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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 27)

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@ mishez oye its about time ... missey  where the hell have you been woman! major Dutta eshstyle!   missed you  sooo much especially your purple font feed back... Dancing yeahParty you replied at last... dutta ki terah  behaviour ho kiya hai tera...playing hard to getEvil Smile 
glad you liked the  episode... com on missy fauji hai he knows the LOC!
WAISE bhi gadha hai sirf lets off steam! and then fishsss! nakku should give him a tight  box on his head to knock some since in him...ego shego ka bhi problem ho sakta hai ...ganapat bewarda yesss back on the scene... koi tu fire crackers phorathe ga... no dutta ki sisters abhi tuk to achi he hai ... haven't really thought of kala as yet...I have just returned from an evening out with family and was velly pleased to reading your hilarious ROFL feed back... Hug   mazza ah gaya hammie ko chaska hi chaska!   xxx kissey hammie
JUST PASSED Take That concert in Wembley arena ..could hear the music blaring!

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Originally posted by Hamlet53

@ mishez oye its about time ... missey  where the hell have you been woman! major Dutta eshstyle!   ikno ikno so sory 4 da bbe missed you  sooo much especially your purple font feed back... Dancing awww me missd u2 bbe..HugHuglekin kya karu ... lamba sas coment karne ka toh time hi nahi milta i rely miss writiin em uknoOuch yeahParty you replied at last... dutta ki terah  behaviour ho kiya hai tera...playing hard to getEvil Smile 
glad you liked the  episode... com on missy fauji hai he knows the LOC!
WAISE bhi gadha hai sirf lets off steam! and then fishsss! nakku should give him a tight  box on his head to knock some since in him haha lol yeh she rely needs 2LOL...ego shego ka bhi problem ho sakta hai ...ganapat bewarda yesss back on the scene... koi tu fire crackers phorathe ga...lmao so tru n whos beter at dat dden our chik chik karne wala ganpat LOLROFLROFL no dutta ki sisters abhi tuk to achi he hai ... haven't really thought of kala as yet...ohh damn i shudnt hav mentiond em in dat case lolLOL I have just returned from an evening out with family and was velly pleased to reading your hilarious ROFL feed back... Hug   mazza ah gaya hammie ko chaska hi chaska!   xxx kissey hammie
JUST PASSED Take That concert in Wembley arena ..could hear the music blaring!
aww so glad u lliked d coment huni...hw was ur night out...wer dd u go??
take droppd by lolWinkLOL

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Originally posted by Hamlet53

@ scorpio   abhi tera remark dekha haaahaaa
gadha sitting on a horessey... beechara horsee  ketha hoga what an ass!  gosh... but we have to admit seeing this gadha we will even forget the dynamics of the horse because the donkey wants all the attetion for himself that's the way its always been for him centre of  arttraction... hee hawww

So he will start singing 

Dekh ho Dekh Ho 
Mein ho Gadha 

Gadha jo bana Don 

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hope that next update will be soon Hammie,waiting eagerly.

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                                      Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta

                                          Painful Rapture : Chapter 9


Dutta, weltered deep in thought after Nakku's exhilarated exit from his room. He sat amidst an uncertain calm as he looked down at his palms. He was pleased for her joy and sighed bemused at how privileged she was to have a father, unlike him, but then he thought he was never one to stumble over what could not be. He bent his arm and stroked his fissured chin with his long slender finger. He went into war operational mode with his thinking, there were questions that raised their heads before him, he would choose the obvious ones ; He moved Rascal towards his bedside and bent forward to arrange his foot pedal close to Rascal and slipped his slender long feet into the pedals and started the pedal movement. He took a deep breath, in life it was always the fear of the unknown that had the potential to unhinge a person's mental equilibrium, ..he had learnt that in his combat life , working out the person in front's next move. But he smiled as he pedalled evenly, in the army he had also been trained to pre-empt and then prompt action . he had to think strategically , why was her father here? The motive needed to be sussed out, when would the why be revealed ? where it would be disclosed ?  what implications would the why have? and finally most important Dutta pedalled with a exerted pressure on who?  He pedalled in mechanical mode as he weighed the possibilities of motives;  well a good looking girl, education completed the father obviously would want his daughter settled ,that was the norm ,that was would he want for his sister Roop would he not?. his pedalling picked up slight speed till he felt a tightness in his lower leg Laterlis and Medialis muscles, and he heaved and rested a bit .He leaned back in Rascal as he looked at his slender hands that loosened the grip on Rascal's arm rests. He took a deep breath as he narrowed his eyes and tilted his head to one side , so arranging her marriage was a strong motive . He slipped his feet back into the foot pedals and resumed his pedalling.. was marriage the only motive or was there a possibility of another...he clenched his jaw  and jerked his head oh hell no he'll take the woman back! Oh for heaven's sake he shook his head as he stopped and sat resting his back against Rascal's lap and wiped his lips with his back hand! Phew! he went and resumed his pedalling a tad ashamed of what really really went through his mind ,was he thinking about his bloody legs and her PT role...he pedalled and pedalled for he did not want to think any more! VIVA the army! he had the motives sussed out and he would deal with it in a professional manner whenever the hour approaches!  He was sodden in sweat and let go off the pedals and veered Rascal towards his cupboard to pick out a change of clothes, he curled his mouth to one side and raised an eye brow ,it was best to get his independence back. As he stretched his arm to reach out for the lemon kurta pyjama  Saab ye kya kar raho ap? ,he turned his head towards her you tell me woman! he yelled Saab you taking your own clothes out ,here let me take them out for you ! she leapt forwards and reached out for the folded suit ;"listen Nakku stop! ,he lifted his hand with a pointed finger stop mollycoddling me I am not a baby you know!..  she put her handson his shoulders and with sparkling naughty eyes  "are you sure my baby boy"? she teased. He jerked from her abruptly and retorted "I don't have to answer your ridiculous questions woman, haven't  you got anything to do, other than get on my case ! go and potter about in the kitchen" he moaned  and flicked his fingers signing her to leave. He went into the bathroom to get showered. As the water drizzled and spluttered down his stubbly face he whispered Nakku and the water weighed down his bottom lip and his shoulders shuddered.  It was over a year since he last saw her father .his fingers wiped clean the water from his eye lashes as he stretched for the shampoo, as he built up the lather on his mop of hair, he continued musing yes Ganapat Kaka was an old faithful ex-service man from Baba's battalion ,who had doted on Dutta as a child "Chotte Saab" he called him ,Dutta smiled with affection as he recalled those times he  allowed his young daughter to scale the heights of ancient  trees and Chotte saab would end up with scuffed elbows and grazed knees but Ganapat kaka would cover up for him lest he got into trouble with his father for doing all the pranks ten year old boys got up to..ah Dutta thought I wonder how he looks...


