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Painful Rapture thread 1 chap-1 ~p 1~ 37 (Page 15)

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Originally posted by Hamlet53

friends will post update for much lovehammie
mishal forever as Dutta!

Hey hamiee will wait for ur update ..thanx yaar Hug

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Originally posted by suhana19

Originally posted by Hamlet53

friends will post update for much lovehammie
mishal forever as Dutta!

Hey hamiee will wait for ur update ..thanx yaar Hug

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                                                    Painful Rapture : Chapter 6


                                                     Knowing Me Knowing You

Lauren attended to Dutta who lay horizontally on the foam mat as he awaited his daily  stint of PT. Dutta seemed quiet and withdrawn, his arm propped under his head his eyes lowered staring at his toes. "So Major how are we today? Lauren asked in way of politeness. He still put off gravitating his eyes towards the speaker, instead uttered a fine with obvious effort. Lauren crouched and leaned forward to feel his smooth broad fore head. "now let's see why your face seems so flushed, hope you haven't developed an infection and have temperature Major" Lauren pondered. He shirked from her hand that felt his fore head as he discreetly rejected her touch and muttered "I am fine Lauren so cut the fuss and please get on with the exercises! "Look Major we can give it a miss if you are down and under" she carried on. Dutta conformed no lets get on with it , but I 'd rather you save the new exercise for  when Nakku's around". Oh, smiled Lauren as she realised the cause for his lack of motivation. He realised the thought Lauren entertained and swiftely supplied his cover up, "no I meant Nakku needs to see what the contraption is and how it's used at home ,it's no good me telling me ! tell her!" . Lauren agreed and continued to repeat the foam roller and spiky ball exercises. Finally she gave him the gel massage to relax him and de cool  him.  As Lauren massaged his legs he came to face his preference, how he wished it was Nakku in her place ,he dreamt about her touch on his skin and with gloom, burrowed his face in his folded arms. How would he survive not seeing her today and tomorrow. He felt wasted with controlled anxiety and anger. He was swarmed with mental monologues, this quandary of Nakku !Nakku! that he was in, became ridiculous by the day . He needed to retain a clasp over himself. But how could he? he was attuned to the prowl in the jungle, free!  filled with his own proud majesty, where as  now he was in bondage !, arrested by a girl he had never even noticed since he was 10! What in heaven's name was happening to him she was just a!, he didn't know what she was! Yes for sure she was a female that was the biological truth ,but why did her being with him or not, matter !. He had to shake off the chains of captivity he cannot be caged!  "Ok major all done and dusted for the day.. I'll have Sunil put you on  Rascal, and by the way mind how you go! you look a bit queasy today Major", Lauren joked as she winked at Dutta. "I will Lauren" He acknowledged with a formal thanks.  


Dutta rode Rascal minus the gusto, out of the PT room, he was nothing short of boredom ,for he was  unfamiliar with large chunks of spare time on his hands, or was it that he had naught to look forward to today. He concentrated on his route biting his lower lip, or was it that her absence that was corroding him. He moved his head slightly and clutched Rascals handles to relieve his tension, and took a snap decision to phone Baji to loosen his tight emotional joints. He stopped at the Nurses station I'd like to make a personal call ma'am and charge it to my account please. "Haan Baji where the hell are you? sloshed I bet! Somewhere!. Dutta eyed the nurse who raised and an eye brow  at Dutta's language .He turned and fired his business at "Baji yeah haan can you get me some clean clothes, shut up! my clothes yes a v neck grey t shirt and some cargo trousers, check in my ward robe.. yes I do want a change of scene tell Roops to help you and sun don't go around rummaging my wardrobe.. and you'd better get yourself here fast! ok see you later,"and  put the phone down.

An hour later Dutta sat in Rascal twiddling his thumbs ,stroking his slightly over grown facial stubble, he kept parting and sealing his lips as his eyes focussed on the glass double doors of the entrance . Boredom triggered his hand to knuckle fidget his cheek. In dismay he decided to turn Rascal back to the ward as he whirred away he was stopped by a mini yell "Bahu!" he turned and his eyes dazzled and simultaneously welled up "chootti" he recognized as he turned Rascal and sped towards Roops ."Dutta Bhau Roops put her arms around his neck spontaneously and he held her head between his hands to see her crying face, as he kissed her fore head, wiping her tears away with his fore finger. Kaise hai tu chootti,Bhau mein theekh hoon  aap ko bahut yaad karti hoon ,I told Baji I'd kill him if he didn't bring me to see you. "Come on then let's go from here to my hideout Roops you can check it out". Roops affectionately put her arms around her brothers broad shoulders, he with pride introduced Roops to the nurses at the station ma'am this is my youngest sister Roops . I hope you are looking after my Bhau ladies ?is a good patient? If he gives you any trouble let me know I'll sort him out". "oye just because I am not around you're yacking a bit more"! Jested Dutta " ho Bhau! chirped Baji and Roop answered "be quiet Baji otherwise I am telling Bhau how many bottles you have emptied from his bar"! .Dutta loosened up and threw his head back slightly and  smirked ,he was very happy to see Roops. With brotherly affection he glanced at her lovely face as she twittered gaily like a little bird, bringing some much needed sparkle back into his life. As soon as they reached the ward she said "so cute na! Bhau",  she demanded to know which was her Bhau's area. As soon as Dutta pointed it to her she kicked off her sandals  and lay on his bed. "wow Bhau! this is a really comfy bed!" ,Baji chipped in "wait till I show you what it can do and started to adjust the height  and the postion of the bed with the remote control. Roops clapped in childish fun.  Bas"! you two stop behaving like a pair of delinquents or I'll kick you out for disturbing the peace in this area! affirmed Dutta. Roops surrendered "acha Bahu  we'll be quiet" and she sat with folded legs on his bed. Dutta looked at Baji and asked him to trim his beard after he'd showered. Roops laid out her brother's clothes out for him on the bed. Dutta rang the bell for Kumar to seat him  on the manual plastic wheelchair for a shower. Dutta retreated for his shower, he felt immense pride that there were areas where he could exert his independence when provided with the appropriate disability management equipment! After all that was what he learned in his army training to be independent where possible to survive!

