decision of her life nd her marriage, he was such a gentleman.  He doesnt want to curb her aspirations of working, so im sure he will regret his misbehaviour.  Infact for all the women in his life, except Kala [being the motherly figure], his possessiveness has pushed him to behave the way he has.  Added to that it was difficult for him to suddenly come to terms with the relation of Baji nd Roops being the legendary GadhaConfused.  So with a more assertive Nakku's intervention,  he will mend his ways[fingers crossed]Stern Smile

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 August 2011 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AzMishy


*hides her face from daya raj n pooji n all*
Me not gonna read it now :p
Will read after break fast so I can fully drool :p ROFL hehehehe
oye what games are you playing ahi aye? ahi gaye? tu theek tu hain nai.tune red ker liya mera up date .Dutta ihe mein kush hai ..per mera samna n ana warnna meri goli aur tera sar azmmm!Angry
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 August 2011 at 9:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by krishaa

so dutta was surprised when made a move to kiss him poor guy,he is very confused ooo.thats true when you get something easily you do not value it and just take it for granted,ok enough pravachan.LOL

lo our heroin enter all shy and afraid of dutta she has to be only god knows his mood that swings every again she teases her with his naughty comments,loved to see the flirt breakfast so dutta angry with baji and don't want nakku to show his love in public a attitude full of dignity good.i hated the part when he shouted at nakku same old mentality of man he wants full right on his woman but not ready to give can he shout on her like this really hate dutta. oh come on kriss you real like it when he pushe her round ,daresay she likes her lion onthe growl and the prowl!
so babi and ganpat agreed who can refuse such a proposal but again who is this mama will love to see his mmeting with dutta.
lauren and dutta talks were like friendly  professional one he bought a new jeep at he can drive in injured condition but gave its first ride to lauren not fair but later was happy when he took nakku with him and they talked like lovers gently.the part i liked when he asked nakku" "tell me Nakku mujhse phela kya teri life me koi aur admi tha  kya kabhiits' ok for me Nakku Im a man!but not for you ,not for you woman! Dutta has to be the first !now tell me straight am I the first man? .so he is jealous loved this jealous dutta but again his manly ego but the thing is he tried to hide his jealousy in his ego bechara. gentle? sher gentle nehi hota kris sirf khoon kahar hota hai! ego tu hoga jangal ka badshah hai,after all!
"Yes I am all what you said but if you have been kissed by a man before then in my mind it raises questions about your virtue".this is really problem of all mans even though they themselves are not pure they want a wife totlly pure they raise questions on her character and damages their image,women image is very precious once gone can never be regained again.   you have grasped the general idea kris and for that I  thank you! Dutta's woman has to be his ,un touched,un blemished,he has to be the first to conquer her ,for she is one that Dutta loves!
women's even the person they love truely hurts them they are still ready to take away his pain in all possible ways loved her reply fulll of love and determination for him"she would take him  out of his misery and speak the truth, not because it was the truth but because that's what he wanted to hear haan Saab you are the first man to have kissed me ,and the last"
so all happy with the fixation of dutta's marriage good.last part was awesome when he open's his heart for her about the pain he is facing to accept the fact that his sister loves his friend,again his ego is taking over his mind and he can't understand  naku's point even though the situation are quite similar so naku learnt how to handle this sher good going girl.
 so finally loved the entire updates,you showed dutta's many nature in one part like a determined soldier,an obidient son,a possesive and aggresive lover,a romantic person and a person full of ego but in all a person who love his family a lot and care for them.good one hammie loved it a lot waiting for next.
  thank you kris for a positive feed back for you have tried to see the prospective I have tried to expose..a man may paint the town red ,but when it comes to marrying they want an apristine angel from heaven! xxxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 August 2011 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rrs1391

