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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 42)

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                                           Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta

                               Painful Rapture: chapter 12


                                          " Love is a many-Splendored Thing"

Although the downpour had ceased, Dutta had a sense of accomplishment that summed up yet another victory in his offensive attack in the wake of events and an undercurrent in the form  of Harshad. Deep down Dutta knew that the expectations from him from close quarter members like Baji ,Aye  and the undercurrent himself was, that sort of obvious bombastic attack would be launched ..but alack to all,  for  no non commissioned had the clout to tutor him in how to plan offensive other than his work unit the Army!

This night he had carried out the inquiries, confirmed facts and then posted his victory flag on virgin territory! The land now belonged to him only the fence posts had to erected and a name had to be given to what was now his;  Nakusha, the first woman that he ever loved only as a man  just as a  man, unattached to other appellatives of son, brother ,friend colleague! But something was amiss how could the claim be over in the press of a button. The after math of occupation , the after effects had to be assessed, for he, Dutta, had not sampled the taste of victory and as such the whole operation from start still remained unfinished . He sat in Rascal as he looked at the glazed shiny marbled terrace,  which bounced back the consistent spit and drizzle of rain as opposed to the earlier downpour.

He smiled with lowered eyes , but he searched for her from the corner of his eyes , she had trailed  behind him but he could make out her svelte form. "Nakku" he called his head twisted backwards slightly. She heard his needful cry and quickened her steps and stood before him. He raised his narrow keen eyes upon this  novel piece of armoury! that he had never handled or tested in his life before!. His powerful yet captivated obsessive looks set off from the tips of her fair toes that peeped at him from underneath her olive green French chiffon sari. He breathed quietly ,as his eyes journeyed up her  curvy thighs  which  stood helplessly trapped underneath her flimsy beeghi sari. His lips curved shly as for a brief second his pupils settled  at the soft flat light skinned belly, concealed yet revealed by the drenched sari. His face became flushed and his stubble cheeks burnt as his passionate eyes trailed up to her navel which previewed from behind the wet sheer of her pallu, he held his breathe as he noticed the water bubble trapped in her  belly button , and his top bow shaped lip quivered into a smile!  His palms that lay on Rascal's arm rests ached to feel this piece of lethal weapon! for  he  Dutta all his  life always felt part by part the cold metal encasement and shape of his gun or pistol! But here all he could do was to sit and watch this piece of pure genius! without feeling it!  He bit his lower lip back into his mouth in obscured disappointment. Yet his restless searching eyes toured up to the lightly covered elevations of her bosom, delineated by the depth of her cleavage. The soldier in him was never too from him, for he experienced the same disciplined thrill of checking Nakku out in this highly romanticised vision! look but not to be used till orders granted by high command . He took a deep breathe as he rocked his head a little and rolled his eyes as if in a dream , and rubbed his long fine fore fingers against the thumbs ,but his gaze permanently resided on the smooth polished  slim line piece of  war head! A thrill ran in him as desperation possessed him in want to hold the weapon! Which was  there in front of him but still remained unobtained!

"Saab" he heeded to her soft voice  ,hmmm  he snapped out of his wild desires  and lifted his  soulful eyes and rested them on her striking face. Her face and neck had tendrils of spiralled   wet hair sticking to her jaw line and a few ran down  and lay stuck to her fair slender vase like neck.  Her French roll loosely sagged and sat at the side of her neck. Dutta compressed his lips in a slant and folded one arm up and gawped her with his lion like eyes. She suggested "Saab under challo, we are both soaked! He screwed his mouth and a crease set between his eyebrows ,but his eyes  flickered as he replied "I haven't  inspected you out in a sari, abhi he to sare din me time mila hai check karne ka ke tu kasise dekhite hai Nakku!  "Pun Saab !take a look at yourself, you're half naked and you'll catch your death iss barishish mein"  Dutta brushed his palm in disagreement. "nehin hum abhi under nahi ja rahain hain! now shut up woman! aur pas ah meray. She was edgy ,he looked menacing bare chested, wet,  Baapa he had just proposed to her Baapa kuch bhi kar sakta hai! she held her folded arm against her chest ,he coiled  his mouth only to part his lips and called out to her "challe ab ah bhi ja! ya door se dekhti rahe gi mujhe! itna jaddo  chala diya hai teray Saab na tera uphar! He replied with a broad smile as he scraped his moustache along his upper lip. She approached him as he sat like a king on Rascal's lap but he gazed upon her with lustrous eyes and lifted his hand and held  out his broad palm to her as he looked into her eyes pleadingly to her ,she blushed and placed her tiny soft hand into his palm. He pulled her a little towards him, stretched his arm to her shoulder to release her soaked pallu  which gravitated towards the floor ,much to his delight!

He sat as she stood before him her flat belly bare while her ember coloured blouse flaunted her figure in his face. He held his breathe, mesmerised by her sylph like beauty, his eyes roved over her cleavage and she blushed profusely ,with a touch of fright as she recalled his previous fury at encountering even the its faintest revelation . She briskly brought her hands against her chest, as she dreaded his approaching wrath he shook his folded hand " chor de! aaj aise hi rahne de Nakku, koi zaroorat nehi pallu ki, aaj assi he chalega"!  he said hoarsely with narrowed eyes.