Overjoyed Nakku and touched her fathers's feet "Babba"! she exlcaimed joyously. "Haan Nakku beta teray imthihaan khatam ho gayay Baaji se pata chala ,aur ye bhi pata chala ke chotte saab hospital se ghar ah gaye hain tu main ne sucha ki ak ka ap saab se mil loon". Aye Sahib wandered over to greet Ganapat who folded his hands "haan ganapat hum khoosh hain kay tum aye ,nakku apna babba kiliya nashata pani loao" aye suggested as she ushered Ganapat to sit down on the  two seater sette in a corner. "Aur ganapat Babi aur Sethi jee ka kya haal hai"  aye asked in polite conversation. Ganapat assured her that things were fine at the  Dera, Babi needed looking after as her joints played  up time to time ,Seth ji was progressing fine and he was in year 8 but missed his sister Nakku. Ganapat cleared his throat and leaned forward  so as to ensure privacy of what he was going to say...

Dutta embarked the stair lift unhurriedly and unexpectedly at the top floor. With one astute visual intake from the height he gathered Nakku's father's profile engaged in conversation with his mother. He could see that his previous black curly hair now sported a salt and pepper look and he still wore a stubble. Dutta pressed the lever at the side of stair lift to prompt descent.. "aye saab  such mein aap se nakku kai mutalik baat karne aya hoon... Dutta halted his descent midway ,for Ganapat to continue.."aap jante hain main ek larki ka baap hoon ,Dutta silently tapped and moved his fingers bull's eye! he thought as he smiled at his previous hunches... "ab is ke parhaie bhi khatam ho gyi hai ,tu main use linay ahya hoon..Dutta felt sweat build up on the tip of his nose..".aye saab main aur babi chate hain ki ye Dera ka hosipital mein kaam karay...  aur hum chateey hain ki shaadi bhi dera mein he karay... wahan nakku ka ristha aye hai" ,.Dutta gripped the arm rests of the chair lift in pin drop silence his brow gathering more sweat... "lardka Nakku ke saat partha tha 3 saal se, Harshad hai uska naam" ... Dutta wiped his brow his eyes narrowed and his face scowled... he took a deep breath and moved his head to the side closed his eyes. He had heard what he had pre-empted, now was the time for action Dutta. He would act in his professional manner. He entwined his fingers and gazed at his smooth slender long fingers. Now the time had approached to conceal sentiment, the need of the hour as he recalled from front line duties was to keep the morale, keep up the stoic front , to act normal  highest amongst the  ranks! amidst all the blood shed ,for the battle had to be waged for the war to be won!. He released the brake of his chair lift and carried on the descent his eyes alittle clouded, but he throw his head back and swallowed his tears.

"Aye main aap ko Harshad se zaroor milwao ga,  ap ki merzi ka beghar kuch nehi hoga ,Nakku ap ki bhi tu beti hai!" Ganapat smilingly assured Aye Shaib ... Dutta  reached the bottom of the stairs and Rahmaan helped into Rascal..act normal hype!


Ganpat Kaka "kisi hai ap Dutta greeted as he folded his hands above his head . "Choote saab ,Ganapat darted towards Dutta who bent to feel his knees "bas bas chotte saab" he held Dutta by the shoulders  "aap ko deknay tu ana tha mujhe". He suddenly realized who he was speaking to and stood up straight and saluted smartly at Dutta who saluted back. Ganpat bent down and gaven him a tiffin " Chotte saab ye ap ka liya gujar ka halwa babi ne bhja hai or ye card Sethi jee ki turf se hai" Dutta smiled broadly and Nakku appeared "Saab ye mujhe day do mein gharam ker ke lay ker ati hoon" ... Dutta was drawn into the conversation between Aye and Ganpat aye said "ganapat  nakku ko apnay saath lay kay jana chatta hai, lekin abhi  nehi kuch waqt aur  Nakku yehi par rahey gi, jab tuk tu thora theekh nahi ho jata Dutta" ... jaise ap ki marzi Aye" Dutta  answered wryly. He reminded himself to act normally "deray pa saab theek hai na kaka" Dutta asked in way of conversation "haan Choote saab,  jab ap ki halat theek ho tu zaroor wahan ka char lagayen aap saab log" Ganpat invited .Dutta nodded his head in silence .Nakku appeared and passed the bowls of halwa around and he caught sight of her but preferred to lower his eyes and looked at his fingnails . "Saab lae lo" she held the tray in front of him,  without raising his eyes to her he reached out for his favourite dish and she put her hand on his hand and stopped his action midway "Saab baad mein kahlena agar bhook nehi"  "nehin! he disagreed and grasped the bowl and ate with suppressed rage ,he gasped in as he heaped spoonfuls in his mouth and felt he would puke . "mujhe de do saab" said nakku as she  passed him a tissue to wipe his mouth, while he glared at her ...was he not happy to see my father she thought...


