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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 40)

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 6:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by suhana19

Reserved dear hamiee will be back soon Hug
Hey Dear HamieeHug
Iam here finally ...sorry a bit late Embarrassed no you busssy laaady ma'm hammie knows!
Thanx alot for the wonderful update and PMHugLoved it as always yaaraThumbs Up...
So Major Dutta was eave droppin near naku"s roomLOLhe is so in love Embarrassed...Hearing the naku"s convo his temper must be sky rocketted naLOL   yes he hit the roof with his ..never mind su..
So Duji got drunk and our baaji is giving major advice to get engaged ,,,But Gadha wont dnt wanaa confess as feelingsLOL gadha wohi kara ga jo us ka dhamaak bolae ga...Loved baaji here a true friend ...Hug yes wanted to give baji his rightful place in Duttsa's life
Loved Tasha moments and Omg the Fight like Cats and DogsLOL...Haila she gave him back when he asked her about harshad EmbarrassedOur major is no mood to listen ...LOLwanna end there relationship ...Embarrassed,,,,But know it was just temporary  phase ... yes Nakku had to say some thing  .. especially when he was losing it completely and was out of order
Haila he is so bowled over with Naku"s Beauty and simplicity LOL. beauty  tu  cheez hi aisi hai ke a man can be bowled  over aur wo bhi humari Naku jaise..Butdidn"t want to go with naku . was doing complete drama bazzi.! .But then went coz of AS ...Loved there eyelocks and then the ice -breaking btwn them ... was doing complete drame bazzyyy  ..  su  yess! hammie ko pata hai thuje konse  waley scene pasand hainWink soopy wale! mush mushe!

Dont wanna comment on that harshadAngrycan"t stand him   per kyon ,pyar karte hi nakku se 3 saal se.!..But Good Dutta showed him is place and told him to leave the Table ...Wink...  
yes that bit  liked as wel dirty boy smoking at the dining table !

Omg The last part was just Bang on ...Left me breathless i know  ...Loved the song and the way u added the romance and Finallly Yipee he proposedDancingParty...Loved it Heart...Can"t wait for the nxt part yaara ...Wonder what will happened?...Me will wait eagerly ...pls jaldi update karna 
u take care and see ya around    glad you liked the update suhana ..thanks for your colorful comments !  and this dented chappy  koon hai ye waise?  xxhammie

Lots of love and hugs

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mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 6:38pm | IP Logged
jus reread d update...cnt get enough of it... *sigh*... <3

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by daya0628

Reserved...why didnt i see this ...Confused ...will be back after work :D

E d i  t e d ...