Baji consulted "Roops we also need to buy one of those plastic wheel chairs for Bhau so he can shower at home" . he informed her that "Bhau's stair lift would be installed shortly and that on  his  way back  he would go to the suppliers show room to put in the order for installation a.s.a.p before Bhau's home coming. "Can I come with you to see the stair lift Baji" Roop begged as she  tugged his arm . "ok you can but promise me first, you won't be blasting your music in my jeep I don't want people stopping to ogle at Bhau's sister, and if he finds out he'll kill me for allowing it in the first place. Yeah yeah you know what Baji don't try to be bossy or I'll tell off you to Bahu she argued, as she punched him in his rib. Baji glared at her and shook his head "tera  kuch nahin hoon sakta roops! Baji jeered. Dutta stuck his head out" Baji pass me my clothes". Baji leapt and gave Dutta his clothes, but says "ruk Bhau let me trim your beard  first". hummm agreed dutta. Baji came into the shower and plugged in the trimmer and started groomimg Dutta's stubble. Dutta was actually pleased as he sought a private word with Baji. "Soo did you get home safely yesterday" went Dutta "yeees said Baji with a twinkle in his eye. "So everything was fine?  Dutta anticipated with a furrowed brow, ". Bhau cut the chase and get to the point! teased Baji    I mean was she alright? Dutta mumbled under his breath Who Aye Sahib? says Baji shut up you fool !Nakku snarled Dutta, "haan Nakku! no Bhau she was stressed, kya Bhau she spent a lot of time with you also , so she had to make up for it by staying up the  whole night revising for her mock, Baji snickered as he scratched his head. Dutta checked his face in the mirror and folded his bottom lip in to achieve the neat contoured stubble around his mouth. "So how did she go for her mocks this morning? he inquired. "I dropped her" Bhau replied Baji. "I am really busy  all day today Bhau as I have to check the stair lift for you today it's Aye Sahib's order" . Dutta seemed disinterested, for he only wanted to know more about Nakku, "Baji why don't you phone her to ask how she's getting on ? said Dutta sheepishly. "Ho Bhau! let's get out of here first and head for the day room.

Dutta turned to Roops in the day room as she put her arms on his shoulders and faced him . With twinkling eyes and a tiny slanting smile he looked up at her face and tweaked her nose "ok spit it out chooti  what do you want? he asked . Roops put her arms around his head and pecked his hair Bhau I only want my Dutta Bhau to come home soon ,do you know Bhau its so quiet at home there's none of your once a while commotion and scolding of Baji for his antics. Roops replied sadly. Dutta threw his head back slightly and laughed a soundless laugh as his eyes lazily recalled Baji's antics and him chiding Baji to stop.  But Dutta's eyes also fixed on Baji as he gave him a slow languished stare reminding him to ring Nakku . Baji smiled and whipped his phone out of his pocket and dialled Nakku's number. "Haan Nakku mein Baji, paper over then was it, oh good.. Dutta sat in Rascal in discreet wait for the  brief, whilst he strained for an earful courtesy of Baji.  "Haann chaal theekh hai waisey bhi I am off to do some important work today and yes he's fine Roops is here with me to see him". Dutta glared at Baji  who said to Nakku "yeah sure talk to him."  Dutta in full composure put the phone to his ear, "haan Nakku yep fine as can be ship shape bristle fashion you know me soldier .. yeah! thought Nakku as she heard him  more so soldier boy! "Aye Nakku say something .Dutta wanted her to speak but he was wondering if she felt shy or what, "how was your paper"? he asked ..Nakusha chalo! we have to revise now  Dutta curled his lips and lowered his glinting eyes... that son of a b...gun Harshad! and he dis connected the phone and threw it back to Baji with a  don't give a damn posture!

