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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 22)

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 1:47am | IP Logged
@ raj
isko khatey hain mishal/dutta ki theran bhaow kahana ! mera Sher-e-dil eshstyle pasand nehi aya kya?? oh le oh le ooo.. listen my gujar ke halwas doing the last bit of chap 8.. up by late today or 1st thing tommorrow am xxx hammie

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kiran255 IF-Dazzler

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sayinmg im super late is an understatement though i hate that ur labby is not working and im praying it to get fixed 


but sometime i feel like , its done because of me cuz i was liek hammie update na kar day i havent not commented 


feeling guilty*


but i am really praying that ur labby came back soon and it didnt cost u much !


OK Hammie 


loved the title


Home coming though i was like ,


when will dutta come to my hhome:P


sorry but cant help it ,the title was tempting :P


home means different to different ppl :p


Ok girl 


and wooo hO hammie 


i just loved ur imagination 

Major saab tu full on ashiq ban gaye hai ,

in love on naku ,

i love the way he is clutching his pillow :D

love the feeling he is going throuh ,

beautifully expressed through ur words :D



and even their Naku is dreaming of Dutta though its not her fault ,

im also here dreaming abt D !
woowww , 



and girl how many times i have to tell u ,


i love the language of ur FF ,

son of guns *

love this phrase 

awww he is not gonna leave Rascal thats sweet but not for many days :D

he will soon be back on his legs !


oh god this guy is so brave not just him hus whole family :D

loved Naku dialogues:P


Ohhh my handsome man , you watch I'll put my arms around you so tightly that you'll never know which weapon hit you!  and  you watch!  I'll do what you can't do even in a million years "


here i would like to volunteer give me a chance too ,

i so want to put my arms around D too :P


and omg finally the day has come when day is gonna be back to his home 

but this time loses his sense ,


cant belive how he was checking out N,

thnk god for the flowers blocking his view warna tu :P


and wo Lauren said he looks like pathan

and I was like agar wo pathan hota tu sirf mera hota :p

but u just couldn't let me happy for a second L

well he is Marathi and I still love him :D

and wooo Miss Lauren needs to behave ,

loved how D make his eyes look down


sharif bacha :D

Loved how they acknowledge the work of Nurses and the way he said ,

I adore the way he talks :D

And woo all his soldiers were their to see off him

Loved when he says

At ease though im like how can I be when u are in picture ,

Loe the speech and love when D said there are so many things to distract


Apna haalay dil suna raha tha :P

I was laughing my ass off :D


And woo he had to go on Ambulance and baaji didn't let N sits in ,

God he got so angry though he knows soon she will be with him 24 /7

Ok not 24/7

But will be always in front of him :D


Love how Dutta got welcome :D

A true warrior should be welcome like that :D

And love his speech he gave to his ppl ,

Head up , not asingle regret in his voice :D

Amazing :D


And wooo N does his Aarthi

Im would be doing the same if Dutta would be dfront of me

Keep circling the thali around hin :P


I just love how they got everything prepared for Dutta ,

His stair lift , his bedmen

He deserves all and ofcourse his a lil too personal Pt trainee:D


Love How N goes to D and first he was all happy than he remembered the morning incient ,

He got angry



I so love his this side

And wooo I don't know who is the bigger Rascal ,

Dutta has definitely become a bigger rascal sitting on Rascal ,

Iwas like

Actually I was like noting :D

My face got a constipated look like suds

When u cant even digest what u are reading :P




Whole romance make me goo gaga over dutta again :D

And thank god AS called is sayu pehlay I fainted :P

Love the way Dutta romances his talks in romace is so cool also


soo Nakku did you enjoy the joy ride and the free sample



I am like Major saab

Got a control on urslef

Rascal k bajaye khud pay break laga na sekhay :P

Love the dinner scene

Though im happy theya re back

Now I wish whole family goes to some wedding

Im dying fro privacy :D

Though I think that is not mattering to D :P

And wooo B and D having drinks , the thing they adore and wooo he shoo off Naku :P


And wooo Hammie

Ye kya that


Naku in red saari

Im like


What the

God Dutta is fuming and she is preparing fro her college item nuber

I bet If Dutta could see her performing that , he must have killed her or all the men who would be sitting their


God Dutta still not givin in and www Naku crying but she loves him

Even though he lost his mind :P

OH hammieee


What to say

Superb , suplendid ,surprising and at time shocking update

Loved it so much ,

Enjoy it to core


Waiting for the new one impatiently :D

And praying that ur Lappy got fine asap :D

Btw Hammie who and what is ur inspiration for this Ff ?

Cuz im sure u do have ?:P

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kiran255 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 7:36am | IP Logged
thank god now i can say with full authority !