Aroused by her sight he whirred Rascal towards her and she backed slowly away from him on the wet terrace floor. He revved a little and veered her to the direction of the wet swing, brought Rascal close enough that almost forced her to sit down on one end of the swing and then braked Rascal.  He looked at her as she sat nervously on the swing , he twisted his mouth to one side and his eyes danced with mirth the woman was so frightened of him that she was trying slowly to pull her pallu across her bosom, he jerked his head  slowly looked up and  got hold of the chain of the swing and sat at the other end as he gazed at her in silence. None of them spoke, but each waited for the other to initiate, finally Dutta  gently pushed her by the shoulder into a semi reclined position. He looked down at her longingly ,while she lifted her soft hand to  fell his prickly cheek. Dutta knew she was willing and he bent down upon her and buried his face on her moist neck moving the wet tendrils of her hair with his nose , she trembled with fright and tried to push his heavy shoulder off her he pulled his head from her neck and shoved her hand off his shoulder with his head and growled "don't stop me Nakku! not today of all the days! don't and he brought his face back to her soft neck as she put her arms around his wide sturdy bare shoulders and stroked his  smooth skin. Nakku! he groaned passionately for this was the first time for both of them, of being so close to the opposite gender . Dutta pulled the skin off her neck again and she slapped him on his bare back .He stopped his action after the smack and pulled back a little to feast his eyes on her face and he caught her eyes and lips both smiling at his hair that lay in a funny fringe on his fore head! Unconcerned about why she smiled, he placed his palm across her beautiful face and traced his middle finger from her fore head ,to her nose to lips, all the way down to her smooth neck . He checked on her ease and carried on tracing his finger down to the hollow of her bosom where his finger stopped. He turned his face away and looked down into her eyes with tenderness while his hand stroked her flat belly, he ran his finger around the belly button which had earlier sparked some amusement in him, quite naturally his palm travelled to the tucked in pleats of her sari..her hand promptly stopped him and he lifted himself from her and turned to her with naughty looks and slightly creased eye brow ,does she actually think I am that desperate he thought! "Kya hoya? he asked in innocence. "Saab choru mujhe ! she said nervously, and got up from the swing within seconds. Dutta too, bit his lip gripped the chain of the swing hauled and balanced himself on slightly apart feet. His damp trousers clung to his strong muscular limbs. His torso wide and defined flaunted a bare chest symmetrically matted with black curled hairs that began from under the dip of his  gullet, spread  under his clavicles, converging all the way  in a single line down his trunk. Nakku saw and lowered her eyes bashfully. He stood tall menacingly his hands posted on either sides of his waist and with a stiffened jaw he gave her a cold stare.  "kyon rukha tu na mujhe Nakku"? he said huskily and she cowered in fright. No not today Bappa please , aaj nehi Bappa ,its only today he has committed  himself to me!  Overcome by this thought she fell before him with folded knees her head held back to look into his eyes "Saab she said "narazz ho mujhese", he bent down his knees which held his taut thighs and leaned over her upturned face, the face he was a million times smitten by and his hands griped her elbows that held his knees and gently pulled her up to her feet as he whispered,"teri jagha udher nehi hai Nakusha ,meray dil mei hain" he encircled her graceful body in his muscular arms and placed his prickly pout on the top her head. She placed her soft warm palms across his chest and he squeezed her closer to draw her warmth. She shifted her hands from his chest to his handsome face and looked up at his hair that still stood stuck to his wide forehead in a wet fringe ,she combed back his fringe with her fingers and pushed it back from his forehead. She smiled cheek to cheek and he caught her look "what the hell are you smirking at woman, joker dekh raha hoon kya? ,she took a deep breathe "nehin  bilkul Johnny Depp dekh rahoo ap! especially that pout! and she traced her finger around his compressed lips, he caught her hand and lowered his head and spoke into her eyes "so shall I show you in Johnny Depp style what Dutta can do, and better with his pout ! woman" ?and he moved his parted lips toward her lips , but she put her palm against his hot lips "no! abhi nehi" he pushed her away "chal  bas under chal ! bloody teaser!",he raged...

