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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 18)

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Originally posted by Hamlet53

@ subii kyon thujhe nahi pasand aye my long  updateQuestion : aree baba sorry for the confusion.*kaan pakdoing*. i loved it.. agli baar aur lamba chaiye.. this is why i told u i cant express myself.Confused. dekha naa tune galat samjh liya..Embarrassed

... oye kardki you were meant to treat it as bedtime reading... when the hell did you read at work?tuk tuk..wicked girl ... u know i cant resist ur writing.. chup chup ke padh liya kaam parWink.. bed time tak wait nai ho pata naaLOL
Have to say I  loved your feedback the comments had me in stitchesBig smile.. i am glad that my effort of making u happy paid offSmile
the bold bits the hawa bit ...he he I want to add songs pun woh bolly wood type nehi lagta..kahan sarhad par maybe indian or pakistani ganay sunta ho ,courtesy of the soldiers ha ha ofcourse sun sakta hai.. havent u heard about the radio program "fauji bahiyon ke liye"LOL
,imagine Major dutta listening to the songs about badnam munni , and the named sheila and the latest one thirey thirchee nazar ne kya mera dil ka paanchar!  lmaoROFL i am already imagining him in imran's atire singing "pancher! pancher! pancher!" and since dutta aur baji are always together for me i am imagining baji singing vir das's part in the song LOLROFL
imagine dutta singing that for NakkuROFL  ,I would say  more so the other way cause he's notorious for his side narrow killer looks !Ouch absolutely..."as they say if looks could kill!"
your feed back was verrry satisfying   me happyEmbarrassed
ab hammie khush hai! subi gives hammie teady bear wala bada  hugHugTongue
can start on the next update...tera intezzar thaa xxx hammie!
ab to hug bhi de diya now i want next update ASAPBig smileWinkLOL

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hamlet when will u update ,etna maat takpao :)

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aye nakku  kaise hai  tu?Wink  I am aiming for friday  ...hope your'e fine with that..  thanks for your interest Thumbs Up
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Hi Hammie...hope u are doing well Smile
yaar finally i ve read all da six parts...believe me its brilliantly written...specially each minute detail about the charcter's thoughts make it even more enjoyble and easier to picture the story and affiliate wid the charcters :-)
and im glad that you have mentioned all the characters of vintage LTL...specially baji...hes such a lively charcter in ur ff..just the way he was in LTL...mast banda...awww i miss his dimples a lot :-(
and DSP... such a tough nut to crack...hehe...God knows how naku is going to handle his nakhray...but i love his attitude a lot :-)...this army officer image suits his character and powerful name a lot ...
i just have one question that y iz naku adressing him as Saab...iz it shes used to of calling him like that since childhood or did i miss any part of the story ... :-s
please update the next part soon...waiting eagerly...and if possible plz add me to ur pm list :-)

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@ warda thanks you for you lovely feed back ..i tell you needed it to chivvy me back to get onnn with chapt.7 was a bit  down in morale  ,due to current LTL 2 hype...regarding  Nakku's calling him Saab ...when he was young he was referred to as chotte Saab,as he went to her Dera on holiday with his dad General Shahib ... the last time he went to Nakku's dera [village] was  just before he joined as platoon commander as Major Dutta at the unknown destination where the story opens in chapter 1 in the trench... ... also her calling him Saab seemed the natural thing to do because he is based on the Mishal /Dutta of LtL 1...
with pleasure will add you on my PM list,i'll do it now ... wait for chapter 7  up by Friday/ hammie 

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Originally posted by Hamlet53

@ warda thanks you for you lovely feed back ..i tell you needed it to chivvy me back to get onnn with chapt.7 was a bit  down in morale  ,due to current LTL 2 hype...regarding  Nakku's calling him Saab ...when he was young he was referred to as chotte Saab,as he went to her Dera on holiday with his dad General Shahib ... the last time he went to Nakku's dera [village] was  just before he joined as platoon commander as Major Dutta at the unknown destination where the story opens in chapter 1 in the trench... ... also her calling him Saab seemed the natural thing to do because he is based on the Mishal /Dutta of LtL 1...
with pleasure will add you on my PM list,i'll do it now ... wait for chapter 7  up by Friday/ hammie 
thanks a lot for clarifying... Smile
and dont feel low due to LCL...our ltl ended wid the exit of Dutta/MR...i have assumed that the show ended on that last mandir scene b/w duuta n whatever happens doesnt effect as it is no more the LTL we loved :-)
and do update soon pls ...Smile

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                                       Mishal Raheja as Dutta Patil

                                        Painful Rapture: Chapter 7



Dutta lay in his hospital bed his head relaxed under his folded arm while the other held the pillow against his chest he bent down his stubble chin and buried his nose in the soft pillow and sotly groaned "Nakku" in the pillow. He pressed his lips together and closed his eyes which were robbed of sleep. He mulled over the day's events.  Her inclusive form, expressions, movements teased him out of approached rest and hurled him towards mayhem. Images of his never known before raging passion towards  a woman ,he had discerned in the glow of her many blushes that came and went. He shut his eyes to command order within himself. He remained at a loss to recognize the grounds that attracted him towards her. Was her beauty the incentive for him, or was it his dependency on her in his moment of vulnerability that formed the basis towards this strange bond. He negated womanly beauty , for Lauren too was beautiful but she failed to invoke those feelings in him that he felt for Nakku. So was his reliance the reason . He agitatedly  negated that too, for there was higher dependency on Lauren , but he was not lured towards her as he was towards Nakku. He reached out for the pillow again and held it close across his chest and gently stroked it side to side with his nose.    