Update fast :D

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 7:58am | IP Logged
@ kinoo kiran   dutta teray se bhaut naraz hai koi  khani hai thujhe??
where the hell have you been woman? I  thought shaadi ker ka ghar basa ki dutta ko stood up ker gayi!
itsss soo good to hear from you and read your as usual peppy hot number,hilarious feed back ..yaar I  think you guys give a better feed back than the frigging update!! mera tu thought hai I might as well hung up my pistolss.. yess my damn lappie has gone for reapair some problem in the mother board... dekha even the lappie cant deal with Mishal's hottness  haaahaaa
guess what iam doing finish off chap.8 should be on forum either early hours of am tonite or tommorrow morning ... chaal ab major Dutta ke turaf se thujhe ek saxy look.xxxhammie

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kiran255 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
@Hammie Dutta ko tu main mana lon ge , 
but tum ko manana is alot mishkil 

and hey how can i get married until my Dutta is in ur ff :P
u need to free him than i will get marry to my Major :P

well the whole Pepi , humour hot comment came from ur update 

so its just u , who makes me pump up and start writing :D

Oh chap 8 coming soon and u using Khandani lappy 

i know we also have some khandani stuff but we have not advanced to lappy ,we have one cell phone 
who ever cell got stolen , got roped or just broke 

just that nokia 3310 :P

must say these khandani items do have long life :P

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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                                        Mishal Raheja as Major Dutta Patil

                                          Painful Rapture: chapter 8


                                                Rocking the boat

The silence engulfed him as his desire to be left alone was fulfilled after the altercation with Nakku. He drove Rascal towards his wardrobe whilst his hand stretched out to open the door to reveal the one thing he wanted to set his eyes upon ,his uniform with one elegant hand  he felt the sleeve of his uniform ,lifted his head up and gazed it with military style pride .He could never oust that out of his system the regime ,the regulation the orderly dominance, the confidence. His work was always there, bailed him out of any situation, for he was trained to stomach pressure. He turned away from the wardrobe and looked up at the moon out his French glass doors. Nakusha he groaned to the moon. The truth was that he felt quite victorious after the clash over her dancing! His eyes narrowly convinced the moon as his lips slanted to one side and he played with his stubble he had won! His war stratagem had come into place, as he made good use of an existing situation  ! her provocative dance had provided him the opportunity to stop her from going to her college! So he had in actual fact had won the war. He chuckled as he threw his head back a little "all is fair in love and war"! he mumbled in devilish delight! He pulled off his blue kurta ! Rahmaaan he yelled jee saar  " ye mujhe zara bed pa daalo "Rahmaan helped him on the bed and Dutta stretched his legs and  pulled one of his lime green cushions and tightened it amidst his arms Nakku he moaned  and he dozed off!

Nakku embraced her pillow her anger abated as she dreamt about his strong muscular arms around her waist. He was the first man she had known in this manner in her entire life. She was surprised at the willingness of her nature to succumb to his every move he subjected her to and she blushed and covered her face with her pillow. She shuddered though at his possessive streak which he clearly demonstrated in his reaction at her dance practice. She recalled his painful words of playboy pictures and men looking at them over and over! She bit her lip and understood why he had disallowed her to make a public spectacle of herself.. was he suffering from jealousy symptoms she wondered smugly. However the question, that was he likely to pose a threat to her personal development in the future loomed up from part of her mind. What did she want?? him..she repeated to pillow. She remembered when he squeezed her face in rage his strong palm smelt of his after shave.mmm she could trace it on her cheek ,she rubbed her cheek against her pillow and dug her nose in it and gradually wafted off to sleep..


Dutta shook and handled to defeat sleep as he squeezed ,blinked and finally opened his eyes. He looked at the ceiling and realised it was his room. With dilated pupils his eyes roamed around his room's familiar walls , with a sniff and a smile he heaved himself on his bottom held by his arm and palms on the spacious bed as he craned his neck and let out a groan and held his head..gosh flipping hell he thought damn hangover he must be losing his forte at boozing.." Rahmaaan" he yelled jee saar fridge se pani ke bottle laye kar ao!. Rahman and retreated to obey order. He returned shortly and Dutta put the water against his lips and glugged the liquid . "Rahmaaan   woh excercise tubes zammen per rukho , phelay woh neela mat zammen par rako  ab mujhe mat per laey ker jao baki mein khod ker loon ga, Dutta commanded. Dutta eventually sat on the mat confidently and fitted his feet securely in the pair of loops and held on to the foamed handles. Before he began he realised he was in his white vest and white night suit pyjamas, he also looked at the wall clock, it was past 8.00 in the morning and she had not turned up in his room .He had anticipated bed tea!  gosh it was ages since he had that at home , he wallowed in self pity even the hospital gave him bed each morning at 7.00am!  He fumed and reverted back to the task at hand, of pulling the heavy duty thick expandable tubes towards himself .he persisted with the pull ,where the hell was she ? he pulled the tubes with anger .uhmmm, he  arched his back and pulled harder than before surely the bloody woman had not gone to university?  and he tugged harder at the elastic, as he heaved and brought it towards his chin , fully yanked  he clenched his jaw, Nakku!  he wrestled with the elasticated tubes and dug  deeper into the foam handles with both hands.  Beads of sweat started to pour down his face he pressed his lips and cried soundlessly come to the room woman !  He heaved spent!   ooh please come! . He paused with his head hang low, sweat dripping off his stubble chin and his checks  and he let go off the foam hands and rested his arms on his bent knees ,flicked his fingers  and palms  to and fro to release the tension . awwh!  he cried at the knotted leg muscles that his  rage had triggered off as he wanted her and he moved his legs his thighs inwards and out wards slowly  .  Saab ! he heard her voice but kept his head hung low. "Saab who told you to start this exercise", he continued to ignore her and carried on breathing heavily, as  she darted towards the bathroom and returned with the moist wash clothes to mop his sweat .Saab,  she crouched beside him as she looked at him , she gathered he was in a  sulk. She held his head from top and wiped his face carefully, while he as per usual closed his eyes in silent delight . She wiped the slight glaze of sweat from his bulged biceps that elevated his muscular arms . "Saab you went to sleep in your vest .. she chided but he refused to speak to her. "Chalo Saab lets get you up to the bed" she bent forward to the wrap his arm around her shoulder .Rahmaaan!  shouted Dutta and Nakku very nearly jumped back over the mat .Rahman appeared and helped Dutta to the bed.