"Oh there you are Major ,wafted in Lauren my, my Major you look very different ,very handsome must say in your casuals". Baji took one look at Lauren her height, her gait her poise, her high heeled long legs! and his jaw dropped and his mouth sprung open. Roops glared at Baji and stamped on his foot. "Oh yes Lauren ,Dutta smiled as he introduced his visitors to Lauren ,this is my baby sister Roops and my best friend /brother Baji and this is Lauren my PT. Lauren stuck her hand towards Baji who very nearly tripped to grab her outstretched hand  and continued to shake it till Dutta jerked his head furiously  to signal him to stand beside him away from Lauren. But baji continued his onslaught over Dutta's head "so Ms. Lauren what kind of a patient is my army bolt here!  "Well Baji "smiled Lauren seductively "nothing I can't tighten single handedly if needs be! Baji laughed a small forced laugh as he dished out Lauren a preview of his dimple speciality.  "Oh I  wish I was done by as well! so I could get treated by such a stunner of a PT  Baji flirted". "Still" he looked at Dutta "some us don't have that luck! ,  Dutta forms his hand in a tight fist and holds it towards Baji  who mock ducked sorry! Sorry" Baji protested!. Dutta moved his lips to one side and with shy eyes pleaded "don't pay heed to my friend  Lauren he tends to go loopy when he comes across ladies .."noo Bhau only raap chak ladies ! Baji exclaimed. "Baji!" Dutta gave a slight growl and glared at him   "ok ok now Ms. Lauren since you are doing so much for my friend is there anything I can do for you to return the favour may be give you a lift to your flat. "oh that won't be necessary as I live in the hospital staff accommodation on the premises. Baji felt snubbed, but soon enough was interrupted by his mobile "haan ok I'll come over so you can do the delivery and installation today oh that's great . he smiled at Dutta "ok Bhau we need to leave now to get to the stair lift people's warehouse and show room !things are moving forward and looking good he addressed Lauren, you know Lauren were having a stair lift installed for Major Dutta at his residence" .Lauren thought it was an excellent preparation for her patient's home coming. Roops gives her brother a hug and he tweaks her nose again Bhau come home soon we're waiting for you ... Baji and Dutta knuckle tap.

Dutta felt out of depth with Lauren, so he reversed Rascal out of the day room ,Lauren taok the hint and walked down the corridor with Dutta  she said "well I'd better leave now too as I might get late I have to pick up a few bits and bobs from my flat. Major I have a nice little pad you'll be surprised pleasantly at what the hospital offers their staff for on site accommodation. We can arrange something, perhaps have a little drink may be? Dutta dropped his eyes discomforted and clenched his jaw at her bloody cheek, I don't think so he fumed, but raised his head up to smile at her out of sheer politeness.  She bent down to pat his cheek and then puts her hand on his hand which he dug into Rascal's handle. Watch your step Major! she smiled coquettishly and turned on her way.


Nakku was shocked as she saw a spruced up Dutta  in his casual gear with a tall smartly dressed woman in a pencil skirt and low cut revealing ruffled chiffon blouse. On getting a little closer she saw a made up completely  but beautifully transformed Lauren her attractive  face flanked with her below shoulder dark wavy tresses. Dutta looked up to see Nakku and he could not believe his wide innocent eyes. His breathing turned irregular due to disbelief. But the feeling was short lived as he saw she came towards him and Lauren with that bloody course mate Harshad.  Dutta's eyebrows puckered as Nakku and Harsad approached closer, his eyes blazed like an inferno, but he lowered his eyes towards the floor burning holes in the ground . "Saab" Nakku whimpered, he looked up and darted her with his scalding eyes. She had turned his sheer ecstasy of seeing her unexpectedly into inflicted agony. He turned his eyes slightly parted his lips to breathe and sat totally unconcerned in Rascal stroking its handles with his fore fingers. "Saab" ,she attempted again he took in a loud sigh turned his head towards her and with frigid eyes,in a deep voice replied "haan Nakku bol mein sun raha hoon". "Saab" she pleaded, for by now she could sense his highs and lows and she had a pretty good idea what this low was about. She touched his shoulder and he moved it up slightly "Saab after the exam the students were given the day off to revise for the final, so I thought before going home I would pop by to see you, so Harshad offered to drop me here as he was passing this way" . Dutta listened quietly and finally after having heard her, he took her hand off his shoulder and with much difficulty muttered a "thanks" to Harshad who fearfully smiled "welcome" waved, mouthed a bye to Nakku and went his way. After he had gone, Dutta riveted Rascal to face Nakku "did you have to come with that buffoon "! he bellowed, with clenched teeth, why the hell did you not ring Baji . I did but Baji was busy with the lift chore"clarified Nakku. Yes well still you could have phoned home and asked Kalay to get you but nooo, you like going here there and every where with that Harshad character!  , Nakku walked away as she gave up tackling his stroop  "I came to visit you! thinking you might be missing me! She moaned. He watched her walk away and revved Rascal a little to catch up behind her, stop Nakku!, she did'nt turn and he ranted on "why the hell would I miss you  when I can jolly well get by myself I don't need the likes of you to sort me out"!. Nakku reeled around her eyes starting to well up, " well in that case Saab I'd best be on my way than shouldn't I! and she turned away again from him to leave. Within a split second he leaned forward and caught her arm with his broad palm and commanded "ruk ja"! He ensured his grip was not rough. He turned her around to face him his eyes softened as he let off his guard, to unravel to her how happy he really was even though he was behaviour was oafish. "Nakku" he murmured as gazed up into her  sad eyes "chaal I'll get you lunch". Her fine rose petal lips curved into a smile at the corners and her eyes looked down to him, totally captivated, both by his boyish innocent glazed wide eyes and his unexpected invite!