The private side of him that he managed to transmit today to a woman was an emotion foreign  to him .He was amazed at his resolute. "Woe man"  was how he had managed to live his life till now . God bless his job that had kept him out of the domain of having much do with the fair sex. He blushed at his behaviour of PDA. In hindsight he concluded that Nakku must have thought that he was most likely a starved for a woman, man! . His discipline had gone out of the window and he rattled in side . His onslaught of obsessed gazes on her, caused an angered humiliation  within him . He hurled the pillow to one side and wiped the tiny wet bubbles sitting on his upper bow lip with his knuckle. This could not be what people called love , but he would disallow it . To him it spelt dependency on another person whom he trusted , was comfortable with, and could share some of his thoughts of mutual interest with, but nothing else. He was unsure of what that "else" was. But this he acknowledged that he derived some sort of pleasure whenever he was with her...

Nakku lay in bed doubly delighted. Her readiness for the exam was complete. That Saab loved her too, was confirmed. She heard it through the silent language of his soul via his eyes ,his moves. She also knew that she would have to wait for her Saab to fathom his love and verbalise it to her. But she would wait for that day, or perchance that day would never happen and she had to train herself to recognise his love for her through his distinctive ,idiosyncratic ,impulsive, erratic ways!   


The team of doctors pronounced their verdict "well son of a gun" you have healed sufficiently to get you home. Dutta could not control his joy "so this is it doctors" he exclaimed , "well no not quite Major Dutta, once a fortnightly  you'll have to report to out patients for further PT tasks which will be geared towards building balance in your legs." Lauren will brief you and the young lady Nakusha on equipment  that will accompany you for home PT sessions. I hear you have requested that your wheel chair",  "Rascal" Dutta interrupted , "yes Rascal be given to you till further notice. Dutta interrupted "actually doctor my mother has arranged for a similar wheel chair to be donated to the hospital so the item is replaced" .  "yes thanks said the doctor "we know that you have gotten rather attached to Rascal, just don't get too close Major! he's not going to carry you for life hopefully ,it's your legs that we want back in action! just remember that"!

Dutta whizzed out of the ward straight towards the nurses station I wish to make a call please ma'am "  Aye Sahib, mein kal ghar ah raha hoon"! Dutta informed his mother, "Jagdambe ,Dutta humara beta kahar ah raha ha ,Dutta tu jaan nahin sakta hum kitnay khoosh hain she snivelled over the phone. Aye Sahib bas ab roonay ki din gayaey ,ab sirf khushi hogi. Aye Baji hai wahan per ... haan Baji Iam being discharged tomorrow, get some clean clothes for me... Baji... haan Bahu I know what your silence is saying ,yes she's gone for her exam, hoonn.. Bahu maza mein thee Nakku,I expect she'll see you tomorrow! teased Baji. ok than I'll see you tomorrow ..anything else ? no Bahu nothing else" chuckled Baji.

Nakku raced up to Dutta's room and stood in front of his uniformed portrait her heart fought to burst out of her thorax! With hands on her hips she pouted her lips in mischief "tu ab ap mera pas laut rahey ho Major Saab!  Ohhh my handsome man , you watch I'll put my arms around you so tightly that you'll never know which weapon hit you!  and  you watch!  I'll do what you can't do even in a million years she blabbered! She knew her blurts were all mere fabrications for in actual fact she would be cowed down by his single polarized look! .  She swirled, regardless and flung herself on his bed as she hugged one of his lime green small head cushions! "Neend nehi ahey gi aaj ki raat!  Nakku thought exams over! Her man coming homeee! "Oye Nakku,Baji came in I knew I would find you here! Now listen, Bhau has asked for clean clothes for tomorrow so pick some thing! and give them to me so I can drop it to him for tomorrow". Nakku without batting an eye lid choose his black pathiani and handed the hanger to Baji. "Haan ye hoie na baat Nakku this would be my choice too!  Then tomorrow we get him and you have to be briefed about PT stuff also ,so Nakku, wake up early tomorrow ...I have loads to organise... so get some sleep Nakku". said Baji and walked off... but Nakku knew full well her night would be spent counting seconds till 'morrow...