Dutta looked at her , she looked fresh and crisp as the new day in her white churidar pyjama and  fitted pastel pink low boat neck pastel shirt. Dutta looked at her with dreamy eyes she wore her hair in a middle parting with bits of hair falling into waves that complimented her shapely eye brows . Little wisps of hair complained of being bound in a braid and escaped and  hung about her fair slender swan like neck . Dutta cleared his throat and addressed her in whet sarcasam "so my trainee PT you remembered to tend your patient at last! .Nakku responded in some defiance "do you remember Saab how you behaved last night? .Dutta looked at her a little shocked at her boldness,  "oh what have we here a wronged woman , ooh  what's the point Saab you need a massage now ! you choose cold compress or gel?, Nakku deviated . he  slanted his lips and lowered his eyes . I bet  know I know what he'll choose... thought Nakku smiling shyly,  "chaal cold gel massage! chaaly ga "he eventually mumbled ,as he strived not to sound too keen at the option!.  Before she could change her mind Dutta pushed himself lower on the bed and folded his arms rested his smiling face  and lay on his belly...waiting for her touch...


Nakku sat on the edge of the bed looked at his long pyjama clad legs bulging in bulk flesh near this thighs and lower legs she shly pulled his vest down to make less abvious his pyjama covered wide buttocks , she rolled his pyjamas up as far as they could go , "Saab you really should have worn shorts for the massage" she said complained "do you want me to strip my pyjamas  right now Nakku! if they are causing a hindrance!  he dared her . "noo she said nervously she started to apply the gel as always he shuddered a little and then as she rubbed her soft hands on his legs up and down he started with his expels of ooohs and aahs !  she ignored him a right monster he was last night! and she was certainly not going to attempt conversations with him . "sooo Nakku you did'nt go to Uni today upon my orders! he chuckled  "your orders "she pressed his Femoris muscles "oye that hurt! He laughed in his folded arms "good saab "she hissed , oh spurting are you my little phooljahari.. he teased. I did'nt go because I have to drag you up to walk  hanaa Saab?... by the way do you remember what you did last night she asked dangerously.. yesss a very very sexy woman gave me the come hither take me, take me all invite! ..he paused for a moment and groaned , I dreamt that I had almost taken her..Nakku pinched both his thighs roughly "oye stop you demented woman!  and he buried his face in his folded arms and his back and belly quivered in mirth.  Finished she said well the back legs.. and went off to the bathroom to rinse her hands .

He continued to rest on his belly and she came and stood by him at the middle edge of the bed. He moved back and stretched his flattened hand backwards and searched for and found her hand. He brought her to the front of where he lay on his folded arm and looked at her with his narrow eyes. Nakku shyly , could not resist the intensity of his tender eyes and she crouched and finally sat down on the rug beside the headed side of his bed . Dutta continued to look into her beautiful hazel green eyes and vagabond wisps of escaped hair,that framed her face .Nakku ..he said as he saw her slight bruise on her cheek. He lifted his fore finger bit his lip and asked  and gently encircled the purple mark "ye nishaan kaisa? hai he asked alarmed  ye Saab said with a giggle "ek shaitaan ne pyar ka tofa diya tha! ,he brought his hand back and in shameful regret he folded his hand and groaned Nakku ..Nakku Saab kya hai?  dard hai khain?  hmmm.he whined,  slowly as he tossed his head from side too side,  she stroked his muscular rounded shoulder that lay exposed from under his vest. He moved his hand from under his chin and looked at her with  forlorn apologetic eyes. He twisted his head and arm and grabbed her hand which stroked his shoulder and  brought  it near his face  gently flipped  her palm placed it on the pillow and positioned his lips on her warm soft palm and brushed it with his lips . Nakku sat crouched her face blushed as she saw his head move slowly and tenderly in deep affection on her palm  the gentle presses of his hot lips and tiny heaved minute pecks on her palm transported her in an unknown world ofsublimity. He picked up his head and looked at her palm as it was her face and moved it under his chin , slid it below his neck and imprisoned it behind the wall of his hard chest and than he pressed hard on her palm and a bit of her wrist he heaved and shook a little as he dug her palm between the bed and his chest, he heaved so hard that she let out a scream "Saab stop you'll sprain my wrist!. He froze for a moment then heaved again with such force that she pulled his hard arched shoulder in pain "you're  hurting me you'll fracture my wrist!!! and she pulled her hand from under his rigid chest, as she rubbed her hand and wrist "you hurt me". he turned his head sideways on the pillow and with parted lips said "I haven't even started to hurt you as yet Nakku and you are yelping already ..he said devishily. "You are such a beast she said demurely .. why woman did you think I was a whoosh! Let me have you know you ain't seen nothing yet Fauji hoon I deal with hazards every second ...he said