He sat in Rascal and headed towards his open bedroom door , but midway he caught glimpse of her lithe  form in her bheegi sari again and the soldier/lion game instinct was once again aroused in him. She stopped when he stopped, and looked at his half naked body seated royaly on his throne watching her intently ,scheming  and she had a rough idea soldier boy hadn't finished yet.  "Nakku Iam cold" he said softly, dangling the bait to her, as he hugged his rounded muscular  shoulders. She smiled unsuspectingly and he grabbed the opportunity ,hoisted himself in Rascal and gently ushered her on to his lap. She giggled as she saw his completely besotted look..the surrendered lion "mujhe kap kappi ho rehi hai or thujhe hunshi sooj rahi hai pagal aurat"! he growled. Nakku bit her lip in mock remorse and put her hands on his chest! her so very favourite spot on his body and rubbed his hairy chest with vigour for a few seconds ,he  ummed in delight and while she continued, he got hold of her fallen damp pallu corner with his long slender fingers and brought it around to cover his head encapsulating both her and himself underneath the olive green chiffon sheer canopy! In the privacy, he bent his head forward to gaze at her coy face and slowly brought his ready to kill part open lips draw close to her trembling lips ,he breathed heavily into her  face, but he couldn't ignore the slow tremor of her shoulder in his encircled arm ,his hot burning lips were only a millimetre away from her parted lips ,the moment stood .However, Dutta could not overlook the feel that his prey trembled and he tucked in his upper bow shaped lip as she moved back from him ,her eyes pleaded as she stuttered him" abhi nehin Saab" his eyes welled up in objection "tu phir kab Nakku! ,kab"? .She flung her arms around his neck seeing his hopeless desolation and kissed his neck and she cried "abhi nehi Saab". Dutta accepted her plea, it was tough, but he would never take what he wanted desparately, if his first and only woman was unwilling!. He bent down his head instead in resignation and placed his passionate lips on her supple neck and  planted a mean love bite on the nape of her neck with his lips and teeth. Owwh! she winced "that hurt Saab" she said squeezing his bicep, "acha hai tera sat mujhe aise he karna chaiya,, bahut bhaww khate hai tu Nakku" he moaned . He started Rascal  with her, still  perched on his lap ,wanting his love! but afraid! and whirred back to the shelter of his bedroom.

No way did he feel his advances were rejected tonight, for tonight was only about her. Dutta the woman you are marrying is certainly one who needs to be honoured and respected, he thought...


The rain had cleared all doubts in Dutta's mind his decision was given a shape and he embraced life with focussed resilience. Once exercised, dressed and groomed he reached for his phone. " "yes hi Lauren, can you get some crutches sorted out for me please" yep its Dutta and I've thought about your suggestion and decided to go ahead it with, if I may". "Oh that's brilliant Major you won't regret it, but what made you change your mind" Lauren asked, "oh I was getting fed up of sitting on my backside and suddenly to be able to walk with my loved ones seems  paramount to me, but tell me Lauren how soon can you get this sorted and what can I do? do I turn up to the hospital?" Dutta asked. "Tell you what Major, as luck would have it I have just  received a spanking new stock of arm cuff crutches ,if you want I could bring them over to your house for a trail and fit, what do you reckon? Oh Lauren that would be super so done and I'll expect you in a few hours confirmed Dutta.

The family sat engaged in early morning idle chat as they anticipated their breakfast. Dutta arrived smiling subtly, dressed in his sabre brown pathiani. He whirred towards his Aye to seek her blessings and then parked Rascal at his usual head of the table place. His eyes shifted keenly looking for her. Oh heck! he hoped he hadn't frightened the girl into hiding, with his full on charge last night. He looked up at the people around the table, as he  suppressed a sniffle. He fumbled in his pocket and pulled out a tissue to dab his nose. " Bhau main ye sooch raha hoon kay I fancy a career change, I am bored with business now, declared Suds, Baji who sat opposite him looked alarmed as he glanced at Dutta . "What exactly did you have in mind Sudarshan"  demanded Dutta as he sipped his orange juice. "Well Bhau I thought perhaps join the army! replied Suds. Baji who sipped his cranberry juice choked at his this utterance and desperately tried to cover his mouth from exploding into a cackling laugh. Dutta shook his head gently and focussed his piercing narrow eyes on Suds, "which area would you consider then? questioned Dutta. "Mujhe tu itna nehi pata Bhau aap hi baat do qualification or grading". Dutta placed his palms flat on the table and soberly carried on " Sudarshan the minimum qualification you need to have for being a commissioned officer is a degree to say the least, then there is the gruelling selection process, if selected further training at the Military school. Once it's over then one is assessed and depending on the marks obtained one is than assigned to areas of the Land forces". "Ye he tu Bhau which are the areas?... well Dutta said as he stopped to sip his juice usually the candidates with top marks go to the armoured core, the infantry and the artillery cores. The rest , provided they have a decent pass are sent to signals and supplies.  Suds got excited and nearly jumped out of his seat giving a toothy smile gums and all.. "Bhau bas ap  mujhe supplies mein recommend kar do ? Baji looked at Kishore who took was trying to stile his laughter. Dutta glared at Baji as he continued to reply to Suds.. waise Sudarshan thumara  pas degree hai na ? Dutta confirmed Baji choked  and Aye chided Baji ghap Baji ho ! . Sudarshan put off by Dutta's question admitted "nehin Bhau degree tu apun ki pas nehi hai?.. Dutta fired the final question or "ek baat hai Sudasrshan ke cadet binay key leya umar 18 se 22 years honi chaheya tu.. Dutta looked at Sud tum... suds" samjhe gaye mein Bhau matlaab ke koi chance nehi hai he" surmised dejectedly. Dutta pulled his mouth at one corner and squared his shoulders and declared" nahin Sudarshan voluntary kum hai agar thume karna hai ! every one laughed around at a highly embarssed Suds . Dutta rolled his eyes in desperation where the hell is she .. Nakku came out of the kitchen and Dutta sipped his orange and narrowly took in her details. She was dressed in a scarlet Chinese collared tight fitted shirt with her slim arms completely covered in full sleeves which ended in a v shape near her wrists. He gazed at the simplistic beauty of her attire with a red churridar pyjama and a twisted starched chunni hung around her neck , he smiled yes she didn't need to cover any thing today, he approved of her sedate look. She came to his side and stretched her arm across him as she placed his finely cut sandwiches . He sneaked a sideways glance at her face with few stray wisps of hair flying free from a loose plait hanging at the side of neck. He saw her as she moved forward to serve Baji and was horrified to note that as she leaned forward her loose plait dangled and revealed a two inch purple mark  running across her  fair neck. Dutta nearly choked on his bitten sandwich as he recalled how the bruise got there in the first place and prayed she would straighten up fast before any one noticed and questioned her about the glaring mark. Ummh Nakku he said "woh orange can I have some please" she looked up at him and he signalled with his eyes and raised eye brow for her to come by his side as she leaned to reach out for his glass which he deliberately arranged at the far end of his place so she could stretched across him to reach it ,he whispered when she stretched across him" cover the mark on your neck Nakku . She with drew and smiled nervously and coiled her chunni around her neck ,and Dutta blushed shyly . Aye Saab looked up at Nakku as she continued to serve "Nakku aaj to tu bahut sunder lag rehi hai, assi sundar tu ek aurat, do hai suratoon mein naazar ati hai ,pheli jab us ki neyi neyi shaadi hoi ho, Nakku and Dutta both blushed ye phir wo maa bani wali ho". Dutta almost choked again!  "yeh phir us aurat ko kisi se pyar hogaye ho, aye Sahib", Baji added in. Dutta tried to stop a sneeze and that very moment, Nakku 's nose felt ticklish too and both of them  sneezed together as all  at the  at the table sat stared at first and then broke into laughter. Naku moved away from the table apologetically and Aye traced her gaze on the pair of them "ye kya hum dekh rehi hain tum dono ko ek saat he cheenkien aa rahi hain saab teekh tu hain na"... Dutta ran brushed his knuckle over his top lip and looked up at Nakku his eyes challenging her to answer Aye's question. She smiled and bit her lip twisting the hanging end of her chunni...


