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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 52)

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Originally posted by Hamlet53

hi daya thanks for being here for me yesss i needed a real bad ..ok..just finshed the last blasted para graph.. and now the damned stickler, proof read chaal ab laugh  your head off .ne ne ne na i can hear you say " but I never do proof read just put sraight up"   bol de  chaala gi you are the chick who writes up dtes on the bus! wow what an inspiration to all budding writers you are girlie sharmilee se! caught on fleetinlgy on CCC your are busy doing DIY again! yuk the smell of paint ,and those hands of yours do smell of paint wipe phoof! 
ideally i would lke to relax  with AKKlast bit AND EPI LOG , tommoroww after i've posted this nonsense up!  xxhammie
proof reading...i am so laughing reading that...haha yeah i never proof read...only uni papers ...LOL yeah i am the one guilty of writing stories on the bus...inspiration??...kaise be honest i just pen down my thgts as soon as i get them  most of the time.. usually on the bus or at work ...ahhaa so u caught that ...yes painting job all complete now next top to bottom cleaning of my room for the wedding meaning getting rid of things that dont need to be there ! You read akk wenever lol its not going anywhere and now it is complete so all good Big i have to go to work...have work everyday these days...take with you soon Embarrassed

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dear hamlet waiting for the update ,ab intezar nahin hota plz post it fast ,tc Smile

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                                     Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patel

                                               Painful Rapture: chapter 14

                                     "blow winds and crack your scrutiny"..Shakespeare

Dutta was resolute he was going to undertake his exercise today crack of dawn, enough of civilian disregard and discipline lax. He needed to expel the tumult of vigorous   explosions in his body and mind. He sat on the blue sponge mat slipped his long  slender feet into the expandable tubes with elasticized heavy duty pulls. He sucked air and began the exercise. His Deltoid shoulder muscles moved with grace ,"ahh" he went with a screwed mouth .."damn you Dutta! you lazy B , lazing around ,now pay the price by every flex of the shoulders in pain! "He took a deep breath and the pair of swollen Pectorolis muscles across his chest twitched in movement as he pulled and heaved at the elastic pulls. His  Biceps bulged along with the Tricep in his back arms He heaved and pulled in methodical movement ,breathing heavily at the same time.The Femoris muscle of his upper lions knotted at his aggressive pulls ,the Intermedies in his lower lion  throbbed  in protest as he maintained his heaving and pulling of the pulls.  He thought of the kiss last night... and his pull was injected with a fresher and harder movement. He clenched the handles roughly ...the moment when his mouth had the first wanton brush with her lips ...he pulled  his lower lip back in his mouth, he heaved his arms backwards knotting his Carps in his lower arms... and then it was over with a snap of a finger!  He pulled and heaved, what was  he supposed to think in the after math. Not much. The thrill that a soldier acquires when handling a new gun, that excitement ,the adrenalin ,the physical urge to pull the trigger to fire the first shot, and once the shot is fired the passion for taking the first shot is over, gone ! such was his encounter with her...the novelty was over!.. at least in the trenches, with pulling of a trigger he got to see major pandemonium! the earth vomited its guts violently! the sound of shelling! and the flying  darts of shrapnel everywhere! But alas! nothing of the sort happened he recalled, as he  wiped his brow with a back hand. He paused and wiped his upper lips beaded with sweat, with his bent elbow. He was taken aback by her willingness though, he gripped the handles and yanked the elastic ruthlessly towards himself. He bore in mind, how she threw back her head for him to claim what he sought for ages. Why was she advanced in her moves? , had she been in a similar situation before awwgh!  he pondered and hauled the elastic in frenzy..her readiness gnawed him...and his readiness he thought,  well he was a man he had to claim his victory, she on the other hand he concluded, should have resisted rather than let him vanquish her..she ended his waited and thus stole the thrill of waiting... he was exhausted and he felt some of his bottled up energy was expelled...however the kiss still lingered with him ,he was still not sure where to go from here ,but one thing he had found that it men usually talk about their first kiss but he Dutta was not even willing to expose his true sentiments about it even to himself,let alone to any one else!

"Saab" she said as she stood half way near his door looking at him blushing ,biting her lip as she saw his sweaty back with rivers of saline liquid running down his  rear taut muscles and spine. She was now slightly frightened of him after last nights' episode, would he try again she thought, and what if he went further this time ,but what was further she had never known the kiss of a man before. He turned his head, and caught her slight frame huddled near the door ,he shook his head to one side if she assumes that I would grapple her again ,and lay one on her again she has another thing coming he screwed his face. "get a move on woman pass me my moist towels or are you stuck to that door" he growled .She walked past him towards the bathroom as he waited with stealth to feast his eyes upon her, she emerged;  she was a damson pink lady today all in pink!. She knelt behind him and wiped his back,  than came forward to wipe his arms chest and face. His eyes pierced her delicate rounded figure in her tight fitted pink shirt. His pupils shitfted to her delicate lips ,why he thought, as he twitched his mouth, they looked even more pink than usual caught by the colour of her attire. Her lips parted and he heard her,"Saab did you sleep well? "yes Nakku  as well I could do" he muttered briefly. She was silly enough  when she dug further she "how do you mean as well as you could do" ..Dutta eyed her with wanton  narrowness, she wants a flirt Dutta ,so he ignored her resound of his own answer,  "there were other activities I could have pursued, may be gone into pastures new" ! he said with all the wickedness in the world that he could convey to her under cover .He wanted to create an impact on her and it materialised ,for she blushed and began to withdraw .."look Nakku I assure you I won't bite you"! and his eyes with full intent focussed on her lips specifically .She pushed herself and stood up.He looked up her,  this time with a degree of control over his emotions,that of fury coupled with tenderness .He reached up for her arm.  "Der gai ka apna Saab se Nakku? she looked him in the eye and coquettishly shook her head "nehi tu mein kyon dera gi ap se main jante hoon ap ko". "achaa" he replied with a tease in his voice, ".ah ja phir" and he cock his head "tu ek kiss de mujhe mera lips per"! ,she pulled her hand and sped like the wind and he chuckled as he threw back his head .He placed his palms on the floor and hauled himself to get up off the mat and grabbed his crutch and headed for the bathroom.