  Dutta's last morning in the hospital dawned and he was on cloud nine, showered, groomed packed bag and baggage! . He awaited Baji's arrival and tried not to give her much thought.   Nakku arrived at Dutta's ward, as he waited pompously her face hidden behind a huge fresh flower arrangement wrapped in thin crackly shiny transparent cellophane paper secured with curly dangly ribbons. He noted her rouge enamelled toes peeped from her sandals .His eyes travelled up her outlined well formed legs in a fuchsia churidar which was slightly more fitted than usual . His narrowed eyes skated up her tightly fitted fuchsia shirt as it mounted up her thighs cambered up her hips and finally converged tightly around her tiny waist. He bit his lower lip as the rest of her, he could not distinguish, for the flowers  concealed her. " Nakku ye kya hai? he demanded she slowly  passed the bouquet to Baji "ye ! ye Saab are flowers for the nurses at the station from you". She thought, about organizing everything around him!. But he hardly heard her for his eyes once again started upon making a fool out of him by being glued to Nakku's face his breathe almost got stuck in his throat. She was made up today kind of saajhe hoi he thought as his mouth gaped slightly.  He sat broadly shouldered yet ravaged by the lethal dagger sharp kajeled eyes, luscious rouged lips, and loose brown black silky hair boasting of freedom. Dutta pushed his clenched lips to one side hit by a calm unrest!  Yet shortly he to gripped himself. She smiled at him he surely looked like a real sher in his  black pathiani  complete with his waist coat and one hand span unbuttoned shirt that  revealed  part of his hairy chest!. He sat majestically in Rascal his long slender fingers resting of it's arm rests .

Lauren came in PT uniformed, " what! who is this man in black!,she exclaimed in disbelief well I never ! I thought you were some Pathan from the tribal areas Major ...correction Lauren! Dutta complains Marathi actually!... no seriously I am flabbergasted, Lauren continued you look so very different ,distinguished and I have to say the black makes you look very suave and debonair indeed.  Lauren , Nakku interrupted a tad peeved, are you going to brief us anymore before we leave. Lauren gathered herself after leering over Dutta well first of all the equipment is packed ready to be collected.  Baji said yes " I'll see to that Bhau". Second is this last piece of equipment. This is called a multi adjustable slant board and its ideal for  stretching, lower leg calf muscles and hamstrings it also reduces stiff muscles  now Major, it has 6 angle adjustments, these here Major are foot base plates and you can adjust these as well for different foot postions.  Nakku pointed out "this equipment reminds me of a shoe measurement stand used to measure shoe sizes." "yes Nakku you're right it does look very similar ,agreed Lauren, the good thing about this equipment is that you can use this  on your own and when not in use it can be folded for neat storage!  finally Major ! we have this contraption called the pedal exerciser machine , and as is evident can be used from the comfort from your armchair, or the side of your bed! its light weight but very robust,  you simply place it on the floor in front of you and  pedal with your feet, its again to  strength your leg muscles and Nakusha another gadget he can use himself.! Dutta extended his hand towards Lauren, "listen thanks !I owe you a lot you have been a good instructor. "Aawh "giggled Lauren "thank you Major remember this is not good bye just adios "! "Nakku" Dutta queried "phool kahan hain" ? what thought nakku they were for the Nurses station what's he on about! Nakku! he forced again "haan Saab" she grabbed the flowers from Baji and passed the flowers to Dutta who held them and presented them to Lauren "these are for you Lauren"  aah said Lauren as she bent and put her arms around Dutta's neck and planted a kiss on his cheek .Dutta lowered his eyes his face drowned in a sudden rush of blood. Nakku was shocked , but moved forward to hug Lauren and  said in sincerity "no really Lauren I learnt a lot in the  tutorial sessions with you ,they were useful for my exams as well"!


Dutta rode Rascal out of Janbaz Ward flanked with Nakku and Baji on either side. He sat regally on Rascal his face taut with dignity and self respect. His hands rested calmly on his knees , he lifted and folded them once a while to acknowledge waved good bye from passing by engaged in their chores, hospital staff . As he passed by the nurse station he smiled broadly at the young nurses falling upon each other from behind the counter. "Listen ladies thanks for putting up with me, and above all for looking after me. I will be popping by for check ups" ...oh please come and see us Major some of them added, one of them stammered " and must say again you have have killed us by with your gunshot looks "!. Dutta held up his hand, smiling shyly to one side. Nakku looked at him and thought ..Bappa! what is it about him that women swoon over him... he looked at her with a slanted smile and questioning eyes and signalled ahead with his head to notify he was going to move on .