Lauren arrived as she said she would Baji jumped up to greet her "kya baat hai Lauren tum tu ekdum  chakas dekh rehi ho"',his eyes roved on her white low rise straight cut jeans and blue checked cotton layered look blouse with short sleeves and press stud fastening. Lauren smiled at Baji's over exuberance ,while Dutta cleared his throat  as a warning to Baji. Lauren greeted Dutta in her usual manner by putting her arms around his neck, bent her self hugging and planted a kiss on his cheek. Dutta  twitched a little and caught Nakku taking in the sight  and give her a very tiny wink ,which she ignored by turning her face the other way ".my favourite army man and my bestest patient how are you Major"? waiting for  you Lauren and the stuff said Dutt . Baji offered shall I get the stuff? Lauren noddeded and off Baji went with Rahman .They came back with cardboard boxes.  By now every one from Dutta's family had gathered to greet Lauren and be involved with the proceeding.  Lauren took charge and smiled at every one because she believed in patient family involvement.  The others sat down on sofas and chairs as Lauren said ok Baji you can help me unravel the wares that I bring. She said now Aye saab just to remind you all  on the basis of the home asessement I declare that Dutta is able to balance and even manipulate his muscles of the right leg therefore he would not require  crutch for the right leg , however  since his he left leg stilll requires stability it is assessed that he be given a crutch to support his left side . but it is recommended strongly that he for the start use both crutches. A perplexed Baji confirmed with Lauren so does that mean that  Bhau will  use one the complete pair ?Lauren smiled  yes.  Dutta  much relived to hear about his  positive condition looked on with keen interest as Baji undid he packing for the box. He pulled out the  pair of crutches now this here is a double adjusutable cuff crutch.. This crutch is designed for either short term or long-term use. It has an orthopedic handle for user comfort, and the forearm cuffs are vinyl coated. Adjustments to the handgrip and the cuff height can be made independently. Major if you stand up I'll show you where this cuff goes and  Dutta's put it around his lower bicep , "yes that's correct Major", what's the distance between the cuff or arm band  to the  handle asked Dutta ..well Lauren said its 18-25cm., and the distance from the handle to the round Laren enquired Dutta , well that's 66-92 cm and that's where the speciality of the cuff crutch comes in Major that you can adjust this according to your own body measurements that ensure comfort . Also the maximum user weight it can take is 127 kg, this here the ferrule size is 22 mm. Now try the other one as well and tell me do you find it comfortable? . "This is actually not how I envisaged them to be" declared Dutta ,I know your'e thinking of the old style ones where you had to position them in the armpits! laughed Lauren and everyone else nodded in recollection.   "Okay now this tricky bit is how to use them remarked Lauren  yes replied Dutta looking a bit uncoordinated as he stood there on his feet but still held by these aids. Before that can I add that  they are superbly designed, the handles of these crutches have an over moulded handle that helps reduce shock and provides additional comfort.The texture of the handle prevents the hand from slipping, giving the user additional confidence. Dutta feels the equipment and Baji comes to examine them as well. Nakku stood at a distance and watched her man's tall figure supported by the elbow cuff crutches and he suddenly looked up at her way as he sought her reassurance, she smiled her approval with a gentle nod and Dutta's lip stretched into a broad smile showing everyone his approval. Aye came forward and held his face in her palms and kissed his forehead ,Dutta too became dewy eyed. He caught sight of an emotional Baji, and cocked his head with a consoling look to Baji's way. Dutta stood ready and waiting in military fashion." Ok major now I am pleased to see that you are wearing non slip well fitted shoes and clothes that won't interefere with clutch walking .Dutta lowered his head and smiled for his good sense. Now continued Lauren some safety tips when Dutta uses an area, it should area have a clear path way without wires, throw rugs ,so Nakku and every one else, Lauren continued you have to ensure all the following also, no wet or slippery surfaces.  "Okay shall I start than? Dutta called impatiently yess  gosh you're keen . Baji and Rahmaan jump to his side as a precautionary measure but he nods his head slowly . "ok Major let me see you stand straight  no look ahead, rather at your feet "instructed Lauren. "Now walk using short strides ". Dutta looked up at his mother who nodded and then over to the love of his life who reassured him with her wide doe eyes. Dutta attempted short strides, the corners of his mouth pulled down with a  creased concentration perched between his eye brows, Nakku held her palm to her bosom to still her palpitating heart . Lauren called out as he  continued his journey, "keep the crutches near your sides Major ,yes that's right near your rib cage".  He plodded on as he bore the weight of his body on both his strong arms between the cuffs and hands which pressed on the hand grips of the crutches.  While everyone gave him a resounding applaud he walked towards his mother who moved forward to hold her son "jagdambay jagdambay!" Dutta with tears lodged in his eyes gave his mother a hug, while still he strongly held on to the handles of crutches. Now  Major and every one else a few more safety tips. Check the crutch screws often and tighten if need be. Check your crutch tips for wear, and replace worn tips; also check crutch arm bands and hand grips padding is secure . Dutta nodded as he looked at Baji and Rahman , who Dutta expected to oversee this instruction.

