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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 3)

Warda. IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Hamlet53

@ warda thanks mate for your of luck for your exams... with prayers for good results

thank you so much Smile

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husnu Newbie

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dear hemlet,
it is well written and unique ,what a characterization.please add me to pm.will be a wonderful experience to read ur updates.amazing writing skills .ur style and language it is wonderful.

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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@ husnu thanks for your   kind words,pleased that you enjoyed the text. The pleasure would be mine to add you to my pm. xxx hamlet will keep you updated ,part 2 in the making... 

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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                               Painful Rapture

                                     Chapter 2  The Reckoning

The crack of dawn approached as the darkness lay divided with a fluorescent glow of colours that shyly approached the distant skies. Dutta unscrewed his canteen of water helped himself to a bit of water sluiced it around inside his mouth and spat it outside the trench. He desired to take a palm full to drench his stubble riddled face, but dismissed the idea as  his blending gunk would be removed, instead he took a few drops of water in his palm and ran his fingers through his side burns and top hair. He glanced at the time it was nearing 5am ,so decisively he cleared his throat ready to command his men for the day. He stood with both hands held behind his back, legs apart with every feature on his face fixed and still, the only feature that displayed a hint of movement were the expressions of his eyes. "ok men rise and shine", he commanded. The soldiers straggled to their feet straightened up in a vertical line facing Dutta, with stiffened necks and arms, and waited intently upon further order. "Sir" they uttered in unison. "At ease", Dutta instructed and continued" you have 4 minutes to have your protein drink and non perishable food". The boys briskly opened their rucksacks, pulled out their pint of sealed protein drink and carried on with the order in silent mode. Dutta , with narrowed eyes watched  them half amused, they so looked like starving mites, hence he decided to lighten things and in his guttural voice said "while your'ere at it I don't want any one giving me that forlorn look of "missing ghar ka , aur Mess ka khana expression" Dutta and Ram had their protein in silence too, all the while Dutta kept an eye on his watch. " ok boys pack it in now and get ready for briefing". The soldiers, arranged themselves in their previous position of vertical line ,but his time with their hands behind their backs facing their Platoon commander and Major Ram.  Dutta, looked at Ram who noded for Dutta to begin the brief.

Dutta stood upright with complete clout, and inspected total focus from his soldiers. They  knew full well that Major Dutta never let go a  subtle blink amiss during debriefing or briefing. " ok boys let me first say that you did very well yesterday, the aim was to keep yourselves alive, but  still to maintain damage to the enemy. Remember your life is more important than a bullet, you have to avoid the bullet to save your life, save it for the right moment, so as to give it up, if you have to in the line of duty. The strategy used yesterday of sporadic firing from our side with  mix and match weaponry of hand grenades and rifles , was a winner for it caused the enemy to use progressively magazines upon magazines to flatten us, but us stopping in between threw them in a quandary as they  moved on to raining bullets on us unceasingly. After a while shooting stopped from their side for they had brought into play their ammo quicker than they needed too! Today we need to do the same, but to give them false alarms with slightly  stretched cease fires from our side ,let them think they are winning or let them conjecture about what we are thinking! Remember boys let the enemy believe what it wants to believe " they are winning". That's when we strike when they least expect!" Dutta paused for a minor respite as he looked at Major Ram. Ram was studying Dutta while he spoke and Ram reflected here was a man of very few words but how he spoke now, clearly and decisively! Dutta resumed his briefing to the lads," there is a slight totting up to the strategy today men". "Today the plan is that in person two men will evacuate the trench with a sole aim to attack the enemy trench from a close range distance of three to four feet. The men on evacuation from our trench will be protected by a canopy of cover bullets from you all. Is that understood!" Sir ! responded the soldiers. Dutta continues," it is my decision that the two men will be myself in the lead ,followed by 1st Lieutenant Altaf. In my absence Major Ram will assume platoon command and in case of emergency ,2nd Lieutenant Singh will step in command. Is that understood? Sir ! shouted the soldiers. Any questions men? queried  Dutta, "Sir" asked Singh "are you going to carry mine detecting equipment? "Good question Singh" nodded Dutta" he points to his boots "as you well know these boots that we are clad in have mine detector gadgetry built into the toes, heel and sole areas, so yes we wear them at all times regardless, therefore no more specialist equipment is required, does that answer your question Singh"? "sir" ! replied Singh ,and Dutta gave him a nod. "OK continues Dutta we will start our offensive shortly, load your ammo, touch up your make up if you too, don your helmet and when I say so take postion in strategic points in the trench, that will be all  men. Jai hind"! The soldiers got on with the business...