H a m m i e ! mein aagai :D chalo...imma read and comment at the same time :P

Chapter 11:
Starts with D riding away in Rascal to meet Baaji but decides to eaves drop on the way my major is very possesive lol...I liked how Naku sensed him but just miss eh ...he left by time she turned to look...Baaji busy with business related paperwork...haha omg D is so right Baaji will find any excuse to drink...but then loved how D is just like botaal nekal.
  marad ka becha hai or rather Sher ka bacha hai ..neat peta hai rocks pe nehi ..he is no less am sure :P Aww our man is kind of out of thoughts of his beloved...and Baaji my man...suggesting he get his saggai done before she leaves. Oh ho...Dutta being all cool and saggai is all bull to him ...says one thing but hearts says another na yes daya over clever bunta hai gadha kehi how Baaji just bluntly states it would only make his Naku his for sure and oush Harshad out of the picture...both arguing about Harshad's feelings...i enjoyed this scene...well written hammie.Big smile..loved the tasha moment here...when he comes by to her room and their little chat...and the way he asks her to drop him to his room. loved the way she he held his arms out for her  ye very childish he can be such a silly sausage ! pata nehin nasha mein tha  bhi ye nehiLOLand she heaved him and both fall over...but she does manage to get off the man as he was in deep drunken stupor lol...but loved the way he called her and she turned back and prayed for him...loved the bit between AS and Baaji...and aww poor guy felt snubbed and unwanted but i would too in that situaiton.Big how he says 'aap chinta na karyan Baji hai abhi...baji kuch na kuch to kerga' ..fear not right :P ... love the very laid back relationship Baaji and Naku have...pure friendship :D yay baaji told i want this all to be set straight...D and N only together...there is no room for a third wheel here yes Baji is doing his bit and he's right  ye dutta tu maddie hai...TaSha convo...liked Nakus behavior here...while he was trying to be cool and flirtly with her...and then he asked her about harshad and she responded with a question...well done ...and omg her out burst...he is using her for time pass..i was like :O ...and then he said same to her omg lol...and god this guy in anger says too much...poor girl not even given a chance to explain herself. OH no she thinks he would cut her out of his life...and man this fight is heating up ...oooh and it reached high point re...breaking the bond?   sara drama hai lovers tiff  its about time kahani mein spanner in the WinkWinkWinkworks*shocked* :O  ...these two are being stupid...but haha they had their first major the coming back together will be sweeter naClap ...I hope so...and stupid Harshad had to land up in their lives ! omg these two i tell u ...not talking to each other...yet the feelings will never change and they will never be able to stay away from each aww she's tidyin up everything and he ends up helping ...quite a softie on the inside softie nehi spoilt brat he needs his back side wacked!...oh there is so much love btwn these two...oh this major sach mein gadha hi hai ...treating her like that esp day of interview...tsk tsk...lekin at the same time he also feels that she would be better in hands of someone with more secured life...aww that scene btwn tasha at the car was hot and the water drinking damn.Embarrassed..wat a moment...they mustve really loved that water ..yaya he wished her best of luck...and like baaji said ice is thawing... lmao oh i love this major..the way he said he minds about Harshad smoking and he ended up leaving the moment LOL loved it...i love Baaji them moments to themself...the car scene was nice too but then again there come that question again  ...hmmm he will just not understand it...she will have to say it straight to him...he knows but he just needs to hear it and am damn sure he will not let it go ...omg hammie...the song sequence was amazing ...well written can imagine it so perfectlyBig smile...and haha like i expected he asked her and she gave him the answer he knew he would love how he says he won  oh yes har waqat. us per war and mind games sawar hota hain..the man needs to go back to the treches it out of he mouth ...OMG he asked her to marry him and she said yes WOOHHHOOO ...yay...and u had to end it here eh ! ...although this was quite a long part...loved it to the core...and sorry...i wrote so much .i loved your feed back sharmilee tim tim!..didnt realize...will keep them shorter and sweeter next time lol...update next part you lots...take with u soon Hug    thankkoo my sharmilee calm daya xxx hammie!

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 7:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by prncz

Hey Hammie ,,this is my 1st read for  today and boy !! what a read !!!Tongue
absolutely enjoyed it , Major Dutta ,, is childish sometimes but at the same time so endearinng too.. drama karta hai the attention seeker , some times i wonder if he;s suffering with ADS.. mummying he wants from nakku , she should give a tight slap on his bum!
so he got drunk and nakku took bajji's class in mmrng she care's for him , na , it is so obvious to all   oh yes and Nakku was dead right healt and safety issue yaar !
Naku bowled every one over , by dressign up in a saree ,, Major saaab was drolling ,,u bet .,
ok , he said he dint want to go , .Really ?  Wink dil pe haat h kar bolo major saab !!!Wink u dint want to leave her alone for a min i bet Wink  yes again drama queen bana hoya hain ,i tell you fauj choor kr Mumbai film industry join ker laye [pun]
harshad ,, ko achi tarah se jagah dikaye Major saabne ,, smoking at the table ? Angry    haan yu theekh hai kahana kay table pa such an obnixious harkeet ... shukar  hai dutta ne tu chamat nehi jama diye!
so finally Major saab heard whnt he wanted to hear from the horses mouth
the scene in the rain was sizzling Hammie absoleutley !sizzling !!  lvoed it    Wink
and OMG finally the proposal Day Dreaming  was  so straight forward ,,just majorlike Day DreamingDay Dreaming  oh yes short and to the point .mission accomplished
absolutley loved it   xx thanksfor your lovely comments rajaaa! hammie
waitign for next hammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 7:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Warda.