AS he approached the exit /entrance foyer of the hospital he was taken aback by the presence of all the patient soldiers in their hospital attire standing to attention in a single row he smiled and nodded and whizzed and parked Rascal facing them in full command. The men stood tall and performed a stiff salute, which he returned . All men admired him in his black outfit and marvelled at the clout his countenance and upright torso still managed to convey. Dutta received them with pride and his eyes were briefly varnished with tremendous warmth towards the men in front of him .Dutta kept his hands on his knees and commanded "at ease men". The men clasped their hands behind their backs but their static eyes waited upon their  Major Dutta . passerby's stopped, looked, whispered at this strange congregation of rigid men before an equally strange man in a black pathiani ,crippled it seemed, but very much in motion as far as his bearing was concerned. "Well gentleman it gives me immense joy to see that you are surviving the blitz of treatment and doing very well by the looks of things . I am also pleased to learn that there have be no alarming reports of bad behaviour on your part !! well seeing that there are a lot of things here that could catch the fancy of young full blooded soldiers which might not be the case in a trench... a few of them managed to exchange awkward glances but fixed back to Dutta's face . well gentleman I would say your first job is to make sure you recover fast, next I would say , once you are discharged go home spend some time with your families, you owe it both to your selves and to them! Remember the Army wants you back in action ! on parade in one piece both in spirit and body! They all clapped and Dutta whizzed down to the first officer in the right to left row and shook hands with him and so on so forth till he got the last soldier. It was Lieutenant Altaf. "mind how you go sir" he said gravely . "oh by the Altaf tell those lads in the platoon that their dried fruits and nuts are on the way to them !  .and if you need me you know where I live just come over my house Patil Niwas ! my Aye Sahib welcomes all!" Dutta remarked stoically .  Dutta insisted "ok then boys best be on my way" . They all saluted in unison "Sir" the singular phrase resounded in the foyer. Dutta responded and with a solid yet reddened face whirred Rascal towards the door. He dared not look back he thought , as the call for the wild free life and duty  would beckon him !

The senior nurse smiled at Dutta, and Nakku took him by surprise as she gave him another huge bouquet of flowers to give to the senior nurse "thank you Major we shall miss you and ,she turned to Nakku " look after Major Dutta won't you dear" . Dutta's eyes lingered on Nakku and his pushed his closed lips to one side with a question in his narrow eyes! The  hospital porters patrolled Rascal and Dutta down the entrance ramp and he was greeted by the beep! Beep! of the reversing ambulance sound . The rear doors of the ambulance gaped wide open with the lowered  automatic metal forked ramp for him and Rascal to be transported in the back of the ready waiting ambulance "eh ah ..what is this for maa'm"! fussed Dutta ,I have my own transport". "Sir" explained the senior nurse you are still a registered patient hence for the sake of health and safety in case you fall ,slip or trip we will according to hospital rules take you to your residence in the ambulance .  "ok thanks I have no choice then " Dutta accepted under his breath . Baji and Nakku watched as he drove up the two parallel forked ramp into the ambulance. He rotated Rascal with some difficulty and stared at Nakku "chaalaa ab ander ah mer saat nehi jayegi". Nakku looked at Baji" nehin Bhau ye mera saat jayegi ,ambulance will take a longer route and she is need home a.s.a.p Aye Sahib has already phoned me twice" . Dutta glared at Nakku who looked at him pleading and the door of the ambulance was shut by the paramedics... 

Dutta 's heart fluttered as he  clutched rascals handles ,he waited probably the longest wait for the ambulance to stop. Finally it braked and he heard the beat of drums outside. He cranked his head and lifted his head to one side. The doors of the ambulance opened and the tempo rata tat bom ratata boom bomm rartat of the drums sounded hit his ear drums! not a beat out of place!    His saw the boundary wall and golden plate of Patil Niwas the boomimg cadence of the drums caused a tumult of swollen emotions in his heart and  his  cloudy hazy eyes swam in tears.  He threw his head back gently to swallow the tears which were desperate to flow out .He swiped his nose with his slender long forefinger and clenched his lips tightly to stop the charged emotions from turning into a vocal softened sob. He gulped his tears again and felt his mouth go dry .The forked ramp of the ambulanced lowered and he drove Rascal down the forks carefully amidst the pulse of the beaten drums .

Baji ,Kaley and the rest of the security staff were there to receive him . Dutta smiled at them and the gates of the house slowly opened and revealed rows of people lined up on both sides of the long path way leading to the main door of the entrance of  house. As soon as he entered the gates there was chanting of his name Dutta Bhau! Dutta Bhau! as the traditional Marathi drummers boomed and beat ,flower petals were strewn at his person, elderly women stopped him and brushed his head with their wrinkled hands , spoke blessings on him, some kissed one of his hands. Overcome by the fanfare and pandemonium, he slowed Rascal to acknowledge their love and affection. He held , shook and touched there loving  hands that reached out to him! .Dutta's eyes searched for his family in the commotion, he located Aye Shaib near the entrance to the house .. Dutta Bhau! Dutta Bhau ! the crowd shouted .Dutta felt he had to say something. He turned Rascal and faced his people  and motioned the drummers to pause with his hand .. "Dutta bahut khosh nasseb hai ki ap jaise pyar karneay walay log us ke saat hain , jab ap ka pyar  aur ap ki doian mera saath hain to koi goli Dutta ka seena paar nehi kar saktey.. shukariyaa ap ka!  Khana khaa ke jana ap sab log"! People waved, cheered and chanted again Dutta Bhau again .He joined his hands and lifted them up in total humility towards the cheering people!.The drummers resumed the boom of drums again and the Patil Niwas staff ushered the people into the garden area for food.