Dutta moved towards Ram and placed his hand on his shoulder " sab theekh hai na Ram? Meri chinta mut kar yaar,  muhje kaise pata jala? ,teri shakkal dekh raha hoon nai! Dutta said smilingly to Ram "tu apna aur platoon ka khayal rekhnaa, chal ab ,task per focus kar! yaar ghar nehi jana hai thuj ko kiya? Achaa acha sooch".  Both men saluted and greeted each other with" Jai Hind".  "Chaal jai Haunuman says Ram as Dutta collected his gear puts on his camouflaged jacket and helmet ,he turned around to give a final look to his men and signalled a thumbs up to Lft .Altaf to follow...

Dutta cautiously clambered out of the  his trench and beckoned his fellow soldier to follow behind. Dutta curved his head slightly to signal his men to start firing on the enemy post ahead ,before complete day light broke. Under cover of the rattling guns shots he zoomed forward to the nearest vantage point of undergrowth and like a lion looked and waited in the shadows like a predator for its prey. His heart pounded and he could hear it thumping in his ears. He glanced sideways at Altaf and signalled with a jerk of his head that he was going to inch forward. By now the enemy camp had roused and the sounds of cross fire and shelling tore the previous calm into shreds. Dutta's eyes narrowed yet glistened with an undefined thrill as the adrenaline pumped within him. His tightly sealed lips sagged completely at both corners as he concentrated upon an apt moment prompting advance towards his range. Abruptly, the enemy firing aimed at their direction, Dutta turned towards Altaf with four fingers stretched, and pointed towards the ground beneath their feet. With speed Dutta crouched on all fours and propelled himself  forward on his belly. Both men shuffled, elbowed and kneed themselves onwards. Dutta sucked air and screwed his face heaving heavily at every thrust of his knees. Alternately he sniffed and shook the salty sweat from his face, still all the while peering forward like a frenzied animal hungry for its prey. Finally the moment arrived and he heard a grenade blast tear the rubble outside the enemy trench. He unstuck his lips in a sly smile,  looked behind at Altaf and gave him a thumbs up " our boys  our at it ! nows our chance " he whispered. With  speed Dutta scrambled to his feet reached for his grenade ran forward, brought the grenade to his mouth pulled the pin and from a distance of two to three feet ,flung the grenade in the enemy trench," give me the other one Altaf he hollered!  Altaf gave Dutta the other grenade and amidst the spray of bullets from his platoon he lunged forward , brought the second grenade to his mouth, pulled the pin out and with tremendous force hurled the second blaster right unto the enemy trench!

There ensued some light cross fire, and Dutta with a relaxed look motioned Altaf to turn back towards their trench as the mission was complete. They decided to crawl back on all fours again Dutta lead again but this time sucked his lower lip in triumph, however still persisted in keeping his eyes rapt on the way back to their trench.  Yes he was well pleased ,and he lunged his torso forward with a degree of accomplished excitement.

They were rudely stopped in their return track by the explosion of the retaliatory grenade from the enemy line aimed at and very nearly missed their trench. Dutta with inferno eyes,  scrambled to his feet cocked his rifle as he assessed they were two feet away from their trench, and sharply twisted and fired backwards and with same speed twisted forwards and made a beeline for his trench. A spray of bullets flew past him which he dodged quick fast and curved and fired at the enemy again.

Altaf got hit in the leg and Dutta, stopped to look behind, with a face showing lips pulled down to his fissure chin, mortified eyes flashing under arched eyebrows! He spun and caught Altaf him in his arms, dragged him desperately towards the trench" hang on there Altaf nearly there! " gasped Dutta. There followed another blast outside their trench and he shouted' cover fire ! cover fire! at his platoon. Dutta had reached his trench and he hauled Altaf towards the side of the trench and one of the soldiers pulled Altaf into the trench, while others carried on shooting towards the enemy range." Give him first aid" hollered Dutta.

 Raaah! roared Dutta "Major Dutta" shouted one of the soldiers as Dutta slumped outside the trench ,his fingers dug valiantly into the  external side of his trench wall. Dutta knew he was hit but relieved he had got Altaf into the trench first.  "Quick pull him up he's been shot in the back bellowed Ram. The firing stopped from the enemy range. Ram declared cease fire and the soldiers rallied around their shot commander. " Put Major Dutta on his front"!, ordered Ram. Ram along with the other boy measured the nature of the wound, the platoon intern commands" ok every body move it". The anxious soldiers lingered within ear distance of the medic. "affirmative rifle shot",he said to Ram and stretched his plastic gloves on and puts a temporary piece of cotten to check Dutta's bleeding. Ram ordered the intern to ring for an air ambulance. On contact the Medic reports" emergency air ambulance 2 casulaties... affirmative Major dutta shot in the lower spinal area..affirmative... four inch open wound in length ..affirmative... BP, pulse rate normal..affirmative..concious. affirmative", Liuetanent Altaf possible rifle shot to left femur,first aid given... affirmative!  the reply was immediate " roger air ambulance on its way"

   Dutta released his compressed lips" will some one prop me up for heaven's sake! he moaned and two of his soldiers cautiously sat him up. " stop looking like a bunch of lost sheep thats an order" he jested  as he stared at the faces of his plucky men.  He could see his men were shaken, and he had to reoccupy command for the platoon's morale, he reflected,  whether he was b#####y injured or not!