Triggered by energy  and military precision in all walks of life Dutta  moved both his crutches  his weak left leg forward 6-8 inches forward, then with furrowed brow and flashing eyes brought his stronger right leg forward, bearing  most of his weight on the crutches like Lauren had commanded. He carried on doing this practise, going to members of his family.Nakku clutched the sides of her shirt tightly as she fought the immense desire to run to him and hug him tightly around his waist. He felt her heart call and he walked towards her as everyone looked. He stood before her his narrow lion like eyes burning" kuch bola gi nehi aaj"  he whispered longingly "mei kya bolo Saab aap sab janta hain , bus yehi ka sab Bappa ki meher banne hai  she replied as she gazed into his eyes " aur tera pyar Nakku, tera pyar" he confirmed  with his parted lips.  "Okay you two enough of the love scene! please joked Lauren and Baji went owwh in disappointment ."Now Major called Lauren if you walk this way to the stairs and show me how your are likely to climb the stairs", Rahman alerted himself , but Dutta nodded vehemently and said loudly for all to hear , "I have to try this myself please everyone just trust me" , he twisted his head and  gave Nakku an assuring nod.  He stepped up with the strong leg, followed by his crutch and weaker left leg.  He continued further up  as he concentrated. Okay major stop now and turn. Lets see if you can descend the stairs. He nimbly stepped down with the crutches and his weaker leg ,while everyone stood watching him  with baited breathe . Nakku thought she was going to faint and took a deep breath  oh Bappa  she prayed inside keep him safe! Dutta pumped with adrenalin and military style resilience ,gradually followed with his stronger leg.  He continued to descend smiling saying  "the good goes up ,the bad goes down" Baji broke into his jerky dance "dhinchak dhincahak" clapping his hands like a clown!  Aye warned "Lauren ye to theekh hai par Dutta ko tum sumjha do ke jab tak  woh ye theekh se nehi kar pata  maadat ke sahara layi".  Dutta screwed his nose a little and said with bravado "  you  know mum's Lauren,  they worry" "no Major Lauren snubbed him, you listen to me ! get Rahman to help you until you are comfortable climbing stairs "and she looked at Rahman decisively.  Dutta headed towards the sofa ,"I want to try sitting down  now Lauren " and he used his common sense when he neared close to the sofa, and supported his crutches in one hand, placed his firm broad palm on the armrest of the sofa , and lowered his body with his other hand into a sitting position. He get another round of loud cheers and claps and he looked at Nakku who giggled from afar and he pulled his compressed mouth to one side of his chin pleased at her reaction!  "Okay that's brilliant Major  lets see how get up now". Dutta held both crutches in one hand, placed the tips of the crutches firmly on the floor, pushed himself up on the arm rest of the sofa with his free hand and supported himself on the crutches.

