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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 5)

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
awesome part can't wait to see dutta reaction on seeing nakku as his physiotherapist and please do start their love story your work keep it up,please do update soonSmile

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prncz IF-Rockerz

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hi hammie .i am liking  MAjor dutta already ..
so we now see a wounded soilder and a nakku nursing him LOL
I loved the precap .Dutta as usual is not a patient man and will not obey any order even when he is bed ridden ,, LOL
omg he demanding a male nurse ,,,ROFL  Command karna toh 2nd nature jo thera ,, he will even dictate to the docs LOLROFL
this is gonna be fun,,,watching Poor Dutta helpless  and nakku  hmm taking full advanctage of taming the Lion Wink

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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@  dearest krishaa janemann,got both your replies also can detect the impatience for the update,trying soon,maybe weekend.. wait kar lai lttle bitxx hammie

@ thanks for a lovely remark raj, waise dutta's love update ?? kab?
@ nakusha thanks for your remark ,glad  you are enjoying the story so far...xx hammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 2:20am | IP Logged

                                          Painful Rapture:  Part 3



The Nurses station was swathed in dim lights, as two nurses exchanged notes on current patients in the Male ward. " did you hear about that wild one that came into A&E last night from the front line? heard he created such a rumpus he had to be sedated." "No" replied the other nurse as they quietly flicked through patient notes" is he the one who was shot slightly above his butt"?,they both giggled their faces hidden behind their hands. "ssshh" admonished the male nurse on duty "what kind of unprofessional talk is this you two?, Major Dutta is a bit of a hero he saved one of his lads from getting busted, be quiet before I report you''. " I better look in on him, and change him into the  hospital gown" said one of the female nurses. She approached the ward and could see the patient in question asleep with his head on one side of the propped up pillows. His face although wiped still showed residue of greasy muck on his face. His uniform had been cut open up to his torso revealing his hairy chest and part of his gently heaving abdomen. Even asleep he looked menacing and the female nurse hoped he would not stir and dreaded the thought of aiding him, in changing into hospital clothing.

It was nearly crack of dawn, Dutta  stirred and shook his head from side to side on his pillow clenching his jaw.  He looked up at the ceiling and recalled the turn of events, his injury his arrival at emergencies. He took a deep breath in and brought his bottom lip in wards ,he was a soldier, for all he knew, he could have been dead, and he gave a crooked smile in space but then he was not!. Dutta brought his hand to the side of his face to tweak his over grown stubble and was relieved to sense that he was not going to pieces and suffering from disorientation. He recalled the doctors had explained his injury and the suggestive treatment. He was pleased his spinal cord was not damaged, things could have been much worse. He brought his hands to his chest and stroked his chest hair and felt his upper extremities to check his neuro-sensory abilities. "Dutta tu bach gya hai! you son of a gun" he smiled. With trepidation his hands travelled to the large fleshy mass of his front thighs, he felt and prods at his Quadriceps on his thighs with his fingers to gather feeling ,he pinched them to sense the pain, he could fell a distant pain, slightly panicked he wriggled his toes and  yanked up his neck slightly to see the movement. So the muscles though slack were still working. But when he tried to draw his knees up he could see they were flopping. " oh hell the legs will need stimulation, a damned retraining to enable them to facilitate normal function" he determined calmy. But the calm was short lived and he pulled his mouth downwards and restlessly shook his head from side to side on his pillow clamping and grinding his jaw. He jerked his torso in anger and felt a sharp pain in his side, he recalled it was the open wound protected from compressing on the bed, by a surgical donut circular foam  cushion! He continued to put pressure on his legs by straining to assess  sensation but felt his toes having pins and needles from time to time.