Unwittingly she stood to leave and  he in  alert mode  rolled  himself over his back  and before she could move past his bed he grabbed  her arm  "rukh ja" she turned and looked with semi  complaining eyes as if to say haven't you had enough of me you wicked man!. He laid his head over his crossed palms and gazed up at her with his stalking narrow lion eyes  and shook his head very slowly."Saab let me bring you some chaai for you" Nakku deviated Nooo he insisted  in a guttural voice chaai can wait hai!! Aahh! and before she knew it he held his head  in pain and moaned arh ahhh! his noises of apparent discomfort forced Nakku to sit on his bed . She bent forward and whispered across his chest what's the matter Saab ? as she inquired her low neck dropped loose and reaveled part of her cleavage which Dutta had certainly not bargained for and he turned his head and eyes in the opposite direction with sharp lowered eyes and bit his lips in embarrassment. "Nakku my head is pounding" he continued to moan as he pressed his slender fingers into his temples while he stole glances  to clock her reaction. It's called a hangover Saab !she scored one on him, noo it's not! it's called some hot broad ka meray sar pe naachnaa! he argued She leaned forward and placed her soft hands on  his smooth fore head  and massaged and relaxed the crease of his eyebrow. She looked at his upheld face with closed eyes and a cheeky smile. She smiled at his angelic expression and knew this Fauji Farishta was trying it on!  "Nakku I dream a lot about  this hoot hoot broad lately I think I saw her at the hospital one of these day I must go with Baji to check her out"! he teased .Saab! she pulled her hands from her face and brought them down to his chest hairs and gave them a pull "oyeee women that hurt .."good she said you deserve it after the hurt you gave my wrist !"flirted Nakku as she sat up . His solid gaze transformed in the wide innocence as he relayed his tenderness towards her through his eyes .He  pulled one hand from under his palm and held it up against her cheek  as he rubbed it against the bruise and uttered a soft sigh. His lips separated ,she knew this was his way of saying sorry for squashing her cheek last night! His hand trailed from her cheek to her shoulder and he gently pulled her face to rest on his hairy chest! She felt the bed of curly hairs under her cheek and took deep breathe and closed her eyes , while he pulled his other hand from under his palm and folded it tightly around her Nakku rested her face close to his heart...offf he uttered as he swam in a pool of novel contentment.  With fluxed breathing the two hearts beat as if one!

As he stroked her back he whispered in her ear "tell me Nakku what are your plans after your results? She stirred out of their rapture and broke the spell as she  placed her palms on his muscular chest and propped herself to sit up and faced  him as he stared up into her face. "whatever is Bappa's will Saab Iwill carry out" she resigned. Yes that's fine Nakku he agreed but clarified do you plan to work as a PT he interogated she gazed  at his face while Dutta searched her face in wait for her answer. Yes if Bappa wants me to she replied in reverence for her God. He went more for her worldly answer of affirmative and further quizzed "where would you work Nakku here in Ratanagari or else where? Wherever there is need and where duty calls Saab I will follow .... he studied her face with knotted brows and turned his face the other way as he stared hard at the wall speechless. He drew his lower lip,with a stifled voice said "ok Nakku  I'll have some tea now go and get some . She  scurried away and he stretched his arm and grabbed his lime green head cushion and  embraced it across his chest where she laid not so long ago and his eyes began to moisten. Well Dutta you heard her thoughts loud and clear! He squeezed the cushion and clenched his throbbing square jaw, yes he was bloody disappointed! He daren't even admit to her what answer he had anticipated from of duty ! call of duty she said the bloody woman !     he festered that was his line! She returned "Saab chaai" she stood over him aware that he had short fused! He looked at her as he lifted his face from his green cushion with one eye brow slightly raised , and yanked his head towards his bedside table "rakh de". She put the tea where he signalled and gazed at him with tenderness but was met with his narrow distant frigid look. "Thanks Nakku" he gathered himself "Saab get your self showered and dressed" she suggested to relive the tension and started to sauntered away. Rukh ja he commanded waapis ah and get my clothes sorted out! While he sipped his tea and stared at her with incensed eyes , she chose and laid out his steel grey pathiani and laid it across the bed. Dutta stared and sipped, and in silence watched her eventually walk towards the door to make an exit. He sat alone on his bed with his empty cup of tea maybe he should have indicated to her what he really wanted. I don't think so Dutta not even in a million years, for he knew himself well, he thought ..but what did he really want?