  Both of them headed towards the Nurses station Dutta informed the nurse in charge "ma'am just to let you know that  I haven't  abandoned ship I am just going down to the cafe on the 4th floor to get a bite to eat and my family friend Nakusha will be accompanying me so I won't be unattended". "Sure Sir that is a super idea and also may I say Major you look very different today and another young nurse complemented handsome Sir! Dutta lowered his eyes and smiled with his head turned away from the nurses. Nakku stood smiling blandly . "Chalo Saab" she urged and they moved towards the lifts.  Nakku pressed the lift button and ensured Dutta  proceeded  in first and then followed and stood opposite him pressed against the lift wall . Dutta sat in Rascal facing her. The lifted was surrounded with two mirror panels. Dutta, saw her back pressed against the mirror and he also could make out her looking down at him fearful and unnerved eyes. He sat, breathing gently in the pin drop silence of the lift, transfixed by her presence. However soon enough he broke his stare as he  stretched his hand to press the top level of the building on the control panel.  He brought his gaze back to her, she looked tried due to  revision from previous night but her smooth skin glowed in the lifts neon tube light giving her face a moonlit washed glow and her eyes seemed to change to a darker shade. He noticed she wore a fitted georgette sea green shirt which revealed the shapely contours of her bodice and waist and flatteringly clung around her shapely defined hips. Her legs were gracefully out lined by her sea green churridar pyjama. Dutta sat quietly in Rascal but his keen eyes ascended and desended on her person as he gathered the details which he deliberately over looked due to his earlier outburst. Nakku stood pressed against the mirrored lift wall and gazed at her Saab, making use of the opportunity! He did look handsome, as the nurses mentioned. she noticed his hair that revealed a short part on one side, was neatly brushed back from one side that slightly fell over his fore head aligned with the tip of his shapely nose. The other side of his parting also stood neatly brushed back. Nakku, bashfully noticed he had trimmed his usual stubble which still tried to poke out but stayed trapped beneath his smooth skin. She held her hand to her heart as she felt his facial features were brought out more by the lessening of facial hair. The contours of his cheek bones were more defined and the curved lock of his jaw beneath his ear lobe was emphasized. The deep dimple in his chin which spoke silently added even more to his hard core look!  Ah yes! she thought he looked more fierce, raw and cold after the stubble trim"! He felt her staring down at him and he gave back her face gazing, by connecting to her doe eyes, with his rounded eyes soaked in the flow of his soul. He moved the the bow of his upper lip to one side in a hint of a smile. She lowered her eyes as she read his unspoken words through his quiet yet vocal gripping gaze. The lift stopped with a jerk at the last top level and Nakku jerked forward , her reflexs made her lurch forward and she gripped his shoulders with her hands . Mission accomplished! he smiled, as he lowered his eyes and turned his face slightly away, from her bosom that was literally in his face due to her imbalance.  Few strands of hair from her loose braid escape and brushed his face and  he sat  with contentment. Oh Saab sorry ap theekh ho? He nodded and with some difficulty let go of Rascals' arms and placed his palms on Nakku's shoulders to help her regain her position against the lift wall. "Press level 4 for Cafe Nakku" instructed Dutta with a sly grin. The lift stopped and once the doors opened Nakku ensured that Dutta was let out first. Both of them walked through the busy hospital floor bustling with doctors, nurses ,vistors ,patients this was one of the busiest floor of the hospital as the patient wards were on successive floors according to medical areas of treatment.  Nakku walked along side Dutta her hand resting on his shoulder towards  Costa's the hospital cafe .


The place was choc a block with lunch time customers. Dutta yanked his neck an one of the waiters appeared. Dutta  uttered the monosyllable with authority "Army!" Yes Sir understood the waiter, "two sits in a corner". Sure Sir! The waiter scampered away . Nakku looked at him, "Saab that's cheating" she chided. "No its' not I am in the army aren't I? and where the hell did I get this medal from, he brushed flippantly at his legs with his I should get priority treatment"!  Nakku decided to leave it as she would rather treasure these unexpected moments with him without any nasty bits. The waiter returned Sir ,Ma'am this way please". Dutta loved the quiet corner ,as he gave a quick scan his only objection was that it was surrounded with transparent glass on two sides ,he scratched the bottom of his chin, he would have preferred if nothing else, at least a translucent wall ,still he  bent his head slightly, one can't have everything. "Yes thanks, come and see with the bill" he said with a thumb's up to the waiter .The waiter smilingly was about to pull a chair out for Nakku,  Dutta signalled  negative with his hand. Dutta moved Rascal back a bit and pulled out the chair for Nakku. Once she was seated he whirred  Rascal to the adjacent side and faced her with a matter a fact look. She looked at him as he sat at the table resting his bare muscular arms with his palms flattened, his perfectly manicured slender fingers pointed at her. She looked at him and smiled he looked so vulnerable and innocent in his stone washed light blue v neck tee, as always her eyes rested on the hairs of his chest that lay curled and shinning bopping out of the V neck of his tee !.She lowered her eyes but couldn't resist looking at his biceps that bulged out from under his sleeves she could see his smooth skin displaying the full blooded veins. He was busy also as he stared at her face her green /hazel eyes that looked wide steeped in innocence, she  wore a hint of noir kajal that accentuated her eyes which reminded him of the eyes of a gazelle. Her brown black shiny hair, mid parted covered her ears in a loose plait that rested on one side of her smooth porcelain neck. She wore tiny jhumkis in her ears lobes which heightened her beauty. Her lips had a hint of pink sheen. Dutta twisted his mouth to one side as he sat and watched her, she was in fact  delicate, demure almost pure he thought. Nakku placed her arms and lacquered hands flat on the table. Dutta parted his top lip and with dreamy lowered eyes studied her fair arms and finger tips which lay at a distance of few centimetres from his broad fingers. Dutta wanted to move his fingers forward to vanquish her hand but he moved his eyes away as he judged that this was neither the place or the time to carry out the act! He moved his arms and folded them at the edge of the table thumbing his biceps. He sucked air and said "lets eat Nakku".  Saab what will you have ? she asked well I'll have something light Nakku as Lauren will be doing a new PT with me I told her not too because you were not there, but seeing that you are here we could do the activity for 45 mins then you can go home, Baji would have finished by then .."yes Saab that's a good idea I would like to be present" "anyway what will you have a satisfied Dutta said, soo for me it'll be bone less chicken with fresh ice berg lettuce  drizzled with virgin olive oil. He rubbed his palms and you Nakku tu kya khai gi? Saab mein , well since you said I was unfit the  other day, sooo I am only having prawn cocktail with mixed salad and baby corn. Dutta threw his head back gently and smiled cheek to cheek revealing a bit of his gleaming top teeth.