 Rahman approached, "Saar ,ap se milne Major Ram aye hain",  "haain!" Dutta cheered "lak ker ayo unne!" jee Saar!. Dutta whizzed Rascal through the long shinning corridor as he saw Ram approached, he held out his hand and  both friends clasped strongly at each others palms .I cn't belive this Ram ,man what are you doing here? Dutta fired "oh I was here in the GHQ on some business ,buddy getting leave sanctioned..soo you son of a gun! they said you're  a hard  man to nail down Dutta... shouted Ram. "come on in  and meet my family Dutta invited.  Baji took Ganapat to the guest room . Aye came forward as Ram bent to touch her feet "Aye this is Major Ram,  he is the platoon commander during my absence ,in fact he was there when I got shot Dutta , introduced. "Hum bahut kush hain aap se mil ker major Ram, Dutta aksar ab ka zeekar karta hai ...Nakku!  called Aye   major Sahib ki liya koi chaaie ,nishata" , aye instructed. Nahin ye  mujhe jald hi janna hoga ga tu main sirf Dutta to dekne aya tha bahut din ho gya the issi dekhay hoi platoon mein saab asi bahut yad karta hain... replied Ram graciously

Baji ! yelled "Dutta adher ah! Baji approached the two men walking his typical ambled walk ,rubbing his palms "ho Bhau whats this Iam a goner do ,do fauji ! deva re deva! .."oh shut up! Dutta glared at him ..Ram this is my childhood mate cum younger brother Baji Rao Patil and Baji this is major Ram my co officer in my platoon..  Dutta jerked his head towards Baji who caught on to what dutta angled for. "well major" ,just call me Ram please Baji  Iam off duty , yes Baji dimple smiled "if you gentleman come this way please suggested Baji with a wink.. and the three men walked towards the bar area. Nakku peeked out of the kitchen window and in the lowest of voices called "Baji ",who turned as he  heard her but with a back hand told her to stay out of sight. She withdrew till the men were out of sight and then made her way towards her father's guest room...


The three men enjoyed a couple of pegs of Dutta's finest matured Scottish malt whiskey. Cheers ! they went,every man to himself! they tinkled. "Soo Dutta you look well and so does your scarlet horse Rascal ,you know I've  been hearing of your bonding stories with it! joked ram.. "yes  its doing a good job lapping me about, almost like a part of me! said dutta as he stroked his knee with one hand and  stroked Rascal's arm rest with the other hand. "Ok then" Dutta changed the topic why the extended leave ? "well" Ram said ater a sip of whiskey "yaar the misses is in the family way, you know phela baacha"  family what!! Dutta shouted ..oh man..that's brilliant news  soo you old geyser are becoming a daddy! Wow said Dutta with sparkling eyes .. "haan buddy, she's  full term and the baby is expected any time so have to be there by her side .Dutta lowered his eyes and blushed at the whole idea of a pregnancy and giving birth. He sipped his whiskey as his finger  ran  around the rim of the glass, looking nowhere in particular he had never know a woman completely to facilitate what Ram talked about .He placed his finger on his lips and an indiscreet smile hinted on his lips as he thought he had only just begun to know the meaning of a woman through her, Nakku his heart cried the first the last the only one!  The snap of Ram fingers brought him back from his brief reverie ! "Ok you son of a gun ! you tell me have you found some one you wanna marry!   "haan he has "!interjected Baji  "Bhau has found the girl of his dreams! ... Dutta kicked Baji from under the small round centre table "ohhh!"  Baji moaned quietly have Dutta!  Ram badgered and grabbed his arm that rested oh Rascal's handle  "kon hai woh yaar bata ?,kaise hai"?... "do you know  Baji it was common knowledge that dutta , love ,lardki won't happen in a million years .com on yaar tell, you're  a sly one"! Ram provoked Dutta . Dutta hardened his face decisively and replied even more firmly "there's no one Ram,  and marriage no way Jose!  At the moment only two desires 1 to get my legs sorted and 2 get back to work a.s.a.p!  oh that's a shame though a handsome guy like you denying some pretty girl from getting her hands dirty on you! , Ram winked.  "Tell me Baji has your Bhau always been like this dead pan ram turned to Baji ,"ho Ram bhau ekdum ladeez log se dor retha ha ,meaning they are to softy and soppy for his liking but things change with time Baji side looked innocently at Dutta ,who parted his lips gazed side ways at Baji and shook his head slightly surrendering to Baji's maskharee. Dutta lifted his hand and brushed aside the topic as insignificant ...  "incidentally who was that beautiful girl who I saw earlier" Ram questioned. Dutta 's face blushed and a silent pain shoot across his heart "oh her" he said deprecatingly "she's just a family friend's daughter" .. "yes she's Bhau's childhood friend and his current PT at home"!  interrupted  Baji...Dutta looked at Baji and formed a fist .Ram laughed and stood up to leave "well Dutta better be on my way have a train to catch to get home ..great to see you and look after your self and get yourself in shape next time  I see you want you up and about!  And Dutta lardki achi hai haat se na janaey dena!   Ram thumbed up and departed...