Dutta turned Rascal towards the entrance and slowly whirred towards his mother. Baji walked with him and with a cocky look in his eyes he looked up at Baji "ye sab tera idea hoga na Baji ...nahi Bhau ye Aye Sahib ka idea tha ..Dutta stopped Rascal in front of Aye who kissed his forehead and he bent down slightly to touch her feet but only managed till her knee. she brushed his head and took his shoulders Dutta hamara beta  Roops came forward and gave Aye the pooja thaal and arti is performed by Aye, Roops, Leela . Dutta's discreet eyes searched  Nakku and found her, demurely semi shielded by the door "Nakku adher ah nakku aur arti kar"  Aye beckoned. Dutta  watched her expectanly as she took the plate from Aye Sahib . She stood before him, dainty and delicate almost the same eye level as him sitting upright in Rascal. She raised her wide doe eyes at him in pure adoration and his mesmerized eyes followed her as she swayed her slender arms carrying the thalli in veneration. His soul stirred within him and his eyes combined with her worship of him in equal devotion. Their sight to onlookers was nothing short of a completion of true worship. Dutta pulled himself away from her  held Roop's hand and  entered the house. 


Once inside the  spacious house he swirled his head gently around liked the lost son. He took a deep breath and moved his head slightly, his smiling eyes meandered around his house he gathered his lipsin contentment. Within seconds he opted to speed Rascal and like a child whizzed Rascal down the hall into the long tiled corridor that spread to the front lounge. He tucked his lower as if he combat and he propelled Rascal to all the main parts, ducked ,dodged,whizzed around the settes, his favourite red backless two-seater with its rolled sides!  ,he raced around the golden Hanuman pillar! Roops ,Baji,Kala sported shocked looks! Nakku just clasped her hands in front of her as she had already seen samples of his mad manical sessions on Rascal in the hospital." Kya Bhau tum tu ek dum mast ghoray par sawar ho " Baji said as he held up his hand as Dutta approached and did a high five with Baji's hand !  Dutta sucked air energetically and raced Rascal towards his wood planked stairs that lead to his living quarters..he  braked briefly and looked up at his balcony that overlooked Bappas' statue and he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned with a raised eye brow. It was Nakku "chalein Saab bappa ka ashirwad lye laien". He lowered his eyes and geared  Rascal  towards the deity with joined hands  and looked upon it in silence .He turned Rascal in race mode again , headed straight towards the kitchen where he normally never went and made a bee line for the fridge opened it checked the contents and finally helped himself to a bottle of water.  Aye Sahib Roops ,Leela, Baji and Nakku all laughed as he turned Rascal and joined everyone else in the hall . " Bhau they must have tied you up in chains at the hospital you seem to have lost it ! laughed Tai it's called good to be home! Oh it feels soo good! He retorted as he guzzled down water from the bottle "after all I 'eve returned after a year or have you all forgotten" . "nooo we haven't forgotten Bhau" ! Roop's shouted as she hugged his neck.

Baji veered Dutta towards the stairway leading to the main 1st floor. "Hain what in heaven's name is this not another damn bit of gadgetry  ! Dutta protested .  "Bhau ye teri stair lift hai " Baji declared with pride. Dutta took in the details of the chair which were very similar to Rascal in shape. The seat was overall white with beige back and seat padding and white arm rests and  a wide white foot rest and a seat belt. The tiny black lever on the side of the chair controlled the ascending and descending movement . Baji explained Bhau the chair is attached this  mechanical rail which runs and curves up all the way to the landing of the first floor . Dutta beamed with happiness "Baji this is ingenious!  good work! Chaal tu ne muskharee ki alawa kooch ache kam tu kiya"! ... and he goes over to Baji and the two friends carried out an arm to arm clasp showing a  sign of solidarity!  "so when did you do all this well"? "Bhau I did it when you were in hospital Brigadier Parekh had said we need to adapt so Aye saab badgered me, so Roops and myself got it sorted".  " Now tell me did my batman arrive Aye shahib? " haan dutta woh tu kab se tera intezzar kar raha hai"  Dutta bellowed in his baritone "Rahmaaan!"  A shy young man stood in front of Dutta with arms clasped in front.  "Haan Rahmaan kya hal ha tumhara"?  Dutta asked him with authority  "jee sarr!" " Rahmaan tuhamra kaam ab ye hai key tum mujhe stair lift ke kursi par bhathaooey gaey or Rascal ko meray  aupur pooch se phela auper le kay jaaogi 1st floor per. Aur jab mujhe neecha ana ho tu pheley rascal ko neechay lae kar jaoy gay aur meujhe chair mein bathoon ki ! samjhe gaya ho .asked Dutta  "jee sarr" ." chalo ab mujhe chair mein bahtoon ab ..Aye mein upper ja ki apnay kamara mein jana chahata hoon".  Rahman put Duttas' arms around his shoulders and helped him to sit in the stair lift . While Dutta hitched his safety belt Nakku and Baji  raced up the stairs hoping to reach the landing before Dutta got there. she reached the top of the stairs and panted and saw  him ascending up the stairs stroking his stubble on his cheek! looking as regal as ever in his new transport .Nakku looked at Rascal with fondness.  Dutta arrived at the first floor landing and Rahman pressed the gear stick to position Rascal in front of Dutta. while tis carried on Baji beamed flashing his dimples at Nakku "kyon Nakku Bhau pe attack ka plan hai kya"! Nakku blushed " nooo, I never!! Baji, by the way don't you have anything else to do Nakku moaned" Rahman helped into dutta into the Rascal and Dutta,dismissed Rahman So you two up to no gooders! Loitering about as usual Dutta quipped  as he threw his head back a little and quivered his lips into a wide smile." Baji said Dutta, short of tasks are we ? well ab mein ah gaya hoon so I'll have to lick you in shape!! Jaa abhi aur Rahmaan ke karma check kar lyena,sab theekh hai", Baji displayed his dimples and held his hand up to scratch his head. Dutta then looked at Nakku and lowered his face a little and with slightly creased eyebrows drizzled her with an intense questioning look "now as for you trainee PT , exams finished does not mean take a day off from life", he paused briefly twisted his bottom lip smiled sly at her ..go and put out some clean clothes for me ,and oh don't disappear" ! Nakku walked away to obey her Saab's order which she had thirsted fort till what seemed an eternity to her .. In the brief moment, Dutta sat comfortably in Rascal his hands resting on the arm rests now thought Dutta surrounded with stillness...