As they waited for the order to arrive which Dutta hoped would take ages much to his advantage due to the rush. He resumed his silent love stare at her again. Nakku who was getting flustered by his meaningful unspoken glances, attemped conversation. "Saab Lauren looked stunning didn't she just like a model". He remained silent and disinterested "hmmm I didn't notice Nakku" he stated simply . Nakku loved his, don't want to know and don't care attitude if he's not interested .Well she was relieved. Dutta decided with good sense , not to tell Nakku of the passes Lauren made at him, especially about the final one of inviting him to her flat for a drink. He feared Nakku 's reaction. Still he thought, since when he was he concerned about any woman's reaction, other than his Aye or sisters. However he looks up at Nakku's face as his fingers play with the cutlery on the table. "I bet Saab you've dated many girls in your life chirped Nakku. Pardon? Dutta returned!  I  mean Saab you being an army officer, you must had lots of chances to take pretty girls out. "Hmm" he went ,"actually no Nakku you are the first woman I have taken out and that too ,to a hospital cafe" he answered  with his eyebrows exhibiting a slight frown and his eyes a hint of regret. "No Saab she teased I don't believe it Saab surely in your work you must have come across loads of women".  Dutta placed his arms and hands on the table and looked intensely and seriously into Nakku's whimpered face. Nakku he parted his lips to speak" in my job we the scour around various terrains , localities, boundaries of this country many a times outside our border parameters. Yes as soldiers we come across the vulnerable which includes women, but we are trained to carry out our duties which includes not to incite, violate, and aggravate the codes of honour and integrity within the decorum of mititary duty! His face shone with the passion of his professional and personal beliefs! "Yes he  continued firmly, as a soldier I did come across many beautiful woman especially in  the northern areas of the country ,they were simple village girls but to  look upon the daughters ,mothers and wives of the enemy was and never will be part of the war game! He reaffirmed again. She feel silent as she studied his fixed stern face. He caught her glance and was reminded of his teenage days when his manhood was in question by his room mates. He withdrew his out stretched hand from the table and wipes the sweat gathered above his upper bow lip. He looked at her with narrow drowsy eyes across the table his open mouth pulled down across his face. Nakku he said silently I will show you my masculinity at the right moment and you will not be able to check me for stop I won't! He continued to stare at her as he was drunk.  Nakku blushed as she tried to break free from his gripping look. "One prawn cock tail ma'am and one boneless chicken salad Sir"  the waiter interrupted as he placed the food on the table. Dutta drew air and contained himself as he looked and he cocked his head. oh yes chocolate milk shake for me please Dutta ordered, no ice and he looked at Nakku  "chilled  lime juice for me please" ... he looked at her waiting for her to start, she looked a little  flustered he thought may be he said to much with his last intense stare. "Chaal kaha na" he growled "Saab  aap", "ok I'll start than and he started to fork his way through the chicken she looked at his face as he masticated his mouthful he looked soo adorable she thought ,like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. She started eating shyly. He forked a piece of chicken and leaned forward to offer it to her, she closed her mouth on his fork end and smiled with beaming eyes. He raised an eye brow at her plate and jerked his head towards himself and she forked a prawn and leaned forward to place her forked prawn on his parted waiting lips. His smile washed all her face. Yes there was no doubt they were both enjoying, especially him her missile man, her unpredictable boy man! "Now where the hell is that bloody waiter! with my bloody milk shake! your bloody prawn! is stuck in my bloody throat! Women! he coughed! Nakku laughed "do you know Saab you swear like a trooper! "Well woman I am a bloody trooper aren't I? The waiter brought their drinks and Dutta sucked his choc shake perking his lips up and down against the fluorescent  green straw, as Nakku saw him gulping his drink down his throat ,"Saab" Nakku warned "go slow or you'll choke" and he did  cough! Cough! arrehmm he went! And they both laughed as his eyes became blood shot and welled up with water as him as he cleared his throat and gulped to catch his breath. The bloody woman he thought, can predict everything about me! "Bill please" he said to the waiter. Dutta consoled himself that this was not the end of his bonding for today he still had a little PT time with her, deliberately ignored the fact that she needed to go and prepare for her exam held tomorrow. "Soo trainee PT did you enjoy your meal"? he asked as he stared at her "You mean my lunch date with you Major" retorted Nakku with mischief on her mind "no Nakku only lunch no date! He confirmed...  The waiter presented the bill and Dutta shook hands with him which threw Nakku "young man thanks for finding this lovely corner for me, this is for you"  he heavily tipped the waiter who beamed gratefully and saluted Dutta Sir!