"Babba chai" said Nakku  her father emerged out of the guest room bathroom. "acha hai tu ah gayi Nakku muje thuje se bataien karni hain". "Hain babba bolo "nakku chirped after she had served him tea. "Naaku main thujhe dera wapis lajannay ke liya aya hoon ,  waapis pun kyon babba she protested. "Nakku wahaan ke hospital main PTs ke zaroorat hai ,wahaan ka MD ne mujhse baat ki hai ,ki kaffi saray fauji jawan  sarhaad se layey gaya hai jinhe ellaj ki zaroot hai... ju tu de sakkiti hai" .Nakku clasped her hands and her eyes began to well up.. this was totally un expected she was taken off guard ! yes she planned to work! .She felt her father's hand upon her hands " Nakku un jawan ki zaroot pori karaey ga na tu beti? Dekh mana maat karna MD ko bhi tera se bahut umeed hai... babba main , and  she took a deep breath and remembered what she had said to some one recently whatever Bappa willed .she stopped a tear from dropping out and reached out for her father's hand ."Haan Babba apna md ko bool dina ki nakku teyaar hai"... Ganapat set his cup down and laid his hand on her head,  "mujhe yakeen tha meri baachi haan hi bole gi...

Aur ek aur baat bhi hai nakku , teri aye ne aur main ne teri baat pakki ker de hai, dera mein hi..Nakku startled babba  baat pakki kis se! .."woh harshad se , ju tuhje janata bhi hai, us ke mamma ne baat charey thi" .. "pun babba ye ap ne kis kardiya mujhe se tu poocha hi nahi she protested.. " thjhje kya aitrazz ho sakta hai acha lardka hai ,woh bhai PT hai tum dona dera ki hosipal mein kam kar saakta hoon.  Aitraaz babba ! hain aitraaz hai babba main harshad ko pasand nehi karti ek pati ki roop mein! .. and with that she burst out in floods of tears and knelt at her father's feet and held his knees " babba nahi mein ye nahi karsakti babba apni Nakku  ko ye sazaa maat do babba.. she felt him stiffen and she got up on her feet and with all the toughness she could amass she declared.. "babba! dera mein kaam ki liya tiyaar hoon liken shaadi kay liye ne hi ab tiyaar ho na hi agaa jal ki, jab thak woh ne mile mujhe jiss se mein pyar kartihoon... ganapat stood up abruptly "to tu kisse se pyaar karti hai nakku? ,baata kon hai woh persisted  Ganapat . she wiped her tears "koi nahi hai bappa per sirf ye yaad rakna ki Nakku shaadi us admi se kara gi jis se woh pyaar kregi ... and with that she turned to leave ..arey sun Nakku  beti he reached out for her arm ,for he loved her so, and was not entirely  surprised at her fortitude!." Bolo  babba kab jana hai?  "Nakku meri baachi abhi ekdum nahi jaana hai, aye ne kaha hai jab tak choote saab ki tabiet mein sudhar nehi aah jata tu aheri hai rahi gi ,khossh? Lekin mein aaj hi wapasis laut janoey ga abhi thori der baad . Nakku turned to him and hugged him "babba meri baat ka bora maat mananah ,jo such tha mein aap se keh diya"...

Nakku touched her father's feet and bade him fare well, but was at peace with her self that she stood her ground! She raced up the stairs as Dutta watched her from his balcony ;he could see from her moves that she was in shambles but thought it best to maintain a low profile till the right time .the time now Dutta was to wait and watch... he waited in the jungle...resting..

Nakku ran down the dimly lit 1st floor corridor and flung opened her door and bolted it behind her. She flopped on her bed clutched her teddy and cried .I  told babba I  told him ,,yes I may be petite and small and I do honour my parents Bappa!  and she looked up the her favoured God of wisdom ,but you know the  plight of my heart Bappa I love him so much! the thought of marrying some one else is unconceivable Bappa she sobbed .Harshad nooo! absolutely no categorically no , she tugged viciously at the counterpane .Why Harshad was to her a friend like Baji ,marrying Harshad would be like marrying  Baji  ,she shuddered at the thought. Harshad was a friend nothing more but Baji was more,  he had know her since she was a child! Oh Bappa show me the way ! my heart is bleeding I am weakening ..Saab...she stood up and walked towards Bappa and gazed into his eyes it's as if she knew Saab would never stand up for her  like she did  for her self but she folded her hands and closed her eyes in blessed reverence for her deity  but she could hope...some day may be!