He clenched his jaw hard enough to snap it , and regardless of his injury turns to Ram"  Major Ram can you first have an damage assessement of manpower for both parties  ready for me, and have the platoon ready for a debrief right away".


 Whilst Dutta waited for the air ambulance arrival, his platoon stood in a single file before him focussed on the subzero distant narrow lion like eyes of their platoon commander. Dutta's, eyes  thawed slightly. " gentlemen  you did a superlative job today. Along side Major Ram, I am a big headed man today, inspite of the little hitch of two casualities! Major Ram assessment report please. "Sir" says Ram, we have 2 causalities out of twenty, while the other side given by their air ambulance lifts have incurred 15. Dutta pouts his lips together and pulls his mouth to one side and addresses his men" so chaps we hav'ent done too badly after all! and seeing that the opposite side declared cease fire first, meant you gave them a blasting! So stay at ease till further orders, write a letter home or something, I don't know. "Sir" shouted the soldiers and looked in veneration at their commander.

The air ambulance crew arrived, and the paramedics salute Dutta, "Sir"  a propped up dutta pointed to Altaf" take him first lads".  The platoon under Major Ram's orders reassembled in a vertical line to see their commander off. As the paramedics arrived with the appropriate carry for a back injury ,the boys delivered a final salute to  Major Dutta ,who replied in similar fashion. .  Dutta  twisted his head sideways which lay on his folded grimy greasy muscular arms,  and gave the soldiers a final look as they desolately watched him air lifted to the ambulance. He sighed, as the cold air ruffled his helmet less hair. He buried his face in his folded arms as the propellers of the helicopter whirred menacingly above him. He sighed again as he tried to fight off his tears, he mumbled in helpless fury " only real men cry Dutta! ...only real men"...


The multi disciplinary team sat officially before Brigadier Parekh head of CNS Dept. Sir, the officer giving the assessment report began on Major Dutta ,28 year old male, nature of injury bullet wound to the lower area of the spine. Lacerations to the flesh, bullet removed, wound cleaned and , dressed, suturing  to be done after internal localised trauma  healed. Medication strong  painkillers, two at four hourly intervals.

 Patient has temporary paralysis of the legs  caused by swelling produced by compressed vertebrae and  tissue trauma in the Coccygeal nerve area. Spinal scan indicates no damage or trauma in Cervical, Thoraci, Lumbar sacral nerves. Prognosis: once inflammatory medication is administered, the swelling expected to down and feeling slowly returned to the  legs. The nature of injury shows signs of complete recovery over a period of time. Treatment: anti-inflammatory medication in a variety of forms. Patient, both as an In patient and Outpatient will require rehabilitation emphasising limb strength, combined with physical therayphies which focus on skill building activities  and counselling to provide social and emotional support.The education and active involvement of the newly injured person and his family and friends is crucial.

Finally , for mobility the assistance of a walker or wheel chair is necessary till  permanent sensory function returns.

Brigadier Parekh, nodded at the report received. " has the Patients family been informed?." " negative Sir" replied the informing officer. "  leave  it with me then. Gentleman  that will be all". All the team rise and salute, as Brigadier Parekh leaves the room.


Brigadier Parekh, walked through the squeaky clean, glistening corridor of Patil Niwas , and saluted nervously at the waiting Aye Sahib and her daughters. Aaye Saab, with controlled hysteria spurted " Dutta! Dutta! Humara beta". Parekh looks at the devasted mother and noded his head with a small smile "Maam,  waisa nehi hai jaise ap sub soch rahin hai. lekin  Major Dutta zakhemi hoya hai, aur usey theekh hona mein samein lag sakta hai". He took Aye Sahib by the elbow to the nearest sofa and sat her down. He stood smartly in full detached authority, and  relayed the facts to the waiting family. Dutta had been shot in the lower back area, during combat operation which has given way to temporary paralysis of his legs. Major Dutta is currently receving appropriate treatment under the Army Medical Corp. Due to the nature of the injury Dutta would be required to use a wheel chair. If he was to be shifted home, minor adjustments would have to made to the premises to facilitate his temporary disability, like a stair lift. Parekh stopped for a moment for the family to digest this traumatic news. He continued, Dutta would receive on going  psyhio therapy to aid  muscle and sensory recovery. He would also need a lot of understanding and support from his family and friends. Brigadier Parekh continued since we all agree that Dutta is an independent and proud man, so I would suggest you welcome him home when is fit enough to be discharged and strive to act as normal as possible as I suspect the last thing he would want is people fussing and patronising him. Parekh , paused. said "that will be all Maam, we shall let you know when we are ready to discharge him". Aye Sahib interrupted ,"Brigadier Shahib kya hum apne beta sa mil saktay hain?," kuch dino bad Maam, jab woh jahay ga"! Parekh replied politely and  rose to take leave...