Dutta in full motivational gear steered Rascal out of the cafe with Nakku right beside him as soon as he sussed out visually that the traffic in the long transparent corridor leading to the lifts was sparse he revved up Rascal and raced down the  corridor as Nakku clutched at his sleeve . Finally they reached the lifts and Dutta pressed the door and Nakku waited for him to go into the lift. She decided to stand behind him and Rascal this time. He looked at her reflection in the mirror and pouted his lips at her with his eyes shifting slowly across to her eyes in the mirror. He urged her silently to meet his gaze in the mirror , she instead looked down at his broad shoulders. She gazed affectionately at the top of his head full of shiny jet black hair and bite her lips and twitched her nose which so desired to be buried on his head!  he leaned forward and pressed level 9 to Jaanbaz ward.

Once out of the lift he steals a glance at her and reminds her that he has a PT session. The automatic doors to the wards opened and Dutta once again race whizzed Rascal like an armed maniac his mouth stretched into a broad smile .Nakku looked at him endearingly  he was a true fighter her Saab . He braked at the Nurses station and declared "ladies Major Dutta reporting back in one piece courtesy of this charming lady! Nakku was flattered he referred to her as lady and not as woman. "Chaal Nakku lets go to the Physio  room and find Lauren".

Dutta pushed open the PT room and stuck his head in anticipation. He noticed Lauren had changed back into her PT uniform attending to another patient ,she saw Dutta and smiled broadly and beckoned him with her hand to come in .She saw Nakku with him and realized why his face was beaming ,she waved at Nakku and said "I'll be with you shortly, Major you'll need to get into shorts for this activity". She pointed to folded clothes on a nearby shelf . Dutta was struck with horror as he realised he would need help in pulling off his cargo trousers and pulling up his shorts. He looked around for Sunil, but Nakku braved up "Saab let me help, its part of my training to help patients to dress and undress if needed". Dutta thought about it for a few moments and deducted logically that he had to grip himself and prove to Nakku that he's not a wimp but a man ,eh a patient. Hmm he nods and they both retire behind a large screen .He couldn't deny he was pleased, as it gave him more well quality time with her. Nakku returned with a pair of beige cotton shorts hoping they would fit him ,as  he waited nervously with his eyes lowered  shyly ." ok Saab undo your cargos" she said bluntly  although her hands trembled as this was probably the second time she was touching him . "yeess"  he says and unbuttons his cargos at the waist Nakku, blushed profusely and much to his relief turned her face the other way as she heard him undo the metal zip.  He pressed both his lips together as his chin creased up and his eye brows arched , he firmly balanced one of his strong arms on Rascal's padded handle and hauled himself up steadily while with the other he gripped his cargos and pulled them down his buttocks.  Nakku heard him heaving heavily and said "Saab you alright"?  briskly he pulled his tee shirt down to cover the front of his  dark blue under pants! "Yes Nakku you can turn around" . She held her breathe and turned around and almost with great difficulty suppressed a giggle when she saw him tugging at his tee to conceal his privates! with his cargos gathered at the edge of Rascal's seat. What the hell are you staring! at he raged " pull the damn cargos off my blasted legs  woman! Nakku lurched forward and slid off his cargos . now Nakku quick! shove my legs into those frigging shorts ! she looked at legs briefly as she saw his hairy thighs  with the bulging chunk of the femoris muscle and smooth rounded knee cap continuing to another bulge of the lower leg muscles ,Laterlis and Medialis . Nakku what the hell are you gaping at get on with it woman! do your practical training PT! he complained. "Yess" she bent down to put his legs through the shorts and brought them up to his thigh joints they were a almost perfect fit. She looked at him helplessly for the next bit and he beckons her with his fingers. Nakku's heart missed a bit oh Bappa what's he going to make me do .He closed and sloped his mouth to one side and looked straight into her wide eyes. He pulled her near him and brake locked Rascal, placed his hands on her shoulders and heaved up his face almost a few inches from her he pressed hard on her shoulders and she strained under the force of his compressed arms "now for goodness sake woman pull the bloody shorts up my butt! he growled Nakku brought her trembling arms down to the shorts as he pulled the shorts up he blew hot air into one of her ears close to him she held on to to his outstretched arms as he eased back firmly into Rascals' lap. She quickly grabbed a paper towel to mop his brow gently which had gathered beads of sweat due to exertion. She saw his whole face had a hot rosy glow and she turned to wet some more paper towel to wipe his brow , as she left him briefly he pulled up his fly and buttoned his shorts. She returned and lovingly wiped his face , he closed his eyes in sheer bliss and his mouth fell open to reveal the edges his top teeth. Once finished she went to dispose off the paper towel as she came and stood beside him he gently opened his eyes and lazily rested them on her delicate hand. He stamped hard on what his brain told him, instead he listened to his heart and he reached out for hand and brought her around to face him . Nakku's' knees gave way and she sat  down on the floor her legs cushioned underneath her, near him and Rascal, she placed her folded arms on his sturdy bare legs ! her whole body felt tranquil, her warm face matched the fire of his legs as he sat still in Rascal looking down at her beautiful restive face cushion on his folded thighs. He placed his hand on her head and gently stroked her silky hair, defied and gunned down every thought that commanded him to stop attack on the soft target! Nakku wished she could die under his touch, under each gentle stroke of his hand on her head!  She looked up at him with her doe eyes and he with yearning gazed down at her with his piercing yet peaceful lion eyes. "My word! said Lauren you look like a pair of love sick turtle doves , this a hospital have you know ! laughed  Lauren.  Nakku stood up quickly and Dutta went red in the face...