Dutta sensed within she would emerge before him, he knew so, he had earlier taken into account  her haste up the stairs as she had raced for the landing with Baji while he was being transported up. He saw her walking shyly towards him down the long dimly lit corridor. As she drew closer and finally stood before him , he sat in Rascal with his arms folded Dutta tilted his  head by a fraction, his closed lips  quivered in a slanted smile and his laxed eyes poured his soul into her large doe eyes. He pulled his chin and lips to one side and moved his head slighty the other way. Finally through parted lips he sighed softly and continued to feather her innocent her face with a silent love gaze . "Saab" she whisphered.. "Saab" . Dutta remembered she had not accompanied him in the ambulance ,and his face changed expression.  He unfolded his arms  clasped rascal handles,  turned his face away from her direction and stared at the floor with wide eyes. His chin stiffened in a stubborn jut and forced his sealed lips to drop to one side, his  flared nostrils too joined in with the rest of his feature to describe his vexation. "Saab" Nakku whispered from where she stood as she discerned his mood swing "naraz ho ap"  "nahin!" he fumed why would I be angry! .."no there is something" Nakku pressed as she tried to feel his shoulder ."look Nakku since you ask yes I am miffed ,some family friend you are never even bothered to travel with me in the ambulance!  oh so that's what it is!  Nakku comprehended Bappa! he's such a baby!!  "Saab I had to come home and help with the food arrangements ..."ok ok don't 'give me an explanation and come a little closer he said with his cheeks rounded up in a broad smile and his eyes relayed a want you message.

In panic at his erratic change of manner she took back a step as she shook her head gently form side to side. Nakku's hands shook negatively in his face "nahi Saab mein nehi ayoon gi" she giggled gently . Dutta bit his lower lip and his eyes sparkled beneath his slightly arched eyes and he declared firmly "tu pher mujhe he ana parey gaa Nakku" and he started moving Rascal towards her. Nakku, toed and heeled herself backwards along the long corridor that eventually wound into a secluded alcove. Surely he reasoned, the time and the place had arrived to prove a bit of his masculinity to her that which he kept on hold since their cafe lunch. He  bit his lower lip harder and pulled his mouth down and picked up a bit of speed "Saab nahin  kya hoga gaya hai ap ko"! Nakku cried as she moved away from him. But he was deaf to her and as she turned down the corridor in tiny sprint, which provoked him race Rascal and in hot pursuit he reached her from behind and grabbed her waist with one strong arm and pulled her on to his lap. Nakku landed on his thighs with a gentle pressure and he braked Rascal and put his other arm around her soft belly. Dutta pressed his face on one the side of her neck and with his other hand he moved her loose tresses and shuffled and nuzzled his prickly face and smelt her neck .Nakku  quivered as she sat on his lap feeling the soft transfer of his head and his hot breathe against her neck . She warmed with his advance and whispered "Saab please"...ssh he muttered and tightened his arms once again around her waist and gently pressed her upper back against his pounding chest! ..Saab stop! ..."ssh you talk to much woman" he groaned in her neck .. she gently unclasped his broad muscular arms and tough palms from around her waist. Dutta reacted by igniting Rascal  revved it and back and forward jolting her back on her chest , she slapped his hand and he tapped her head with his head with a big smile which she could feel but not see! "Saab koi ah jayega" she protested answer he revved Rascal with Nakku perched on his lap "how's this for a ride than Nakku " he chuckled and sped around the corner of the corridor alcove and braked rascal! . Nakku shuffled her bottom and he leaned his head forward to put one arm under her hanging legs and swung them on Rascal's handles! . She altered her body her shoulder dug into his chest muscles and her face ended up close to his . She moved her face up to see his handsome broad faced. Dutta bowed his head and gazed into her willing eyes with equal desire. Dutta parted his lips and Nakku leaned back  slightly and folded her hands to cup his face. Utterly swept the close proximity of his face she let go of inhibitions and rubbed  her palms against his stubble cheeks. He closed his eyes briefly under her touch and lodged his chin on her bare shoulder as she flung her arms around his neck her face ecstatic. She felt giddy with desire. He felt her soft bosom compressed against his hard chest. She lowered her hands again to hold his face and he looked in anticipation his parted lips longed to brush against her lips. she looked into his pleading eyes and their burning foreheads touch in nearness .Dutta breathed in hoarse passion with the thought of going a step further but his integrity, as she was not betrothed to him  stopped him!  instead he gently stroked his nose form side to side with hers! With foreheads linking and noses rubbing time stood still ...