The family congregated at the breakfast table. Dutta arrived last. Nakku looked at him dressed in his lemon kurta pyjama he looked  as radiant as the colour itself .He  met her gawk briefly, and slowly turned his neck towards the table as he moved towards his mother to seek her blessings. He took his usual place and felt Nakku's stare on him but decided to ignore it ,she has to learn that he would not be acting like a love torn would be husband, who groped for her attention. He had a certain calibre of dignity that he fondly recalled, his father displayed towards his wife .He looked up at his mother with deep love. Dutta knew his father loved his wife ,but he also knew that his father's affection was very rarely displayed in the presence of family, there was a certain decorum, a staidness that was never go off. Nakku would have to learn to adept herself to that ,for he Dutta was no different to his father. He looked up at her who whilst she served, continued to steal glances at him ,in the hope that he would reciprocate. He did look at her with a cold scowl , with a slight crease between his eyebrows and a subtle nod he warned her to stop whatever eying she was doing of him. Nakku dropped a knife on the floor and Dutta heard the clang of the cutlery item on the floor and gruffed "dehan kahan hai tera Nakusha"? "Saab mein" apologized Nakku ..Kala intervened "Dutta stop bullying the girl she's not your wife yet! ""No Tai" argued Dutta as he cocked his head at a flustered Nakku, "she's looking gods knows where and trying to serve us as well" ."Bhau teray ko dekh rehi hai Nakku, ke tu ak he raat mein kitna cheekna ho giya hai ek dum hero ki mafik "joked Baji .Dutta's face heated up with mortification  as he looked at Nakku who flared her nostrils slightly at him for  spiting her in front of everyone . "Baji oye you pass me the platter of puris first "said Roops as she slapped Baji on his wrist .Baji pulled the platter away from her teasing her, "nehi pheli mein longa garam garam phir teri turn bad mein Roops". "Bhau" complained Roops "tell him off Bhau! she pleaded Dutta looked across at Baji giving him an undefined look neh Bhau iske baato pe  maat jana bahut drama kerti hai ye ghari ghari!, oh stop it you two! Dutta roared "if you can't  sit properly during a meal you'd best leave the pair of you! and he almost placed his elbow ready to push his chair to stand, his face like thunder. "Saab ,you haven't tried your sandwiches shall I get you chocolate swiss rolls instead ?"Nakku suggested, as she retrieved the situation. "Haan le ah sandwich nahi kahana ke mun hai aj he declared as he pushed away the platter away from himself. Every one was  taken aback by Dutta 's seemingly uncalled for behaviour most of all Baji who looked at Dutta mumbling his lips in stunned silence ." Bhau woh",Baji attempted but  Dutta glared across at him  and held his palm up .Sudarshan who eyed all this chipped in "Bhau mein bhi note ker raha hai Baji aur Roops kafi  shookhi aur masti ker ta pherty hain.. abhi deku Bhau table pe bhi Baji kitni maskahree ker raha, jabke sare log baithe hoi hain"..said Sudarshan giving Baji a look of ridicule."Sudarshan thuje aag mein thayel dalni ki bhi koi aur zaroorat nehi" snapped Dutta, but he still delivered a sliced gaze towards Baji. He ate his swiss roll quietly and a chocolate crumb lodged itself in the bristle adorning the corner of his upper lip ,Nakku looked at him from where she stood and poked her forefinger at her mouth looking at him ,he saw her and blinked his eyes and coldly held his forefinger at the area she pointed with her lip .She will never learn thought Dutta as he lowered his eyes..for someone from a Dera he thought she was becoming as bold as brass!. Every one continued in silence and Kala broke the quiet "Aye sahib kya aaj ap Nakku ka aye babaa se milna ja rehi hain ye nahin?..and she looked at Dutta with a scintillating smile ,that's why your are in a bit of a strop  aren't you my Bhau" ,Dutta shook his head slightly and gave Nakku a freezing look "no not really Tai ..we soldiers are used to long hours of delays and and waiting ..waiting for the right moment for assault. "Why Dutta must you tailor everything in your life on the tenets of the Army!" Kala protested. "That's the only life I have know ,for rather a long while Tai, Major Dutta is my true  identity!  Dutta further affirmed "No Bahu" said Baji "tu dost ka hai apun ka", "and you are my beloved Bhau"! chirped Roops as she jumped from her chair and sped towards where Dutta, and encircled her arms around Dutta from the back where he sat.."acha acha theekh hai choti ab apni jaga per bait ja" he said  as he untangled her arms around his neck his neck. A slightly snubbed Roops headed back for her place and sat next to Baji who tapped her hand and nodded his head gently ,but Dutta observed them  coldly .

Aye cleared her throat, "hum,ye kahana chate hain ap sab ko ,ka ye abhi thori der baad hum Sudarshan , aur Leela ke saath Nakku ke ghar ja rahen hai, Kala aur Roops, Nakku shopping pa ja sakte hain Baji tu in ke saat jayega" . "ho Aye" jumped up Baji as he looked at Roops furtively, "saab theek hai na" she confirmed. Every one nodded in agreement."Baji Kaley se khe ki  shugaan ka sub saman ,ghari mein rakh wa dina," continued Aye to a very excited Baji . Dutta looked at his over exuberance ,and then looked at his sister and abruptly pushed his chair to stand . Dutta sab theekh hai na ?Aye asked , "jee Aye Sahib sab theek hai , jab sab cheezien kayda ki saath  hoon,her insan apna woh kaam ker jo aus ke zimadare ho, to sab subh he hota hai Aye",Dutta replied matter of factly .For Dutta was the man trained in the system of belief and practice in the army , where each person carried out duties which stood  assigned to him or her.