Dutta drove out of the sectioned off changing room into the therapy section with a look of gratification . "soo lauren whats the new activity your pupil Nakku is ready to learn, and so is your subject"! he declared cheerfully.  Lauren pressed the bell for Sunil the male nurse to help Dutta to lay on the place mat. "Can Nakku not help me? asked Dutta,  Lauren looked at Nakku and then at him "I don't think so Major she cannot withstand your weight" . Dutta turned to Nakku and gave her a fiendish eye . "no really I am not being being sexist here but heavy lifting involved with strain should be done by  a man in this case Major . Sunil helped Dutta who  shuffled and stretched on to the floor foam mat. "Have you asked for , or arranged for some one specifically for this purpose ,when you are discharged  questioned Lauren. " Lauren I have requested Brigadier Parekh for Rahman who was my very first orderly or batman in army lanugauge. Rahman  has been with me since the last 10 years and he is accustomed to my needs and requirements,  so you can be rest assured he will  be with me ready for the parade ,that is the day I am discharged from here" disclosed Dutta . "ok than that's sorted shall we begin Lauren started as she held a new exercise contraption "this here is called  an excercise tube its made of thermoplastic rubber and is easy and light to carry. she unravelled it these blue tubes are 1.2 metre long in length and they come fitted with these sponge covered handles at both ends of the tubes. Here at the end you have loops to place your feet in and pull this heavy duty elasticated handles. She fits Dutta's feet one by one in each foot loop and passes him the tube handle one for each hand. Now major I want you to pull the elastic towards your self as far up us you can . Dutta tried and Nakku and Lauren could see his foot and leg muscles move into taunt motion each time he pulled up the handles attached to the heavy duty elastic . Lauren commented what this excercise tube is doing is strengthening and toning  most of your leg muscle groups . Dutta could visualize the effect and movement of the muscles right up to his upper thighs each time he did the task . Like Nakku he could also see the reasoning of changing  into shorts! to enable him to see the purpose of the task! . how many times and for what time duration Nakku asked. Lauren said he could start with 10 to 20 pull ups per day for at least 5minutes, gradually increasing the pull ups and the time lapses. Once Dutta stopped he sat on his bottom legs pointed forward with his arms and  flattened palms stretched behind him to support him on the foam mat.  He cranked his neck in a slow circular move to relieve tension off his neck and shoulders. Nakku could see he was drained a little but still braved the tutorial. now Lauren said let me show you another whizz gadget  should you develop a cramp in the thigh, leg or ankle. This is called a cold compression therapy support which speeds recovery whilst providing cold compress.  If you lie down major on your back and prop one of your leg with a bent knee Lauren bends near Dutta now Major I am simply wrapping the support around your thigh and will be securing this by Velcro to ensure a comfortable placement. Then I am simply going to pump up the support to the required compression by using this inflation bulb. How does that feel is that too tight Major? no carry on Dutta said. OK this compression pump and tube can be easily removed see and there is a small shut off valve that will ensure that you maintain the desired compression. Nakku asked so where does the cold bit come in? ah yes! you see the support comes with this removable inner gel  pack. The gel has to be placed in the fridge or freezer and when required placed into the compression support for immediate use . Nakusha please can you g get the gel pack I placed in the fridge earlier lets show Major how this feels. Lauren unwraps the support places the cold gel in and wraps it around dutta's thigh now Nakku come and use the inflation bulb and pump. Nakku looked at him with sparkling eyes Saab kaise feeling hai? Dutta looked at Lauren  yes this cool lauren really cool !he exclaimed. So Lauren is this compress only meant for the thigh or can it be used else where asked Nakusha  .No it can be used on his  upper arm and calf as well. also Lauren, Nakku continued can the support be washed yes Nakusha and it all comes in this box with the list of contents. Dutta lay on the floor mat with his arms folded under his head as he watched Nakku with pride. She is such a support for him like an extra pair of listening ears and seeing eyes he thought, as he saw her packing away the compress support what would he do without her. She was becoming like the air he breathes to live,  for him...

"OK Major all finished for today you will not need  warming down gel massage today as you have had cold compress, at home though Nakusha you can chop and change between gel massage or cold compress depending and how his muscles react, but after every excercise session he will need to have warming down  or cooling down to relax the tension of his flexed muscles", explained Lauren. I hear you'll will be discharged shortly in a day or two . Nakusha the day Major Dutta goes home I will have to show you some more equipment and its purpose so you can continue with his physio at home. Nakku nodded and gratefully acknowledged Lauren thanks ever so much for coming out for the session for a second time today. I found this session very informative!

Dutta and Nakku came out of the PT room. Nakku clutched his cargo trousers close to her heart  in a neat folded bundle . He looked at her in anticipation, whether she would help him undress yet again ,but she dampened his spirits as she whipped her mobile phone to ask Baji to pick her up. " haan Nakku chaal jaldi ah parking lot B mein , I' ll quickly drop you home as I have to go back to the stair lift people! Bahu ko hello bolna tell him I'll see him tomorrow rattled Baji.