"Kya Bhau! Relaxing? chirped Baji as he came in and slumped and stretched his arms across the green sette in Dutta's room "soo Bhau I see you got your early morning darshan of Nakku! Kya baat hai ,alright for some Baji jested with a big dimpled smile"  "bikwaas maat kar Baji ,chaai dinay aiey thee, dey kar chaali gey bas! Dutta snapped. Pun Bhau there is some locha!  Taking place between you too!  Do you want me to say something to Aye sahib  suggested Baji as he guffawed . nahin ! Dutta roared don't you dare Baji or I'll clobber you with my bare hands... no Bhau relax Baji shook his hands and pulled his ear lobes! I wont say anything  both of us will just wait for her to be snapped by some guy! added Baji.  "What ever",  Dutta muttered unconcerned. Roops traipsed in and took Dutta's cup away and gave him a hug  kya Bhau your sitting in your pyjama and vest not even ready...oooh your becoming lax and laid back, shall we send you back to the hospital then she twittered .Dutta bent stretched forward and tweaked her nose "Chotti you have started talking much,way too much!    Noo Bhau she pulled his arm "get ready I want us to go out for some snacks please please... Baji never took us out anywhere!.  "Kya Roops" Baji complained Bhau she dragged me to stores all the time , looking at the same things ten times over and over and never even bought anything just wasted my time and left me hanging about I never Baji rao she hissed and punched Baji in the stomach oww  Baji  protested  "Bhau you're  looking at her behaviour . "bas koro tum duno! jab merzi start ho jata ho! ab jao mujhe ready hona hai! Dutta affirmed. Rahmaaan Dutta shouted jee Saar .nehai walay kursi ...

Dutta sat in Rascal  groomed and ready. Nakku came and saw he looked burly with a defined air of regal elegance. Saab poha gha lo gharam hai  leave it there he pointed to the bedside table I'll eat it later. Nooo intercepted Nakku you will eat it right now ., "oh stop it Nakku I am not your baby... I said I'll eat it so ooo",  he huffed. Nakuu looked hurt by his manner and moved the plate to his small rectangular table ..and paused briefly for him to revert his decision but due to no response she left his room in silence. Dutta veered Rascal over to the breakfast and set down to relish it with the fork .mmm he functioned his lips and mouth and thought bloody woman has so much taste in her hands ! and he thought of one of her hands that he had subjected to his passion fetish!  and shyly chewed the poha hungrily licking his lips once a while! Dutta he thought as he savoured the last little scrap on the plate lardki khobsarrat hona ke alwa acha kahana bhi banati hai! he  subtly wiped the corner of his mouth with his back hand knuckle.


Dutta sat in Rascal as Aye Sahib approached him wearing a beaming smile he bent down to touch her feet. "Aye hum zara behar ja rahey hain thoreehi der bade ghar laut ahengay" Dutta informed his mother. Baji, Roops and Nakku  awaited his signal to move . "Baji have you sorted the transport as we are taking Rascal you do realize that don't you"?  "ho Bahu every thing is sorted we are taking the land cruiser and Rahmaan is coming as well Baji assured him . Roops could hardly contain her excitement and chattered come on lets go now! . Dutta glanced at Nakku who tried to smile at him but lowered her eyes as she was met with his icy unapproachable expression .Once they got to the transport Dutta was transported in the passenger seat in the front next to Baji at the wheel. Nakku and Roops sat behind Dutta and Baji ,and Rahman scrambled at the back with Rascal. Put your seat belts on Dutta ordered as he fixed his wing mirror and altered it till he could catch Nakku's face loud and clear in it .she caught his eye in the wing mirror and speedily dropped her eyes and turned to Roops .Dutta reacted by jutting his jaw and chin and narrowed eyes. "Bhau ,this is like old times only our places have been swaped , Baji turned and winked at Dutta . Dutta  huffed hmmh, Chaal ab what are you wating for Baji.  They soon hit the road and Roops suggested put some music on. Baji looked at her from his rear mirror "no thanks teray cd nehi sunay Bhau ko loud thumping music" . put the radio on Baji!  Dutta intercepted .. and switched on the radio .

hello listeners!   hey "Baji turn it up its the request programme love FM yelled Roops . Dutta gave her a side ways smile and leaned forward to turn up the volume .