Thank you sooo much for this wonderful and long update Hammie Hug
dutta is such a tuff nut yaar...i just cant imagine...what patience naku have got to tolerate his attitude...or i would say she is sooo much in love with him...that she is so fond of pampering him like a kid
Hats off to that girl!!!  sometimes I wonder ke she hasspoilt him ith her Saab SAAB THIS AND THAT..DO DIN CHORE DE USSE TU SEDHA ho jaie ga ye faugi sher!

haww...tasha had their first major clash..though I was very angry at dutta regarding his question about harshad...
but keeping in mind his possessive nature i think even this part was very well can somebody like him
tolerate that his naku was talking to that leech ...or went to meet him without informing him.. yes ye hi tu .. baat nehi chopani chaiya woh bhi from a man like him ho is tranparent by heart but by mind ..mind games play karta hai ..

 LOved baaji a lot...the concern he shows towards dutta and naku as a friend/brother makes me wish everyone should be blessed with a friend like him... Smile
Naku in a sari can so imagine major k dil ka haal...LOL
how was he holding himself...  yes he was very fakely dignified!
Thank God nothing unpleasent happend at the interview trip due to harshad...infact i would say it was not your day kid LOL
poor guy was so frustrated ...Dead harshad deserved it .. besides dutta is watching him big time.waiting for any loop hole .. war game ,the battle is onn only dutta is doing it in is own style!
I liked that drink sharing scene a lot was very cute...what i liked the most was although they had a tiff earlier but they both started again so if both of them know that they just cant let go off each other no matter what happens    phela pyaar hai dona ka ..more so for Dutta jo aurat se miles rahta hai
aww...naku was so eager to know from him that hows she looking...
i guess his reply "kha jaoun ga" was even more hotter  ye probably embarressed at his petty behaviour  he he knows how to fight ..  he was certanly doing the fighting from his side
the brief moment they shared in the car alone was very nice...Embarrassed...thanks to the girls PT skills Big smile
and the last raining part was something else...everytime you take such moments to another level ...very well written...and song selections are killing in every update Day Dreaming thanks warda kne you would be appreciative of the songs
and the proposal...Finally the Man had done it... *dancing* ...yayyy
what a kodak moment it was...Embarrassed
it was so straight forward...just like the way dutta is...
and icing on the cake was the rain and topless dutta and bheegi hui sari main naku...*faints*
but still he brought that question in between...gosh...bohat ziddi bacha hai Big smile thaphar wala hai use mera sai
poor naku had to answer that to make that lil baby happy Embarrassed... yeh all the world love a lover.the way he said he won ...*devil* Big smile
awww...but will she leavefor dera within three weeks...hope she leaves after saagae..
sorry Hammie im bit late with my comment...actually was badly strucked in college today till evening due to preprations of an event...and add to thatheavy rain...gosh it was a tuff day today...still damn tired... no problems ,studies come in first
but thanks to your refreshing update...enjoyed it a lot...
pls update soon...i know like bollywood movies next part will be released on will count the days...thanks for being so consistent ...and giving us a weekly dose of ur brilliant Ff...Embarrassed
lots of Love...stay blessed Hug thanks for your wonderful feed back warda.. loking forward after te next up date! xxx hammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by eternity_of_luv

love it hammieClap
tasha's first fight because of harshad but dutta knows everything just want to hear from her mouth and make her to speak the truth Wink
so dutta proposed nakku greatEmbarrassed
baaji knows everything and help his friends to sort their thingsBig smile
harshad poor guy always have to listen harsh words from major's   mouthLOL
superb fabulous update dearThumbs Up
thanks for pm
  thanks for your comment ranjana  glad that you enjoyed al the bits of the update please keep your comments coming  me waits for them xxxhammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 7:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nakusha