The nurse on duty entered the ward and caught the frigid constricted eyes of her patient. "Sir", she nodded , seeing that you are conscious now I was thinking about getting you cleaned up and changed, since A&E have'nt done that before sending you to the ward", gradually she moved forward ,"now lets get you comfortable and changed", she held up the back open hospital gown towards Dutta.  Dutta took one suspicious look and attempted to fling over his covering and shouted "look miss if you think you'ere planning to dress me in that b#######y backless nightee you'eve  got some thing else coming and what the hell is this a female nurse!  this maam is a male ward in case you've have'nt noticed! you cant come in here! " but sir please" pleaded the nurse .."no I am not listening but what I am doing is objecting ! I want a male nurse right now meaning  this second! Thank you very much!. With that he flopped back sweating in anger and pain on his pillows. Hearing the commotion the male nurse arrived, took the garment from his colleague and nodded towards her to leave " now sir", he moved an  a little closer to Dutta, who on hearing a male voice turned his head to behold the speaker, Dutta's jagged eyes went to the name badge of the speaker. Shanker Kumar a male nurse and in full control Dutta said " Kumar draw the ruddy curtains and me get this flipping thing on ,damn circus this is turning out to be!. With aahs, raahs, and protests Dutta was helped into the backless hospital gown velcroed in place from the back . "there sir all sorted  I am sure you will fell more comfortable now " said Kumar after he had adjusted the donut cushion in postion near Dutta's wound. Kumar turned to leave as he smoothed Dutta's bed cover " I''ll come back later to give you a  sponge facial and perhaps groom your stubble If you want me to"  "hmmm", responded Dutta ,but called after Kumar and gave him a  thanks thumbs up, the nurse smiles and repiles " you are welcome Major Dutta,SIR! 

Dutta felt strange in this piece of clothing. He doubled his chin and glanced down at his faded blue  gown! . For starters it was too close to his neck , made him feel like an over grown baby! All his life in the best of times in civvies , he wore open collars revealing his hairy chest and now this ruddy ladies frock ! what a git Dutta!  he felt he was going to throttle himself. He side tracked himself towards positive thoughts, he speculated if his family knew, he felt the urge to speak to Aye Sahib one of these days to inform her that he was ship shape, well nearly...   

 He lay his head back on his pillows and thought about his platoon, about Ram, he smiled as he recalled some of the boys shyly asked him via Ram to put in for foreign cigarettes in the next set of rations. He smiled , how he had grunted at them when found out " hergeez  nahin, asiey  gandhay kaam mein nahin karnay dunooga tum baechoon ko ! haan dry fruit zaroor bhejoon ga agar mera bas mein hoya toy! He remembered them complaining  par sir! Time pas ke waiste" ...Oh God he did miss that freedom, that thrill ,that adventure...

 The day nurse entered the ward and on seeing Dutta awake she whispered a good morning which Dutta ignored completely. In duty mode the nurse asked Dutta "have you passed water yet sir? Dutta looked at her blown out of his senses, gob smacked! Taking that as a no the nurse left for a moment and returned holding a male urinal towards Dutta who looked in total horror at the contraption. His face turned bright red and he turned his head the other way on his pillow." Sir we need to check if your kidneys are functioning properly, I have to make a note on your patient chart".  "Look nurse I don't care about your note taking, I am not used to talking to women about whether I'ave passed water or not! or passing water in that thing! now got that fair and clear"! The nurse, stormed out and collided into Kumar who took the disposable urinal from her " I'll deal with that, leave it with me ". Dutta was relieved to see Kumar and his folded hand and fore finger signals Kumar to draw the curtains and he took the urinal from Kumar to carry out the act. Kumar waits and than pulls the curtains back making a note of the mls passed on the patient chart.  " Great Sir, the kidneys are working normally so no need for a catheter". Now ,lets get you some medication, for your swelling and after that some food,I bet you are starving". Great going thought Dutta despairingly hospital ka khana!  