Finally he advanced his right crutch and left foot forward at the same time , moved his  left crutch and right foot at the same time and started his proper crutch walk . Every body clapped and Lauren beamed and reminded ever one "he will always be my star patient, a success story indeed Major Dutta Patil!  Baji saw his opportunity and jumped up  and grabbed Rascal's handles " ab haat aya hai tu saala, meri jagga lenay challa tha tu Bhau ki zindagi mein... ab tu dekh ! and he pointed a finger at the seat ..saala tu dekh Baji rao Patil tere uphar baeth jai ga ..aur assa baeth ga ki teri tu... and jumped up and pounced on Rascal's lap!  Dutta turned  his head around suddenly ,while talking to Lauren as he heard the start button to his beloved Rascal  "BAJI! CHOR Rascal ko nechay uthar abhi ke  abhi! But Baji took no heed and raced Rascal in and out of the spaces cackling like a demented soul! Every one laughed and cheered while Dutta looked in  horror and walked towards Baji jetting around ."BAJI tu rokta hai ya tera sar pa ye crutch phenkoon main! and Dutta not caring for his right leg yanked off the arm cuff of the crutch and held it high like a javelin ready to nail Baji!  Baji slowly came towards Dutta and parked Rascal in front of him   "kya Bhau! kitne dino ka baad aaj he to chance mila hai Rascal se dosti ker ne ka! He said sheepishly as he scratched his head . Dutta looked down at him and smiled as he jerked his head and Baji leapt up and hugged Dutta with tears in his eyes.. Aye Shahib wiped a tear with the corner of her pallu as she saw her two sons in a memorable embrace!   

 Aye and the rest of the family walked with Dutta toward's Bappa's statue to offer thanks, while they walked Dutta turned his head towards Nakku and with flashing eyes and slightly arched eye brows ordered her to come by his side ,she obeyed, bit her lip shly and stood beside him as she looked at his broad shoulders.  He joined his hands, his crutches held close to his ribs ,he felt her stare along with her body's warmth and he gently moved his face and his  slanted eyes spoke to her in silence tera Bappa na hi tu  humein milya hai Nakku .Dutta glanced at his mother, as he seriously considered that he would have to inform her about his decision to marry!  Nakku.  Aye offered veneration and all were at peace.


 The peace was smashed by the BGs voice mixed with unfamiliar voices  which implored to see Dutta Bhau and AYE!.  Baji ran instinctively towards the commotion area in the lounge, followed by Aye Dutta and the rest. On seeing Aye the weeping men ran towards her wailing "Aye sab hum to barbad ho gaye!  described one man, shortly the rest echoed the plea ! Dutta walked towards them slowly supported by his crutches and stood before them his face austere and firm  his ears could hear supplications  and his eyes cold distinguish these men were no strangers . His face softened as he recognized that these were his people ,"kaka shaant ho jain aur aram se batien kya hoya hai?..   the men cried "Bhau ap humara saath abhi ke abhi chalo aur dekho is Mumbai ka dhamaka ne humari zindagi mein kya kiya hai.  Dutta flashed his eyes and hollered at "Baji get the frigging pigaro out Baj! now right away! and get me the damn phone some one he shouted as his body shook ,he took a deep breath and addressed the men " kaka agga bolo"..Bhau Patil Wadi mein kem se kham  6 kandandhan hain jink ke bete , bhai, ye pati , Zaveri bazaar  mein kam kerte the! Wo ghar tu barbad ho giya ne .. Dutta calmed them "kaka ap wapis jaaein , main aur Aye Shaib abhi atay hein us elake  mein ,he assured.  The men folded their arms and wiped their tears and made their way out, having achieved what they came for. Dutta mused objectively ,that he had known about the Mumbai attack but as such could not  have done much in the situation, unless the high command had ordered him to do so. He knew the rules, the armed forces maintain silence, unless ordered active participation in the event of war ,natural disaster or a state of emergency, by the ruling party itself or by chief of Command.  He moved towards the sofa and gradually sat down with one of his crutches between his legs.  He fumed internally, that may be very well but these were his people his own people .Nakku brought the phone to him and sat down beside him on the sette. He ignored her and pressed the digit keys " yes hello switch board Major Dutta here put me through to Brigadier  Parekh please.. he waited as he bit his lip and looked at his nails . Nakku put her hand on  knee to assure him "Sir! Dutta here sir!  needed your pesrmission sir, well sir I have just had a visit from 4 very traumatized men from  Patil Wadi ,sir there are people from my area that have suffered loss of loved ones in the spate of recent  Mumbai attacks,  and I wanted to inform you officially or unofficially as you deem fit for my records, that I will be leaving shortly to visit those families.  No sir! I will not be going there in official uniform, yes sir ! I do understand that the press is likely to give messages of the army involvement in the  aftermath of the bombings. Absolutely sir,  I have decided they are my people and me and my family will do  anything to comfort and console these grieving families. Yes sir,  my Aye will be going with me as well ,I guess you are right sir for the older generation ,she will stand as a reminder of my father. Thank you so much sir . Sir! said Dutta, and saluted his  boss from where he was sitting!