Dutta sat in Rascal using the foot pedal under duress. Aye entered "Dutta, humien thujhse kuch baat karni hai". Dutta stopped what he was doing and veered Rascal towards his mother who sat on the edge of his bed ,  he held her hand in his hands "haan aye kya baat hai ap parashaan leg rahi hain" he said with an expressionless face ,for he knew he had to dispel any emotions from his countenance and remain focussed on the battle strategy. "Dutta haan hum parshaan hain kyon ka ganapat ne nakku, ka ristha us ki saat college mein parhnaa wala PT kay saat tai ker diya hai" .Dutta's hand that he had folded under his chest winced and his fingers pinched the flesh under his chest . he swallowed and unfolded his arm and took his mother's hand and leaned forward and looked into her eyes with gentleness "ye tu bahut achi baat hai aye, nakku ko hum sab janaata hai aur chaate bhi haain , lardka PT , uske pechaan wala hai tu masla kya hai.?. "lekin Dutta hum na to Nakku ko tera liya pasand kiya hai..tera jawab kiya hai Dutta tu ne khatha ke tu sooch ke bataya ga"? Dutta moved his head away and opened his lips as his eyes wandered seeking a place to rest upon other than his mother's face .He turned to look at her face and stroked her hand "aye ap meray halat dekh rehi hain , ap mera kaam bhi janti hain , mulik ka  halat bhi jante hai , kisi waqat bhi mera bulawa a sakta hai" . His mother shook her head and he pursuded her" aye kya ap chahein gi kay nakku ka haal bhi ap jaisse ho jaye zindagi mein agga jaal ker.. bas itna he ap na use beti sumjha.. us ke kal ke baray mein nehi soocha" . Aye shed a tear as she looked into her son's eyes which blatantly mismatched what her son was saying. Aye Harshad achaa reha ga Nakku ke liya dunno mila ker suki rehan gay;  ek kisam ka kam kerte hai  ,un kay baaachoon ko bh ye dar nahin hoga kay humara baap ko jaang pa jana hoga , pata nehi baap wapis bhi aye ga ye nahi... Bas Dutta ,Aye said wiping her tear with her sari... bas humein humara jawab mil gaya hai... she got up to leave and almost reached the door when he revved  Rascal and caught hold of her pallu Aye, turned to look at his face she didn't see a tough soldier but instead saw a vulnerable  boy looking up her with helpless eyes.. "Aye ap kya chaati ho? Dutta ke liya ap ki kushi sab se upper hai".  well he thought after his duty!,  she turned and ruffled his shiny black hair,Aye seized the opportunity,  "hum ye chaatay hain ke tu Nakku ke bara mein sooch, abhi  woh  adher he hai humara pas tere dekh bhaal ki liya,  tujhe aur waqat mil gaya hai use janne ka" , "theekh hai aye" ,Dutta agreed, just to see the smile on his mother's face. Phew he mused second battle nearly won.  Nakku...


He faced his closed bedroom door,his hands resting on Rascal limp and lifeless, his face stilled but his eyes if they could ,were sharp ready to pierce holes through his waiting. Nakku... his heart called out as it sent telekinetic messages to her come to him ,his soul lay disarray ,was he dead or alive...

Saab! the door  flung open her scream ruptured his heart Saab..she stopped and balanced against the door post Saab! she sobbed , his eyes detailed her tear tainted face and creased as he saw her kajal had blemished the eyes he worshipped, the lips he longed for from far! were smeared with jagged rouge ! he could not sit there and watch her going to pieces SSSaaab he held open his arms to her and she ran towards them like a traumatized child. She sat side ways in the vantage of his lap and pulled and clung to his broad shoulders he titled forward and her arms moved towards his back and she held him securely as if she was going to fall, he felt her bosom flatten at his rib cage  and he shly tightened his grip on her Saab! Saab! her voice tore the silence Sssab she moved her face and lips to his sturdy neck ssaaab! she cried and rubbed her face on his neck he felt it moisten with her tears she moved her face and brought it to his face sssaab she choked  Baabaa! and held her tightly as she moved her crying face to the other side of neck Baaaba." Nakku" he stroked the small of her back sssh chup ho jaa" I am here  baby its ok stop crying " he pulled her away from him and cupped her face in his broad soft palms,  and looked down into her blood shot light eyes "chaal ab baata bbabba what" she had one look at his  strong face and bawled like a child again  and clung right back to his chest and shoulders and nestled her neck back in the curve of his neck!" I said yess to what ever babba wanted ,she meine haan  kar de Saab and she sobbed hysterically,  as she held on to him,  her body heaved and jarred against his torso their  bodies bent as if that  despaired moment he held on to her shoulders as tightly as he could and with fogged tearful eyes stared at his uniformed picture  past her hugging clasp ,her bosom moved against him as she continued to cry .He let go of one of his arms around her and stroked the crown of her head gently hush, baby,hush,sshh..he continued to stroke her head till she ceased convulsing and she gulped audily and he pulled out tissues from his kurta pocket moved her from him ,gently smiled and wiped her delicate nose with the tissue she looked up at him and tried to give him a smile with her thin petal like lips. He shook his eyes and peered into her eyes with a slight frown..drama aacha kar latey hi tu Nakku,he teased as he lifted her chin with his fore finger, she grabbed his finger and bit it .oowwh ,you vixen! "Saab I am bawling my eyes and you call it drama .I hate you ,hate you ! she banged his chest..he grabbed her wrists..glad to see she had stopped her weeping "look Nakku, he instructed "you must learn to discipline reaction in situations..only give to people restricted information..for one's reaction can have a domino effect on every body around that baby! Take it as a soldier's advice"