He looked  in the wing mirror and gave Nakku a cutting gaze. "Okkk the velvet voiced RJ went, all you ladies out there with roothay sayiaan's this number is especially for you in the hope that the guy in your life melts...  an all time favourite from the movie Devdas ish,ish..bairi piya bada bedardi, ish  ho  bairi piya bada bedardi   Nakku looked and met his eyes in the mirror and pleaded with her eyes dil ka dard na janne saudai ,and dutta pulled his eyes away from the mirror and glanced at Baji as he heard the words of the song har jai and he brought his yes back to the mirror and saw her tear filled eyes haarjaai, zulmi ram duhaai ..and before he could blink the tear had laced her cheek kaise kahoon, kasse kahoon, haai ram,he looked at her eyes with gentelness dil ka dard na janne and Nakku  continued to look at his eyes with the second tear ready to roll ,he furrowed his eye brows a little and in the slowest of motions shook his head imploringly  na janne  bairi piya  bada bedardi  "hope you are enjoying this romantic number ladies and hope the clouds are clearing and the sun is shining." raved the RJ.  Nakku looked at him in the wing mirror and sniffed, but  her eyes smiled as she encountered his yielding looks...  the song continued  tu door jotha to paa hi tha,  ab paas hai to door hai kyoon..he looked at her shyly  with compressed lips and lowered his eyes and she smile with naughtiness all over her face... ."Baji stop ruk ruk" Roops shouted I want to have a look at those shoes I was looking for them all over the place. Baji braked  "see Bhau told you coming out with her is a locha"   Dutta smiled "just take her baji other wise she'll whinge and whine "..Baji stopped the car .Dutta looked over head  "Rahmaaan tum bhi in ke saat chale joi  kuch uthane par jai"... Nakku ,smiled as she caught his eye in the wing mirror as he felt his stubble above his lip...Nakku sponataneously put her hand on his shoulder,  and now the RJ continued  "for all you love torn damsels   this popular number... hai kya yeh jo tera mere darmiyaan hai, andekhi ansuni dastaan hai,..dutta shuffled himself at her tap ,folded his arm and rest his fissured chin on his arm staring back at her eyes halfturned from his seat.. ... lagne lagi, ab zindagi khaali hai meri.. his eyes widened as he drowned in her doe eyes as pouted and opened his lips ..lagne lagi har saans  he moved his chin a little and sighed  bhi khaali hai....she moved a little and touched ..bin tere,bin ,tere,bin, koi  his cheek koi khalish hai hawayon mein ..he grabbed her roving hand with his free hand down to his folded arm ... within seconds his wide eyes changed shape to narrow distant eyes as he abruptly turned his posture forward with his back to her and lowered the volume of the radio...

Dutta closed,   Nakku's presence and sat pensively as he studied the environment around him ,nothing had changed in the shops ,the people ,the frenzied buying ,the haste was still the same ,still it was good to back on his home ground . "Bhau come on you can have a roam ,let's get these girls some snacks from the street vendor" Baji told Dutta invitingly. Rahmaan took Rascal out and Dutta sat in it shoving his grey shirts sleeves further up .Nakku could see he had begun to sweat as his chest hairs appeared wet and curled and his cheeks had color in them.

Dutta whirred towards the street vendors, the girls ordered and Nakku asked him what he wanted but he declined "you should know by now Nakku I don't really eat from outside"... while they waited a bunch of youths started to ogle at Nakku and Roops one of them started singing tera mast mast do nain mera dil ka laye kaye jaan ..Dutta turned Rascal and menacingly whirred towards the filmy style young man meray dil ka laye gai  Dutta stretched his brawny arm grabbed his collar , before the man could recover from the impact Dutta pulled him down on his knees before him let go of Rascal's handles and slapped him hard across the face ,than slapped him hard across the other check .,got his head in an arm lock and boxed him one on one side of his head changed arm lock and boxed him on the other side of his head and  ..heaved in mad frenzy  roared ab mera liya gana ka haram zaaday! before he could ram his fist on the man's already bleeding faceready  to break his nose enough people who knew Dutta tried to pull the boy from Dutta's powerful  arm lock..Baji turned up Bhau let him go! Mar je ga !  Dutta roared "choor mujhe Baji  ,badmash ne auraton ka jeena haram ker diya hai " and  he lifted his leg and kicked the man  hard with his leg that the man fell three two meters across the ground .."bloody bas***ds , roaming the frigging streets  teasing women  bloody waste of space I tell you these bas***ds should be carted off and dumped on the front line!  Dutta shouted ..  the men around pulled up the bleeding young man and said pagal lardkay! Fauji hai ye admi fauji samjehe abhi military police bulywa ke inder karwa dey gaa... Nakku and Roops approached the crowd and were highly stunned to note what had happened.  Dutta ordered them back in the car and both him and Baji bought little ice cream tubs for the girls and  made their way back to the car. Dutta sat in the passenger seat and looked at Nakku who was tucking into the ice cream  he brought back for them ,she licked her lips bashfull y and Dutta gave a small amused smile as she looked up at him. Saab she leaned forward and offered him a tiny scoop over his shoulder he raised his hand in refusal Bhau ka lo itnay pyar se de rahi hai nakku defended Baji... Dutta turned his head and  Nakku's hand brushed his stubble and he pooped the spoon in his mouth and wiped the corner of his mouth with his finger tip. "Bhau what happened out there" ? Roops asked  some good for nothing git went around looking for trouble and he found it...IN ME ! reacted dutta. "Leave it lets not talk about it ..yes I bet that boy will think twice now before he teases any more girls"  jibed Baji.