Nakku came home from Uni, digesting the horrid news and raced up to Dutta's room, flung open the door and fought back her turned to grabs one of the lime green cushions on his bed and slumped face down on his bed her belly convulsed with the prompted flood of tears ,her head buried in his cushion, she yelled  Saab Saab meray Saab. She had earlier put up a cheerful front before Baji, but now in the privacy of his room she was poured out her heart and soul. After she had relieved her emotional pent up, she pushed herself from his bed and walked towards his uniformed horse back framed photo, she touched his handsome face and tried to read his cold expression which focussed on the tip of the sword of honour he received on his passing out parade day. Oh why did you join the army?why do you go looking for danger,putting your life at risk? She knew he would kill her in reality if ever he heard her say that. She moved to his cupboard where his ceremonial uniforms were hung in immaculate condition. She felt his uniform with her hand and picked up it's sleeve and brushed it against her cheek. She gave a fleeting look at his room. It had all the trade marks of an army man's room. The walls were adorned with  his regimental insignia's and plaques of his achievement in the Infantry Core. The side board displayed metal replicas of  soldiers  representing various Cores of the Land forces, a soldier posised  with a bayonet, a soldier standing atop on tank!, another figure crouched with a machine gun! . Her eyes finally travelled to the pair of crossed sheathed swords mounted on the main wall facing his dresser, their metal handles shinning! .Her heart yearned to be with him. She moved on to his picture where he was a young lad of 8or 9 years old, in shorts and knobbly knees  holding a baby bird in his chubby palms! She laughed as she remembered the day when he came to the Dera with his father General Sahib for a day trip. Choote Saab as he was addressed in those days had a churlish friend with him as well. Nakku remembers where boys of his age would be little delinquents Saab always had a sensitive side to him in his nature, she recalled the incident when his friend knocked off a birds nest along with the mother and three chicks, Saab got hold of his friends collar, pulled his hair and punched the living day lights out his friends. Nakku recalled how she had to call her Aye and Babba to separate  Chotte Saab from his friend before he  gave  his friend a bloody nose. She remembers him screaming "is na chirya kay khoonslay ko tora! chirya aur us ki beechoon ko teeklif de ise liya mein ni isko maraa hai moshi!  Her aye had to manually take him way and cool him down with a cool drink! Nakku looked at his recent uniformed distant cold eyed picture and sobs Saab waise he narram kyon nahi ho ab aap Saab!

Yes Saab had certainly hardened over the years and his profession has'ent helped either! she thought sulkly.  She rembered a year ago immediately after the floods,he came to visit the Dera to inspect the rehabilitation and reconstruction of dwellings with Baji in his black jeep.. She recalls she was off college that day and her Aye was looking forward to seeing Chotte Saab not to mention how impatient she was to see him herself. His black jeep stopped right in front of her front door and she along with Aye stood staring at him. He was wearing his black pathiani and jumped out of the jeep. Nakku held her breathe he was indeed a handsomely whole some frame of manly beauty. He had carried himself regally towards her Aye  and bent down slightly to feel her knees. Kaise ho moshi? Aye folded her arms up to him. Nakku recllects standing to one side with a dry mouth waiting, waiting for Chotte Saab  to  address her or to look at her. But no the beast never did any of the sort, even after Aye attracted his attention towards Nakku, Chotte Saab yeah Nakku hai, she remembers he nodded and murmured hmmm. She remembers she had decided she would not bother to talk to him either if he had chosen to be pigheaded... That was the last time she had set eyes on him, but now she looked at his picture again and whispered Nakku cant wait any longer to be away from you!, you are injured Saab after all  you need your friends and family around you to nurse you back she thought with a wicked smile and left his room closing the door behind him.

Nakku came down to the main lounge area and sat next to Aye Sahib, on the settee holding her hand with concern." Baji",says Aye Sahib hospital se phone aya tha ,Dutta ki tabeit ap theekh hai aur woh jahtha hai ki us se ghar wala milay ayen''.Nakku's ears perked up and in her heart she sings "oh Bappu thanks for the chance" Ho aye shahib tu hum jaien gay,bahu ko deknay, aye sahib nods nahin baji sirf do logon ko ejazzat hai , tu mein soj rehi hon kay abhi hummein  itani shakti nehi hai ki hum apna beta ko is halat mein dekh sakien ,is liya hum na soocha hein ka tu aur nakku jaon or bhir humien akar us ki halat batayo ,agar woh teekh hai tu hum us se agli bar milney jain gay! Nakku let go of Aye Sahibs hand in sheer ecstasy at the idea of seeing him after such a prolonged time! She sped towards the kitchen to make gajar ka halwa for him.