Baji , Dutta, Aye made way towards the car. Dutta looked sideways at Nakku as he was about to disappear, she looked so forlorn as she stood there ," safaed chunni la le, aur ah ja toh bhi saat" he said with narrow eyes and a pout. She ran up the stairs to get the white chunni. Dutta sat in front with Baji, all his previous celebratory spirit had gone the drain as he looked at the road ahead and folded one arm up near his chest his long slender fingers half opened.

They arrived at their destination, groups of children and people crowded around the car, until Baji parked, and  one of the men who came to inform Dutta opened the door of the car. As people saw Dutta, they lurched and pushed onwards to grab his crutches and offered their shoulders for him to encircle and walk with them. Others jostled and stretched to feel his arms as he folded his hands above his fore head. One man instructed the crowd to give him way and Nakku got down beside him and gave him the crutches as he put them on .Aye disembarked as well .. Dutta looked at his people with deep affection as he acknowledged them with a stoic look. But this was short lived as he was disturbed by baleful cries of a wailing middle aged woman her hair scattered to show her grief. She stood before Dutta and bent her fingers before him woh mera  eklauta beta tha Bhau  jo kam dhoonte dhoonte Mumbai gaya tha saal phelay .. hay Ram kam bhi mela tu us bazzar mein ek sunyaar ke pas karigeri ka ,she beat her chest, ab woh nehi raha  mera baacha! Siraf unees saal ka tha ! abhi kuch ursa phelay  lagan hoya tha use ka ..she beat her chest! Ye dekho Bhau us ki lugai maa bane wali hai Hai hai !the woman screamed  Dutta pulled his mouth down as deep lines formed on both sides of his pronounced nose his face quivered  at the pitiful sight and his eyes filled up with tears, which he to swallowed as he moved his head backwards His lips trembled as he put his hand on the young girls head and with a faltered voice said "tera Bhau abh hai behan, baache ka sara khercha mein athoon ga zindagi bher". Nakku who had covered her head with the white chunni brought  bit of the chunni to cover her eyes which were crying. Dutta took a deep breath and said "mausi aur koon hai ap ki ghar mein kamane karna wala?  "bas ye chotta beta hai Bhau 17 saal ka ! "to abhi ke liya is ko kaam pe main lagoan ga ,Dutta looked at  Baji , who  nodded.  Another man brought a crying woman with her soondur smeared across her fore head, Dutta dreaded what he was going to hear it was the same sight he saw when he was a young lad ,a vulnerable woman left alone to fend for herself ,before he completed his thought, she pushed three children in front of her, a little boy with three older sisters. Dutta sniffed at the sight and almost lost his balance as he shook and Nakku encircled his waist swiftly with one arm and held on to his shoulder he bent his head and whispered to her "mein theek ho Nakku"  but as she looked into his smarting eyes, she knew what he was reminded off and her heart ached for him . He regained his balance to face the broken  widow , "Bhau she sobbed in her palms "mera pati Zaveri bazzar mein do saal se kam kar raha tha, is hafta us ne ghar wapis choote ke liya anna tha  bachoon se milna.. ab thu.. milan kbhi nehi ho ga !his eyes trailed to the  children who stood there staring up at this big man with crutches in a sabre brown pathaini! .He put his hand on the head of the little boy and smiled at him ,then turned to the mother "kisi baat ke chinta maat karna aap Dutta in theenon baachoon ka zima laeta hai , the woman turned to Aye  and said "baray nasseb wala hain ap Aye jo ap ne Bhau jaise beta ko janam diya hai ,Bhagwaan kere Dutta Bhau ki  ke maan ki her murad puri hoi  ...there where other families with financial problems like rent, day to day food ration supplies. Dutta looked behind for Nakku , spread his legs and nudged her to hold the crutches for a while. He lifted his arms and spread his palms towards his people jo aap ne ghoya hai Dutta wapis tu nahi la saakta , per ap ka dukh saroor samajah sakta hai ,aur ye mera  waada hai ki mera bas mein jo hooga mein zarror karoon ga ap ki liya , baki and he pointed to the men who came to his house ap kaka ko apna maslaa baat sakte hain  , aur Baji sa rabta kar sakta hain apnay massalay ke bara mein. He joined his hands in namaste and people called out Dutta Bhau ,humara Bhau. He turned towards Nakku and she put her arm around his waist and he put her arm around her shoulder and with his spare hand fumbled for the surface of the back seat of his car, and gradually lifted his legs one at a time and sat on the back seat. Nakku went around and slid across the back seat and sat beside him he looked ahead with a grave expression. Aye sat next to Baji in front and they drove home in silence. 

Dutta thought he was going to speak to Aye about him and Nakku but to night he would abandon the idea ,his spirit was troubled...