Nakku looked at her Saab, who appeared preoccupied for some reason, unknown to her .he walked away from the rest of the family and headed towards the wooden stairs. Nakku followed him, "Saab" she called in a lowered tone ap nehi chaal rehe humara saath shopping ke waiste? He reeled around and narrowed his eyes at her "when the hell have I gone shopping with women ,before Nakku ,please remind me ,he questioned her . "Saab Baji is going as well" Nakku insisted, so? he spat awkwardly. She changed her tack "I want you to come ,you can help chose my attire Saab" she pleaded "nehin he growled main nehi aye ga Nakku ,so don't insist, besides you have Kala Tai with you,what ever you select will be fine ,as Iam not the one who will be dressing in the attire! you are Nakku!!. "But don't you want to chose something for yourself as well, "bas he went as he put his palm towards her "I don't want to hear or discuss further on this subject Nakku .beside my clothes I'll deal with that when the time approaches" . Nakku was not to be determined and she moved closer to him and held his arm, "Saab please come" ,he pulled his arm away from her and turned his back to her, but she moved and confronted him as she held his upper arms and attempted to make him look at her ,but he moved his head to the side ."Saab what I cant understand is why are you being so stubborn ! ,he turned and looked down into her near to tear eyes "look Nakku he said slowly and menacingly holding her by her shoulders  "because I have other important things that I need to sort out!.." like what" demanded Nakku he dug his fingers in her arms "don't you ever try that tone of demand on me Nakku! he fired in her face, "you don't own me! ,not yet! ,you're not married to me yet! , so and he pointed his fore finger in her face  don't try to rule me!  or cage me got it ! .She was completely speechless and baffled .He pulled his phone out  dialled and ignored her completely, "yes hi Lauren ,yeah Dutta here ,he smiled and stroked his chin with his fingers yeh Iam fine ,yes Lauren absolutely  fine,listen can I see you today, yes some where local, at the carvery ok that's fine then, in an hours time see you then bye". He turned and stared at Nakku, "your going to see Lauren" she asked ,he nodded patiently "Iam you heard" , she grabbed his arm and squeezed it a little ,"well I demand to know what are you seeing her about" he grimaced at her and shoved her against the marble pillars near the wooden stairs and raked her eyes with his  enraged glare "what did I just tell you woman don't act as if I am your private property! I do not have to supply with information about every little minute detail of my life! he snarled ,where I go ,who I see and what about! .He sighed and let go of her shoulders as he turned to walk away from her .Nakku ran to Bappu's statue and put her head down ,oh Bappa what demon has possessed him, please exorcise that demon so that he becomes whole again, and give me the strength to walk with him. She got up and walked up towards her room to collect her hand bag, tears stung her eyes and obliterated her vision. He had kissed her last night ,it was their first kiss...  did she do wrong to allow the kiss ..for now he seemed disinterested in her... it' as if he wanted what he desired after getting it the novelty had worn off between them. For Saab , her Saab like any other man need's to love , but she like any other woman need's to give!   


They were heading towards the Dera, Sudarshan pointed out the harvest swollen acres of cultivated land holdings .Leela ,remarked "ye sarey zameenien humara hain ne Aye? Hai tera babba  ki zammane se challe ah rehi hain ,un ka he faisla tha ke is jaga ke logon to roozi toti aur annaj furham ho jaya.. hum tu kbahi kabbar ah jati haan logonaan se milneaan tumhara babaa k yaad mein ..log aj bhi unhe yaad ker ta hai un key suna jaisey dil ki liya... ab Dutta ki hain ye zamein..par humein sab se zayeeda ye khushi ai ked era ki he beiti ka rishta humra betey  se jura hai..dera ke saath mail ho kgya hai Patil wadi ka" .."Aye Sahib ap ne Nakku ke Aye babaa ko batya tha kha humien ane wala hai" .asked Leela,"nehin hume aisa jan kern eh keya ,ta ke woh aio baghaat mein na per jayian,babi ko waise bhi johroon ki bemari hai".. repld Aye thoughtfully.


As they arrived at their destination.  Ganpat was involved in cleaning his scotter .He straightened up at the sound of an approaching vehicle ,upon seeing who it was likely to be he jumped up and called for Babi ".Babi dekh kone aya hai Aye sahib ayen hai .Babi rushed out and  Namasted all and invited them into their humble abode, scrabbled to seat her esteemed guests at an appropriate place. "Hum baith jayena ga Babi tu jinta ne ker.. assured Dutta's mother. Babi arranged for refreshments which all partook in . Aye asked Leela and Sudrashan to bring the saman .She was not going to waste time as her son would not ,had he been here.  Leela passed her the sughoon ki thalli Dutta's mother stood in front of Nakusha's,the unwanted girl child's  seated parent and quite simpley said "Babi aur Ganapat thumhari beta ko hum bahut chate hain ,aur apna beta Dutta ke liya uska haath mangana aye hai ye he use ka shagoon.. she bent and passed the platter to the parents. Aye Sahib,blurted both parents in disbelief! Aye Sahib Ganapat blabbered chotte  sahib humera hatoon mein pala hai !  "haan tu ab hum jathe hain ke tum dino us ko apna damad bana lo.. tu tumraha jawab kiya hai "said Aye focussed like her son. "Aye Sahib snuffled a weeping Babi hum kiya kha saaktiyaan hein han ki sawa aur ye ke Bappa ne humera pa upni kherpa ke hai ke Nakku ap ke ghar ki bahu bana gi". "waise aye sahib ap ko tu  pata hai ke Nakku ke liya Harshad k bhi ristha aye tha  said Ganpat  "pun Nakku ne apne babba se saf he kha diya tha ka woh Harshad se shaadi nehi karey gi, tu ab ye baat tu khataanm hai" clarified Babi as she threateningly looked Ganpat's way. Leela came forward to hug Babi and bent to touch Ganapat's feet. "Waise Babi roka tu hum ne Nakku ka kal he ker diya tha ,kyon ke Dutta na uska saab ke samne acchanek ka lhi haat maang liya tha. Bas tumara se ristha lina ayen hai  said Aye sahib . Ganapat ,jumped up and said "mau tu meetha hoona chaiya main kuch inteezaam ker tu hoon! .Aye said  nehi hum na uske bhi inteezam ker diya hai" and she asked kalae to bring in baskets of sweet meats ,fresh fruits. Babi ran to Bappa's murati and Aye joined her in veneration and gratitude for this auspicious occasion. Once theformalities were over Dutta's mother clarified that they would not require or permit anything in the name of dowry. She asked if they had any requirements from their side.. Babi requested "Aye Shahib , aagar ap bura na manein tu mera bahara bhai, Nakku ka mamma ,Dutta se zaroor milna chahe ga,bas yun samache laen ki humarai tirf se tu baat pakki ,pun Nakku ke saari perhai ,lekhai per use kay mamma ka bhut bara haat raha hai ,tu un ka Nakku ke war ko dekhna zaroori hai, Aye Sahib ap na bura tu nehi maniya na ?asked Babi apologetically."Nehi Babi hum tu khosoon hain ke tu ne apni dil ke baat hum se kha deli.. tu bole de humain ke tu kaab apna bahi ko lae ker humara ghar aye gi? Kyon ki saagi ka muhurat bhi niklwana  hai tu tub hi wahan ho tu acha rahe ga. Tum log phi humara pas thorre din tak ah jana ,phir saggai ke baad chale jana .affirmed Aye. "Aye sahib mein apna bhai se baat ker ke ap ko baat doon gi" said Babi gratified . Dutta's mother gathered her sari and stood to leave, and farewells were exchanged the two families parted temporarily parted, only to bind shortly.