Nakku, read the patient wish list to Baji in the jeep. Electric shaver, skin lotion, liquid soap, anti perspiration body spray, tooth brush and paste, tissues, lip balm, face and hand towel..." haan sab lay liya hai Nakku tu to pori maa hai Saab ki" mumbled Baji. Nakku could not contain her happiness after a year she will see her man, ehh, Saab!

Nakku and Baji carried bags and walked down the disinfectant smelling corridor of the hospital all along they checked the signs posted above, and followed the arrows. Dutta was in Jaanbaz Male ward. They found what they were looking for and both stopped at the Nurses station. Baji checked all the young nurses that walked the corridor carrying aaparatus or going about their business etc. The young nurses on duty asked who they wanted to see and who they both were due to security reasons .Baji said Major dutta, and informed they were family.The nurses looked at the exquisite porcelain doll like girl and raised an eye brow. "Haan yi bhi family hain", quipped to the nurses with a dimpled smile as he noticed them wondering Nakku's status,regarding Major Dutta!. Baji and Nakku walked towards the ward. The nurses look at each other with plucked  down lips showing disaapointment they whisper to each other, "Major ki biwi hoti tu woh saath wala khe dita!"   haan replied "maraygaye ! uski  girl friend hogi phir bara choopa rustam nikla hai wild man"  and they giggled quietly!

Nakku let Baji step in first as she stood behind him peeping at a sleeping Dutta, she checked an impulse to throw herself against his chest. Baji moved towards Dutta's bed and whispered "Bahu",Dutta opened his eyes they were slightly blood shot due to anti inflammatory injections. Dutta face broke into a smile and he raised his clenched knuckles and knocks them against Baji's clenched knuckles. Baji with tears fumbled "kasise hai tum bahu, kiya yaar tum ko jhatka denay ki sawaye kuch aur nehi ata"! "Shut your face retorted Dutta and stopping wimpering like a woman heck Iam not dead yet,takesw more than a bullet to knock me out"! Baji smiled and  looked behind his shoulder towards the door. Dutta looked at the delicate patiala shalwar kameez clad ,chit of a girl and raised an enquiring eye brow at Baji" kon hai ye lardki?, "Bahu tu nai peechana nahi ye Nakku hai'. Dutta continued to stare at her with narrow eyes and than quickly nods his head and lowers his eyes. Of it was Nakusha,he moves up his eyes to her face and shifts his eyes side to side ,he had taken in the details to joggle his memory about her face the greeny hazel eyesthe fair complexion and the chiselled perfect fine feature,he lowere his eyes immediately as he realized his gaping manner.  Baji hand signalled her to approach as she stood their balancing two bags in her hands. Dutta growled at Baji "go and grab the ruddy bags from her you git!"

Nakku walked timidly towards Dutta as he continued the game of staring at her and then lowering his eyes. Saab kaise ho Saab? She says softly "mein asia hi hoon jaisa tujhe deekh raha hoon". Dutta replied curtly. Nakku tried to control her anger, rude man had not changed one ounce! Teri parhai kaise chal rehai hai?  he asked her after he realized he may have been sharp with her. Before answering she thought do you really want to know now or shall I drop the bomb later. Dutta tried to read her thoughts. "Bahu ye cheezain ghar se laye kar ayen hai says Baji Nakku tu patient cupboard mein rakh dey".  Nakku starts to unload as Dutta watched miffed at the stuff. Abruptly Dutta yells "yeh  kya hai sab! ye koi beauty parlour hai!" he complained when he saw the toiletries. He observed Nakku completly ignored him and carried on with her task.  "Have you brought anything to eat?" demands Dutta " haan we have" says Nakku" but not before you'eve had a dry wash"!  "Haan Bahu ur teri darhee ko trim ki zaroorat hai, mein electic shaver laye hai." Baji plugs in the shaver behind Dutta 's bed power point and places a towel under his neck and starts his business.