hi this update is a good Big smile one and  i appreciate your writing skills Clapbut as a story of tasha i am disappointedDead because the understanding which has to be available in the relationship is missing Confused here and the way dutta think about nakku is like that he is a type of psycho loverAngry because after their kiss dutta thinks that is nakku kissed by another man Shocked or not and the way he talk to nakku and behave with her is disgusting Angry and talking to leuren and the vehicle scene i enjoyed that Clap and at the tree trunk he ask about being kissed by another man and nakku's answer Confused and dutta's satisfaction after the answer is not enjoyable Shocked because i felt its a insult of her true love Angry and the last part was really disappointing me because the difference he discuss about man and women is really hated by me Angry. please in your ff try to create the understanding and trust from dutta's side too Big smileand make sure when next time he ask this type of question to nakku give him a tight slap Ouch and in next your updates try to realise him that he needs to be changed from this psycho to a understanding man please...iunderstand how you feel,i agree with what you have said ..may e Nakku needsto challenge his views especially the gendr based ones ...for his pyhsotic behaviour can be perhaps to his posseive nesss ,remember he comes from an area where the womn are esteemed and it is a general expectation that women have not intimate relation ship with a man, now had he been living in a place like london the idea of has she been ever kissed y another man besides me would have never arisen for this is a permissive society ; iam here of couse not going into the moral/religous side of things, but you are right he is plagued with some ideas which Nakku needs to tackle!
thanks for your comments ,as always love reading them xxxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 August 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by eternity_of_luv

awesome dear
love it
thanks for pm
thanks for reading it ranju ,also pleased you enjoyed it xxxhammie
Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 August 2011 at 10:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by daya0628


Edited ...

Mein Aagai Big smileBig smile

Hey hammie...Hug here to comment so lets get to it Tongue
haha omg major saab is really pondering over his first kiss, the thrill of it was over too soon was it? Yeh him and talking to anyone about his true ssentiments regarding the kiss? I dont see it...but then again his character in this FF, I can kind of see him say it bluntly matter of fact way ...i  know daya drama baaz hai gadha ek number ka!
her baat pe drama ,her baat pe ,i tell you zindagi mein kabi lardki ke lips feel nehi kiya 29 yers ka hai tu ,thora crazzzy to ho ga naa!
Naku too thinking about the kiss..and she is even worried about what comes next ...i love how in his mind he says does she assume I will grapple her again...lay one on her again...who is he kidding he so wants to doesnt he sher growls for a towel instead ...oh ho major sab is so straight forward and i love it..."tu ek kiss de mujhe mera lips par" poor girl fleed lol but how can she say no to such lips ;)  now now Daya behave,mind you I was thinking the same when I was penning thi down even my lips puckereWinkd up

omg omg omg me imagining MR in lemon kurta pyjama *faints* heehee

i love how you encorporated his father's habits and behaviors with Dutta...yup he is a man who is not one for PDA and defo will avoid it ...but he did that to her infront of everyone...poor Naku...he knew very well what she was looking at...woah wat is major saabs problems snapping like kala scares me ...i feel like she is about to pop her evilness any minute...i cant seem to wrap around the idea of her cool with it all...and as for his behavior...i guess this baaji-roops thing isnt going down to well with him...but this isnt how he should be dealing with it!
- woah seriously major saab needs a chill ...Naku just wants him to shop ...not murder not murder somone...but i'm sure the latter will be easier for him to LOL...aww his words were harsh...even i am thinking what demon has possessed him... yes please exorcise it ...oh now she thinks she did something wrong...and he has totally lost interest in her after the kiss ...not good! yes the roops baji bit h'll will have to deal with,but not i daresay without help from nakku...yes he definately has anger mana gement issues! it's like maddness gets the betterof him 
AS, Ganapat, Babi talk about the rishta good good...but who is this bhara bhai and why is he entering the picture curious re...u have spiked my interest :P
you will have to see in tommorrows up date
oh so he went to shopping centre...and hammie u have killed me with the explanation of how he was looking...yeah of course  kala is first to spot him amongst the girls...i have always found ger character to be very intelligent...he is driving and he sends all with baaji ...and love how Naku ends up sitting in his jeep lol...haye haye they are in secluded area hmmm lol...aww and the way he lifts her by the waist and gazes into her green eyes ..and now they are by the tree trunk
oh rok ja daya jayda excited na ho !!! 