Dutta driven by an accompanied driver arrived at the Carvery to meet Lauren .She saw him arrive and came towards reception to greet and meet him .oh you look smart cool and summery in your lemon kurta and pyjama Major .She took him to the pre assigned table and he sat with his crutch laid on the floor.  Lauren remarked "so major I see that you are quite brisk with both your feet  hows'  your left foot coming on ? "well it's getting better Lauren I do try to walk on it as well said Dutta "how about massage etc" Lauren quizzed .."no I don't need as much as before ,however  I do exercise  with fair regularity my ,femoris ,and the quads of my legs , "well done major but the you always had it in you that turbo drive factor! .Dutta jut his chin and pulled his lips to the side and he smiled shyly. "Well Lauren since you mentioned the word  drive that's what I came to see you about really",  "oh and not to have lunch with me Major ,complained Lauren " I will have to turn up her charms to put you under my spell" flirted Lauren .Dutta smiled her words, in one ear and out the other and he turned as the waiter approached . Dutta looked at Lauren across the table and moved his grace ful hand politely as he ushered her to go first .She ordered her food and Dutta ordered his usual low fat meat chicken and fish and mixed fresh salad . He placed his hands decisively on his table., and lifted his head ,"so how soon can I drive" he questioned" and what are your views on the subject"  Lauren replied" well predominately like I said its only your left foot Dutta that has a slight slack in it .. so I would not pronounce you as a  full fledged disabled driver ,but I would classify you as part for your own safety and that of others under the traffic laws". "What about yourself Dutta how would you assess your current state as a driver. Well for starters normally I drive manual but the car needs to be an automatic for  one replied Dutta, .Lauren  other adaptations to controls etc I cannot say from  top of my head" he said as he chewed his food and looked at her.  Lauren put her hand on his arm ,"I tell you what Dutta  let's get you to a local centre where they deal with such adaptations and if you fancy anything appropriate you can even buy it straight what do you say?Lauren assured him  and Dutta smiled with approval , as she  was with him to give the suit ability verdict so it appeared that the sky's were clearing for him and maybe he could snatch this bit of happiness back in his life.

They arrived at the store and Dutta along with Lauren's support studied ,tried and tested controls positioned in static displayed models. Both Lauren and Dutta came to the conclusion that as it was his left leg that showed slight lax ,the best bet for Dutta would be to use an automatic vehicle equipped with vacuum assisted breaking controls and a foot slip prevention device. He choose the typical Willys style jeep,except this was the latest Wrangler 4x4 automatic  which had an off road attiude in it's spanking new black colour with open air drving capability!  Dutta accompanied by Lauren took a test drive in the demonstration model... He hit the high way at a safe point and his sense of power and freedom knew no bounds, as he used both his legs and feet  to perform the act of driving.  He looked at Lauren sideways briefly as she tried to control her flying hair prompted by his tempestuous joy ride . She touched his left hand that rested on his thigh, thus ending his trip to heaven"  "ok Dutta take the  demo car back to the store room now" .He did and while his elbows still rested on the steering his pleading eyes looked at her apprehensively for her verdict."well" he asked his eyes twinkled still with more apprehension. She smiled and nodded her head with "your energy and drive how an I say no"! .Dutta grabbed his crutch and stepped out of the vehicle. He was not going to waste time, he headed towards the sales person "I want to buy the brand new Black wrangler jeep right now ! ,is it up to the mark and road worthy with immediate effect . The sales person confirmed it would be in an hour's time . Dutta dealt with the formalities and left with Lauren to grab a coffee, as the vehicle received a spot check!

Lauren looked with unshielded desire at his  face as he sipped his coffee .He felt her eyes on his face and he cleared his throat ,"I  forgot to give you some news Lauren,"he sipped again,and "I would like you to be there with me" .Lauren put her hand on his wrist, "oh tell me now Major I can't wait, she chirped."well" said Dutta "I am getting engaged shortly".Lauren a wee  disappointed ,stopped him "let me guess it's Nakusha yes? Dutta nodded his head "it is her Lauren" confirmed Dutta. Lauren smiled,and said "I am happy for both of you , yes I would say she is the right girl to provide balance to your life and to brakes on your speeding! "Oye" he went "that's not fair I am a good bloke Lauren, decent and totally within my ranks! "You are Major truly an officer and a gentleman!  Com'n lets get that new jeep of yours!