"Dutta" ! Aye Sahib called, Nakku swung her legs off Rascal's handles jumped off his lap and fixed her hair  "Saab chalo aye bula rahi hai".. as she turned to go he caught hold of her hand and brushed it against his parted lips looking at her dreamily with a slightly raised eye brow  "soo Nakku did you enjoy the joy ride and the free sample" she blushed and sped away. He held one arm against his chest and the other held up in thought , he squared up his shoulders and smiled yes today there was a certain fulfilment within his soul. He felt like a teenager giving vent to all those pent of emotions he kept under cover for many years !  today he revealed them to the first woman in his life !  the only woman!   what he did today was written in the stars! he was meant to realise himself as a man only with her!  ..Nakku he whispered as he brushed his lips with his fingers titling his head to one side with dreamy eyes...

Dutta turned Rascal and bent forward to push the door to his room, he glided in his head gently swivelled as he with beaming eyes to survey his room, nothing had changed . He move towards his bed and tilted his head as saw his a blue kurta pyjama laid out for him on the foot of the bed. He whirred towards the bathroom and he was pleased to see a white plastic mobility aid wheelie chair for him. R!ahmaaan he yelled "jee saar"  mujhe nehani walai kursi me bathaoo . "jee saar" ... Rahman helped ,and Dutta undressed himself in the privacy of his bathroom and drenched and cooled himself from his earlier erosion of passion! Nakusha he spluttered as water dribbled down his wet lips ...oh its good to be back home he mused . Dutta and Rascal posed in front of his dresser mirror this was the first time he had seen himself sitting in Rascal's lap .He stroked its hand rest with affection. Dutta pulled his sleeves up over his elbows and as he looked at his face he bent down and slid on his Armani wrist watch. He looked at his reflection and pulled his lips down into a tiny smile as he brushed hi swet hair, finally ended his preening by spraying Emporio Armani cologne . "Rahmaaan" "jee saar" "mujhe nechay jana hai"! jee saar . as he slid down the stair lift Baji, Roops clapped and received him at the bottom of the stairs .".kya bhau tum tu ekdum rap chak lag rahey ho! Fauji kum  aur filmi hero zayadaa"! .. jested Baji .Dutta sat in Rascal and waved a fist at Baji , with one arm in a loosely folded across his belly in a loose fist and the other raised with up in loosely bent fingers. "chal Dutta aaj katnay  rooz baad hum sab saath mein bhojan karangay called Aye . Dutta geare Rascal towards the head of the table facing his mother flanked by his sisters. Nakku shuttled back and forth from the kitchen  placing food, he stole aglance or two  at her but stared at the dishes on the table and gave a shy subtle smile which could not conceal the bane of his heart.  Dutta sipped his orange juice and observed in silence Nakku's motions as she carried, placed ,picked, served ,passed and poured  all actions in service . He put his glass down gently checking a slam on the table "Nakku he said rather boldly "bas kar  and grab a seat and eat ! we are all grown ups and we can serve ourselves! . "pun Saab" "I said sit"! he roared .Aye Shahib interceded "Dutta kyon baachi pe chela raha hai ..thujhe pata tu hai Nakku ke adat,  phlay sab ko paross ti hai, pher ghati hai ... "yes bhau" this is not your army mess where all the  soldiers are seated and eat in order fashion and finish their meals in military style ye ghar hai Bhau" added Roops . Dutta leaned over and tweaked her nose! and raised his hands in surrender! and moved his head and eyes to one side and decided to rest his case..Roops chattered "chalo its good to have Bhau's big voice back in action" . Dutta chewed on eating and in between gave Nakku I know what you've been up to with your lover boy earlier baby ! looks she chewed her food blushingly and dared not to lift her head up in case he was casting his wicked narrow looks her way. Aye caught a few of their glances and smiled quietly pretending to  eat her food . Once finished Dutta folded his arms and shook his head slowly at Baji meaningfully. Baji caught on and started to get up  "aye Saab mein aur Bhau zara baat cheet ker layan" .."hhaan theekh hain Baji par ghantoon mat batien karna Dutta ko aaram bhi karna hai ..thuk gya ho ga .. ho aye Saab ap teshuun mat lein koi loja nahi hoga" assured Baji as Dutta  smiled his lips pulled to one side!. Subsequently Aye and the rest retired to their rooms .Baji and Dutta head for the bar area and Baji brought out the brandy  and two glasses and placed them on the table .Baji poured the drinks and they both clicked glasses to our friendship ..just as Dutta placed the glass rim to his lips he caught sight of Nakku. "tera bhi kya   painay ka eradha hai nakku ? Baji pulled her leg "no she retorted but  I do plan to stop you two .. "oh leave off Nakku this is Bhau's first day back home we need to celebrate a little" complained Baji . Dutta looked at her menacingly grinding his jaw and flaring his nostrils ," Nakku leave us alone please!  man to man!  go and find something to do, I am sure you'll find something to do , eh go and arrange my exercise stuff neatly in my room, ask Rahmaan to help you if needs be" ..and he gently shook his raised hand  and signalled her to leave...