Dutta remained tacit for the rest of the journey back. He knew he was incensed but he refuted the real cause behind his rage he moved his eyes towards the wing mirror and saw her face, patted by  wisps of hair blowing, her eyes fluttered as the wind sped past them. She appeared swathed in child like innocence in the mirror  that he gazed upon her in awe! but took his eyes off her  shortly...Dutta,  she may be innocent but she is a person who has her own aspirations and goals, after all he thought she was not some young girl only waiting to be taken off the shelf by some guy...Baji had turned on the radio again..the RJ, a woman with a sexy voice mechanically did her job " hellooo you love bitten guys!  now are going around in circle when its all there in front of you this one is especially for you"...Saajaana.. mahiya... hai dil ko teri aarzoo par main thujhe naa paa sakun  Nakku looked up at Dutta in the rear mirror and his narrow fierce lion eyes pierced through her hai dil ko teri justaju par main tujhe naa paa sakun he creased eye brows and tapered his eyes and pouted his lips with flared nostrils as he gaped at her reflection..he parted his lips and his brow smoothed main hoon shab tu subah dono jud ke judaa  and his eyes lowered and his lips gravitated to one corner of his mouth main hoon labh tu dua dono jud ke judaa Saajana sajaana his head tilted to one side as his eyes softened in complete submission to Nakku's tearful eyes in the wing mirror.  mahiya, saajnaa ,saajanaa ve..he felt her hand pressed on his shoulder overcome by the song... let her develop herself Dutta!  don't smother her..let her be... he throbbed inside but he mulled and mulled!


He  went straight to his room, his leg he kicked with smarted . Nakku followed him and found him sitting in Rascal with his head low. "Saab you don't right to me" she fussed as she felt his , fore head .."I am fine Nakku  just let me be" he replied irritated  "and no I don't want anything "he stretched his leg in pain. At least let me help you on to the bed offered Nakku by touching him on his shoulder.  He shrugged her hand away . "Dutta kaisa rahey teri outing" said Aye Saab before he could answer Nakku fetched Rahman who helped Dutta to recline on the bed..

As he lay on the bed Aye sat near him on his bed and ran her fingers through his hair he closed his eyes slightly as Nakku putted a couple of cushions under his head .He looked at Nakku with forlorn eyes and watched her leave the room as she  granted privacy to mother and son. "Dutta hum kuch sooch rahay the Nakku ke bara main , ghar ki baachi hai pechpan se haihe hum dekh rahay us ko. Hmmm,  mumbled  Dutta and mused that bloody idiot Baji must have said some thing I swear I'll have his guts for my braces!! as he folded his hand across his chest and narrowly watched Aye. "Dutta nakku ke bara main tera kya khayal hai  she questioned him . He pushed himself up and sat upon his bed and looked directly at his aye "hain aye achi hai" he replied shortly .. "achi hai" Dutta aye pressed,and he continued "haan sumjahdar hai Nakku, pheri lekhi hai, apna bura bhala samjthe hai..  but Aye  persisted "mugar hum teray aur nakku duno kay bara mein sujhe rahey the dutta .. shaddi ke bara main .  Dutta  swallowed a lump in his throat, and with gatherd eye brows and iced eyes looked at Aye and repeated the one word to which hereacted shaadi aye ,meri shaadi aye..shaadi ke baray main tu maine pilhal kabhi soocha bhi nehi he disguised aur who bhi nakku ke saath he uttered wish fully and shyly turned his face away. Aye put her hand on his hand "par Dutta hum ne tu soocha hai , jis halat main tu hai Nakku agar teri patni ho tu who tera zayda khayal rekh sakita hai" argued Aye  … "Aye who waise bhi mera khayal rekhti hi ..he said quietly……disturbed nevertheless by the discussion, but he could see that his mother could see what he had concealed within him ,  and he took her hand in his hand and gently reassured her "challien Aye main is baraey main sooch ker ap ko baton ga". Aye smiled and stood to leave and reaffirmed to him "Dutta hum teray jawab ke intezzar karengay… and she left .


Dutta dragged his feet and bent his torso as he painstakingly held one leg at a time and lowered them down the edge of the bed . Rahmaaan ! he hollered ,jee saar   "mujhe wo foot pedal la ke do Dutta placed his feet on the pedals and balanced his arms and palms on his bed.