  Dutta and his driver discreetly parked the two vehicles behind the house .Dutta instructed his driver to abstain from making comments about his jeep. He stepped out of his jeep briefly and phoned Baji to enquire where they were during there shopping spree.  Baji told him the location and Dutta sat in the jeep ,reversed and zoomed off to the shopping centre.  He parked his jeep discreetly in the parking lot and waited for the family to arrive, he looked at his face in the rear mirror and ran his fingers through his ruffled hair he looked at his narrow lion eyes and pushed his lips to one side as his fine fingers with glossy polished nails fondled the automatic gear control stick he slowly turned his head and looked over leaf .He saw the crew coming Baji for once was asked to keep his mouth sealed so Dutta was pleased that none of them noticed him in his pristine new jeep. Baji saw his friend first as he was in on the surprise and he smiled as his dimples dug into his cheeks .Dutta looked at him briefly and as the group approached with every one looking for Baji's range rover .dutta sounded a muffled beep ..the women jarred and looked around that may be they were obstructing other driver's pathin the parking lot .But Kala spotted her brother ,her baby brother ,looking as handsome as Apollo the son god in his lemon kurta with his collars completely undone .He looked at her and smiled ,his smart sister ,quick alert and intelligent as himself, while the other two Roops and yes Nakku still looked disorientated by the sound of the horn his one and only Tai had heard him and found .Kala speedily moved towards him seated in the driver's seat. She ran her hand on the side wing of the jeep , "why Dutta you driving" she said as she clutched her beautiful painted and manicured hands "every second you keep giving your Tai so many presents come here you" she said as she put her hand around his neck and bent it to kiss him near his temple and whispered in his ear "now Dutta you can take your Tai out for poker nights with your army veterans ".Dutta looked at her sideways his hands resting on the steering , he screwed his nose a little bit to one side and with naughty dancing eyes and slightly creased eye brows he replied lightly "I don't think so Tai"  She fondly ruffled his hair, beamed a smile and glided away towards the other,  still aghast Roops and Baji. Nakku stood stuck to the ground which held her. Roops and Baji ran towards him as he watched them with a cold stare Roops came around to and jumped up to the passenger seat with a glowing smile and turned on the C.D player while Baji came over to the driver side and put his hand lovingly over Dutta's shoulder" kya Bhau dava shapat Baji ek dum kush hai ..aaj mera dost phir se drive ker raha hai just like old times ..kya Bahu kya chiknee chumiya hi ye, and he stroked the bonnet Roops leaned and hugged her brother shoulders "oh Bahu aaj tu mejhe  drive ke liye kir jiya ga" .Dutta switched off the C.D and harshly said "Roops now go and sit in the land cruiser and go home Aye should be back from the Dera". Baji got the message and called "Roops chaal lets go Bhau is right Aye must be  is waiting for us "and he waved to the attendant carrying their shopping towards the car. Dutta turned his eyes towards the lone figure of the sad lost young girl in a damson pink out fit the her loose hair teasing her glowing face. He started the engine and drove his jeep towards her his face with a fixed expression and braked right next to her, "get"! in he ordered she looked up at him with frightened hesitation "it's ok Saab I eh I",she felt intimidated,  as he stared at her his eye rolled to the corners ".get in" he repeated, "Saab ,it's ok" she stammered I'll go with Baji and Tai" ..Dutta looked  at her his knuckled turned white as he clutched the steering fine he said "you do that Nakku" and he started to put the drive gear of the jeep in action  ,on hearing that Nakku ran to the passenger side and stood up on the foot rests and looked down at him from her height defiantly. He glanced up her beautiful sun kissed glowing face and his eyes gave her a dreamy mesmerising  look "ab baithe ga  ya main jeep ko jahtke doon? She smiled and sat next to him her Saab ,her man .. he started the jeep and he fixed his longer than usual narrow rear mirror and every now and then set aside loving  glances at her stunning delicate face. Her loose strands of hair blew in the wind as she held back her hair with her fair hands.  Saab she smiled" you don't know how it feels to be sitting here with you" . he shook his head and for a split second put his finger on his lip to ask her to be quiet " don't say anything woman"..  he drove to a maddening speed and drove into an off the road leafy secluded enclosure, engulfed with thick foliage. He braked and went around the other side and looked at her upper frame posed sedately on the seat and her legs demurely held together .He secured the cuff crutch and balance on his feet and gently held his arms towards her she leaned his way sidled and put her arms gently around his neck ..she soon realized what he was planning to do and alarmingly said "Saab nehi ap ki ek leg is not very strong" yet he bent over pulled her waist towards him and lifted her from the jeep in his arms , held her securely and his mouth pulled into a gentle smile as he gazed into her green eyes that looked up at him in innocence. He brought his head down and kissed her on her fore head. They gazed into each other's eyes ,till time halted! she snuggled close to his chest and kissed him on his neck as he looked down side ways at her his lips pouted as he emanated great joy as he carried his whole world in his arms unsteady he may be on his legs!  Saab she whispered as she glanced into his completely submissive gaze , without taking his eyes off her he moved his head to one side and blinked once his eyes appealed to her to maintain the silence .He pressed the crutch close to his body ,looked up ahead and carrying his goddess of love he plodded heavily towards the trunk of an ancient tree. He bent his knees slightly and lowered her to the ground. she quickly moved towards his left side lifted his heavy arm and enveloped it around her shoulder and together they walked towards the tree trunk .Nakku helped him and he bent his knees and sat down resting his back against the rough bark ridden surface of the tree trunk.