At last he was in the privacy of his room,  he used his crutches to sit at the edge of his bed as he held his head in his hands. He could let go now , the images, the voices, the weeping ,the utter desolation of humans at one stroke of fate he had witnessed .. broke him and he cried in his palms as his shoulders shook. Nakku came in and sat on the floor with her hand on his knee "Sssaab she whisper ap ro reha ho,kya? ,he sniffed, she knew he was broken she got up and sat on the bed beside him ,and put her and on his shoulder.  Dutta, loosened up slightly by her touch and sank on to her lap . Nakku he went aj mera dil bahat udas ha ,seeing all those people suffering by the drastic change in their lives. To see the children who lost their father through no fault of their own, to see the young girl  carrying her dead husband's child... he clung to her knee aj tera Saab tera liye bhi fikar mand hai ke agar mujhe... she covered his soft burning lips with her palm" kuch maat bolo Saab" .. and she bent to kiss his head, but a certain fear gripped them..  he straightened up and showed the desire to lie down on his bed she slid to the other side of his bed so he could lie down. He lay down with his one arm folded beneath his head and looked at her side ways as she sat crossed leg on the other side of his bed he reached out for her hand and placed it on his chest . "Nakku aaj meray pas edher he sau jaa mujhe ekla maat chor,tera Saab ko teri zaroorat hai Nakku! , she looked at him, he was in pain  she could see, but to be with him in his room the whole night was not acceptable not in her eyes or in her beloved Bappa's eyes, but for now it was best not to argue with his anguish. She leaned forward to comb his hair back from his fore head, stroking him, watching his eyes swim lethargically  .. and finally  her hand still on his chest she gently shuffled back to the edge of his bed and gently removed her hand from his chest and tiptoed away from the room, in one final move she picked up his crutches and lay them  together at the  edge of his bedside side on the floor. He looked like a baby with one arm tucked under his head, she turned off his bedside lamp ,and before leaving bent and brushed his cheeks with her lips, he stirred and pulled his arm from under his head and rolled over his side breathing heavily.. she left his room Bappa please look after this man with a golden heart.. my Saab! be continued Hamlet 22.7.11

Precap: " Baji! Roops complained" Bhau tumhara dost hai us se ,zikar tu karo is baat ka"...

The continuation of the rain sequence was a request from some readers, however the phrase "bheegi sari" came up from Missy to whom I dedicate this UP, and also to a certain person who refers to herself as "shy and quiet"... well hammie hopes you can feel the soldier in Major Dutta!    

























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krishaa Senior Member

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Posted: 22 July 2011 at 3:33am | IP Logged

hey hammie wonderful update just loved it .the comic part sudarshan wiling to join army but the part that influenced  me more was attack at zaveri bazaar you know my jijaji lost his two best friends in that attack he now often cry when he mention's the attack and the condition of his friend he lost his two hands and died on the spot.the most horrible scene he had seen in his whole life.i just pray god give strength to those who lost their loved ones in that attack.thanks for update and pm.thanks a lot.Smile

now my demand please make dutta marry nakku soon please or atleast engagement.precap sounds fishy i hope roops is planning to make another girl's entry in dutta's life don't do that please.please unite tasha soon.LOLLOL

Edited by krishaa - 22 July 2011 at 5:29am

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 July 2011 at 3:48am | IP Logged
Again a tantalizing part Hammie...I need to learn from u to give timely updates...i am so fr behind in my FFs...promise i'll try to do justice to them!

As i said a very sweet part..the breakfast scene was good one...loved the joker suds...wanting to get into army!

thanks again 

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nileshni679 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 July 2011 at 4:44am | IP Logged
oh Hammie its was a really lovely Embarrassedand long update but enjoyed each and every part of it. was wanting Dutta to announce his decision of getting married to Naku. Pliz do that soon.

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 July 2011 at 4:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shilpita87

Again a tantalizing part Hammie...I need to learn from u to give timely updates...i am so fr behind in my FFs...promise i'll try to do justice to them!

As i said a very sweet part..the breakfast scene was good one...loved the joker suds...wanting to get into army!
yes I enjoyed doing this bit .. and oh so typicals of Suds wanting to do Supplies ,you see udher he can do edher ka maal udher and vice a versa ... waise Shil I also enjoyed Baji's bit on Rascal ,of recent in WU there is so much about him ..all bull  tu I wanted to delve in the good old days... which of course will never return... have you heard hat song laaga ja galay... the bit shayaad is janam mein... the chemistry between Mish/Mah... haia   ..Cry   thanks for your comment pal... waiting for PI... when ever...for me its the main course rememberBig smile xxxhammie 

thanks again 

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-Azy- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2011 at 5:23am | IP Logged

Beautiful update Hammieee…. Embarrassed


Loved the naughty side of dutta..Blushing v v steaming n romantic update i must sayTongueBlushingBlushing

And now major on clutches…Wink  soon he will walks on his own too..Approve


Thanks for the update n for the Pm…Embarrassed


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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 July 2011 at 6:05am | IP Logged
lovely update Clap very romantic Embarrassed  and dutta has a golden heart Big smile and his fear for nakku Cry and am disappointed that tasha relationship was not revealed Confused to the family but totally a awsem Clapupdate do next as soon as possible Star

Edited by rrs1391 - 22 July 2011 at 6:06am

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norey Groupbie

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Posted: 22 July 2011 at 6:39am | IP Logged
great update loved the connection of this Dutta to the one in ltl about treating the poor with respect and helping them. nice and naughty romantic Dutta was good.!!  

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