Vaguely intoxicated, Dutta whirred softly towards his room he heard a song being played from his room... he neared his door and flung open the double doors and the music sounded clear and loud..he looked aghast at the sight...his scandalized eyes saw the figure of a woman dressed in a red sari , she titillated her slim arms above her head like a pair of snakes and her her hips swayed to the beats of the tune she lifted her pallu and bent forward to reveal a bit of her cleavage from under  old blouse.  Nakku! growled  Dutta it was her he realized, heavily made up like a broad ... she wiggled back and continued to lift her arms and vibrated her body in front of him, mouthing  the words of the song " husn ke laakhon rang kausa rang dekhoge.. she smiled at him enticingly as she smoothed her hands over her thighs up her bosom... with lifted pallu she floated towards him singing  "aag hai yeh badan kaunsa ang dekhoge" and sat on his lap. Nakku! he bellowed, repulsed by her body on his lap ..the song carried on playing husn ke laakoon rang kaunsa rang..... as he revved Rascal towards his bed and thrust her on the edge his bed... you! Nakku ye kya mujra la ga rakha hai tu nay! he hollered while the song played on you! you! he heaved his chest and sucked his lower lip in high pitched rage his eyes flashed, and his nostrils snorted up in killer mode!  He scanned as her body quivered, her hair dishevelled.Her hand lay on the edge of the bed trembling and he slammed his powerful palm on it pressing it hard into the bed... did'nt I give you enough woman that you had to lower you self to do this  to get more out of me! he hollered. He jerked his hand away from her hand and turned his head the other way bringing his palm to stroke his forehead in helplessness, for he saw and heard her crying Saab she sat up crying and pleaded "Saab please listen to me first you have got the wrong end of the stick" he turned his red hot face towards her Saab she carried on looking straight into his contracted ,interrogating eyes "Saab for the finale of this year celebrations we are doing bollywood famous item numbers from yesteryears and today, this song is the item  song Iam performing to and I was practising when you came in, remember you said find something to do. "Sooo you dress up like a wench and become a hot number from playboy pictures so guys can ogle over you! over and over again!" he said as he revealed some underlying past pain  within him .  Nooo! he confirmed with his finger raised! "But Saab please listen to me "she argued. He bent forward and sharply held her face in his clamped palm and pointed his finger in her frightened face "nooo!  You! listen to me tera college aur course has finished ! so kal se tu University nahi jayey gi ! got it!  Some bloody bunch of flipping Physio therapists  dancing to item numbers!  God help those bloody miserable mites like me who these jokers are going to treat in future , bloody punks!!! He removed his hand from her face and saw he had marked it. He looked at her purposefully,  "Nakku I'eve returned from the front line looking a bloody mess , he looked at his legs with a brave smile "I need you to help me walk again... ok ja  abhi I want to be on my own... Nakku stood up wiped her tears and walked out of his room ..oh Bappa!  beast he may be, but I still love him... she knew he was a proud man gifted  with integrity...  to be continued  Hamlet 17.6.11


Precap: " Dutta  Nakku ke barey mein tera kya khayal hai" asked Aye Sahib


Many thanks for your likes and interesting feedbacks,  please keep them up! hammie    


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E D I T E D:

Hammie wonderful update as alwaysClapClap

Oh ho major saab has fallen hard Embarrassed...thinking about naku 24/7

hayee omg that whole pillow scene god i was like imagining it ...he is damn hot! Day Dreaming

Lol he is picking out that every part of her has him thinking about her aww

And he is so shocked that a guy who had no interest in such relationships has fallen under her spell LOL

Some sort of natural pull towards her naEmbarrassed

Lmao he really likes  rascal is taking him home with him and donating another wheel chair...

haha i liked the comment about not to plan on staying in rascal

Omg he is in his black pathani ahh me all day dreaming...Day Dreaming

and lol naku is one smart girl bouquets all ready in hand...

aww lauren nurses...all going to miss the hot man..

i don't blame them...who wouldn't miss him ...

Aww the ambulance scene was cute...

he was expecting her to go with him...but no she had no choice...

And at PN tasha scenes were soo cute and amazing...him being angry... he sure knows how to use rascal...blocking her...pulling her on his lap lol and him being all romantic ...damn this guy will be the death of me LOL

Owww D is so thinking only about N yelling at her to sit and eat and that everyone can serve themselves him...and then his looks that he gives her while eating haayyye me lost in dreamland LOL

Omg Naku  dancing for programLOL and his expressions ...i loved that line about didn't i give u enough had to lower urself ro do this to get more out of me...something like that lol ...that line had me laughing ...omg i can just picture this entire part in my head

Well done...well written...everything conveyed well ...ClapEmbarrassedThumbs Up

Continue soon Smile

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