 Nakku ,to his amazement sat slightly on his bed got hold of his muscular arms one by one and started to wipe them with a moist sponge . Dutta's ears heated up at her bold gestures and her  sot touch on his skin. Nakku felt his piercing gaze on her face ,but she carried on doing her job. She wiped his arms dry and looked up at him rebelliously as he  sat helpless while Baji carried on with grooming his stubble. He clenched his fists in controlled rage and compressed and warped his mouth as Baji got around to sculpting his bread around his lips. Irritatingly he yelled "oye don't shave off my b#####y lips!. Nakuu glared at him for cussing and he gives her freezing look in return, b#####y nerve she has this Nakku, she's changed he thought. Nakku got hold of his arms and squirts a bit of lotion on her hands and massages the liquid on his arms, pressing her fingers on his arms, he jerked his arm and shouted baas! Yeh kya tamesha lagya hai tum duno nain ,nakku,mein koi larki hoon jo mujhe tu lotion mal rahi hai ,chor mujhe! He yanked his arm and folded both his arms tightly across his abdomen. He had a good mind to get these two mad civvies out of the ward! Nakku was not going to give up and she pulled one of his arms back to the side of the bed and carried on applying the lotion  to both his arms digging her fingers in anger at his stroppy behaviour. He decided to give in, afer all she was a wisp of a girl and he was not going to strain his muscle power on her!. After Baji had finished Dutta's beard grooming. Nakku looked up at his face his rosy glowing cheeks speckled here and there with black mole beauty spots as Nakku saw them on his face.She checked her thoughts and wet a clean face towel and wrung it dry and brought the towel to his face. Dutta just closed his eyes dreamily, what was the point in complaining, he thought the woman would not stop so might as well let her carry on till she's finished with this "cleaning Dutta the wounded frenzy", and enjoy the pampering, he deserved it especially so as he was a patient!". His arms and legs stiffened what the hell was he thinking, he cannot let this feeling overtake him its a threat to his manly image. "No Go Dutta switch off" he told himself." "Saab aankahien kholo abhi,mera kam khatam hogya hai."  he heard her voice. She uncovered the lip balm and was about to  apply it to his lips, when he grabs her lttle hand and says" ok nakku  beauty parlour game over.I'll put the lip balm myself!" when I need it and he slamed it upright on the locker top near his bed.

"Chal ab kahna de bhook legi hai" he demands . Nakku moved his bed side trolly and placed the tiffn before him as he sat there waiting like a hungry child.  He looked at the ghar ka khana and  tilted  his head slightly to one side and gave her a drowsy narrow eyed smile. Nakku's heart missed a beat, she'll get there in the end she thought quietly. "Mai khaleye Saab"she asks hopingly. "Nahin! mein khud kai ga , mera thangain kaam nehi kartein, baki jism ki haissey sara kam karte hai" ! he says to her with meaning. She moves back shyly and leaves him to it. Baji smiles and  says "bahu mein zara bhar wrd ka chakarlagatee hai,"  Dutta says " haan Baji tu sisters ko check kar le yahi hai tera kaam hai naa?. "Nahin Bhau sisters wister nahi sirf miss hai" Dutta snubs him" bikwaas met kar".

The female nurses came in to give medication to Dutta , Nakku moves to one side as they turned him to one side to give him the anti inflammatory injection. Dutta looked at Nakku helplessly and says "Nakku ghari kua hai ,curtain agay kar". Dutta gave a small yelp from behind the curtains as the neddle goes in his flesh. The nurses pulled back the curtains and one of them moved to the side of the bed to make him comfortable ,but he raised his fore finger at them menacingly and looks at Nakku and wiggled his finger at her pointing to his side .She shyly comes forward and pushed the  donut circular foam cushion under his side gently, she could see the temporary banged rifle shot wound and turns her face biting her lip to one side. Dutta looked at her come around to the head of his bed. She bent down daringly, over him, and propped his two pillows behind his head .He could feel the escaped wisp of her hair tickling his fore head briefly. Their eyes meet briefly and some undefined connection was made. "Nakku",interrupts Baji "ab janna hoga ga, Bahu ko aram  karna day". "Nahin! rok Baji abhi mein nein halwa nehi chakha." intercepted Dutta. Nakku quickly reached out for the container and looked for a spoon," Renaney di faugi hoon ,haat se khanay ki adat daleny parti hai, adhir day",!and he grabbed the container from her hand flipped the lid open with his thumb and dug his fingers into the sweet and within seconds devoured the halwa and passed the  empty container to her. "Acha tha" he says pompously,as he licked his lips. Nakku grabbed his hand and got an antiseptic cleansing wipe and opened his palm and twists the wipe with force around his fingers .He looked at he content that he had invoked some rage in her. She leaned forward to wipe his mouth but he snatched the wipe from her hand and wipes his mouth and chucked the dirty  wipe in the bin next to him!