He went into interrogation mode after the tender loving care session was over.He wanted to study her face as she spoke so he took her by the shoulders and with his fore finger pointed her to sit down . Nakku was mesmerized by his authority,  his aura his , command, and she felt she came to him like a child would do so after sustaining a hurt only to be soothed by her he seemed infallibl .She put her hands on his lap and as  she crouched, her strands of hair had come loose flossing about making her all the more pleasing to his drooling eyes. "Chaal ab puri baat bata ,are you ready to talk though woman, I don't want you getting hysterical in the middle.."Saab" she asked innocently "what is this some kind of a cross examination , main Nakku hoon koi POW nehi .."shut up woman! he retorted with his mask on .. "you come here looking like a raving banshee crying  your eyes out giving me liitle clues like babba and that you'eve said haan..soo ofcourse I  will demand for an explanation I am not physic ,and he bit his lip that I  would be in know how of what transpired with you ,now would I?  ok now start talking" . "well Nakku said as she looked up at him , he sat with one hand folded against his chest and the other folde  up with a pointed finger at his mouth playing with his stubble "Saab babba wants me to work at the dera" and her voice started to crack again under the pressure she grabbed his knee and spoke into it "but I don't want to leave you who will look afer you? He brought his hand down and stroked her hair" Nakku there is the hospital and Lauren and I can do excercises myself" ... "but what about the massage"? ..yesss he smiled "tera haat ka massage tu saab bahut miss kera ga ,but I can still do the cold compress myself.  She looked up and he questioned "tell me, I hope you said yes to the dera?  "I did Saab I did"..  he was proud of her,  he was proud of himself for letting her  making her own decision rather than him influencing her judgement for he Dutta believed that an individual should make an informed choice and she had obviously done soo .."good that's my girl remember the call of duty",she nodded , "for in the call of duty one goes where one is needed regardless of family ,friends ,relationships,  Nakku when I joined the army I signed my life away not to one person but to a nation, Dutta does not belong to one person but  belongs to  everyone,  regardless of color, faith ,custom or belief, Dutta belongs to a cohesive unit that  gives function to his life" he disclosed to her!  She looked up at him in wonder how she loved this man. He looked at her face and stroked her tear streaked cheeks. "Nakku it was my call for duty ,that to rise above all else that I saw in you which made you a special person in my life"  he confessed .She crossed both her arms on his knees and sighed I don't want to be a special person  in your life Saab I  want to be the only woman that you love! ..but she knew that she could only hope and wait for him to admit that!. He was comforted by the fact that she had not mentioned anything about her marriage issue ,for he thought it was more important for her to recognise her call of duty than matrimonial issues. Nakku looked up him she would not say anything about Harshad or what her decision was regarding her marriage, for he might become distant and the last thing she wanted him to do was to star cutting her out of his life yes she thought Nakku will make the most of her time left with the man she loves...  "chaal ab he stroked her on her back lovingly "get your roondhi shukaal self sorted and I need to do some exercise and then my weepy jane how about some massage to relive your Saab's tension"... she laughed and unwillingly got up and left ...there was something she needed to tackle ...he watched her leave and caught sight of her curvy behind protruding  out of her tight shirt,but lowered his eyes shyly...

Some off dutta's decisive focussed objective angle towards life had strangely rubbed off on Nakku such was her man .She sped to her room dialled the number" haan hi Harshad, Nakusha here ,listen can you meet me in the uni canteen in half'n hour, yep see you later. She freshened up her face , and looked at her eyes which could only see her Saab in her reflection. She ran the comb through her tresses and disinterestedly plaited them and left it hanging at the side of her neck . Kalay mujhe uni janna hai she instructed. Before she knew it she was at Uni and was stopped by old friends and course mates ,but they could see that she was in a hurry . She found Harshad waiting for her , he pushed his chair and stood up and smiled to greet her ."hiya Nakusha he said shyly, this is pleasant surprise how are things". "Well Harshad things are rather in a bit of a mess .she started..Dutta style, Harshad took his hanky and wiped his brow ..she looked at him with distant eyes devoid of old established warmth she once harboured towards him.. "Harshad what's this mish mash of your family arranging our marriage she spat bluntly .He was highly embarrassed at her boldness in initiating the issue headlong ."who's idea was this harshad? Yours? "Well I" he defended noo!. I thought so Harshad,  Nakku attacked you would not be so presumptuous  would you now?. She looked at his face he was very uncomfortable and she came down a notch and took a deep breath,  like dutta during his control the tirade sessions.. " listen Harshad she said gently, I have always thought of you as a good friend ,nothing more than that Iam quite happy to work along side at the dera for that appears to be the need of the hour, but I cannot marry you ! not now not ever as I  have never had romantic feelings for you.. Harshad regained his strengthened and replied Nakusha I don't know if you ever noticed but over the years I have developed feelings for you and my maternal side also know your parents in the dera..he paused I can wait you know may be? ... Nakku slammed "no Harshad that will not happen I have said so already"...She looked up at him her cold eyes and she said in her Saab's clear manner "I  do not love you Harshad". Harshad chivved due to old times.. "Nakusha do you love some one else" ? "is there some one else "he asked as he looked searchingly into her eyes. Nakku moved her loose tendril of hair from her face and returned his look with firmness. "No harshad there isn't anyone else" ,she replied short and curt like her Saab ..."anyway that's all  I wanted to say to you to clarify matters before things go any further ,I  have to go now one in the house knows I am missing"... he stood up as she was about to leave, " remember Nakusha I'll  always be there to support you no matter what" ..she smiled "sure Harshad," ,and after a brief pause he asked how is Major Dutta? Nakku bit her lip as she clutched her bag, "ye he's coming along nicely"..she answered. .Harshad saw her delicate and dainty body move away from him ..out of his life for the moment ...Major Dutta he he pulled out a cigarette from the pack..