He started to pedal and arched his eyebrows and compressed his lips in concentration as he watched the pedaling movement of his legs. Nakku came in and his eyes without ceasing what  he was doing shifted towards her . She came towards him and sat on the bed beside him , he released his lips and his lowered eyes twinkled , as he felt her closeness. He knew he could have said all those things to Aye that she wanted to hear about him and Nakku. But, he stopped pedaling  and put his hands on his knees and looked side ways dreamily at her stunning face, he could not say them for he knew Nakku, he knew what she really wanted from her life for the moment . Nakku caught his side wards glance and spontaneously put her head on his shoulder and looked down and smiled. "Saab ap chup kyon ho ,kuch baat tu hai?itna tu main ap ko jannte hoon". He heard her and thought no you don't know me completely baby..the kind of man Dutta really is… He turned his face towards her his lips parted as his eyes looked into her willing eyes, he  moved his arm and pulled her shoulder closer and snuggled his defined nose on her neck and whispered hoarsely. "its nothing Nakku its nothing" and he rubbed the tip off his nose on her soft slender neck while his other hand reached out for her spare hand and flattened it against his pounding heart ."Saab, koi ah jaey ga" she resisted as he let go of her hand and moved the hair from her neck , pulled her face towards his lips but went for her ear and pressed his lips against her are lobes . She shuddered and giggled a little as the stubble around his mouth pricked her ear. He moved back a little to look at her face his eyes sparkling as his lips for the first time broke into a smile ,that lit up his boyish "face have you gone mad woman.! No! she pinched his cheek you've gone mad my my.. she went and he completed lover boy ! and he hugged her shoulder bringing her close to him with both his  arms around her….. and they sat on the edge of the bed with the side of their heads touching , complete in themselves……..

"Ho Nakku tu yahaan hai" Baji barged in.. Dutta dropped his arms quickly and Nakku straightened up and both faced Baji sitting upright on the edge of the bed … as if nothing had transpired "Nakku tera liya surprise hai!  Bhau ,  Ganapat kaka is here . "Baba!  Nakku jumped up on her feet clasped her hands and raced out of the room towards the main downstairs lounge…….. to be continued  Hamlet  24.6.11

Precap : "Aye Sahib mein Nakku ke bare main, aap se baat karne aiya hoon" ..said Ganapat……


Listen my beautiful friends and readers ..many apologies for not showing my written appreciation for your brilliant feedbacks ,I reiterate that your feedbacks are certainly more engaging then my lengthy loads… Laptop went bust! oh how I look forward to reading the feedbacks ..daya, prncz,nakku ,mnx,ivy, subii, suuuha, ziks , eternity ,warda, azhm.. and last for this one naughty girl kinooo, and as for mishez where are you my loverly? hamlet misses your purple /pink fonte feed backs laut aio plzzz  . noo I have not forgotten you kirshaaa. And as far shil my guru ,me thinks she is busy with her two FFs… love you all loads …I remain humbled  by your loved  in MISHAL'S " words how sweet ,I become very emotional"…

This is all for you Mishal ..the legend goes on……..







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Warda. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
OMG...i was about to leave
thank God i didnt
love you for this hammie :-)
first of all thanks for such a long and wonderful update hammie :-)
somebody bring me out of this tasha land ...ahh...its heavenly Day Dreaming
what i love the most about this couple is that neither of them made a proper confession in front of each other but both silently came to this conclusion that we are in love with each other... Day Dreaming...and are going off so well Embarrassed
but i have to say this boy and his mood swings...tauba tauba
naku u ll have to pamper this baby throughout ur life LOL...which im sure she ll do widout complaining Embarrassed
oh y do naku have to bring her PT practise in between...or he would have straight yes to aaye saab...i hope they discuss this issue agian clearly bcoz i guess even naku has guessed that dutta was not much happy with that answer...
loved their car ride...the songs played were so apt for this situation...specially bari piya...coz nakus piya is truly bedardi
i was even listening to that song while reading ur update...loved it even more :-)
i really liked the fact that dutta is thinking about naku"s goal and aspirations...although i wonder is he not in the favour that she should continue as a PT...i mean even though they get married still she can work...
enjoyed each n every bit of this update ...and keeping fingers crossed...hope we get a positive answer from our beloved major soon Embarrassed
Im getting a feeling that ganpat is here to announce naku's riashta been finalized that too with someone else Ouch
pls update soon damn curious to know Smile

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
reserved :)


I'm back with my comments :)

sorry it took long ...been busy this weekend :P

Hammie ...wonderful part...loved it...well written like ALWAYS :)

aww both are so in love & the best part is neither confessed they just know !

D is so whipped but he still puts on his cold front too lol somethings never change :P

haha jealousy kills but all is fair in love and war...Mr.DSP u are correct LOL

i loved the dialogue about headache being hangover vs. 'hot broad ka meray sar pe naachnaa' LOL

I  want D to say yes to AS and oooh ganapat suddent entry lol make it worth while :P

absolutely loved the scene in the car...the songs...the little gestures, postures, epxressions..said a lot

very well written... loved the part ...thanks for a wonderful update

and sorry i am late again...

update soon :)

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