"Bhau mein phone kara ga, kuch  chaeya hoga tu bol dina". said Baji on his way out. "Aye Sahib ko sirf meri achey bateien  batana tum duno" affirmed Dutta

Nakku looked at him, he thought he detected an unwillingness to leave in her large hazel green doe eyes .He wanted her to verbally confirm that she would be back to nurse him and pull him into shape!,but he had a hunch probably about what he was thinking. Baji tapped Nakku by the arm, as the ward head Nurse arrived announcing to them " visiting times over please". Dutta continued to gaze unpretentiously at her half turned figure, this girl had some what transformed. University life had perhaps  done her the world of good he thought ,she's became quite bold and shirty. He was not quite sure whether he liked this brazen woman or he preferred the demure withdrawn,quiet Nakku of not so long ago. Any way what did it matter to him,as no woman can over power the mighty wild lion in him  ... To be continued


Hamlet 21. 05.11


Precap "so is the new woman in my life? I like her ! aaah, she's a sexy lady, now lets check how she goes. Dutta's feel its body and his lips curl up in a wicked smile...  

Every Incy Wincy bit of Dutta is for our beloved Mishal Raheja, temporararily on leave from our screens but not from her hearts!  Thanks, once again for your love shown in your likes and comments. I only update when I receive inspiration  from you all to continue .I remain humbled. With much love.  Hamlet.







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DASTAK.. Senior Member

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 2:45am | IP Logged
hey sorry 4 late rply...
n yupiee!!!
m 1st.. Smile
cuming to update. luvd it...
its 2 gud..
luvd d wy u xprsed dutta's pov of wearin dat blue gown.. ( lk over grown baby)..
n tasha wer bst..
do cont soon..
n do pm me..

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husnu Newbie

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 3:32am | IP Logged
thanks for ur pm.
lovely progress in story line.
so naku got the chance of nursing the wounded lion .
Dutta confused about her boldness but he did nt reconize her first.a complicated man psychology description.this is beauty which i liked personally.
dear u r really a writer ,explore urself more.nice to read ur story.please update soon.

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 4:10am | IP Logged
Maaza aagaya...Hammie...waiting for more..though 1 Question...was Dutta shot at the back on the spine...if so then after operation he would be poped on his chest on the bed with his back up and thats the standard process for any back surgery...
I loved nakkusha Dutta's meeting after so long nad Ghar ka khanna parlour had me in bits of laughter..

Update again sooonnn...waiting waiting waiting waiting...

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 6:28am | IP Logged

@ shil glad you enjoyed it,must confess thought of you when I was penning pt 3 last night.  The reason he's on his back is because the rifle shot truama is protected by a thick circular sponge [cushion] ring with a hole in the centre shaped like a doughtnut,like a deck tennis so his wound fits in the hole keeping it from being pressed on the bed itself,for dressing he has to be turned on the side till the severed flesh can be healed. Suturing will take after wards.  His cord was not severed in any place,it was the nerves in the lower spine that were inflammed by the impact of the rifle shot,that's why his lower muscles,femur and tibula[Ithink] leg will need stimulation to make him walk,once the inflammation goes down in the Coccyx region! hope that answers your query! waise yaar aagar front  pe hota to Nakku ko kaise line marey ga haaa Mishal style larf! xxx hammie 

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