He raised his hand and reached for Nakku to sit by him nestled close to his armpit against the ancient bark tree.  Dutta  propped up his knees  and took one of soft hands in his hand and ran his finger around her warm palm, he stroked her embraced shoulder  with his other hand ."Saab do realize you were horrid to me earlier this morning" said Nakku .he moved his head sideways and pecked her on her head and said "ummh yes I do ,that's because I was in a hurry and you sorry to pry hope you achieved what your were meant to Saab!she blurted in hurt ."OH I did Nakku ,I did you've just travelled in it" .She looked up at his profile so close to her "you mean the jeep ,is that what you meant to purchase". He moved his head to look down at her face," yes and also to get a final yes from Lauren.", "so you took her instead of me Saab I know now that's why you went to see her" ,,she slapped his knee "why could you have not said this before to me Saab".he moved his hand and lifted her he stoked her forehead with his strong nose .."then my dear fiery woman it wouldn't be a surprise would it!"? "but tell me kaisa lega thuje mera surprise"? ,she wiggled her shoulders a little and placed her head on one of his propped up knees an looked up into his head that rested lightly against the tree trunk, she tempted his  watchful lion's eyes with all her facial expression, Dutta part opened his lips as he feasted on her fair stunning face with large green doe eyes calling him to her ... "tell me Nakku mujhse phela kya teri life me koi aur admi tha  kya kabhi he finally spewed  that which had festered him since crack of dawn .She came out of his embrace and crossed her slim churridar clad legs  and comforted herself in a posture where she could face his reclined body against the tree what manner of ridiculous question is that Saab?she hissed.He twisted his mouth and directed his piercing eyes towards hers "have you ever been kissed by another man than me goddam woman! he gruffed.She was shocked and she protested noo! "then why were you ready and willing last night Nakku ,ist's almost as if you had done it before he said tapping his propped up knee with his  white knuckled fist  She bit her lip and defied him "well I could say the same for you the way you came on me seemed you had kissed a woman before ! he moved forward and held her shoulders and brought his face closer to hers and churned "its' ok for me Nakku Im a man!but not for you ,not for you woman! Dutta has to be the first !now tell me straight am I the first man? .She snatched his hands off her shoulders "I think you are a pompous ,self opinionated, arrogant MCP !he gripped her shoulders tightly and dug his fingers into her flesh and she moved her head to the side in pain. "Yes I am all what you said but if you have been kissed by a man before then in my mind it raises questions about your virtue, damned woman! he growled as he shook her, his face enraged with jealousy! Now tell me am the fist man who has kissed you ,and he shook her shoulders again. She looked at him as tears swam in her eyes she would take him  out of his misery and speak the truth, not because it was the truth but because that's what he wanted to hear ."haan Saab you are the first man to have kissed me ,and the last" she said and held her face in her hands .Dutta smiled in certain contentment the woman was clean and an unused weapon ..  ready to possessed and used for here after .He moved her hands from her face and with his fore finger flicked her tears ,"chaal lets go home Nakku ".. Bappa help her if ever she became the victim of his jealous streak in her life ahead with him,she thought gravely ,but she assured herself at least he speaks his mind and heart out...she will have to walk with him; around him; over him; through him; under him; but always in him!


By the time they both got home it was dusk .Once having had supper, the family gathered for after dinner bonding .Dutta sat nervously as he peered towards his mother ,awaiting news about her trip.  Finally his Kala Tai heard the pines of his heart  and enquired "Aye Shaib kaise rahi ap ke trip ,Nakku ke Aye aur Babba ne kya jawab diya? Aye looked up at her anxious son, who met her gaze she smiled "haan Dutta une ne haan ker de hai",and Sudrshan intercepted "pun Aye Sahib une jo woh sharat rehke hai,woh neh ibatien gi Bhau ko", "kaun se sharat Nakku" blurted out spontaneously in an edgy tone and everyone looked at her in some amazement .Dutta looked at her from  where he sat with an stoic expression. Aye, raised her hand and smiled at Nakku," tu chinta na ker Naku woh Babi sirf chate hai ke tera mamma ek dafa Dutta se mil lain..tu hum na kha humien koya aitraz nehi he ,tu ab babi ,tera mamma se din the ker ki betiya gi humian ke woh saab Patil Niwas kab ayen ga ,waise bhi saagi ka mahurat nikalwana hai ,tu acha reha ga tri aye ,babba bhi yaheen ho". Nakku, looked relieved as all other clapped at the general acceptance and congenial  proposed bond between Dutta and Nakku. She looked at his face and his face was masked with a blanket of dismal vacancy. oh Bappa ,please keep him shannt, please for your  Nakku's sake.


 Aye shabib stood to take leave a sign for everyone to call it a day .Kala moved towards Dutta a nd perked his prickly chin up and smiled into his eyes .."what say you and me have a stiff drink to wind up today's events? Dutta, his eyes twinkle and he smiled broadly cheek to cheek "chaal Tai why not? Baji jumped in "ho me coming as well need two stiff ones Bhau, especially after the ladies shopping  shindig! No joy for me! Kala put her hands on an ardent Baji's shoulder "eh no ! no! Baji only me and Dutta, beside and she kissed her teeth  I'ev had enough of your antics for one full day so ja abhi ja ke so ja! She ordered.   Baji griped to Dutta , "Bhau mein bhi aye ga! But before he finished Dutta stood up and crutched himself away to the quiet secluded peacock mural area of his house .Kala headed for the bar and brought out Dutta's favourite spirit Napoleon  Brandy. She passed him the goblet and thy clicked glasses ,she smiled with a sparkle in her eye, and lazily said"to us one of a kind" and her brother nodded once and blinked his eye "yes Tia to us Kala and Dutta". ok now tell me she asked him how do you feel today? "Well Tai to be honest so much is changing like rapid fire in my life ,that sometimes I wish things would slow down just a bit so I could savour each ,delight ,rather than choke on the whole meal" Dutta confessed.  "I know Dutta ,but I want to applaud and empower your resilience ,take for example today your getting back behind the wheel like before with such  panache ,needs to be well admired",she declared as nodded her head slightly . Dutta nodded shyly with lowered eyes,"well Tai after all Iam your pupil, grew up in your tutelage didn't I"? he jested with a small wink .Kala laughed, "you honour me my baby brother ,but you know how much I adore you ,hence I only want you to be happy always", she sipped her Brandy and spoke matter of factly , "don't you think it's a bit OTT for Nakku's parents to stick in their Mammawali dictate ,I mean come on they should be lucky they are getting the proposal of the Dutta SRP!" Dutta put his palm up in dissent. "actually no Tai I would consider it quite normal in our culture for other revered and respected members of the wider family to be equally involved alongside the couples immediate family  in a man and woman's marriage commitment , so yes! this sort of intervention I would say Tai could also be seen as a strength of our cuture, especially where the family unit is small and vunerable! Dutta challenged. Kala decided to rest her case ,and grabbed her clutch bag sprayed her mouth  "well I'd better be off and you get some rest after all the driving, you mustn't over tax your legs! Dutta gulped his last swig of cognac and stood up on to his feet, crutched and with reasonable sense, tottered towards his bed room.