omg he did not just ask that that wat was bothering him...she seemed experienced in these matters to him NO NO NO ...oh god...this man i tell u...there is one strong shade of jealousy on him...and this is one thing I can not agree with...because it totally degrades Nakus character wen he asks such a thing and its very insulting...and i want to take a bat and whack some sense into this guy ...seriously...he was doubting ...when he shouldn't ...argghh i wanted to whack him in the head so badly deserved and i am upset with Naku for answering and just nodding her head to his orders...he does not own her...they should be equals if anything...and she should stand up for her own character...but Naku being her gives him the answer he ...yeah am very upset with D here...*shakes head in disappointment* ...his questions were just digusting ...for even thinking that...and then the line 'unused weapon' i had my bat ready u noe lol... i know Daya this sounds and reads lke a can of worms,but is he justified ? basicaly dont forget one woman the only woman ke phlosopy mei beleve kerta hi..and his saving grace is thtutta is free from affectations he is transparent when he tls to Nakku espeially about his iner self ,however disgusting and oad lke his ideas may be ... but i knwe that thi bid would rally a lot of support for Nakku and gunning down of Dutta! the unused weapon is to registered the fact that to him in battle his prized possession is his weapon..and we all know Dutta's love of a variety of weaponary! 

that whole kala - dutta convo was good...i find her very sketchy...and i feel really bad for Baaji...its like he doesnt even notice the change in behavior with D

ok i like how Naku knew it was coming...and Dutta's anger towards Baaji does not justify his actions at all!! ...and his explanation sexist he is ...argh i am getting frustrated reading his thoughts ...hmm...i am curious about their future and wat this mamma has to say ...u know i hope he is one to really knock some sense into major saab over here...but i am also ready as ever with my bat in hand lol... yesdaya the sexist issue nakku will have to tackle the thing is pura sexit bhi nehi hai he's happy for her to work!

Great Update Hammie...srry it is late was out all day and just got in and came straight to this while i have the time...alright take you to you soon hopefully ;)
  listen Mate as always hammie waits for your comments very hammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 August 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by suhana19

Reserved Hug
Edited Embarrassed    emoticon woman gives hammie so many hugs ke hammie gets smothered and buried under your hugs..
Hey Dear HamieeHug
Thanx alot for the wonderful update and PMHug
What a 360 degree turn to dutta"s character Embarrassed a total shocker ...well to be honest yaara wasn"t expecting this from Dutta ...Ouch...But he has his reasons for this kind of behaviour iam sureOuch...
Awww naku was thinking about the kiss and thinking he might just grab her ...But here she is in a total shocker Ouch,,,Poor her ,,,, oye you!  sare din use grab shab he karta rahe ..jee nehin that's not reality so before she gets any more ideas he had to bring her back to planet earth haaa
Dutta looking hawwwt in that kurtaWinkDay Dreaming... bas ahjaa tu
The breakfast interactions btwn all and the kala and dutta "s Scenes very well incorporated Thumbs Up...
So finally Babi and ganpat accepted the proposal ...and all is well expect babi wants her bro to meet dutta ...well can"t wait  to see what twists this brings Embarrassed  yesss kahani mein twist sirf colors he nehi l saketa hum FFwriters bhi la sakte hain
Dutta didn"t go to shopping with naku well expected that ...But he had something else in mind ...he wanted to suprise them all ...Finally lauren found out about him getting married to Naku ...Embarrassed... han Lauren ki bhi tabiyaat saf ker de Dutta ne bfore she gets fancy ideas  about him he 's a sought after man ,very well sought after!
I didn"t like Dutta doubting naku"s love and character ...she always loved him ...and here he doubting her pure love ...I hope they get some understanding this relationship and most important of all Trust ... you're right trust is the pivotal word in a bond .minus that means no bond!
Omg that last part was just killer about dutta blowing off to know about Roops -baaji ...well expected that from him ... of course bahan hai uske tu garam tu hoga ga na

Will wait for the nxt part yaara .. u take care and see ya around ...The promo looks interesting ...Embarrassedwill wait for Friday Dear ...,,,Keeping my fingers crossed Embarrassed   listen yhanks for your hugs and your lovely comments xxxhammie

Lots of love and hugs

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