Baji, came in hurriedly and took note of the family gathered in the hall," Aye  Sahib baher Faugi gharian aur jeep sab theek tu hain na? Baji cried Aye Sahib, "dutta ghayal hai , uski thangaien kuch waqt kay liya bekaar hoongiyan hai". Baji's jaw dropped as he wrestled to bar back his tears. He swiftly caught hold of Aye Sahib's  hands with one hand and put his other hand around her shoulders. "Aye Sahib Dutta sher hai ,or kisi cheez sai nahi darta hai woh!  tu yei  thoray time ki bemaari kya hai ,ap tension maat lo hum hain na ap ki saat". The rest of her family rallied together to soothe each other.  Kishore informed Baji" kuch daer kai liya Dutta Bhau ko wheel chair ka istamal karna pareh ga, islya Baji ghar mein stair lift ka intazaam karna hoga". "Ho Kishore jeejo mein kam par lag jaya ka ap tension mat lo" assured Baji.

Baji, like a banshee ,raced  out of the house towards his jeep, once seated he flipped his phone and dialled Nakku's mobile. "Haan Nakku, bees minute mein Anatomy Dept ka gate per ah, Ghar mein emergency hoi hai". Nakku, stopped midway during her lunch, got up, shaking , muttering Bappa, Saab, Bappa, Saab, her friends run after her with her tote bag, "Nakkusha what happened? But Nakku was riding on the wind she ran past, jostling, elbowing, pupils queued for lunch. Saab...oh Bappu please meray Saab ko kuch na ho... She reached the gate wheezing ,as her lungs  smouldered with fire. Baji sat behind the wheel in his jeep his red gloomy eyes unfolding it  all. Nakku, shook his shoulder Saab! Saab! Haan na Baji Saab? She yelled   manically.  Baji, looked at her side ways and nodded haan "Nakku Saab ghayal hai" abhi abhi uska Commandant ghar pe bata ka giya hai... Bahu  ko... Nakku,let her tears drop, they were tears to take the edge off her worst fears, of losing him forever. She, snivelled her tears and smiled, her missile man was not a goner and certainly not a loser, tougher nutter was still alive!  She took in the details of the nature of her Saab's  injuries narrated by Baji, somewhere in the inner recesses of her heart there remained the chance of getting it off with him now!  She blushed at her inappropriate indecent thoughts. Still she thought mystified, she could perhaps thank Bappa for creating this situation when Saab will have to take a furlough!

Baji, caught her smiling and jibed " nakku itni bhure khabeer sun kay to muskara rahi hai, adhere hai kya tu' .Nakku wanted so much to retort back " haan adhere tu hoon mein Dutta Saab ka peechay!  Touch Nakku thought the time has approached to tame this wild lion a wee bit in the lessons of Physio Therapy she had learned!    To be continued...


         Hamlet 17.5.11


Precap: " if you think you are planning to dress me up in that b### backless nightie! You have another thing coming!  And where the hell is the male nurse! , this happens to be a male ward, I object!... Major Dutta! Please sir...


Many thanks to all Mishal lovers ,who continue to read work based on his unforgettable portrayal of the character Dutta. Personally I remain humbled by your "likes" and encouraging remarks..., incidentally Iam not a Medic, hence everything penned is purely a figment of my imagination ,henceforth if I get the back up of any medics reading my script, apologies for  any irregularities. with much love hammie









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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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another beautiful part now nakku has a chance to tame the rage and stubbornness in her lion and also to pike and ignite the fire in his heart by giving him 1on1 pshyio...ab dutta ka kya hoga..wo to humari nakku se bhaag bhi nahi sakta...loved it..continue soon

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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great part :)
loved reading it...duttas character is portrayed well ...and love the way u r developing the stry
well written :)
please continue soon ...
ps. srry for short comment dont have my lappy for :(  and commenting frm a phone is no fun lol once i get my laptop back all co.mments will be longer ...until next update ciao :)

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Moon_Lovers IF-Stunnerz

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lovely update hamlet
like it

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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@ shilpita loved the pun yaar " bhaag nehi sakta haaa ha![ Mishal style larf] Smile thanks for the comment x hammie
@ dg  thanks for your comment mate..using  the phone haila..really  you have touched my dilHeart.. lappie less lass xx hammie

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