 Nakku,waited for him in his room. He flung open the doors she could sensed he was  slightly high but not totally smashed.He looked at her and smiled leeringly "come here and give me a hug woman Dutta hasn't clasped you today all day because he never got the bloody chance!  he roared not one bloody chance!  he repeated as he pointed his finger at her, she shook slightly she knew he had been in a foul mood all day and here he has come now Bappa! to take it out on me! He looked at her pleading eyes and wiggled his fingers at her as he beckoned her to him with slightly stretched arms "oh come on Nakku how long are you going to make me wait till I drop dead and he wobbled slightly .She ran towards him and held him by his waist and jostled her face on his chest. He enclosed his arms around her shoulders and whispered "oh Nakku" in pain, she tightened her grip around his back and moved her fingers gently to reduce his hurt, riddled by the cause but she soon assessed that it was naught to do with her this was foreign! she bit her lip and relaxed her arms and moved back from him as she still held him by the waist. "Saab what is it tell Nakku, she will take the hurt for you".He squeezed her shoulders and moaned in her ear" woh  bloody Baji! Nakku! mera dost Nakku ,mera ko dokha diya meri he Bhen ke saath, and he squeezed her harder meri Roops ke saath Dutta ki bahen ka saath! the fool I'll kill him Nakku"! ,he roared and he pushed her away! and sat on the edge of his bed hyper ventilating I'll kill the######d!  Nakku you watch! She sat next to him on his bed and cuddled his shoulders and pulled his profile towards her lips and kissed him on his stubble cheek, "hush she soothedas she ran her hands on his shoulders ,"just calm down ,take deep breathes Saab in and out" ,and she saw and felt his chest converge and expand as he omitted his breathe slowly to herald some calm in himself .Nakku saw him and though the alcohol didn't help she deciphered she would have to in future curb him on it's consumption! Once he regained composure she sat down on the floor and clasped his knees to her bosom. She looked up his crest fallen face and waited for him to speak out ,that which Nakku would have approached in anycase ,she closed her eyes for a split second and her heart cried thank you Gannu bhayiaa ! for being there for your Nakku .He put his hands on her knees and rasped slowly "woh  Baji ..woh! he was having it on with my sister all these damned years under my frigging nose! in my bloody house! ,and I didn't even have a clue Nakku! not a damn clue! Damn!  having it on !with.. Saab she opposed "you can't use those words not for your beloved Baji or for you beloved sister".,"so what the hell am I supposed to say then? he hollered "well" said Nakku,as she squared her shoulders "yes they love each other! Saab pyar karte hain ek doosra se, waise he jaise hum ne kya! "Oh so you knew than did you he challenged her ..haan Saab I knew, kyon ki mein Roops to samajthe hoon ki woh kya chaati hai ,per aap Saab kya ap  ni apni bahen ko samjha hai ?, I don't need to understand her ,how dare she even think of looking at a guy! and that too with Baji,  in front of whom she grew up you ,just talking about it makes me want to puke! He growled. "I don't see what the problem is Saab,Nakk reasoned ,"the problem is Bloody woman haan I feel in love but that's fine I am a man ,but she that stupid Roops is a girl she needed my consultation, my ijazzat to even think about such a disgusting thing ,sorry Nakku I am the man in this house and I decree everything! , Naku went in silence mode, here we go again more of his sexist thoughts! Where does that leave her in her future with him she feared! "But Saab mein bhi tu ek lardki hoon .tu mujhe ap ne kyon ijazzat de pyar karene ki .He leaned forward on her and held her by the shoulders and shook her "woh is liya Nakku kyon ki tu Dutta jo ka ek mard hai! uske pasand the" ! he roared, she let go of his knees and stood up to go ,there was no point in talking further with him on this subject, especially so when he was part intoxicated, Saab I'll leave you, get some sleep I'll see you tomorrow, he held her arm by the wrist..and "who the hell is this bloody mamma of yours!? he bellowed..Nakku whisperd "sshhh,tomorrow"... to be continued Hamlet 6.8.11

 Precap:  so this was the famous Mamma, Dutta looked and stroked his chin ,interesting, very interesting...              