Nakku felt so much lighter as she almost floated towards her man's room .she hugged her arms ooh she hoped he was not waiting for her she had been gone over an hour ..well she moved her hands on her hugged shoulders get ready to be attacked by the lion Nakku. She sheepishly opened the door and smiled with tenderness at her lion who slept on his side on his bed with a cushion clasped against his chest and another squashed between his thighs. She stood there as she quietly closed the door lest she stirred the sleeping lion. She cupped her face in her hands and at every gaze at him she melted in love for him from his toes to the top of his head . He had obviously changed into his shorts and tee and his hairy legs supported each other as he soundly slept on his side! she tore her eyes from him to the exercise tubes and spiky ball he had completed his excerise as well. She tiptoed towards his head and sat down on the bed close to back. She followed her heart and raised her hand to ruffle his hair as he lay sleeping he jerked and turned his head and opened his reddened eyes and dreamily looked up her beautiful face bent over him, he  released  one hand from under the cushion from his chest and brought it round to encircle her slender neck and placed her smooth cheek close to his mouth .Nakku he breathed hoarsely ..she pulled back a little so he could flatten his body on the bed. He woke up and looked drowsily into her sparkling innocent eyes and groaned "where the hell have you been woman? I'eve been waiting for you?  "Oh I had some pending business to sort out Saab she replied in a smug tone ."tera kya pending business ho sakta hain that your Saab doesn't know about he teased as he stroked her arm..koi boy friend ka chaakkar  shakkar tu nehi hai! .."oh stop it and grow up she  tapped him on his cheek..  "no seriously Nakku one, never knows what hot chicks fresh out of uni get up to.. she flirted back "I'll tell you than what chicks get up to thenshall I   ,"sure baby go for the kill! ,  he pulled her across his chest and she rested her elbows on his hard chest  "sure! the lion is ready and waiting for his lioness to attack" , she dug her elbows on his chest owwwh! he yelled you vicious  cow ! do you know woman you have a nasty streak in you ...get your elbows off me . She laughed and said "Saab is ko khate hain lohaye ko loha katta hai  he was aroused and gripped her arms "adher ah thujhe main betata hoon katna kise khatay ha"i , she giggled and wriggled free out of his mighty grasp and ran off... he watched her as he lay flat on his back with the cushion still  squashed between his legs... she bent down and reached for the spiky massage balls.. "chaalo saab no more donkey business now be a man and get your massage done.. he smiled at the prospect of his favoured PT activity with her.. aaj hand massage nehi dei ga kya he asked a wee bit disappointed "no" she affirmed" today you will have the spiky  ball massage ,you haven't had this for ages.and she held up the contraption with its handles waving at him come on now roll over on your belly ..

He waited for her to begin, his face resting on his folded muscular arms. She started rolling the handles of the spiky balls from his ankles ..aahh he went that hurts aaah but feels good woman ..ahhh she carried on and ignored his sounds "soo" he said "have you said yes to marrying that Harshad boy.. she stopped her rolling action..ruk kuon giye hai .. carry on woman know about it she slammed the roller on his leg "oye.. Pagal aurat carry on your task!" ".nooo I will not so you knew about the risthaa , she carried on her eyes stinging with tears the beast ! he knew he must be laughing at me all this time ... she rolled and waited for him to speak of "course I knew Nakku he sounded off in his guttural tone" Dutta Shree Ram Patil ko sab pata hota hai ,only thing is he doesn't show it ! so tell me my sherni did you say yes to this jackass!. He chuckled.. she moved the roller to his other leg what do you think saab? since you know every thing!  Nakku hissed  he said dreamily as she rolled.. "well if you must know I said yess!  He stopped for a moment... and pulled his arm from under his face ,turned it and pulled her arm towards him bringing her to his face "kya boli tu nakku"  .. "you heard me "she said defiantly  "main ne haan ker di! .he looked directly at her with  narrow eyes and burst out laughing "chaal jhoutti, his eyes danced with mirth as she looked petrified at what he might do "you can't even lie properly my lair lair pants on fire beauty" ..  she looked at his face endearingly and put her face on his profile that flopped back on his folded muscular arms  of "course I said no saab".. he rolled over and pulled her over his chest "tu haan kar bhi nehi sakti Nakku main tuhje goli se uradha deyta!... "oh Saab you made a complete fool out of me why didn't you say that you knew about Harshad . ."because Nakku, he moved her loose tendrils of hair from her face Dutta wanted Nakku to make her own decision it was your marriage that was at stake had to decide whether you wanted to spend the rest of your life with that jack ass or not... I kept mum because I did not want to influence you"... she put her head on his chest..and a tear almost rolled out of her eye..but your presence in my life has influenced my whole life Saab when will you understand that...