Nakku turned to Dutta Saab mein chalte hoon, Dutta hmmmed. They looked at each other parting, but holding moments they spent together today in their eyes and souls .There were words he ached to say and she ached to hear but ..eternity came between them...


to be continued.  Hamlet 9.6.11

Precap: "  Aye Sahib, mein kal ghar ah raha hoon" Dutta  informed on the phone..

Dutta Patil aka Mishal Raheja !

Thanks for  your much need ,motivational comments!

















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mnx12 Moderator

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 3:56am | IP Logged

Very nice updateClapClapClap  Thanks for the pm,waiting for the next partSmile

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Moon_Lovers IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 4:25am | IP Logged
hey hamlet
awesome update as usual
love it
so dutta missing her too muchEmbarrassed
when she came he is very happy and when he saw harsh oh dutta's face as red as bloodLOL
then he stop her when she is about to leave after his rude behaviourTongue
ah lunch together before lunch lift wala scene awesome
dutta's some words and lines were amazing which make nakku to blush and that line won't give you chance or check ...fabulous
then at changing Embarrassed love it
waiting for next as he will be at home and all time with nakku
can't wait so plz update soon
thanks for pm

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ivy_11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Thanks for this sensational update Hamlet.Clap  Love to see  this jealous side of Dutta.Blushing

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ziks Senior Member

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Hamlet thanks for pm . This is a lovely update . Love ur long updates so much . You are really an amazing and talented writer . Clap

Read 4 times until now . still feeling not sufficient .  I felt so happy . Enjoyed each and every move and conversation between major saab and his naku .Day Dreaming

I clearly wants to say one thing that in this story mainly i like Major saab much . I like his rules and principles and love the fact   that naku is the first woman in his life  and for that i fell in love with this major saab , for his disciplined life  . ClapHug

I love his decision to stay away from  women because of his proffession and also by seeing his mother's condition. I love one woman man i.e Major saab . I salute such men who lives with self made rules and
principles .

 I personally admire men who stands for their character  throughout  the whole life of course there will be few now a days  but  our  major saab is the one  his self made rules and principles really it is the main thing i attracted to this ff much  and you are such  an amazing writer .

Coming to the update Major's PT session with Lauren . She knew that dutta was not off mood and she also knew the reason . Good thing for her .Smile Major saab dreamt of naku while lauren is doing massage and he feels how he will live without seeing naku for 2 days . Ohhh major saab he so fallen hard for naku so fast .Embarrassed

Ya of course he is arrested by naku . He is always in naku thoughts and in naku dreams now he can't escape from naku even though he wants .Embarrassed

Roops, baazi interaction with Mjaor saab is so nice.  we can see  bro-sis affection  so clearly . His affection towards roops and his private talks with Baazi ohhh Major saab  he got time to ask about his naku how was she ? How she went to coleege ? Is everything alright ? So much caring and concern and gosh  he miss naku so much naa? Wink

Now his heart always wants to be with her  , call to naku and dutta's  anxiety and jealousy really loving .

mm now Major saab looking so handsome . Lauren also falllen for him Oh my god  but i know Major saab is such a sweet man he won't even look at such women . Love  u Major saab .Hug

And again jealousy when he sees naku with Harshad.  poor harshad he is scared of Dutta .  I love to see jealous and possessive dutta always . Day Dreaming

He yelled at naku and  then Oh my god he had taken her for lunch . ha ha we can see the change in major saab after nakus's arrival . He is sooo happy . Wink

Lift scene  ohhh its so romantic, lovely . Staring at each other observing each other's features and falling for each other helplessly .  With the jerk at the top floor the most romantic scene superb , Really enjoyed their lift journey  sooo much.Embarrassed

mmm corner seats  and romantic lunch of Major saab with his naku , ohhh his staring at her taking in all details about her  sooo lovely . Naku is not believing that she is the first woman with whom first he came out .

 His explanation to naku's doubt ohhh i bow and salute to major saab again and agin for his principled life . How lucky naku to have a man like that ?

The one dialogue which he told to naku is ohhh my god what he is talking to that innocent girl ? poor girl she is so much embarassed . Embarrassed

Feeding each other and his tantrums in cafe so nice  hey agin lift scene but this time naku standing on his back side . Major saab pouted at her . Smile

PT session again with Lauren now she observed dutta's happy face and sees naku and knew the reason .

Major saab in shorts naku helping him the whole scene was so romantic . Beautifully written . Naku resting her head in his lap and major saab and naku's romantic eye lock  so sweet . Lauren's comment she now knows these two fallen for each other  , love birds .Embarrassed

PT session is as usual nice and naku asking her questions and knowing every minor detail and Major saab feeling proud about her and he feels now what he will be with out her .

 Iam so much in love with this stubborn principled  Major saab and his tantrums towards naku .

This update is beautifully written by you . Enjoyed a lot . Waiting for the next update . Day Dreaming

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Reserved...will be back :)


Hammie Hug

oh lovely part...I loved especially the use of their eyes ...

they have always spoke volumes just through their eyes and I love that you also used that...

and loved how he wanted Naku there and then he was so proud of her LOL

oh and their date lol he wont call it that but thatz what it was...wonderful

really loved this part...well written as usual...honestly I love ur writing style it's unique Smile

great update loved every bit...

now jaldi update karna Embarrassed

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