loved it hamlet Smiledutta finally proposed naku ,waiting for the dhamakedar engagement & hoping all the misunderstanding cleared & harshad out of the way ,loved every bit of the story ,update soon dearSmile
   thanks for your comments nakku!   engage ment we'll have to see what happens you know what Dutta is like he is erratic and unpredictable xxx hammie
@ mnx; glad you enjoyed the developments in the story so far xxhammie
@ norey ; thankyou for reading and commenting xx hammie
@ sana; thanks for reading the very long update  you must have dozed off ,just joking..aise as waiting for your reseved comment jal jane de yaar as Mishal would say ... hammie is happy ke you read it xx 

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Subii IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2011 at 7:58am | IP Logged
Dearest Hammie,

First of all sorry for being laapata  and not commenting on the last two chapters.Confused
*looking at hammie with pleading eyes* has been a very busy month at work. but I read all the chapters in instalments whenever I got a little time.Embarrassed
last two chapters were brilliant as always.. what I thought after reading them was why doesn't this man tell her what is in his heart. He loves her but yeh to  bahut bhav kha raha hai..bolta kyon nai dil ki baat..Heart
but this chapter had all i wanted..Smile
wow! superb writing.. I loved all the conversations.. 
Baji-Dutta conversation was a heart to heart dosto ke beech wali conversation where baji gave dutta his piece of mind. He always wants his friend to be happy and he knows that its only nakku whose entry in his life can give him all the happiness in the world and moreover i felt the reason he asked him to get  betrothed with her  coz he somehow could sense a misunderstanding coming up after what that jerk harshad did.May be baji understood that harshad was trying to root misunderstanding between them.
loved Baji-ayi convo too. maa-beta discussing about the person they both love the most in the world.

Baji-Nakku conversation again was heartiest and friendly conversation. baji exactly knew how he had to go abut dealing with his obstinate friend.

I wondered why when dutta told ayi that harshad is the one nakku shud get married to for her secure future then why the hell was he getting all lovely dove y to her.. How could he even think of saying that.. he loves her and she loves him and he very well knows it to fir yeh harshad kahan se tapak gaya beech main..Angry

oh boy! he is sucha wild lion.. they way he fought with her.. poor girl! my heart went out for was like as if she was getting punished for loving him so dearly.
Why couldn't he ask her softly about her going to meet that idiot. I understand he is very possessive about her but then with loves comes trust.. she has been with him 24/7 and even then this doubt came to his mind. the fight was damn nasty!
No matter how much i rant about his wild and stern behaviour this man doesn't take even a second to make me fall for him again.. they way he coughed when she was lighting up the diya for bappa.. awww loved it.. and when she started clearing the mess he had made out of his room the way he tried to help her subtly. gosh! this is where I forget everything this brat does.
No matter how he tries to avoid her but he is so much in love with her that he can merely resist himself from her. Loved the drink sharing moment. i could feel the contentment within both of them. And u know what the best part of their relation is kitna bhi jhagada kar liya but there didn't hold grudges for each other for love leaves no place for ego and grudges. this is what i completely loved abut them.

Last part was the best part.. Clap
omg! he proposed to her and that too in sucha romantic way.. with a fab song playing in background and rain playing its role in their special moment.. absolutely loved the whole thing.. they didn't say much but their eyes did the job.. the song was so apt to the situation. i am glad he did not waste this moment and proposed to her.
and nakku has been waiting for this moment for god knows how long.. ab nakku ne shadi ke liye haan to bol diya hai but I want him to admit his love to her and say those three magical words to her.. but in style.EmbarrassedHeart
 aag dono taraf barabar lagi hai. .Wink
thanks for keeping Dutta and nakku alive for all of us.. this has been a divine rapture till now Clap
lots of love 
subi xxx

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