Dutta showered and changed into his white kurta and pyjama he pushed his  sleeves up and reached out for his mouth organ after many years and made his way towards the cool night on terrace in Rascal .The stars twinkled and the moon shone across the vast ebony black heavens and he recalled similar nights in the trenches engulfed with deathly silence but he smiled as he twisted his lips to one side ,this is home where the heart is ... he put his head back and scoured the skies with his twinkling shifting eyes. Nakku was all he knew  and  he called for her every passing moment of his life, her very thought prompted a smile. His slender fingers fondled his mouth organ ...Nakku, in the privacy of her room felt a certain restlessness as she changed into her immaculate white fitted shirt and churridar pyjamas for the night she clasped her middle parted hair in a small claw clip at the back of her head and a loose vagabond strands of her wanton tendrils again fell to envelope her innocent dainty face .. she looked at her wide doe eyes in the mirror, it was close to midnight and despite the eventful day sleep was far fetched as the approaching dawn, which was hours away! ..she thought she heard the sound of a melody she rushed from her room towards his room and entered to an empty room , an unslept bed ..she looked at his head cushions and  grabbed one from his bed and clasped it close to her heart and sang  softly "man kyon behka ri behka ,aadhi raat ko,...Dutta, heard her singing from his room through the open doors leading to his terrace man kyon behka ri behka aadhi raat ko..and he brought his mouth organ to his lips playing the tune to her singing notes... "ho kisne bansi baajaayee aadhi raat ko" his lips moved to her singing on the organ and she heard and smiling floated on to the terrace and put her hands on his shoulders "kisne bansi bajeeyee aadhi raat ko and his parted lips brushed passionately on the organ to her singing "maan kyon behka reha bekha aadhi raat koo "and she slid her arms down his shoulders and rested her head on the top of his head smelling the wild musk shampoo in his hair as he sat in Rascal's lap playing the mouth organ.dil kyon mehka ri mekha aadhi raat ko...he stopped playing and held his mouth organ and let it slip down from his hand on to the terrace floor and lifted his arms and bent them back to grip her shoulders and brought her around to his lap ,he saw she was dressed in pure white like him as she sat he looked at her profile when she turned a little to catch his narrow lion like eyes ,he bent and lifted her legs and flung them on Rascal's handle as he put one arm around her waist and looked into her doe with a slight furrow of the eyebrows " neend nehi ah reey thujhe bhi? She nodded like an innocent little child caught out ..he pulled her close towards to his chest, while his free hand stroked her cheek..and he whispered amorously "you tease me mercilessly woman..ooh nakkuuu, he bent his face forward and he felt she quivered a little on his lap and he stirred his hungered lips away from her parted lips towards her ear and whispered hoarsely "tu acha ga latey hai nakku , aura acha nachtey nahi Saab ? she teased "aye Nakku bikwas mat ker!" he growled .She smiled shly at the closeness of his stubbly face ,the intoxicating smell of cologne on his skin made her dizzy and she buried her face on his hairy chest and her other hand stroked his chest hairs... mmh she went as she smelt his skin "you have some fetish about my hairy chest don't you my sherni " he chuckled shyly. He clung to his woman pressing her soft warm body against his chest.. some fetish she blushed quietly, oh Saab you bring out the unknown in me ..she put her arms around his strong neck and playfully flicked his ear lobe with her nose... he was her man, her one and only man she concluded and she pushed up her fingers through his soft wavy hair with affection ...Nakku he squeezed her shoulder and embraced her tightly as he dug his chin on her bare neck ,passionately he rubbed his parted lips to and fro on her skin underneath her head. She moved back from him abruptly and got up from his lap and walked towards the terrace wall... she looked across the panoramic view of the sleeping city that winked and blinked..he whirred Rascal towards her back and stopped behind her heels. He watched her back and silently leaned forward his slender fingers and held her perfect little waist from both sides.."tell me woman have you ever loved some one? He questioned her in a deep voice..she tuned slowly and he moved back his he looked up into her eyes which cried loud and clear to him "you saab! I love you !. amidst her silence but Dutta heard her and gave her a slanted smile . She took a deep breath and dared, for whoever dares wins "Saab do you love someone? Dutta froze it was now or never...never! he thought.. but as he looked up into her waiting, almost marred eyes he silently picked up his hands and caught hold of her waist and bent his head forward and placed his face side ways against her soft warm belly ,his arms loosened, encircled and pulled her waist towards him as he buried his profile deeper into her warm firm belly. She looked with longing at him and brought her hands up to his head and fondled his hair, it was almost like a maternal sight as opposed to lovers!  he nuzzled his head side to side gently with passion against her belly.. oh Saab you don't need to say anything for Nakku knows she is the one! the only one in your life... he lifted  his head and looked up drowsily upon her pure and innocent face looking down at him , and Dutta knew that she knew he loved her!  he gently moved back and sat up in Rascal and gave her a slow silent nod  .."chaal nakku ab ja ke apni kamarey  mein so jaa  aur  mujhe bhi sonay de" be continued.  Hamlet 1.6.11


Precap: " Sir,I feel I am rotting at home, is there any chance for me of being ,utilized at the GHQ, I am sure we can put  something together for your young chap! replied Brigadier Parekh...




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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged coming after work :D


H a m m i e ! ! !  mein aa gai ...

I have been busy with outtings, work and trying to write WOL...

soo finally i am here :D

wonderful update ...loved it...

haha Dutta silently listening to Ganapat...

I had a feeling his entry had to do with a

and of all the people in the world...harshad returns...aww poor Dutta ..

Chote Saab is not longer chote lol ...ab sirf saab...loved the whole part...

so now the ball is in Nakus court ...

Dutta remains very collected and composed...

loved that about him ...allthough his feelings for her run deep :P

Oh how i love Baaji  ...loved how he was trying to talk about D-N

ishmart Ram i think he caught on :P

haayyee an shy-vy Mr. Dutta Sriram Patil :) awww such a cuties LOL ...

love hiim Heart

thinking about pregnancy loved this part a lot :D

oh loved the scene with N and her dad the way she stood up...and boldly spoke her decision

but she will be shifting from PN ...oh no...

and then the beautiful scene with D-N ...

both hiding so much...yet they are not...

loved it all she was spilling out her emotions and

loved the way he was comforting her...

how i love him...softness inside all the hardness Embarrassed

also loved the Harshad-Naku  scene...they way she spoke to him..

i think he got the point ! LOL

you know what i loved most...was wen Naku said she said yes to Harshad

but Dutta knew ...he was certain she was lying...

i love these little things btwn them

omg that last scene was amazing...they never need to say much ...

its all known from the heart

i loved it alll ...the whole update...wonderful part ...please update soon Big smile

sorry took so long Embarrassed

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged
awesome update yet again hammie...will add to it more in a day or two..going out on a trekk wid frnds now :)

Me back!Tongue

I loved that Dutta allowed nakku to make her decision both abt her career and marriage. He is a bossy dominating man and nakku always gives in to his wishes so it was good that he held off..

Nakku can be utilized in the army hospital too... she can work as PT there.. i have a neighbor where both hubby and wiefy are in army.. infact they fell in love when uncle had gone there to nurse a bullet wound on his hand after getting hit in mizoram.

hopefully they will soon be engaged and romancing khulam-khulla.

dutta brusqueness where nakku is concerned sometimes seems thoroughly annoying yet humorous...i somehow get angry when he calls her 'woman'...oh well, what more can be expected from the khadoos, hai na!

waise can we have dutta on crutches now instead of rascal...i want sher on his feet romancing hsi't wait for that.

awesome update yet again hammie...atleast ur story is flowing mine got stuckOuch

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krishaa Senior Member

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 10:18am | IP Logged
thanks hammie for pm and update,loved it and this is one of my favourite one thanks for a wonderful treat ,keep up with the good work.

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