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-Azy- IF-Rockerz

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*hides her face from daya raj n pooji n all*
Me not gonna read it now :p
Will read after break fast so I can fully drool :p ROFL hehehehe

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so dutta was surprised when made a move to kiss him poor guy,he is very confused ooo.thats true when you get something easily you do not value it and just take it for granted,ok enough pravachan.

lo our heroin enter all shy and afraid of dutta she has to be only god knows his mood that swings every again she teases her with his naughty comments,loved to see the flirt breakfast so dutta angry with baji and don't want nakku to show his love in public a attitude full of dignity good.i hated the part when he shouted at nakku same old mentality of man he wants full right on his woman but not ready to give can he shout on her like this really hate dutta.
so babi and ganpat agreed who can refuse such a proposal but again who is this mama will love to see his mmeting with dutta.
lauren and dutta talks were like friendly  professional one he bought a new jeep at he can drive in injured condition but gave its first ride to lauren not fair but later was happy when he took nakku with him and they talked like lovers gently.the part i liked when he asked nakku" "tell me Nakku mujhse phela kya teri life me koi aur admi tha  kya kabhiits' ok for me Nakku Im a man!but not for you ,not for you woman! Dutta has to be the first !now tell me straight am I the first man? .so he is jealous loved this jealous dutta but again his manly ego but the thing is he tried to hide his jealousy in his ego bechara.
"Yes I am all what you said but if you have been kissed by a man before then in my mind it raises questions about your virtue".this is really problem of all mans even though they themselves are not pure they want a wife totlly pure they raise questions on her character and damages their image,women image is very precious once gone can never be regained again.
women's even the person they love truely hurts them they are still ready to take away his pain in all possible ways loved her reply fulll of love and determination for him"she would take him  out of his misery and speak the truth, not because it was the truth but because that's what he wanted to hear haan Saab you are the first man to have kissed me ,and the last"
so all happy with the fixation of dutta's marriage good.last part was awesome when he open's his heart for her about the pain he is facing to accept the fact that his sister loves his friend,again his ego is taking over his mind and he can't understand  naku's point even though the situation are quite similar so naku learnt how to handle this sher good going girl.
 so finally loved the entire updates,you showed dutta's many nature in one part like a determined soldier,an obidient son,a possesive and aggresive lover,a romantic person and a person full of ego but in all a person who love his family a lot and care for them.good one hammie loved it a lot waiting for next.

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hi this update is a good Big smile one and  i appreciate your writing skills Clapbut as a story of tasha i am disappointedDead because the understanding which has to be available in the relationship is missing Confused here and the way dutta think about nakku is like that he is a type of psycho loverAngry because after their kiss dutta thinks that is nakku kissed by another man Shocked or not and the way he talk to nakku and behave with her is disgusting Angry and talking to leuren and the vehicle scene i enjoyed that Clap and at the tree trunk he ask about being kissed by another man and nakku's answer Confused and dutta's satisfaction after the answer is not enjoyable Shocked because i felt its a insult of her true love Angry and the last part was really disappointing me because the difference he discuss about man and women is really hated by me Angry. please in your ff try to create the understanding and trust from dutta's side too Big smileand make sure when next time he ask this type of question to nakku give him a tight slap Ouch and in next your updates try to realise him that he needs to be changed from this psycho to a understanding man please

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awesome dear
love it
thanks for pm

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Edited ...

Mein Aagai Big smileBig smile

Hey hammie...Hug here to comment so lets get to it Tongue
haha omg major saab is really pondering over his first kiss, the thrill of it was over too soon was it? Yeh him and talking to anyone about his true ssentiments regarding the kiss? I dont see it...but then again his character in this FF, I can kind of see him say it bluntly matter of fact way ...

Naku too thinking about the kiss..and she is even worried about what comes next ...i love how in his mind he says does she assume I will grapple her again...lay one on her again...who is he kidding he so wants to doesnt he sher growls for a towel instead ...oh ho major sab is so straight forward and i love it..."tu ek kiss de mujhe mera lips par" poor girl fleed lol but how can she say no to such lips ;)

omg omg omg me imagining MR in lemon kurta pyjama *faints* heehee

i love how you encorporated his father's habits and behaviors with Dutta...yup he is a man who is not one for PDA and defo will avoid it ...but he did that to her infront of everyone...poor Naku...he knew very well what she was looking at...woah wat is major saabs problems snapping like kala scares me ...i feel like she is about to pop her evilness any minute...i cant seem to wrap around the idea of her cool with it all...and as for his behavior...i guess this baaji-roops thing isnt going down to well with him...but this isnt how he should be dealing with it!
- woah seriously major saab needs a chill ...Naku just wants him to shop ...not murder not murder somone...but i'm sure the latter will be easier for him to LOL...aww his words were harsh...even i am thinking what demon has possessed him... yes please exorcise it ...oh now she thinks she did something wrong...and he has totally lost interest in her after the kiss ...not good!

AS, Ganapat, Babi talk about the rishta good good...but who is this bhara bhai and why is he entering the picture curious re...u have spiked my interest :P

oh so he went to shopping centre...and hammie u have killed me with the explanation of how he was looking...yeah of course  kala is first to spot him amongst the girls...i have always found ger character to be very intelligent...he is driving and he sends all with baaji ...and love how Naku ends up sitting in his jeep lol...haye haye they are in secluded area hmmm lol...aww and the way he lifts her by the waist and gazes into her green eyes ..and now they are by the tree trunk

omg he did not just ask that that wat was bothering him...she seemed experienced in these matters to him NO NO NO ...oh god...this man i tell u...there is one strong shade of jealousy on him...and this is one thing I can not agree with...because it totally degrades Nakus character wen he asks such a thing and its very insulting...and i want to take a bat and whack some sense into this guy ...seriously...he was doubting ...when he shouldn't ...argghh i wanted to whack him in the head so badly deserved and i am upset with Naku for answering and just nodding her head to his orders...he does not own her...they should be equals if anything...and she should stand up for her own character...but Naku being her gives him the answer he ...yeah am very upset with D here...*shakes head in disappointment* ...his questions were just digusting ...for even thinking that...and then the line 'unused weapon' i had my bat ready u noe lol...

that whole kala - dutta convo was good...i find her very sketchy...and i feel really bad for Baaji...its like he doesnt even notice the change in behavior with D

ok i like how Naku knew it was coming...and Dutta's anger towards Baaji does not justify his actions at all!! ...and his explanation sexist he is ...argh i am getting frustrated reading his thoughts ...hmm...i am curious about their future and wat this mamma has to say ...u know i hope he is one to really knock some sense into major saab over here...but i am also ready as ever with my bat in hand lol...

Great Update Hammie...srry it is late was out all day and just got in and came straight to this while i have the time...alright take you to you soon hopefully ;)

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